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  1. The book of prophecy, the book of the word of the Lord, as He spoke by His prophet Ezekiel concerning Tyre and Sidon. (chapter 26 onwards)

  2. It is I speaking, a Prince of princes, the vision as related, in the morning as in the evening, a vision of many days hence, and of long ago.

  3. Take heed O you rulers in the earth, and all you merchants, all you rich in the earth, the vision pertains to you, and your wealth as also your power will be taken from you, nor will it ever be returned unto you.  

  4. I have had my fill of you with all your dealings, and your continual robbery, and I have despised your oppressions, therefore you will be as a bare rock in the sea, in the midst thereof.   You shall die the death of the slain in the midst of the sea.  

  5. As it was in the evening so it will be in the morning, for the Lord has spoken, and He will bring it to pass.  Strangers indeed, the most terrible of the nations it are that will defile your splendor, and you will indeed come to a dreadful end, and you shall not be sought of into forever.

  6. Did I not on page 82 hereof speak of a day called the seventh?   Or was it of a month, as well as a year of?  Indeed so have I spoken and recorded the same for all eyes to see, and for the hearts of men to meditate upon.   But where may wisdom be found?  Whom among all the sons of men will understand?

  7. Strangers, so it was spoken of, men whose words and deeds appeared strange, not to the understanding of the many that were mighty in the earth. Yet these will come to understand it most perfectly on the day that the same will be assayed upon them.  In that year, and on that month they will know that the word of the Lord is forever sure.

  8.   The doom of a people, the doom of those many that were well seated, and who for their riches became proud in their heart.  O how dreadful it will be for you O you foolish proud ones.  Nor will you understand my word, until it is assayed upon you. 

  9. How pitiful indeed that you refuse to take heed at my word. And how foolish you were, you to whom I am speaking, a prince like unto me. You know me and how for the pride of your splendor you allowed your wisdom to be corrupted.  How foolish indeed to have cast yourself down in that way.

  10. As for me this day, this hour, it is vengeance that is on my mind, a measure of vengeance on the nations and their leaders, and on all that are wicked that know not God, yet portray themselves as were they wiser than God.  All these many are a stench in my nostrils, I cannot bear them any longer.

  11. It is on my mind to cast down to the earth with violence, to crush the oppressors, to render to them a dose of their own medicine, for the Lord has a day of vengeance, He will enter into judgment with all nations, by His word you will be done in O all you peoples, you nations far and wide.

  12. Today is not the day that I will consider your cries for mercy, but render to you the reward of your wicked ways.  You are to be ground to powder, into fine powder, all this because you made yourself detestable.  In my eyes you are not fit to live, nor that your shadow should grace the earth.

  13. Know this O all you rich in the earth, your wealth will be taken from you, and never at all returned unto you, and so you will remain among the least of all glory.    When I called you would not listen, therefore now I will not listen, not to your reasoning's nor to your cries for mercy. 

  14. Your days upon this earth have come to an end, you are to return into the dust from which you were made. And after many days you will be visited at which time you will behold the full reward of your wicked inventions.

  15. The Lord has made of me a king of kings, a prince of princes, a guardian of the whole of the world, from the first of the nations to the last of the nations, from day one to the last of all days.

  16. What therefore are the kings of the earth to me, or any of its rulers that have been since the first of their seating?   What ruler will call me to account that I should hear him? Which of them have been righteous in their affairs that I may call them a friend and a brother?

  17. But the meek, and those of a tender heart to these I will listen, and consider their plea for mercy. You therefore you rulers of the earth should have listened, and should have replied when the Almighty One called upon you, but you failed to do so, therefore you are to perish.

    March 3 2013

  1. The Lord has not given a Sabbath to the nations, but those born of Him are His Sabbath. His precious ones for a light unto the nations, in His making are we redeemed.

  2. Thou art very great O Lord my God, Father of all that is. I am at all times awed at Thy greatness, at Thy endless understanding. When I think of Thee I am always at a loss to apprehend Thy Majesty, for Thou art forever greater than my thought is able to apprehend.

  3. Thou has made of me a tender soul, an affectionate spirit, one that loves Thee with all the love I can muster. My compassion is but over those near to me, but Thine compassion is over all Thy works, over Thy works which are endless, that cannot be expressed neither for quantity nor for the nomenclature of them.

