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  1. My intentions here are, to bring to your recollection the things spoken to us by those that were before us, not only of the Apostles but of their disciples as well, since the word of the apostles as well as of their disciples are of the one same Lord, of Christ Jesus the only begotten Son of God.

  2. And seeing how he also granted me to be one of His servants to teach and to exhort men unto repentance, my word is as theirs, though I shall hardly measure up to them, for I do not feel myself worthy of such a great honor.  Yet the Almighty Father in Christ Jesus filled me with knowledge and with wisdom to what is most profitable for men. 

  3. How therefore can I not teach, or plug that fountain which He instilled within me.  I am not able to resist Him, nor is it meet for me that I should, but rather to share that marvelous gift which He has given me.

  4. It has been said by many that one should only adhere to the Canons, and not even look into the words of any other person or Scripture.  What hypocrites therefore these many are when in their meetings they sit and listen to their preachers that for most of their speech is a mixed brew, milk with poison.

  5. If according to these many so called religious ones, we are to confine ourselves to but the law by which the world will be judged, and not to drink from the fountain of wisdom whereby life might enter into us; how are we to live? This of course is mostly spoken of such preachers that let out a forked tongue, and that for any opposition to them show their fangs.

  6. If then by them it is allowed to hear and digest what proceeds from themselves, namely their poison, why even bother with the canons?  But yes they must bother with these canons since these serve them for their façade, the typical sheep-clothing sewed upon the slime of their bodies.

  7. The remaining parts of the Scriptures as I have entered here with my writings are such as the Lord has purposely left out of the canons, being documents that are for the wise only, for the Godly persons, that do not worship Him in vain.  

  8. This was done of the Lord that by the canons the world may be found guilty, while these other Scriptures in which the very fountain of wisdom is revealed; may be left for His people, for His elect, and for all that look to Him in truth.

  9. The devil wanted of the Christ Himself also to adhere to only a part of God’s word, but our Lord rebuked him saying;  "Man shall live by all the word that proceeds from God."  Shall I repeat it?  No doubt these serpents will also claim their poison as the word of God.

  10. Are we then to keep to all the many books and letters purported to be Scriptural?  No, not likely since the devil has been busy attempting to slide his own corruptions in among the righteous writings, so as to subvert the souls of men.   And how are we to know which is righteous, and which is unrighteous?

  11. Very simple, as the Lord himself said; "The sheep will follow its own shepherd and no other."  This of course will be mis-understood and or twisted by many, to be taken as if their poison is likewise the right meal.  

  12. But we that are of God, being taught of God, we adhere to His word, and His word alone that He gave to be pronounced by His apostles, and their disciples, as well as any bishop that truly radiated the Light of God through Christ Jesus.

  13. As then through the years there have been very few of these, while though there were many sheep fully dressed in white, these were all taught of the One Great Bishop, the Lord himself.  

  14. And this is to their shame and damnation that for these many laborers throughout the years and centuries, these did not succeed in harming all of the sheep, but many were saved regardless of the venom by which these saturated the vineyard.

  15. How detrimental it will indeed be to them, to these many laborers, to at end discover how so many of their sheep did not die at their hands, but that by some miracle the Lord kept them safe from their wrangling.  And how these priests are without any credit towards their salvation.

  16. Since now I know that I will have fruits of the Lord, and that you will congregate together, and as such be a church, a congregation, all of you as disciples of the Lord, I wished simply to remind you of what has been spoken by others before me.  

  17. And that you will not as such be "my" followers, nor "my" disciples, but the "Lord's" and the Lord's only.  And I wish to repeat it; be not known in me, but be known in the Lord, since to follow me is to follow the Lord by whom I speak.

  18. So many times in the past when some preacher obtained followers, they took on his name, something that occurred even in the days of Paul, and which he spoke against, not to say, "I am from Apollo, or from Paul or Peter, or whomever."  For we are all one brethren in Christ Jesus.

  19. Or like so many this day call themselves Lutherans or Calvinists, naming themselves by born vipers, by murderers that will be found in the deep recesses of the pool of fire.  Nor are any of these other so called denominations to be excused.

  20. Pride yourselves therefore in Him, in the Christ, be a Christian in both word and deed, as well as with heart and soul. I am no more than a tool in the hand of Christ Jesus. Where then I said; "To be a Christian," you can not be called by any other name, or you will not be of the Christ.

  21. When for example you have made a flowerbed, will you say that it was by the rake or the shovel, and not rather by Him who labored with that shovel?

  22. I now will enter some extracts from the letters other than from the prophets and the apostles as reminders unto us, and so as to honor them. If thus you wish the full wording consult their letters.  Nor will any of these be new, nor contrary to the Scriptures as these may be called the Canons.

  23. It then is not right that we should enter words spoken of those that are not of God, however much true these words may be, since in effect these are but words borrowed from the Scriptures, or stolen goods if you will.  This is so since it is not permitted for such men to take the word of God upon their lips.

  24. Some of these are like Luther and Calvin, and many like unto them that were servants of the devil having entered into the vineyard only to destroy its good plants. And it is equally correct of the many preachers that preach in the churches this day.

  25.   If a man allows himself to be called rabbi, have nothing to do with him, but shun him like a plague, like shunning death itself.  For he is one that has set himself in the seat of Christ Jesus, meaning he is like the devil, since the devil wanted to put his seat next to that of God Himself.  And God cast him out of the high heavens.

  26. Or what hypocrisy is it of them to portray as were they religious, and preaching salvation to men, while themselves they violate the very statutes by which salvation may be obtained.  Or have I got this wrong? Since it is not by statutes but by Christ Jesus, so then the Lord said; "He who keeps My word is he who honors Me."

