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  1. Shame on you O Israel to have become assassins. A people not fit to have recognition among the sons of man.   Is it not enough that you have your fear of men, and to cast any trust in the God of Jacob behind you, that now you have become known for assassins?

  2. The world has seen the reprobates among the Americans to favor assassination, and to incarcerate and torture anyone at will without as much as having a cause or any charges pronounced upon them, but by your association with these criminals from America you have become as bad, and as foul as they are.

  3. It is an evil thing to place sanctions against the Iranians as it is against any nation. The Iranians are no more wicked than those in Israel, nor in comparison to any nation.  With those so called sanctions you are oppressing the poor and needy, the rich and the mighty do not suffer on account of it.  

  4. I know how the Iranians are working to obtain atomic bombs, and boasting to annihilate you with them. Yet for all reality in human terms it would be suicide for them to do so, not just because you have the means to wipe Iran clear off the face of the earth, but the Lord, the God of Jacob is with you, to protect you.

  5. I know very well that if it were in their power they would indeed annihilate you because they have sold themselves to the devil, whose aim it is to invalidate the return of Christ Yeshua.   And yes I know how for your backsliding the Lord in His anger of late gave many of you into the hands of the Germans.

  6. But O my beloved children of Israel it will not be so this time, since the Lord the God of Jacob called you to return to the land of your heritage, and He said that He will not now allow you to be driven from your land, but He will deliver you with an outstretched arm, and with vengeance.

  7. For do you not know that the Lord has an indictment against all the nations. Have you not read and that it is He who will act when you are threatened with extinction?  For He will not go back on His promise, and when the hour is come He will act.

  8. Remember what the Lord said by Habakkuk; "For still the vision awaits its time; it hastens to the end -- it will not lie.  If it seems slow, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not delay.  Behold, he whose soul is not upright within him shall fail, but the righteous shall live by his faith."

  9. It then is not only them but those arrogant reprobates of the Yankees are likewise to suffer defeat, that their pride may be humbled, to have their dead shipped to them in disgrace.  

  10. There is no way to even talk to these Americans, their pride is so high and so vile there is no entrance into them at all, they are not about to listen to any reason.

  11. And if you O Israel were to have your own victories for your accursed pride, you likewise would become un-reachable, a people that cannot be dealt with nor spoken to.  If there is to be any good for you, you likewise must be brought down to your knees.

  12. If you are so worried about the Iranians that they will annihilate you with atomic weapons, as they consistently taunt you with, why do you not - like the Lord your God so often told you - call upon Him?  For if indeed you did, He would be your stay.

  13. When Sennach'erib the king of Assyria boasted against Israel to destroy it, Hezeki'ah prayed to the Lord, and in a single night the angel of the Lord killed 185.000 of that Assyrians army. How easy then is it of the Lord to kill even a million Iranians in one night.

  14. You therefore are scorning the God of Jacob, in thinking to save yourself.  It then is never of any man to save himself, but as the Lord has ordained so it will be. And He is the helper of them that call upon Him in truth.

  15. The American reprobates are due for a lesson, a grievous lesson that for all their heroism they but cowards and failures.  And when you O Israel are brought into a dire strait, then perhaps for once you may learn what it is to be human, and turn to your Creator.

  16. Shall I remind you of what the Lord said by Jeremiah?  "As a thief is shamed when caught, so the house of Israel shall be shamed: they, their kings, their princes, their priests, and their prophets, who say to a tree; "You are my father."  And to a stone; "You gave me birth.  For they have turned their backs to Me, and not their face.  Yet in a time of trouble they say; "Arise and save us."

  17. Or are you even calling upon the God of Jacob for any help from Him?   But so the Lord said;  "But where are your gods that you fashioned for yourselves?  Let them arise to save you O Israel."  Let those kippah's with which you are so well pleased to scorn the God of Jacob - save you from your enemies.

  18. Or that wailing wall; bid it to grant you the whole of Jerusalem.  Or those many so called Christians that visit you, of whom you make profits, set them in the breach for you; as if these will give their lives for you. You trust in your hardware as if with these you will trust down your enemies.

  19. You run to the nations for help; to skeletons twice dead and already in their graves, to them you plead for help.  Let us then see if these will establish you in your heritage, if these will fall down headlong for your sake.  How stupid indeed of you to talk to dead skeletons.

