1. How often have I reached out to Israel that they might hear? But in looking at them my word has been of reprove, to cut them down where they stand, because I beheld evil, much evil among the sons of Israel.  Yet the Lord anointed me that I should be for a messenger of good tidings as it was prophesied by Isaiah.

  2. Like He said; "Comfort, comfort my people, speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and say to her, that her warfare has ended, that her iniquity is pardoned, that she has received from the hand of the Lord double for all her sins."

  3. And so it is my beloved in Israel that for the moment I will forget what I have seen, and not consider that which I have heard and read, that I may speak with compassion, to speak after my heart, and after the commandment and word of the Lord, to be for a messenger of good tidings.

  4. For thus spoke the Lord by the lips of His prophet Isaiah, that He would stir one up from the north, and to cause him to go to the west, from where he was to emerge upon the nations.  From there the Lord would not only sent him as a messenger to Jerusalem, but also to trample on the rulers of the earth, as recorded by Isaiah.  (Chapter 41)

  5. He is the one to whom the Lord gave wisdom and understanding revealing many new things, and many secrets, such as had never been heard by man. Only his knowledge was so far advanced, and so full of understanding that no-one had counsel at it, nor even did they reply, since these knew not how to reply at the marvel of his understanding.

  6. And the Lord knew how great an understanding He would give to him in comparison to the sons of man, and how new it would appear the the sons of man, whereby they would be confused and muse saying in their hearts; "We cannot tell if he be right." 

  7. And so with that new knowledge, lest any man should say; "He knew it," the Lord spoke saying that He was first to declare all that to him.

  8. Look it up my beloved, for so it was prophesied, and so it has come to pass.  Behold all has been recorded, and how none had the wits to answer, and how indeed before your very eyes the Lord is giving him to trample upon those rulers of the earth.

  9. This is the one of whom the Lord said that he would be sent as a messenger of good tiding to Jerusalem.  And I have taken up this page to proclaim such good news that it may be read, as well as remain for a testimony for all to come.  I am like the Lord said, a spring of water, of fresh clean water, a spring to let its life giving water flow forth abundantly.

  10. Why O my beloved, my dear ones are you so fearful of the nations, as if with their taunt of annihilation they had any means to accomplish their threats?  Have you forgotten how the Lord said; "Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My victorious right hand."

  11. Why O my beloved do you take any concern for the Iranians making bombs for destruction, when it is not in their power to even utilize the same? Or these many Arabs around you, as if it were in their power to perform as they wish and taunt you with?  Have you forgotten how the Lord said;

  12. "Behold all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing, and shall perish."  

  13. Are you not the offspring of Jacob, the servant whom the Lord choose, to make him the firstborn of all the nations in the earth?  Certainly you are along with those of the Gentiles that are in love with you as I love you.

  14. If your leader were a wise man; he would lead the people back to the Lord their God, to call upon the God of Jacob for help, and upon Him only. You would then have no need of me, and I could keep my mouth shut.  But he is a foolish man, he does not know the Lord, nor does he call upon Him.

  15. He looks for help in secular means, putting his reliance on bombs and airplanes, and going to those foolish Americans for help, to skeletons twice dead and in their graves already. To such dead bones he prays, and kneels before them. And because of it some time ago I asked of God to make those Americans for a bleeding wound, a dagger in your side. 

  16. Do you then think that he will succeed? He will not succeed because he prays to graven images, to men he prays.  The Lord however is holy, and it is in righteousness that He will judge.  

  17. He has not forgotten you O Israel the offspring of Jacob, He is always mindful of His promise, of the covenant that He made with Abraham and with Isaac, and Jacob, and for His name sake He will act.

  18. Therefore also did He raise up one from the rising sun. He took a sprig from the lofty Cedar, a son of His Beloved.  And He has taken him by the right hand, just as He gave that event in a dream to Joseph the son of Jacob, that in its time it might be fulfilled, and come to pass.

  19. The beasts of the earth now ran up against him.  But who is to overcome the Lamb of God?  Or what folly of men to array themselves against a Lion as if the king of beast is to be overcome by mere words?  This O my beloved the Lord has said, that He will make a full end in the midst of the earth, as He has decreed so it will be.

  20. Did not the Lord say even the sparrows are not forgotten before Him, and how the very hairs upon your head are numbered. Does that then enter one ear and out the other rather than duly contemplating upon it, how near the Lord at all times is to all His creatures. And why then should you be anxious? For this is His peace to us, -- "Not to be anxious."

  21. Why then my beloved should you be in anguish over those Palestinians that keep throwing cocktails at you, or those Assyrians that these will move in to drive you into the sea?   

  22. For my heart aches to see you so fearful of those skeletons that are in Iran boasting that they will annihilate you. Mere skeletons mind you to boast against lions, against sheep, and against the Almighty Lord.

  23. You are not the zenith of perfection O Israel, wherefore the Lord took His indignation against you. But so He spoke by the prophet that; "In a little while My indignation will come to an end, and My anger will be directed to their destruction."   

  24. And; "Though I have afflicted you, I will afflict you no more."  The Lord has commanded regarding you that your name shall no more be perpetuated from the house of your gods.  And He will cut off your graven images, and all your idols from you, and make your grave, since you are vile."

  25. It is your destruction that is on the mind of those nations round about you, and even those from afar they contemplate how to destroy you O Israel.

