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  1. No man that seeks his own glory is fit to be called a man.

  2. For he that is noble devices noble things, and by noble things he stands.

  3. A truth that makes most of man's rulers and his commanders, generals in all, as less than man, wherefore when these appear before me to beg mercy I will likewise consider them as less than male.

  4. I contemplated in my heart, saying; For once this world will have a real man on their hand, one that is male.

  5. The world is the Lord's and all its people, for who can be everywhere at once to govern the whole host of them?  The Lord God is His name, He alone is able to satisfy the needs of all earth's creatures.

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  1. It is written: "They hate him who reproves in the gate, and they abhor him who speaks the truth."   So indeed am I, and them that rise up against me are many. 

  2. Israel had his misfortunes, so the blind pronounce to say, but it was the Lord who said; "I will make you small among the nations, you shall be utterly despised."   Small indeed she is this day, but at least after many years she is a nation again, so that the word fits her like a glove.

  3. But my word this day is for the sons of Edom, for all the nations upon every continent, the Americans as well as the Europeans, nor is Asia to be excused.  How dreadful were the acts that the sons or perdition played upon the sons and daughters of Israel shaming them and gassing them to death. 

  4. When they were put up for sale their lives were not worth even a penny to be had.  And who reached out to save them from extinction? 

  5. Don't you know - you Americans, and all you Europeans, that he who turns a blind eye is as guilty as the perpetrators themselves? Was not this a condition upon you when you were formed, that God made each man responsible for his neighbor?

  6. And though you had the means you would not stop the murder, nor interfere in the slaughter of these many helpless ones.  

  7. And now you think that I am speaking of that period in time that is called the Second World War, and yes I am, but not only of that time period but of this day in time as well, even of the day of today.

  8. It is barely a half of their rightful property on which Israel is this day eating bread, and you nations far and near are contemplating how to take even that much away from them, to root them out altogether. 

  9. "Take away their capital, and give it to infidels," - so the heads of the nations are proclaiming, inclusive the American reprobates who at first were supposedly their friends.

  10. And these reprobates invent fictitious borders so as to squeeze the life out of Israel. It is not enough that their lives be worth a shekel, let it be worse, let us assist them that seek the death of Jacob.  

  11. For these Jews everywhere come to take the best of everything, and before long we will come under their rule.  So let us do away with them.

  12. This is what is in the mind of those many reprobates, both far and near, although these do not openly show their real intentions, except perhaps the Iranians, these at least speak their heart with honesty.  

  13. Since however you nations are acting ignorantly as if you had no idea what I am talking about, I will put it to you in the words of the Lord.

  14. "You should not have gloated over the day of Israel in the day of his misfortune, you should not have rejoiced over the people called Jews in the day of their ruin, you should not have boasted in the day of distress.  Nor should you have entered the gate of My people in the day of his calamity.

  15. You should not have gloated over his disaster, nor should you have looted his goods in the day of his calamity."  Nor should you have stood at the parting of the ways to cut off his fugitives, nor should you have delivered up his survivors in the day of his distress."

  16. Read it again you reprobates if not all or most of the nations were guilty of this in their forebears, and still are in their descendants. In my view you are worse than Cain, who said; "Am I my brothers keeper?"  For your intentions were not for any keeping. 

  17. It is not only for the violence that your forebears did to the sons of Israel, O you heads of the nations, but for what is in your mind this very day you shall come to be covered in shame.

  18. And so my Lord says; "You shall be cut off forever."  You the nations not only around Israel, but far and near as well in all your heads thereof, you will fall and rise no more.

  19. Listen to me you nations, some time ago I gave you a way out from your predicament, but you would not listen to me, therefore now this day I am no longer going to grant you that way out.  

  20. I will no longer consider that avenue for peace among you, but to call upon my Lord and God for punishment upon you, and for destruction upon you.

  21. I will remind the Lord my God of His word where He said: "As you have done, it shall be done to you, your deeds O you nations far and near shall return upon your own heads."

  22. Go ahead and issue those Palestinians their statehood.  But when you do will it be worth anything? You nations may approve of it, but where is my approval, or that of the Lord, the God of Jacob?  

  23. You do not concern yourself for the God of Jacob, nor for my approval of your wicked inventions.  Very well then - the day of retribution is near at hand.




