1. Quote:  "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who practice it."

  2. But: Why should anyone pay heed to words, like my words and those of the Lord?  Because life is in the words that proceed from God!  There is no life in any ritual, nor in any of those fancy services the priests perform, but like the Lord said;  "My WORD is life!

  3. The records of history and of the Scriptures are for the education of man. All the events that have come to pass are for wisdom, for a warning, for man to pay heed that so he may learn that there is nothing better in this world, or in the life of any man than to fear God.

  4. And for an example thereto let us recall what happen to Israel, to the sons of Jacob who swore to keep the statutes of the Lord, yet for the many of them these turned to idols, to blind and dead things expecting some benefit for life from what is dead, from things that were even less than themselves.

  5. For a first enumeration, God was so kind to deliver them from the oppressions of the Egyptians, leading them out by a mighty hand showing them His power by the wonders of His hand. 

  6. As thus they beheld that it was the Spiritual power of the Lord by which they were safeguarded and delivered.  How blind therefore can a man be to afterwards put his trust in a dead piece of gold or silver?

  7. And it was for this that these men turned from any reliance upon the One living God, to dead and dumb things whereby naturally they angered the Lord. And why should not the Lord be angry with them, seeing how He clearly showed that it was by His hand that they were delivered, yet they turned from Him.

  8. They showed no gratitude to Him for all that He had done for them even while day by day He fed them and cared for them. While thus God had promised them that He would bring them into a good land of milk and honey, they scorned Him to His face.  And how would these foolish ones think that God would as yet bring them into that good land?

  9. Therefore also because they refused to have any respect for the hand that gave them life and being, the Lord God rewarded them according to their ungratefulness, to cast their dead bodies in the desert, and not a one of them that came out of Egypt remained alive to inherit anything but their own death.

  10. Except for the little ones who at the time had not known the difference between right and wrong, these only were led into that land of promise.  How very foolish of man therefore not to fear God who alone holds the power of life and death.

  11. As then many of these in their descendants also took no learning, the Lord brought upon them famines and blight, as well as deadly diseases to reward these many wicked ones for their ignorance and their ungratefulness towards Him.

  12. Nor did these learn anything from these due warnings upon them, but grew to be still more wicked worshipping stupid idols, such dumb things that they made with their own hands, as if a piece of wood or stone had the power to feed and save them.

  13. And so in process of time the Lord drove them out of that good land in which He had brought them for the good of them, exiling them to the Babylonians, to a stupid and wicked race of people, because these sons of Jacob had become alike unto these Gentiles, that from day one were most ignorant praying to dumb and dead idols.

  14. This the Lord did so as to teach them not to make idols unto themselves whereby they would become as vile and degenerate as the Gentiles among whom they were now forced to abide.  To show them how indecent it is to depart from those good statutes which the Lord had given them.

  15. Since then the Lord is extremely compassioned He gave them a period of only one generation (seventy years) as punishment upon them whereby they should have known better than to anger the hand that feeds them.  For also they were at all times wailing about the Jerusalem they had lost, and to come back unto her.

  16. In His kindness therefore the Lord caused them to return to the land which was their inheritance.  But no sooner were they back, or these in their descendants began to be even more wicked, as if these had learned from the Gentiles how to best scorn the Lord, the very hand upon which they day by day depended for food and clothing.

  17. If then that is not stupidity, what can be worse?  How little the fear of man is for the hand of His Creator whereby they have life and being. And how utterly stupid it is of man to ignore His righteous statutes.

  18. Since then from the very first of them, namely Abraham, they were told of a Deliverer to come unto them, to be born of their own seed, there were but few that acknowledged Him when in due time He did come. The majority of them would not accept Him as their Deliverer sent of God.

  19. And that all in itself is most stupid, an ignorance than cannot be put into words, since that Deliverer clearly showed Himself to be that very Son of God, with many miracles, acts that in the eyes of the righteous are not at all miracles, since these know that there is nothing at all that God cannot do, and their very own bodies in itself being already more of a miracle to behold.

  20. Yet to the unwise, to the sons of men, to bring a person back from the dead appears to them as a miracle, not realizing that in any instant the Lord can bring back any multitude of dead back to life, since in fact the whole human race was made by Him, in but a single thought.

  21. As therefore to the sons of man all such things appear as miracles, to know and realize that God only can do these things, why did they not accept that Son of David born in Bethlehem as their promised Savior?  Is not this most blind to behold miracles as miracles, and yet not recognize by Whom, when there is but One by whom miracles are forthcoming?

