The marvel of God 

and His creation

           CHAPTER 99                                        Link to other pages

  1. Have you ever wondered what eternity is like?  We are to continue into eternity, to have our being without ever ending. But to be from ever, to have always been as the Lord our Creator is, is not that simple to comprehend. For one might say, how the Lord waited forever before He created us, and how can that be seeing forever is without end, and yet here we are.

  2. Or is it that even time is a creation of the Lord, how our passing through time was also formed for our sake?  And why should it not be so, for by the Lord all things are possible, nor is any spirit like unto the Ever-Being, our God and Father.

  3. As then there is but one God, one Creator, how did so many other gods came to be if not by His creation, in His will, these being His sons taken from among the sons of man.

  4. But now take to mind to have no existence, no stars, nor planets nor people or animals or angels, no wind no water no ground, no nothing. How awful that would be . Just the feeling within your heart that nothing exist, that there is no life of any kind, no sound, no light, no feeling, how would that be that for all times nothing exists, that time as such is completely wasted.

  5. It is a terrible weight on me just to come to some realization of it. Thank God therefore that He is, and how he thought to form all that is. And yes what appears to us - is none but the physical, while none of us, nor any of His creatures are physical as we interpret physical. 

  6. We must go into forever, for how would it be for the Lord to be without us again? That is unthinkable. He made us after His image, that not only is to know right from wrong, but to remain forever as well. Just think of this that we will remain for all time, never at all to end.

  7. Life now is never anything material, but rather granted to all of His creatures, life being apart from that which it inhibits. We are spirits, and so are all animals. We are individuals, but not necessarily so with the animals, where a single spirit may dwell in many bodies. And when these die, that spirit never dies but continues on in the new.

  8. The fact that the Lord thought to create by birth from birth one from the other is in itself most marvelous how it brings forth the image of the Creator, to have love and devotion, to care and protect, to unite and be as one with all of God's works.

  9. The rain is seen as a mechanical innovation, water evaporates and cooling down it falls to start the cycle all over again. Simple as that may seem there is more to it as one would say, the spirit of it. And no less for the atom how and by what all these came into being, and are at all times maintained. For to come forth from what is nothing, how is nothing to become something?

  10. And yes that secret is in the counsel of God which in part He revealed to me, but in trust. as in not for the ears of man, for the ears of the unwise.

  11. One astounding fact is how the Lord made these in such vast quantities as can-not be counted nor comprehending. How many atoms are within one square block or a single mountain? The number of it cannot be written nor pronounced. And what is but one mountain to the whole of the earth?

  12. Or the earth as a tiny pea size ball in a single galaxy of which the Lord only know how many of these there are. What vast quantities of so called substance indeed, and that is not counting all the lighter elements between all the stars and galaxies throughout the universe.

  13. How inconceivable majestic the Lord the Creator thus is, how for Him all that is but like a tent to dwell in. And how stupid of some among man to raise their fist to Him, or to mock Him, like a minute ant thinking he can subdue the giant sole of a shoe about to crush him. 

  14. Without doubt there is nothing better for man than to fear God his Creator seeing He will bring man as well as angels into judgment.

  15. The evening before the Lord was taken prisoner, He knew what was to take place, how He would be mocked and beaten, He sweat blood asking of the Father if perhaps this cup might pass Him by. But so He said, "not My will but Thy will be done."

  16. How absolutely horrible for One who is king of all the universe, who can call upon legions of angels to His defense to have to submit Himself to the humiliation of these most wicked misfits to the human race. How terrible indeed as I can feel also.

  17. How very much I loathe these people, all the enemies of God. And yes the Lord God rewarded these most wicked ones packed 3 million of them into Jerusalem and pouring His wrath upon them. And so it were not just the high priests, to say that it were only a few to mock the Lord, but the greater part of the population.

  18. And how will it be when the Lord is struck for a second time as it must be? 

  19. Have you ever wondered how and why salvation is in believing, how it is by faith to come to life? The first of this is that God in His great mercy gave of Himself that men might live and not be cast down for their ignorance in allowing himself to be led astray by some of the angels who had become proud and arrogant in the glory of their nature.

