Chapter two of a manuscript - "The Foundations of the World"   By:  Leonard Van Zanten.



         CHAPTER 2

  1.   There are those that scorn the Lord Almighty for His creation in favor of what they call evolution. They are indeed so given into contempt; they love the venom of deceit, and pleasure in ignorance.  

  2. This idiotic controversy about creation or evolution is indeed that, namely "idiotic" For all the world and nature spells "creation".  One is most certainly blind to not so read the same.

  3.   I heard the foxes having a loud debate, the monkeys and the birds and every other creature of the forest were joined with them.  The chatter of their noise is as to whom is king; even the rhino stepped in for the play.  

  4. But they make noise in vain, for when the Lion roars they are left speechless, for he is king of beast. ----  You are the foxes and the monkeys, and the birds.  And you wish to chatter for my seat?  You are not Lion, retreat into your holes, take your places.

  5. But you of course are paragons of virtue; you would not say anything anti-religious.  You are much too kind and generous; you would never be dogmatic about anything except your own folly.  

  6. You hypocrites, you deny God His own creation and you will suppose that you are not anti-religious?  What do you take men for anyway?  

  7. If God did not create all things then you have called God a liar, and void religion altogether.  You are in fact blind to know when you call someone a liar to his face. 

  8.   But know this - that it is blasphemy to scorn God's law.  And religion (in the event you did not know), means "law".  To therefore scorn religion - is to scorn the law.  

  9. Consider then how you are alive this very day only because of God's great long-suffering towards you if per-chance you might come to learn and accept truth.  And if you will not hear to my voice, you will be held ignorant and suffer on account thereof.

  10.   Shall I be imagining that you imagine yourself capable to take away the prey from a male Lion and escape unharmed?  Be not so foolish.  Or will you cry out to the beasts of the forest that this male lion is being unfair in not being a sheep to you?  

  11. Is it any wonder that all good knowledge is conflicting hypothesis to you?  For you have left the path of understanding and have taken blindness for a light.  

  12. Do not now conceive that I speak on your account, since for you I would not raise myself.  But it is for the multitude that is beginning to wonder as to whom is prince among them that I speak. 

  13.   Study the nature of power, and of structures, the ingenious systems of parts in motion and of systems by coordinates laid to a mathematical perfection which man cannot begin to define.  And all this, so you say, just fell together? 

  14. Hardly evident.  Study the nomenclature of the human body with all its delicate balances, and how all beings are made to serve one another right down to perfection.  And such things you call "accidents?"   

  15. You found animal remains of days long past, longer than the historic to Adam.  And what was it that the Creator said before He formed the man?  Only He does not give you date's to go by, and for good reason, for He knew that you would deal deceitfully, and, that by the same ignorance you might come to loathe yourselves. 

  16.   The evolutionist wishes to speak evidence so as to make me laugh.  All right then you unwise creatures, let us speak evidence, and let it be all or nothing.  

  17. Put not only your money where your mouth is, but let us raise the stakes.   If anything evolved - then all must have evolved, and there will be no giver or maker.   

  18. But if you fail in one, you fail in all.  For if the Maker builds the automobile and its paint job just sort of falls out of the sky it shall be evident that the Maker is quite able to perform the paint-job as well. 

  19.   And so, do you wish to wager with me you cowards?  Shall it be for your life, or for mine?  On second thought, No, I cannot wager with you since the wager is far too one-sided, you simply cannot win, nor is my life mine, nor your life mine to take. 

  20.   You observed small changes in your laboratories as if "change" is in your favor.  Did now Noah look like an African, Chinese, an Indian, or a white man?  Many races of one father, and that without the rigor of "change?"  

  21. For God implanted change as also He implanted age, neither of them being logical, these are un-scientific and contrary to the realities of nature in its perfection.  But by design they were added.  And then there were two, for God created renewal, and I am not speaking of Eve. 

  22.   I now will not get in on the chatter about bones or other such silly things, but rather restrict myself to the main point, namely "that life is not in the flesh."  For if these bones and nerves just fell into place, "from where" shall we ask are all the "individual spirits" that "are life?"  

  23. You would not have us believe that even this very day millions of new life beings evolve in the blink of an eye now would you?  You cannot explain death, how then will you explain "life?"  

  24. Try only to explain death, and I will show how you are only a fly in a spider's web.  The more you wiggle the tighter you wrap yourselves.

  25.   You claim to have evidence, very well then define me what life is, or death if you are so cunning.  Give me a definition for being, as in existence.  

  26. Let us for the moment presume your postulation, I will let you have your body, a carcass, and I will allow you movement to the cells.  And so light enters the eyeball from where it goes to the brain, and then what?  Can the carcass see?  Can it behold?