  20. They will act for their own interest O Israel, but not for you. For themselves and their own profits these will act. They fear no more than what ill profits may come upon them by your acts. 

  21. These Yankees are more concerned about what the price of oil will be for them, than what may come upon you. You are most blind to trust these Gentiles, their love is foremost to themselves.  These do not have the fear of God, even as you O Israel.

  22. How O Israel am I to keep my love for you when there are some among you to go forth and practice murder, planting bombs on people that have done you no harm?  How do you think anyone will continue to have respect for you O Israel when you practice such lawless acts of villainy?

  23. Why in any wise at all should the Lord God have any respect or compassion for you O Israel when your heart is so dead set on oppressing the poor, and like cowards go forth murdering the citizens of other countries, such citizens as are not as guilty of the crimes of which you yourselves are guilty?

  24. I am ashamed of you, as I am ashamed of all those other nations.  A tally of nations that I am supposed to inherit, to be for a chief prince unto them.  But why should I wish to inherit such a class of people,  I do not even want to be a prince of them much less inherit them.

  25. I know how wicked the Iranians and such muslims are, a band of fools with only murder on their minds attempting to take over the whole of the world.  It is their master the devil who is leading them to whom they pray each day, making blasphemy against God and His Christ.

  26. But they are doomed to enter into the nether-world, to lie down with the rest of Satan's helpers.  The Lord, the Almighty God will destroy all of them. For not they will rule - but you O Israel will rule the whole of the world.

  27. The taunt of those Iranians and Palestinians against you, is indeed extremely wicked. But hear this O Israel; these foolish ones, mere skeletons as they are, are cursing themselves with every taunt against you.  

  28. I am supposed to be a messenger of good tidings, but was it of you that the Lord said so?  He did not say of Israel, but rather He singled out Jerusalem, to speak to them of good news, to speak to those few among you that are not rebels, that have not become the likes unto them that rule the people.

  29. O what an irony, what a twist of events.  Why O Lord has Thou given me such a love for Israel that cannot be fathomed, nor removed from me?   How very much therefore O Israel you are harming my love for you, and causing damage to it, as if to remove it from me.

  30. But like I have said, my love for you is an immovable love, a love that can not be broken, even as my love for the Gentile nations is an enduring love that can not be broken.

  31. Not the lot of you O Israel are rebels, for the Lord is keeping a remnant of you.  But all them that are rebels and murderers will be rooted out of Israel, these will not enter into the Sabbath, nor set foot in her. 

  32. You are not to have your own victories by yourselves O Israel, since that would turn you into a people impossibly to deal with, with far too much pride and arrogance, a pride that cannot be cured but by a sevenfold death upon them.  

  33. And do not count on those American reprobates, as if with their hardware and assistance you will come glowing forth like the sun to mock the God of all heaven to His face, as were you better than Him, and not in any need of His help.

  34. It is a simple matter to defeat these Americans, there is no bravery among them, for unless they can muster twenty to one, with a fire power of a hundred to one, they are too cowardice to attack.  

  35. Their leader is quite contend in destroying its own people, driving the needy from their homes, and taking away the means to their livelihood, as well as taking away their rights and privacy.  For a head unto them - they have elected one more destructive than any.

  36. You fear that if the Iranians acquired an atomic device that they would have the same fire power that you have, which makes you O sons of Israel as cowardice as the American reprobates, that for you it must also be twenty to one.

  37. But what makes you think that the Iranians or any nation could do with their fire power?   Are you so blatantly ignorant not to know that not even a hair could fall from your head lest the Lord willed it?   Even so; no nation could perform anything lest the Lord willed it.

  38. Has not Tel Aviv become known as the favorite place for queers, for the most disgusting of all creatures? And is it not full of whorehouses? You O Israel ought to be ashamed of yourself, not to have rooted out all of them.  Since then you are proud of it, if the Lord went forth to devastate Tel Aviv; why should I shed tears?

  39. Neither war not peace is of the hand of man, but of the Lord Most High.  And as He has planned, so it will be.  He is the One that will rescue the remnant of you, and He also it is that will exterminate all the rebels from among you.

  40. The Lord also it is who will save from among the Iranians that look towards Him, and destroy all the rest of them. Those few on the American continent that do not worship the Lord in vain will behold His compassion, while the rest of them will be food for the vultures.

