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  1. Anyone that discredits the Scriptures, Old, New, or Hidden, had his or her education in the classrooms of the devil, learning how to lie like the devil, and how to murder as many of the human race as they can get their fangs into.

  2. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, for example were not written by these persons - but rather by their hand, since all four were inspired unto them by the Lord Himself in His Holy Spirit unto them. These therefore are like Paul said;  "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness."

  3. And Paul was not speaking of just the old Testament, as he said;  "According to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus." And; "But even if we, or an angel from heaven preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed."

  4. The sons of the devil would like you to believe that the four gospel writers copied from one another, and that there are contradictions and impossibilities within it.  Even as much as proclaiming that Christ Himself could not have said what is written within them.  

  5. These men are indeed brainwashed by the devil, and as usual are completely without knowledge and understanding, much more so than even those spirits of the devil that brainwashed them, removing all knowledge and understanding from them, to leave but a hogwash of foul imagination.

  6. When Luke narrates on the birth of Christ in the manger, and Matthew makes no mention of that, this the demons among men claim as a fallacy in the Scriptures, essentially invalidating all of it.  But why should Matthew make mention of it when Luke did such a fine job of it?

  7. And so there are a number of events mentioned by one but not by the other.  This is so since "we" of course know that the Author of the four Gospels is but One, and One only.  The Author of a word and the pen by which it is written are two different things. If one is wise the same will understand.

  8. All these so called inconsistencies in the Gospels, or other Scriptures, is just what makes them so perfect. Perfect to the wise, and for confusion to the unwise.  It serves them right these demons among men to speak thus of the Scriptures, that no faith of them be given them, lest God would have to save them.

  9. And that vipers-brood definitely is not worthy the salvation of their soul, but that they be cast headlong in the pool of fire.

  10. Do not therefore believe these theologians, nor these media serpents wherever they be on TV or elsewhere, their condemnation having been ready for them even from before they were born.

  11. For you that are of a different spirit allow me to reveal this that it was and is, for good reason that God inspired the single gospel to be written fourfold.  For if by three, and even four admonitions one is not to be turned, there is no excuse for that person and the judgment upon him or her is more than just.

  12. As then there are differences in persons in the way they speak or write, so it was intended, yet for their different ways those which the Lord elected to write out the Scriptures there is a single harmony, the writer of all of them being One and the same.

  13. I do not speak in the same manner that Paul spoke, nor in the same way that David, or Solomon spoke, yet my words are as much theirs, as theirs are mine, all of us having been taught by One and the same Spirit of creation.

  14. It would be of no value for me to recite what all these devil servants are touching upon since it is not for us to teach devils, seeing how in all respects these are not interested in being educated, but in every way how to destroy the education that is to the well-being of mankind.

  15. You who have an ear to hear; stay far away from all such, and do not greet them, and shut your ears against them, for it is a disgrace to even sit and listen to them, even as the devils servants have no use for my teaching, since it is for judgment upon them.


  1. How manifold the works of the Lord are such as cannot be numbered nor comprehended. When I look at a flower, a single flower, I am astonished at the complexity by which it is made, and what endlessly great wisdom the Lord has to construct such a marvel of construction. 

  2. Within every millimeter of that flower there are better than a million atoms, a million spheres and rings in motion to format its design.  And who but the Lord, the Creator of all could have pronounced the coordinate upon all these many parts to move and multiply and divide themselves to produce the very beauty and complexity of each and every flower, or leaf, or a blade of grass to sprout forth.

  3. Then when looking at a forest how utterly endless the quantity is of these marvels of the Lord. And again to realize how we in our bodies are also made up of these very same minute rings and spheres in motion, better than a million at every square millimeter of it.

  4. Yet even greater than all are our spirits fastened within us to operate at speeds greater than the velocity of light, to decode mechanical events in such astronomical quantities at the very speed of light.  

  5. And we are but the humble spirits residing at but one place at the time. How inconceivable then the spirits of His angels are, and how utterly inconceivable the Lord Himself is in His Spirit, as cannot be expressed.

  6. Wherefore O my people the wisdom of His word unto us is greater than any of us could possibly imagine.   And yet I am to speak of it, to relate to them that have an ear - the wisdom of His word.

