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"The fear of the Lord - that is wisdom.

The beginning of wisdom is this: --- Get wisdom, and whatever you get, --- get insight.

  1. Men conceive as if all things happen by chance, for just as they do not perceive the Majesty of the Lord in the things that are made, so they do not perceive how it is the Lord that rules the earth.

  2. There has been war and the butchering of man throughout all the centuries since Adam.  And why was that? It was because the Lord spoke saying; "Dust you are and to dust you shall return."

  3. The Lord ordered His angels to turn the giants against one another, so to eradicate their forms from the face of the earth. their spirits only remaining upon the earth. And when Christ Jesus returns to take charge of the earth He will turn everyone against one another to be killed one by the other.

  4. When during battles many thousands died, unseen to all the combatants there were many thousands of angels collecting the souls of every dead person transporting them off of the earth to the prisons to be kept intact for the great day of judgment.

  5. How ill informed and how ignorant men are not realizing that they are never alone, and that when they strike down their enemy an angel collects the reality of that person, since it is impossible for any person to die, only the bodies of mankind returns to dust, their spirits at all times remains very much alive.

  6. For again it is so that when a person dies, then it is that he realizes how he has lived. If then one is very much to recollect upon his life after death, how is he dead? The Lord did not say that our spirit would cease to exist but only our body as dust would return to dust.

  7. Noone is able to pervert the words of the Lord, and few there are that comprehend the word of the Lord as spoken, for to His sons God grants wisdom, while those of the earth, think only of the earth as their home.

  8. The Lord said; "Honor your father and mother that your days may be long upon the face of the earth." As then the many gentiles prayed only to idols, why should their lives be long upon the earth?

  9. There is an advantage as well as disadvantage for the many that died in battle or were slaughtered wholesale style by their so called enemies. Being cut off in the prime of one's life is a disadvantage, but it has this advantage for him or her that the tally of their sins are equally less compared to those that grow into age.

  10. Since then even a hundred years of age is but like a drop on the ocean compared to eternity, it is to everyone's advantage that his sins be few, so that in the age to come his punishment would likewise be minor compared to them that coming into age tally a great number of sins.

  11. Like I once said, "The young men cut off in battle add luster to my garment."  Death for all reality is to be in the power of the wicked spirits, to be subject to the author of death. And how many from among mankind have made a covenant with death, rejecting the good statutes of the Lord. Therefore also these are given over to death.

  12. But no spirit, neither of the just or the unjust ever perishes other than by figure of speech, all because the Lord said: "Let us make man in our own image." Therefore the Lord being forever so we are to be.

  13. It is of the Lord to turn one nation against the other so that these may return to the dust from which they came. If then one says, "but the Lord did not have a hand in it," He nonetheless permitted the devil to bring it about.

  14. Just like the Lord wanted to humiliate the Egyptians during the time of Moses, to for drowning the children of Israel in the waters of the Nile, so He permitted the wicked angels to subvert the Egyptians to the end they would pursue Israel and the Lord drown the lot of them in the waters of the red sea.

  15. How many are the unseen creatures that are daily with us, that hear our every word, and observe our every deed, creatures without physical bodies that travel back and forth through space taking the sprits of our dead with them to be deposited into the several kingdoms where they may be preserved for the day to come?

  16. What is seven millenniums a mere 70 centuries to the eons of eternity? it is as the Lord said; "Something small." To us it may seem a long time even as our age to 80 or 90 seems a long time, yet it is but a breath, even as seven thousand years is but like a breath, a puff of smoke that passes in the factor of time that is forever.

  17. None of you will escape O you wicked ones, this you will realize the instant that you die, then you will realize how in spirit you cannot die, yet for all the wickedness performed while in your body, so again within a body you must pay the prize.

  18. If I start from the beginning to this day to enumerate the events which the Lord brought upon man there would be no end to this page. The reason that there is war for one person to kill the other is because man invited death upon himself wherefore the Lord gives them over into the hand of one another that death might be procured upon them.