  4. O how magnificent Thou art, and how very little we are and yet Thou does care for us as Thine own, as sons of Thy very bosom, for we are Thine O Lord, born of Thy will to teach Thy statutes to all that are born in the earth. 

  5. When I behold the people, even my people, these so I concluded were ignorant, yes most ignorant, a people in need of education. But O how these refused to be educated, wherefore they are to be stricken with a rod, to be wounded so that these might learn how there is but One God, namely the God of Jacob, and my God from whom all mercies flow.

  6. How very beautiful Thou has made things O Lord, how wisely Thou has instituted all things. For all those which Thou has given into my hand, not one of them will suffer want for it is by Thy mercy that these will have righteous kings and true gods unto them.

  7. O how my heart speaks in wisdom, and O how I temper my speech lest I should reveal the heart of Thy Sabbaths, Thy many Sabbaths.  Speak O my soul and take your rest, for you are to teach men the rights of the Lord, the eternal statutes of my God and my Father.

  8. Thou O Lord has made everything to perfection. Individuals and families to have children forming a bond, and brothers to live together in peace.   If we love someone Thou O Lord loves them even more. For we are but children, a lovely creation of spirits dwelling in flesh.

  9. Compassion and affection are key factors. How much indeed I love the people, these are my treasures so lovely, so well made of the hand of my Father.  May my life and my whole being be for them, may the Lord grant me all these many to love and cherish them into forever. 

  10. O Lord how I love the works of Thy hand how much indeed I love and cherish them.  My passion for the people is indeed deep, more than I can fathom, those lovely creatures made of Thy hand.  Let me temper my passion, and that for always, for they are much too lovely, and I adore them. O how much I indeed adore them.

  11. Once one eats from the tree of life he will be a god, he will be like unto a god knowing what is good and what is not good, because he lifted himself to eat from Him who is life. Wherefore henceforth, you will have a Sabbath, you will know what is in righteousness and what is not in righteousness, and you will know God, the source and maker of all life.

  12. How shall I aspire for eternity, to live into forever when each day my desire is but to leave the land of the living?  Search my heart if it truly is life that my soul desires and not rather to be away from all that are unrighteous. What to me is most dreadful is to have my company with the wicked.  

  13. I do however aspire for life as men do.  And yes I do live because Christ Jesus our Lord gave Himself for me as He did for all of the elect and for the world.  As then the Father drew me unto His Son, I have become His, nor is it just because I believed, but in His grace I received all that I am.

  14. And how in His grace I have come to love truth, righteousness, and perfect justice even more than the life of my soul.  And it is by His grace in a gift to all men that my life may be for the joy of many.

  15. Once I put off this body the Lord my God and my Father will receive me, since as I know my home is with my Lord and my God, and how nothing before Him can ever have its none being.  Knowing therefore that I must remain there is but a single road carved for me, which is by the Son unto my Father, the God of all living.

  16. I have a home which is not upon this earth, nor did my birth issue but from heaven, from His temple, unto which I must return. I am not my own. For He in who's compassion all things have their being overcame me, and I became in His image.

  17. O my Lord my God I love Thee, with my whole being I love Thee.  In the light of Thy justice I do not count my life, nor can I find it in myself to aspire unto it as much as I aspire for Thy truth and for righteous dealings.  For I hate and despise all unrighteousness, and I detest all falsehood, and even ignorance is a curse unto me.

  18. It no doubt will be said of me;   Here is a man that knows more of the fundamentals of the sciences than any scientist, or any teacher thereof, and yet he never even completed high school let alone to have attended any schooling in the sciences.    And the same will be said of me in terms of religion, and in the understanding of the Scriptures.  

  19. Let it then be reported; that I did not learn nor discover anything on my own, nor from within myself, but that I was duly taught by a Teacher, by the greatest of all teachers, namely the Creator of all the universe, who taught and enlightened me, in all that I have shown, and not shown.  To Him belongs the honor and the glory I am no more than the pen by which it is written.


  1. The worst of the worst have gathered together in Rome to elect a new captain of the devil. But whatever these do all of them will be found in the recesses of Hades upon their beds of worms. They do not know, they do not realize how this new one will burn just as all those before him, in the fires of Hades.