  7. To relate a minute grain of that grand wisdom left for us to our well being, to live by His statutes, whereby also we might rejoice in Him in whom we live and have our abiding.

  8. When I look around at the people, the many creatures of His hand, I am at all times amazed at the perfection of His handiwork, so many of these most lovable creatures made so well.  And O how very much I love them.

   PSALM 104

  1. "The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place which Thou didst appoint for them.  Thou didst set a bound which they should not pass, so that they might not again cover the earth.   

  2. Thou does cause springs to gush forth in the valleys; they flow between the hills, they give drink to every beast of he field; the wild asses quench their thirst.  By them the birds of the air have their habitation; they sing among the branches."

  3. Is it not written how all the princes and the potentates of the earth, would never again be for rulers?  Therefore in the words; "That they might not again cover the earth," speaks of a day to come, when never again the mountains, the rulers of the earth shall apply their will upon mankind.

  4. And, we are indeed springs gushing forth between the hills to quench the thirst of the beast of the field, by us they will have their habitation to sing among the branches. He who is wise let him understand.

  5. A new world, a world that will not be anything like what goes on in this world.  There will be no unemployment, nor taxes, nor interest, nor insurance companies, nor loans, nor payments to be made, nor even money to hoard.  

  6. How should any home or property be bought or sold when all of these are of our single treasury?  The number of them upon my payroll will be endless, even as my store of the Lord will be endless. 

  7. Nor will any of this world judges or rulers be found in it, their names and their remembrance will not be known, but for a curse.  All flesh will go and look upon them, for they will be an abhorrence to all flesh, as their worm will not die.  These will be a disgrace to all that lives.  

  8. But who is to hear my speech concerning that which is to be, and how it will be?  If you are wise my son wisdom will be granted, but if you are unwise, even the little that you have will be taken.

  9. As now the unwise will say of me, that I speak as were I the Christ, as in to have the rule of mankind.  These are indeed unwise, for a son is not at the same time his father, nor his mother. I am not the Christ, nor the only begotten of the Father, but simply one of many.


  1. It is written: "No cereal offering which you bring to the Lord shall be made with leaven; for you shall burn no leaven nor any honey as an offering by fire to the Lord."  And:  "You shall season all your cereal offerings with salt; you shall not let the salt of the covenant with your God be lacking from your cereal offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt."

  2. If one has an issue with his brother and he is in the wrong, and ignores to settle with him, and comes to pray, to bring a peace offering before the Lord, his prayer will not be heard, nor will his offering be accepted, because he wronged his brother and refused to reconcile himself.  

  3. Or if one enters a church, and the man allows his wife to be uncovered, his prayer as well as well as his entry into the congregation is an abomination, because he thought himself wiser than God, by keeping to his own imagination and scorning the statutes of the Lord.  

  4. Or if a man brings a great sum into the congregation thinking for his generosity he will be heard, he is as one to burn honey before the Lord.

  5. Or if any man loves the world - how much he can acquire for himself, and enters into the congregation to pray, he is one to bring leaven, an un-pure offering.  Or if the wages of his employees are still in his pocket, his prayer will be counted against him, he is pronouncing his own damnation.

  6. Why would any man come before the Lord with sweetness, as in honey, thinking that so he will be heard, like the saying goes, "to catch more flies with honey." Or to consume the fat of any offering, since the fat is not a solidly sustaining food, wherefore it should be burned rather than eaten.

  7. Then for salt in any offering, if one makes a ritual from the lips rather than from the heart, how dare you come before God to raise your voice to Him.  

  8. If your speech is not with knowledge and sincerity it is tasteless, as without salt, and not acceptable before God.  Is it not so that the Lord desires truth and sincerity, as well as holiness in all that proceeds from a man?

  9. Why when you pray do you fold your hands and close your eyelids?  Is there not a reason for it?

  10. Then it is written: "Now Nadab and Abi'hu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer, and put fire in it, and laid incense on it, and offered unholy fire before the Lord, such as he had not commanded them.  And fire came forth from the presence of the Lord and devoured them, and they died before the Lord."

  11. Should this not be a lesson, for do not think that when anyone makes an unholy prayer, be it in word or in his presence before the congregation, that he will not be consumed in the fire from the Lord. The Lord does not always execute judgment immediately giving people time to repent, and if these do not do so, in the end they will be consumed.

