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  1. Does any man of any nation ever read the book of Isaiah, and duly consider all that the Lord has spoken concerning them, how in the day of tomorrow the earth will be wasted, all the tribes of the nations?  How He will bring plague after plague upon the sons of men, and turn them one against the other, to waste one another?

  2. Of course not, for if there was any fear of God within them, they would not be so wicked, whereby to invite all those terrible things upon themselves.  And if they say; "O but we have read!" How can such as are blind read, or the deaf hear?  For so indeed are the sons of men.

  3. And now to you O Israel.  Shall we recall what it was that the Lord spoke by Isaiah?  Shall we do so that you may see how accurate His word is, how the Lord kept certain things hidden from you, lest if you had known them you would have acclaimed that your idols revealed it, or that you were so cunning in yourselves, to be for gods unto yourselves?

  4. Let us recall the first two verses of chapter 48, how you conceived grain but harvested chaff. You have such pride in the Lord, but you walk after your own imaginations.  

  5. And while at times the Lord foretold you something, and on a sudden He brought it to pass, it was so that you could not say that it was of yourselves, or of those dumb idols which you are so fond of to worship.

  6.   But now is a new day, verses 6 through 8 are now at hand. From hereon the Lord is hiding from you the new things He will do lest you should say; "O but we knew them."

  7. New things yes, a knowledge not heard before, they are recent, not from long ago, lest again you should say; "I knew them."  For I will call you a liar if you dare to pronounce such words.

  8. And yes I know you have your Einstein which you elevate as the genius of the ages, but take now ten million of your Einstein's and the lot of them could not come to stand within the very shadow of the knowledge which the Lord endowed upon me, upon one who is not an Israelite.  Where then does that place you O Israel?

  9. Your Einstein is nothing, a most stupid person, not endowed with any knowledge. That poor soul never got anything right in his life.  You have no claim on him but for a disgrace upon you.  

  10. And that because - as the Lord said - that you were treacherous, and your neck an iron sinew, with your forehead as brass wherein nothing enters.  And I have to speak to you, to such heads into which nothing enters?  Am I not wasting my time and effort with you O Israel?

  11. Still you will hear these new things, just as the Lord said, and you will not be able to credit them to your idols.  For the Lord is speaking of such new things which He granted to a foreigner, and I did record a great deal thereof for you to hear and digest. 

  12. And though I may be a pushover I will not let you have the credit, and cursed be the man that says otherwise.

  13. Let us be done with verses 6 through 8, and consider the verses from 9 to 11. How pitiful of you to think that you have established yourselves, how pitiful indeed. 

  14. Therefore I say to you O Israel, the Lord will cast you down upon your own righteousness. He will send cruel warriors upon you - so that your claim of self-establishment will come to nothing.

  15. The Lord, the Almighty God of Jacob will remove from you all your self-righteousness, and you will lay down in the dust of the earth to acknowledge your foolishness, and to call unto Him like the voice of a whisper, like a ghost from under the clods of the earth.  

  16. Then O Israel you will be established, and the Lord my God removes from you all your idols, and your vain speech.  Then indeed you will acknowledge that the Lord acted for His own Name sake, for His sure promise, and not on account of any of your doings, nor for any righteousness that you may acclaim to have.  

  17. Had it not been for His name sake, and His endless mercy, He might have given all of you sons of Jacob to the Germans for a slaughter, with none to remain alive.

  18. Had it not been for His name sake your forefather when they came out of Egypt would not have survived, but for His name sake their offspring, and these only, came to enter into the promised land flowing with milk and honey.

  19. Had the Lord refined you like one refines gold or silver there would have been nothing left of you, nor would you this day be walking upon the navel of the earth.  Is it then for pity upon you that this day you are a nation in the midst of the earth?  

  20. Not so my dear Israel, I indeed in the weakness of my soul have pity upon you, but as I behold you in your idolatries I am hard pressed not to eradicate you from my very sight.

  21. How thus was it of the Lord to say that it was for His own name sake?   For His name alone it will be that Zion will be redeemed. You have no claim whatsoever priding yourselves in being Jews, and the chosen race.