  20. That yes, and the fact that the majesty of the Lord is seen in all His works, like in looking at the night sky that God gave to mankind so they may apprehend how great He is, and therefore never to be mocked nor doubted, His word being as were it already done.

  21. Therefore it is a great sin not to believe upon, or have any doubt at all of anything spoken of the Lord. Combining all these things if we do not utilize the perception which He has given to every person, to have discernment and take upon that discernment why should the Lord grant such persons the glory that He has in mind for the creature of man?

  22. How silly for any angel, or anyone to become proud in the glory that the Lord bestowed upon them. One should rather thank his Creator for the magnificence placed upon him. Instead some fell in love with their own glory, as if he could compare to his Creator. How foolish indeed.

  23. It is good for the sons of God to have seem affliction, that in the great glory which the Lord will bestow upon them they do not become proud and arrogant as Satan did for which cause he was cast out of the heavens, with his glory taken from him.

  24. As thus the Lord procured salvation and everlasting life in great glory for man, he must believe upon it, and not continue to make a mockery of God's word by unbelief. So it is that faith, a full reliance upon God's word is the way by which life could possible be unto him.

  25. Would you feed a hungry man that casts your food to the ground? Would you bless a man when he curses you to your face? How then should the Lord grant life and prosperity to such as make Him out for a liar? Instead He not only will but He "must" punish them for their unbelief.

  26. And that will take place after death, like as He said:  "For such as in their life received benefits, and yet not knew Me, and that loathe My law, while they were at liberty, when as yet there was repentance open to them, they understood it not, but despised it.  The same then must know it by pain after death. "

  27. Notice the word "liberty"? It means that God gave each one of us a will of our own, we as individuals, with a mind of our own to go the one way or the other. And it had to be so, since God made us after His own image.

  28. Or again: "But now that he has knowingly trespassed, he shall also knowingly suffer pain, for he has understanding." For all the majesty of the Lord seen in all that is, each single thing being like a miracle to our perception, how and why will you not praise and glorify Him? For in so doing He in turn will grant you the life that He has laid up for the creature of man.

  29. Now I know as we should all know it was by the cunning of some of the angels God had made that we fell into death, into what for all reality is - a banishment from God. But In taking from the tree of knowledge, we did receive knowledge, and that being of good and evil, to know the difference, it therefore is by our choice to take from either.

  30. Wherefore also the punishment upon us is justly deserving when we take from what is contrary to our nature, even as it is righteous to by faith and obedience inheret the life promised to us by God for believing upon Him, and by keeping His ways.

  31. Nor is it all as simple as it may sound, there being many obstacles to overcome because we dwell among many that are evil, who with all their might attempt to drag us along with them into their hell, their place of punishment. 

  32. Therefore also did the Lord say: "If then they that live do not labor to enter by these straits, they cannot receive that which is laid up for them. "

  33. Discernment is a key factor, as also it is said; "That without knowledge no-one can be saved, nor without wisdom." Or again; "By putting knowledge into them so you make them alive." And the prophet in that respect said: "This people are without discernment, therefore forgive them not."

  34. My speech realized or not is of wisdom, by it one learns the way unto life, the way to salvation, even as it was said to Jacob so long ago of the last days before the return of Christ Jesus: "And by star, those on earth who wish to see Him whom angels above do not see, will find the way to Him. "

  35. What shall I say that has not been said before, who is willing to be educated, and believe upon the words that pass from my lips?  I am pronouncing what is not normally found by the speeches of the many hirelings that labor but for their belly.

  36. I do not look for reward, I do not charge for my labors, the vineyard in which I labor is not mine, it is my Father's and my Lord's, And as much as it is His it is also in my inheritance, and how is one to receive for that which is his all along? Will one pay me out of my own treasury? 

  37. My words are not for everyone, and yet why them am I making my words public? The Lord said to the prophet: "The first 24 that you have written publish openly that the worthy and the unworthy may read them, but keep the last seventy that you may deliver them only to such as are wise among the people. For in them is the spring of understanding, and the fountain of wisdom, and the river of knowledge. "

  38. Who will believe my report? I appear like unto every man, not like unto a god as I will be in time to come, and why then should they give me a second look, when they would not even believe God's very own Son when he appeared among men?