  12. The Lord brings twisters, and hurricanes as well as, floods, earthquakes and tsunami's, besides starvation and the fire.  All these are for a warning to repent of their inequities.  Warnings indeed, but who takes any learning from it? 

  13. The newspapers lied in saying, twisters ripped through the states, the truth being that the Lord with the breath of His mouth ripped through the states.   If thus the news media would state the truth, then perhaps some persons might take it as the warning for which these did come.  

  14. You pity the destruction made upon Japan, but it should rather be revolting to you, how parents uncover their nakedness before their own children in their public baths.  For that alone - if a quarter of the population of Japan were extermination, it would be no more than an act of justice.

  15. It is written: "Then Moses said to Aaron, "This is what the Lord has said; "I will show Myself holy among those who are near Me, and before all the people I will be glorified."  If any man thinks to serve the Lord, to be near to Him, let him serve in truth, let him be for real, and not in hypocrisy. 

  16. For like the Lord said; that He will show Himself holy, entails that He will not overlook your errors, but He will be known as a righteous judge before the eyes of the people to visit them that do not serve Him according to His word.

  17. It will not be said of Him that He overlooked the errors of some while not so of others, but if a man repents of his errors He is willing to forgive. Wherefore we ought to duly consider our actions and our words if indeed these are according to His statutes and out of love and admiration.

  18. These sons of Aaron then having died this is what Moses said to Aaron and to Elea'zar and Ith'amar his sons: "Do not let the hair of your head hang loose, and do not rent your clothes lest you die, and wrath comes upon all the congregation. But your brothers, the whole house of Israel may bewail the burning which the Lord has kindled."

  19. If the people sigh in regret, or put on black suits to bewail the judgment which the Lord executed upon the wicked, they may do so, but I will not do so, because I am one of those standing within His service, to teach and execute His will.  

  20. Thus there is a distinction who may weep and why.   I therefore would be a hypocrite to bewail the just things which the Lord has placed upon me.

  21. Another example is where the Lord said: "Let the dead bury the dead, but as for you follow Me."  For so it reads further:  "And do not go out from the door of the tent of meeting, lest you die; for the anointing oil of the Lord is upon you."  

  22. To go out from the door of the tent of meeting, for a priest, as one His servants - is to step aside of his duties, and of his position to become as one of the people, all because the Lord executed a righteous judgment. For in doing so he departs from the Lord, his heart and his interest not being for the righteousness of the Lord.

  23. There are those that will pray before a statute, a likeness of a man, or of a woman, or to any saint for intercession. These therefore shall not be numbered among the people, for it is written:   

  24. "If any man of the house of Israel kills an ox or a lamb or a goat in the camp, or kills it outside the camp, and does not bring it to the door of the tent of meeting, to offer it as a gift to the Lord before the tabernacle of the Lord, bloodguilt shall be imputed to that man; he has shed blood; and that man shall be cut off from among his people."

  25. To kill an ox or a lamb, or a goat - is in allegory to presenting a prayer, a spiritual offering, a request that one's sins might be forgiven him.  If then that request is not directed to God the Father by Christ Jesus His Messiah for us, it is as making a false offering, since there is but One Name given, and One only. 

  26. Do not therefore make your plans nor your sacrifices as outside of God, but let all your deeds be to the glory of God and His Anointed.   For so it continues: 

  27. "This is to the end that the people of Israel may bring their sacrifices which they slay in the open field, that they may bring them to the Lord, to the priest at the door of the tent of meeting, and slay them as sacrifices of peace offerings to the Lord." 

  28. The muslims always sacrifice to demons, to a murderer, and the roman catholics to their devils captain, and to graven images, while the so called protestant sacrifice to nothing more than a tree, a piece of wood, or to a stone, their churches. 

  29. None of them are bringing their sacrifices to the door of the tent of meeting, to bring them to Christ Jesus. And while they may pronounce His name, yet they sacrifice to a piece of wood, since they affix the name of the Lord upon a piece of wood rather than the living God.

  30. And so the Lord said: "So they shall no more slay their sacrifices for satyrs, after whom they play the harlot. This shall be a statute for ever to them throughout their generations."  

  31. Satyrs, translates as to devils, and demons, to one having pointed ears, like Israelites to pray when placing a kippah upon their heads, or like Gentiles eating with their headgear not removed from them. Or these adulterous ones holding a set of beads, and many such things.