  41. All the vile ones in the European nations will be pierced through, and the wild dogs will gorge themselves upon their remains. Yet there are a few that will remain so that the sword may once again descend upon them.

  42. And what shall I pronounce for all the rest of the nations, the warlike butchers of the far north, and them of the Asian continent?  The day is not far off, that each one of them will be given into the hands of one another to kill them, to fill their cities with corpses.

  43. You O Israel have you not heard of David's psalm 44 how it was the Lord that drove out the nations before them. That it was not by their own arm that victory came, but by the right hand of the Lord.  You boast as if you were the people of the Lord while you scorn His precepts.

  44. And yes I know how in due time the Lord will grant you His right hand, and you will go forth and destroy your enemies, and bring retribution upon each and every nation that has harmed you now and in the past.  But this I say to you: Wait upon the Lord, wait for the day that He will rise and empower you.

  45. In my eyes you are indeed adulterous O Israel, but even as Hosea took an adulterous woman, she bore forth Jezreel. If then you know what that means, know also how again he took a paramour, one that looked to others, but he would not go into her for many days. So it is with you until the day that it is said; "Great will be the day of Jezreel."

  46. I in turn will quietly wait for the Lord, to see what He will say to me regarding your aposty, and what He will do regarding my complaint, for I am sore vexed on account of you.

  47. Read chapter 22 of what the Lord spoke of you by Ezekiel, you are still guilty of them, you have not cleansed yourselves.  Do you not think that it is about time to take a bath you that wallow in your own excrement?

  48. The Lord spoke saying; "Son of man, will you judge Judah and Israel, then declare to them their abominable deeds."   And so I am judging you, for again the Lord said;  "But righteous men shall pass judgment on you sentencing you as adulterers, and as them that shed blood with all your adulteries."


  1. It is absolutely disgraceful the way the people and foremost its so called shepherds address the Lord, addressing Him as if He is no more than a common fellow with "you this, and you that."  The whole lot of them are a people without education, and with no upbringing, as if they were raised in a pig-style.

  2. And indeed in a pig-style is where they learned it; from that vipers-brood to which they pay homage. Nor was this always that way, but in the last sixty to seventy years the majority of mankind has degenerated into a most disrespectful lot.

  3. When you address an elder you speak to them with due respect, and not like one would speak to his common fellows. And there are certain words and expression used of higher and lower class or honor.  This at least is so in the two languages that I know, Dutch and English.

  4. When you address the Lord who is most glorious, and more honorable than any man or angel, you use the term Thee, or Thy, and not you, or in Dutch U, and not ge, or je.  And the reference to the Almighty Lord must always be capitalized, while references to stupid idols are never to be capitalized.

  5. But that vipers-brood that run the churches have it just the other way around, honoring their dead idols, while they demean the very Lord and God who made them, to whom they feign some sort of worship, the liars and hypocrites as they are.

  6. The Lord spoke of this by the lips of Ezekiel as He said:  "Her priests have done violence to My law and have profaned My holy things; they have made no distinction between the holy and the common, neither have they taught the difference between the unclean and the clean, so that I am profaned among them."

  7. I therefore am commanding all the race of man that when you address the Lord, have some respect, have some common decency, for while it is a violation of the second commandment to take the name of the Lord in vain upon your lips, it is equally a violation of that same commandment to address Him in a unworthy manner or terms of language.

  8. Even less than a century ago the people at least used a proper term for the Lord and for elders and for those in charge, but this generation has degenerated into brutes, almost the likes of the Morlocks.  

  9. And if one does not know what the Morlocks are, watch the movie called "The time machine," that hopefully some education might be yours.

  10. Do I have to spell it out how and what certain terms are for respects, with others being common? What good would it do when it is obvious that no education has entered into this last generation of mankind!   And least of all their leaders and their teachers.

  11. Any preacher that uses such lowly term in any congregation, I do not consider them a congregation of human entities, but of beastly entities, with their gathering as a pig-style, in which them that enter wallow in the mire of their own excretions.

  12. Is that putting it plain enough, or shall I make it yet more realistic  For as much as the Lord commanded not to take His name in vain, even so to lack due respect in addressing Him is equally a violation of the same.

  13. Depart from that vipers-brood that write out the name of the Lord in all capitals, or only in part with dashes, these are no more than hypocrites, a true vipers-brood destined for the fires of hell.  You therefore in your association with them will likewise end up in that same painful fire.

