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  1. Islam as they portray themselves is but a religion of their own baking, an abortion of law that is guaranteed to get them into the fires of hell.  

  2. I of course am in deep trouble to; as they call it, condemn, or criticize their so called religion.  Yet it is perfectly sanctioned for them not only if one blasphemed the name of the Lord, but to condemn His statutes as well.

  3. And not only these it are to have so corrupted themselves, but the world in general for fear, or for plain stupidity seem to hold the same view, not to criticize islam, nor to teach anything good about God or His Christ.

  4. And as these continue to murder their own, it is like the old motto; criminals persecuting those more righteous than themselves, just as their mohammed did.    

  5. And thus it has become just as it was prophesied from ages ago how this last generation would be insatiable.  For like always; there is no greater crime, nor sin that anyone can commit - than to speak the truth openly.

  6. While then these would like to see the whole of the world to be corrupted according to their vain imagination, it are mostly the fanatics among them by whom Satan once again aims to dominate the world, so as to destroy the peace of God that is coming upon the world.

  7. This of course is utterly impossible since Christ Yeshua has already vanquished death, and before long He will bind that Satan and cast him with all his host into the fires of hell.

  8. During the second world war the devil gave it a quite a go with his servant Hitler and its people, as if by some means he could take away the thousand year reign from the nation of Israel, not so much in an aim to have it for the Germans, as to destroy the very offspring of God, to destroy all those that were to take in his place in the heavens.

  9. As thus this Satan brainwashed the population of Germany and of others in order to secure his aim, even so he is brainwashing the many Muslims to have a try at it again, if by any means at all he could annihilate the Jews, preventing them from ruling the whole of the world in their thousand year reign as promised to them by God, the Creator of all the earth.

  10. How very blind therefore these muslims are, even as the Germans in their days were most ignorant. And even as the Germans suffered defeat so these muslims will suffer defeat.  Nor are these alone, but the laws and governments of all nations are as corrupt as corruption can be.

  11. I then said blind, for all that one has to do is to take one look into the night-sky at the grandeur of the universe, and these blind ones wish to fight against Him who brought all that forth by merely the power of His word?   Are they not like minute ants shouting obscenities against a huge foot about to crush them?

  12. That child which the American people have elected for themselves, seems to be giving a message to Israel, that he wants the Iranians to develop the atomic bomb and hopefully annihilate the Jewish nation with it.  But as the Iranians are wrong in their desire, so will that American reprobate find himself to be in error.

  13. Just as it was before the start of the second world war, when many spoke for peace, and peace treaties were made, no sooner did the ink dry or war came about. Even so it appears this day, men speaking lies to one another.

  14. These  muslims now have this notion that once they start a war of annihilation against the children of Israel, that then their grand messiah will arrive upon the scene to give them the victory over their enemies.

  15. Wrong now as they may be, it does hold a truth, which their master the devil borrowed from the Scriptures, from the very word of God.  Since it is so written at many places and in many ways, how when the children of God come into a strait to be overcome, the Lord, the God of Jacob will act.

  16. Israel might just as well do as they please, and brace themselves for the consequences, for whatever must be, will be.  Yes my very dear Israel, before your salvation takes hold your pride will be broken. All this since it must be so.

  17. This Ahmadinejad of Iran spoke saying;  "God has promised us a man of kindness, a man who loves people and loves absolute justice, a man who is a perfect human being and is named Imam al-Mahdi, a man who will come in the company of Jesus Christ and the righteous.”

  18. This Ahmadinejad then is right in much of his speech, and in the meaning of the name they gave him, since his name as recorded in the Scriptures by allegory is; "The Lion."  The anointed one of God in Christ Jesus, and not one of their venomous breed so as they expect it to be.

  19. It is said: "Mahdi means guided one."  And indeed He will be guided by God coming in the company of Christ Jesus. It is also said: "That the majority of the Shia Muslims believe him to be alive at this very moment, only his identity as is yet unknown."  And right they are.

  20. He furthermore said: “The arrival of the ultimate savior will mark a new beginning, a rebirth and a resurrection.  It will be the beginning of peace, lasting security and genuine life. His arrival will be the end of oppression, immorality, poverty, discrimination and the beginning of justice, love and empathy.”

  21. Here of course he is quite wrong, since it will not then as yet be the end of oppression. Nor will it be as he imagine it to be.  And what hypocrisy this is, speaking of love and justice while he entertains war and destruction. But then to his master the devil the foulest of corruption is to them their perfect peace.

  22. The leaders and the people of Germany now were also convinced that they were working for a free Europe, while in every way they labored to enslave it.

  23. The entry of the true Anointed one now in all respects is the beginning of the end, the beginning of God's judgment, just as Christ Jesus spoke of that day in Matthew 24 verse 27.  He will be that Lion by and with whom the Son of God will enter into judgment with all the nations and their rulers.