  32. Again it is written: "And you shall say to them, Any man of the house of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among them, who offers a burnt offering or sacrifice, and does not bring it to the door of the tent of meeting, to sacrifice it to the Lord; that man shall be cut off from his people."

  33. What hope is there then for these roman devils in Israel, or for these many so called protestants that sojourn in Israel, tourists as many of these claim to be.  Or any one of these Arabs whose heart is against Israel?  For none of their deeds are to the Lord, nor the words that proceed from their lips. 

  34. And even those which call themselves Messianic Jews serve but themselves, with no interest to live according to the statutes of the Lord, His spiritual statutes, to keep them in spirit.

  35. What respect is there to be found among both Jews and Gentiles for the name of the Lord?  The Lord said: "And you shall not profane My Holy Name."  But the Jews found means to make a mockery of His name, in dress, as well as in speech and in writing.

  36. Nor are the Gentiles any better.  It being their priests, their teachers and their rulers which foremost teach them all that mockery of His name in dress, in speech, as well as in writing.


  1. It is written: "Command Aaron and his sons, saying, This is the law of the burnt offering. The burnt offering shall be on the hearth upon the altar all night until the morning, and the fire of the altar shall be kept burning on it."   

  2. And was not our Lord kept busy all night till morning with the mockery of the scribes, as one meaning of it?  And that the offering was to be made by fire, denotes that it had to be to the death, as also one meaning of it.

  3.  It is written: "Flesh that touches any unclean thing shall not be eaten; it shall be burned with fire. All who are clean may eat flesh."   An example thereof is how a Messianic person went to the catholics to celebrate a passover with them. That person then is to be burned with fire for touching upon the unclean.

  4. And Paul at one place said concerning a person that had gone into his own mother;  "You are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus."

  5. For again it is written:    "May the God of peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."   This Paul said after he said: "Abstain from every form of evil."   If one has an ear to hear so let him hear.

  6. It is written:  "Then he brought the bull of the sin offering; and Aaron and his sons laid their hands upon the head of the bull of the sin offering.  And Moses killed it" And at many such places it reads; "And Moses killed it."  

  7. What therefore does this convey, if not that all the offerings, the killing of our Lord and of the saints was to be by the ones that were not to enter into the promised land.

  8. This is not to mean that Moses himself was not to enter into paradise, nor that he was to be barred from salvation, but in his person he signified or foreshadowed how none that performed the offerings, that did the killing, were to enter, even as the Lord prevented Moses from entering in that day since he represented the law, to show that it is not by the law that anyone shall enter.

  9. It is written:  "On the eighth day Moses called Aaron and his sons and the elders of Israel; and he said to Aaron, "Take a bull calf for a sin offering, and a ram for a burnt offering, both without blemish, and offer them before the Lord."   

  10. And say to the people of Israel, "Take a male goat for a sin offering, and a calf and a lamb, both a year old without blemish, for a burnt offering,  and an ox and a ram for peace offerings, to sacrifice before the Lord, and a cereal offering mixed with oil; for today the Lord will appear to you."

  11. On the eight day, in the new world the time will have come for those to be presented that will be the heads of all the people.  Among them, and foremost, is the Bull calf, our Lord, and with Him the Ram, King David as the ruler of all Israel. 

  12. Then also is that additional Messiah, that male goat for a sin offering to be presented, and four others signified in the calf, lamb, ox, and ram.  And being present the Lord will appear to bless them all.

  13. It is written:  "So Aaron drew near to the altar, and killed the calf of the sin offering, which was for himself." And: "Then he presented the people's offering, and took the goat of the sin offering which was for the people, and killed it, and offered it for sin, like the first sin offering."

  14. Here then, rather than stating how Moses killed, it was Aaron that killed, which also has its specific meaning. How it would be the priests of Israel to kill the Lord, and that that sacrifice would be for the atonement of the sins of themselves, for the sons in the inheritance of God.  

  15. While then he also killed the goat as an atonement for the people, it shows a twofold design.  The one offering specific for the one, with the second for the other.  If one has an ear so let him hear.