  14. If however you are wise enough to hear to my word, you will depart from those many devils in sheep's-clothing, in which case you might be saved from entering into that painful fire.


  1. The more I learn the less I come to know; for the majesty and the works of the Lord become ever greater before me.

  2. As then my heart contemplated upon the greatness of the compassion of the Lord the Almighty One; it reached into infinity, into that which cannot even be pronounced.  

  3. For what are we the human creature, spirits fastened into the dust of the earth, such a minute and lowly entity, like as the ants appear to us we are to the spirits moving throughout the heavens.

  4. As then there are so many that are fire made of fire to whom the burning of the stars are but for raiment, grandiose and without error following the decrees set before them, how are not these rather to be called the sons of God in the place of ourselves?  

  5. For this we rarely come to understand and realize, what an immense glory and honor it factually is to be called after the name of the living God, after the name of the One and only grand Creator of all, to be for sons unto Him.  

  6. For what is the multitude of them which He formed as commanders of great hosts throughout all His universe? Are not these very great and glorious? And yet unto which of these did He say; "Seat yourself at My right hand, and I will subdue all your enemies before you."  

  7. It was of a Son of man to whom He granted such honor to be called the One God with Him.  And of His friends He spoke saying; "These shall be called 'the Sons of God."

  8. O how indeed in His great wisdom and compassion He made those bound in the earth, with bodies not made of fire, but of mere dust to gather for a greater honor than that of many angels.  All this came forth out of His great wisdom, out of a love that cannot be measured, to give oneself for the life of another.

  9. How grandiose indeed this is, to give oneself for the life of another.  This is what is found of those whose entrails were of the dust, of the very lowest and of the very highest. For likewise the very Highest gave Himself for the very lowest. And by Him the lowest came to give themselves one for the other.

  10. By whom now may this be found? May it be found by the angels, by the great ones inhabiting the many galaxies?  Or even by the children of the earth all of whom look for number one, by them that have yet to pass that first number, that number one of themselves?

  11. Though I searched I did not find it among them, it went no further than number one.  Yet the Lord also caused to be born of Himself, in a likeness after His own, that knew not a number of one.

  12. And the speech of one of these was; "Even if I am to perish and be no more, to have no being, let it be so for the lives of these many."

  13. Only it is not of the Almighty One to let His anointed ones perish, but rather to reward them with the souls of those for whom they gave themselves.  For so I come back at what I said at first; namely, how it all originated out of a love that cannot be measured, a love in which I am made a partaker.

  14. No greater glory can be bestowed upon man or angel than to be called for a son of the Most High. How therefore these children of the earth vie for an entrance into that heaven, an entrance into what for all the universe is most glorious, an entrance into what cannot possibly be secured by any labor, or for any gift made.

  15. Who could possibly be called a son of God lest he indeed were born of Him? Who could possibly be called a child of light when darkness came to be for a father unto him?  And so it is written; "Unless the Father drawn them they cannot come unto Me." Wheresoever then one's birth is there also his habitation will be.

  16. I asked of the Lord my Father, who is truly my Father, for I know no other, that I might speak words in the dialog of wisdom, that these might not only serve me to relieve myself, but be for sustenance of those as yet to come.  And so I will speak of a seemingly simple sentence spoken of the Lord that to this day no man has understood.

  17. If I were to facilitate an event to come on a sudden and brighten the whole region, I could say: "Like the lightning strikes, so it will be."   The Lord then said so, but He spoke it in these words, in the words here following, saying;

  18. "For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man."

  19. Does it not strike you as odd how and why the Lord spoke just these words, and not simply; "As the lightning strikes"?   What are the so called wise, the theologians to make of this sentence? The lightning can strike from every direction, and when it illuminates; it illuminate into all directions, not just from east to west.

  20. Will there be any takers in the earth? No, I do not think so, since it is for gods to break down what is to be digested by man.  How therefore will the Son of man come?  

  21. He spoke of coming upon the clouds with all His host on a day of distress, with no sun and moon, and that it would be like a thief in the night, with no fore-warning.

  22. But that is not all, for there is much more prophecy regarding His coming into the world, and by these above words, the Lord gave confirmation to the wise of His many other prophecies.  I at one time said; "Like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so the inhabitants of the earth shall fear the name of the Lord."  

