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  1. How can I possibly speak of my love, of the Lord the Father of all creation? Who is as loveable as He, and as pure and righteous, whose wisdom is truly endlessO Lord my Father and my God how much I love Thee, and how much I am in love with the works of Thy hand, and no less for all that Thou art.

  2. When I meditate on how things will be, I am amazed and I feel warm all over for Thine inconceivable love and kindness that Thou has for Thy creature, and how beautifully the days will be. What endlessly great joy and glory Thou has prepared for all those that love Thee. 

  3. And that joy will overflow upon the children of man to a rich measure such as cannot be conceived, nor has that thought entered into the mind of man, for they do not know that which Thou hold in secret.

  4. But Thou has shown me what is and what will be. When I behold myself O my Lord for all that Thou has fastened within me, I am astounded nor do I see myself but as a miracle of Thy hand, as a son of Thine great being. 

  5. For my eyes no longer see as they saw before, there is no reflection of myself within a mirror, my soul belongs to Thee, and my eyes behold but Thine righteous nature, for I am Thine O Lord born of Thy loins, so am I.

  6. How then shall I be a man, though I am a man, and yet no man. For even man does not see me as a man. And those that beheld me but for a moment in time, acclaimed a man's man, one that is alone, one that is unique, as in like no other.

  7. A fountain, is that what I am whose waters will not cease to flow? How could I possibly describe what immaculate beauty the Lord my God is unto me. 

  8. Even if I never ceased speaking I could not describe His glory nor the extend or nature of His righteousness. For He is what none other can ever be, He is all that is to be desired, and all that can be desired. His glory like none other.

  9. Even if my mouth never stopped I could not sum up the extend of Thy beauty nor of Thy glory.  For as I in my meditations behold the beauty and the glory that Thou has ordained for those that are Thine how am I to speak of it?

  10. For if I did I would be revealing what is not as yet to be revealed, and were I to do so who among the sons of men would understand me?  And so it is my secret, because it is what Thou dost hold in secret.

  11. And yes I like to speak of it, to share the joy and beauty of what will be, and how it will be, but I must console myself in this that it will not be long. 

  12. And yet when I start numbering the days, how there will yet be another millennium before Thou wilt bring forth that new home, that most illustrious place of our dwelling, I sigh, for even then more days are to pass before that day will come in which I may glorify Thee in the sight of all peoples.

  13. And to perform an act as never seen before, nor ever afterwards, and everyone will know that Thou art God one and only, and I am Thy son O my Lord, my Father.  For we know whom that I am, but these know it not, nor can they know, all because I am Thine, made in Thy power by Thine mercy.

  14. In these words then my soul communes with Thee O my Lord, for I have none else to commune with. And yes how very much my soul reaches out to Thee as I cannot express into any words. What Thou has made of me O Lord is awesome, very much awesome, I know it because it is awesome and inconceivable.

  15. How is it for me to keep by a law, when that very law is of me as it is of Thee, for Thy law is my law, and Thy statutes are my statutes.  Thy truth is my truth, and Thine compassion overflows upon me. A noble cedar so as Thou did call me, and a tender soul, mighty in deed and word because I am Thine now and forever.

  16. What inconceivable beauty Thou has formed even for the sons of man, and how marvelous to have placed such feelings and knowledge into Thy creature by which to be one in two, or two as one to have male and female, a most marvelous creation of Thy hand. And what all it displays is mystifying.

  17. Why is my mind reasoning having an attitude unlike men?  Like why should I exist lest I can live, for to exist with evil is most abominable to me, my love is for righteousness, like it is inborn, like natural.

  18. Why should I have being if not for living with truth,  if not for truth and righteousness then why should I exist, I should not then have been created.  If I am to be cast out or punished forever I should not have been made.

  19. For to me I can not conceive anything but to abide in and with righteousness, with perfect truth and justice. And so O Lord I am Thy son, made of Thee in Thy image, nor can I be different, nor conceive anything different.

  20. Enoch said;  "I beheld the storerooms of the winds, and saw how with them He has embroidered all creation, as well as all the foundation of the earth."  His words now are in wisdom, figurative, allegory.  

  21. "They are the ones which have transgressed the commandments of God from the beginning of their rising, for they did not come. And God was wroth with them and bound them until the time of the completion of their sin in the year of mystery.  

