For Jew nor Gentile


  1. More  and more the devil is brainwashing the people against Christianity. As not so long ago he roused the Germans against the Jews, this time he is using the muslims in a futile attempt to take over.

  2. I on the other hand am disappointed in this generation, how they show themselves as hypocrites.  When I called no-one had the courtesy to answer, and when the Lord spoke to them they closed their ears, as if nothing was said.

  3.  When a rare diamond is put on display, they will come from far to view it, but when I placed an even greater gemstone on display, they discard it as were it a judgment on them.  And indeed they are for a judgment on them, a sentence of death for not having the integrity to acknowledge the same.

  4. By the Jewish people their offspring is not supposed to read the New Testament, since so they say; "It is full of hatred towards the Jews."  If then you are a man with at least some backbone within you, read it anyway to check it out for yourself.

  5. And when you do, you will discover that instead it proclaims nothing but salvation for Jews as well as Gentiles. For Jews first and Gentiles second. And so what did you learn in reading it?

  6. You learned that your parents are liars, and how your teachers are but hypocritical cheats. And thus in learning these facts what will you do O you son of man?  Your respect for your parents will suffer greatly as it ought to seeing how they lied to you.

  7. Did not the Lord warn you so often - not to listen to your parents, not to follow in their footsteps, but to listen to His voice?  Why then do you want to burn with your parents?

  8. If you are wise you will no longer put any trust in these so called elders or teachers as they love to be known for, since to your mind these also have become no more than detestable liars. These in fact have become to you as monsters who by their lies attempted to drag you into their hell's abode with them.

  9. These so called teachers as well as your parents thus are as far from any love of their neighbor as one can get, constantly with ill will violating God's commandments that reads; "To love your neighbor."  All this vile disobedience while for a facade they act as were they keeping to God's commandment.

  10. Therefore did I say; "Hypocrites." For it is not only that they have no love for their neighbor, but they are destroying their own offspring, directing them to the gates of hell to burn in the everlasting fire.

  11. These parents thus in standing at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump into the fire below them, have no compulsion to first of all shove their offspring over the edge. For why should they burn and their offspring be saved from the fire?

  12. Some love that is, is it not? They teach their sons to wear that stupid kippah, that emblem of the devil, to make a mockery of God and of His statutes, while at the same time tell them to pray to God. In other words; when they hit someone with a club to split his scull wide open their expectation is that so they will receive some money from him.

  13. What thus are these minds made of, if not of stone, with no reality nor integrity within them. And so their teachers are, that love to be called teachers, instead of being called by their real titles, namely; "Sons of the devil."  God said; "You shall not be called rabbi, because I only am your Rabbi."

  14. But all these among the Jewish population, have none but a hatred for God, and purposely go forth to pester and mock the God of Jacob, calling themselves by the name of God, as if they were gods, and greater than God. Yet for a facade they act as were they worshipping God. For so foul and detestable indeed these are.

  15. These of course could not very well present themselves to the people saying; "I am a son of the devil, and I mean to drag you with me into the fires of hell."  For if they did so, then no money would flow into their pockets, and the people would depart from them.

  16. Therefore they must do everything in hypocrisy, hiding their true identity. But for you in whom there is integrity, who do not desire to to be cast into a burning fire, these are easily known, for if you call them rabbi, and if these do not then chew your head off for calling them by the title that belongs to God alone, then you will know that he is indeed a son of the devil.

  17. But as a Jew you still have no excuse even if you never read that New Testament, for you are allowed to read that Old Testament.  As in fact you people carry it around as your forebears from out of Egypt carried that golden calf, never as yet having learned how God destroyed them for doing so.

  18. In that Old Testament it is written again and again, God warning you, not to follow in the footstep of your parents and grandparents, but to listen to His voice alone. 

  19. But what is the matter with you O you Jewish persons, are you blind? You are holding that book in your hand, but what for? For in being blind you can't read anyway.

  20. Or if you will lie to me saying; "That you can read." If then that is so, how is it that you ignore the very words that you are reading? In my book, if you going to ignore all that you are reading, why read at all?  That Old Testament clearly tells you "NOT" to listen to your forebears, nor to your teachers.