  22. These therefore in their gross ignorance went about to kill their very own Savior, and cursing themselves that His blood be upon them.   The Lord then being very compassioned furnished them with what they so earnestly asked for, namely destruction, utter destruction.

  23. Those few then from among them which were not so ignorant, but acknowledged that grand deed of the Lord, were warned to leave the region around Jerusalem, since the Almighty God, in His wrath, or compassion if you will, was about to rain terror upon all the inhabitants of that region, the terror for which they had begged the Lord to be sent upon them.

  24. How therefore was anyone of them to complain that they were starving or beaten to death, when it was the very thing that they had requested of the Almighty God to bring upon them?  They did get what they asked for did they not? How then is one to complain when such a horrible death is enacted upon him?

  25. When a man concedes that his own imagination is more truthful, than the facts that are obviously displayed before him, he goes from bad to worse destroying the very image in which he was made.  

  26. At such a time what is there left for the man but that he be destroyed. For like as when a man construct something noble, but its turns out badly and corrupted, he will cast it from him.

  27. As then the Lord is very compassioned He strikes them in the hope that these might come to realize their corruption, and to turn away from it.  Therefore the Lord left a third of them alive and drove them again to reside among the wicked Gentiles, to be among the blind, because these themselves were blind.

  28. And the Lord gave it to the Gentiles to mock them, that is to the blind ones from among to Gentiles, since not all of these Gentiles were as blind as these sons of Jacob had shown themselves to be.

  29. If then you rescue someone three times out of a pit, and he still demeans you, what will you do for a fourth time, when he again falls into the same pit?  I for me, I will leave him in there for at least a few days, before I again come to draw him out.  For I after all am compassioned, nor therefore would I leave him to die in there.

  30. And so the Lord did to them, this time to not bring them back after seven periods had passed, but leaving them in their well deserved pit for nearly two days, that is to say, nearly two thousand years.  Seventy years then in comparison to nineteen centuries is a large difference, a very long time to be left in a pit.

  31. If then you are a Gentile reading my speech should this not make an impression upon you, how if one repeatedly demeans his Creator that you are not going to be suffering for but a few moments but rather for a very long time, yes a very, very long time, while during that very long time you are being cursed over and over by all those around you.

  32. And that is so till at last you can't stand to hear all those reproaches upon you, and still you must hear them for century upon century to be reminded that you were ill natured, and grossly ignorant. You would like for all those around you to shut up, to no longer remind you of your stupidity, but these will not shut up.

  33. For these are likewise as blind as you were, demeaning the great Creator, and you in turn are cursing them, day in day out, century after century. For just as for centuries on end the Lord cast down His own people whom He had chosen, how do you think to receive any better treatment - you that from day one refused to know your Creator - praying to stupid idols?

  34. These sons of Jacob at least acknowledged that there was a God, the One that had driven them from their homeland. And in their descendants, though they were ignorant of His statutes, these made at least some facsimile of service to Him. Yet many of you Gentiles do not even acknowledge that there is a Creator.

  35. You are so blind that while you take the human body apart piece by piece, to know that it is a most marvelously constructed piece of machinery, you are too blind to behold that forest for its trees.  You are standing in front of a forest and you cannot see a single tree in it, so blind indeed you are.

  36. Why then should I not call you stupid and blind? How inconceivable is it - the gall for you to say that there are no trees when the whole forest is before you?  No, this is something I truly cannot fathom, how you many Gentiles can be so blind, so grossly blind.

  37. When I consider your scientist, these so called wise among you, that speak of atoms, and construct devices to split them apart, who among mankind are as ignorant as these?  

  38.   But now that I am writing all this, for whom am I recording these words?  I am recording them in what is called the twenty-first century, a time period in which the whole of the human race is more ignorant than those before them. 

  39. A century or so ago, my word might have some meaning among the sons of men, but who in this day and age is to hear when wisdom has all but vanished?

  40. I then know very well that it is not for this generation that will hear me, nor pay attention to my word, since the only thing that will awaken this generation is a rod upon their backs, a grievous rod, to wound them, and for their aposty dash them to pieces.

  41. But there are ten more centuries to come, ten long centuries in which there will not be any war, nor will these take up any sword by which to slaughter their unsuspecting neighbors.  And these of those centuries will read, for these will have seen the demise of their forefathers being erased from the earth.