  16. And now if I read to you the following words:  "And for the cleansing of the house he shall take two small birds, with cedar wood and scarlet stuff and hyssop,  and shall kill one of the birds in an earthen vessel over running water,  and shall take the cedar wood and the hyssop and the scarlet stuff, along with the living bird, and dip them in the blood of the bird that was killed and in the running water, and sprinkle the house seven times."

  17. "Thus he shall cleanse the house with the blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird, and with the cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet stuff;  and he shall let the living bird go out of the city into the open field; so he shall make atonement for the house, and it shall be clean." 

  18. "This is the law for any leprous disease: for an itch, for leprosy in a garment or in a house, and for a swelling or an eruption or a spot, to show when it is unclean and when it is clean. This is the law for leprosy."

  19. It would be lengthy for me to define all this, and the same would be too revealing, wherefore I mention it specifically for the wise in God who only may or will be able to understand the same. Note the words; Hyssop, cedar-wood, and that scarlet stuff, along with the running water and the blood of the bird.

  20. It is written;  "And Aaron shall present the goat on which the lot fell for the Lord, and offer it as a sin offering:  but the goat on which the lot fell for Azazel shall be presented alive before the Lord to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Azazel."

  21. How is it that the one goat was to be killed as an offering for sin, him being for the Lord, while the other would be presented alive, it to be for Azazel?   Here too my beloved, the exponent of it would be too revealing, wherefore I leave it to your meditation.  

  22. And while you are thinking about this, how sad that so few have understood, and how much different the world or Israel would be if they had understood.

  23. It is written: "And say to the people of Israel, "Whoever curses his God shall bear his sin.  He who blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him; the sojourner as well as the native, when he blasphemes the Name, (he) shall be put to death."

  24. As then it reads how; "All the congregation shall stone him," that indeed will take place.  All these many shall indeed be stoned to death. Though these may have been buried under the earth, yet these will be stoned to death for the word of the Lord is forever sure. If there be an ear to hear, so hear.

  25. It is written "Am'alek was the first of the nations, but in the end he shall come to destruction."  And the Lord cast off Saul because he disobeyed the Lord, when it was told to him: 

  26. "Go attack the Amalekites, and totally destroy everything that belongs to them.  Do not spare them, put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys."

  27. And why was that so?  Consider how Paul said:  "Since indeed God deems it just to repay with affliction those who afflict you."   

  28. As then some think that the Amalekites have died out, there are plenty of them still around as they have been throughout the ages, all such as persecute them that are escaping, or that have escaped the world of wickedness to afflict and oppress them.

  29. This word therefore is for them, like it reads; "In the end." And; "To destruction."   As for the sons of righteousness however remember how the Lord said; "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay."

  30. When now that wicked brood of Korah, Dathan and Abiram were swallowed up in the earth, it reads;  "In the morning all the congregation of the people of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron, saying, "You have killed the people of the Lord."

  31. Look at the hypocrisy and the ignorance of the people to in one acclaim the wicked ones as people of the Lord. And for another; to blame Moses and Aaron for an act that God Himself performed.  

  32. And is not this what this generation is doing all the time, when by the acts of God some or many are killed, they acclaim; "O those poor souls, or those innocent victims?"   

  33. Those seven million Ukrainians which starved were also innocent, were they not?  And those six million Jews which perished, O how these souls died for no cause at all did they not?

  34. Those of you of this century therefore are no different from those of Israel in the days after they had come out of Egypt.  Most ignorant, and hypocrites, to say the least, since neither these Jews nor these Ukrainians were innocent, but guilty to the core, even as you that have as yet a-plenty are guilty to the core.

  35. The saying is true where the guilty accuses their opponent of their own crimes.  And in this these angered the Lord so much that He was ready to consume the whole lot of them in a moment.   As then Moses and Aaron made atonement - still, for this alone, in that day, more than fourteen thousand of them died by the hand of the Lord.

  36. Then consider how it reads: "And he (Aaron) stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was stopped."  As then Aaron was the High priest, in this he signifies the Christ, Jesus the Redeemer of God.  For our Lord indeed by His offering stopped the plague - taking His position between the dead and the living.

  37. And how many on the morning that is near at hand will as yet come to pronounce the same in an accusation against me, and those with me?  For I am not ignorant of what is as yet to place place, and who and how great that multitude will be.

  38. It is written: "Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness.   I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent."