  19. Did not the Lord speak of the six sons of Abraham by Ketu'rah how the sword of one would be against the other? This was spoken of them even before they were able to handle a sword. For the one that came forth by God's promise would be blessed as would all that were born of God.

  20. But what was born of man, and in the blood of man, for the wickedness within them, was to be destroyed from the earth. Therefore the sword of one would always be against the other. For just as the Lord destroyed the giants by turning them one against the other, so it was with man.

  21. From before the Lord formed Adam and Eve in the flesh the whole human race for the whole innumerable multitude of them were already created in the thoughts of the Lord, wherefore they were to come forth regardless of the fact that Adam sinned along with his wife.

  22. But the Lord had appointed a ruler over the earth, as he appointed rulers over all the many legions of angels that are throughout the universe. And the measure of that ruler as he stood up against his Creator was not yet full whereby to execute the judgment upon him.

  23. And so it was that he came to tempt Eve, and ever since that day he along with his many helpers have been busy to in every which way ruin man by turning him against his Creator. But his works are limited to the extends that the Lord ordained all things.

  24. When the Allies during World War Two landed on the beaches of Normandy, the wicked spirits were quite unhappy since these sided with the German destroyers. And in some measure of revenge having obtained authority they caused the sea to rise up against the Allies. But it was too late to halt their advance.

  25. And even at Dunkirk it was of the Lord that the Germans were put to a halt, since they were not allowed to in that day decimate the army of the English. Since thus the Satan was to have his way with the German's in killing and enslaving so many persons, he was not to have the final victory.

  26. And what did it procure? It served to execute and eradicate a great number of the wicked from the face of the earth, and even to chastise those of God's chosen people lest there would be no end to the wrath upon them.

  27. As then the events among men are also manipulated upon them by the watchers of heaven, of God's faithful angels as well as of the wicked ones to by occasion have their way, the wicked ones are always to lose out, and their evil ways are turned against them.

  28. Like as it was done of God in the time when the Israelites left the land of Egypt, when the wicked angels for some days were bound so that they could not come to the Egyptians to manipulate their minds, and harden their hearts. 

  29. But after a few days were let lose so they might harden the hearts of the Egyptians to the end that they would peruse the children of Israel. For in doing so it was of the Lord to drown the whole of the Egyptian army in the waters of the Red Sea.

  30. Whatsoever man contrives, or whatsoever the angels of heaven contrive, it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand, for He is all wise and all able, and nothing at all can thwart the ways of the Lord, for He is One and Only, all powerful, and just. For as He is the One and only Creator of all things, He made all things to His glory, and for His sole rule.

  31. But allow me to enumerate His acts among men from the day that Adam disobeyed the commandment of His Creator. First of all the Lord drove him out from the garden, lest having put his hand upon death he would now place his hand upon life, to ensure an everlasting life for himself.

  32. As then for man this would be the natural thing to do, it shall hardly be just or equitable, for once man invited death upon himself it was to be procured upon him.  It would have been unjust of the Lord to have allowed Adam to stay in that garden, for then the Satan and his host would have an ax to grind.

  33. The Lord did not allow Satan to remain in the high heavens after he in pride and arrogance took steps to place his throne next to that of His Creator, since it is obvious how such pride and arrogance is an accursed pride and arrogance, something that is completely contrary to the nature and being of the Creator.

  34. No such pride nor arrogance can be allowed within the beauty of God's creation. And while God gave the many angels over whom Satan was made a prince to redeem themselves, they made the wrong choice, choosing to side with their prince, wherefore God's judgment came to rest upon them as well.

  35. These many should have considered and realized how there is but One Creator, and how He is to be obeyed, because He is their Creator, and that without Him they would not have any existence in the first place, nor any place within His grand Creation.