  27. "You shall not allow yourselves to be called by the title of Christ, since He alone is your Rabbi, your Teacher and your Master. nor shall you call any man by the title belonging to God and Christ.

  28. This is the will of God and of His Messiah, and His statute to be kept by all that think to be serving Him. Make no mistake about it my beloved, if one does not keep himself by the statutes that the Lord has given us, he is not one of us, but of damnation.

  29. Like for one example the roman catholics how they have their pope and call their priests father, while the Lord very clearly in the gospels told us not to do so. But these pay no attention to God or Christ Jesus, but to their captain of the devil also called popes.

  30. All these are slated to be eradicated from the face of the earth and find their habitation in the pool of fire. And they are deserving of it, seeing how they boldly defy the Christ in His commandments to them.

  31. And where some of the Messianic Jews, write the term rabbi, as "rav," these are equally guilty of making a mockery of the Lord the Christ in His commandment towards us.  

  32. What is wrong with simply Paul, or Apostle Paul, as He wanted to be named and or be referred to?  Do these blind bats think to circumvent the law of the Lord by making a change in the lettering?  These only condemn their own selves.

  33. And where you see a woman leading a congregation speaking before them, know for a certainty that you are beholding a daughter of the devil, one that in the day to come will have no beauty, and come to gnash her teeth in great agony.

  34. Nor is she in any way to be excused, since for as much as she thought to lead a people into the statutes of the Lord, why did she herself not first read those statutes, to herself adhere to them?  

  35. All that do so are blind and subject to death and destruction.  Have nothing to do with any of them, even to greet them or sit with them.

  36. Whoever goes near to them, is as one who enters into a whore, the end of which is death.  Or it may be said; to even hear them is like giving oneself into the fangs of a serpent. And once bitten and dulled, how shall he not become a meal for that serpent?

  37. And now regarding the term "Messianic Jews."  He who names himself by the Messiah of God, names himself by Christ Jesus. He therefore as such is a Christian, Christ being the Messiah.

  38. But there are those that scorn to be called Christians, and in doing so they are scorning the very Messiah they profess to worship.  It is only with patience and forbearance that I even put up with the term Messianic if, and I say again; "If" and "when" the same are called Christians, they have no objection to it, but equally accept the term of Christian.

  39. For I have heard of such when they seek to proselyte others into becoming Messianic, they say; "That it has nothing to do with Christ, or Christianity.

  40. What foul hypocrites therefore these profess themselves to be, calling themselves by the Messiah, and yet say that it has nothing at all to do with the Messiah?

  41. Only such as are poisoned by a viper could possibly speak that way.   It are such Jews that have no love for the Christ, no love at all for the Messiah, since the Messiah is Christ Jesus, even as Christ is the Messiah and none other.

  42. I now speak with the apostle Paul, in the same Spirit by which he spoke, that anyone of the Jews who refuses to be known by the name of Christ, does not have the Christ.  And though they call themselves Messianic, the Messiah of God is not with them.

  43. It is out of pride and arrogance, and with a distaste for the Christians among the Gentiles that these in that way attempt to separate themselves apart from those that are God's own among the Gentiles.  

  44. Moreover, they are violating the Torah in where it states "To love your neighbor as yourself.  And we that truly are God's children, not only love our neighbor more than ourselves, but even so our enemies.

  45. Whosoever than does not love his neighbor, there is no salvation. And, whoever denies that the Messiah of Israel is indeed the Christ; and that Christianity has nothing to do with Messianic fellowship, is a son of the devil.

  46. Christ, or Messiah, is One and the Same, since Christ is the Messiah, Jewish and otherwise. If therefore by the Messianic Jews, there is no Christ to be known, whom do these Jews hold for a messiah?  

  47. Is it the devil from whom they learned such foul conception?  Or, merely a figment of their corrupt imagination?

  48. As  God's children we are one brethren, Jew or Gentile, one family, one household.  If you say - you love the Messiah, but you will have nothing to do with Christianity, you are denying the Messiah, since He was, and is, and ever will be the Christ.

  49. Paul as a Jew never at all sowed this discord to be known for Messianic, as were he professing one other than the Christ.   For so indeed there are many messiah's in the world.  Joseph the son of Jacob was one, and so was David, and by the design of God so am I.

  50. Yet I am not The Christ the first and foremost of all the Messiah's, nor was Joseph, nor was David so. And since there is but One name given to salvation, it being the Christ, named Jesus, or in Jewish spelled Yeshua, what Messiah are the Jews referring to in their acclaim of Messianic?

  51. If it be Christ Yeshua the Lord, as they claim it is, why do they refuse to be named by their Messiah?  If it be said; "I belong to a church," the question follows; "What church?"  

  52. If then the answer is; "A Christian church." Why did he not say so in the first place, and/or forget about the word church to be known as a Christian?

  53. If there are Messianic Jews, then there are Messianic Iranians and Russians as well, each having a common or separate messiah.  For the Iranians it may be a murderer named Mohammed, and for the Russians to conceive their foul priests as messiah's

  54. And for the Jews who knows what is in their imagination, on which they pin the name of Yeshua. If it be real, and an honor for any Jew to be known as a Christian, that one so I say has come into the calling of the Son of God.

  55. And why is the term Jew added after Messianic?  I never heard anyone say: I am a Brazilian Christian, or a German Christian, nor Japanese Christian, as if each of these were different, or perhaps each of them having a different Christ.