  2. I went to have a look at what some Dutchman perceived as a replica of the Ark of Noah. But that Dutchman is as blind and as the Hollywood moguls are, incompetent to read, let alone accomplish anything realistic.

  3. His so called replica does not even resemble the Ark as built by Noah. It is supposed to have only three decks, not six, and be no more than 50 ft high with a width of some 83 ft. And it is supposed to have a full roof so that the rain will not fill the boat full of water, whereas he has front and rear wide open for at least the top three decks.

  4. This by all means makes the man out for a fool and a liar, as well as incompetent, unable to read simple language and to adhere to the same.  It therefore is quite obvious how this generation is indeed most apostate, and more ignorant than any generation, wherefore my desire is not in them.

  5. A deranged man shot twenty some children in a school, and it gets top billing on the media, while throughout the country in their chambers of horror, or abortion clinics as they are also called, millions of defenseless children are murdered, many of them having come forth alive, are stabbed with a pair of scissors in their spinal cord.

  6. But the media makes little or no mention of these murders committed among them. Hear then this judgment you most foul among the race of men; You not only will come to pay for these murders with your life many times over, but these very ones you murdered will come to curse you to your face.

  7. And you of all people you will have none, because you murdered the unborn and the just born, there will be no birth in you, and you will remain childless, a just reward for your atrocities.

  8. I can-not even bear to watch a movie wherein injustice is displayed, it makes me angry.  And if there be one to display arrogance it brings me to contempt, I cannot even stand the sight of these persons even in a movie.  And when a queer is shown, I have to go fast-forward if at all I am to watch the movie, since these are so absolutely disgusting, I can not stand the very sight of them.

  9. I hate and despise all wickedness, and that with a passion, the very sight of which angers me to wrath.  If then to me all such pride and arrogance brings me to wrath, how much more not for the Lord, for as my love for righteousness is indeed deep, how much more not for the Lord Himself?  

  10. And if a queer is so contemptuous to me, how much more not to the Lord?  And if to me a pimp is of less consideration than a cockroach, how much more shall these be hated by God?  

  11. And yes the Spirit by which I have come to hate and despise all such wicked persons, is that very Spirit of the Lord, His Counselor that He gave to be with me, who also taught me so many things, and by whom many secrets were revealed.

  12. For me it is extremely difficult to live in a world as this world is, to have my abiding with the sons of men among whom there are many sons of the devil acting as were they human.  

  13. And as wisdom increased in me, and my love for the Lord and His ways grew stronger, I can barely keep my sanity when I am confronted with such arrogant and boastful creatures.   So much so that I have to close my eyes, and stop my ears lest in anger I mistake myself upon that vengeance which is the Lord's and not mine to take.

  14. My prayer to Thee O mighty Lord; How long wilt Thou be silent regarding their atrocities? Hasten unto us O Lord and wipe all these wicked ones of the human race from the face of the earth. 

  15. This my prayer to Thee, to eradicate all the wicked from the face of the whole earth.

  Psalm 72 & 73 BY David.    (Dec 2012)

  1. Why should prayers be made for me of the people that I may find mercy and life with the Lord my God?  The Lord knows what He has made of me, how He fashioned me even before any man was formed upon the earth. What He has determined for me will be into everlasting. For this is truly awesome that we are to abide into everlasting, that there is no escape from the hand of God.

  2. I do not vie for the praise of the people, nor that prayers be made for me, for I am not worthy that I should be held righteous, but in the mercy of the Lord alone. For to Him belongs all praise and glory, since He alone is righteous, and all justice is of Him, and of Him alone, whereas I am made of Him, and I came out of Him.

  3. When I say that the law of the Lord is my law as well, and that when any man violates His commandments they are also violating my commandments, it is because I came forth from Him, being born within Him, and of Him, so am I.

  4. The reason that all glory is due to God alone, is not only because He is the One and only Creator, but because it is in Him alone that there is justice and righteousness and truth.  

  5. What if there was one who also was able to create, yet arrogant in himself; to delight in bringing pain upon his subjects, to rule with oppression because it is in his power to do so?  Where then would we be, to forever be subject to oppression?

  6. Therefore also all praise and glory is due to our God alone since besides being our one and only Creator, He is also most Holy, He is a righteous ruler.  In Him truth had its ever being, our God being the very truth, and with Him justice also had its ever beginning, wherefore He is ever just and compassioned.

