1. "The Lord will not do any good, nor any evil."  So they say, but these people fool only themselves.  Look and consider what the Lord has done with His own people, with His chosen ones in this day and age.

  2. First because of their wickedness in not keeping to the statutes of the Lord, He exiled them to live among the brute ones, among the Chalde'ans in the east, and that for the time of a king, for seventy years.

  3. After this He brought them back to their homeland, but in coming back they began to be even more evil, but the Lord had patience with them even until the time when God send His own Son down among them.

  4. But they killed God’s very own Son. And for this and their other wickedness, for their Judaism which they practiced so as to anger the Lord, in due time the Lord packed three million of them into the city of Jerusalem, and gave charge to the Romans to encircle the city so that they could not escape. 

  5. And God poured out His anger upon them sparing none, but to eat their own flesh.  And for those that were left God drove them out of their country to again dwell among the gentiles among the senseless ones, even as they were senseless all because they refused to keep His statutes and did nothing but to anger the Lord.

  6. And so you see the Lord does good, and He does evil, it is God who creates war, and it is God who creates peace. Disobey His statutes and His wrath is sure to follow.

  7. As now for their abstinence God drove them out of their land of inheritance for a second time, it was not to be for a mere seventy years, but for century upon century, for 19 centuries in fact before the Lord began to call and allow them back into the land of their inheritance, as it is this day.

  8. But for their disobedience they were not merely to be driven from their homeland, but God send His sword after those that were left.   Telling them, "Do not walk in the way of your forefathers, but listen to My voice that it may be well with you."  

  9. But in hearing these words they looked at God as were He strange, and not only did they continued to practice the Judaism of their forefather, but also taught their own children not to listen to God, but to follow in the sins of their fathers.

  10. Therefore, just as the Lord had forewarned them that He would make them a byword and hated and despised by the Gentiles. So they became despised not because they were Jews, or God’s chosen people, but because they elected not to live by God’s statutes, to live by their own accursed rules.

  11. During those centuries now of their exile, the Lord on occasion stirred up the Gentiles to exile them from among their land as well.  And at various times they were driven out not by a half dozen of or dozen countries, but by many countries, and of late by the German race.

  12. These Germans now had it in mind to eradicate all them that were Jews from the face of the earth, and took to murder them instead of simply driving them out.  And they taught one another that these Jews were but like the lower animals, like rats.    

  13. And why did these gentiles come to this?  It was not only because God had said that for their wickedness He would turn them into a byword, but in many ways they acted in that way.

  14. Were now those that God had given into the hands of the Germans any better than their forebears? No not at all, but just as wicked.  For from the days that the Lord executed three million of them in the city of Jerusalem (70AD) all of them with few exceptions continued to teach their children to rebel against God.

  15. And so they did by practicing the way of their parents and their grandparents, of which the Lord had duly warned them not to do so, but to listen to His word, and His word alone. Instead they elected to scorn God by practicing what they called their Judaism.

  16. A most stiff-necked people so I say, seeing how God had so clearly and so often warned them, not to follow in the footsteps of their forebears, yet they ignored God’s good counsel, purposely striving against God, as if that were the acceptable thing to do.

  17. Some six to seven centuries ago now the gentiles forced the Jews to wear a hat as a sign of lower class, and of slaves, to mark them for lower beings.  Nor was this the first time that they were taught to wear a hat in defiance of God and His statutes.

  18. But these silly Jews came to glorify themselves in wearing that hat as if it were in some respect to God, instead of a degrading of themselves to the devil.  Since it is of the devil that men do so.   Look at that captain of the devil in Rome, he wears that same ugly thing as a sign upon him that he belongs to the devil, and all of them in that category belong to the devil.

  19. And now the primary reason that these wear that stupid hat, that emblem of the devil is to make a mockery of the Son of God, of Christ Jesus, so as not to be known for Christians, in every way to deny the Christ, Whosoever now denies the Son of God also denies the father. 

  20. How extremely wicked therefore of these Jew to with that stupid headgear announce to all the world how they have a covenant with death, in defiance and mockery against the God that led their forebears out of Egypt, and Who of late gave them the land of Israel again. Obviously there is no gratitude in them, for any good that God has done for them.