  26. But what a foolish people they are, there is no knowledge with them, nor have they known the Creator of all, seeing how they worship but gold and wood, graven images, and their own pride has become their god, they trust upon their armament. O what a foolish people, what a foolish people indeed.

  27. The one whom to me had become enemy number one, the leader of the Americans, was very upset when someone named Jerusalem as your capital. That man however spoke truly since it has been and still is, and always be your capital into forever and ever.

  28. If then this man is so upset about a few words, what will it be to him when the Lord allocates to you the whole of the city?  And how will he fare when the Lord gives it to His Anointed one, to trample on him as a potter treads clay?

  29. What was it that in days past I said to the Lord? I said to Him that I was angry with my own people, and its leaders, that these were not even fit to live, let alone be ruled. And I called upon Him for the destruction of my very own people, since it was in their mind to destroy you O Israel.

  30. But my word was but an echo of what the Lord had purposed all along, how it was in His mind to rise up for His name sake, for His promise and to make good on it. And so He said; "That He would judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth."  

  31. And, so He said; "That He would make good on my prayer to Him, and smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and to slay the wicked with the breath of His lips."   One therefore is to be the rod of His mouth, to reprove them and to judge them even while they are alive, to put them alive into judgment.

  32. For was it not foretold how as He said;  "The name of the Lord would come from afar, burning with His anger, and in thick rising smoke, His lips being full of indignation, and His tongue like a devouring fire?  Would then the Lord come with whole armies, or with instruments of war?

  33. No my beloved, but simply by a voice, by His word upon the lips of one anointed of Him, by a prince comparable to a Lion, one without fear, one who is king of all the beasts, of all the Gentile nations that is.  

  34. As then it reads; "In thick rising smoke," it means that the Lord Himself will be hidden, and only that Lion would be seen.  And so the world of men reason that they will get rid of him, since he is but a man, and take their aim against him.

  35. Nor am I alone but the Lord will also send forth His two lampstands, Enoch and Elijah to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, and they will pronounce plagues upon the earth, like as it was in the days of Moses.

  36. There now is something I wish to acquaint you with, namely that the coming of the Lord the Messiah will be upon the clouds, on a day of no sun, and no moon.  For so all the men of religion proclaim it to be.  

  37. And yes so it is written. But it is also written how the Son of man is to come even prior to that day.   It is the Lord Himself who said so, recorded in the Gospel.

  38. But who expects the blind to have eyesight, or for hypocrites to have any knowledge or understanding? It is clearly shown in the gospel that the birth of Christ Jesus was near the third month, yet why then does the world, or the blind as I might say, celebrate it in the eight month?

  39.  Therefore it is to you O my beloved that I am speaking, to you that are not hard of hearing, that do not discount my words, but be like David said; "In the way of Thy testimonies I delight as much as in all riches."

  40. When the angel spoke to the prophet Esdras regarding the tokens of the end, he said to him; "Stand upright and you will hear a mighty sounding voice, which shall be as were it a great motion, but the place where you are standing will not be moved.

  41. Therefore when you hear him speak, be not afraid.  For his word will be of the end-time, and also the foundations of the earth are understood and recorded by him."

  42. And what does it matter when I enhance the words as they were written, for by so doing I am promoting reality.  Is it not for your sake O my beloved, you that have an ear to hear that I am speaking here, to give you to understand even from words spoken from long ago, that the Messiah was to come even prior to His days upon the clouds.

  43. For so the record continues, that the prophet stood up, and what he heard was a voice the sound of which so he said was like the sound of many voices.  Then the prophet heard the voice of the Lord Himself speaking as He said; 

  44. "Behold the days come that I will begin to draw near to visit them that dwell upon the earth. I will begin to make inquisition of them what they conceive to be; to cause hurt so unjustly with their unrighteousness."

  45. If then you my beloved will pay attention at where our Lord said; "That He would begin to draw near," and; "Begin to make inquisition," a beginning is not the end, but a beginning of the end.  And so it is that prior to His day, to His final day upon the clouds, He was to come; - as mentioned earlier, - "In thick rising smoke."

  46. Furthermore it is written; how He would roar from on high, to sound His voice from His holy habitation, to roar mightily against His fold, and shout against all the inhabitants of the earth.  And the clamor, so He said; "Will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations."

  47. And the Lord Yeshua Himself when He was as yet in the flesh spoke  saying;  "For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man."

  48. This is what you are beholding O my dearly beloved, all those that give me an ear.  For the Lord is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked are put to the sword, even as His word is made real unto you this very day as you may be reading these words.   

  49. Do not therefore like the angel said; be anxious, nor have any fear, for the destruction is upon the wicked, while them that call upon the Lord in truth will never die.

  50. Know this my beloved; how oftentimes I speak as if it is already in progress, yet as I am writing these words it is not as yet in progress. But it is to come as surely as the Lord is Lord, who said; "That He would confirm the word of His servants."

  51. You my beloved are His witnesses, His chosen ones that you might believe in Him and understand that He is Lord, and none other.  He has kept you, and elected you that you might be for a covenant to the people, a light to the nations. That is your function O my beloved, for that cause He enlightened you.

  52. You are the ones of whom it is spoken; to open the eyes of the blind, and to bring forth the prisoners from the dungeon, to speak to them and bring forth those that sit in darkness, and to furnish them with living grain, and ointment to heal all their wounds.