  36. And yes how difficult it seems for angels as well as man to realize the Majesty of their Creator, and His right upon all that He has made. For how is a wooden spoon to acclaim that it is master over him that made him? For so is the mentality of the many in the race of man.

  37. As thus the Lord prevented Adam from placing his hand upon the tree of life, it was for a good reason, and extremely just, for so I could quote the words of one of God's angels; "How man cannot of himself be righteous before God because they are nothing more than His creation."

  38. If man is to be righteous or enjoy the title of righteousness, it can only be awarded him of the Lord God Himself, and that only in His endless grace and compassion for the creature of His hand. And so the Lord did in granting of Himself a Son by Whom to deliver them from death.

  39. In the second millennium before the great flood the Lord exterminated the offspring of the Watchers by turning them against one another.  Then came the flood to eradicate all but eight souls from the face of the earth. And before long the Lord will turn every man against the other to once again eradicate all the wicked from the earth, so that a Godly colony may rule.

  40. The task of the Watchers of heaven was just as the name describes, to watch and care for the inhabitants of the earth. And they had this commandment, not to show themselves to the sons of men. But some from among them became enamored in the beauty of man to take wives unto themselves, for which cause of course they had to show themselves.

  41. And as they did and went into these females from among men, the Lord did not withhold that seed be sown in them so that the wickedness of their deed might not be withheld from them. These then grew to be giants and became even more wicked than man mistaking themselves upon man and beast alike.

  42. But it were their fathers that taught man the wickedness of their illogical thoughts. And so God's judgment came upon them to first of all behold the destruction of their offspring, after which they were imprisoned to receive their final judgment in the day of renewal, in the day of God's judgment upon all.

  43. Ever since that day now that these angels were imprisoned the rest of the Watchers and other angels no longer dared to show themselves, except when expressly ordered to do so by God Himself. For having seen and heard the judgment enacted upon those that disobeyed God, there is the fear of God within them to honor and respect Him.

  44. These thus from that day onward kept themselves invisible from the human population, but the disembodied spirits of the giants, that are also invisible to the eyesight of man, are not unknown nor invisible to the knowledge of man, demons, or ghost as they are mainly called.

  45. And yes they have earned the title of demons since they like their fathers from whom they came, they are likewise evil, and at all times roam the earth to dwell in a body subject unto them, to their wishes that of course are evil wishes. And while most humans are unaware of their presence they nonetheless carry with them these spirits.

  46. How do you think Hitler or Stalin were so evil, or the multitude of others then and throughout the ages, to this very day are so wicked - allowing themselves to these wicked spirits, to practice all sorts of wickedness and murder.

  47. Even your cherished rulers serve their wishes to the extend allowed unto them. But men are like block-heads and blind not realizing how indeed they are taken in by them. These are like the wooden spoons as if they made themselves, and no one handles them.

  48. They are so blind and ignorant that at one time they send out a spacecraft so as to announce themselves to any possible creatures in the heavens. All this while they are surrounded by a great host of heavenly creatures.  But since these have orders not to show themselves, so men think that they do not exist, even though their works are very obvious upon the earth.

  49. Since then in the year 1656 since Adam the whole population had become evil with only Noah and his family left honoring the Lord, the lot of them were drowned in the waters of a flood. Nor was it of the Lord to eradicate them without a chance to redeem themselves, for Noah preached to them for many years, yet they would not listen

  50. And so at that time the spirits of these many were incarcerated by the angels that guard and maintain the prisons where these are transported into, prisons not upon this earth. Wherefore I can say, that billions of persons have already traveled further than the moon, and why then are we so proud to remove ourselves like sardines to but a few hundred miles from the earth?

  51. As then the offspring of the sons of Noah became again evil, and the sons of Ham squatting in the land of Shem by which they cursed not only themselves but their descendants as well to this very day, what right do these squatters have to have their sights upon the land of Israel, when in their forebears they cursed themselves for it?