  1. The bigger or richer they get - the more corrupt they are.   From personal experience one can get better service for sixty dollars at most hotels or motels then from some at a price tag of three hundred dollars.  Nor is there any justice in the courts, nor with the rulers seeing how these write their laws to oppress everyone.

  2. How well therefore that the Almighty Lord gave me to pronounce an everlasting curse upon all judges and counselors, the world over, past, present, and future. And if the Almighty Lord causes me to pronounce the same upon all rulers, I will not hesitate to do so.

  3. Whom does he think he is this leader of the USA?  He promised to keep the laws of the country, its constitution. But he lied to write out new laws, titles of oppression in direct violation of its constitution, and of its bill of rights.  

  4. What then shall be done with a head of state out to destroy its own country and its own people? He will be found in the depths of hell!

  5. What awful hypocrites and criminals these rulers are and their henchmen. For many of the persons that languish in man's prison none of them are as criminal and as vile as the rulers themselves, along with the judges, and the potentates of the earth.  Therefore also these will receive the greater condemnation.

  6. And if these reprobates to humanity wish to defend themselves saying, that such are the rules, and the laws set forth.  Yes indeed at that they are very good, just like the judges and counselors, to promote criminal oppression, to write out bastard laws and oppression.

  7. Did not one of these claim how they must be humane to the immigrants and to the drug dealers that ruin the lives of untold many persons? Indeed he did, while at the same time he sanctions the torture of such as have not even been charged with any crime.  

  8. For these reprobates to humanity are at all times assisting the criminals while they punish the victims of their own crimes.

  9. Many centuries ago Enoch spoke of this that these would indeed be so, and they have been throughout all the years and centuries.  The crime for which Bin Laden was charged is minor to what the rulers of the earth, with their henchmen, and their judges are at all times guilty of.

  10. But the Almighty Lord is witness to all their criminal acts, and He will reward them accordingly. Then these will indeed weep and gnash their teeth when He makes them to lie down in their bed of worms.  A great torment will be enacted upon them since they are worthy of it.

  11. It is written: "The Lord will roar from on high, and from his holy habitation utter his voice; he will roar mightily against his fold, and shout, like those who tread grapes against all the inhabitants of the earth."

  12. It is near to you O all you nations, it will be upon you, there is no escape.  And why should I as a messenger of good tidings to Jerusalem to have compassion upon her?  

  13. Like unto all the rest of the nations Israel is vile, she is full of criminal acts and of mockery and disrespect for the Lord who brought some of them back into the land of their inheritance.   Why then should I have pity upon her?

  14. It is for the Lord, and His word unto me that I speak and act. There is no righteousness in Israel, as there is none in the other nations, but for His Name sake He will act, and for that alone.

  15. For His promise He made to Abraham, for He is not like any man to go back on His word, like these worthless rulers of the earth do.

  16. So as a prince I say unto you nations, unto all of you, I had my fill of you, I truly had my fill of you. And for all you mighty ones in the earth the day is not far off that I will break your bones, and scatter them at the mouth of hell. Then you will surely know that it is the Lord who rules.


  1. How much is there in David's song of praise?  How much more in understanding to place into words? So indeed it is, and my heart rests in the Lord.

  2. David said;  "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.  He keeps all his bones, and not one of them is broken."  The reference here to; - "his bones," - does not (as may be presumed) refer to mans bodily bones. But my aim here is - in reference to the first part of the quotation.

  3. Man prays, and prays, and prays some more, their voice is always to God. Yet how often are their prayers really to God, or that at all they are prayers?  

  4. To them it is but a ritual, with no real thought of God in their hearts.  So many keep saying Allah, Allah, as were they calling on God, but it is their own god, the devil, to whom they are calling for murder upon their neighbors.

  5.  If one asks anything of God, expect to receive it, and when you do not receive it, why was that?   Why in essence is God making a mockery of their prayer, if perhaps because these are making a mockery of God's word, wherefore the Lord answers them according to their ways.  

  6. "Ask of Me whatsoever you will, and you will receive it." So our Lord said.  As then men pray end on end with no results, who is the blame if not man to fail in the conditions by which the Lord made that promise.

  7. So then prayer becomes as in; - not often -- and of few words, - for one need but ask once, and it is done, or else the prayer is no prayer, but rather a mockery taking the name of the Lord in vain.  For which cause man's prayers are a sin in him.  

  8. As often as he prays thus he sins. Like the Lord said;  "What right do they have to take His statutes upon their lips."