  42. And these will have a model of righteousness to look upon, namely Israel, how blessed and peaceful a person may live if only they would keep themselves to the statutes of the Lord their Creator.  

  43. These therefore will read, and take heed to my word, since my word is a word in wisdom, a word that proceeded from a righteous spirit, having been taught of the very Creator of man.

  44. How therefore the record of history may serve man for an education, to vividly behold and realize what all the demise of Israel was because they would not serve Him, and lest the same demise come upon you if you take no learning from it. 

  45. The record clearly shows how it is indeed sound wisdom to fear the Almighty Creator of man, lest you anger Him to your own destruction.  Come to know Him, and love Him for His grand gift of life and being to you.  It is indeed extremely unwise to bite the hand that feeds you.

  46. As then I take it upon myself to speak of this generation, to relay a truth unto them, if but one in a million is able to hear the same I would construe that as a miracle.

  47. For you many Gentiles to go to your churches, and factually enter into them - is punishable by death.  This is so because that which is unclean must perish, and such as keep company with the unclean are an abomination before God, nor therefore will the abominable see the good but die the death of the uncircumcised.

  48. Your priests and ministers, is there even one that may be called worthy?  A vipers-brood, such is what they show themselves, shepherds destined for perdition, and you have the gall to sit down and pay homage to such poisoness creatures? Therefore I said, that by entering these dens of vipers you will die.

  49. This I spoke of not only these so called protestant conglomerations but of those roman devils as well, whose captain seated in Rome adorns himself with the emblems of the devil.

  50. What is the commandment? Is it not to NOT MAKE ANY GRAVEN IMAGES?  As therefore these roman butchers in all their churches, or pig-styles as they are - grossly violate that commandment of the Lord, there is no hope for them nor any salvation for any of them, priests nor their people.

  51. As then these have done so for many centuries, be assured that not a one of them is to inherit anything but the fires of hell upon themselves. For the many centuries those in the inheritance of heaven are few and far between.  

  52. The many sons of Israel however entering into the Sabbath and born into it, these will inherit the promised land, each and everyone of them, since for one thing, I have need of them.

  53. Or how is a righteous person to be found among the Muslims, that for all their doings worship but a murderer?  Or those many in the east, China, India, and many others that as a whole place their praise upon what is but wood and stone, or dumb irrational animals?

  54. Therefore in looking upon the whole of the world, those in the inheritance of heaven among them are few and far between. It is a world not going to the dogs, but to an inferno, a large pool of fire, because all these elected it that way.  To have this stupidity upon themselves that for life unto themselves pray to something dead.


  1. Immorality is widespread in this world, not only among them that are termed homosexuals, but among them that are not given to that sort of punishment to be inflamed for the wrong sex.  As then we are currently in the ending of the times, in the ending of the sixth day it was revealed to us that immorality would come to its worst.

  2. And so indeed it has come, for what can be more vile than men with men, and women with women. This is not as such a preference for them, but is placed upon them as punishment, because so the Apostle said; 

  3. "For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them, and although they knew God they did not honor Him as God."

  4. Now I know that many which do not have that vile lust likewise do not honor God, like your scientists, your media, and many others that proclaim evolution, a most vile word that will be rewarded upon everyone who pronounces it with the fires of hell.

  5. And why then, so you may reason, are not these given over to the same punishment in lusting after the wrong sex?  I may answer this with another question; Why is it that God causes tornado's to wipe out a swat through a town, and not in every town? For those indeed that lost their homes, and/or are killed by it, are no more wicked, than those of any other town.

  6. Or earthquakes, or any calamity that occurs upon the earth.  The Lord does it as a warning, as a warning to all mankind that lest you repent you will come to perish likewise. 

  7. And so the Lord brings this punishment on some to have this vile lust for the same sex, to therewith shame them, and be for a shame and disgusting to behold for all that are around them.

  8. But instead of being ashamed of being thus punished by the hand of God, they began to glory in it, and even to take it as a right upon themselves, to have the authorities sanction their calamity as a right among the people.  

  9. If thus by an earthquake the Lord executes a number of persons, will the world come to say; that it is their right and their honor to die, as if there is some sort of glory in being punished? Is it a glory and honor for those put in jail, to be punished for a crime?

  10. What sort of mentality is this world made of - to glory in punishment?  How deeply have not these queers sunk into the slime of the earth?   But know this - how everyone that looks upon them with favor are equally covered with slime, with the slime that is but fuel for the fire.