  23. And one of the prophets; "So they shall fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; for He will come like a rushing stream, which the wind of the Lord drives."

  24. And now that I quoted these statements, who is to understand them? Only such as are taught of God will in any wise be able. And so I often wonder why I even open my mouth.

  25. The Lord's answer in the book of Matthew then are in confirmation both to what I spoke, and to what the prophets had spoken.  This was to show that His coming would not only be on the last day, but even prior to it; in still another way, to make a beginning of the end.

  26. If then Matthew had written his gospel from his own mind, he would not have placed that sentence in these words, but because he wrote by the inspiration that the Lord the Messiah placed upon him, these words were thus written.

  27. Every event that has a conclusion must also have a beginning, and the Lord is not one to destroy the race of men without giving them due warning.  All those calamities in the earth are ample proof thereof.  

  28. And like it was in the days of Noah, these were warned. Or in the days of Moses when many plagues came upon them, till at the very end He drowned their whole glory in the waters of the Red Sea.

  29. Unless therefore I place these words of our Lord in other words how will man understand what is written, and even then these will not understand.  How therefore may I reword the statement? It is like this:

  30. " When the God of Zion arises - He will send forth His anointed one from the far west of the earth - so will be the coming of the Son of man, the Christ."

  31. When therefore you see a roaring Lion from the west to run upon the sea, know that the Son of man has come.  But man in his foolish ways will conclude that they saw only a man, a mortal man, and not the Son of man, the Christ.   

  32. And yes so indeed men speak because they failed to comprehend verse 1 of the tenth chapter of the book of Revelations, specifically the words; "Wrapped in a cloud."

  33. Man is much too fond of looking for Armageddon, he is obsessed with it, while that Armageddon is yet a thousand years off before it is to ravish the earth. Moreover he will not recognize that one illuminated in the west as being the issue and likeness of Him that is illuminating him, therefore they do not know the Christ.

  34. It is not without due cause how I pronounced saying; that I would gather more enemies than any man, how as a lone predator the Lord would pin me against the whole of the world.   But O how sad, and how deadly ignorance can be.

  35. Man will no doubt reprove me that I am supposed to bring peace upon the earth, rather than to fill it with corpses.  They are always looking for it -- so their lying lips in all of the media are proclaiming.  Lies, so I say, and liars so I pronounce you to be -- all of those saying that they vie for peace.

  36. Why then should I listen to liars, or be reproved by you liars, by hypocrites that know no better than to make for war and destruction?  

  37. Do you not know O you blind ones attempting to reprove me, how I am being extremely compassioned with you, to reward you with precisely what you are asking for, yes begging of me to be destroyed?

  38. "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword."  So He who is holding me by the right hand said.  Is that of any comfort to you, or for an education?

  39. It is written; "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few."  That statement now is not a guess, but factual. And it as such makes all of your shepherds and your priests out for liars, and cheats.  For thieves, and for the swine that these really are.  Swine as I said, a food that is not to be eaten by those that know better.

  40. Since then the token of a few can be tallied on the fingers of but a hand or two, how do you conclude for the world to have laborers into a number that tallies into the millions?  Does not this make you out for a liar as well as those many - so called - laborers are liars?

  41. But you as you feign yourselves to be such paragons of virtue, you are most severe upon those that sinned in Sodom and Gomorrah, as were they the epic of all evil.  But it will be you the paragons of virtue as you esteem yourselves that will be brought down to Hades.  For so in the wisdom granted me I say:

  42. If the word brought to you had been proclaimed in Sodom and Gomorrah, they would have remained even to this day.  If thus a people as vile / as you consider them to have been / could have survived, how are you to survive with that word upon you for centuries on end?

  43. Take a lesson you inhabitants of the earth, the city of Pompeii was filled with whorehouses, and its people nothing short of perverts, wherefore the Lord buried them alive in the ashes of the volcano, and they have yet to suffer the fires of hell. And how many other cities in the world today are like Pompey was in its day?


  1. What is Wisdom unto me? She is my true treasure, neither glory nor riches hold any meaning for me, but this is more than anything, namely the wisdom granted me of God, to know and understand Him.

  2. She is more to me than my very life, with Her I came to love truth and righteousness above all things even more than the life of my soul.  For by Her I came to love perfect judgment, and righteousness in all the perfection thereof.   