  21. And did not the Lord destroy even all of those forebears delivered out of Egypt for their constant complaints against the hand that fed them. The children alone were allowed to enter the promised land, and that only because of God's grace, lest none of the sons of Jacob would be left in the earth.

  22. God’s command is to uncover their heads unto Him, but the Jews along with all the sons of the devil purposely wear that stupid headgear in direct defiance to God and His commandment.  For with it they are testifying to all the world that they glorify the devil for a god unto them.

  23. And why do so many Jews still wear that ugly thing? Because the parents are still teaching their offspring to mock and anger the Lord. Like the queers who became proud of their sins, so these Jews glorify themselves in doing what is sinful and against all that even nature teaches for a difference.

  24. For just look at that stupid hat upon their skulls, it is the emblem of the devil, it bears a number, namely 666.  All these are marking themselves with that notation, namely 666, it in fact is written all over them.  And if you can not see that marking upon them, you are indeed among the blind.

  25. How thus shall I be wrong in having said that in this day and of the past the wickedness of the children exceeds that of their parents.  No wonder therefore that God was so angry with them to hand them over to the Germans to be killed rather than exiled.

  26. When I had some dialog with the Jews, these showed themselves completely devoid of integrity, And angry with me to pronounce the word of God to them.  And so I thought these are the perfect example of what the Jewish people are and have been. And why then am I so much in love with them, and why do I have so much regard for them?

  27. But just because I love them so very much, I will not therefore abandon the truth, for that is how they got into that bad shape, their teachers selling out the truth in order to receive the glory of the people to themselves.

  28. I have not come into this world to destroy, but if the Almighty Judge gave me leave to execute every judge and lawyer in my home town I would not hesitate.  For these have it so that any highway bandit dressed up as police officers have the right to commit any crime that pleases them.

  29. While their victims when they come into court are not allowed to present even obvious evidence to their defense. All because these are the halls of injustice. And when they wished me to serve on a jury, I said to them to first execute their judges, then and only then might I consider their request.

  30. But why should I wish to destroy a people that I love so very much?  It is because without the truth granulated within them these will be destroyed, whereas my desire for them is for life.  It is not for me to glory, but even my life I will give for their peace and joy.

  31. But as to these judges and lawyers as well as rulers, these cannot be changed, nor their crimes against humanity be forgiven them until these in spirit as well as in the flesh have learned how criminal indeed they were. If thus the righteous and the poor suffer at their hands, let these judges and rulers have a sevenfold reward in return.

  32. I now am hated by the inhabitants of this world because I love them with a true love, with a love that does not seek itself, nor any glory for itself. And that being strange to them, they know not what to think of me.

  33. And so you are witness to the fact that the Lord does do good and does do evil. How throughout the ages He punished them that refused to walk by His statutes. And so it is - how the firstborn is first to be taught, and afterwards the others, for so I will quote what the Lord has said:

  34. "You who have drunk the clarified wine, you now shall drink its dregs. For the judgment of the Most High is impartial.  Therefore did He not spare His own sons first, but He afflicted them as his own enemies, for they sinned. Therefore they were once punished, that they might be forgiven.

  35. But now you nations and tribes are guilty, because all this time you have trodden the earth, and misused creation shamefully.  For I have always been good to you, but you have always denied the benefice."  

  36. Since then the affliction of Zion is nearly at end, now your turn is at hand O all you nations of the Gentiles. Your affliction is near upon you. And while a Father reproves His sons, with His enemies He deals in sevenfold.

  37. It is in sevenfold that your afflictions will be.  Look at those death-camps of World War Two, and how these people received their punishment for their ignorance of God.  So it will be to you O you nations but in sevenfold.

        July 2014

  1. A people cannot rule itself, nor can a nation be led by mortal men. 

  2. Who now will agree with me, if not rather oppose me? A fool is everyone that opposes me, like a man placing the nose around his own neck. For the word that I speak is not my word, but in the wisdom of the Most High Judge so I speak.

  3. All man's ideals, his laws and constitutions all will be destroyed, never to rise again, for I have said that a people cannot rule themselves.  For like the blind feel their way around with a stick, so the leaders of the earth rule. 

  4. Therefore because they were blind, none of these will ever rule again. Like unto man's judges against whom I pronounced a curse never again to judge, so it will be with man's rulers, never to rule again.