  56. And it is equally vain to pronounce saying; "I am a Jewish Christian, or Christian Jew.  Since a Jew is simply a Jew, just as a Dutchman is Dutch, his country of birth or origin, or race of.  I do not care if you be a Korean or Norwegian, or a Jew, as long as Christ lives in your heart, you are to me a brother of the same household.

  57. You do not hear the Germans say; "I am a Messianic German, nor the Swedes, that they are Messianic Swedes.  And if any person says that he is Messianic, the question follows; "What messiah?"  Since again them that worship the True Messiah can only be known in His name, that name being Christ Yeshua.

  58. These may perhaps think to put the wool  over my eyes, but to do so is equal to deceive God Himself.  For it is by His Spirit, by the Spirit of Christ Jesus that I can see through all their deceptions. The words of one's lips are like a mirror to his soul, and like the Lord said: "By your words you will be judged."

  59. It is very distasteful to these many that God gave me the Spirit of Christ Jesus by whom to speak. As soon as evil spirits come near me they are in pain and depart, for these cannot bear to be with a righteous spirit. So it has happened to me and will happen again.

  60. I now make no distinction between any race, nor will I pledge alliance to any one nation, but to all nations, since the Lord appointed me to govern all of them. And I am not one to play favorite, since I was taught of the Lord, nor to love anyone more nor less than the other.

  61. My true alliance then is not the code of any nation, but my faith in the Creator of all, and His statutes.  As an American in its armed services I had to pledge alliance to the nation of the Americans.  But I was never able to execute that promise, since the Lord to whom my first alliance is; said; "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay."

  62. These foolish Americans made me promise that I defend it from all enemies within or without.  Wherefore I am duty bound to eradicate a very great number of these Americans, since by their wickedness they labor to destroy this beautiful country in which the Lord caused me to reside.

  63. As then the Lord said; "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," I in turn, in order to keep my oath, gave it to Him.

  64. And now let me remind you of this how the Lord said that at His coming it would be as in the days of Noah.  Meaning there would hardly be anyone to truly love and obey the Lord, hardly any that would run in the way of salvation.

  65. And though it may appear as if there be many Christians, all worshipping the Christ. (as they say)  For virtually the whole number of them they are liars, to worship nothing more than a piece of wood. For so also the prophets prophesied that it would be.

  66. We are in the last days, and like as in the days of Noah, when but eight souls survived, so The Lord said it would be in our days, very few to enter into God's rest.  And so I say to you my beloved; Be aware, be aware.  Believe the Lord and not men.

  67. And once again concerning that blasphemy, in reviling the righteous and the holy ones. The Jews indeed love to do so, even more than the Gentiles.  When these speak saying; "rabbi Paul, or rav Paul, or rabbi Peter, they are reviling the very apostles of the Lord. 

  68. And how then do these that call themselves Messianic, as if it were the Christ -- when in their speech they scorn the Christ performing the wishes of the devil?   For Christ the true Messiah Himself commanded not to call any man by that title, but God or Christ alone.

  69. These blind persons even have the gall to acclaim as if it were in some honor to the apostles of the Lord, just as they do with their accursed kippah, while the Lord commanded the opposite. So you see these go out of their way to mock not only God and His Christ, but His honored servants as well.

  70. Whom do they think they are to acclaim themselves wiser than the God who made them? These can't even make a single blade of grass come out of the earth, yet they think to be wiser than Him who made the whole of the earth?

  71. What arrogance and accursed pride has come into them, daring to call God a liar, with them being the wise ones. Know therefore this; that all the sons of God will rejoice at their destruction, when they are cast into the fire that will burn all their pride from their accursed hide.

  72. This then is a most certain fact, how none of them that revile the sons of God, shall enter into peace.  Nor them that mock the statutes given of the Christ to enter into salvation.  All this is blasphemy, a very serious crime that will likewise be punished severely.

  73. And so I have reiterated this matter twice in this page alone, to the end that no-one guilty of the same will outrun his or her reward.

  74. And for all those that write the name of God in a bastard semblance of it, instead of writing His name plainly and properly, will by all means die the death of the uncircumcised, for violating where the Lord said; "You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain."

  75. And as for the Scriptures, these days there are many corrupted copies.  Avail yourself therefore of the one I have here with my website, or go back a hundred years to the RSV, or the James King versions that were used in these former days.

  76. I have not found any of the translations made in this last century to be accurate, all of them have been corrupted.  And woe to all of those scholars and theologians for on them will most assuredly come ALL of the PLAGUES written in them.

  77. And don't bother yourself with any of the commentaries as they are called, since these are nothing but lies and trash, written by the most ignorant among men with no understanding of the scriptures, God having blinded these so called theologians. And I repeat: trash all the commentaries as worthless paper.

  78. One has heard of the commandments and that they are to be kept, but in order to do so one must have a good or full knowledge of them.  It is for this reason that all who aspire unto life and salvation ought to read and study more than this single sentence in which it states; "To always love God and your neighbor."

  79. Therefore I commend to all who hear me to diligently search all the "Holy" Scriptures, like unto the testimonies of the twelve sons of Jacob, and those of the Angel of Repentance known as the books of Hermas. For in them these go into detail as to how the law is to be kept.

  80. This is besides the psalms and the proverbs, and all of the Canons, in the Old as well as the New, and such other records I have placed under the title of the "Remaining books of the Holy Scriptures". And have I not also defined many such aspects?   It does one well to as the Lord Himself said; "Hear to all the words that proceed from God."

  81. If then of such many records one will assert that some or much of these are not the words proceeding from God, he or she is a very poor soul with little or no understanding of truth, nor of God.

  82. To you my beloved all things are open for us because it is as the Lord said; "The sheep know the voice of their Shepherd, they will follow no other."