  11. It all comes about in where it states;  "Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever!"

  12. And he continued to say; "For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanging natural relations for unnatural, and men gave up natural relations with women, being consumed with passion for one another, committing shameless act, receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their errors."

  13. How fond so many are of judging those of Sodom and Gomorrah to have been vile, as were they worse than any, not realizing, nor willing to admit that they themselves are yet worse than the men of Sodom and Gomorrah ever were.

  14. Why was it that God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah?  It was as an example to all the race of man that was to follow, that unless you conduct yourselves in a right manner, to honor the Lord for all that He has made, and for the life and being that He has given you, to keep by His statutes, He will come to destroy you as He destroyed those of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  15. And is not this what the Apostle said, namely;  "Just as Sodom and Gomor'rah and the surrounding cities which likewise acted immorally, and indulged in unnatural lust - serve as an example by inflicting upon them a punishment of eternal fire."

  16. If then you will say to me that these vile ones in their unnatural lust can do no different, as if they were born with it, it is because in their hearts there was no respect for the Lord or His word.  As then the Apostle said;  "They stumble because they disobey the word, as they were destined to do."

  17. The unwise take it as if they had no choice - being destined for such punishment.  And indeed they are destined, but you in all the rest of the world are no less destined for punishment, if not in an unnatural lust it will be in other ways. If then you conclude that there is no heaven for queers, indeed there is none.

  18. But they have this, just as all men have that live by a natural passion, namely to repent of their inequities. The first thing these should learn is that their unnatural behavior is for a punishment upon them. And come to be ashamed of it, and being very much ashamed to repent of their evil mind towards God.


  1. There are those claiming to be; "Jews for Jesus."  But they do not know Jesus or else they would have kept His commandments. These therefore in effect claim; "Jews for our own imagination."

  2. "This people, so the Lord said; come near to Me with their mouth, but their hearts are far from me."  And so I am speaking of half the race of man, with the other half not coming near with neither hearts nor lips.  And what then is left in the human race?  

  3. When it were but eight souls in the days of Noah, and the Lord having acclaimed to us that in our day it would be as in the days of Noah, how many fingers on my hands will I have to enumerate to count the whole host of them that are as yet faithful?

  4. In looking at the race of man, there is this segment, small as it may be, that honor the Lord.  And there is this segment, which is larger that came to be born of an evil seed, of which the Lord spoke; "How do you presume not to be sentenced to hell?"

  5. And in between there is this multitude, which are not as such sons of the devil, but neither can these be called sons of God.  These as such are born of the blood of man, a race born in the earth, in which there may be found the meek as well as hard of heart, the semi-wise and the unwise.

  6. Them that wish to enter into the good land, but know not how, and them that attempt to enter but are prevented from doing so by the serpents blocking their way.  Among these there are the many that are ignorant, something that can be forgiven if only these could find a heart of remorse.

  7. Wherefore it is indeed so that by bringing knowledge into a person, one is awakening life into them.  But who wishes to be educated? Who will hear to my words to know that these are of God, and suitable for the life of a person?  If I were an angel with heavens glory surrounding me, these would still not acclaim me to be of God.

  8. How then as a mere man of flesh and blood, shall I be fit for their consideration?  For as the poor are distasteful to the rich, and the uneducated to the educated, so it is for the pride in a man that he looses his life, and his reckoning of number one that bars him from everlasting joy.

  9. What is the fear of God in the multitude that reside upon the earth?  It is a routine, a commandment learned by rote, by what is driven into them by their so called teachers, and by what their forebears taught them and by what their descendants manipulated upon them to make them of even less value.

  10. It was therefore O you unwise ones that can still hear me - as to why the Lord destroyed the wisdom of the wise, feeding them with wormwood.  "They turn things upside down, doing just the opposite of what is correct," so the Lord said.  As if the clay is more than the potter, and the thing that is made says of Him who made it; "that He has no understanding."

  11. How then is your hide to be saved that you may be numbered among the blessed ones?  The multitude is due for shame, for a grievous rod upon their backs since these elected it that way.  And the Lord also made an election like He said; "Each one that is called by My name, whom I created for My glory, whom I formed and made."

  12. When therefore these many are cut down by the sword, and in the belly of the vultures, then in that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and the blind shall come forth out of the darkness to behold the light of the Lord.  