  21. Then why do you listen to them?  For to listen to them is a violation of the command of God. And why then are you still acting as were you religious, when in fact you are as irreligious as one can get?  Does not this make you out for a hypocrite, and a foul detestable one at that? 

  22. "To follow Jewish tradition," so they say.  Liars that they are, for what they really are following is a - devils tradition, a corrupted version of what Moses left for them. Their scribes turned the word of God into a lie, just as the Lord said they did.

  23. Look at them standing before a stone wall, acting as were they praying, how much more detestable can they make themselves appear.  For here they are holding some literature in their hand in which God clearly commands them to remove their hear-gear if in any wise they wish to approach Him.

  24. But no, they rather mock God.  But when devils come around, like those SS during World War Two, then, for these they do remove their head-gear. 

  25. In short, to the devil and his sons they show respect, but to God no such respect is show, and purposely with ill will they keep their head-gear on - so as to make a mockery of God, and as such to spit in His face.

  26. Why O you Jews did you not rather spit these German pigs in their faces than to remove your head-gear?  Yes why was that?  It was because you were afraid of them, you were cowards, with no backbone within you. 

  27. You feared that they might kill you, or beat you up. But what do you think the Lord God will do to you for making a mockery of Him and spitting in His face? You should fear God long before any German pig.

  28. The most that these German pigs could do to you was to kill your body, whereas the Lord will kill you body and soul and cast you into the pool of fire, where the pains are not for a moment in time, but for everlasting. 

  29. If there were any brains at all in you, you should be more afraid of God than of any German or muslim pig.

  30. Is it any wonder that this generation of mankind is at best revolting to me. And that not only to me, but to God as well for which cause the Lord will exterminate the whole lot of them from the face of the earth. 

  31. It is then and only then that at last my soul may receive some peace, when all hypocrites have disappeared into the belly of the vultures, and their shadow is no longer seen.

  32. Listen all you Jewish people, is it not written; "Woe unto those who take refuge in the protection of the Americans, to seek shelter in the shadow of mere Gentiles. That carry out a plan, but not Mine, that make agreements but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin unto sin."

  33. No I did not quote it wrong, but applied it to your current status. It is a sin in you to fear these Iranians, and a sin in you to apply sanctions upon them. You are supposed to love your neighbor, not to oppress them. You are full of sin, like the Lord said, "Adding sin upon sin."

  34. Your prime minister is a beast, provoking the God of Jacob against you so as to destroy you. That is what your prime minister is doing. Nor will that be the end, for his turn will come just as the Lord said; "The proud crown of the drunkards of E'phraim will be trodden under foot."

  35. I have no use for your leaders, nor for your teachers, but that all the rebels in Israel be rooted out to the end that only the meek and the humble may remain, like the Lord said; "A remnant to remain - that will enter into the day of the Sabbath." 

  36. The oppressed will remain, and those which the Lord has afflicted, of those that are within their borders as well that are among the nations.

  37. I know what your problem is, you do have the Scriptures, the word of God. But you do not believe that which the Lord has spoken. You make quotations, as always to your gain and deliverance, but never in truth how the Lord will as yet devastate you, to bring cruel warriors upon you who will rape your wives and smash your children against a wall.

  38. For these words are also written, how the Lord will come to Zion with a refiners rod. For what about Isaiah 29:4, is that not also written? And why is that?  It's because you do not believe that which is written, as is obvious from all those silly ones knotting their head before a stone wall, stones moving before a stone.

  39. Either that or they are blind, and how is one to believe that which he cannot read? Therefore I said; "Stones moving before a stone."

  40. Seeing thus there is no excuse for any Jew, it is likewise with the Gentiles also being without excuse. And it is revolting to see them in fear and anguish when the Lord as a warning shakes the ground below their feet.  For then they panic fearing for their lives.

  41. But when they go their churches there is no panic at all, then they are all happy go lucky, the hypocrites. Then they have no fear at all when they blatantly make a mockery of God and His statutes. And why then do they fear when God rewards them with a calamity, something they begged for by day and by night?