  5. Men live as were there no tomorrow, but not only for their actions but for the very words of their lips men will be judged, and by their own lips all these will condemn themselves. Like as there is no escape for every person that they must eat and drink even so no persons will escape being judged and sentenced.

  6. The slave owners of the American continent spoke their own death sentence when they commanded their slaves not to learn to read and write.  For that alone the sentence of death is upon them all. But even before that these invited death unto themselves by purchasing stolen goods.

  7. For none of these slaves were acquired by conquest, nor did these sell themselves into slavery, but were stolen goods. And he that takes upon stolen goods is as guilty as the thieves that stole them. 

  8. And any person that beats upon any slave for any reason at all, will be sentenced to a sevenfold death. And for the torture of any a seventy times sevenfold sentence will be upon him. Be assured that all of the kkk will weep bitterly in the fires of hell.

  9. Is there a justification for a human person to be for a slave?  There is indeed, when these elect for themselves to become a slave, like most of the human race is and has been electing for themselves. And indeed the great majority of the human race will become the property of the few.

  10. And while this is not yet seen, nor thought of, as if all persons will be free, you only deceive yourself since I spoke saying how after this you will not ever again be free. All because whether you know it or not - you elected it that way for yourselves.  I myself will not enslave any person yet the number of them to my score will be endless.

  11. And now you will say, how all these slave owners of previous times are long dead. But in this too you are gravely in error, seeing how only their bodies were laid under the earth, with themselves, the spirits that they are, were taken to the holding pins as men call them, the place of incarceration out of which no one escapes.

  12. There they are, all of them guarded by the creatures of heaven, held for the day of judgment. There they are ever grieving and wondering what sort of judgment will be enacted upon them, fearful of God's day of judgment at which time all these will be reinstated in their bodies, so that God's judgment may rest upon them in body as well as in spirit.

  13. And while a great multitude claim good hopes for themselves in that they never oppressed a man, and were faithful in their churches, equally as many will be greatly undone in how they ran their lives in vain, when no entrance into God's peace will be given them.

  14. And so they will have a week of years in which on the one side to behold peace and great beauty, with on the other side the grim reward in which they are to enter. There they will weep and gnash their teeth for the futile anger against whom they have no recourse.

  15. And yes for my speech you will gnash your teeth in futile anger, for when they come to appear at the mouth of Hades in order to beg mercy from those to make a selection of their deeds, which is to be punished more and which less.

  16. If then your deeds warrant it, there at the mouth of Hades your very bones will be broken for an ever greater punishment upon you. If then this were not so, I would not have said so.

  17. For now all these know that their Creator will no longer have mercy upon them, nor hear to their prayers, their lives before Him being annihilated. And how they are given into the hands of His servants, into the hands of the righteous and the elect. Therefore will these come forth to beg mercy from the righteous.

  18. And like the Lord spoke by Enoch His servant how in that day, these will all be given into their hands, to do unto them as it may please them.  For just as they in the old world did to their servants or slaves as it pleased them, now the roles are reversed to be the property of others to do with them as they please.

  19. Nor in that day is there any higher court to call upon, nor even their Creator to call upon. For in that day these sons of God will not only own them in body, (as the masters did in the old world), but these will own them in spirit as well to do with them whatever pleases them.

  20. Therefore these will be undone and gnash their teeth in futile anger against those to whom they have no recourse. And if their bones be broken once, and having healed these return, the same may be broken for a second or a third time, all because for their cruelty in this world they are worthy of it.

  21. And think not that the righteous will weep for the destruction of your spirit, but rather rejoice in that now the Lord has made a sacrifice of them. That now for the bastard semblance of their humanity in which these showed themselves these are receiving their well earned reward.

  22. "I will have no mercy upon them." So spoke the Lord. If then you seek mercy from His sons, know that our judgment is as His judgment in one and in all things. For like Enoch in His testimony spoke concerning what is to become of you, so it will be.  

  23. If you are wise and on this side of death, amend your ways, and watch your speech that there may be a lessening of your predicament, or even to find the mercy of forgiveness. Amend your ways and find it in your heart to acknowledge truth, then we will hear your speech.

  24. Do not for one moment think that all those that treated not only their slaves but any person as less than animals that such will go free, nor to escape their well earned reward.  The law is to love ones neighbor as himself. therefore even to go out and vote for a ruler of your country is an act punishable by death.