  24. There is thus indeed one to come upon the scene, as the Muslims fancy themselves, but he will be against them rather than for them.  He will come upon the scene just as it was prophesied by Isaiah 48:16; and Isaiah 41:25-29.  and 63:1

  25. And so, it will indeed be a sad day for the rulers and the great ones of the earth.  For likewise it was spoken of the plagues to come, that there would be the slaughtering of the great.

  26. I may seem to be in favor of Iran to curse these reprobates that impose sanctions against her. And to pronounce destruction upon them that coerced upon her not to built atomic bombs, but that same justice will not save Iran itself from being devastated for "their" hatred of their neighbors.

  27. I am like that reprobate to humanity said; "A man who loves people and loves absolute justice."  And it is in that very love that I vie for a destruction upon Iran, since they are in violation of the law stating; "To love ones neighbor as oneself."  And the annihilation of a peaceful people is not what I deem as love of one's neighbor.

  28. This PM of Iran thus in his own speeches cursed himself and his nation, to have a just Messiah come upon the scene, one to come with the Spirit of the very Son of God.

  29. Do as you will O Israel, for the steps of a man are of the Lord, and remember how He said: "Fear not My servant Jacob whom I have chosen. be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.  Behold; all that are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish."

  30. Did not the Lord say that He would smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and that with the breath of His lips He would slay the wicked?  In the day of your need you O Israel will hear a voice, a mighty sounding voice, full of indignation, with a tongue like unto a fire that devours.

  31. Nor will that voice come from your midst O Israel, but rather - like the Lord said - from afar, from the west. 

  Justice will succeed.

  1. I am angry with the nations, with their rulers, with their judges, and with all their host. There is no justice and their arrogance knows no end wherefore they are to be cut down and humiliated to the core.

  2. What folly it is of the nations to plan for their pursuits.  Israel is making all sorts of plans for its defense, but the Lord is not in their speech. The Gentiles likewise are deploying their offensive, making plans out of their own heart with no regard at all for the God who created them.

  3. China is gearing up for war, and the Russians are replenishing their armaments, while America with all its hardware is rather at a stalemate. Yet whatever will be, shall be, namely war and destruction with their cities in ruins.  

  4. So indeed I say to all; "Your cities will be in ruins."  Nor is it for the cause of war that your cities will be in ruins, but for your sins against your Maker, for your stout words against Him.

  5. All that talk of the children of men what they will do, and how. But at no time do they consider what it may be that the Lord, the King of all the earth will do.   They are a godless people, the entire lot of them, and as godless ones they will be treated.

  6. And your teachers, your pastors and theologians throughout all the years and centuries have been like the blind with no understanding of the Scriptures. In comparison these have been and are sevenfold ignorant, for the sevenfold wisdom and knowledge given me is but like simple common sense.

  7. And how was this to be done?  It is by the hand of the Lord, by the King of all the earth! While then the nations have copies of the word of God a plenty, they have yet to realize that their day of tomorrow and of today is clearly laid out for them.  

  8. They think of the word of God as mere hearsay, as something with which the theologians and the foolish entertain themselves.   But when it comes upon them; then they will know that there is a God, and that "Justice indeed will succeed."

  9.   In times past I spoke of Tyre, and how she would be humbled. This time I will speak of Egypt, that is to say; "The greater Egypt" the whole world of nations.   And it will begin by what the Lord spoke by His prophet Ezekiel starting by chapter 30.

  10. "Alas for the day!" So spoke the Lord, the day in which He would send forth His Spirit to render justice to the nations.  A day of days, and of hours, as well as years within which the whole of the greater Egypt will be devastated. 

  11. And I am giving you O you nations to know how and by whom justice will succeed if at all you have an ear to hear.

  12. Your atomic bombs are nothing, these will serve only to bring devastation upon yourselves.  You constructed them to your own demise rather than for any protection towards you. And likewise with all the rest of your hardware upon which you lean for comfort.

  13. You are most ignorant O you rulers of the earth, no more than babes.  What foolishness is it therefore of me in attempting to educate you when you are but babes, as yet unable to hear my speech? But since you acclaim yourselves mature, and boast in it, it is for that cause that you will be humiliated.

  14. As now all things have a beginning and an end, a beginning by no more than what appears a single person to press upon you, the ending will be by a great multitude whereby you will be devastated O you people of the nations of the earth.

  15. And this will be the ending as the Almighty Lord spoke by Ezekiel. "He will send forth His King of kings by name in allegory to Nebuchadnez'zar, and with him will be all his people, the most dreadful of all the nations to fill the whole of the world with them that are slain."

  16. But why am I even recording these words when there are no eyes to see nor hearts to meditate upon that which I am recording?  Shall I make it simpler to not speak by way of allegory but rather more direct?  

  17. Who or what is Pharaoh?  The term translates as "King."  And with it; it is to designate all that are rulers.

  18. As then this very day there is no such person as a king of Egypt, even as there are no kings in any nation, except them that are no more than puppets in divers lands.  So how does one in this day and age speak of a king or Pharaoh, as the term is; if not by them that are the rulers of the nations?  And so indeed the reference is to the rulers of the nations in whatever their title may be.