  39. When a child is born you do not slap him on his face so that he may cry with his behind, but rather you tap him on the behind so that with his mouth his cry may be heard.  A simple knowledge is it not? 

  40. Yet then how come that so few from among the race of men know it?   How very ignorant indeed men are to talk to one another with their behind instead of with the head.

  41. I indeed use these terms to hopefully in some way make an impression on mankind, on the brutes that walk the earth, that dare call themselves male.   For if these were male, why are they uncovering their behind, with their faces not seen?

  42. When will these ever learn that God created man as male and female, that each single person is in the format of two?  He has the gall to say; that he knew how the female was taken from the male, that Eve was taken from Adam.  But these in all their deeds show that they are fully ignorant of it.

  43. And yes, O how they love to go into them, and kiss them, to make themselves one with them. For these females are to these males not much more than flesh to take themselves upon, as meat to be used for their pleasure. And it is to such concoctions that I have to preach, to educate them?  How stupid indeed I am to do so.

  44. When it came to these males for the females to have a vote along with them, it was then that these males uncovered their behind, to present their shame, and no longer consider the female as any part of man. To them the female had become no more than meat to be disgraced at will, while the females were not any the wiser.

  45. Christian women never vote, these know better, and do not meddle themselves with the affairs of the dead. Since then many nations acclaim themselves to be Christians, while their women go out to vote, what awful liars they are!

  46. No man is a whole person without his wife, nor is any woman an individual without her man, for God made them, man that is, as male and female.   Note therefore the word a, the n, and the d, as "and," or as in together, as in one.  How very blind therefore man is not to recognize that simple word that spells, o.n.e.

  47. The Lord then puts them to shame, by placing women for rulers, and for governors, and giving them women for judges, and even for preachers - to show to them how deeply they - for their wickedness - are rooted in the clutches of hell.

  48. The rulers of the earth take counselors to themselves, and even when a law is made they have the whole public give their opinion and consent.  How different thus I am from them, that I refuse to take any counsel from man, or any creature.

  49. A king's word is law, and that will always be so. I indeed know that there is no appeal to the judgments that proceed from my lips. wherefore at all times I judge with truth and with righteousness. My counsel is but from One, and it are His judgments that will proceed from me, and none other.

  50. Do not think that at any time I will act upon the voice of the children of the earth for any counsel to me, since I am male. And to be "male" is something the world does not seem to understand. 


  1. As the prophet spoke of a star of Gentiles, whom might he be?  By Ezekiel the Lord says: "Son of man, Nebuchadnez'zar king of Babylon made his army labor hard against Tyre; every head was made bald and every shoulder was rubbed bare; yet neither he nor his army got anything from Tyre to pay for the labor that he had performed against it."

  2. So it came to pass once again in this century, how for so many years I labored with no reward even though the wealth and riches at my hand were more than any man could possibly tally.  In the way of inventions alone the worlds wealth would be mine. 

  3. And thus speaking foolishly like men do - I would be the richest person, yet I have not received as much as a dime.  I could have profited from all those fans that are in the automobiles this day, but I refused the patent when it was offered me. And that is but a smallest of all.   Yet I am not daunted for so spoke the Lord:

  4. "Therefore thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will give the land of Egypt to Nebuchadnez'zar king of Babylon; and he shall carry off its wealth and despoil it and plunder it; and it shall be the wages for his army.  I have given him the land of Egypt as his recompense for which he labored, because they worked for Me, says the Lord God."

  5. As then Nebuchadnez'zar was presented with the land of Egypt, and its wealth, it was in allegory to a another that also was cheated out of his wages so that to him the whole of the "greater Egypt" might be given, that greater Egypt meaning all of the Gentiles.  

  6. And so indeed that Star of Gentiles will deplete all the world's rich of their wealth, nor will I ever return the same to them.

  7. As then that day has come, speaking for you my dear Israel, so spoke the Lord: "On that day I will cause a horn to spring forth to the house of Israel , and I will open his lips among them. Then they will know that I am the Lord." 

  8. Is there any objection O Israel of a foreigner to speak to you?   For a star of Gentiles to curtail his own people on your account? For it will be so of the Lord your God.  Know therefore whom it is that is speaking to you.