  9. As then the righteous ask of the Lord not to bring them into affliction, and yet affliction comes upon them, for what reason might it be that the Lord failed to grant them their request?  

  10. First of all the righteous in making any request also leave it to the Lord after His will, rather than after their own will.  

  11. And secondly; it is often by affliction that the Lord teaches His children to come nearer to Him and to instill wisdom into them, wherefore that affliction from which man wished to escape - but did not - turned out for the better to him.   

  12. Conclusively thus in effect the Lord did hear their request - but gave them a better remedy than what they asked for.  And so the Lord does to me and man alike whereby I came to write these words.

  13. Men are so easily to say;  "God willing," yet do not mean a word of it, - to them it is but an expression without the reality of it,  since instead they factually mean to say;  "Fate willing." 

  14. The Titanic for example did not go down by accident, but by design, and that so called accident which I had in Phoenix AZ, was no accident, it too was for a good purpose. 

  15. And so there are many such things, for nothing is ever by what men call chance, although it may often appear that way.

  16. And the fact that the pistols of the German officers in the city of Krakow during World War Two did not operate, as depicted in the movie;  "Schindlers list." also was by design, since there was no mechanical failure there.

  17. It is written:  "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein; for He has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the rivers."  

  18. What this reveals is; that while the Lord created the earth and man, He placed it in the hands of rulers, like a master handing his flocks into the hands of shepherds to care for.

  19. That rule then is twofold, both heavenly and earthly, the rulers among men governing their subjects, and the whole earth under the rule of Satan and his confederates, like he said to our Lord in tempting Him; "how he was king and gives those kingdoms to anyone he wills."  

  20. Thus to found it upon the seas, and upon rivers - is to have them that are secondary, like shepherds govern and care for His creation.

  21. Then as it reads:  "For dominion belongs to the Lord, and He rules over the nations."  He is the Master of all rulers, and maintains the highest rule, like the master with his shepherds caring for his flocks.   

  22. As then man disobeyed God's law and statutes, it is like the Lord saying:   I will withdraw Myself from you and leave you to your own rulers, to them that are not like Me.

  23. And by this it came forth that even though the Lord intervenes with His good angels to protect us, He leaves something for the factual rulers.   

  24. If not so these factual rulers would soon kill us all, and that for two reasons, first that the Lord promised to deliver us from death, and secondly because - by it - the desire of these factual rulers is against us.  

  25. And this also serves as a teaching for mankind, and for a sieve to behold which of them in their free will comes to choose for the Lord, or for their secondary rulers that are contrary to the will of God.  That Satan then is primarily against the righteous to harm them, since these it are to eventually inherit his ranks.

  26. And so we must consider the heavenly rule that dominates the earthly rule. For is it not said: "That our combat is with the spiritual rule?" And did not all the sons of Jacob confirm this, as well as the apostles?

  27. The attempts of the evil spirits then being foremost against the sons of God, these are against me to if at all possible - break my faith, my reliance upon my God.  For yes it is indeed a simple matter for an angel to defeat the purpose of any man.  

  28. How easily it was for the Satan to crumble Job's house on top of all his children, or to incite men to rob all the livestock that Job had.  Or how easy it was for him to afflict Job with sickness and worms.

  29. Yet since the Lord commanded him not to take the life of Job, the Satan did not kill him, nor was he able to do so.  And how many other people do not have afflictions brought on to them by the Satan?

  30.  The Lord made man in a healthy state, for the Lord does not harm anyone, nor is that His desire, nor of His workings. Yet Satan is able to rearrange things so that illness is on them.

  31. If thus Satan rules this place, why are there factually more healthy persons than sick persons, since he would like to kill us all, or harm us all to make us all sick and deformed?   

  32. Obviously he is only able to perform but what he is allowed to perform, the good angels of the Lord protecting all God's creatures, allowing the Satan to have his way only to the extend that is given him.

  33. And so I say; who is to understand the ways of heaven, and what all takes place in word and deeds invisible to our eyes, and unheard of by our ears?    

  34. All that goes on all around us, and we do not notice it, or take no notice of it, except them that are wise, that do understand the things that are of God, and that meditate on such matters.

  35. So it was that at times I got to thinking how perhaps the Satan messed me up; serving as a lesson for me - to more dearly put my trust in God, and to reach out to Him, and how it serves for a greater and deeper understanding of heavenly things, recalling how; "God does all things for the good of them that love Him."  