  3. It is a common thing for men to hold onto life, and for them that have faith for their souls to enter into salvation, into life everlasting.  And while I aspire for life, it is only that I may reside in God's temple. 

  4. A desire that is not so much for wanting to live, as it is for wanting to be away from the sons of men.  I cannot find it in my heart to aspire for eternity, to live forever, for I know not what it is.  

  5. Truth, righteousness, and perfect judgment is more to me than anything, even more than my life, more than my very being. If I am to have life, let it be with the Lord my God, the love of my soul.

  6. I wished to speak my heart, to express that which is truly within it, to relate my fondest aspiration.  It is not like unto the sons of men, namely to have their abiding, but that righteousness may abide above all and that I may rejoice in it.

  7. When I look for peace, it is not to enter into life everlasting but rather to be apart and away from the sons of men, not to hear their voices, nor to look at the pride in their faces.  For so much do I despise all unrighteousness to be aloof from it.

  8. And yet that which I love most in this world are its people, men, women, and children, the whole race of them, these I love and adore.  And yet again I hate them for the wickedness of their doings, and for the ignorance of their minds to wallow in what is not of God.  

  9. If then the Lord will grant me life with Him, so be it.   Or if He will bring me back into nothing, for me to have no abiding, so let it be, as long as truth and righteousness may reign, and be fixed forever upon the sons of men.

  10. My life is of no value but that it may serve the sons of men.   An odd statement so as many may conclude.  I am indeed odd, as one who is not in love with life as it is common with the sons of man, so am I.   For I indeed here and now am speaking according to the tremors and aspirations of my heart.

  11. I now searched for wisdom that I may hold her dear, but in all this I have yet to find her, even though I was found of her, and I rejoice myself in all her precepts.  As thus wisdom was awarded me, I have yet to find her so as to embrace her unto myself.   

  12. For she is the secret counsel of God, and found in all His works. How therefore shall I as a minute worm hold her that is greater than all the universe.   And yet for but a spark of her greatness I will be found wise and understanding.

  13. Wisdom for the sons of man is to fear the Lord, and to depart from evil.


  1. I am sad, I am sad for being, sad to exist, I am in pain that I should have to look upon the pride of man, and upon the arrogance of the sons of man. It is painful to have my being among them.  And so I desired to have no being, not to exist, a means by which I would not have to hear the scoffing of men; or behold their wickedness.    

  2. The wickedness of man makes me wish that I would have no being at all, to be as before I was born, when I knew of nothing.  O that I were not O Lord, or that I might come home.   I know the hope; but what is my patience that I should have the strength to endure so long?

  3. It is indeed good to love the Lord my God, but this exile is severe, too great to bear; abiding among a race as ignorant and as corrupt as these without exception are -- is much too painful.

  4. Thou O my Lord enabled me to teach Thy righteousness to the peoples, but no one will listen.  For all the precious jewels which Thou gave me in the sciences, who O Lord is to understand?  

  5. They are all a delusion, Thou has closed their minds and their hearts.  For what purpose then did Thou teach me so many things that I cannot share with anyone?  

  6. For all my word, my righteous words; I am looked upon as a fool. How then O Lord should there be any desire in me for life and for being to have my existence before Thee, when Thou has closed their minds to all of my words, leaving me as a lone tree in the midst of a barren desert.

  7. For the sons of men I said they are an illusion, no more than a mirage.  Friend or family none are to be trusted, I am robbed even of my own, there is no integrity within them.

  8. As for myself:  Why O Lord does Thou bother with me? I am no more than a filthy rag, I am not able to reign in my desires, to be as righteous and as holy as I wish to be, as I demand of myself, because I love Thee and my soul longs to be holy as Thou art Holy.

  9. But my eyes are forced to look upon vanity, and my passion gets the better of me.  O how I despise myself.  With Thy grant gifts, the love for all Thy creation has increased in me.  

  10. My love for the creature of Thy hand has multiplied itself.  And my appreciation though it is wholesome and pure; is overpowering, excessively strong.

  11. O how I am drawn to the beauty of Thy creation, how very much I adore the works of Thy hand.   But this is not the place where it can bear fruit, where it can express itself in such deep devotion.   And O how the wicked spirits take their advantage, not missing any opportunity, and how very much I despise these wicked ones to leave no stone unturned.