  39. Nor therefore do I fear to place my words before the eyes of all knowing only the wise will take it upon themselves to read and take nourishment from it. The unwise can only become wise with a rod upon their backs, and for their hides to be burned from them.

  40. I would like to spare them these pains, but it is by pride, an accursed pride that they are unwise, thinking themselves to be wise and more cunning than even their Creator, while of themselves they cannot even make a single blade of grass come from the earth.

  41. And that kind of foolishness can only comes to some severe pain, it is like the prophet said: "Not having discernment." And as I may quote: "Why have you not duly considered the thing to come rather than only what is presently?"

  42. The marvel of God's creation as I started to say, how marvelous for the example the human body is that came forth from the thoughts of the Lord to not only make it out of nothing, out of what did not have any existence. But look at your hand how it has four finders and a thumb, an item perfectly suited to work with in a multitude of ways.

  43. And who would have thought of that when none of that existed? Or the nails upon our fingers and toes, how these grow slowly in just the right shape soft at its starting point from the flesh becoming hard all by a coordinate placed upon it from the thoughts of the Lord. 

  44. Or the hair upon one's face but not so by the female likewise by the order of the Lord upon the parts of the body. DNA as man may surmise, or the typical order and arrangement of chemicals as it also comes down to, but more than anything all these follow a specific order by coordinates placed upon them. 

  45. These things I learned because the Lord gave me an understanding in the norm of His creation. And yes what awesome volume He infused within me in comparison to what man has accumulated. So much so that even I came to see it as awesome. 

  46. While then that awesome volume is but a ray of light, it appears sevenfold only in comparison to the sevenfold ignorance of man, who in most of his findings, blinded by eyesight thrives upon fantasies.

  47. How utterly marvelous of the Lord to form man as male and female. To have given man a mate well suited to him. A most perfect creation. For how would man go on and on century after century billions of them after billions of them, a never ending affair if he did not have his mate and that so well made for him?

  48. He indeed made in the flesh would be most miserable. And the Lord knowing all things before hand said; "It is not good for man to be alone." If now only those stupid monks and nuns would have an inkling of knowledge these would instantly give up on their criminal behavior, nor therefore become whores.

  49. My love for the people now is a deep love, affectionate and well rounded. A love that I asked for, a compassion I requested of the Lord my Father, and though painful in this world it will be for life unto me in the day to come. 

  50. I long greatly to converse with my brothers, my real brothers, the sons of God, and foremost with Salomon, my first real brother, for as the Lord imparted wisdom unto him, so the Lord did to me, not in the same measure but I will be enhanced by him.

  51. But for a great number among the sons of man I will rejoice when these are cast into torment, to weep bitterly and gnash their teeth in futile anger. These are the ones that had no compassion on others, who treated other people as less than animals. It is a horrible crime to fail in compassion, its punishment then will be just as severe.

  52. Many at true repentance will enter into our world, while many others will be told that they are not wanted, but to remain in the torments. This will be to them as if all the bones in their bodies are broken, a very painful experience.

  53. It is for example in my mind to construct a theatre for concerts and opera larger and more grandiose than anything known in this world. I also intend to establish more recreation and entertainment than ever seen in this world, for the new world is ours, made for us. 

  54. "This world for many but the world to come for few."  And since I am one of those few it is my joy and great pleasure to do all that I can for all my subjects to rejoice and at all times be happy.  My gift of the Lord. 

  55. How beautiful when no one need wonder how he will support himself, when it is given me to at all times support everyone. Noone will be poor, nor without his or her labor. 

  56. I wish everyone to have more vacation than days of labor so that everyone may go forth to marvel at the grandeur of God's creation, and to praise Him in all that He has made, for to Him belongs all glory and praise forever and ever.

  57. Like my brother Salomon foreshadowed in this world so will I also order it in the world to come.

  58. But this will not be so for the heartless, for as much as I detests them, why should I want them anywhere near. And likewise for all the butchers in the earth, the ones without compassion, I will serve them with their own potion.