  53. You are to do as I recently did, as the Lord gave it into my heart, an act of mercy and of compassion as an example of what will be, and how.  But I will not elaborate further regarding this but to the wise only.

  54. You my beloved are the ones to judge the nations, and all that ruled the earth, and to govern them. You will be their leaders and decide for all of them, because He has chosen you.  

  55. And all these accursed ones that hate and persecute you will be given into your hand to do with them just as it pleases you, to break their bones, and to cut off their heads, and on some to have mercy. And you will indeed be much occupied in doing so.

  56. And how is it not spoken of you; that you are called by His name, the ones so He said: "I created for My glory, whom I formed and made." And so He speaks of us; "Bring forth the people that are blind yet have eyes, that are deaf yet have ears."  For so we are O my beloved.

  57. Many presume to be on their way to heaven, for so they acclaim that they have faith.  But the Lord said; "The righteous shall live by faith."  The Lord did not say that the "unrighteous" shall live by faith.  Faith therefore is a good thing provided you follow righteousness.

  58. And whom from the many are those that the Lord will call? "In that day, says the Lord, I will assemble the lame and gather those that have been driven away, and those whom I have afflicted, and the lame I will make the remnant, and them that were cast off a strong nation."

  59.   I am reiterating such things as were spoken in order that these might be freshly in your minds, and to give to you the understanding of them.  For to you it is given, but for all such as refuse to hear me there will be no understanding, lest the Lord should have to save them as well. 

  60. Nor therefore is it just that the wicked should inherit what the righteous so dearly receive at the cost of their very life's.

  61. The Lord not only will bring back the sons of His delight from all nations, but some already have, along with many rebels that are currently as a nation in the midst of the earth.   As then there may be many, not many of them will enter into the Sabbath, since the Lord determined to root out all the rebels in Israel.

  62. Like the Lord said;  "Destruction is decreed overflowing with righteousness."  He did not say that peace will come along with all the injustice that they practice, for so, them that are currently there - presume it shall be.  No, not so my beloved.

  63. For this; "overflowing with righteousness," entails that it is not for the wicked and the unbelievers to receive that which the believers are to receive.  

  64. You then should understand this very well that; "to believe," is not a mere word as the Gentiles and many Jews have it, but that it comes with the works thereof.

  65. Education is a good thing since it gives a man to know what it is he should believe upon. While then there is very much ill education, such as comes from the sons of men.  It are only the sons of God that both know and speak the truth, since of course these are all taught of the Lord, and not of themselves like the seers and these other doctors of religion are.

  66. These for example in their ill mind glorify that old king of Persia, namely Cyrus, as were he a saint, since by him the Lord called His people to return.   But that king was by no means a saint, nor even did he call for Israel to return, but rather Cyrus did, namely the real Cyrus, the enduring Cyrus, also known as Yeshua the Messiah.

  67. Nor was it for that king of Persia, that the Lord broke the bars of iron, to take the treasures from dark places, but the Lord, the Messiah, the real Cyrus did.  The record of this is found in that book named after Nicodemus, which I have also placed in this website with the rest of the Remaining Scriptures.

  68. The term Cyrus means Sun, and there is but One Sun, namely our Lord, it was of Him that Isaiah spoke. Do not therefore listen to these brainless wonders that claim themselves to be such doctors of the Scriptures as if there were some understanding in them, for these are as I said; "Brainless."

  69. When I wander through the internet what the scholars are saying about many things, I find nothing but stupidity, gross ignorance. They are no more than skeletons, dead while they live, completely without knowledge and understanding.  

  70. God has closed their eyes, for this last generation before the Sabbath was to be an apostate generation, and so they are.   It is the Lord who frustrates the omens of liars and who makes fools of the diviners. For so He said; "Who turns wise men back, and makes their knowledge foolish." 

  71. But He confirms the words of His servant, and performs the counsel of His messengers."  The Lord again said; "He has purposed it, to defile the pride of all glory, to dishonor all the honored in the earth."

  72. And now look around you and consider what you have heard and seen.  Have you considered all that came to be written by my hand, that of the sciences as well as religious wise? It was not of me, but of the Lord to have granted me such understanding to exceed that of all men. I know it, nor am I able to deny it, nor to conceal it.

  73. And does not that very knowledge instilled of the Lord make all men's scientists out for fools?  And for a number of the revelations that came to be revealed by me, do not these things make all the seers, and rabbi's, all the doctors of religion out for fools, and for the blind among men?

  74. Indeed so, for the Lord poured out a deep sleep upon the shepherds and priests of man. He covered their heads so that they were not able to see, nor understand.  But He endowed His servants, those whom were taught of Him to have understanding by which all the knowledge of man came to appear as foolishness.

  75. When the Lord spoke to Jacob, how in the ending days there would come a star by whom men may find the way unto Him; I am that star, a star of Gentiles, so the prophet said.  Hear therefore that you may travel upon that road.

  76. By Enoch the Lord said; that I was to have sevenfold knowledge and wisdom.  But my wisdom is not sevenfold, but rather a single grain, no more than a spark of wisdom. Yet it appears sevenfold, but only because the knowledge of man is as such sevenfold ignorant. 

  77. And so indeed man for his knowledge is sevenfold ignorant, while the Lord alighted a spark of wisdom upon me.  And why has the Lord made the knowledge of man an ignorance in sevenfold? He said: "Because this people draw near with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, while their hearts are far from Me, and the fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote."