  52. The Lord then sought out Abraham because he was disenchanted with the stupidity of the idolatry of his fathers, and he wished to know the Lord, the Creator of all to serve Him in truth. By him therefore the Lord promised him an offspring that would come of God and not of man.

  53. And while God tested Abraham, and Sarah his wife, it was as an example and for education that this son of God did not appear in the womb of Sarah until she was far beyond the age wherein normally the offspring of man is born.  A sign of God, that it is in Jezreel where righteousness may be found.

  54. Yet for the wicked seed sown in man by which he was to die, and many went the so called natural way, the Lord provided man with many events from which to take learning so as to turn from his wicked ways.

  55. The Lord caused the inhabitants of the town where the daughter of Jacob was defiled to be killed by her brothers, killing all of them with no harm to any of the sons of Jacob, for the angel of the Lord was with them. And while Jacob himself saw this amiss, it was nonetheless of the Lord.

  56. But the Lord also showed man how beside retribution salvation is also of Him, for in sending Joseph to Egypt he became or was the metaphor of a messiah, saving not only the sons of Jacob but the Egyptians as well. And this holds in a lot more, but not such as I can place in writing here.

  57. Then as the Lord overthrew Sodom, and Gomorrah, it was as a warning and example for all those to come.  Only the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were never as evil as many of those in later ages. And even this day the people of many nations are far more evil than these people ever were.

  58. If thus the Lord overthrows such who sins are small compared to others, how do you  think you will fare O you foolish and wicked nations?  Even some in Israel in the days that Christ Jesus was upon the earth were worse than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, like the Lord said; "The day of judgment will be more bearable for them than for those of Israel."

  59. If then we set our sights on Israel, the Lord rooted them out with wars, and pestilence, as well as being removed from their homeland not once but more extensive in the second time. As a warning of His wrath to come the Lord packed millions of them within Jerusalem to eat their own flesh and die at their own hand and of those of their enemies.

  60. The rest of them were then for a second time driven from their homeland to dwell among the uncircumcised in heart and soul, even as they showed themselves to be uncircumcised. And that lasted to just a little while ago when the Lord called some of them to return and again become a nation.

  61. Nor was God's punishments upon His own chosen nation the only warning to the rest of the nations. For because of their wickedness He buried the inhabitants of Pompeii and surrounding area alive with the hot ashes of a volcano, and many a tribe were slaughtered by one another to remind them of their wicked behavior.

  62. And no less for the Aztec, and the Maya that were destroyed as if they vanished from the face of the earth for the extreme wickedness and idolatry against God and man. For so they did to themselves, seeing how wickedness destroys itself, and idolatry is a heinous crime.

  63. Since then all those that call themselves catholics as well as protestants are daily committing the same crime of idolatry, how do you expect to remain upon the earth O you foolish creatures?  Take learning from the Maya and the Aztec how these disappeared from the earth, so you likewise will disappear.

  64. Nor are the muslims to be excused since these do not even make a semblance of religion, but acknowledge a murderer for their messiah, hoping that their allah, the devil, will give them life. But these will be as surprised as the rest to instead find their habitat in the fires of hell.

  65. The Amal'ekites were the first nation, and the Lord gave orders to exterminate them from the earth completely, like it was given to King Saul to destroy not only the men but the women and children as well, as also their cattle, to leave nothing of them upon the earth.

  66.  But king Saul did not do so, judging himself wiser than God, the Lord God therefore took the kingdom away from him, for no king that disobeys his Creator is fit to be a king, nor shall he be ranked among the sons of God.

  67. And the Lord appointed a new king, one with a tender spirit and an upright heart to be the everlasting king over all God's people, David by name. And while he too was a man and not without human faults, he nonetheless acknowledged his sins wherefore in the sight of God he found forgiveness.