  22. Here in many different appearances stand the spirits of the angels, which joined themselves with women, which defiled the people, and which will lead them into error to offer to demons. These are those from among the stars of heaven that have transgressed the commandment of the Lord, and are bound here until the completion of ten million years according to the number of their sins.

  23. I am a prince, yet it does not seem that way, even a prince of princes, a ruler of rulers, but for all that I am I am as a cast away, as a nobody.  I am a teacher, but no one listens, a messiah but no one turns to me.  For all that I am it is the opposite, one who is of no accounting.

  24. My kingship may not appear because it is with God, and with His Son our Lord.  How hard is it for a prince to conceal himself to act as were he but one of the many. And yet so I have acted for these many years. Only in my record have I shown my real self, and though no-one believes me, yet it will come to pass.

  25. It was not it in my desire that I should be a prince or ruler, I do not have an ego to caress.  But to serve truth and justice that is in my desire, and if I must be a prince in order to do so, then so it be.

  26. When the Almighty Lord elected for Himself to make one a ruler of rulers, a prince of princes He took one with a tender spirit, one with no desire nor affinity to any kingship, such a one He made a king of kings.

  27. Even though the Lord revealed to me my royalty from the very beginning when I was yet young, never at all did any pride thereof enter into my heart,  Never at all did I elevate myself, since humility to me is greater than all. For it pleased the Lord to grant me wisdom, and with it comes humility, and the love of truth and of justice.

  28. O how men vie for a high position, to be a leader. But the Lord did not choose any of them. The Lord chooses what is low and humble to therewith shame those that are of a proud heart.

  29. By Ezekiel the Lord has said that He will dry up the green trees, and make the dry tree to flourish. And so He will, to raise me higher than all them that were green.

  30. If now only I were a prince my gratitude to the Lord would be ever so great whereby I might tell of His greatness, and enact truth and justice for those made subject unto me.

  31. But the Lord did not make me just a prince, nor even a prince of high stature, but He named me with the three highest princes in all the earth. And how then is it for me to show such gratitude to Him as befits His anointing upon me?

  32. O my Lord, my God and my Father I know not how to sum up such gratitude as befits it. For Thy grace unto me is inconceivable, more than I can fathom. May I always and forever be thankful in heart and upon my lips in praise and song unto Thee.

  33. Thou O Holy Father did grant me my true desire, that I may have exceeding love and compassion, and that my love be for truth and justice, and for all righteousness. And even though these things may not appear so unto the sons of men, they are within my heart and within my soul. 

  34. For I O Lord am Thy son, born of Thee in Thy womb, and by Thy nurture and Thine breast from which Thou fed me. In my youth it was Thine milk O Lord that flowed into me whereby I came to love Thee with a great and deep love, like a true son to a Father. My Lord my God, I love Thee, yea I love Thee, and more so I love Thee.

  35. How is it that I have spoken with so much authority? Because He who dwells with me has the authority of all the earth, and of all the universe, the Father of all having placed all things under His authority.

  36. And like He said, "As I will be seated at the right hand of Power, so will you ."  It is not for me to sit in the seat of the Christ Jesus since He is my Lord and master, but He has taken me by the right hand to speak that which He pronounces by me.

  37. When I judge it is not me to judge, but of Him that is with me.  I will bear the indignation of the Lord, for I have sinned.  In due time He will remember me, for the Lord is my deliverance, He will grant me joy and bring me to fullness.

  38. What I do not understand O Lord is how the devil does not have any fear of Thee.  He will continue to do evil to man even though he knows that he will not succeed in his plans. He would like to kill all those that will be called by Thy name, so that they cannot take in his rule.

  39. He knows that there is a day of judgment, and that Christ Jesus has taken victory over death, to save mankind, and yet he continues to try to wipe us from the earth  By Job how can he say to the Lord;  "Take away his goods and he will curse Thee."

  40. Why does he have such a hatred of his own Creator,  how dare you even suggest for a man to oppose his Creator?


 Sept 5 2015

  1. I have no wife no children, no brothers nor sisters nor any families, I am one that is alone. For only those that keep the statutes of my Lord are to me my friends and my family I know no other.