  78. Rote, now means "routine," for it is by their own concoctions that are drawn upon them, by a routine in which they practice their worship in the churches and in their synagogues.  The same is also called; "lip service," for such is the Christianity that they practice. 

  79. They have a faith, but it is of men. All these for a fact have no knowledge of God, or else they would have kept His statutes instead of their own.  Therefore these are so ignorant, and so blind.  

  80. For so the Lord promised; "The wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid."  I looked far and wide, but I found none with discernment, but this I found; how the Lord kept His word, to turn all these into fools.

  81. When they get something to eat they cry out that all will be well, but when nothing is received by them they declare war against him.  So are the rabbi's and the seers, and all that lead the people astray.  

  82. Therefore did the Lord say; "It shall be night for you, without vision, and darkness to you without divination. The sun shall go down upon the prophets, and the day shall be black over them."

  83. Furthermore the Lord said; "The honored ones shall be disgraced, and the diviners put to shame, they shall cover their lips, for there is no answer from God."   

  84. Yet as for me, lowly as I am, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare to Jacob his transgressions, and to Israel his sins.

  85.  It is to you my beloved, you that are not without faith that I am speaking here. I want you to understand what it is that the Lord has in mind, lest you should be confused or fearful of all that is coming upon the earth. 

  86. The Lord said; "Behold the storm of the Lord, wrath has gone forth, a whirling tempest, it will burst upon the head of the wicked."

  87. It is not therefore upon you my beloved, since you are not in league with them that are the wicked. Be not fearful therefore of the acts of the Lord, but watch out for the sons of men, how these will attempt to corrupt your minds, and if you will not join them in their wicked affairs they will come to persecute you. But you know better than to give in to them.

  88. Know this my beloved that these days will be a time of distress for Jacob, as also for you, yet he shall be saved out of it, even as you will.  As then there are those that think to reprove me because I foreshow the destruction upon men instead of the peace that they desire, what is it that I shall say to them?

  89. I shall say like the Lord said; "Get behind me you Satan for you are a hindrance to Me."  Men are hypocrites because the Satan himself is a hypocrite.  His desire is to kill all man, and he worked hard on the Jews to kill Jesus, yet here by Peter he acted as though it was so terrible that Christ should suffer.

  90. I am reviled because I portray myself as a Messiah while I am but a man rendering judgment. But you my beloved know that it is only in the name of the Son of God, in the name of Christ Jesus that I am a Messiah, for so God has willed it.  And you that follow me shall likewise be God's token of salvation.

  91. I pronounce peace as well as war, salvation as well as destruction. Allow me thus to once again quote to you what the Lord said;  "In that day fear not O Jacob My servant, nor be dismayed, for behold, from afar I will save you.

  92. For I am with you to save you says the Lord; I will make a full end of all the nations among whom I scattered you, but of you I will not make a full end. I will chasten you in just measure, and I will by no means leave you unpunished."

  93.   I mean to give you that are my beloved a picture of what it will be in the days now and ahead of you, so that you may know and not be unsettled, since these things must come.  There will be famines, peoples to die from starvation, with many to ransack the houses looking for something to eat. Only for them that fear the Lord there will always be plenty, since the Lord is with them.

  94. Many persons will no longer regard their rulers, nor them that lead them, taking the power into their own hands, so that the people of one city cannot go into the next because of the violence and sedition.  They will have contempt for those that led them, since of course they led them with oppression.

  95. And many will take up the sword against others, people against people, and nations against nations. For the Lord says; "My right hand shall not spare the sinners, nor shall My sword cease over them that shed innocent blood.  Woe to them that keep not My commandments, for I will not spare them, but I will deliver them to death and to destruction."

  96. For once the plagues have started they will all remain in it since they sinned against Him. But for you my beloved though you may be persecuted and tortured, and put to death, yet you will live.  Be not therefore unbelieving for the Lord will be avenging Himself upon them that sin, nor, so He said; "Will He any longer be silent concerning their ungodliness."

  97. When therefore you see armies coming from the north and from the east heading south many will die, and many great men will be slain.  And it is also at that time that I will be offered, and no longer be with you, but I will have given you all that you need to go forth in the faith of the Lord.  And He the Lord will teach you what is needful for you, ask of Him and you will receive.

  98. The people of the earth will be horror stricken when they see all that is coming upon the earth.  The devastation will not only be by conventional bombs, but by more fearful destruction, to level their cities, and the fields together with the food that is grown on them. It will be a horrible sight for all the inhabitants of the earth, and they will tremble.

  99. Then also the people of Satan will rise up to cause destruction, and he himself will be cast down upon the earth.  And while it may appear as a peaceful time be on your guard my beloved, for he will be coming after you, after all that acknowledge the Lord in truth, to cause them to blaspheme against the Lord, so forsaking the life which is of the Lord.

  100. Do not consent, endure all that is brought upon you, for it is but for a moment, after which having held out, you will receive the crown of life. And I admonish you again my dearly beloved, hold out, endure to the very end, remember that those which went before also endured their malice and butchery, and were given the crown of life.

  101. I am placing a quotation of what the Lord said to the prophet Esdras, so that you will not be ignorant of what will be. "The beginning of sorrows when there shall be great mourning.  The beginning of famine when many shall perish.  The beginning of wars, and the powers shall stand in fear.  The beginning of evils.