  13. "The meek, so the Lord said; shall obtain fresh joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall exult in the Holy One of Israel."

  14. And what is to become of the rich and the mighty, of them that are well seated, and have no need of anything?  "They shall come to nothing, so the Lord said, the ruthless shall perish and the scoffer cease, together with all that watch to do evil, all of them shall be cut off."

  15. The vultures and the wild dogs will indeed gorge themselves on human flesh, on all that are wicked, whose names are not written in for life.  All because they kneel before a piece of wood, or glorify a pervert and a murderer as their way to salvation. Nor shall these escape that have taken number one, and gold or silver for a god unto themselves.

  16. There is One who name is Cyrus, as one of many names by whom He is known, a Shepherd of the Almighty One.  "It is He, so the Father of all said; who shall fulfill all My purpose; saying to Jerusalem that she shall be built."  It is also He who will tread down the wicked so that few in the race of man will remain in the earth.

  17. In this my heart exults that at long last peace may reign in the earth, when all the wicked and the ruthless, and perverts are no more.  Then also the Temple will be built, a whole new and glorious Temple in the midst of Jerusalem.  In that day no uncircumcised person shall ever set foot in her again.

  18. For what do you mean - O you reprobate rulers in the earth - to have the soles of infidels walk around in Jerusalem as if in anywise these might become owners of it?  

  19. You are indeed reprobates and detestable in my sight to have even suggested the same.  Do not therefore think you will go free you reprobate rulers in the earth, for you have angered me to your own demise.

  20. Jerusalem will be free of infidels, she will be glorious, and everyone that has his sight set against her, shall fall and not rise again.  For this indeed shall be O you unwise in the earth, that; "In the Lord all the offspring of Israel shall triumph and glory."  And not a one within her shall be unwise, nor shall any falsehood proceed from their lips.

  21. Every single one ransomed of the Lord shall return, not a one of them will remain among the Gentiles, since it is their Husband calling them to return. And shall I now say unto you nations, that while these are rejoicing that you shall weep?  

  22. You will weep alright but your tears will not be falling upon the earth, since you will no longer be upon it.  The meek alone will remain upon it, whose tears will fall upon the earth.

  23. Hear therefore unto me you that are among the meek, and you that are poor, and all of you that are afflicted to the end that you might be written in for life in Jerusalem. It is the Mighty One of Jacob who comforts you, be not afraid of any man since these are no more than dry grass to be consumed in the fire.

  24. Remember Him who made you, for so He said: "You will forget the shame of your youth."  He will have compassion upon you, the Redeemer, your Redeemer. Those which despised you, and took their abuse upon you, shall be no more, and the Lord will cause their sons that remain to bow down at your feet.

  25. Then it will also come to pass, as it is written;  "And they shall go forth and look on the dead bodies of the men that have rebelled against Me; for their worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh."


  1. O Lord that Thou bestowed so much grace on me a sinner is incomprehensive.  That Thou has given me such faith and reliance upon Thee I cannot comprehend.   For what am I, a foolish man that has done foolish things.

  2. My love for Thee O Lord has been with me all my days from the day of my youth, but I was a brute I went astray and sinned against myself even as it was before Thee.

  3. And why did I do so to listen to the tempter going astray, why was I not wiser?  For now I loathe myself for having done what is not according to Thy pure word and what is righteous in Thy sight.

  4. For I love but to do what is righteous before Thee, how then did I fail, how did I come to act so foolishly when at all times my love was for Thee?

  5. O how in this body I am subject to the desires of this flesh, this temporary home that offends me.  It is a thorn in my sight this very body of mine, since its desires are not my desires.

  6. Rescue me O Lord from this body and from all that it seeks not wholesome in Thy sight, for my soul loves Thee. And to keep Thy statutes is my delight for Thy statutes are statues of righteousness and of perfect justice.

  7. With lying words men lay their cords upon me.  Reprove them for me O Lord, for Thou only art my strength. Reward them according to their ways, for with malice they took pleasure in bringing harm and pain upon me.

  8. Since O Lord my old self was crucified with Thee, that in this body I am dead to sin, why does it provoke me, why does it play up against me to perform what I hate and despise?

  9. With sin having no dominion over me since by grace and faith I am Thine to live for Thee alone, why does it provoke me?  Why do I do what I hate to do, like Paul said; "I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate."