  59. And the people will go forth to look at the swamps where the very wicked are placed, a most miserable place. And the people looking at them will muse saying: "Are these the ones that would not let the prisoners go free, who destroyed the people for their own glory; now look at them in the reward of the Lord upon them.

  60. Like the Lord said: "They will be an abhorrence to all flesh." And everyone will take a lesson from it.


  1. What does that term entail?  It for one thing by man's dictionaries is: "The ability to judge well." And: "The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure." Or: "The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment."

  2. It does not say to have bad judgment as man has for most of his sciences, and religions. The term clearly indicated good judgment, and why thus should the Lord forgive this generation of mankind when discernment is lacking among them?

  3. Is it any wonder than when Christ Jesus returns the first of His acts will be to eradicate man from the face of the earth, to wipe out virtually all that dwell upon the earth. It is so because these many lack discernment.

  4. And given an  example: The latest son of the devil called donald trump in order to keep himself out of prison for the crimes he committed against the people of the USA and other countries acclaimed that if they do not re-elect him there will be a depression.

  5.  Even the dullest of all will of course not be fooled by such arrogant lies and stupidity. All the many that do vote for him are therefore less than sane, properly termed without discernment, and as such condemn themselves for serving and glorifying a devil.

  6. But the same is seen in the world of science, for the scientists and physicists in this world, for what in their mind they have made of the atom. They have its none existent parts holding together by the positive and negative polarities of electrical, while all of nature, and every single experiment proves the opposite how these by joining actually destroy one another. 

  7. What therefore are we to think of man's scientists and teachers, besides all the other most ignorant among man?  The Lord said how He would make fools out of all of them, and fools they are, the entire lot of them.  

  8. If even a handful of wise men are found among the lot, it can only be by a miracle of the hand of God.   So utterly ignorant is the race of man.

  9. I placed the clear evidence in several essays that were published, but did anyone reply? No of course not. With the stroke of a pen their whole world of fantasy collapsed under them, yet no one had anything to reply, because they are as the Lord classified them to be, nothing but a delusion, the meaning of which by their own dictionary is: 

  10. "An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder."

  11. Or: Miriam Webster: "Delusion, illusion, hallucination, mirage mean something that is believed to be true or real but that is actually false or unreal. delusion implies an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real, often as the result of a disordered state of mind.

  12. In his own words, in his own dictionaries man condemns himself as mentally deranged or disordered state of mind.  So is man in the majority of them, wherefore it is a grand blessing for these many to be eradicated from the face of the earth as it will soon be done of God at the return of Christ Jesus. with only the meek to inheret the earth.

  13. If it were in my power I would exterminate all the wicked from the face of the earth even this day November 2019, better than 90 percent. But only the Lord has that power, and He only knows who are the meek, and those written in for Jerusalem.

  14. Make no mistake about it, I hate the wicked, I hate them with a perfect hatred. My love and my compassion is that of the Lord, in His image I am made. It are foul hypocrites a vipers-brood that say; "God is love, as if He will not render justice. Truly a vipers-brood.

  15. The proud, the arrogant nor any wise in themselves shall ever enter upon my borders, and my borders will enclose all of the gentile nations. I despise them with a perfect hatred, because I am the Lord's born in His will.

  16. If one sees it a miracle that the dead be raised to life, to come back from the grave, it is yet a greater miracle to have a wise one among the sons of man, both of which can only be of and by the hand of God. And so indeed I am a miracle of the hand of God in more ways than one. A miracle in that I was taught of Him, and of Him alone.

  17. And so it might be said; that it is not all that grandiose for man to have come into existence, for once he began to strive against his Creator by disobeying His commandment, he acquired the knowledge of good and evil, and many rather than taking upon the good as commanded took of the evil and became futile in their mind and actions.

  18. Satan for example was made good, but pride entered into him, taking pride in his glory, and he became the father of the lie. As then he was thrown down out of the high heavens he in being deprived of the light that enlightens all creatures became dark. 

  19. And darkness being the opposite of light or rather the absence of light, that which is futile and evil became to him as were it holy, as were it light, seeing how darkness was to him light, as it is and was with many of man as well as angels.