  102. Behold; famines and plagues, tribulations and anguish, are set as scourges for amendment, but for all these things they will not turn from their wickedness, nor always be mindful of the scourges.

  103. Provisions will be so cheap upon the earth that they shall think themselves to be in good shape, but even then evils shall grow upon the earth, sword, famine, and great confusion. For many of them that dwell upon the earth shall perish by famine, and those that escape the hunger shall be destroyed by the sword.  

  104. And the dead shall be cast out as dung, and there shall be no one to comfort them, for the earth shall be wasted, and the cities shall be cast down. What irony therefore of the nations thinking that they will ensure peace, when instead their cities will be demolished.

  105. There shall be no man to till the earth or to sow it, the trees shall give fruit, and who shall gather them?  The grapes shall ripen, but who shall tread them? For all places shall be desolate of men, so that one man shall desire to see another, and to hear a voice. For of a city, ten shall be left, and two in a field shall hide themselves in the thick groves, and in the clefts of the rocks.

  106. As in an orchard of olives there are left upon every tree three or four olives, or as when a vineyard is gathered some clusters are left to those who diligently search through it.  Even so in those days there shall be three or four left of them that search their houses with the sword.

  107. And the earth shall be made desolate, and the fields thereof shall wax old, and her ways and all her paths shall grow full of thorns, because no man shall travel through them."   This is what the nations at all times pray for, since their prayers are in hypocrisy.

  108. And again this quotation I make to you that are my beloved; "Hear now these things, and understand them, you servants of the Lord, behold the word of the Lord and receive it. Like as within hours great pains come upon a woman in her ninth month to bring forth her son, and there is not a moments delay when the child comes forth, even so shall not the plagues be slack to come upon the earth.  And the world shall mourn, and sorrows shall be everywhere.

  109.   O my people hear my word, make yourself ready for the battle, and in those evils be like pilgrims upon the earth, he that sells, let him be as one that escapes. And he that buys, as one that will lose, he that does business, as he that has no profit by it, and he that builds, as that he shall not dwell therein, he that sows, as if he shall not reap.

  110. And so also he that plants a vineyard, as shall he not gather the grapes, and he that marries, as they who shall not beget children, and they that marry not, as widowers.  

  111. Therefore, they that labor, labor in vain, for strangers shall reap their fruits and spoil their goods, overthrow their houses, and take their children captive, for in captivity and famine shall they beget children.

  112. And they that do their business with robbery, the more they deck their cities, their houses, their possessions, and their persons, the more I will be angry with them for their sin, says the Lord.  

  113. Like as a whore envies a right honest and virtues woman, so shall righteousness hate iniquity when she decks herself, and shall accuse her to her face when He comes, who searches out every sin on earth.

  114. Be not like unto her therefore, nor to her works, for only a little while and iniquity shall be taken out of the earth, and righteousness shall reign among you.

  115. Let not the sinner say that he has not sinned, for God shall burn coals of fire upon his head, on those who dare to say before the Lord and His glory  - I have not sinned."

  116. As the Lord has spoken so it will be. By Isaiah (chapter 42) He said how for a long time He held His peace, restraining Himself, but that the time would come when He would cause His voice to be heard.  That voice then would be by a man, by that anointed one that was to come in the ending of the days as Daniel (Chapter 9) spoke of.

  117. And note how that man would cry out like as if he were in labor, and gasping for air. And this is what the Lord would do; He would waste the leaders and the teachers, to turn them; rivers that is, into a trickle of water, and the pools, the smaller so called great men, into nothing.

  118. But for so many that were blind, not knowing God and not knowing what faith to adhere to, He would  teach them, leading them into a new way, the way unto Him, taking away the darkness, so that these might understand the word that He gave me to speak and to record, and all His word.

  119. For so He promised that He would not forsake us, but perform all that He has spoken.  Hear therefore His word, and give yourself unto Him.


  1. There is more to this messenger since he is named a Prince, a ruler, as well as a son of the Messiah, and himself a Messiah as well since he is noted to be a prince of the very covenant of God, with another prophet showing him as the very star of the Gentiles, a chief ruler of them.

  2. And taking this step by step' let us first behold the words that the angel Gabriel spoke to Daniel, in respect to the seventy weeks of years wherein He makes mention of an anointed one, a Prince.   First therefore we must see what it is that is factually written, then we can proceed as to "whom" the angel Gabriel is speaking of. 

  3. The RSV, as the most accurate of all translations states; "To the coming of an anointed one, a prince."  The King James translation states; "Unto the Messiah the prince."  And others; "Until the Anointed One, the Ruler comes."

  4. The term "Christ" then means "Anointed" even as the term "Messiah" has its reference to a "Deliverer," One so Anointed."  The word "Prince" in translation as I am told is naGiD, a word that literally means a "ruler" or "leader," which is what is factually said, as also it must be.   

  5. Also in Daniel 9:25 the word "The" as in "The Messiah," does not appear in the Hebrew text, wherefore the angel Gabriel is speaking of "a" or "an" anointed one," one that refers to a king, and not a priest so anointed, since it follows to say, "a prince."   The Lord then is High Priest as well as King.

  6. Nor is Jesus "a" priest, nor "a" king, but in all respects "The" King, and "The" Priest.  Wherefore it is clear as a bell that the angel Gabriel in speaking to Daniel here is not referring to the Christ, named Jesus, but of one other who is a king anointed of God.