  25. And why may that be so? Because by putting a man into higher office you increase the punishment upon him, you as such are driving him deeper into hell. And since that is not in keeping with the law of love, you as such in voting are breaking the law.

  26. Some of these slave owners were so utterly cruel to sell off the children, and/or to separate a man from his wife. And these miserable persons having died are now grieving for the judgment that awaits them, and wishing they could come back to change their habits.

  27. But once having been transported from this earth, there is no return, and the judgment that awaits them is greater than they even imagine for since they sold off the children of their slaves, I am not only inclined to see to it that their children will also be sold, and for them to have no children.

  28. I now for the record will state this to the sons of men, that if I were guilty of such cruelty as these many of them among the human race are, then let me be destroyed, and let me have no peace, and become the property of another, for in that case I am worthy of it.

  29. Will then those that come into my ownership as my property be treated as slaves? Blessed will be those that come into my hand, for I will not enslave anyone, nor treat them as slaves, but rather as beloved children, as were they my own flesh and blood.  And I will go out of my way to do well to them, to love them more than any man ever loved them.

  30. The men of this age forced their servants to labor from sun-up to sun-down, but this will not be so with me, for all those into my care will have an abundance of free time in which to enjoy themselves. 

  31. And while their former owners caused them to live in shacks, and poverty, putting rags upon them, I will give them good clothing such as they may desire, and beautiful homes to live within, with all the furniture and trinkets as were found with the free.

  32. And if a couple desires children, to have a family around them, if these have not killed their own flesh in the old world, or sold off children, these may indeed have children, their hearts desire. For the world to come holds in great blessings that each and everyone may praise and glorify the God who created them.


  1. As I grow older and more mature, the Lord forming me day by day, piece by piece, like as a child is formed within its mothers womb, so the Lord formed me from my youth bringing me into age for that day that I am to be cast upon the earth, for the day when I am to be delivered of the light within me.

  2. As I glanced around me looking upon the world in which I found myself, observing the ways in which men perform their affairs, all that became to me as very strange, something completely alien to me, not anything after my nature.

  3. How for example men debate and argue with one another how things are to be done, something altogether alien to me. These will make rules where men may decide for themselves whatever law pleases them, or by some court of law decide how things are to be done, men arguing pro and con.

  4. They have senates and whole committees to decide things, with the lot of them sitting around long tables, or in rows as the governments have.

  5. This to me is alien, for after my heart my word is law, and while these may take years to decide on a thing, by me it is no more than a moment to pronounce the same.   All the ways of men in which these enact their judgments and run their affairs has become most illogical and alien to me.

  6. If then a man will say that I am or speak like a dictator, that person is very wrong with no conception as to whom or what I am.  A dictator is someone to enforce his own ideals, and whatever pleases him right or wrong, having but his own laws.

  7. In comparison to this, a monarch whose word is law, does not enforce his own laws. For just as I have said; "That everyone will abide by a law that I have of my Father, by the law of the Lord."  So it will be with me. As then the Lord by His prophets spoke of me as a tender spirit, and that I would be a noble ruler, so indeed it will be.

  8. As then many a monarch born of the earth bore their title in deceit, I am not one born of the earth, nor will my rule be an earthly rule. But all such as ruled badly will never rule again. Blessed are those able to comprehend my words.

  9. In previous days since my youth by the wisdom granted me of God I revealed to the world of men what the fundamentals of their environment were. And though I approached them with it, they would not hear me, and such as heard did not reply, nor take themselves upon my word.

  10. But now in later years I placed before them the absolute proof of their folly. And do you think that now at last they will reply or take themselves upon my word? Even though I daily walk among them, they have no conception as to whom walks among them, as to how near heaven is to them.

  11. Must it then be of the Lord Himself to cause them to hear and take notice? That is to say, do they have to be struck with a rod upon their backs before they will listen, if even then they will listen?


  1. Strange and awesome it will be what is about to occur.  The Lord will begin to execute judgment among the nations, sending forth His anointed one, a storm of hail, casting down to the earth with violence.

  2. In the past anyone that kept himself to the word of the Lord was persecuted. And many had to flee, and/or hide themselves from the hordes of the heathens. When however they were apprehended they gave a beautiful testimony of their faith.