  19. As then the Lord said that He would strengthen the arm of the king of Babylon, to put His sword in his hand, and to break the arms of Pharaoh, that of all the rulers of the earth, and how these would come to groan before him like men mortally wounded, so it was also spoken of by Isaiah 41:25. "That he would trample on rulers as a potter treads clay."

  20. He therefore is to come, and already among you O you rulers of the earth. The judgment that emanates from God and of His Anointed One is not far off, or already taking place as you may be reading these words.  

  21. And having made its beginning it will not cease until all has been accomplished. And you O you one time rulers of the earth will lie down in the netherworld among all that are slain.

  22. And are you perhaps curious as to whom that king of Babylon may be, the one called from the north?  There is a little story to this for which you should turn to the thirty first chapter of Ezekiel.  

  23. The Lord begins by upbraiding the rulers and their people saying: "Whom do you think you are?  And to whom may you be likened in your greatness?"

  24. He then likened you to a cedar under which all the people were gathered, the branches of the cedar as its rulers and their people as birds and beasts resting in their shadow.  And you did well for yourself, or so you thought, so much so that none of the rulers of Lebanon, that is to say of Israel were in any wise equal to you.

  25. She is but a small country with few persons, and not of any renown or greatness that she could rival your greatness, the greatness of the nations of Gentiles.  So spoke the Lord. And what an irony this is, since she that is first-born, namely Israel, should be the highest and most glorious among the trees of the field.

  26. And they boasted themselves against the first-born, and dictated to her what she may accomplish and what not. In their pride and arrogance they were about to strip her of her bark.   And not to raise her head any higher than as they would dictate to her.

  27. But now look to see what is to occur, behold and see what it is that the Lord will do.  For because of the pride of these nations who acclaimed themselves to be the highest among the trees, and would look down at all other trees, the Lord formed for Himself another, one after His own likeness to raise him up by whom to shame all these proud ones.

  28. For so He said;  "I will give it into the hand of a mighty one of the nations; he shall surely deal with it as its wickedness deserves."  "A mighty one of the nations," so He said, for He made for them a Star, a single ruler.  And by His prophet Daniel, He named him; "A prince of the Covenant."

  29. And he is not one to wink at wickedness but to reward everyone according to their deeds. He is one that to all the world is a mystery, one whom they have not known nor understood from the beginning of their rising.  

  30. Nor is he alone but with him are the many foreigners, the ones that are most terrible to execute the decree of the Lord. And these likewise to all the world are a mystery, and so by a mystery you will be done in.

  31. But I want you read verses 12 and 13 of that chapter, to know how that mystery will become a great one, and how the people of the nations will be fed-up with their one time rulers to leave them, and pay no more heed to them.   

  32. Then consider verse 14, in where it states; "That no trees may reach up to them in height."  The "THEM" is Israel.  For since she is the first-born among all, to her belongs the honor and the greatness. 

  33. And while she was regarded as small and of no consequence by all these many high trees of the nations, the Lord is reversing the roles, He is correcting what ought to be corrected.   That for all the highest and most glorious of the trees these will be in Israel.

  34. And for the proud ones who looked down at Israel, where will their place be? Read verse 14 again and you will have your answer.   It has been foretold O you peoples, and it will be brought about because there is but One God, and One King of all the earth.  

  35. And He will render justice, just as I headed these words saying;  "Justice will succeed."

  36. Since now chapter 32 of the book of Ezekiel is still a continuation of the former, lest us speak of it a little, since again it is not my intend to speak many words, but simply to acquaint you of what is at hand, and what is soon to occur.

  37. Read O you people if you are so able before the earth will be drenched with your blood, and your bodies as dung upon the earth, as food for the vultures and the wild dogs.  For so indeed it will be.

  38. When you see someone calling himself the Christ to make the moon red and blacken the sun, while also healing the people of their illnesses, you are most ignorant to believe him, to believe upon the one who in all his ways is against the Christ.

  39. That one is not the Christ, but the Satan to deceive you.  And you in your ignorance will be deceived, because you did not pay attention as to what you were told from long ago.

  40. Read verse 7 of chapter 32.  For so it will be when the true Christ appears.  There will be no sun, nor moon, nor stars to behold, but a day of clouds and of darkness. 

  41. Moreover, that day will not be like as when that Satan makes his miracles before your eyes, when you rejoice and pay homage to him, and setting up pictures in every land.

  42. But so said the Lord; "WHEN I BLOT YOU OUT."  It is on a day when instead of feasting you will be slain, when you will kill your own children, and be killed by them that came forth from you. 

  43. Friends and neighbors will kill each other, for the Lord will put a spirit of unrest upon them to blot out all that are wicked.

  44. And how was that - as I spoke earlier, by whom that slaughter would take place? By a mystery so I said. Verses 11 and 12 of chapter 32 define it clearly.  

  45. And how is it of me to say; "Clearly," and likewise a "mystery?"  You now find the answer, since for me I will cease from speaking.


  Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely! ! ! ! !

 How then are the judges sitting on a bench, while they look down at me?