  42. What sort of hypocrisy is this you silly people, to day by day beg for God's wrath to come upon you, and when God in His mercy sends you the wrath that you so dearly begged of Him to come upon you, then all of a sudden, you are unhappy, and you even go out to help those that are maimed in the rubble.

  43. But why do you do so you silly, silly people, those maimed in the rubble got what they asked for, they got exactly what they day after day begged for. Why then are you so stupid to rescue them, to take away from them that which they prayed for?

  44. Does not this make you silly and stupid?   Instead you harm your neighbor, you are taking away the tasty treat that by many prayers they wished to come upon them. This in my book is not any kind of love for ones neighbor, now is it?

  45. Or the Lord drives the wind into a cyclone to rip apart a swat through one of their towns as a warning to listen to His word and not act in hypocrisy towards Him.  And what do they do in respect to that warning unto them?

  46. These in blatant disrespect for God, and His due warning go to their churches to practice yet still more mockery against God, as if by mocking God and His statutes they can hold back the wind, or keep the ground under their feet from rolling.

  47. You no doubt will dislike me, just as you dislike the God of the Universe who is with me, and causes my lips to speak. But like my Lord said; "If they make a mockery of the Head of the household they will do likewise to His servants."

  48. You most stupid people, it is not by making a greater mockery of God, that He will be favorable to you, but by repentance, by no longer making a mockery of Him that He may allow you to live.

  49. But who is to teach block-heads? These prefer to look at a piece of wood as if it had healing power, and pray to images as if these could even move themselves. 

  50. What a stupid people, what a stupid people to bow before such inanimate things. The commandment is not to even construct them, let alone anything else.

  51. So why O you people have you not burned all these things, for that would be the right thing to do.  But you do not want to do the right thing, do you? You want to leave these stupid idols fastened in your gathering places.  If then you had any brains at all, then burn your churches as well, all of them.

  52. Leave not a single one standing before the God of all creation allows warriors to detonate some atomic bombs right above you to not only obliterate your churches but your cities as well along with it inhabitants.

  53. Did I not say to you how you made these kind of bombs to your own demise? Only you will not believe me until they are upon you, and in the recesses of hell you will muse saying to yourself; "He was right, and now with my body incinerated it is God's judgment that awaits my spirit.

  54. When is it what the Lord said that peace will come, when there will be justice in the earth? When your cities lay in ruins, and the dead are in far greater number than the living, when in fact very few are left upon the earth.

  55. You will say that I am a preacher of fire and brimstone, and for these words alone the Lord will punish you. For what I am preaching - is truth. But you do not like the truth, therefore you make these excuses. 

  56. Do not presume that I do not know you O you many hypocrites. I know you better than you know yourselves.  The words that I am speaking to you are not mine, but God's words, as you yourself accused me of. Why then do you resort to lies as well?

  57. If you repent and do what is right and just, then you will hear of salvation. But as long as you continue to act in hypocrisy you are pronouncing your own judgment upon your own selves.

  58. "Gentiles worshipping a piece of wood."  So it was prophesied, and so it is written how it would be with the Gentiles in their last days. And so it has come to pass, for so the whole lot of them are doing. 

  59. It is not the Christ whom they worship but the wood upon which He was killed. And so what are you worshipping O you many Gentiles - if not murder, to kill the Son of God. You worship His death, Him being killed.

  60. It is not only those roman pigs, called catholics, that pray to a piece of wood, to dead statutes, but these so called protestants also worship nothing more than a piece of wood, having replaced the Christ with a piece of wood.

  61. Therefore did I say that the whole lot of you are detestable. Nor are these muslims to be excused since these worship but a murderer.  It can be said that so called Christians nowadays worship murder, while muslims a murderer, and Jews look to the devil for their salvation.

  62. Are they not all therefore aspiring for the devil to save them?  Well my dear people the day is near that this devil with whom you are so at ease will come down among you. He will suffer defeat in heaven and be cast down upon the earth.  Then you will see him, and have him among you.