  20. For so are all the sons of the devil, and those among mankind that are not born of blood, nor of God, but born of the devil. A recent example is donald trump how nothing but lies come from his lips. he loves only that which by man is wrong and evil, while he hates all that is righteous and true. Therefore does even the world regard him as counterfeit and incompetent.

  21. For likewise his father the devil in all his doings is counterfeit, all his acts are against man, and God, attempting to turn everyone against their Creator, if at all possible to destroy mankind.

  22. As donald trump loves evil, he is like his brothers, such as hitler, and himler, and many such who for their facade claiming to make a free Europe only intended to enslaved it. And had they been able to destroy all of the Jews, their father the devil would have acclaimed victory against the Son of God Christ Jesus.

  23. I now do not capitalize the names of sworn devils, they are not deserving the honor of it.

  24. In respect to discernment, the dictionary read: "The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure." And what more is there to learn of this?

  25. The books of Moses, how much of its teaching is in parables? Moses claims that it was by God's command to offer all these animals, while the Lord by His prophets said; "That He never commanded us to offer any animal in sacrifice."

  26. Did Moses therefore lie about what he wrote as law? No not at all so, but he wrote by allegory expecting all those reading his words to know right from wrong, to know the metaphor, to perceive what is real verses what is by figure of speech, to know the spirit from what is flesh.

  27. In as much as we by the forbidden tree were determined to know right from wrong, the Lord expects us to utilize that knowledge whereby we may determine the reality from what may appear, to not judge by mere eyesight but by and in truth, because we were made in His image, to have discernment.

  28. Did not the Lord say: "Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man." Are not therefore all the Jews that profess "kosher" most stupid, and in violation of the law that came by Moses where it says; "To "honor" the Lord God, and not to take His name in vain? 

  29. For in professing kosher one first of all condemns himself by violating the law of life.  And the same is well deserving upon him, since he in all reality is making a mockery of God, even claiming as if he is wiser than God, a direct mockery of God and His person.

  30. God never at all commanded the Jews to eat only certain meats, or to abstain from any kind of food, other than blood. If any Jews tells you different he is a liar, he is one lacking discernment, completely unwise.

  31. Who therefore but the most stupid would adhere to their kind of kosher. In all their doings they have made a covenant with death, with Satan to work contrary to God and His commandments. The true kosher is the spiritual one, not the metaphor by which the spiritual is commanded.

  32. But it requires discernment in order to know what the metaphor is commanding. And so Moses in writing the law wrote for the wise to their joy and comfort, while at the same time it served the unwise to their condemnation. For whosoever is unwise cannot keep the law, nor therefore be saved. 

  33. Or for that matter why should these be given what the wise and the righteous obtained by many trials in keeping the law for all its spiritual meaning, its true meaning? The unwise as such are not wanted, that is also how and why the Lord spoke saying; "My people are dying for lack of knowledge."

  34. And He accused the priests for destroying the sheep of the pasture, by feeding them false information, withholding the kind of knowledge that brings to salvation.  And these will come to pay dearly like for example the priests in the confines of hell how these will be cursed over and over by their whole congregations.

  35. Or the popes in what terrible shape these will be, since where-ever they turn they will be cursed by everyone over and over century after century. These devils among men would like very much if they could die and no longer see nor hear any person. But they cannot die, and must bear the cursing of all the people upon them. And that is a small part of the torment upon them.

  36. As for Israel in its foul conception of kosher, should she for its gross ignorance be made the head of all nations? Should even any of these Israelites be saved from the fires of hell?   No not likely.

  37.  Israel is doing well to destroy itself, begging the Lord to hand over another six million into the hand of butchers, into the hands of their enemies. Their sins are flagrant enough for Iran to bomb all of Israel out of existence, not leaving anyone alive as hitler and himler had in mind

  38. It is only for the sake of the promise that God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that Israel will be saved, and made the firstborn of all nations, for them to be the light of all nations, to enlighten them. And so indeed all the nations will take their education from the sons of Israel, not only now in the day of the Sabbath, but into forever.

  39. Stupid is it not when these words of the Lord are so clear, and so plain, that even a child can understand them, or should I say that even a moron is able to comprehend that much? If so, how evil are these Jews to still practice kosher, or how dull indeed?