  83. Also the words of Hermas are important as are the Psalms, and Proverbs teaching us Godliness. And if any man tells you differently, do not listen to him for such a man is not of God. The books of Hermas were not by any man but by the Spirit of God.

  84. Understand this you that are hard of hearing, all of mankind corrupting himself fell into death, and Christ alone by God came to deliver us from death, and none other.

And now from the lips of others.

From  Ignatius

  1. "The unbelievers are of this world, but the faithful in love have the character of God the Father through Christ Jesus, whose life shall not be within us  / if we are not readily disposed to Him.

  2. For as there are two sorts of coins, the one of God, the other of the world, and each of these has its proper inscription engraved on it, / so also it is here.

  3. No man who professes a true faith sins, nor does he who has love hates any, / for the tree is manifested by its fruit, / so are they that profess themselves to be Christians / (are) known by what they do.

  4. For Christianity is not the work of an outward profession but shows itself in the power of faith - if he be found to the end.   It is better for a man to hold his peace and be a Christian, than to say he is a Christian and not be so.  It is indeed good to teach provided / he also does what he says.

  5. Let there not be anything to cause division among you, but be united to your bishop and to those others who preside over you to be your pattern and direction in the way to immortality.  

  6. For as the Lord did nothing without the Father, nor His apostles without Him, but being united to Him, so you also, let nothing be done without your presbyters and your bishop.

  7. (Insert) But now from me again:  This day we are in the ending of the sixth day of creation, when by the Lord in Himself and by the prophets certified to us that there would hardly be any congregation, how then will there be faithful bishops and presbyters?

  8. Wherefore I must caution all of you that do have the right faith, be aware of such that are named bishops or presbyters, if indeed they are Godly persons.  For we are to follow Godly persons, and not such are bear the title in hypocrisy. (End insert)

  9. Be not deceived with strange doctrines, or with old fables, which are unprofitable.  For if we still continue to live according to the Jewish law, we then do not confess ourselves to have received grace, for even the most holy prophets lived according to Christ Jesus.

  10. If anyone shall preach the Jewish law to you - do not listen to him, for it is better to receive the doctrine of Christ from one that has been circumcised; than Judaism from one that has not been circumcised.

  11. Become therefore His disciples, let us live according to the rules of Christianity, for whosoever is called by another name is not of God.   

  12. {And now I repeat with Ignatius: "Whoever is called by another name is not of God."}  Let us then not be insensitive of His goodness, for had He dealt with us according to our works - we would not now have being.

  13. It is absurd to name Jesus and to Judaism, for the Christian religion did not embrace the Jewish, but the Jewish the Christian so that every tongue that believed might be gathered together to God.

  14. Abstain therefore from these evil plants which were not dressed by Christ Jesus, for they are not of the plantation of the Father.  This is not to say that I have found any such among you but rather as a matter of purity.

  15. Be not deceived my brothers, for if one follows him that makes a schism in the church - he shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  If anyone walks after any other opinion he agrees not with the passion of Jesus Christ.

  16. For there are many wolves who appear worthy of faith but who with a false pleasure lead those captive that run in the course of God, but in your unity they shall find no place.

  17. For when any do not speak according to Christ Jesus - to me they appear as monuments and graves on which only the names of men are written.

  18. I now while I was among you, I spoke with a loud voice saying; Attend to the bishop and to the presbytery and to the deacons. Some then supposed that I spoke this foreseeing that division was to come among you.

  19. But He is my witness for whose sake I am in bonds that I knew nothing of any man, but the Spirit spoke to me on this wise saying; "Do nothing without the bishop."

  20. For I have heard of some who say; "Unless I find it written in the originals I will not believe it to be written in the gospel."  And I answered; "It is written."  They then answered me with what was written before them in their corrupted copies.

  21. You are confirmed in love through the blood of Christ being fully persuaded of these things which relate to our Lord.  But most urgent, I am against certain beasts that are in the shape of men whom you must not only not receive, but if possible not even meet with.

  22. It becomes you therefore to abstain from such persons, and not to speak with them neither in private nor in public.  But to listen to the prophets and especially to the gospel in which Christ's passion and his resurrection is manifested to us.  Flee thus all divisions as beginnings of evil.

  23. Only you must pray for them that if it be the will of God they may repent, which will be very difficult, but our Lord Jesus Christ who is our true life has the power thereto.

  24. Let no man deceive himself, for all things that are in heaven, the glorious angels and princes, visible and invisible, if they believe not in the blood of Christ, it shall be to them for condemnation.

  25. He that is able to receive this - let him receive it, let no man's place or state in the world puff him up, love and faith is the only worth, and nothing is preferred to these.

  26. And for this cause contradicting the gift of God they die in their disputes while it would have better for them to receive it that they might one-day rise through it.

  27. All the ends of the world and the kingdoms of it will profit me nothing; I would rather die for Christ Jesus than rule to the utmost ends of the earth.  Him I seek whom died for us.  Him I desire that rose again for us, this is the gain that is laid up for me.

  28. I glorify God in Jesus Christ, who has given you such wisdom, for I have observed that you are set in an immovable faith as if you were nailed to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ both in flesh and in spirit.

  29. And especially when I commend you, you are ashamed, as it is written, the just man condemns himself.

  30. If any man can remain in a virgin state to the honor of the flesh of Christ let him so remain and without boasting, but if he boast he is undone.  And if he desires to be more, then take notice of that bishop for he is corrupted.

  31. And as it becomes all who wish to marry men or woman, let it be consummated with the consent of the bishop so their marriage may be according to Godliness and not in lust.