  63. And yes in that day you will worship him since that deceiver of deceivers will portray himself as if he were the Christ. And you in your wicked stupidity will believe him, and even serve him to help him catch and murder those few that are wise in the earth, that have not denied the real Christ.

  64. Many of you will call me a devil for the righteous acts that I am performing, but I am not claiming to be the Christ, how therefore can I be the devil?  Are you not therefore extremely stupid and that to your own demise?

  65. And so you see what utterly detestable creatures you are, to at the bidding of the devil himself go after the good and righteous people to murder them.  But when after a while you see what this devil is doing to the good hearted people, you will come to have second thoughts.

  66. You at last will come to an awakening, how this so called savior is not the real Christ. But by that time you will have alienated yourself from God and the Christ, even as you will confess to that devil, accusing him of how he has alienated you from the Son of God, and that now there is nothing but a fearful judgment awaiting you.

  67. Would it not be far better if you had listened to me? If this very day you pay attention to the words of wisdom by which a man may find life?  You take me for a deceiver, while God ordained me for life and everlasting joy.

  68. I know what is in the day of tomorrow, and what you will do in that day. Your priests and so called shepherds of the flocks will be the first to persecute me attempting to kill me, just as their forebears killed the Christ. You on the other hand will remain silent not knowing what to think.

  69. For here is a man with more knowledge than any man, and absolutely sure of himself, with no fear of any man, and he deals with rulers as were they clay. But when Christ Jesus comes to my aid, to pursue my enemies to their death then you will come to join these murdering priests and shepherds against me.

  70. And so you see I know what is in the day of tomorrow, and how can anyone know that unless he was taught of God?  If you care to read all that I have recorded you will discover that I have an understanding of things that no man for centuries on end had any understanding of, while though they are clearly written.

  71. No I am not boasting, but yes I am commending myself, since what I am commending is the word of God. I indeed am one of His sons, an inheritor of the new world and the life in it. And why should you wish to miss out on being with me in that new world?

  72. I am trying anything and everything to convince you of the truth - so that life may enter into you. And if you will not be convinced it is but - as you say - fire and brimstone that awaits you.


  1. On my science pages I have complained how inconceivably ignorant man is, how it is beyond me that men are unable to comprehend the simplicity of my speech, or if they do - that they are so much without integrity.

  2. Shall I then be so ignorant not to know the cause and reason for it? Hardly so, for the Lord gifted me with knowledge and understanding, and besides opening the words by His prophets He revealed to me many things in what is to be and how it will be.

  3. So then He spoke saying: "Stupefy yourselves and be in a stupor, blind yourselves and be blind! Be drunk, but not with wine; stagger, but not with strong drink!  For the Lord poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep, He has closed the eyes of the prophets, and covered your heads, and those of the seers."

  4. Am I therefore the only one awake in a sleeping world? O how men pride themselves as were they awake and wise, yet when I speak to them I might as well be speaking to a wall, for as a wall cannot hear neither can they.

  5. But this also was foretold where the Lord said; "And the vision of all this has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, "Read this," he says, "I cannot, for it is sealed." And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, "Read this," he says, "I cannot read."

  6. Why then should I be so surprised or frustrated with the sons of men?  For here again I do know the reason as the Lord said: "Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor Me with their lips while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of Me is a commandment of men learned by routine."

  7. How revolting of them to act as though they were Christian, how revolting to act as though they were religious, as were they Jewish, or catholic, or protestant, or muslim, as if there were some degree of integrity within them when they have none.

  8. They are altogether a stench to my nostrils, a generation fit for destruction, to be eradicated from the face of the earth. And so I feel like I am left alone upon this earth, for the Lord said how; "The wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid."

  9. A marvelous thing indeed that which the Lord has done, to close the eyes of those that dwell upon the earth. And to what end must that come if not that this whole generation of man will be in vain, to become as no more than flesh with no spirit of any worth within them.

  10. How painful indeed for me to have my dwelling among them, having to endure my exile with a race such as these. O how I long for what men call death, and so I speak - for to me there is no such thing as death. When I pass on from here I will enter into life, I at long last will be going home.

  11. But who is to understand my speech, or the desires of my soul when from my early days the love of God has fastened within me?  What man could possibly know me, or from where I have come?