  1. It was in that wisdom that in the name of the Most High Judge, I came to pronounce a curse upon all such judges and their counselors that abhorred the cause of justice, removing them from their seats and from honor. 

  2. To the end that these might never judge again, nor ever again provide any counsel to any creature.  For so they spoke unto me; that as judges of the law they are above the law, and that it is their right to violate the same in any way that pleases them.

  3. So it was that they angered me and I came to disgrace them, to be forever among the lowest, to be as those that are nameless. (Page 18)

  4. I was in a court of law, as it is by man, nor was I there by choice.  And I beheld what sort of justice is practiced there, and I came to say to myself;  "This place is served by the ungodly whose pleasure it is to pervert justice and to oppress the hapless that fall into their hand."

  5. When there is a plaintiff and a defendant, their testimony is not heard, but the prosecuting attorneys and the defending attorneys bicker with one another to whatever deal they can make with one another. After which the judge records their desires.

  6. And so it is that judgment is not rendered by any judge, but by the wishes of the counselors, by such that in themselves are more wicked than such as fall into their hands.   

  7. In my very presence by five consecutive occasions, the persons had to appear in court, only to be delayed and to be vexed with the senseless bickering of the counselors.  If even they showed themselves, since these do not know how to keep a time-table.

  8. Nor did the judge reprove them for it, but in all cases upheld their bickering and their unjust desires.   Why then O you judges, are you named judges, when no judgment is forthcoming from you, but merely to record the wishes of the unjust?   

  9. By all standards you are not judges, but merely referees, no more than clerks to record whatever the ungodly may contrive with one another.

  10. By all means you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, for the Almighty Judge did not place you there merely to act as a clerk, but rather to render just judgment, and not be influenced by any counselor, ungodly or otherwise.

  11. On the very first entry of the accused you should have listened to their testimonies, and not necessarily the advise of counselors, and most certainly not to the bickering of those counselors.  

  12. But from the testimonies of the accused and of the accuser you should have sorted out the truth, and accordingly rendered a just verdict.

  13. For that is what is ordained for you of the Most High Judge, to act accordingly.  And if you are not competent to do so, how did you come to sit upon a seat not fitted for you?  

  14. For the Most High Judge is witness to all your words, and even to your faintest thought to behold if indeed you performed your duties as He gave you to perform.

  15. You are not a judge instituted of men, but of the Most High Judge, to act in His capacity as servants before Him.  But you have allowed yourself to be led astray by the doctrines of men, by the rules and the wishes of the ungodly that have no understanding in the realm of justice.

  16. Your courtrooms are filled to the brim because you O you judges have become no more than clerks, to have the participants come again and again and again, vexing them with your un-natural behavior, in that you are not only showing yourself as no more than a clerk, but even so much more in not being a man.

  17. When King David spoke to his son Solomon, he said to him. "Show yourself a man."  And now I say to you O you judges, "Show yourself a man, lest the Most High Judge, the Judge of judges, cast you down as no more than rubbish upon the streets.

  18. I came forth out of your courts saying; "These are not halls of justice, but no more than a joke, a gathering of misfits, that do not know how to keep a timetable, nor do they have even an inkling of what the word justice entails."

  19. And to expose some of their deeds: When a person does not have the means to pay something like a traffic fine, he may instead serve a time in jail.  But when he gets out of jail they bill him a sum more than what the fine was in the first place.

  20. And so what foul hypocrites these reprobates to humanity are!  And I took yet mercy when I pronounced that everlasting curse upon them?   And why did I do so when none of these judges are worthy of any mercy?

  21. And when a man has a fight with his girlfriend, something that calls for no more than a reprimand, these foul reprobates to humanity take great steps to ruin not only the life of the assailant, but that of the victim as well.

  22. First they degrade him by putting him in jail for a spell, and as if that was not already an injustice, they place him under probation, from which he will not escape until he pays the gross extortion that they then levy on him.

  23. When a poor person is made to serve three months in jail at their version of justice, they then demand a sum at least two to three times as much from him, as he could have possibly earned in that same time period.

  24. But because of their gross injustice, they fixed it so that he is now no longer able to secure any real employment, for the foul record with which they labeled him.

  25. And so what is it of these judges, of these criminals to humanity, to not only make him serve once for little to nothing, but to demand it at least two to seven times over and over, with which to fill their greedy pockets while at the same time making it impossible for him to gain employment?

  26. Therefore also it was very just that the Lord gave me to curse the whole lot of them, a curse to last into forever. And my prayer with the Lord remains; to additionally even in this day eradicate the whole lot of them from the face of the earth. 

  27. For none of these are fit to live for all the crimes that they practice upon the poor and the innocent, pursuing even the victims to their death. And if it were death, it would be a blessing compared to what they really do to them.

  28. And so I am extremely angry with the judges and their courts as well as their counselors, how in their book they love to oppress the poor and the needy, and the hapless that are guilty of little to nothing, barely worth a reprimand, and these they pursue robbing them of even the little that they have, even of the morsel of bread in their mouth.