  3. And even for the day to come when the devil himself is cast down to the earth and he will rouse his confederates to persecute the just, these whenever possible will flee from desert to desert to await the coming of the real Christ.

  4. But with me this is not so, I am altogether strange to as a lone person not only show myself to the world, but to make them angry at me by reproving them. And even to antagonize them, to purposely make them angry at me so as to come and strike out against me.

  5. How strange indeed for a man to have no fear at all for the rulers and the mighty of the earth.  For these do not think twice to kill a man, and that without even an ounce of integrity.  In the Old West there was this integrity that you would not shoot a man in the back, nor if he were unarmed. 

  6. But these rulers without hesitation will shoot an unarmed man in the back.  And it is against such that this lone person is taking aim, not necessarily to kill them but to make them out for fools, and misfits.

  7. What man therefore would dare to so in his lone person turn himself against the mighty in the earth?  The general opinion would be for that man to be a fool.  And yes what fool I am to have no fear of all these mighty in the earth?

  8. My answer is, that I fear only God, and how my hope and my faith is in Him, and in all the word that He has spoken.  Nor is it only in that, but from my youth my heart was molded into that of what one might say, a lion, like the king of beasts having no fear of anything.   

  9. For like as I am, so I was molded by the hand of God to indeed be as a lion, as a king of beasts.  For He destined me to be their king, to have authority over all. As thus my authority exceeds that of all the rulers of the earth, why should I fear them?

  10. It was not without good reason as to why the prophets consistently spoke saying, "like a roaring lion," and that he would come forth like as a lion charges at his opponent.

  11. I have been in hiding for more than fifty years.  Not that at any time thereof I hid myself, no, quite the contrary, but no-one would give me second thought, even as my words to them did not register upon them.  

  12. To them my words were strange to which no-one had an answer, nor even a reply.  Only if I came with sugar and honey would someone reply, but when reproved they counted me for a royal pest.  And indeed to all the wicked I am a royal pest, not just a pest but indeed a royal pest. 

  13. As thus the hour is nearly upon me that the Lord will show me to the world, that likens or no likens men will have to hear, and find some sort of a reply to the words upon my lips, as a rod that indeed descends upon them. 

  14. It is the word of the Lord how He spoke saying;  The Lord has one who is mighty and strong; like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, He will cast down to the earth with violence.

  15. People usually hide themselves when hailstones are falling down upon them. And a tempest is like a violent disturbance, and so the Lord said, that he would be a destroying disturbance.  

  16. Not just a storm but an overflowing one, like a tsunami that will destroy everything in its path, so will He be, for again so the Lord said; "He will cast down to the earth with violence."

  17. Whom therefore is able to stand before him, or against him?  For though he may be a single person to take on whole nations, he seems to be invincible.

  18. But who now may that lone person be? Shall we presume it to be me, since I am the only one visible to them? Hardly so, for like the Lord said to His servants;  "Without Me you can do nothing."  

  19. It therefore is not me that has come up against them, but the Lord Himself, the very Son of God Christ Jesus in a measure of the power of His Father.

  20. The Lord however is in Spirit while I am in the flesh. And this was perfectly foreshown to Joseph, the son of Jacob to behold one like a Lion at the left of the Son of God, holding that Lion by the right hand. 

  21. As then the nations in their anger ran up against that visible Lion and invisible Lamb, whom was it that trod them down, to drain the lifeblood from them?  It was the invisible one, the Lamb of God, since that Lion is but a man, and of himself not able to succeed against them.

  22. It is written:   "And His tongue is like a devouring fire;   His breath is like an overflowing stream that reaches up to the neck; to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, and to place on the jaws of the peoples a bridle that leads astray."

  23. How can my tongue be a fire to devour, to burn the sons of men, if not it are the very words of the Lord, His Spirit to speak by me?

  24. And so each day men will behold the miracles of the Lord, clear signs to the fact that He rules, and is executing judgment among the nations.   But who will understand?  Who from among all of them has eyes to see?

  25. The shepherds now, all the lords of the flocks, will be very angry with me, because before all the world I am showing them as sons of the devil, and how their hideouts (churches) are nothing more than pig-styles.  And these it will be attempting to kill me.