  32. For woe to that man by whose vanity His name is blasphemed.  Stop therefore your ears as often as anyone speaks contrary to Christ Jesus who was of the race of David, of the virgin Mary, truly born, and ate and drank.


  1. You contended night and day for the whole brotherhood that with compassion and a good conscience the number of the elect might be saved.

  2. You were sincere and without offense towards each other, not mindful of injuries, all sedition and schism was an abomination to you, you bewailed everyone his neighbors sins, esteeming their defects your own.

  3. You were kind to one another without grudging, ready to every good work, and being adorned with an altogether virtues conversation, you did all things in the fear of God whose commandments were written on the tables of your heart.

  4. Noah preached repentance, and as many as listened to him were saved, Jonah announced destruction against the Ninevites, they however repented of their sins appeasing God by their prayers and were saved - even though they were strangers to the covenant of God.


  1.   Fear and patience then are assistants to our faith, and our fellow combatants are; long suffering, and endurance.  As long as these remain pure in what relates to the Lord, then wisdom, understanding, science, and knowledge rejoices together with them.

  2. It was therefore that He said to us; "The sacrifice of God is a broken and contrite heart, for this God will not despise".

  3. We therefore brothers ought to inquire more diligently after those things which pertain to our salvation, that the adversary may not have any advantage over us, depriving us of our spiritual life.

  4. Then when you call - the Lord shall answer, you shall cry, and He shall say; Here am I, - if you remove from you the yoke, the pointing with the finger, and the speaking of vanity, and if your soul yearns to the hungry, and you satisfy the afflicted soul."

  5. Let us not take to ourselves the liberty to dispute with the wicked and with sinners, lest in time we become like them.

  6. Let us therefore pay heed in these last times, for all your previous life and your faith will profit you nothing unless you continue to hate what is evil, and continue to withstand future temptations.  For so the Son of God tells us.  "Let us resist all inequity, and hate it."

  7.  Consider then what works are of evil, and do not abstain from others as if you were already justified, but coming together in one place ''inquire'' in what is acceptable and profitable for the sons of God.

  8. Take heed lest now that we are called, that in sitting still - we fall asleep in our sins, and the wicked one getting dominion over us stirs us / to shut us out of the kingdom of God.

  9. And consider this also, that although great signs and wonders were done among the Jews, still the Lord forsook them.

  10. For to them, the Jews of the physical law, He said; "The nets are not unjustly spread for the birds.”  This He spoke because man will perish justly in as much as he, who has knowledge of the way of truth, if he nonetheless does not depart from the way of darkness.

  11. And what shall it mean where He said;  "Into a land flowing with milk and honey?  Yea indeed blessed be our Lord who has given us wisdom and a heart to understand His secrets.

  12. For so spoke the prophet, "Who shall understand the hard sayings of the Lord?  Only he that is wise and intelligent, that loves his Lord!"

  13. And what shall it signify that the wool was to be placed on the thorns?  This also is a figure of Jesus and of the church, for just as one must go through much difficulty in removing the scarlet wool from the thorns, they being sharp and all.

  14.   "So they, says Christ, that will behold Me and come to My kingdom must pass through many afflictions and troubles to attain unto Me." 

  15. And why were the wool and hyssop put together?  To signify that in the entrance into the kingdom of Christ there would be evil and hard days, in which however we would be saved, which is as the hyssop that cures the filth of the disease of the flesh.

  16. These things thus as they were done provide us indeed with evidence, but to the Jews they are obscure, because they would not listen to the voice of the Lord.

  17. You shall be simple in heart, rich in the Spirit, you shall not join those who walk in the way of death, you shall hate to do anything not pleasing to God, you shall abhor all divisions, nor shall you neglect any command of God.

  18. You shall not exalt yourself, but be humble; you shall not take honor to yourself, nor enter into any wicked counsel against your neighbor, nor be over-confident in your heart.

  19. You shall not commit adultery, nor corrupt yourself with mankind; you shall not make use of the word of God to any impurity.

  20. You shall not accept any man's person.  And when you reprove faults, you shall be gentle, you shall be quiet and tremble at the words, which you have heard.  

  21. You shall not keep any hatred in your heart against your brother, nor shall you entertain any doubt whether it shall be or not.


  1. The deacons also must be blameless before Him as ministers of God in Christ and not of men, not false accusers, nor double tongued, nor lovers of money, but moderate in all things, compassionate, careful, walking according to the truth of the Lord who was the servant of all.

  2. Whom, if we please Him in this world, we shall also be partakers of that which is to come as He promised us that He would raise us from the dead that if we shall walk worthy of Him we shall also reign together with Him, if we believe.

  3. In like manner the young men must be blameless in all things, above all taking care of their purity, and restrain themselves from all evil.

  4. For it is good to abstain from the lust of the world since they war against the spirit, for neither fornicators, nor carelessness, nor abusers of himself or herself shall inherit the kingdom of god, nor such as do foolish and unreasonable things.

  5. You must therefore abstain from these things, and be subject to the priests and deacons as unto God and Christ.

  6. Admonish the virgins to walk in a spotless and pure conscience.  And let the elders be compassionate and merciful towards all seeking out those that are weak and turning them from their errors.  Nor forget the widows the poor and the fatherless, but always provide what is good both in the sight of God and man.

  7. Abstain from all wrath and of respect of persons, and of unrighteous judgment, and be especially free of covetness.

  8. Be zealous for what is good, and abstain from offenses and from false brothers, and from those who bear the name of Christ in hypocrisy, who deceive vain men.

  9. For whosoever does not confess Jesus Christ come in the flesh, he is an antichrist, and whosoever does not confess His suffering on the cross - is from evil.