  40. Nor are these the only ones dull in understanding, a people without discernment, for so are all the other nations upon the face of the earth. Like the muslims praying to a murderer, or the Chinese to a piece of stone, or all the many that in name profess themselves to be Christians, the liars that they are - to instead worship nothing more than a piece of wood.

  41. Is not wood or stone in its ability something far inferior to the mind of man? If you throw a piece of wood in the fire, will it not burn?  Will the wood save itself being a god and all? 

  42. Not likely, wood or stone are but dead things with no life in it. How thus can any mind of man be so stupid to look for life from something very dead, and far inferior to themselves.

  43. So is all idol worship of every kind, the reward for which is not merely death, but the everlasting death. It is for their wicked mind that they are in such bad shape like it is written: "With them indeed is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which says: `You shall indeed hear but never understand, and you shall indeed see but never perceive."

  44. And why is that, why indeed that salvation is withheld from them? It is again like the Lord said: "For this people's heart has grown dull, and their ears are heavy of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should perceive with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn for Me to heal them."

  45. Does that register to you my reader where it says: "and turn for Me to heal them"? Do not these words point to repentance, and to right judgment? For once the Lord said; "All that turn to Me will be forgiven," the Lord never goes back on His word. Whom therefore will despair of His grace?

  1. When the Lord placed man on the earth Adam in his offspring began to forget the Lord by starting to serve demons to their wishes. As thus the world became corrupted by the actions of the angels that broke through their vows, The Lord judged the angels first destroying their offspring that had grown to be giants, thereafter imprisoning the angels that were the fathers.

  2. After that the Lord brought the whole of mankind to an end saving but a single family, Noah and his sons and wives that by these a new generation might keep to what is righteous and true, not paying heed to the demons, nor to any messengers send from Satan.

  3. But in the descendants from Noah as these multiplied, these also invented for themselves what is unbecoming, besides that the demons also worked on them corrupting them down to their level, all to the delight of Satan and his helpers.

  4. As thus there was no righteousness or any keeping of the truth with man in his being, these also importing pride into themselves just as the Satan had done and other angels, they became a useless generation, a most ignorant lot unfit for any Godly colony, lest - so I say - they first be taught and that in no uncertain way.

  5. Therefore did the Lord choose but a single grape from the cluster, that it might keep His commandments, who in time could teach the rest of mankind to keep by God's commandments. That grape was Abraham, and the Lord tested him if indeed by trials he would be true to his convictions and not swerve by the design of the demons, or by Satan.

  6. He then was true to the Lord, his unswerving faith being counted to him for righteousness. As then he in his descendants were destined to be the light of the world, to govern and teach all the nations, these likewise were themselves to be tested. For if any in these were not anything like Abraham how should any authority be granted them? Or how would these suffice as teachers of the unwise?

  7. And so it went reasonably well until Joseph and all the sons of Jacob were laid to rest, and they in their numbers came to serve the Egyptians as slaves for some centuries, after which the Lord took pity on their groans and send Moses to them to be delivered of their taskmasters.

  8. Buy even having seen all the mighty deeds which the Lord did for them in setting them free, and leading them to a promised land, the whole lot of them were ungrateful, and did nothing but complain. Therefore did the Lord keep them for forty years in the desert till not a one of those having been freed from the Egyptians was left alive.

  9. Only those that were under the age of 20, not as yet knowing good from evil, these the Lord spared to after those forty years enter into the promised land. Since then Joshua and Caleb were as it appears the only two adults to enter into the promised land, these as such were not Israelites, that is to say; these as such were a foreshadowing, serving as metaphors for those persons that would be the true Messiah's.

  10. Joshua depicts Christ Jesus, while Caleb depicts the son of Christ Jesus, the two persons to be offered for the sins of the whole world, as also foreshown by Moses in the Bull and Male goat. And these alone were called by God to lead the people into the promised land, the new world to come.

  11.  So it is that I said, how the Lord exterminated the whole company of Israel that were led out of Egypt. And now that there were the young that did enter, it was as a foreshadowing of what was to occur to the whole of the world in its seven millenniums. A Messiah in two persons leading all the young among mankind into the new world. 