  10. But I O Lord do not want to do what I hate, not even for a moment.  And while I understand Paul, I still want it my way, to not at all do what I hate.   Sin truly has no dominion over me, for I am bound in Thy grace.  I do not yield my members to sin as instruments of wickedness, my love being for Thy righteous statutes.  

  11. But this flesh of mine, is not like unto me, it provokes me, and I am angry with it for provoking me. It is surely so O Lord that I do not understand my own actions, nor my love for the people, for the creations of Thy hand, for those many lovely creations.  

  12. I do not care about fancy houses or mansions.  Gold nor silver holds any interest for me, nor the glory of the people, or their praise for the many gifts that Thou O Lord has bestowed on me.  But in this I will take delight, in the many treasures, in the people given me of Thy hand.

  13.   No earthly thing holds any value to me, and my manly love is but for those lovely treasures given of Thy hand.  These are my delight, as treasures given of Thy hand, so these are.  Yet for as much as these are my treasures - truth and righteousness are yet greater unto me, and perfect judgment the greatest of my delight.

  14. The devil has sorely tried me, knowing my manly weakness.  The Lord rebuke him, and drive him from me, attempting to trip me when I was found destitute.

       MY MIND

  1. I love the Lord because He first loved me.  He is my Father, He it was who fashioned me, He the One who gave me knowledge and understanding, He taught me the foundations of the earth, and gave me His counselor to be with me always. He feeds me, upholds me, He gives me being. 

  2. Then at times so I reason, why do I suffer pain, or hardship, or that I am robbed and justice never finds its way?  How with all His love for me are also such ills upon me as come upon the wicked?  Though I am loved of Him, I am not excluded from what comes upon all.   

  3. Is it perhaps for my sins that ills are brought upon me? No, not so, since these were forgiven in the offering of His Beloved, and yet such things that all men experience I must also endure, while though my love for Him is pure and undefiled, loving Him like a Father, and how does a Father allow harm or ill to His sons?

  4. This I did experience, how the demons, the evil spirits of the air, love to come to me when I am asleep, when I am not conscience, to plague me with the most senseless of apparitions, or dreams as they are called.  Of these I said; these demons are worse than ignorant, a most wicked breed with no knowledge of any worth.  

  5. And why do these approach me to plague me with their stupidity?  I can almost hear the devil say; "Why should he be excluded from our manipulations?"   Why should he be different when he is one of our prime targets?

  6. If then my guardian angels step back to allow it, it is indeed so that we are to partake of trials so as to purify us and strengthen us in all Godliness and righteousness.  I know it, and I know it well. That which comes upon the many also comes upon me.

  7. But this is a certain fact, how that devil in his manipulations is self defeating, he may be destroying those born of himself, but never the sons of God, who by it come forth ever more glorious.  Proceed therefore O you foolish one, for with your ill labors you are destroying your own selves.

  8. Why do I write down words expressing myself?  It for one thing is to relieve myself since I do not have a single soul with whom I may speak to know or understand my word.  There is not a one around me upon whom any trust is warranted, all of them are as an empty creek.

  9. No family nor friends, nor even my own children are to be trusted. Even as I empty myself out before them they kick up their heel against me.  But I am like a fountain who when it closes its mouth comes under its own pressure.

  10. In the understanding granted me of God I came to meditate upon many things to somehow understand the ways of man, and the way of the Lord with the children of man.  Just to look at any person I am astounded for the marvelous ways in which the Lord constructed them.  

  11. Only I am not able to put into words the deep thoughts and understanding that passes me for the works of the Lord are more than marvelous and beyond words for their reckoning.

  12. I came to this conclusion; that the Lord in creating man ordered their conduct according to their nature.  That in all his walks of life he was to walk in the nature of his own nature; to love and to perform all his acts in the nature of that human nature.  Nor does the Lord stir it, but where He judges otherwise.  

  13. For their ills He created herbs, and gave them doctors educating them how to counteract these ills. And He teaches every man the skills by which he is to earn his daily bread.  Though a man may conclude to be taught of man, it is ultimately of the Lord.   Man is not led like a animal by a bit and a line to be so directed.  

  14. Men may kill one another, men may love one another, and the Lord leaves them act after their nature after their own will.  It is not by super-natural intervention that any man be healed or guided.  And yet how ironic that statement is since all things are of the Lord, health as well as illness.