  29. It is not only extortion that they practice, but it is extortion upon extortion, and that with not even a second thought upon the most poor, upon everyone they can get their fangs into, since serpents indeed they are.

  30. Therefore O Mighty God, cast them down upon their devilish desire, to forever be as the poor and the nameless for whom no-one cares. Give them a dose of their own medicine in sevenfold, yes in seventy times sevenfold. Enact upon them the everlasting curse that Thou pronounced upon them by my lips.

  31. One thing these reprobates have never learned - to stay out of any disagreement that a man has with his wife, for these will make up with one another, with you the courts in trouble.   

  32. And you will have trouble, very much so, since I was witness to the fact, how for a mere disagreement a man had with his girlfriend, the courts went forth to completely ruin the life of the two young adults that soon afterwards lived peacefully together with their child.

  33. As for mercy or compassion; it does not exist in the courts, nor among them that rule it. Only in the Lord can it be said that mercy endured, and my justice is with the Lord, He alone is my helper to deliver me from the very sight of them.

  34. When I behold juries, I say to myself; "How vain you are O you judges that you are not trusted by any man, that the sons of men place no confidence in you. How vain indeed you have become to leave judgment to such as are not sanctioned for the rendering of justice."

  35. For this is your function O you judges in the earth. You are the ones He ordained to render judgment, to act in His stead. But since you yourself became as the uneducated, not rendering just judgments the people lost all respect for you.  This is to your shame, and; so I say to you; "To your demise."


  1. As there are no churches of a Godly Spirit left in the earth, so there are no courts with any norm of justice left in the earth. The whole race of man is an apostate generation, not fit to live, nor that their shadow should grace the earth.

  2. I beheld how the prosecuting attorneys, in league with the public defenders in my home town are not fit for the title to them, their love being for criminal oppression.  When by their own dictation a certain victim has no dealings with any case, they still drag them to court under threats of arrest.

  3. And so I came to say, how it was "insanity" that leads them, a complete and no uncertain insanity by which these dictate things that are none of their business, and should not be in any court to begin with.

  4. Neither one bothers to investigate the charges made, nor to follow up on evidence either pro or con. All of these were too busy to be bothered with the sanctions of justice.  For so also the rules of their courts are set forth.

  5. It was in that context that I came to say, how there is no justice in the courts of men, but rather injustice to reign among them.  And how the term "justice" is not known to them nor does that term appear in their vocabulary.

  6. Moreover; I came away judging that court, and all their doings as nothing more than a joke, a full and complete joke, wondering in myself if any of them were competent enough to count from one to ten, or to add two and two to four, or from what institution they came forth.

  7. If then these are so, of what grade shall their judges be?  And so I am bound to call them reprobates to humanity, since in their advertisements and speeches they perjure themselves before the people; stating how they always labor to bring forth the highest and best of justice for everyone.

  8. And yes; some justice and some compassion that these reprobates to humanity have, while in disguise they set themselves up as were they practicing law and order.   As therefore these by their deeds proved their speeches to be outright lies and deceit, so it is that I judged them as reprobates.

  9. This then came from my lips in a prayer: "May Thou O Lord cut off their fangs and cast them into the pit which they have dug for the needy and the oppressed, against them who have neither the power nor the means to stand up, or even to declare their innocence.

  10. Destroy O Lord their law, and their order, and render to them the reward due to them for their oppression, and disregard for human rights and justice."

  11. And more so; for the many others not of any court, that considered themselves to be so lovable, and righteous, I even beheld them to steal the bread from the mouth of the needy.  And with their self baked rules continually oppress the afflicted.  

  12. And so I said; "O what hypocrites these many are, while they act as though they were a worthy people."  And I could not help but again I lifted my voice up to the Lord my God, saying:

  13. Hear my prayer O Lord, the faithful have vanished from the earth, they are altogether wicked. There is no saving grace with them save but a few.  Deliver the few O Lord, and destroy all that are wicked, that not one of them may remain upon the earth.

  14. Cut them down where they stand.  Let their children instead beg for bread, and let not their illnesses be healed.  Destroy them from the face of the earth O Lord, because they have done injustice, and in the wickedness of their heart practice villainy. 

  15. I am angry O Lord.  Angry with a righteous anger to eradicate the wicked from the face of the whole earth.  They are a blind seed, and a wicked seed with no regard for justice, nor any love for their neighbor with them.

  16. And so I pray to Thee O Lord, why should their shadow fall upon the earth when for their very being Thy righteous ones are being vexed each and every day, as well as nights. 

  17. I pray Thee O Lord, eradicate them from the face of the earth, put all the wicked, as Thou has said; to the sword.

  18. I speak with David as he said; "There is no truth in their mouth, their heart is destruction. their throat an open grave, they flatter with their tongue.  Therefore make them bear their guilt O God, let them fall by their own counsels, because of their many transgressions cast them out, for they have rebelled against Thee."

  19. "But for the few O Lord, let all that take refuse in Thee rejoice, let them ever sing for joy, defend them O Lord that love Thy name, to forever exult in Thee." 