  12. I love Thy commandments, and Thy statutes are my pleasure.  I have  not wickedly departed from Thy word, yet these wicked spirits that abound in the earth leave me no peace, returning again and again to wear me out in the combat.  And I am weary O Lord, this day I am weary unto death, with no strength left within me to further the combat.

  13. My hope is in Thee, nor is it faded, yet I prayed unto Thee to take my spirit from me, to bring me into nothing,  For I know O Lord, unless I finish my course I cannot come home unto Thee, I must pass through it.  If then I cannot come unto Thee and my company with the sons of men in their abode is a curse unto me, what choice is there for me?

  14. It is my hurt, the affliction upon me that is speaking, for I know that thou does not create anything but what Thou does keep before Thee, to bring it to the end for which Thou has made it.  

  15. Nor therefore did Thou grant me knowledge in vain, nor are these afflictions upon me in vain, for these make me mellow, humbling me before Thee.

  16. Let me be Thy creature Lord, grant me the fullness of the gift which Thou has bestowed on me, bring it to an end, to a speedy end, before I stumble to fall and rise no more.   

  17. But O how my heart in its distress utters foolish things, to speak contrary of the things I know so well.  For though I stumble, yet I can not fall so as not to rise again, because Thou art my Father  upholding me in Thy power always. 

  18. Thou O Lord art my Savior. Thou did purchase me with a dear price, with the price of Thy blood, nor therefore am I to fail since I am always in Thy hand. 

  19. Who shall not believe upon the word Thou has spoken?  A fool indeed is he that has no faith, it is disgusting to have any doubt at all, because Thou art God and always faithful, steadfast in thy ways, for Thou art not like the sons of man, but their Creator.  

  20. I love Thee my Lord, and I will always love Thee, and never cease to pronounce my love for Thee into forever.  He is a fool that does not keep faith with Thee, so are the wicked that love only themselves. 

  21. Since then these have no use for Thee let them save themselves to see how far their love will bring them to the confines of hell.  How very good it is to love Thee, how delicious to have Thy Love and Thy steadfast care upon our souls.


  1. O how little men know of what is written in the scriptures, in all of them, how very little indeed.  My soul weeps for man that he is so much without knowledge and wisdom being so far from him.

  2. How very clearly the events of what will be are written, but I have as yet to see the first man speak of it. And most certainly not from any of the scholars or any of them that by the world are classified wise.

  3. I feel very much alone in a world of knowledge with no understanding of it.  With the mind that Thou O Lord has given me apprehension is so simple, so very simple, but in looking around at all of the ages of men - how these are so blind, so very blind indeed.

  4. Among the sons of men I have yet to find Thy likeness, but for the sons of God I am their pupil.  Like the heights of the  heavens are above the earth so he that is wise exceeds all others.  Blessed be the man to whom the Lord imparts wisdom, him will be given a name above many.

  5. It is a gift of wisdom to remain silent, to not speak, since his speech may be heard by them that are unwise.  And how very well I know this, how very often I had to curtail my speech, lest I should reveal what is to be kept for only the wise.

  6. The most pathetic among the learned of the earth are the theologians and the  scientists. Of all the so called learned or educated on the face of the earth, these are more to be pitied than any.

  7. How shall I speak and yet not speak?   I thought; let me express myself, let me bring forth the waters within me that it may serve the plants of the garden, the garden that I came to love.  But I was not able to water the garden, I could not let the waters from me allowing them to be exposed.

  8. Once before on the subject of the sciences I drew up to record what was Spectacular; but I had to desist, it was not be.  It was not in me to violate what the Lord of all had so graciously granted me.  

  9. I can not speak to man to pour out my heart; but I can speak to the Lord my God, to pour out my soul before Him, because He understand me, and the words that proceed from me.

  10. O Lord my God, Thou does know how very much I love Thee, and Thou did teach me a multitude of things. When my eyes encountered the words written Thou did reveal them to me as were they simplicity in themselves. Thou did to me as Thou has said, to give it to Thy sons as in their sleep.  

  11. To Thy servant Thou made the things most difficult to man as were they child's-play.  And for so many of Thy revelations written and hidden to the sons of men Thou made them to me as open and as clear as a bell, a pure sound to be heard.

  12. How very much Thou has granted me O Lord in comparisons to the sons of men, how very much indeed, as I cannot relate, nor enumerate.  And so it was for this cause that Thou gave Thy servant Enoch to say; "Sevenfold."  For how that seven for its oneness is no more than single, and yet in seven; since it is so for the sons of men and for them alone.