  12. The young then means, the innocent, and those that by repentance had no record of sins against them, being forgiven of them, because they were young, they did believe and strove to keep God's commandments under any and all conditions.

  13. Many were burned, decapitated, drowned, and in a multitude of ways tortured, yet never at all denied the Lord their Redeemer. Among these are also the many righteous before the advent of Christ Jesus, which He at his rising from the grave took out of the confines of what is called Hades.

  14. It being the prison house in its several kingdoms guarded by those angels that are subjects of the Satan, who in a previous time were given a choice to either side with the Lord their Creator, or to remain subject to their king and master, namely Lucifer better known as Satan. 

  15. These in a foolish gesture choose to keep with their current master. Do not now be surprised at that, for the same thing is taking place this very day, how so many Americans remain faithful to donald trump, to a son of the devil, who in all his ways has shown himself in all his deeds to be a confirmed criminal as well as a most pitiful liar, not having a single grain of integrity.

  16. Likewise many senators and others in the government are unfaithful to the vows which they took, to serve the nation and their people. Instead these most abominable among men came to serve only a devil. Cheats and liars as they are, truly fit for the pool of fire where they will weep, and wish they had kept their vows.

  17. Those that oppose that son of the devil now are not any the less guilty, since they likewise are not serving the country and their people as they vowed they would, but rather to have power over others, therefore the whole lot of them are fit for the fires of hell where indeed these will go.

  18. So many times among  man it is a repeat of what took place among the angels so long ago. All this because ignorance leads them. These are truly without discernment, and why then should they be forgiven when the prophet prayed to the Lord not to forgive them.

  19. And now that I spoke of a son of the Messiah, a son born of Christ Jesus, you will wonder if that be so? But your confusion is because you are ignorant in the word of God. Had you known God's word and educated yourself this would not come as any surprise, seeing it is written and proclaimed from Moses on down to the Apostles of Christ Jesus.

  20. Shall I then educate you when all the Scriptures is at your disposal?  It is again like the Lord said: "To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given."
    "For to him who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. This is why I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand."

  21. And so more I will not say for only to the wise may I speak plainly, lest otherwise the unwise having come to knowledge we would have to save them as well. And I for one do not want to have my company with the unwise.

  22. As then my speech is far too plain, revealing far too much, I am not all that worried for again it is so: "When any one hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what is sown in his heart."

  23. We are like a zoo to the many angels roaming the earth, and these love very much to dwell with the creature of man in the flesh. And their playful act is to dominate it, to have it think and act according to their wishes, and they being an evil seed their wishes are at all times evil.

  24. Therefore O you unwise creatures take on knowledge and resist those evil ones, for why should you die and come into torment?  Take on faith and be not unbelieving, nor once having started look back as the wife of Lot did, and became a pillar of salt. 

  25. If indeed you wish to serve the Lord remember, "He who put his hand to the plow and looks back is Me not worthy." The best way to rid oneself of all these evil spirits whispering in your ears, and placing their weight upon your heart is to ask of God, for His counselor to dwell with you. 

  26. For none of these evil ones will come close to a Holy Spirit, since that Holy Spirit is to them a torment. Accordingly they will depart from you, as also my niece did being tormented all night long by them -to depart from me.

  27. If indeed a man wishes to become wise, to acquire understanding knowing right from wrong, why does he not read and study the words of the Sons of Jacob, and the writings of Hermas, along with the psalms and proverbs, for by them one is enlightened in how the law of life is to be kept.

  28. But how are the unwise to be educated when they think to be wiser than the wise? Or the blind to read? Or the deaf to hear? The canons have their use, their primary function being to bring man guilty before the tribunal, while it along with all the rest of God's word is for the wise to their enlightenment, and consequent salvation.

  29. I have made it simple for you as I took to correct the record and assemble these writings under a single cover with my other writings. One might say that these are not for the eyes of the unwise, but if any of the unwise come to take heed to them these will become wise instead of unwise.

  30. For the truly unwise will not endure to read any of its treasures, these being like a judgment to them, and leave off. After which they will have to learn the same in pain and regret. For it will be my standing order for all men to adore these treasures or they will not have life.