  20. Of what value are these many rulers of the earth, or their counselors, all these many that presume to be governing the people, these are a most wicked seed, born to be caught and for a warning to all.

  21. And so I approached that so called public defender with statutory rules and with evidence to the malice of the charges placed against a defendant, but I was not even to look into nor speak anything regarding the case lest so he said "You will be arrested."

  22. And why should I be arrested when my desire is but for a fair trial to be enacted?  To my face he made this lame excuse to by all means promote a miscarriage of justice, as I also accused him of.   But I was not allowed to say this or, so he said; I be arrested. 

  23. Wherefore I pray Thee O Lord mighty Judge of all, tear out their fangs, let their children be incarcerated, and be for a curse. Have no mercy upon them O Lord, but let them fall into their own pit which they have dug, that they may learn that they are but men, and that Thou art Judge and the defender of them that unjustly suffer at their hands.

  24. You will not have any peace O you judges, nor will there be any beauty for the many counselors, for by the word of the Lord you are bound, all of you that have walked the earth, be it in the past, the present, or the future.

  25. Therefore take this as a warning all of you that are as yet to be judges and/or counselors, practice perfect judgment according to the statutes of the Almighty Judge.  For if you will not do so, His word upon you will be far worse than even a thousand atomic bombs.

  26. Again I speak with David; "Let them be put to shame and dishonor who seek after my life! Let them be turned back and confounded who devise evil against me!  Let them be like chaff before the wind with the angel of the Lord driving them on.

  27. Let their way be dark and slippery with the angel of the Lord pursuing them! For without cause they hid their net for me, without cause they dug a pit for my life.  

  28. Let ruin come upon them unawares, and let the net which they hid ensnare them, let them fall therein to ruin.  Then my soul shall rejoice in the Lord, exulting in His deliverance."

MY PRAYER   (2012)

  1. This one; who conceives himself to be a leader of the USA is getting himself into deep water along with the other reprobates in Germany and France and every other country that are placing sanctions against the nation of Iran, to oppress the people in it that are more righteous than themselves. 

  2. These are not human, but sons of the devil, for no human person could perform such harm and such cruelty upon a people, for no better reason than their own accursed ego.

  3. And so I pray Thee O mighty Lord and God of all the earth, behold what these are perpetrating upon the sons of the earth. To cause so much misery and oppression upon a people that have done them no harm.  

  4. If then it were for a just cause, but this is not so, these reprobates to humanity are doing so for nothing more than their own ego, for no better cause than their love of cruelty and of oppression.  

  5. Blatant hypocrites these are, acting as though they were in favor of Israel, and even visiting Israel, talking smoothly, while they draw up plans to rob Israel not only of its property, and of my beloved Jerusalem, but of its life as well.

  6. Therefore I pray Thee O Lord my God; show them that they are but men, and the least of all men, and not gods as they think of themselves.   Let them learn that it is Thou who rules..

  7. To come to acknowledge that Thou only art King of all the earth, and that Thy statutes are to be kept, like to love one’s neighbor as oneself, and even to love and respect ones enemies.

  8. And for those many other so-called rulers of the nations to have practiced such unwarranted cruelty upon any other nation, Thou does know how to reward them, that they may be trampled upon and look up to Thee from amidst the slime of the earth, then perhaps these also will learn that Thou alone art Master of all the earth.

  9. This is my prayer to Thee O mighty Lord to curtail these many reprobates that think to be leading the sons of the earth, rulers unfit even to receive a hand-out from the poor.  If they had a just cause I would not have spoken these words, but these have no cause, none whatsoever.

  10. And for that head of Israel who would not seek Thee, nor make any request of Thee, but in hypocrisy, let not his voice be heard.  For as much as he knew that Thou alone art the God of Jacob, of the people Thou has chosen for Thyself, he would not seek Thy help, but with his tail between his legs he ran to others, to skeletons twice dead and in their graves for help. 

  11. Therefore because he would not call upon Thee for Thine own people, so let his voice be stilled, not ever again to speak for Thy people. These reprobate rulers are indeed reprobates. So my prayer to Thee.  Thou has seen and heard all that they have done and are contemplating. 

  12. Therefore I pray Thee my Lord, rise up, and send forth Thy Spirit as Thou has promised us that Thou would do, to curtail all of them, and to enter into judgment with all the nations, that at length Thy peace may reign in all the earth. As Thou has planned O Lord so let it be, so is my prayer.  Amen, yes Amen.


  1. "The Lord has one who is mighty and strong; like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, He will cast down to the earth with violence."

  2. Like Moses, from long ago I knew what I was to be and what I was to do, but the true realization never toke hold of me, and only now at moments is beginning to come upon me, how very awesome it will be.

  3. Only now I am beginning to realize what it is that the Lord has made of me, to have made of me a strong warrior, granting me knowledge and understanding more than any man, me a simple person, a tender heart, who is generous to a fault with a very deep love and compassion.