  2. I cannot stand the very sight of injustice, it angers me to wrath. I am fully in  Thy image O Lord, I cannot bear injustice nor the arrogance of men,  Send forth Thy Sprit O Lord take me by the right hand, for at the sight of these things I will cast down with violence.

  3. For as they practice violence so I will cast them down with violence.  And they will call me one who executes wrath, while it is Thy wrath O Lord that will be executed, for I am with Thee, Thou art my right hand.

  4. Neither a descendant of Abraham nor of David can serve for a messiah, for how can he who was conceived under sin be clean?  Only He who is perfect and without any stains of sin can suffice for an offering to cleanse any man.

  5. Christ Jesus is not any son of man, but son of God, His Spirit was not a human Spirit, but God Himself in His Spirit. He as such took on or appeared in a human body that in thus way He may atone for us.

  6. For the Father Himself said; that He would not accept any Bull nor He goat from our folds, from any man, from any human conception. 

  7. How very ignorant the watchers were, and how evil they were, being placed here to guard man while they were more ignorant and more evil than man.  What sort of spirits were they to have such darkness within them, as if no light had ever shone on them.  These in my estimation must have fallen with the Satan.

  8. Man has no conception as to what the atom is, nor what electricity nor what magnetism is.  Nor how the earth revolves around the sun or the moon around the earth, or even how his voice is transmitted through the air and space.

  9. Man has no idea of what the nature is of his own home in which he abides.  Man dreams up all sorts of fantasies in his futile attempt to explain the world around him. 

  10. Man is like the beasts his thoughts are but for himself, and his rational but a grade above that of the beasts. Man is foolish and vain, full of imaginations, so much much so that I came to say of him that he is irrational and like unto the beast.

  11. Only these have knowledge that are called the sons of God, only these are taught rightly, nor is there anything lacking within them.  To the Almighty One belongs all glory and honor, and He alone it is that teaches His sons, all of them taught of Him alone, and of no other.

  12. In the way of fundamentals God has not given the sons of men any share of knowledge, and when any of the sons of God go forth to teach them of a truth, they look at him as were he speaking in a language they cannot understand, and as if he were demented.

  13. For so irrational are the thoughts of the children of the earth as were we the sons of God strangers unto them and alien.  And yes to all the sons of the earth I am alien, for as their birth is of the earth my birth was not of this earth but of heaven. 

  14. I am a creature of heaven, of a world unknown to them, how therefore are they to understand me?  And what then is my  purpose with men, or my teaching, why was I brought into this world in an attempt to educate the unwise?

  15. It is because it was said unto me; "These people are your people, you will be their prince into forever.  I will shake the earth and all of them will fall and you will be their reward, as a prince you will come to own them body and soul.  Therefore assay your people, and make your account of them, for yours they will be."

  16. And now they will say, who am I to speak in these words, in words like no other? But your attempts are in vain, for you cannot know me until the day that it will be shown unto you.

  17. Wisdom exceeds all knowledge, and the knowledge of man is but foolishness, only in God is knowledge, and by Him alone will a man be taught.

  18. Man has no conception of what the atom is, not of its nature nor how it comes about, nor will he come to know it for in that respect I will be silent. As it is for gods to have the power of life and death, so it is for gods to have understanding.

  19. Time as such is endless for He who is was from ever and into forever, even as man will be into forever having been made by Him who was from ever. There will be no end to the speaking of words as there is no end for the days of man in accounting.



  1. So Solomon said: "God granted me to speak wisely, and to conceive rightly according to the gift of wisdom, for it is He who leads upon the paths of wisdom, and directs the wise. " Even so the Lord did to me.

  2. And:  "For in His hands are both we and our works, and all art and workmanship, for He has given me certain knowledge of the things that are. Namely, how the world was made, and the operation of the elements, the beginning, ending, and midst of times, the alterations of the turning of the sun, the change of seasons, the circuit of the years, the position of stars.

  3. The natures of living creatures, the fury of wild beasts, the violence of the winds, the reasoning of men, the diversities of plants and the virtues of roots. All such things as are either secret or manifest I know for the wisdom which is the master of all things, taught me."

  4. See thus how much greater the wisdom of Solomon was to me, for some of these were given me but not all these. Yet I am a tender soul, in love with peace and compassion, and yet in my heart and as it is said how I will cast down to the earth with violence. And indeed so it is.