  7. This all in itself is clear evidence that the seventy weeks of years "DO NOT" refer to a long time passed when king Cyrus was employed to call Israel back to their heritage from the land of the Chaldeans.  Nor that it has any reference to the Christ being born at the seventh week, nor His offering on the cross at the 69th week.

  8. Wherefore in a second confirmation to this employing simple logic and common sense; if we divide the 70 into tens, there is a time period of one/tenth to the birth of an anointed prince, one of God and not any earthly prince.  

  9. As then the foolish among men get out their calculator to come up with 49 years, no such prince came from the declaration of king Cyrus, with the Christ Himself coming some four hundred years later.

  10. Then there are those eight parts at the end of which that anointed one would be killed. Nor therefore did the Lord remain upon the earth for 434 years but by record roughly 33 years.   That then leaves again one/tenth of a time period to the day of judgment, the final day at which the Lord will appear upon the clouds.

  11. If thus the blind in the Scriptures continue to insist that Gabriel "does" refer to the Christ, how are 33 years measured in 434?  And how does that remaining one/tenth of these years, a period supposedly no more than 49 years; tally into nearly the 2000 years since His death?

  12. There is something man ought to learn, but it can only be understood by the wise.  The seven is a number in a meaning as well as a value, and equally so with a six, and a four, and a two, or a zero.  In one of my chapters on the fundamentals of the sciences, I named it 3/6/7.  No, not 367, but 3/6/7.   And there is a computation or equation named 6.2,  not 62, nor 6/2, but 6.2.

  13. As then there is a meaning of the 7, there is another for 70, and still another for 700, or 777.  And likewise for the 6, or 66, or triple six.   The wicked that corrupt the Scriptures by rewording it to their illogic will be found to have a number on their foreheads reading 666. And even this day if a man can not find such a marking upon their foreheads, he is himself as the blind.

  14. There is a meaning to a dot, as there is to a comma, and equally so to a slanted line, and likewise to a spacing, or no spacing. But we ought to know how all that is so, and if not it serves little purpose for me to go into that at any length. 

  15. The angel Gabriel for example did not convey to Daniel that there be "seven" weeks of years, but rather "seventy" weeks of years. And that "anointed one" of whom he speaks to be born; will - so I say to you - not live to see even a hundred years. And yet his period in time is eight/tenth of the whole.

  16. For again so it reads; "After sixty and two weeks, he shall be cut off but not for himself."  Since then that prince by Daniel is not the Lord Jesus, but another, it is obvious that two were to be killed not for themselves, - even as God commanded two to be offered for sins, a Bull as well as a male goat.

  17. Shall it then be 62, or 6 plus 2, or 6.2, or 6/2?  Nor am I going to expand upon this, but I will say that currently we may be barely one hundred years into those seventy weeks of years. How then is one to read unless first and foremost he is taught of God to know what is in a word?

  18. Just because one is blind does not give him the right to twist what is correct for them that have eyesight. But it does serve the wicked that corrupt the Scriptures so that on them all the plagues written in it may come upon them, as indeed they will, and none of the good things will be theirs.

  19. "More to the messenger," so I said, and "WHY" was it that Moses was not allowed to lead the people into the promised land, but Joshua was?   Was it because for that one occasion when he did not give the glory to God?  

  20. No, not at all so, but because Moses represented the law, and the Lord with it showed that; it is not by the law that man shall enter into any promised land.

  21. But Joshua did, who prefigured Jesus, even as his name was also Jesus, Joshua and Jesus being one the same name.  So even in that desert before the people entered; the Lord showed that it would be by Him in "grace," by "the"  Joshua, (Jesus); the meaning of Joshua being; "Jehovah is Salvation."  Accordingly; it would be by Jehovah.

  22. But Joshua was not alone, but with him was a bold one named Caleb, wherefore as such the people were led to their salvation by two persons, by a Jesus, and a bold one.  And that very fact was commanded to Moses in prefiguring the offering of the both of them since he hit upon the rock not once, but twice.

  23. In the first then it was a Bull, denoting Jesus the Christ, and on a day thereafter a male Goat was to be offered for sin, prefiguring a second Messiah.  If then the corrupters of the Scriptures had changed the words in Daniel to; "And to the coming of a Messiah, a prince," it would not have changed its contents.

  24. And so indeed it was said, the term "Anointed" can also mean "Messiah," or refer to a, or the Messiah. As then the word "the" is not in the Hebrew text, but the word "a" is, the reference in Daniel 9:25 is to a bold one, to a Caleb, to the goat - as the second in the offerings for sin.

  25. That same one then is prefigured in many other ways.  To Abraham he was a Dove, to the Israelites coming from Egypt it was Caleb. To the prophet Esdras it was a Lion, and he named him "the" star of the Gentiles.  To Moses he was the male goat, and the Lord speaks of him as a mighty one of the nations.

  26. And to Joseph it was also a Lion, while Enoch speaks of him as an elected one, and Daniel, aside of an anointed one, calls him "a prince of the covenant."  And do you have any idea as to what that means, to be a prince of the very covenant of God?  And realizing that there are but three of these, with Christ Jesus the first and foremost of these three.

  27. There are indeed many prophesies and references to this second Messiah who at the side of Jesus would be leading in the people, even as both Enoch and the prophet Ezekiel label him as "a very son of the Messiah, of Jesus the Christ."