  4. How then is it of such a person, so tender hearted, not wishing to harm even an ant, and stepping over a cockroach rather than killing it, for such a one to be storm of hail, to be a destroying tempest, and to bring violence upon the sons of men?

  5. I am a simple person, humble, and peace-loving, with no ambition to be either a ruler or even a teacher, yet the Lord made me into one of the greatest rivers with an abundance of clean fresh water.

  6. Among mankind I was not reckoned, nor known, and when they saw me I was despised as one of no account, yet the Lord caused me to excel.   What man now would dare speak as I have spoken, as were he a king whose word is law and to be obeyed?

  7. For only gods could speak as I have spoken, and indeed it was the God of all the universe who spoke, even as He said concerning the words that are written; saying; "I, even I have spoken, I have called him, and he will perform his purpose on the world of wickedness, and his arm will be against the strong."

  8. It is indeed an awesome thing that is to come upon me to be pinned against the race of men, to cast down the strong and the mighty in the earth with reprove and with judgment executing it upon them.  This indeed is awesome and strange like never before the thing that the Lord will do.

  9. Did ever any priest or teacher reprove men for their wickedness in the way I have done? Did any ruler ever go forth speaking as I have spoken to put down all them that are mighty in the earth?

  10. One whom I reproved for her sins said to me; "That I spoke as if I were God Himself." While then I never spoke that way, I reproved her with the words of the Lord.  Wherefore in that essence she was reproved not of me but of God Himself.

  11. Is it then in the eyes of the world to be that way; that for my humble speech as a man, I will be looked upon as were I God Himself speaking?   For I indeed reprove men with the words of their Creator.  If then that makes me a god with God, so let it be, for it is after all by His Spirit that I speak, even as the Apostles did, and all that were born of God.

  12. How very strange it looks to man when they are spoken to by a Holy Spirit, by the very Spirit of the Almighty God.  The sons and daughters of the earth do not like to be reproved since it convicts them of their sins. 

  13. But whether they like it or do not like it I will speak to them by the words of My Father, and relay to them that which His Holy Spirit places upon my lips.

  14. Cause me then to be angry O you my people; and you will be cut down. Bring forth the fury within me; and the Lord will blow upon you that your lifeblood will be drained from you.

  15. I love peace and perfect judgment, whosoever therefore will not conform to it shall pay the price, for I am not to be mocked, nor to be held in derision.

  16. Did He not make me a prince?  You foolish ones, was it not said of him; "A prince of the covenant?"   And how many of these are there?  And whom are they?  There are but three of these, wherefore his name is with the highest of all the kings in the earth.

  17. Consider therefore whom that he is, what indeed it is that the Lord God has made of him, and be silent.  Do not raise his anger for it is the anger of the Lord, the anger of the Most High, lest He cause you to dwell in the netherworld, where there is only darkness and not light,

  18. If I am a god, as you the people look upon me, bold enough to pronounce to you His very words, and to reprove you with them, why do you not to pay heed to a god, to one who has the power of life and death?

  19. Is it a small thing that a god has come before you, one who has the power over you in life as well as in death?  Are you so fond to bite the hand that feeds you, as if by so doing you will continue to have your sustenance?

  20. I am like unto Him who made me, and who placed His authority upon me.  If you do well you have nothing to fear, but if you rebel you will be cut down, for like as your Maker hates all inequity, so I hate all inequity, and as your Maker cannot stand the sight on injustice, even so I cannot stand the sight of injustice.

  21. I am as He made me, nor can I be different, nor will I condone the laws of your own makings. Cover yourselves with right clothing so that I may feed you with living grain, and do not appear naked before me lest you be consumed.

  22. O Lord what Thou has made of me is awesome, and imperceptible, what man can understand it? It is strange and perplexing to pin a lone warrior against a multitude.

  23. Know therefore O you people that with the Lord is power, and that the whole of the human race is no more than the fine dust upon the scale, how then shall such fine dust think to tip the scales?

DELIVERANCE    Article send Aug 12 2012 to Prophecy News Watch.

  1. O how the sons of Edom are taunting a people dear to my heart, a people beloved by the God of Jacob, a people into my embrace. Preparing themselves with gas masks, and shelters against the bombs while trembling upon their feet, fearful for what the nations round about them may do to them.

  2. O you my people of Israel, sons of Jacob why are you so fearful as if these sons of Edom will in any wise be able to carry out their threats against you?  Look at your calendar; is not this day the eve of the sixth day, with the Sabbath near to start?  And what did your Creator speak regarding the timing of that day?

  3. He said to me: "Say to the daughter of Zion; Look before you, and behold for your salvation comes. Behold His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him."  And you will be called; "The holy people, the redeemed of the Lord."

  4. Instead of annihilation as the Iranians proclaim, you will become the diadem of beauty in the midst of the earth.  And these nations that are so set against you with all their dead corpses strewn about them will see how you will be vindicated, and raised up high above all the heights of the earth.

  5. Those reprobate Yankees are offering you bribes, and your leaders are blind enough to accept their bribes.  Cut off your foot, and we will give you two other feet made of metal, so that accursed boaster of the US of A is bribing you with. And who is blind enough to accept his bribe, if not the rebels in Israel?