  26. The Lord has smitten and the Lord will heal, for He will not always be angry.   We are men, a people without wages, not knowing our right hand from our left.    But the Lord will teach us and we shall be made whole.


  1. The world Is in for a big surprise, the human race, all the children of the earth are in for a great awakening, how none of their ideology and socialism as well as their expectations will come to nothing. For they do not know what is in the day of tomorrow. 

  2. They are not educated, virtually the whole human race is uneducated with all the wrong ideas and wrong ideals, because none educated them, because there were none among them to teach them of a truth, save but a few.

  3. And those which did know the truth and spoke out were looked upon as if they were not sane. Because the world hates those that proclaim the truth. Therefore also all these must be eradicated from the earth, their own ignorance is them to their death sentence.

  4. The Nuremberg trials for example, was in all respects but a disgusting joke perpetrating by the ignorant from among the ignorant among menThat disgusting trial did more to glorify the nazis and show man for not much more than a sick joke.

  5. But the day is coming that all these criminals as well as the ignorant babes will come to appear before me in order to beg mercy. In that day, none of these nazi criminals will respond to me with any of their lies and deceit, for in that day I will reply to them in terms whereby they will most certainly be marked for what they truly were without as much as a single word in defense.

  6. Then these will realize how there are true judges, that now they in body as well as in soul are in the hands of the sons of God as true judges, that do not have any respect of persons, but judge all things by a law that is most perfect, a law that the world would not listen to.

  7. For all the seventy years since World War Two I have yet to hear a single Jew to know of a truth, or even a Gentile to know the truth regarding the butchery that went on in Europe.

  8. So it is clear to me that none from among the survivors of the Jews have any idea as to why they were molested.  All of them even seventy years later these are still as blind as those whose eyes have been plucked out.

  9. And while millions of Jews had just been butchered under the most extreme conditions, here the survivors are teaching the children the same wicked thing for which cause so many millions were given in the hands of their enemies,

  10. So go ahead you most blind teachers, teach the children the stupidity and mockery of your forebears for which cause they were put to death - so these children may also die a cruel death.   Most stupid and cruel teachers as you are.

  11. For so the Lord said to you and to the children.  "Do not walk in the way of your parents, do not follow their ways, but listen to Me."

  12. And so God in giving them over to a cruel death, merely laughed at their plea for His Help, because in teaching the children the stupidity of their own ways, these in effect laughed at God and at His statutes. Therefore as they laughed at God so God laughed at them when they were gassed to death and burned in the ovens.

  13. The American and especially the Britton's have yet to pay for their crimes against the Jews both during and after the second world war.  They did not incarcerate the British prime ministers and his confederates during the Nuremberg trials.  

  14. But their trial is yet to come  And it will be a short one, for I will not listen to nor accept their so called defense, for in that day their own crimes will convict them.

  15. Just because the Lord gave the Jews over to the Gentile to be mocked and beaten and demoralized does not justify those of the Gentiles that factually took God’s purpose to hand.

  16. For they should have said to God, that they were as guilty and as wicked as these Jews, therefore O Lord we cannot execute Thy judgment upon them,  See to it Thyself O Lord, but we will not become hypocrites for their sake to mock those that are not any more guilty than we ourselves are.

  17. And now for all you Gentiles of all the nations of all the centuries of the past and future, with all your dislikes to the Jews.  There is a surprise in store for you.  Know this O you Gentiles, all of you, that I will bend the knee of each and everyone of you before the face of Israel.

  18. Though you may be tens of billions or hundreds of billion all of your knees will be bend before the face of Israel.  So I have sworn in the name of the Lord, and so He will bring it to pass.  In that day you will know that I am among the firstborn.

  19. Do not for a moment think that I have any regard for anyone among the Jews that calls himself a rabbi. Or dares to allow himself to be called rabbi, nor for any of your leaders or so called teachers.  For The Lord is against you O you great ones in Israel, like He spoke by Isaiah.

  20. "Woe to the proud crown of the drunkards of E'phraim, and to the fading flower of its glorious beauty, which is on the head of the rich valley of those overcome with wine! Behold, the Lord has one who is mighty and strong; like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, He will cast down to the earth with violence.  The proud crown of the drunkards of E'phraim will be trodden under foot."