  28. This ought to conclude as to whom that messenger of good tidings to Jerusalem is, how he is not as such a priest, but rather a ruler, a king, to whom as the Lord said by Enoch; "He would point out, and entrust the guardianship of the world."

  29. And now that we are on the subject of prophets, of such as teach the people; I wish to bring forth a word of caution, and for contemplation.  The Lord by Moses said:  "If a prophet arises among you, or a dreamer of dreams, and gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or wonder which he tells you comes to pass."  

  30. You would think him to be send of God, since his word came to pass.  He did a miracle, giving a sign, which men deem can only come of God.  And so you will be inclined to listen to him, and follow him.  But no, not so fast, for I said "caution," nor am I finished with the quotation.

  31. For so it follows;  "And if he says; "let us go after other gods, which you have not know to serve them;" you shall not listen to the words of that prophet, or to that dreamer of dreams."  

  32. Do you get the picture?  If per example an angel from heaven appeared, twenty feet tall and glowing like the sun, performing miracles, and telling you to do something contrary to what God has commanded, would you do it?

  33. And yes there is one coming, namely the Devil himself, only he will appear as an ordinary man, but he will say that he is the Christ, and beckon you to disobey the things that God has commanded you in all that is written in the Scriptures.

  34. And so it is not he who performs miracles, but rather one that speaks the truth, who does not turn aside of what is commanded, but in all things adheres to the statutes of the Lord as He has given them, and recorded for us by His prophets and Apostles.

  35. For so the Lord by Moses continued to say; "For the Lord your God is testing you, to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul."

  36. Temptations are sure to come, and the trial of one's faith is absolute.  If then there is love, the true love of God, you will adhere to His statutes and not deviate from them by the guile and deception of so many that inwardly are from the devil, but from the outside cloaked as were they sheep, and shepherds to them.

  37. And I caution all that hear me, not to be like that daughter of Israel that refused to acknowledge what she held in her hand, because it was a reprove of the Lord.  Nor be like unto her when she beheld her error and called them un-intentional wrong focus, rather than admitting them as sins.

  38. If one is ill, there is a healing in the wind, but the healthy that have no sins, have no need of the Christ, nor will they come unto Him, nor therefore will He save them.


  1. All that I have written violates the laws of society because I spoke truth. But I intend to violate their laws even more to proclaim the truth more openly and sharper than ever.   If then these have a problem with it - they will face the wrath of God, for I have not violated His commandments.

  2. Why is it that I am so stern or so rough on the wise in the earth while I have such a very deep love for all mankind?  For the majority of the people I am not at all angry, simply sad for the ignorance in which they abide.  An ignorance that I can understand, and that can readily be forgiven, and put away out of memory.

  3. But I despise the arrogant and the proud, when these boast themselves in their obvious folly, and take no pains to even listen to reason.  These are the ones that anger me, and these it are that I am making fools of, and calling them by what in all reality they are.

  4. I am not one to label the meek and the humble, nor even the majority of the human race, for a vipers-brood.  But these do exist among mankind, and poisoness as they are, I am calling them as they are, being not only a vipers-brood but hypocrites as well.

  5. And while there are many that act, or may act in hypocrisy, I do not label all of these as from vipers.  For as there is a multitude of different animals upon the earth, with different natures, so also is mankind.  If it be said of me that: "I put things as they are, plain and boldly." So let it be.

  6. If you come upon a puddle of the dung of men, will you take your delight upon it, and not rather shun it?  And shall it not be disgusting if with your food dung is also placed upon it?   

  7. So are all the queers to me, and every person of a vile passion. And why may that be so in me? Because I love the Lord, and He gave me to love righteousness, with virtue and perfect judgment.

  8.   What now shall I say O Lord my God?  What words shall I pronounce to them, that have not already been recorded from of old?  And by what shall I reprove the sons of Jacob when all Thy word is before them?  They read, and read some more and all the day long they recite verse after verse yet never once will they keep them.

  9. Israel is full of sin, full of idol worship, they do not seek the Lord.  But you Gentiles that claim to be God fearing are equally liars and hypocrites.  These name themselves by the name of the Messiah, but they worship their own imagination. 

  10. There is none among them that seeks God, they all worship in vain.  They go to their churches only to add sin unto sin, gathering more wrath unto themselves.

  11. I hear many lies, how the muslim world is persecuting and killing Christians. But it are not all Christians that they are killing, but  mostly idol worshippers falsely claiming the name of Christ upon themselves.  These therefore are receiving the reward for their hypocrisy, and for the lies upon their lips at the hand of such muslims.

  12. Let it then be upon the great and upon the small, upon the rich and upon them that visit the whorehouses, as also upon them that vainly enter the synagogues and the churches,  for there are few righteous ones among them. 

  13. Let them be astounded, and let them tremble at the majesty of the Lord, perhaps there may be a few to take on knowledge, and consider the fear of the Lord.

  14. I say, if a thousand perished for a single one to take heed and turn himself to the Lord, it would be a boon, a worthwhile exercise.  For there is indeed nothing worse for a man then when the Lord departs from him, for he is bound to enter into the netherworld where the sound of music is not heard, nor is there any rising from their bed of worms.

  15. Teach me what I am to say O Lord, teach my heart and my mind.  Place Thy words upon my lips, that I may speak Thy word, and Thy word alone.  May Thy servant at all times know what Thy word is as Thou will that I speak, for by Thy word we are built and by Thy word we return to dust.