  68. But the soul that strives against God, as if his sins are no sins, that soul must be destroyed because he spoke against his Creator. And how many from among man are there to speak against their Creator, all of whom will be found in the recesses of hell.  For it is one thing to sin, but to openly defy one's Creator is most stupid.

  69. The Maya and the Aztec were not wiped from the face of the earth merely for their ignorance, but more rightly for their continual gruesome murders, of their own and of others blatantly worshipping the devil and making life sacrifices to him.

  70. Not that these were the only tribes guilty of those heinous crimes, for in the east and middle east these also practiced that gruesome idolatry, and even by the Israelites these crimes were found. If then it were not for God's covenant with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, I venture to say that nothing of Israel would be left worthy of accounting.

  71. For at times the Jews showed themselves worse than such as they called heathens, a people mind you that received the law of God in trust to them, yet at times acted worse than other nations. No wonder therefore that the Lord God turned to them like an unrelenting enemy.

  72. But like the Maya and the Aztec were extremely barbarian, worse than animals the Romans in their time were equally as barbarian and less than animals with their blood sport and all. They had the habit of referring to other tribes as barbarians, while themselves they were more barbarian than their so called enemies.

  73. The glory and the honor of God however can not be stained even though the Israelites labored hard to defile the glory of God, as they are doing to this very day. Nor therefore will it be on their account that they will become the head of all nations, 

  74. But these that enter into the Sabbath will be duly ashamed of themselves, even to the point of vomiting, if only they could vomit it out, that for all their wickedness the Lord forgave them, not holding it against them as He has for so many others. 

  75. These therefore will be a Godly colony, upon whose lips no lie will be found, and they will be the pure cream of all the nations. No longer will it be said of them; "The Jews for whom no one cares," but a people whose God is the Almighty One, and Who dwells with them in their midst.

  76. So thus you silly people of the nations, of all nations great and small, takes God's wrath as well as His goodness for a warning and for education unto yourselves, so that you likewise may enjoy His goodness rather than His wrath.

  77. No wind of any kind, tornado, or whirlwind comes of itself, nor any earthquake or tsunami comes but by the design of God as a warning to leave off from your wicked ways. But I know how my people of the many nations are like block-heads in which nothing good enters.

  78. Instead of realizing that they are but block-heads they have the gall to reply to me as if their sins are no sins, and their wicked ways as were they righteousness and justice. Therefore also did I make my request of the Almighty One that He grind them into powder, for I do not fancy myself to be a prince of block-heads.

  79. In this day and age you look at me with disgust how I in any way should be a prince of you, nor will you in any way subject yourself to me. But in a day to come you will think differently, when you are shut up in prison and wish to be delivered of it.

  80. Have you not heard how the Lord made us in the very image of Himself, after His own likeness?  Since then the Lord is into forever so you will have to be, and that of course in one way or another as you may desire, or as you contrive it for yourselves.

  81. I am in no hurry, time in all essence is meaningless for me since all eternities lie before me in which to reward each and everyone of you without as much as a single exception. And that while the number to my score is a multitude that cannot be numbered.

  82. And so what do you take me for? Shall I be a man like unto you? In this body yes I appear just like unto you. But why are you looking with the eyes of flesh upon a mere appearance, and not rather with the eye of wisdom upon what is real?

  83. Did not God Himself in His Son, in Christ Jesus, appear upon the earth in the appearance of a man? His physical form was like unto any man, but His Spirit was not in the semblance of any man. For He who came in the flesh, the Messiah of this world was none other than God Himself in a measure of His Spirit, a begotten Son so as He called Him.

  84. He could not very well appear unto man in any other way, for by the appearance of His Majesty alone the whole world would go up in flames. Even by His angels as messengers when He was on the mount of Horeb, none dared to approach the mountain.

  85. And that was for the presence of one of His Angels. And did not one of the angels block Pharaoh in his way to the red sea, to the children of Israel?  And how did that angel appear? He appeared just as he was with his cloak upon him, for these put on fire for raiment.