  6. "Drive your poor from their homes, and allocate their property to infidels," so these reprobates of the USA, and of other nations are promoting to you.  But hear this you that are called of Israel; my very own people, those of Edom have angered me, and my voice has been heard before the Lord my God, before the God of Jacob.

  7. I mean to correct those of my own, and pour their lifeblood out upon the earth, and that for your sake O you people of Israel that are not my own.   For I hate oppression, and I can not stand the sight of injustice. 

  8. Therefore I am against my very own, to render judgment upon them that congregate in my very own bosom, that will be called by my name.

  9. O my people of Zion, and all that are upon her borders, still your fears, be not anxious, for He that is the strength of my arm, who looks down from the heavens has heard all the taunting against you, and beheld what the nations are preparing to your demise.  And it will not be as they plan, nor as they have devised.

  10. Pay attention, and look before you, for so I pronounce to you; "Who is He that comes from Edom, His garment crimsoned with the blood of many peoples.  He that is glorious in His apparel, marching in the greatness of His strength?"

  11. And yes O my people, who might He be? It is your God and your Savior, as He said by Isaiah' "It is I, announcing vindication, mighty to save." And why then should you fear these Iranians, or any of these dead skeletons walking in their graves?

  12. And now let us pay better attention at just what it was that He gave to Isaiah to pronounce.  He did not say; that He was to come from your midst O Israel, but rather from outside of you, from Edom He was to come.  And so I say to you, that when you read, read well that which you are reading and understand the word.

  13. It is by a mighty sounding voice from the west as to how and when the Savior of Israel will begin to enter into judgment with the nations.  Nor will it be with armies, nor with any host of persons, but by a single person, as He spoke by Isaiah, saying:

  14. "Behold, the name of the Lord comes from afar, burning with His anger, and in thick rising smoke; His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue is like a devouring fire." That is how it will come to pass, because the Lord has spoken.

  15. And furthermore He said; "I have trodden the wine press alone, and from the peoples no one was with Me; I trod them in My anger and trampled them in My wrath; their lifeblood is sprinkled upon My garments, and I have stained all My raiment.  For the day of vengeance was in My heart, and My year of redemption has come."

  16. This O my dearly beloved that are within His borders, this is what you are about to behold. And if you so will, let it be called the return of the Messiah, the beginning of the return of the Son of God to deliver His people.

  17. The word of the Lord is forever sure, and so He spoke further by Isaiah (63):  "I looked, but there was no one to help; I was appalled, but there was no one to uphold; so My own arm brought Me victory, and My wrath upheld Me.  I trod down the peoples in My anger, I made them drunk in My wrath, and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth."

  18. This O you fearful ones in Israel what is about to take place. You will hear a voice, and there will be many dead upon the earth.

  19. And to recall the same from the word of the Lord by Habakkuk (chapter 3):

  20. "God came from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise.  His brightness was like the light, rays flashed from His hand; and there He veiled his power.

  21. Before Him went pestilence, and plague followed close behind.  He stood and measured the earth; He looked and shook the nations; then the eternal mountains were scattered, the everlasting hills sank low. His ways were as of old.  I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction; the curtains of the land of Mid'ian did tremble."

  22. Do I need to explain this further, to bring more of its reality to the sons of men? They will soon experience the same when it comes upon them.  And the prophet in a question spoke further:

  23. "Was Thy wrath against the rivers, O Lord? Was Thy anger against the rivers, or Thy indignation against the sea, when Thou didst ride upon thy horses, upon thy chariot of victory?"

  24. Rivers translates into teachers, like the priests and ministers, while the sea refers to the people as a whole. And yes you will behold how these rivers will come forth in their anger against the anointed of the Lord, attempting to shut his mouth and to kill him.

  25. And so the prophet continues:  "Thou didst strip the sheath from Thy bow, and put the arrows to the string.  Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers.  The mountains saw Thee, and writhed; the raging waters swept on; the deep gave forth its voice, it lifted its hands on high."

  26. Even them from the deep were disturbed.  But as "mountains" translates into "rulers," and how these shriveled for fear and trembling.  The Lord spoke of His anointed one to trample upon them as a potter treads clay, and so they will be before the eyes of all the world.

  27. It will indeed be horrendous, and fear will be upon the peoples.  For so the prophet foresaw and said:  "Thou did bestride the earth in fury, Thou did trample the nations in anger."

  28. And why did all this come to pass? Hear and understand:  "Thou went forth for the salvation of Thy people, for the salvation of Thy anointed. 

  29. Thou didst crush the head of the wicked, laying him bare from thigh to neck.  With Thy shafts Thou didst pierce the head of his warriors, who came like a whirlwind to scatter me, rejoicing as if to devour the poor in secret."

  30. O how blind man is, how blind indeed not to have paid attention to the word of their Creator, for now they will be placed into a pit, and begin to burn, just as they did to such as were more righteous than themselves.

 The Lion.

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