  36. And yes so it is, for by it I came to meditate on things men usually never even consider, granting me a much deeper understanding than ever before, most of which - sadly enough - I know not how to place into words.

  37.   It is said: "Many are the affliction of them that seek the Lord, yet He saves them out of all of them, and turns their adversities into a blessing for them."   And is that not the case?  For it is upon them that seek the Lord that the Satan takes his aim to destroy them, that not one of them might inherit his ranks. 

  38. But those that fear the Lord enjoy His protection, giving charge to His angels to protect them. And when these step back to allow the Satan to have an arrow reach its goal, it is but for the good of them that fear the Lord, for by these things they come ever closer to God and to His statutes.

  39. "The Satan will put you in prison for ten days, but endure unto the end, and I will give you the crown of life." So the Lord our Savior spoke:  And what are we to conclude of this / if not but that this Satan has a right to try us, to behold if we are indeed worthy to take in his place in the heavens.

  40. The Lord is a righteous Lord, being just with His angels as well as with man. It then is not only for our best but in righteousness towards the Satan and his angels under him, that we should be tried for our worthiness to enter upon such lofty seats.

  41. It is written: "Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His steadfast love, that He may deliver their soul from death and keep them alive in famine."  

  42. What does it matter if I do not have good success in earthly things, since I abide but for a moment in this earth that my soul may be saved from death.  And for His goodness God promised that no child of Him would ever die from starvation, to lack the food for their needs.

  43. Like again it is written:  "Fear the Lord you His saints, for those that fear Him have no want.  The young lions suffer want and hunger, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."

  44. This is His promise;  "Evil shall slay the wicked; and those who hate the righteous will be condemned."   And while the shepherds feed the sheep to the wild beasts, not caring for them;  "The Lord redeems the life of His servants; none of those who take refuge in Him will be condemned."

  45. What beauty now I could place into words, and would like to do, if only I could find how to do so, I could then reveal a part of the great majesty of the Lord, and His sure plan.  But I can do no more than place the water in a bowl, I am not able to facilitate the glory of its taste within us, but for the looks of it.

  46. It is written:  "Yea, to Him shall all the proud of the earth bow down; before Him shall bow all who go down to the dust, and he who cannot keep himself alive."  

  47. The rulers of the earth, angels as well as man, may have their aspirations and their ways, but for all their means they are not able to keep themselves alive.

  48. It is the Lord who rules above all, and His purpose will stand. Then all God's creatures throughout all the heavens, and all the many galaxies in their many different ranks will acknowledge that God is righteous above all and most holy.  

  49. Solomon spoke saying:  "Give the king Thy justice, O God, and Thy righteousness to the Royal Son!  May He judge Thy people with righteousness, and Thy poor with justice!  

  50. Let the mountains bear prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness!  May He defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor!"

  51. It would take many words to justly define these few words, but Solomon spoke for the day to come where he said, "for the mountains to bear prosperity, and the hills in righteousness." 

  52. Again it is written: "Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice.  Each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a covert from the tempest, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land."

  53. So my dear people it will be, and would that I could say more, but it will be for a day to come.

  54. How little man realizes all the things that go on in heaven among the angels, both good and bad, and what all these procure in order to deceive the children of man, to alienate them from their Creator, and from His statutes.  

  55. God's angels look with sadness upon the works of the sons of man for all the wickedness that he sells himself to.   And many there are in the heavens asking -- when all this will be ended, that rebellion against the great name of the Lord, the Creator of all.

  56. There are perhaps more righteous debates in heaven then here on earth, since the children of men are beset with ignorance and with unbelief.  All things that go on -- are by spirits, like desire, lust, passion,  the eye to see, and ear to hear, all are spiritual, as is taste and feeling.  

  57. For we are spirits having our abiding in an assortment of molecules beautifully arranged by the power of God our Creator. Continually we are bombarded by spiritual desires, and by the manipulations of those that wish to destroy us, that have no fear of God, nor is there any love of truth in them, nor any care for what men may suffer.  

  58. Like those gestapo in those death-camps during world war two, who had no remorse, nor care, nor pity for all the misery around them.  So, and even worse, are these many spirits that make their attack upon mankind, even as they continually bicker among themselves as well.

  59. It is written, Enoch saying:  "And I heard the fourth voice expelling the demons, forbidding them to come to the Lord to accuse those that dwell upon the earth."