  86. How thus that whole army was stopped for but the presence of a single angel. If then a legion of these angels were send to the earth to show themselves, I venture to say that most of the earth's inhabitants would die for freight alone.

  87. We are but like grasshoppers, a creature to live within a body made of flesh and blood, small and yet not so small, great and yet not so great. Like all other animals so we in our body abide upon a garden called earth. And how shall we distinguish ourselves from the rest of all these animals?


  1. It is the Lord who creates war, and the Lord who creates peace, man is but an instrument in His hand to perform what has been ordained for him. The plague that took place in Europe, called the black plague was likewise of God to root the wicked from the earth.

  2. And since these things serves as a warning the remaining ones should have seen the forest for the trees. But like all the blind they went forth in their wickedness so that still another plague might come upon them, or be rooted out by the sword.

  3. A very dull and dumb people so we are, and no less for the Jews by which not only the Jews should take learning but the rest of the nations as well.  God told the Jews - "Not to follow in their fathers footsteps," but they regarded themselves as were they wiser than God, and blatantly spoke against Him.

  4. So then for that wickedness God pursued them as a cruel enemy handing millions of them into the hands of their enemies, not only to be killed but to be degraded as well. And while the remaining ones saw what happened even not so long ago, they have not learned a single iota of it - by still following in the footsteps of their forebears.

  5. And so what should the Lord do to a people such as these? A complete eradication is the right thing to do, right by necessity that is. But then God's promise to Abraham would not come true, wherefore it is because of that alone that Israel will survive.

  6. Since then you nations of the Gentiles may gloat over this, you better wipe that smile from your faces, or even I will wipe them from your faces, for you in all your doings are not a grain better than these Jews. And when it comes to eradication you are on that list, while Israel is not on that list.

  7. And so Israel for all its doings and its demise serves as a warning to all of you, and as an example of what will happen to a people that are stupid enough to strive against their Maker.

  8. It is for man's wickedness alone that death is upon him, for while Adam sinned, he sinned but for himself since each one that came from him could have, and should have taken learning. But most of them became far worse than their father Adam, like Cain, arrogantly stating; "Am I my brothers keeper?"

  9. For that short sentence alone death is well procured upon him, and all that are like unto him. Able has been resting longer than any of us, and how joyful and alive he will be when at the day of the great judgment his brother will receive his reward for the blood he spilled.

  10. As now there is death, so there is death, and death, and still another death.  No not a riddle but a fact that the inhabitants of the earth will come to know. For it is but little more than a day when many will look forth upon the demise of those that ravished the earth of its people.

  11. If you are one of them you will be astonished, and speak within yourself saying; "Are these the ones that brought ruin upon the earth and would not let the prisoners go free? Look at their condition now how the Almighty Lord judged them with a righteous judgment.

  12. There will be a healing for many persons, if not so then my entry into this world would be in vain, nor would I in this day have pronounced these words. But there are also those that will be left for the marches and the salt flats to serve as a warning to all, that God is to be feared, and His name is not to be used lightly.

  13. Nor therefore is His name to be used in hypocrisy like as the Jews are doing with those ugly caps upon their heads. For it is one thing to put a covering upon one's head to shade him from the sun, but these are placed upon their skull to intentionally do the opposite of what is commanded, and as to what is right and natural.

  14. Is it not by nature and by common dignity proper to remove one's head covering when he prays, or even when he enters a man's house, or for a greeting? Of course it is, and so God has ordained it for all men, and all nations, and who are the foremost ones to strive against God in this if not the Jews?

  15. When one sits down in a public place to eat the removal of his head gear is not only a sign of proper upbringing, but serves as a thank you prayer as well.  All those men seen with their heads still covered were raised in a pig-style, the type of animal that never took an education.

  16. And yes I classify them all as animals, as pigs, having been raised and educated in a pig-style.  If then they do not like my wording, then change your ways, or I will continue to treat you as were you pigs with no proper upbringing.