  15. Man plans his way, but his steps are of the Lord.  It is the Lord who heals, and the Lord who breaks down. If it were not of the Lord no structure would rise.  When the earth shakes to uproot the sons of men, it is as a warning of Him who gave them their breath in the first place.

  16.  If a man be rich; it is of the Lord; and the poor likewise, nor is there anything like war or peace but that it is of the Lord to ordain the same.  If then all things are of the Lord, and yet men also plow forth in a will of their own, after the nature of man - how is one to understand the marvelous ways in which the Lord deals with the sons of men?

  17. This knowledge is too great for me; with the best of understanding I cannot fathom the grandeur of His wisdom, even though I often reached out to understand if but for a small part of that wisdom.  In this - for a sum of it; I beheld how there are always two, and yet they are one. Two seemingly opposing and yet gather for a single being.

  18. How is not knowledge set forth by figures of speech, if not to provide an image of what by man can not be understood?  And how for the unworthy wisdom is withheld from them in the way by which the words are arranged, and yet the wise are educated by them.  The Lord God is without beginning and without end, yet so He said; "I am the beginning and the end."

  19. Why did the Lord allow for Isaac in his old age to be nearly blind?  Was not Isaac beloved of the Lord?  How simple it would have been of the Lord to grand him good vision all the days of his exile upon this earth.   Was it then in order that the greater blessing might come upon Jacob rather than Esau?

  20.  David in his old age could not keep himself warm; nor in his love and fear of the Lord did it prevent him from entering into the wife of another man.  And yet by that very same woman the Lord brought forth Solomon, a king of kings, granting him more wisdom than any man. Who then is to understand the ways of the Lord, or even the mind of kings?

  21. Abraham for all his faith unshaken yet feared for his life on account of the beauty of his wife.  And Solomon taking many breasts to be joyful at weakened on the delight of them; and even took steps to prevent what the Lord had ordered upon him to split the kingdom.   

  22. And what of myself for the foolish acts in which I endeavored? Where was my fear of the Lord, while though I knew Him so well and loved Him as David loved Him. All of these should have known better, should they not -- so I reason.  For what is fear if not utilized, or faith if not collected upon?  Like our Lord reproved us saying; "O you of little faith."

  23. And so I am reminded how God gave us to live our lives in a human way, after the nature of it, and that we must pass through trials.  For again how ever much I try I cannot reach that understanding to know the mysteries of my Creator.  

  24. As His knowledge is greater to ours, so His ways are higher than ours as much as heaven above the earth, or to the ends of the universe yes infinity so much greater.

  25. It is a painful thing that I am doing, attempting to reach that which cannot be reached, to latch onto something that is far beyond my cunning.  My brother and my friend said it so well as he said; "Unreachable is what exists."   

  26. Since then I exist, and love that which exists, I foolishly reach out, but to no avail, for the Lord our Creator is more than all that can be said or expanded upon. He is immensely great and for His greatness inconceivable to all the sons of the earth.  


  1. This day I am more than seventy and four years in a world of exile, in a world I very much despise, which is not for the world as such but for its people, a people that are dear to my heart, since the peak of my love is for the people.  I care for nothing of this world but for the human creatures that are upon it, for these I care very much.  

  2. Yet these human creatures have corrupted themselves to hardly be human anymore, not in the image of their Creator.  In the ignorance of their mind they worship stupid idols, and they commit murder and robbery and villainy, and every wicked thing.  The love of God and of their neighbor is indeed far from them.  

  3. They are greedy for gain, everyone looking out for something to take from another, their appetite has no end, it is for number one that their minds are fixed.  And while there is some good to be seen it is choked by their cares around them.

  4. When I approach a man to correct him from his errors, he becomes angry with me, nor did anyone of them have the courtesy to answer nor reply.  Therefore O you brutes of the human race it is with a rod upon your backs that I will come, and with destruction.

  5. And with such a people I am in love?  O what stupidity that is of me, what stupidity indeed that I should love such creatures.  Yet I cannot help myself, I cannot tear that love out of me while at all times I hate and despise their words and their deeds.

  6. From the age of twenty and four I began to record all that the Lord showed me, and to this day no-one would listen nor consider the treasures of knowledge that I duly presented unto them. Such many treasures for which they claimed to be earnestly looking. But it was in hypocrisy, their own honor being foremost to them.

  7. Am I not therefore a fool to have written so much and continue to do so with no one to hear?  I must surely be held as demented to speak so boldly while no-one pays attention, and none of my words have as yet come to fulfilling, nor, so these will speak in their hearts, will these ever come to pass.