  7. How happy indeed all the people, and the many angels ought to be seeing how the Lord God is our God, and the very life of our being, that there exist no other beside Him so that into everlasting there may be truth and justice, and joy upon the faces of all that He has brought into being.

  8. As for me; how do I speak of myself? How do I speak of a mystery?  For so indeed I am a mystery into the eyes of men.  Let me question you that hear my voice.  How many Cedars did the Lord bring forth? He was but One, His One and only begotten Son for the redemption of all mankind.

  9. And how many twigs did our God break off from that lofty single Cedar? What was the tally of the tender ones that He removed from His only begotten Son?  It also was but a single one, which then He planted within Himself to make of him yet another Cedar, a second next to the first and most Lofty Cedar.

  10. And for whom did He make that second Cedar, that noble one as He said that it would be?  Was it not for the beasts and the birds that these might find a home within him and rest within the shadow of its branches?   So then what mystery am I, seeing how large I am with so many branches for shade and tranquility?

  11. By a Messiah is was that the Lord our God thought to wipe the tears from all faces, to bring joy to His creation.  And how am I to reveal that one day I would no longer be a mystery for the one as well as for the other?

  12. What then is my authority or the power into my hand when that noble cedar is not one in himself, but a seedling of his Master, and of God his Father?  In all things I am bound to be like unto Him from whom I was taken and reared, nurtured within Him. 

  13. Like a Lion's cub is a spitting image of its father and its mother, so that seedling can and must be in the image of Him from whom he was taken.

  14. How then do I say that the people far and wide are to abide by "my" law, when my law is His law, and His law my law?  My compassion is His compassion, and my justice is His justice, since the Father of all did not just create me like unto Him, but took me from Him, like a son from his Father.  And so I have become a son to the Son.

  15. My Father said unto my Lord; "Go down and come forth from the womb, to be for a Son unto all that are imprisoned, so that they might be set free."  And when the days of creation came to its ending, He took from His son for yet another son in whom the race of men might be set free and rejoice.

  16. The Son of man therefore, as much as He is the Son, is also like a Mother, for man to be born in Him, and of Him. And so at one place I said; "When the womb had grown old for age, I came to re-enter that I may emerge for a new beginning."  And I portrayed a living example, a man searching for his queen, to have her for wife unto him, the woman after his love.

  17. A most amazing thing that the Lord has done, awesome and imperceptible to have given such knowledge and wisdom, to reveal so many things, so much as I can barely digest. 

  18. What an awesome testimony He has given him to record, words and sentences beyond the norm of mankind.  And how alone he must feel himself to be one and only among the many to comprehend the calendar. And while the Scriptures are open to all the world, whom is there to know the day of the birth of Christ is not at all in the month of December?

  19. Am I a one and only person in all the world competent to read and understand that which he reads?.    How foolish all these scientists are in thinking to know it all - while it is no more than hogwash.  Am I then alone in a world to know right from wrong?

  20. Is it any wonder that none were able to answer me, seeing how God had closed their minds, to make fools out of all of them?  When I am looked upon I appear like unto any other man, for the knowledge and understanding that God has placed within me there is nothing special to behold upon me.

  21. Nor am I one to boast, or that I should desire the praise of any man.  When in the course of speech I make some truthful remark, their reply is that I am speaking as were I God Himself.  And yes, how foolish man is, how very foolish indeed, not being able to hear the word of God to their own welfare.

  22. And so I am a covenant, and a light to bring joy to them that are in darkness.  A covenant so I said, or should I have said that I am part of the covenant, of that covenant which the Creator of all made with the sons of men?  

  23. But why do I speak, why do I open my heart and my mind to place words upon paper; for what man is to understand the words that I speak, its nomenclature, and what all it will bring into everlasting?

  24. It is awesome for a man such as I am, abiding in a body made of flesh and bone, that such an honor should be placed upon him as the Lord has evidently shown.   An honor and position I simply cannot comprehend, nor digest in this day and age. How much less therefore shall the sons of men understand.

  25. I am a lone tree in the midst of a stream struggling not to be swept away, and yes I struggle, for My Lord and my Father, my Creator said.  "A god you are, yet you shall die like any prince."  I too must give my life, but not for myself, and I am pleased to do so, very much pleased to grant my life for the sake of many.