  1. Who am I to compare myself to Abraham, yet his conviction is a comfort to my soul. God had promised him a son, and he did not doubt the word of the Lord, but Sarah remained barren, and the years passed till there was no longer the option of her bearing children according to the way the Lord had formed it upon the children of man.  

  2. And the years passed till she was far passed the age of bearing a child. How then am I to have a son by her as the Lord promised; so Abraham meditated, and he asked of God that his servant might instead be his heir,

  3. But the Lord said, no, but your son shall be your heir, and He took him to look at the stars, if he could number them, that so also would his descendants be, and Abraham believed the Lord, yet though Sarah was getting old, and still barren.

  4. I now when I was yet young before I had a wife the Lord revealed Himself to me giving me to know my princely heritage, how I was to be a prince of the nations of Gentiles.  And I believed His word, I took all the word of the Lord in faith upon me. 

  5. And as the years passed He gave me to understand that even though no one would answer at my calling, nor reply to the wisdom that He awarded me with, that one day that silence would end, that at last He would confirm my word, all the word that He caused to be written by me.

  6. And so the years passed and I became old, and still the Lord remained hidden, and the words that he caused me to write remained silent and unanswered.  

  7. Yet Like Abraham I did not give up but I held faith that the Lord would bring His promise to pass, that like as Abraham at last did receive a son, so my word and my cause would not be in vain, but that He would bring it to pass just as He had promised me, in all the words of the prophets.

  8. For I know very well that for all the word that came to be written, if it did not come to be known, that if I were not to run my course and be offered for His name sake, then all my words would be lies, and I would be the liar.  

  9. And how then would I ever lift my face up to the Lord?   I would indeed be the most miserable person among all the sons of man, to be a cheat and a liar. 

  10. But I did not entertain such a destructive thing since my faith in the Lord was like that of Abraham, I believed Him in all of His word, even as the years passed, and more years passed, I did not give up hope nor faith, but steadfastly kept myself at His word, even though the devil tempted me so many times in so many ways, in his attempt to destroy that faith within me.

  11. Like unto Abraham who did not doubt the word of the Lord to him, far beyond any years for His promise to come to pass, so for these many years I have held faith, and even this day am keeping faith with Him, for though I am getting old and the days continue to pass in silence the Lord will bring His word to pass, because He is God and the love of my soul.

  12. Like Job saying yet a little while, so I often said to myself, yet a little while.   And while to Abraham his faith was reckoned him for righteousness, my righteousness is in the Messiah of God, that I was born in Him.  For my birth is in Him and I was nurtured in Him to be for a cedar in likeness to Him.

  13. Do not think it a small matter that I should be called with the three highest of the kings in heaven and earth.  That my name would appear along with that of David, and with that of the Lord the Messiah, the very Son of God.  For so Enoch was given to record the three persons of the very covenant which the Lord God made with Abraham, the covenant of salvation, for the salvation of all the world.

  14. I am not able to comprehend nor digest the grandeur of the position which the Lord Most High has obviously awarded me with. It is more than I in this world, in this body am able to understand.  

  15. How did Daniel come to say; "Prince of the covenant," if it were not of the Lord in His Holy Spirit causing him to write the same.  And who am I to deny it?


  1. Why O my heart are you in so much pain?  What ails you that you no longer wish to be among the living?

  2. The days come and go, week after week, a horrible existence.

  3. O why am I bowed down and in distress, when for many others these are bowed down even more than me?

  4. But these, so I said, at least have friends and companions, these many souls are not alone.

  5. For it is terrible to be alone, and to be idle, with silence all around me.

  6. When I am among family and friends I am still alone. So all alone, none to understand what it is that ails me.

  7. And when they open their mouth to speak, it is as a weight upon me, to bear me down yet more.

  8. Where may understanding be found that I may embrace her, or loving kindness to heal the wounds upon me?

  9. I am like in a prison, a lonely prison, where not a sound is heard, and vanity takes hold of me.

  10. Only by the Lord can I be delivered of this prison, and of the silence all around me.

  11. When people wonder why I long so much for death, to have no abiding, these do not understand.

  12. Since for me there is no death, no such thing exist, for I am the Lord's, and to die is to enter into life.

  13. O how the days in this world are for a hell unto me, a painful existence, a heavy burden to bear.

  14. As knowledge increases so does the pain since I am in a world where indeed knowledge is lacking.

  15. Come O my soul be not so downcast, for soon your deliverance will come, the hour will be upon you.

  16. The Lord will rise up to reprove the sons of men, all them that made my life like unto a hell,

  17. that have no understanding of righteous doings.