  17. Since then I also classified their churches and synagogues as pig-styles, it is because those that enter therein for all reality enter stark naked with not a shred of cloth upon them. Nor is it for the creature of man to be uncovered as the animals are uncovered.

  18. Since therefore these many act as animals to have no covering upon them, why should I not call them pigs, and their gathering places as pig-styles?  When pigs wallow in the mud, they do not go forth to cleanse themselves.  And so are these with their slime yet upon them entering in a place as in entering in before God.

  19. It is bad enough to enter into a church or a synagogue if not before hand you have duly reckoned yourself that you are sufficiently clean to enter, to at least have washed yourself from any grime remaining upon you, and for the male to uncover his head while the female is to cover her head in subjection to the man.

  20. But in these last decades these stupid creatures consider themselves to be far wiser than God, and perform the opposite. And why then O you most dumb of all creatures do you even bother going to a church, when in every respect it serves only to your own damnation?

  21. Stupid is it not? Yes very stupid for all these blatant hypocrites to enter into any contraption called a church or synagogue.   But like I said, who is to teach block-heads? I am like a star by the light of which one may find life for himself, for so also it was revealed to Jacob.

  22. But I feel myself like Noah, in a world of men none of whom will listen, nor will these take Noah and the flood as a warning unto them. It was not until the waters filled their lungs that they wished they had taken heed to Noah. But once the retribution starts there is no turning back, as all of these learned the hard way.


  1. And yes what do I mean with these words?  When Martin Luther came to prominence some centuries ago to fight against the wickedness and the abuse of the Roman devils, or dictators known as popes, he in all essence was not a grain better, but for the events of the day he was but a stone turned over.

  2. And when Constantine in the third century AD stopped the slaughter of the Christians he also was no more than a stone turned over. His Christianity was nothing more than paganism under a new name, under the name of Christ.

  3. And so in my book, things turned for the worst, for it is one thing to be wicked, but to practice one's wickedness in the name of Christ Jesus becomes an hypocrisy not to be condoned in any way, a double sin.

  4. And that hypocrisy in the name of the Son of God has been going on ever since that day to this very day. And by a number of prophets before the advent of Christ it was so prophesied that in this day, the last day before the return of Christ it would be so with the Gentiles.

  5. They as they said would be worshipping a piece of wood, the reference to which is the wood of the cross.  And while the Lord God in all these centuries took His own out from among these many Jews and Gentiles, who but knew them other than God alone.

  6. For while so many of the Gentiles and no less of the Jews pride themselves as being Godly and on their way to heaven, the Gentiles bearing the name of Christ, with the Jews scorning the Christ, neither of them found themselves on the path to heaven, but in the prisons awaiting God's fearful judgment upon them.

  7. For like it is said; "When a person dies, then he comes to know how he has lived."  For while he was alive he in the ignorance of his mind deceived himself. And so after he died he came to the awareness that righteousness is not quite what he fancied it to be.

  8. True Christianity is not anything of what the nations fancy it to be, not now nor in previous ages. And while many that were called Christians were slaughtered in previous ages, as well as up to this day, those among them of the right stock are few and far between, with most of them no more than a stone turned over, or hypocrites as they were and are.

  9. I need not enumerate all their faults, for they are endless, nor would they understand me if I did so, for not only did the prophets of old made it very clear, even as I did, but who is to hear, when their ears are shut?

  10. My intend here has been to show how we are never alone, and that God not only will destroy man for his wickedness, but how He showed it to mankind in untold many ways throughout all of the ages.

  11. If then a man will be educated by it, it will be to him for a blessing provided he also takes himself upon it. But most people refuse to be educated be it for their accursed pride, or they are without ears and eyesight.

  12. And so why am I preaching, if not for but a few. And yet these few are not in need of my preaching, since these are and will be taught of God Himself. Like I said how with or without my preaching, or that of Paul, none will be lost.