  22. Did not the Lord by Hosea call the son which the prophet obtained by the harlot; "Not My people."  For so it is recorded, the Lord saying; "Call his name, >Not My People<, for you are not My people, and I am not your God."

  23. How therefore O Israel will you claim yourself as a chosen race?  Are you indeed so, or will it not rather be in Jezreel that are His people, namely, in them that are called of Him.

  24. It was by God's calling, by His mercy that He choose a people to Himself. And that people are those born of Him, that do not worship Him in vain.

  25.   We however started out speaking of new things, of new revelations which the Lord was to reveal, new from not long ago, lest you would come to pride yourselves in these as well - as if you had known them from the start, to have acquired them from your idols.  

  26. And O what irony there is in this - how that which I am about to comment upon is revealed throughout the Scriptures in many ways, and yet no one had knowledge of it.

  27. How clearly it is written, yet who from the sons of man has understood?  When the sons of men read they are like those looking in a mirror, that when they turn their heads it no longer registers upon them. 

  28. For so I say to you O Israel, the Lord my God, - and yes I call Him "MY" God as well as the God of Jacob, - closed the eyes of men, lest they should recognize me, as if somehow they had always known.

  29. I am altogether new to the sons of men, I am a mystery, a deep mystery, even though my birth and my actions are clearly revealed and foretold, I am a mystery.   

  30. So it is that there is new knowledge, new things, one that you should have known but you do not know.  Even though I am clear as a bell, yet I am a mystery, and a mystery I will remain for all but the sons of God.

  31. You have a life Messiah before you, but you do not know him, a prince higher than many princes, yet you know not his royalty. Yet he was spoken of even in the days of Isaiah as the Lord at one place gave him to record by these verses 12 through 16.  

  32. But before you O Israel can even remotely come to know him, the Lord calls you to pay attention to what He is about to say to you.

  33. It is verse 12 where He calls you to pay due attention. If therefore you are not altogether illiterate, and your heart is not made of stone you might just learn something that is altogether new for you to pass upon you in this day and age, on a day when you pride yourselves in being a nation again.

  34. In these verses 13 through 16 the Lord is speaking of a "him," of a single person, of one who is most certainly to perform his purpose on the world, on the world of wickedness that is, since the term "Babylon," refers to the world in its wickedness.  

  35. And what else was the Lord to endow upon that single person?  If then you look up in your dictionaries the meaning of the word "Chalde'ans," you will learn that his arm would be against the strong.

  36. For as I recall that person even in his youth said: "What are the kings of the earth to me that I should turn my head for them?"  This he spoke in disdain.  And him no longer being in his youth, his heart pretty well has just about enough of these rulers of the earth. I no longer feel disdain, but an abomination so they are to me, disgusting to even consider.

  37. And though it was foretold in many ways, yet he in his actions is something new to you, even as that which was given him for knowledge, the same which he recorded for you - is altogether new for you. 

  38. New not only for Israel, but for all the world, and it is truly my intend to make all your scientists and your wise men out for fools, since fools indeed these are.

  39. The most stupid among the race of man acclaim evolution, a word for which I will surely punish them.  Only these are too blind to know that indeed these will come to pay dearly for the very mentioning of that word.  

  40. And while it is of the Lord to reward them, He will hand them into my hands body and soul to execute vengeance upon them for their very mentioning of that word.

  41. These will most certainly come to know that it is just as the Lord said; "That He loves him."  And with His love for me, I love Him, and as His love is for righteousness, so my love is for righteousness, and for a just reward. It is not without cause that He made me a prince of many thoughts, and that He strengthened my arm.

  42. It is the Lord who made the heavens and the earth, He alone made them by the power of His word. This is what the Lord is stating to you O Israel - having called you to hear and pay attention at His word.  

  43. And you standing at attention, --  if indeed you are at attention -- the Lord is placing a question before you, asking you if you know of any one person to declare, or to have declared these things.

  44. The Lord in this question to you is not referring to any multitude that acknowledge Him for His creation, but in reference to a single person, to a "him" as it is stated.  The Lord is pointing you to a special person, to a lone person that acknowledge Him. 