  13. How therefore I thank Thee my Lord and my Father for that grandiose wisdom and knowledge which Thou has given me. My soul will forever thank Thee.  As then I am speaking in the hearing of man; it is for him.

  14.   But speaking between myself and Thee O Lord; I know how very minute that grand of knowledge is, and yet for me it is staggering. For in any fold it is - to whom it shall be compared.  

  15. As for Wisdom my Lord, I know there is no measure of it, nor any fold, but life abounds to whomever Thou wilt grant the same.   For whom could possibly come unto Thee lest Thou cause him to come near?  

  16. We are Thy handiwork and as Thou has ordained it for them so these will be, all because we are Thy handiworks, and there is no Creator aside of Thee.


  1. How beautiful are the feet of him that brings good news.  And how pleasant when one is no longer forced to look upon lies and deceptions.

  2. I meditate on what it will be like on the day of the Sabbath; when the people that are left in the earth in all of the nations will direct their sight to the word of the Lord that issues from Jerusalem.  When the knowledge of the Lord will go through all the earth, when men no longer will take up the sword to harm their neighbors.

  3. What will it be like to live in a world where a man does not have to hear the lies of men in their media, and the arrogance and pride of their speech.  When a man no longer has to look upon the pornography that this generation displays in all their media.  When instead the precepts of the Lord are proclaimed, and men adhere to them?

  4. When judges are no longer elected from the most corrupt among men, and rulers made from the most ignorant.   When at long last the advertisement in newspapers and media is without guile and deception, when business men apply their trade with honesty.

  5. A whole different world it will be, when a man can travel the roads without being cited by bandits in uniforms.  When no longer the poor are oppressed by the rich, to rob them of the little that as yet is left unto them.  When insurance companies are no more to rob the people with all the guile they can muster. 

  6. When those of the city counsels are heard to speak without lies and deceit, and city fathers are no longer the thieves that this generation bred to themselves.  When doctors and dentists no longer multiply their profits by thousand folds, running a grand business of extortion, when an item is no longer sold for a thousand times its value. 

  7. When therefore the people receive eyesight such lies will no longer be portrayed. and no longer will the righteous be vexed for all these deceptions made upon the unwise.  And yet more so when the eight day shall have arrived.

  8. In that day I will not be like any of the kings that were in the earth, not in private nor in public.  I will not shy away from any of my treasures; to them I will be available at will.  My household will find me a generous and loving prince, full of compassion and attentive to all.  Even so my enemies will find me to be just and like unto a rock, even these will praise me.

  9. How marvelous for a day to come when the Lord will grant me my treasures.  How marvelous indeed, and I will adore them that they may swoon for happiness.

  10. Then also there will be those to say; "Who has borne me these children, for I was childless, and now I rejoice in them."  And I likewise will rejoice for each and everyone of them, my heritage of the Lord. 

  11. How very lovely all that which the Lord has prepared for those that love Him.  O Lord that Thou grant us beautiful voices to sing unto Thee.  It is for our sake O Lord, for our joy and gladness; for Thou O Lord  rejoices when we rejoice in Thee, when our hearts reach out to Thee in joy and gladness, to behold Thy creatures rejoicing in the life and being Thou has given them.

  12. For though we are gods, we are Thy children, Thy subjects, protecting the people in Thy care, and loving them in Thy love.  How lovely Thy princes are O Lord governing the people in Thy power, to an everlasting joy.

  13. O when I think of all the joy and gladness that Thou wilt bestow upon Thy children to care for so many that Thou alone can govern.  What endless grace and glory Thou has given us to love Thy creature in the love which Thou has bestowed upon us in Thy beloved Son our Lord and our joy forever and ever.

  14. O how my heart already longs to be in that new world where Thy servants may express all the love and care Thou has given us for those many Thou has formed for us.   O how my soul longs to be home with Thee and practice Thy compassion on all Thy creatures, to make sweet melody.

  15. O how my heart loves Thee, and my soul rejoices in Thy wondrous gifts unto us, to Thee belongs all praise and glory now and forever, and ever more.  There is none like unto Thee O Lord, so compassioned, and so loving, steadfast, and most glorious. 

  16. How can anyone ever praise Thee as Thou ought to be praised, for there is none like unto Thee granting life and being to so many creatures.

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