  10. And whosoever perverts the oracles of the Lord to his own desire and says that there shall neither be any resurrection nor judgment - he is the firstborn of Satan.

  11. Leave therefore the vanity of these many and their false doctrines, but let us return to the word that was delivered to us since the beginning watching to prayer and enduring fasting (single-mindedness).

By the sons of Jacob.

  1. And in the second heaven are the host of the armies ordained for the day of judgment to bring vengeance on the spirits of deceit, and of Beliar.

  2. And above them are the holy ones, while in the highest of all dwells the Great Glory, far above all holiness.  There with Him are the archangels who minister making appropriations to the Lord for all the sins of ignorance of the righteous, offering to the Lord a sweet smelling savor, a reasonable and bloodless offering.

  3. And in the heaven below this are the angels who answer to the angels of the presence of the Lord, and with them are thrones and dominions in which they continually offer praises to God.

  4. When therefore the Lord looks upon us, we all tremble, yea, the heavens, the earth, and the abyss are shaken at the presence of His majesty.   But the sons of men have no perception of these things, and they sin and provoke the Most High.

  5. Because of money I lost my children, and had it not been for my repentance and humiliation, and the prayers of my father to be accepted, I would have died childless. (Judah)

  6. But the God of my fathers had mercy on me since I did it in ignorance, the prince of deceit blinding me, and I sinned as a man, as flesh being corrupt by sin, and while thinking myself invincible - I learned my weakness.

  7. Know therefore my children that two spirits wait on man, the Spirit of truth, and the one of deceit, and in the middle is the spirit of understanding of the mind, who of its own will can go where it desires.

  8. And now listen to me my children, and walk in singleness of heart, for I have seen that in all things "this" is well pleasing before God.   The single minded man covets not gold, nor over-reaches his neighbor, he longs not for the various dainties, nor takes pleasure in varied apparel, he does not desire to live a long life, but waits only for the will of God.

  9. And the spirits of deceit have no power over him, for he looks not on the beauty of women lest he should pollute his mind with corruption.

  10. There is no envy in his thoughts, no malice causes his soul to pine away, nor is there insatiable desire in his mind.  For he walks in singleness of soul, looking on all things in the uprightness of his heart, not giving place to the errors of the world, lest he should turn away from the commandments of God.

  11. And now I will declare to you another thing I did, I saw a man in distress, being naked in wintertime, and having compassion on him, I secretly stole a garment from my father's house and gave it to the man.

  12. You therefore my children, do likewise from that which God bestows on you show compassion and mercy without hesitation to all men, and give to every man with a-good heart.

  13. And if you have not anything to give, have mercy within yourself, when I found nothing to give to a man in need, I walked with him for seven furlongs, and my inwards yearned in compassion for him.

  14. And now my children listen to the words of truth to perform righteousness and all the law of the Lord Most High, and stray not with the spirit of hatred, for it is evil in all man's deeds.

  15. For in whatever a man does, he who hates is an abomination, and though a man performs the law of God, he does not so praise God, or though he fears God and takes pleasure in doing what is righteous, he loves not God.

  16. For he reviles the truth - that envies those that prosper, and welcoming the evil speech he loves arrogance since hatred blinds his soul, even as I looked on Joseph.

  17. Beware of hatred my children, for it works lawlessness, even against the Lord Himself, for it refuses to hear the words of His commandments concerning to love one's neighbor and thus it is against God.

  18. For he that is just and humble is ashamed to perform what is unjust, reproved not of another, but of his own heart, for the Lord looks upon his inclination.

  19. He will not speak against a holy man because the fear of God overcomes hatred, and fearing lest he should offend the Lord, he will not do wrong to any man, even in thought.

  20. Another commits adultery, yet will fast, he therefore does evil in fasting.  And one who by the power of his wealth overwhelms many, and still he acts to perform the commandments, this also is evil.

  21. These men are like hares, they are clean as those that divide the hoof, but in reality are unclean, for thus did God declare in the table of commandments.

  22. For the good man has no dark eyes, but shows mercy to all men even though they be sinners and devise evil regarding him, for he overcomes by doing good, being shielded by God, and he loves the righteous as His own soul.

  23. The inclinations of the good man are not in the power of the deceit of Beliar, because the angel of peace guides his soul.  He does not gaze passionately on corruptible things, nor does he gather riches through desires of pleasure.

  24. He delights not in pleasure, nor grieves his neighbor.  He does not cover himself with luxuries, nor does he err in the uplifting of his eyes, for the Lord is his portion.

  25. The good inclinations does not look for glory and honor with men, nor does it know guile, or to lie, or fighting with reviling, since the Lord dwells in him and enlightens his soul, and he rejoices towards all men always.

  26. The good mind has not two tongues, one of blessing and one of cursing, not both abuse and honor, nor peace and confusion, hypocrisy and truth, poverty and wealth, but has a single disposition, incorrupt and pure concerning all men.

  27. He has no double sight or hearing, for in everything that he speaks or sees, he knows that God is looking on his soul, and he cleanses his mind that he may not be condemned by men, nor by God.

  28. And in like manner the works of Beliar are twofold, there not being any singleness in them, wherefore my children I tell you to flee the malice of Beliar for he hands a sword to them that obey him.

Hermas    Or factually; 

From the Angel of repentance.

  1. Above all see to it that you speak no evil of anyone, nor willingly hear anyone speak evil of any. For if you do not observe this, then, since you are giving him ear, you will be a partaker of his sin in speaking evil, for by believing slander you also sin.

  2. Give without distinction to all that are in want, having no mind to whom your charity is, but give to all.  For God will that we give to all of all His gifts, they therefore that receive shall give account to God, both for what reason and to what end they received it.