   For love and compassion

  1. What am I O Lord my God, what am I, if not but a created thing, who could possibly be as Thou art, great and mighty, just and holy, the One and only Creator.  Or to be like unto Thee O my Lord my Savior, Son of the Most High?  Thou did fashion the whole of this great universe, while I cannot even built a dwelling for myself lest Thou does built it for me.

  2. And so what am I O Lord to have any comparison to Thee?  If Thou were to establish for me a kingdom to rule, as Thou has made known to me, a kingdom that cannot be numbered for greatness, even that O Lord what shall that be to me?  For unless Thou does rule it by me, I could not make a single ruling.

  3. Yet for this my heart is extremely grateful, for the mate that Thou has made for the man, to have made such a lovely creature, so perfectly suited for the man. For this my heart exults in praise to Thee.   

  4. Grant me an endless kingdom to rule, but it will take second place to her whom Thou wilt grant as my mate for me.  Like I once said; “My kingdom another can rule but without my palm-tree I cannot be.”

  5. And for her sweet embraces, and for the kisses of her lips I will trade all my kingdom, for the embrace of but a single woman.   And if I am not believed, so I say unto you, wait and see, and you will see.

  6. Of all the many words, which I have spoken and caused to be recorded, who am I to speak, to pronounce such words that by the sons of men appear to be insane?  Who am I that in my person the Lord took pleasure on me?

  7. He elected me to pronounce judgment, and to render to men the reward of their deeds. To the sons of men it will be a most astonishing thing, to defeat the rulers of the earth, to do unto them as he pleases. Wills he kill them, so they will die, and wills he main them so they will be maimed.

  8. The gods of the earth are indeed no more than skeletons already dead and walking in their graves.  How then should I fear them or go backwards for even a single step?


  1. What am I to speak of myself?  To whom must I commend myself? Even if I spoke of myself who would believe me, or even understand the word that is spoken?  Isaiah prophesied of me, and not of me alone, but of all the servants of the Lord, of all those of whom He in his 49th chapter said:

  2. "The Lord called me from the womb, from the body of my mother he named my name.  He made my mouth like a sharp sword, in the shadow of His hand He hid me; He made me a polished arrow, in His quiver He hid me away."

  3. So was Isaiah, and so was Jeremiah, and so were all His prophets, and David as well as Solomon, and so He called me placing upon my lips a shard two edged sword to divide bone from marrow.

  4. For has He hidden me, to for a time dwell in silence when He closed the eyes of all that looked upon me? For like the prophet said, how "in His quiver He hid me away," while at the same time He made me "like a polished arrow,: so that in the hour when the arrow was to be shot from the bow it would reach its goal, and perform what it was designed to perform.

  5. Nor therefore am I alone, but with many others, and though I may be called a Gentile, yet was I reared in the mountain height of Israel, to be as one of them.  For so the Lord spoke; "You are My servant Israel, in whom I will be glorified."

  6. And just as Isaiah replied saying:  "I however, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for nothing and vanity." For so is my complaint, how for all that I have spoken it is but vanity, and for that which I am as yet to speak I will be spending my strength for nothing, since they will hear, but not take themselves upon my word.

  7. Yet then again I am not daunted, for like Isaiah said, so also am I speaking how;  "My right is with the Lord, and my recompense with my God."  For though I labored in vain it was not on my account that they refused to hear.  I did as it was given me of the Lord Most High, and have kept His commandments, a thing therefore that was not in vain.

  8. For who could possibly enter in before the Lord Most High? Who could possibly approach Him if it were not given him of God Himself?  "By the folly of preaching," so Paul said. 

  9. And by the foolishness of my lips, so I pronounce to say, it is by the Lord only that a man be taught, and by Him alone can any creature appear before Him.  It is not in man to save himself, nor to approach His Maker.

  10. A covenant so am I, even as is all of Israel that are written in within that covenant, as were the prophets and many that have gone before me.  And did not Daniel refer to me as; "A prince of that covenant."? And so it is as Isaiah continued saying:

  11. "And now the Lord; who formed me from the womb to be His servant, to bring Jacob back to him, and that Israel might be gathered to him, said that I am honored in the eyes of the Lord, and my God has become my strength."  