  16. I looked for an answer to understand it, so I went and opened the book of the Lord, then it became clear to me.  The rulers of men are like fishermen gathering their subjects like fish in a net, and by that glory they are enriched.  Therefore do they worship their nets, they worship the glory that they receive of all that they drag up in their net.

  17. No man can save himself, for though he tries he cannot reach into heaven.  Lest God draws him, he cannot be saved, not enter into His rest. Whomsoever the Lord has made for His glory to enter in to His rest, these He draws to himself, and will live.  While these others He made for judgment, to show that to fear Him is wisdom, and to keep His statutes the right worship.

  18. When Jacob and Esau were as yet in the womb, having done no good nor evil, the Lord said: "I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated."   How obvious therefore that salvation is of the Lord in His choosing, for we are His handiworks to do with us as He pleases.

  19. Nor is there any unrighteousness in any of His doings, nor His words, for He is just and more compassioned than any man, or angel, or any creature.   As He wills so all things and all creatures will have their being.

  20. And He made man to endure into forever, for so He said; "Let us make them after our own image."

The Lord is just

  1. Shall I be angry all the day long?   Shall I fret myself over the injustice, and the idolatry of the people?  The very sight of injustice angers me to wrath, to turn again to dust them that perpetrate such evils.

  2. I cannot stand injustice, nor any of them that practice it, therefore have I cursed them with a curse to last into forever.  It is Thou O Lord my Father whom I love, and Thine statutes because they are just and righteous, they are good to bring health and life to all Thy creatures.

  3. When it was said of the Lord; "Behold, the name of the Lord comes from afar, burning with His anger." What brought on that anger, if not the injustice that reigns among the sons of the earth.  Since then His Spirit dwells with me, so it is that I am angry with a righteous anger.

  4. The book of Jeremiah chapter 25. This is what you pay attention to O all you nations of the earth. You make all sorts of plans for the future, and you dilly dally as if the word of the Lord will never come to pass. But read it for a second time, for so it will be.

  5. How utterly foolish of this people carving images for themselves, and setting up statutes of their so called gods, of murderers, of the most vile and detestable things that can be imagined.

  6. Daily the Lord my Father gives them the food in their mouth and homes to live within, as well as their work and the health of their bones, yet they bow down to stupid idols as if these were the things to have made them and to feed them

  7. How stupid, how sevenfold stupid my people are. And with it they anger the Lord that made them, because it is injustice. With their stupidity they anger the Lord my Father to wrath, to turn them into dust again, into the dust from which they came.

  8. Thou art righteous O Lord to pour out Thy wrath upon them, to fill the earth with their corpses that not one of them may remain upon the face of the earth.   Then my soul will no longer day by day be angry, for the very sight of them.

  9. Is there a remedy for these people?  They refuse to turn from the injustice of their ways, nor is repentance a thing on their mind.  And though they are warned again and again, yet they refuse to be corrected. 

  10. They are a people without a ruler, there is no leader among them in any of the nations, therefore the people do as they please, and justice never comes forth.  When criminals oppress the poor, the officials of the cities and the country go and sleep in the same bed with those criminals, to double oppress the poor.

  11. O how I hate them O Lord, I hate them with a perfect hatred, and I mean to eradicate them from the face of the earth. And even in their hells abode I mean to break their bones so that none of them may remain whole.

  12. For this and much more let O Lord Thy wrath be upon them, for there is nothing else that can be done for them, They O Lord are leaving Thee no choice but to exterminate them.

  13. The world now is in for a rude awakening, and I do mean rude. The rulers of the earth are in love with oppression and still more oppression, to practice every criminal deed their minds can contemplate upon. Therefore also they are a contempt unto me, a breed of persons not fit to live let alone rule.

  14. Night and day they proclaim their lies, and hypocrisy, and make their futile boasts as if there were some knowledge or competence in them. Babes mind you, barely weaned from the breast, and these think to govern the nations?  

  15. An abomination so they are. Criminals that should not have the privilege to walk five paces either way.  And such dare to call themselves leaders?  And O how they plot against the Lord who made them, as if they were more than God.

  16. But the Lord has them in derision, The Lord laughs at them and at all their plotting. For so it is about to be; that the Lord of heaven and earth will terrify them, and in His anger rain His fury upon them.

  17. Are you so ill-knowledged and so un-educated O you rulers of the earth, and you people with them, how He who created the earth would sound forth His voice, and you would be trample upon?  Did He not say that He had an anointed one, by whose lips He would slay you?

  18. It is about to be upon you, and it will be horrendous, and most astonishing. Then your media will have something new to write and proclaim.  Their speech will indeed be different from before, to hear the voice of one who has no fear of them, nor an ax to grind.

  19. In that day these will indeed hear the truth to be spoken, clearly and un-abridged, a truth that formerly they were afraid to even pronounce.  For likens or no likens you will be reproved, and upbraided. And not only that O you sons of the earth, but so the Most High has given it him to pronounce judgment upon you.

  20. And it will be enacted. You may think to do away with the anointed one of the Lord, the one that in the flesh walks among you, but so it is spoken of him: "And he will put them alive into judgment before him."

  21. Therefore I said; how something new is coming upon the earth, something horrendous and most terrifying, the Lord, the Most High is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked He will put to the sword.

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