  12. Painful, so is my dwelling here, strange and unnatural is all that my eyes observe, like how those of this earth have a knack for turning things upside down, to perform the exact opposite of what they claim to be performing.

  13. How can they be so ignorant? How can they be so hypocritical, and be so blatant about it - to have nor to show any integrity at all? But even that was foretold by the Lord my God where He said:

  14. "You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, "He did not make me", or the thing formed say of Him who formed it, "He has no understanding?"

  15. Are not all those of the earth doing so, the muslims praying to a devil as were it God, or the catholics and the protestants holding a piece of wood for their god, a thing that they made for themselves.

  16. Or the Jews with their blatant lies about the past, claiming as if there had been a holocaust. For that as a fact of the past they do acknowledge, but that their own priests killed the Son of God they refuse to acknowledge. 

  17. Therefore O you rebels in Israel I am calling you liars, you are liars about your holocaust as you are liars about Christ Jesus the Son of God. If then at all you wish to have your holocaust then have your Christ as well, or be rooted out of the earth as rebels, as blatant rebels.

  18. "Turning things upside down," so the Lord said, and so these are by wearing that stupid and detestable head-gear upon them, a blatant disregard for the God of Jacob. You are just as the Lord labeled you.  And did He not say, "That He covered your heads?"

  19. It is not God who made you, but you are making your own god, this is what you are acclaiming O you liars and hypocrites, you vipers-brood among men.  And when will you learn? When will my word be of any value among you?

  20. In an instant, suddenly you will be visited by the Lord of host. "For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the cause of Zion."  So it is written, and so it will be. But you have no understanding of these words so spoken.

  21. It is not for Israel that the Lord will come, nor for those that are called Israelites, but for the cause of Zion, so it is recorded.  For Zion yes, the meaning of which is for them that are holy, the meaning of Zion being Holy. It is for them that the Lord will come, for Jezreel - if at all you recall what the Lord spoke by Hosea.

  22. "My people are foolish, they know Me not; they are stupid children, they have no understanding. They are skilled in doing evil, but how to do good they know not."

  23. Of whom do you think the Lord is speaking here - you the offspring of Jacob? It is indeed you, of your forebears yes, but since you followed in the steps of your forebears - claiming Judaism - it is you as well - the offspring of those stupid ones, stupid ones begetting stupid ones.

  24. But this is my consolation, that it will not always be that way, for again it is recorded:  "Thus says the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob: "Jacob shall no more be ashamed, no more shall his face grow pale.

  25. For when he sees his children, the work of My hands in his midst, they will sanctify My name; they will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and will stand in awe of the God of Israel.  And those who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur will accept instruction."

  26. In that day my soul will be glad, and I will be among them rejoicing with them. In that day my soul will dwell with Zion, with the love of my soul. When all this vanity is over with, and the wicked are no more, then it will be as spoken:

  27. "The Lord waits to be gracious to you, therefore He exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those that wait for Him.  Yea, O people in Zion who dwell at Jerusalem; you shall weep no more. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry, when He hears it He will answer you.

  28. And though the Lord gave you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide Himself any more, but your eyes shall see your Teacher, and your ears shall hear a word behind you sayings, "This is the way, walk in it," when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left."

  29. Therefore O my beloved if you are to be among them - then turn to Him from whom you have deeply revolted, O people of Israel.

  30. And now I will speak a word of a time beyond this world when it will be no more. In that day a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule with justice.  Each one of them will be like a hiding place from the wind, a covert from the tempest, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land.

  31. Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed, and the ears of those who hear will hearken. The mind of the rash will have good judgment, and the tongue of them that stammer will speak readily and distinctly.

  32. How beautiful indeed that day will be, and how very much I could speak of it, but not for the ears of the unwise.

  33. Ignatius now spoke saying: "The virgin Mary and He who was to be born of her was kept in secret from the prince of this world, as was also the death of our Lord.  Mind you - three of the most spoken mysteries throughout the world - and these done in secret by God. "

  34. But I am no less a secret done of God, for at how many places is it spoken that there would be two Messiah's, two to be offered for the sins of the world? A Bull and a male goat, how often has that not been mentioned, and the same was spoken of in many other ways.