  12. And He said: "Is it too light a thing that you should be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved of Israel? For I will give you as a light to the nations, that My salvation may reach to the ends of the earth."

  13. To the very ends, yes, so it will be, for He created me, and all those with me as servants of Him, to perform His will, and by whom He will gather unto Himself all peoples. 

  14. So I say unto you, unto all the inhabitants of the earth; in the eyes of the Lord, the Maker of all, I am honored, and He loves me, even as I am loved of Him, and my love returns unto him, keeping His statutes, and rendering my heart unto Him. As therefore my enemies will be many, and by them I will be despised, yet will I not be without honor.


  1. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who have drunk at the hand of the Lord the cup of His wrath, who have drunk to the dregs the bowl of staggering, there is not one among all the sons that she has borne to guide her, not a one of all her sons to take her by the hand.

  2. How dreadful that there is not a one among you, and that it is by one of a foreign speech to proclaim to her the truth, and to be for a messenger unto her.  I indeed deem this dreadful, for my love is dearly unto her, I care very much for her, to kiss and caress her.

  3. It is at the rebuke of the Lord your God that famine and the sword came upon you, and how this day you are few in number, with your sons not in wisdom since for all their backsliding they were as yet full of the wrath of God.  

  4. But O my dear ones, my very dear ones it will not continue this way, for so spoke the Lord My God, and your God:

  5. "Behold, I have taken from your hand the cup of staggering; the bowl of My wrath, wherefore you shall drink no more; and I will put it into the hand of your tormentors, who have said to you, "Bow down, that we may pass over"; and you have made your back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over."

  6. This is the message O my very dear Israel, that your Sabbath is near at hand.  A messenger indeed, one of good tidings, so am I, and to deliver the same.  However good then my word will be, I will nonetheless shout at you, to reprove you for your wicked inventions so that you may leave off of them, and be for the goodness in my message.


  1. I do not suppose that the inhabitants of the earth will be pleased with the Calendar that the Lord has instituted for us, that which He revealed by Enoch, and gave me to understand and re-introduce to all that dwell upon the earth.

  2. As then ignorance is a curse, the pride of man is an even greater curse. When the people are ignorant of a thing it shall be a sin in them, but to have knowledge of it, and thereafter to still ignore the wisdom of it, is a greater sin in them.

  3. And so Enoch, my dear friend came to say;  "Blessed are all the righteous ones, and those who walk in the streets of righteousness, and have no sin like the sinners in the computation of the days in which the sun goes its course in the sky".

  4. Who among the sons of mankind considers himself or herself to be sinful in keeping with the calendar as concocted by the mind of man?  They do not see anything wrong in it, and that also because these are ignorant of how it should be. But conscience or not - it is a sin in them.

  5. If then these vie for a blessing upon themselves, let them rid themselves of their ignorance by taking an education upon themselves.  For these shall hardly be considered righteous if these do not search out the truth and take upon that same truth with all their might.  Nor is it difficult to obtain, since one need but ask of God for wisdom and understanding.

  6. Enoch spoke saying: "Preserve my son, the book from your father's hand in order that you may pass it to the generations of the world.   For I have given wisdom to you, to your children and to those who shall become your children, in order that they may pass it in turn to their own children, and to the generations that are discerning." 

  7. I then wish to you to consider where he pointed to such persons as were "discerning", for a fool will not learn, since there is no discernment in them. And why should you my reader be classified as a fool when all this grand wisdom is before you to feast upon it as better than any good food?!

  8. For so also Enoch my friend spoke saying:  "All the wise ones shall give praise, and wisdom shall dwell with your conscience, they shall not slumber, but be thinking.  They shall cause their ears to listen in order that they may learn this wisdom, and it shall please those who feast on it more than good food."

  9. Read that last sentence once again, and if there is any hope for your soul within you, these words will not be in vain unto you.  Moreover, it shall be a sin in you to even doubt the word, for I have not spoken in error, nor did Enoch speak in error, both of us being taught of the Holy angels in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

  10. Why should I have to dispel any doubt's in the minds of men regarding this Calendar when it is so clearly laid out by that Holy Angel of God unto Enoch?  One of the most likely questions that some have is how I can be so sure of something like the first day of the year, and that the same falls on what to us is known as a Thursday.