  8. "He is but a fool to have spoken such words, and to have believed upon them with such devotion.  We consider him demented more than a believing soul, since for one thing we do not understand what it is that he is speaking of, such words as never heard before, and for our very best we can not know if he be right or wrong."

  9. If then O my people, though you are not my people, I am the fool, know that you yourselves are the greater to me, for not being able to comprehend my word, and to have no counsel.  

  10. And when at last the Almighty Lord rises to vindicate me upon you, what then will you do, and how then will you fare, and counted as demented more than you beheld me?

  11. For so is my faith, unwavering, -- and my knowledge a sure thing.

  12. My joy is to serve the Lord, to keep His commandments, for they are just and righteous. His praise is on my lips.  And in my hand He has given me a two edged sharp sword to cut down the nations, and bring reproach upon the peoples, like it is written in the Psalms;

  13. "To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron, to execute on them the judgment that is written."  For this O you foolish ones that hear and that cannot hear me; is the glory of all that are faithful to the Lord. This also my joy when the wicked are no more.

  14. Therefore O Lord my God, love of my soul, fill the earth with corpses, let none of them that are violent escape. Let all that serve Thee in hypocrisy be rooted out of the earth.  For why should they live and be a vexation and torment unto my soul?

  15. My love is for righteous dealings, I hate injustice, and cannot stand them that practice it. 


  1. O Lord Thy love to me is overwhelming, my soul sings to Thee continually, Thy peace within my soul is so grandiose, so lovely,  O how happy Thou does make me.  For the remorse of a single soul to turn away from wickedness is a joy into my heart such as I cannot express, so marvelous Thy love to grant forgiveness to the creature of Thy hand.

  2. O that the remorse may be fully truthful, from deep within.  I did ask it of Thee, and my soul desired it so strongly, I wished to believe upon it so strongly that his heart may be truly contrite.  

  3. If I may suggest a trade, let me be put out that these others may live. I will forego my kingdom and my kingship O Lord for the soul of these many to be spared. For I love Thy creature, the works of Thy hand.

  4. And how very much Thou O Lord love the works of Thy hand, those many persons, no wonder Thou art so kind and so long suffering towards them, for they are beautiful O Lord, so marvelous to behold and to love in how Thou did make them. 

  5. I love Thy creature O Lord, the whole number of them, these are to me as treasures, as the lovely treasures of Thy hand to love them and to care for them, to have their ever abiding in Thy endless compassion.  How immensely compassioned Thou art, how inconceivable Thy mercy for the sons of man, and for those of Thine own household, as cannot be expressed.

  6. For a single soul to turn to Thee the angels rejoice, but no less I O Lord, with great joy, and with a deep thankfulness to Thee to have granted such a turning unto Thee.  My soul rejoices greatly in Thee to grand Thy love to a son of man that He may sing to Thee.

  7. How can I possibly speak of Thy love O Lord, how can I possibly relate the grandeur of Thy kindness? Thou does fill my soul with Thy Spirit to make me sing for joy, my heart exults in Thee.

  8. While then I attempt to place into words that great and deep love which Thou procures upon me, granting me Thy peace, I can not in any sort of words do it justice, to relate the grandeur of it.

  9. Continually my soul thank Thee, and expresses my love for Thee, O how very, very much I love Thee, how very dearly my soul is knit to Thee.  I reached out my hand to the poor and the needy, to the oppressed, because I love Thee O Lord, and because I love Thy creature.  But the wicked are far from me, I will not come near unto them.

  10. Thou O Lord made a law for the sons of man to keep, but what is a law when my desire is always for the love which Thou has sown into my soul?  Unto me Thy law is unseen, since it has been replaced by desire, by the grand desire to in love and out of love always love and honor Thee, and the creatures of Thy hand.

  11. Thy law is but a cord to bind the hands of them whose love is of themselves, while my love is of Thy love, an everlasting love, and grand desire.  May I always enjoy Thy Love, as indeed I will now and into forever, for Thou art steadfast and unwavering.

  12. With Thee there is no changing,  and even so I have become O Lord forever unchanging in the Love which Thou lavished upon me.

  13. May Thy Spirit always guide me, and gladden my heart to forever be in Thy image, born of Thee in Thine Beloved,  in Thine only begotten Son, my love, by whom I came forth to be for a light to the nations, and for the rejoicing of many.

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