  3. And they that receive without any real need - shall have to account for it, but he that gave shall in that case be innocent, for he fulfilled his duty as he received it of God not making any choice to whom he should give.

  4. This service he does with simplicity and to the glory of God, keep therefore this commandment as I delivered it to you, that your repentance may be found sincere, and that goodness may come to your house, and have a pure heart.

  5. And I said to Him; "Sir suffer me to speak a little to you, for if a man faithful in the Lord has a wife and he catches her in adultery, does a man sin to still continue to live with her?"

  6. And He said to me.  "As long as he is ignorant of her sin he commits no fault in living with her.  But if a man knows that his wife has offended, and she shall not repent of her sin, but go on in her fornication, then the man if he continues to live with her shall become guilty of her sin, being a partaker of her adultery."

  7. For this reason it is said not to re-marry, for such persons may repent, the point is that once an offense is made that no more offenses be added. For as to the previous sins - God has power to heal, and will provide a remedy.

  8. Anger now is unprofitable, if then anger is mixed with forbearance the soul is distressed, and its prayer is not profitable with God.

  9. And also hear the wickedness of anger, how evil and hurtful it is, and how it overthrows the servants of God.  It cannot hurt those that are full of faith because the power of God is with them, but it overthrows the doubtful, and them that are without faith.

  10. And I said' "Sir, how shall I know that there are two such angels with man?"  "Hear, said He, and understand.  The angel of righteousness is mild, modest, gentle, and quiet.  When he therefore comes in your heart, he immediately talks to you of righteousness modesty, chastity, bountifulness, forgiveness, charity, and of piety.

  11. When all these things thus come into your heart know that the angel of righteousness is with you, listen therefore to this angel, and do his works.

  12. But know also the works of the angel of iniquity, for he is first of all bitter, and angry and foolish, and his works are destructive, that overthrows the servants of God.

  13. When these things thus come in your heart, you know by his works that he is the angel of iniquity."  And I said; "Sir, How shall I understand these things?" He replied; 

  14. "Listen and understand, when anger or bitterness overtakes you - know that he is in you, and also with the desire of many things, and of the best foods, and of drunkenness.

  15. Again He said to me; "Remove all doubt from you, and question nothing at all when you ask anything of the Lord, saying within yourself; how shall I be able to ask anything of the Lord and receive since I have sinned so greatly against Him.

  16. Do not think thus, but turn to the Lord with all your heart, and ask of Him without any doubt - and you shall know the mercy of the Lord how He will not forsake you, but fulfill the request of your soul.  

  17. For God is not as man mindful of the injuries He has received, but He forgets injuries and has compassion on His creature.

  18. Purify your heart therefore from all the vices of this present world.  And observe the commandments that I have delivered to you of God, and you shall receive whatsoever good things you shall ask.  And nothing shall be wanting to you of all your petition, if you shall ask without doubt.

  19. But they who do not so - shall obtain nothing of the things for which they ask, for they that are full of faith ask all things with confidence and receive, but that doubt shall hardly live to God lest he repents.

  20. And if you should ask, and not immediately receive it, yet do not therefore doubt, for it may be to some trial, or else for some sin of which you are unaware.

  21. Do not therefore leave off to ask, and you will receive, for if you cease to ask, you have only to complain of yourself and not of God, that He has not given you what you desired; doubt is the daughter of the devil, and deals very wickedly with the servants of God.

  22. On every occasion despise to doubt, and you shall rule over it, put on a firm and powerful; faith, for faith promises all things, and perfects all things, but doubt will not believe that it shall obtain anything for all that it can do.

  23. Whosoever therefore are strong in the faith of the Lord and have put on the truth, they are not joined to such spirits, but the doubtful repent often like the heathens do, and consults them heaping up great sin to themselves, serving idols.

  24. As many then as there are of such they inquire on every occasion, and worship idols, being foolish and void of the truth. For every spirit that is given of God need not be asked, but having the power of divinity speaks all things of itself, for he comes from above, from the power of God.

  25. They that have the fear of the Lord, and search out the truth concerning God, having all their thoughts towards the Lord perceive whatsoever is said to them, and forthwith understand it, for they have the fear of the Lord in them.

  26. For where the Spirit of the Lord dwells there is also much understanding added, join yourself therefore to the Lord, and you shall understand all things.

  27. When a doubtful man is engaged in any affair and does not accomplish it because of his doubt, sadness enters him, and grieves the Holy Spirit, making Him sad.

  28. Then if anger overtakes the man for any business, but again he is greatly moved with remorse sadness entering his heart, being troubled for what he has done, and repents.

  29. This sadness leads to salvation for he repents of his evil deed, while again in the previous both doubt and sadness vexes the spirit with doubt since the work did not succeed, and so angered the Holy Spirit.

  30. Remove sadness therefore, and afflict not the Holy Spirit which dwells in you, lest He entreats God, and departs from you, for the Spirit of the Lord which is given to dwell in the flesh endures no such sadness.

  31. Clothe yourself therefore with cheerfulness which always has favor with God, and you shall rejoice in it, for every cheerful man does well and relishes those things that are good and despises sadness.

  32. But the sad person does always wickedly, first because he grieves the Holy Spirit, which is of a cheerful nature. And secondly he prays with sadness to the Lord, and does not first make a thankful acknowledgment to Him for His former mercies.