  35. Yet for all its mentioning throughout the Scriptures what persons in these last two thousand years has understood the same or made any mention of it? Throughout all these years the scribes have gone through these Scriptures in untold many ways, with whole commentaries written on it.

  36. Yet by all these many persons and for its many revelations none have understood, wherefore that male goat has remained a mystery, one kept in secret, and that by God alone to have closed their minds and blinded the eyes of all of them.

  37. And so you may wonder how I know all these things, how to me none of these things are in secret but plain and open, as open as the light of the sun. It's because the Lord gave me eyes to see, He did not blind me as he blinded the eyes of these others.

  38. Will now the sons of men conclude for me to have a sevenfold knowledge and wisdom? Not likely, since it requires a degree of knowledge and wisdom in order to recognize wisdom and knowledge.  How thus God has done these major mysteries in secret while they were so much spoken of, and as open as the light of the sun.

  39. Nor will the world understand as to why there were to be two Messiah's in one, but in the day to come it will be revealed unto them.

  40. Joseph the son of Jacob had a dream where he saw the Lamb of God holding a Lion by the right hand.  And what is my name if not so?


A Psalm of Solomon

  1. Give the king Thy justice, O God, and Thy righteousness to the royal Son!

  2. May He judge Thy people with righteousness, and Thy poor with justice!

  3. Let the mountains bear prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness!

  4. May He defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor!

  5. Words of Solomon, words of my beloved brother, words of the Holy One, words seen by men - yet not seen, words heard by men - yet not heard - words that have been read by men - yet not read.

  6. For who is to comprehend wisdom, who is to understands words that are spoken?  Nor is it of me to open what is closed, to reveal what is not to be spoken.  Wisdom is for the holy ones, to His sons it is that God gives knowledge and wisdom, to His royal ones.

  7. And so I spoke because these words are of comfort, and of delight, words to a realm of understanding, words of wisdom, words of more value than all treasures to be had.

  8. I thank Thee my God, and my Father for having endowed Thy sons with such wisdom to know and understand Thee, and to know Thy word.


  1. O how the people feign their salvation, Jews calling themselves Jews when they are not Jews, and Christians calling themselves Christians, when they are not Christians. Feigning themselves to be religious when they are irreligious.

  2. The pool of fire is a very large place where most of the human race will find themselves, because the Lord commanded to love one's neighbor as himself, and few there are that do.

  3. The rich look down upon the poor, and celebrate to their demise, yet God made them both. There has been and still is this notion in men as if there are classes of people. Those which furnish the work to be of a higher class than those which perform the work.

  4. Even in those that on earth are called my family are guilty of these sins, and even in my own house. Therefore these will not enter into heaven but have the pool of fire for their destiny. When someone looks at any other person or people as were they of a different class, a lower class they are violating the law.

  5. For the law states to love your neighbor as yourself. How therefore can any person, no matter who be any lower than you, to be of a class inferior to you?  If they are then you are the inferior one, for you are the lawbreaker.

  6. Shall a slave be inferior to his master? It is the master who is the criminal and lawbreaker, the one violating the law of love. For if indeed you love your neighbor as you love yourself - how can your slave be anything less than you?

  7. What is man, and mankind, the many creatures placed upon the earth if not but that they are for a trial which of these will love his fellowman and which of these will take pride in himself over others.

  8. Since then the bulk of mankind choose to side with the devil taking pride and arrogance as their way, so these many will be found in that great pool of fire, a whole sea of fire, a large ocean to be sure, as large as the world is large.

  9. God did not tell man to pride himself over his neighbor, but rather to love him, and yes to love him even as he loves himself. And how many of these may be found?  Many may help their neighbor, and bear no ill will, and yet look at some people as were they of a lower class.

  10. What therefore is their request of God, but that He cast them into the pool of regret, into what is called the great pool of fire, to be excluded from the presence of God and His Holy angels. And so the Lord God will grant them their request because they refused to keep His commandment.

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