  27. But what do you mean it cannot see?  Did not as you said, everything evolve?  While we, - who did not evolve, - we see most perfectly.  How then is it that your evolution is without eyesight? 

  28.   Am I perhaps too deep for you to follow?  But I spoke of only simple things.  For is it not so that the light enters the eye, which in reality is nothing more than plain motion of parts to lengths or frequencies, which at the back of the eye are converted into what is best known as "electricity."  

  29. And this also is nothing more than coordinates of parts in motion fundamentally the same as light, for even you yourself list them on the same spectrum.  From here these plain mechanical movements knock at the doors of the brain where they are once more converted into what gave them birth, better known as resonance.  

  30. Resonance then is likewise nothing more than simple mechanical movement.  Who now takes these values?  Who interprets them?  Who is he, or what is it that beholds from mere lengths of movement?  For there is nothing beyond this that can in any way or shape be classified as nature of this nature. 

  31. All these things are merely dust, like rocks or stones in motion; there is no life to be found.  The body (for your information, and to your education) is a machine, who without its rider is as good as dead.  (And as for these rocks of which I spoke, I was speaking far more fundamental than all your rigors of the brain.) 

  32.   I heard you say evidence.  Well on, pin me down "color", demonstrate to me, or to us, how color may be in the fleshthen I will give you your victory.  But I know in advance that you will not answer my quarry, nor even begin to define the same to me, not you, nor any of you.  

  33. You may think to be able to define color, but my quarry is not for appearances but to fundamentals, the real answer, and the factual. 

  34.   When a child is conceived a body begins to grow and takes form, but from where did it obtain "life".  Yes, from where did it obtain life over and beyond the body? 

  35. For every person is his or hers individual being, a spirit in itself not made of atoms nor molecules, and yet here it is more complex than all atoms and molecules.  And I could have sworn you said; it took a long time for things to evolve. 

  36.   Is it now evidence that you said "you had," or that "you wanted?"  Do you wish more evidence?  Then take "me", for even "I" am evidence.  At various places in the books of old reference is made to me, if therefore that which was foretold long ago did now come to pass, how can these Scriptures be a lie?  

  37. From the beginning the Word foretold what was to be, and it did come just as it was said.  Can now your accidents foretell things?  You must answer with either a no, which convicts you of extortion and of falsehood, or you must present evidence.  

  38. It is not only history then that has shown prophecy to come true, but this very day, in this century, you have got yourselves a live one, even me.  How will you explain "me" by all that has been said so long ago?  

  39. I am not a dream, but real.  No doubt you will reply; "that nothing of what is said applies to me."  But O when it comes to touch you, you will indeed know differently.

  40.   I shall ask; "can bread be made from stones?"  If you answer me with a "no, you are poor in scientific insight.  Or, can a single drop of oil last for many meals?  If you had taken to learn what life was, you would stand a fighting chance.  

  41. When death and destruction threatens you, will you continue to hold to your lies?  If you do, I will not hold back, for the Creator of the earth will exterminate all liars and all evolutionists are liars.

  42.   What benefit is there in your evolution anyway?  It is your own death you know don't you realize that?  I have not come to argue with you, nor to play games like as you do with the children of men.  But for judgment have I come.  Learn truth, repent of your folly, for the reckoning awaits no man.  

  43. Of what use is your evolution of the flesh when you cannot find the life for it?  Without this one ingredient your precious carcass will last just long enough to decay.  You have the cart before the horse you know, it is "life" yes the spirit of man that destroys your labors.  

  44.   We now, so you contend, are always mis-informed and do not understand your ways of scientific thought.  But I understand your ways most perfectly.  You complain that we are not giving you a chance to play your game as rigors of truth for all to see.  But that is a lie.  You had your chance; the evidence is against you. 

  45. Have you considered that perhaps you are the ill informed and the ignorant, and that we know very well what we speak of?  No I did not think so.  It is just too much to ask. 

  46.   You mentioned "hostility", but you have yet to see the vengeance of Him, for it is then that you will know hostility . . ..  And your tree of life (if you can gather what I mean) in the wisdom that you never knew - will perish as you will perish.  For you have no right to quote His words?

  47. You said; 'I am, and there is not God,' therefore you will be no more. You will vanish like water over a steep cliff, and your voice will never again be heard. That will be the reward of them that are spoke without having knowledge to speak.

  48. If one of the many that acknowledge God for His creation speaks out, you will say; 'Its his opinion.' But when one with more scientific knowledge than all of you put together speaks out, your boast has become water on a sieve, it will not remain.

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