  33. And so he obtains not of God what he asks, for the prayer of a sad person has not always the effect of coming up to the altar of God." And I said to Him; "Sir, Why has the prayer of a sad person no virtue to come up to the altar of God?"  He replied.  "Because sadness remained in his heart.  (wrong sadness)

  34. When a man prays with sadness his request will not ascend pure, for as wine mixed with vinegar has lost its sweetness, so sadness mixed with the Holy Spirit suffers not a man's prayer to be the same as it would otherwise.

  35. Cleanse yourself therefore from sadness which is evil, and you shall live unto God, and all who lay aside sadness and put on cheerfulness shall live to God."

  36. Consider now the two kinds of men as I speak to you which is the prophet of God, and which is false. For He who has the Spirit of God, for the Spirit of above is humble and quiet and departs from all wickedness, and from the vain desires of this present world.

  37. And accordingly makes himself more humble than all men and answers to none when he is asked, not to everyone singularly, for the Spirit of God does not speak to a man when he wills, but when it pleases God.

  38. When a man who has the Spirit of God comes into the church of the righteous, who have the faith of God and pray to the Lord, then the holy angel of God fills that man with the blessed Spirit and he speaks in the congregation as the Lord will.

  39. There then is the Spirit of God known, for whosoever speaks by the Spirit of God speaks as the Lord will.

  40. And now hear concerning the empty spirit which is foolish and without virtue, he then that is supposed to have the Spirit, exalts himself and desires to have the first seat, and is wicked and full of words.

  41. And he spends his time in pleasure and in all manner of foul desires, and looks for the reward of his divination which if he does not receive it, he will not divine.

  42. And now I ask you, it is proper that the Spirit of God divine's and receives reward?  No it does not become a prophet of God to do so.

  43. Thus you see the life of each of these kind of prophets, test therefore that man by his life and works.  He that says he has the Spirit, and that he believes the Spirit that comes of God - but in fact has not.  

  44. Or that says he believes not the earthly spirit, which is from the devil in whom is no faith and virtue, but he in fact practices, its desire.

  45. He answered "You shall easily keep these commands, and they shall not be hard, but if you shall suffer it in your heart that they cannot be kept by anyone, then you shall neither fulfill them.


  1. O Lord how extremely wicked the many peoples are, there is no integrity within them, the lie that is enthroned within their heart is so fermented that they will not abandon their idolatry, but hold on to it for dear life; only it is to their death rather than their life.

  2. They lift their hands to Thee O Lord praying for some favor from Thee, yet they not only refuse to keep Thy commandments, but look at Thy beautiful statutes as were they contemptible.

  3. Even them that share with me, though they know the will of the Lord, and have been reminded again and again, yet refuse to honor the Lord though they pray and pray, prayers that will be held against them.

  4. I simply cannot understand how the human creature can be so ignorant, their nature so incomprehensive to me, the thoughts of their heart beyond all reality.  There is no good in them, they have destroyed themselves by a law that cannot be understood, by as Thou said; "An inscrutable law."

  5. I am perplexed, with the best of intentions I cannot understand their ideals, wickedness is beyond my comprehension, the lie is inconceivable to me.  For I am Thy creature, made of Thy hand, in Thy Spirit, I am truly Thy son, and Thou art truly my Father and my Lord.

  6. And O how this people will hate me O Lord, and manufacture lies against me.  With lies they will array themselves against me, and betray me, to put me to death for all the good Thou has done for them by me.

  7. Even as they persecuted Thee O Lord for Thy grand offering to them, so they will persecute and kill me, as so many of our brothers and sisters were persecuted and killed in the ages since Thou did rise up in judgment against them.  

  8. And so my rising of Thy hand will likewise be in judgment against them. And they will dislike me because I said that I am a king and Thy son, to have spoken Thy truth to them.  

  9. For these have as yet to realize how great of a king Thou has made of me. But as they reviled Thee O Lord they will revile me for having spoken the truth unto them, Thy truth, which they do not know, nor are willing to know.

  10. I pray Thee O my Lord and my Father grant me ointment for my wounds and fruit for my labor that I may behold Thy joy on their faces, and my soul will be satisfied.

  11. I know O Lord that Thou does hear my prayer for I love Thee as Thou has loved me.  And my prayer before Thee is as a son to his Father for Thou O mighty Father has taken me from Thy beloved Son nurturing me in Thy holy ground that I might be for a son to Thine only begotten Son. 

  12. And Thou did grant me knowledge and the understanding in much wisdom how all this was to be and to what end.  How thus shall I not love Thee into forever for Thy endless grace so marvelously granted me, a child among the children of man.  

  13. Thy grace is too great for me to apprehend, Thy love and Thy gift to me is more than I can fathom.  May Thy servant always rejoice in Thee, and indeed I will forever rejoice myself in Thee, in that most marvelous grace which Thou had for mankind.

  14. O how I have spoken in so much wisdom, to reveal so much of what is new and unheard of, yet though they were written from long ago, and not as such new.

  15. When in all my speech, you that are among my beloved, do not understand the prophecy or my reasoning, let it not be for any undoing but rather ask of the Lord for understanding.  

  16. In much of my speeches I have spoken to reprove and unbraid the sons of men, and at the same time reveal to you that are wise those things that were written yet kept from the minds of men.  

  17. For like Ignatius said;   "The virgin Mary, and He who was born of her were kept in secret from the prince of this world, as was also the death of our Lord.  Mind you - three of the most spoken mysteries throughout the world - and these done in secret by God."

  18. And for my coming, and what I am, and am to be, is likewise a mystery not only to the prince of this world but to the world as a whole, even though my coming, my offering, and my authority are plainly and clearly revealed in all of the Scriptures.

  19. I should not be a mystery, but for the ignorance in which the world abides, I not only appear to them as a mystery, but will remain so, until they will see me again in the day to come.

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