  18. I am lonely, yet never alone. I search for understanding, and yet He is always with me.

  19. I long for compassion, yet I am never devoid of His love.

  20. When I am down, He bears me up.  Though I may faint, my love is ever with Him.

  21. When in distress, I call on Him who never forsakes me. O how safe I feel myself in His care.

  22. O how I reprove myself time and again when the wicked whispers into my ear to stumble.

  23. Closing my eyes so that I may trip and fall, after which anger arises within me.

  24. I call upon Thee O Lord, I do not hide anything from Thee.

  25. Thou does know my most inward parts.

  26. Forgive Thy servant O Lord, it was not of me, not of my spirit.

  27. Let them grope in blindness O Lord these wicked spirits that torment my soul.

  28. But cover all my transgressions, for my spirit loves Thee.

  29. Yea Thee only I love, and Thy statutes, to be forever in Thy image.

  30. O how I despise these wicked spirits, causing me to fall.

  31. For with Thy love, and Thy joy in my heart I walk a straight line.

  32. For Thy statutes and Thy law are my delight.


  1. I awoke with anger in my heart, and all the day long the anger remained with me. An anger for the atrocities of the rich and the mighty in the earth how they rob and butcher the poor and the needy.  As therefore the anger remained with me from sunrise to sunset, even so the reward of their deeds will be upon them from beginning to the end.

  2. For the sheer pleasure of the rich the needy are driven from their homes, and having fallen these brutes drink to celebrate upon the fall of the needy.  When the poor and needy suffer the rich celebrate upon their demise, for those that are rich despise them that are poor.

  3. Therefore O all you rich in the earth your end has come, your riches will be taken from you, that now you shall be as the poor, and never again shall any riches be awarded you.

  4. It is a righteous anger that is upon me, my soul is sated with indignation, with anger for the rulers of the earth, and for its judges and all of its counselors in how they oppress the poor and the needy, and feast on account of it.

  5. I am sore angry with all of you law makers to write out bastard laws by which to oppress all that fall into your clutches, be they well-off or poor, since to you there is but one to be accounted namely yourself with no regard for those next to you.

  6. Vengeance is on my mind, a destruction of the Almighty One upon you, upon all of you high seated vultures. With your vile deeds you have roused my anger, and my eyes look to the Holy One of Jacob to render to you the reward due to you.

  7. I mean to bring a rod upon your backs with which to break your bones, and to grind you into powder so that now you may come to know what it is to be oppressed, and to suffer for your oppressions. 

  8. I am jealous for Jerusalem that it may once again be the city for the children of Israel, to drive out all that are alien, not having a good heart towards the sons of Israel, or, to let their carcasses be buried in an unholy place.

  9. But as for the roman devils, that call themselves universal, let them not leave alive, not one of them, but that they be buried in a most unholy place. May the angel of death take all of them.

  10. I mean to anger that captain of the devil in Rome, that servant of the devil by which half the world came to be corrupted, to have turned so many souls into the confines of hell. Let them not have peace nor any fame, but that their names be forgotten forever, never to be mentioned again.

  11. And so indeed I mean to stand up against that ruler of the earth, against that devil, the father of all lies, to eradicate his captains from the face of the earth. For not until each and everyone of them is dead and buried will there be peace in all the earth.

  12. My love is for peace and for perfect judgment, therefore all these must perish, for my love to behold a perfect peace it is, and for the rejoicing of all that God allows to remain upon the earth.

January 2013

  1. More than fifty years have passed, and as yet I dwell in silence and in vanity, how then will men reply to me how I continue to hold hope, the hope that the Lord will indeed rise up and confirm the word that I have spoken?     

  2. It is because I believe upon His word, and I trust in Him that He will bring to pass all that He has spoken, and confirm the word He has given into my heart.   Like as He said; "If it seems slow, wait for it, for it does not tarry, but it will surely come."

  3. What a marvelous testimony the Lord has given me.   What man would have dared to pronounce all that I have spoken?  What man indeed would dare speak as my heart has pronounced itself?

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