  11. The answer then is quite simple with the added advantage unto me that God gave me to understand the foundations of the earth, and how the earth revolves around the sun.  The path which the sun takes in a full orbital year resembles that of a figure of eight. The top of the loop towards the north thus will be that part of the earth, most inclined and facing the sun, that then in turn will affect for us the longest day.

  12. And since we know that the longest day is on what by men is known as June 21, we must go back by one full quarter of the year in order to arrive at the center of that figure of eight. That full quarter thus is 3 times 30 days to a tally of 90 days, and adding in one day for the reckoning of Malkiel, the leader of that quarter, and another that enters by the fifth gate, for the reckoning of the three greater leaders, comes to 92 days.

  13. From June 21 backwards to the beginning of April are 82 days, after which we must backtrack 10 more days into the month of March which for the year known as 2013 falls on the 22nd of that month.  Therefore it is on March 22  that the position of the earth relative to the sun may be found precisely on the center of the center of the figure of eight, which is also the design of its force of magnetic by which all things are moved.

  14. Are we then to set the first of the year, that is to say, the beginning of time, or of our timing in the scheme of things at March 22?  

  15. No it is not, since the Angel of the Lord instructed Enoch stating;  "The moon rises in this manner, it faces the easterly direction coming out on the 13th day, on that day it comes in existence and appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits, and you have the head (beginning) of the month."

  16. Conclusively we are to advance upon the track for 12 days after which will be the head of the month.  The "head" then means the day that the angel Malkiel enters in; meaning MK day.   Thus from March 22, we are to go forward by 12 days, and there being 10 of those in March, we come to a day that for the year 2013 the Gentiles call the second of April.

  17. If then someone argues that I numbered eleven days starting the year on the 12th day, rather than the 13th, as specified by Enoch, this is not quite so since the factual day start on the evening to again an evening, rather than morning to morning. For did not the Lord also say; "And it was evening and it was morning one day."  (Genesis)

  18. Moreover there are but 91 days, and not 92; in any one quarter of the year, which multiplied by four comes to 364 days. As then relevant to the stars as well as the sun there is that day of none accounting reflecting upon eternity, we come to a tally of 365, just as there are 50 in the 49 of the first seven.

  19. And so when looking at man's calendar it comes to a year in 365 rotations, and in looking at God's Calendar it also comes to a year in 365 rotations.  If thus the head of the year on man's concoction of a calendar starts on April 2, it will again in the year following start on April 2, not counting a leap year.

  20. And how did I arrive for the head of the year to be on what is called the 5th (fifth) day of the week? Quite simple; the Lord commanded for Passover to start the evening of the 14th, with the 15th as Passover, and the 16th as the sabbath following the Passover. If therefore the sabbath of the week falls on the 16th, the first of Nissan (April) the first is on a sixth day of the week, with the head on the 5th, known as Thursday.

  21. Yet now I am to caution you in how I passed my boundaries by naming a total of 365, when such a number is not tallied, even as Moses passed his boundaries by stating 50 days in a tally of 49.  It is therefore that I wish to emphasize upon you the words as spoken by Enoch, to wit:

  22. "It (the sun) comes in through a door, and rises for 30 days together with the chiefs of the thousands of the order of the stars. These four are added to determine the intervals within, between the four seasons of the year, (it are) those that lead them along, (and they) come in four days.  

  23. (It is) On this account there are people that err, they count them in the computation of the year, and they err, they do not recognize them accurately, for they belong to the “reckoning” of the year."

  24. The reckoning, the reckoning.  Or shall I repeat it for the third time to say again to you; "The reckoning."   If you are wise do not say Nissan 1, or Nissan 0, when it is the day of Malkiel.  And do not say May 31, when it is the day of no accounting, to have no number, but simply a reckoning. 

  25. For if you do - it will be a sin in you, remembering how the Lord said; "By your word you will be justified, and by your word you will be condemned." Or again; "Man will give account for all that passes from their lips."

  26. Be wise, this I say to you; be wise.  Call it the day of eternity or of no accounting.  And do not refer to any of the four days of the leaders by any number, but by their names, abbreviated or otherwise.  

  27. Accept God's will upon yourself, for He alone is life. Become wise and He will bless you.  Remain in ignorance and you will suffer the consequences.

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