  31. Here then are a few extracts of those writings: "For if a man flee to the Lord the evil spirit runs away from him, and his mind is eased, and from then on he has compassion on those he envied, forgiving those who were hostile to him."

  32. And: "The single minded man covets not gold, nor over-reaches his neighbor, he longs not for the various dainties, nor takes pleasure in varied apparel, he does not desire to live a long life, but waits only for the will of God."

  33. "And the spirits of deceit have no power over him, for he looks not on the beauty of women lest he should pollute his mind with corruption. There is no envy in his thoughts, no malice causes his soul to pine away, nor is there insatiable desire in his mind." 

  34. "For he walks in singleness of soul, looking on all things in the uprightness of his heart, not giving place to the errors of the world, lest he should turn away from the commandments of God."

  1. The so called self wise in the earth always like to reprove me how I should not be negative in any way, for then people will walk away, or be negative to me. I for example should never say to anyone to repent of their sins, because that implies them to have sins.

  2. And how dare you accuse me of sins, a righteous person like me?  So is their attitude. My reply to them then will not only be negative, but a condemnation, for to all such there is no salvation. It is impossible for those kind to be saved since they are without sin.

  3. These are without discernment, nor do they realize that they have already condemned themselves simply for not believing me upon my word. My speech to them therefore is not for salvation but for destruction, the destruction that they themselves begged for.

  4. All these blind ones with these kind of words of their mouth are making a mockery of God, and making God out for a liar and unwise, where the Lord said; "Tell my people their sins, and that they should repent of them."

  5. So foolish and blind indeed these are, and why then should they even look towards salvation, when they are inviting death and hell unto themselves? These my reader are without discernment, therefore the prayer of the prophet is for them where he said; "Forgive them not."

  6. I of course in their view am being over-religious, as I been told again and again. I should not really keep myself by God's words, but only make it look that way. In other words, to be a hypocrite as they are, for it is unthinkable to them that I should enter into God's rest, and not rather them.

  7. Therefore also did they commit the unforgivable sin, to sin against the Holy Sprit, by cursing that Spirit that dwells with me. I am not allowed to classify a son the devil, as a son of the devil, I am supposed to lie, and glorify those wicked beast.

  8. But who are they that are offended when I call the popes captains of the devil, if not them that are in love with the devil, who have made a covenant with death? It is the truth that offends them, and should I therefore make the truth out for a lie? For so are their wishes.

  9. But all these will come to know how deadly wrong they were when their hides are on fire in the confines of hell, where instead they can curse other hypocrites, and be cursed by hypocrites for I at that time will be unreachable for them. As then they may gnash their teeth at me, it is all a futile exercise.

  10. And if at the gates of hell they will open their mouth aversely their bones may be broken again and again until they learn to behave themselves, and come to some semblance of repentance. Nor therefore will any semblance save their hides, since nothing short of a full truth will be accepted by me, or anyone with me.

  11. The Hole Spirit by David said; "They that hate evil are those that love Me."  But these and far too many are indifferent how hatred within them is a painful thing. And so the Lord said; "Because you are lukewarm I will spit you out."

  12. How is it with these worshippers of wood, these so called Christians? Don't tell me anything other than what is written in the canons, in what was assembled for the condemnation of man. Those words of the Lord in which there is the spring of understanding are averse to me.

  13. I don't really want to hear of them because the spirit that leads me does not put any trust in anything other than the canons. What these in a loud clear voice are saying is; how the Spirit of truth is not with them, nor therefore will they listen to any other Spirit.

  14. When the devil tempted the Lord, His reply was: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  Shall I repeat the words; "Every word?"

  15. To the unwise all that the Lord left out of the canons as wisdom for the wise only - are but the words of men and not God, for the unwise are unable to distinguish between one and the other, not realizing that all the words in the canons were also written by men.

  16. And so when the Lord said to the prophet that certain books he was not to make public but show only to the wise, like in these and others you shall add to the canons, and not such as may make men wise. It is an easy thing for us to accomplish since the unwise do not even want to hear of them.

  17. It is like the Lord said; "The sheep will follow their shepherd and not others, for these sheep know the voice of their shepherd." So the righteous will follow the Lord in all His word, the same being for damnation to all others.

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