  21. You may conceive to be well seated in Israel, but you have turned the people into a corrupt society, and to depart from the Lord their God. And so the Lord Himself will deal with you.


  1. Let bygones be bygones, so I hear it said.  But you cannot forget the past to let bygones be by bygones, because every single person is to be give account for every single deed and every single word spoken by him or her.  There is to be a trial, a day of judgment in which everyone will be judged.

  2. Therefore bygones are never bygones, but bygones are recorded to be brought into the open on the day of they great tribunal.  You are a brute to say that bygones are bygones, as if they are in the past not to resurface again, but they must resurface.

  3. And they will resurface so that each person may receive what is due to him or her as they enter into the time that is without end, the day, that has no end, into which everyone must enter.

  4. When the Lord said that He made us after His image, and He being forever, so we are to be into forever, because He made us that way.

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Dear concern

This is in reference to your article “Mahdi to return by 2016.”

  1. Now that you have aired what the Muslims fantasize to themselves, you ought to air a word regarding the truth about the prophecy on which they are banking.

  2. The reference to their so called “Mahdi” is found by Isaiah, chapter 41, verses 25 to 29, and chapter 48, verses 12 to 16.

  3. But like always the Devil by his confederates must twist everything to his gain. Like by the Germans, “To create a free Europe,” while they enslaved it. And on their death camps that, “Work makes free,” while it meant to work them to death.

  4. So the same is repeated by these Muslims fantasizing as if their messiah will grant them victory and a thousand year reign, with Israel annihilated from the face of the earth.

  5. It then God willing may have it's beginning in the time factor as they mentioned, but like the Germans were defeated, so will these Muslims, since their so called Mahdi will not be one as they expected, but rather to overthrow them and defend Israel.

  6. And with the arrival of Christ Jesus Himself in person He will lead Israel into the Sabbath, their “Thousand Year Reign,” while devastating the nations of the Gentiles till – as He said - only the meek are left to inherit the world.

  7. The Devil knows what is written, and as always attempts to twist it to his advantage, only he will not succeed. And the rulers of the earth are in for a rude awakening, even as man’s teachers are.

Yours truly,

Leonard Van Zanten


  1. The days of seven are in eight. But no Leonard you cannot reveal what is by seven in eight, for Thou O Lord art my Father and Thy secret must also be my secret.   I am not a man that I should speak like a man. Nor was I born of man whereby I should speak after their nature.

  2. My love is for mankind and not of it, and my compassion for the sons of man in a gift unto them, for in Thee O my Lord and my Father I had my birth, wherefore I am found to speak in a wisdom and a knowledge that is unlike man.

  3. Man as a created thing is to know and learn how he is but dust and ashes, and that his cunning will not prevail upon his Creator, wherefore the eight is by a seven. 

  4. When the Lord created man, He also had to create a living for him, as well as a place where he might roam. Nor would it be for man to have his being were it not of the Lord to grant him his labors as well as to teach him how to conduct his labors.  What therefore is a week of time to eternity?

  5. All the tribes and nations of the earth from the beginning of them were ignorant, not having the desire to accept the truth because death had come upon them, a curse had landed on them by the envy of the devil.  One who grew proud and arrogant in himself rejecting the generosity of His Creator.  And mankind followed him also becoming proud and arrogant in themselves, rejecting the Creator.

  6. And so the mind of man became darkened  And the whole of them all the tribes of the heathen gentiles as they came to be called, were destined for destruction for a death upon them.

  7. Those of mankind that have come upon the earth, for the very bulk of them must die the death of a thousand death, to be imprisoned, for it is but a  single cluster of the grapes that God choose to call unto Himself all those that were born of Him, rather than of the earth.

  8. How few therefore from mankind are to inherit the life of everlasting. And yet these few, that single cluster of grapes salvaged from the vineyard is as yet to sprout forth in thousand fold, so that like Saul the Lord gave them a ruler, but that ruler like Satan became proud in himself and turned away from God.

  9. The Lord then appointed another named David. Like as Satan lost out - so God appointed another to rule.

  10. Love now is a many splendid thing, a most marvelous issue of the Lord our Creator. And once we love one another it is devastating to lose a loved one. Therefore also because of the love of God we are to endure into forever and ever, to never again be devastated by the loss of a loved one.

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