  60. What irony of those demons to even consider or attempt to go forth before the Lord to accuse us of error and of sin, when themselves these are full of sin, and in love with wickedness. 

  61. Is it not like -- the criminals accusing their opponents of their own crimes?  For what goes on invisible to our eyes, and unheard by our ears is of great quantity.

  62. And while men wonder if there is any life beyond our earth, these persons are most ignorant, and completely vain.  A universe completely filled with life and beings, and men conceive to exist only by themselves?  How stupid, how sevenfold stupid.

  63. Thank God however that we are not altogether in the power of those wicked angels that rule the earth, for so it is written:  "He separated the spirits of the people, and strengthened the spirits of the righteous in the name of His righteousness.  

  64. And neither an angel nor Satan has the power to hinder this, for there is a Judge to all of them, He glances, and all are before Him, He is judge.


  1. And now for a difference, how is it for me to speak as I do, and for the mighty in the earth to be like children, ignorant and running to their graves?  How is it that I know what is not seen - while these are ignorant of both knowledge and wisdom, even for what is seen?  

  2. It is written:   "For this purpose did He become the Chosen One, He was concealed in the presence of the Lord prior to the creation of the world, and for eternity, and He revealed the wisdom of the Lord to the righteous and the holy ones.  

  3. For He has preserved the portion of the righteous, for they have hated and despised this world of oppression together with its way of life and its habits."

  4. The Lord is a Lord of hiding, revealing Himself to such as love and obey Him. To us all things are open, and we behold what cannot be seen with the eyes of flesh.  Whosoever then does not honor Him who made him - has no more than eyes made of flesh, to see no further than his nose is long.

  5. How often have I said to mankind that to them I am their check in the mail?  And how for the rulers and mighty in the earth, I had my fill of them?  It is written;  

  6. "In those days the kings of the earth, and the mighty landowners, shall be humiliated on account of the deeds of their hands.  They will not therefore on the day of their misery and weariness be able to save themselves."

  7. For so spoke the Lord;  "I shall deliver them into the hands of My elect ones like grass in the fire, and like lead in water."  How therefore did I speak anything amiss in saying that I am their check in the mail when these shall come into my hands, and into the hands of those with me to do to them as we please?

  8. These silly rulers and mighty ones of the earth thought that when it comes to judgment that they will defend themselves with their lips, and reason with the Almighty One for their lives.  

  9. But how stupid of them as if they have never seen dry grass consumed in a fire.  Or how long O you boastful rulers do you think that a piece of lead will float upon the waters?

  10. I will have mercy on the oppressed, indeed I will, with the mercy of the Lord I will feed them, and appoint them a place in full tranquility. While for you O you ignorant boasters - so it is written:   

  11. "So they shall burn before the face of the holy ones, and sink before their sight, and no place shall be found for them."

  12. I did indeed say that I had my fill of you, and how then should I appoint you a place near me? No, quite the contrary, for so again it is written:  

  13. "On the day of their weariness there shall be an obstacle on the earth, and they shall fall on their faces and not rise again.  Nor will there be anyone to put their hands to them to raise them, for they have denied the Lord and His Messiah."

  14. This - "nor will there be anyone," includes me.  And now you know the reason. When you were on earth, you put your weight upon the poor.  

  15. And when in hell you think that again you will push with your weight upon the poor,  you are sadly mistaken, since these will not be in the same place with you, but such as are like you will be with you.


  1. What is man to know the foundations of the earth, or that upon which it is founded, or by what oath it remains unchanged?   Is it for man to understand God's great creation, or not rather for them that are entrusted by Him?   While then I spoke many words, I concealed what was not to be spoken.

  2. For while I indeed revealed the earth sunk upon its bases, it is but for men, and like looking into a mirror to behold a reflection.  For so again I must pronounce to say; 

  3. "What is man to know the foundations of the earth, or that upon which it is founded?"  The powers of heaven as instituted of the Most High are inconceivable, who is to understand them but He who ordained them.

  4. I know how to teach, for I was taught, and at certain places I am intentionally holding myself ignorant, as not to know it all so that it might be for an example, and for teaching as well as in contribution unto them.

  5. How vain for Beqa to reveal his name, so that he might glory in it,  So indeed became he - who was empowered and entrusted - vain and evil, and much came to be known that should have been left guarded.  

  6. But what am I doing putting my thoughts on paper, when I know that such is too far reaching?  Yet it places a weight upon me.