  13. A stone turned over is when one turns from one hypocrisy to the other, like a Christian becoming a Jew, taking on Judaism, or a Jew becoming a Christian, to become Messianic as they call it. For neither one will be accepted in the sight of God, but such as turn to Him in truth.

  14. But then what is truth, since far too many hold the lie as truth to them.  Truth then as the real truth, is God's word, and His word alone, unabridged and not twisted by the sons of men.


  1. What may be a sample of illusions? The Asian people like those of North Vietnam spoke one day, and many others are the like them, that independence is more precious than the lives of its people. How in effect they will pay any price in human lives, rather than be subjected.

  2. Will they therefore accept a total ruin of themselves and of their homeland just to maintain their independence?  For what good is independence when you are in your grave?

  3. The Japanese were not about to give up until a few massive bombs put many of them into their graves. Nor did the Germans until they were completely overcome.

  4. And so it is inherit in man to maintain its independence, its free being at all cost. And where I made the statement in reference to all the nations upon the earth how before long none of them would be free anymore - they are not about to believe me upon my word.

  5. But whether one believes upon my word or not does not change the fact that all these will indeed become subject.  And why may that be so? It is so because I pronounced saying how; "A people cannot rule itself, nor a nation be led by mortal men."

  6. With these words therefore I subjected all the nations of the earth to a loss of their independence, also showing how their ideal of independence is but an illusion.  For here again since I spoke these words, they cannot be nullified, nor done away with, but must come to pass.

  7. Therefore O all you people of all nations past present and future your claim for freedom is but an illusion, it will not be so.  And likewise for the rich upon the earth how their wealth will be taken from them, and never at all will it be returned unto them.

  8. As then I pronounced myself a partaker in these things man is dumbfounded in how I can speak that way, but that also to them is an illusion, something not to their comprehension. And why is that so? Because man is uneducated, nor does he take steps to educate himself, or be educated.

  9. If he were educated he could recall how the first lawgiver of all pronounced saying; "For you are their reward upon all the earth." Does it therefore seem to you a small and insignificant payment to have me for a reward unto yourselves?

  10. If that is the way that you look at me you are not doing yourself much good, for to have me will be better than to have your so called and much desired independence.

  11. Therefore I say, you will have something much better than the independence which you desired at all cost, for what good is independence when one is not able to enjoy it, while in subjection your joys are multiplied?

  12. This therefore will be enacted and become of force, how; "A people cannot rule itself, nor be led by mortal men."


  1. Who knows what all is in heaven, how many different creatures there are?  We are but like unto the animals made of the dust of the earth, a spirit dwelling in dust. We have but two eyes and two lips, and two legs with two hands.  While in the heaven there are those full of eyes, and not made of the dust, but like unto a fire so their dwelling is.

  2. All that is beheld upon the earth is of a low estate, while that which cannot be seen by the eyes of flesh is of many different fashions.  For like as the Lord made many different kind of creatures to dwells within the waters of the earth, so there are many kind of spirits  in the habitations of the universe.

  3. As there are good and righteous spirits throughout the heaven, there are also those that marvel at the dead, and that collect and guard all whose days have been cut short.

  4. How all the winds blow and the rain falls, and the dew left upon the earth, may seem elementary to most of the people, but there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye, for only what meets the eye is visible to us.

  5. There is more that cannot be seen than that cane be seen. But it is not of me that I should go into the details thereof, since the human eye can only see the surface of things.  We cannot possibly comprehend that which is in the heavens, how the galaxies rotate and the stars keep faith with one another. 

  6. Nor the endless number of creatures that inhabit all these formations, and their duties, following the orders of those above them and greater to them.

  7. There is more to wisdom than what meets the eye, and O how far reaching these words are, something I cannot bring to comprehension, because it is as I said, that there is more to wisdom than what meets the eye, or even the heart.

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