  7. It is said that with God we shall live forever and ever.  Meaning once the Lord resurrects me I must live on forever.  And that mind you in this day and age for me is difficult to conceive - since I despise living, and for longer than I can remember my desire has been to depart from among the sons of men.

  8.  Under the circumstances in which I currently abide it is indeed hard to conceive that I should have to go on and on living.  For everything around me is a contempt, I despise all that is done among men and their ways.  

  9. Wherefore I hate, and I despised living, just to be is a burden to me, and I am my own worst enemy since I do not agree with the desires that emanate from this body, or my mind locked in this body.

  10. So I often wonder how I could go on and on living without ever ceasing to be. Then however I put my trust in the Lord that He will grant me such joy and desire to go on and on forever and ever.  

  11. How very marvelous it factually is that we may abide forever, that the Almighty One made us after His own image.  What a great blessing and mercy it is for Him to make us that way.

  12.  And O what marvelous mercy it is of the Lord to have me as a river, one of seven greater than any earthly river.  What an inconceivable honor it is of our Lord and Father to have granted a man such a position in His grand creation, and to extend such power and authority to a son of man, a child of flesh and blood, a man made in the image of His Creator.

(Sept 25 2009)

  1. My heart O Lord yearns for Thee by night and in the daytime.  I am pained in my bowels longing for Thee O Lord my God My Redeemer, O how my soul longs for Thee.  My spirit with Thy Spirit is a testimony; a confirmation that we are Thine, and how very much Thou does love us, and so my soul loves Thee O my Lord.

  2. O no my people you are not about to be pleased with the words that I am to speak to you. For I am full of indignation, and it is vengeance that is on my mind. You have sure troubled me with the wickedness of your doings, and your words are an abomination unto me.

  3. Therefore I have grown indignant, and for your continual boasting in your arrogance you have driven my soul to the point of vengeance, to bring upon you the reward of your evil doings.

  4. I am full of the indignation of the Lord whom has sent me, and by His indignation you will be done in O you inhabitants of the earth.  It is not good for you to have roused His anger, nor will it be to the welfare of your rulers that by their doings they have raised His indignation against them.

  5. If you were wise you would not have angered me, if you had knowledge you would have appeased me, but you were not wise therefore will your way be cut off from before you. And because you had no knowledge you must perish.

  6. What is this boast you have against me, telling me whom that I am?  And by what right I speak as I do?  Do you expect an answer from me - you that are without knowledge?  Are you expecting a reply from me to your likens?  

  7. It will not be to your likens.  And why should I reveal myself to you, for you would not believe me if I told you who and what I am.   Why therefore the question to me when you are not competent to hear it?

  8. There is but one religion, one law, and One in whom grace is extended to us, yet you people managed to invent a great number of different religions, bending and twisting the things that are written.  And so you are harming only yourselves, since there is but one way, and one way only.

  9. You claim and instituted freedom of religion, thus you are in violation of the commandment for all the race of man to honor God only. 

  10. If you had said; We guarantee freedom of religious persecution, it would have accounted for something. But freedom of religion is a crock of the devil, there is no such freedom ever.

  11. Some time ago the Lord, the Almighty said unto me, “These are your people, account for them, you shall be their prince now and into forever, behold your people given in your hand, for you are their reward upon the whole earth.”  

  12. And I looked on you; I indeed looked and considered all your doings and the words of your mouth.  And as I did I became disgusted and nearly to vomit myself of you.   I said to myself, ”These people are not fit to be ruled.”  And so I replied to the Lord The Almighty Creator of them all:.

  13. “These O my Lord are unfit to be ruled, and I have no desire to be a prince of them, nor to rule them, for they are an abomination unto me.  

  14. Therefore O Lord I pray Thee let them be exterminated, and seeing how from Thy hand I cannot sever myself from them, nor these from me, - grind them into powder. For in no other way will their prince take pleasure in them.”

  15. While then these many may not wish me for a prince unto them, what choice do they have? Or what was my choice?  I was born unto that end before even the earth was formed, or any man walked the face of the earth I was destined to that end.

  16. Yet you will find me a loving ruler, merciful, and full of compassion, with an arm to judgment to break the bones of all that mistake themselves upon my people.  

  17. For I love perfect judgment, together with mercy and compassion. For as much as the Almighty God and Ruler of all made me a prince, a prince I will be.  So indeed I will be. Amen.

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