  45. And how or why should the Lord refer to a single person when as you see it, so many persons still acknowledge the creation as being of the Lord?

  46. There has to be something special about him - to be singled out in that respect.  It then is because the Lord gave him to understand the very ins and outs of His creation, more than any man that this day walks the earth, to reveal to him the very foundations of the earth. 

  47. And He made him wise in of the fundamentals in the sciences, to understand them as no man, save perhaps Solomon had understood them.

  48. And in a day to come his name will indeed come to be named along with Solomon, as were they brothers, sons of a single father, sons known for wisdom and understanding.  And who but the Lord, the Almighty God and Creator of all could have instructed him. 

  49. And even for his word, the record he drew up for mankind to refresh upon, he was not alone to speak, for so spoke the Lord: "I, even I have spoken and called him."

  50. Thus, if there be any desire for truth and knowledge within you, so said the Lord; "Draw near to Me." For if you do not draw near to the Lord you will not be able to comprehend what it is that follows thereafter.  All that was new did not come at a last moment, but it has been around for some time now, from its very beginning till this day.

  51. Nor was any of it spoken in secret, I left it open for all to see, for the whole world to see, and I notified them of it. Yes even to this day there are  jewels recorded for all to see, but not a soul had the integrity, nor the know-how to answer, or reply upon. 

  52. Wherefore not only I, but the Lord with me came to look upon them as a delusion, and from long ago by Isaiah the Lord foretold that these would be but an illusion.

  53. It is verse 16 that I am speaking of, the Lord confirming what has taken place with me, that at no time I spoke in secret, since the Lord did not reveal it to me in secret, but openly.  And after these many years, it being obvious that at one time one was to be sent, and my word would have to be heard, and seen by the children of the earth.

  54. But in considering mankind - I came to say; "With a rod upon their backs, so these will have to be awakened."

  55. It is foolish to commend oneself, nor will I do so, but I will reiterate in what way the Lord by His prophets spoke concerning one to come in the ending of the times. 

  56. To Jacob it was a star, and by Joseph a Lion, and by Ezra a star as well as a Lion, And Daniel refers to him as a anointed one, and a prince of the covenant, even as Enoch prophesied of him as an elected one, a son of the Messiah of God.

  57. Isaiah speaks of him as one of whom people will not know whether he be right or wrong, and Ezekiel as a sprig of the Messiah, as well as a mighty one of the nations, while Elijah in his hidden record refers to him as a king of peace, and John the Apostle in his speech as a Lion roaring.

  58. How then have you not known him when he was for such a long duration with you? Is it not obvious how your eyes are not accustomed to light, and how every word of the Lord is always very correct? 


  1. Peace Peace, so they cry, let our voice be for peaceful co-existence.  They bow down to the rulers of the west, and like dogs sit up before the rulers of the north, and they ply with sugar and honey before the Europeans, as were it for a peaceful habitation that they aspire.  

  2. But you sons of the fathers are no different from them that begat you, that knew not the way of peace.  For in all your ways you beg for war, and for destruction upon yourselves. 

  3. To keep the commandments of the Lord your God in that it is whereby peace may be acquired. But you take no knowledge of Him who caused you to be a nation again, to know His ways whereby peaceful co-existence may be brought about.   

  4. By trusting upon Him you will be established, but instead you run to the nations, to skeletons dead twice over for help and protection.  

  5. You know not the Lord your God, you are estranged of Him, bowing down to idols, and knotting with the head reciting verses as if that might bring sight to eyes that cannot see, or a blessing for their hatred towards their neighbor, and even thriving against their own flesh.

  6. You are vile O Israel, placing the glory of the pagans upon your heads in direct opposition to the commandment of the Lord your God, so as to scorn and mock Him. And do you then think that He will grant you peace and prosperity, and subdue the nations before you?  

  7. Not so my dear Israel, you may conceive to be wiser than the Lord God, but He will cast you down upon your own wisdom.

  8. With all your atrocities before the Lord you still think that you can apply for peace O you sons of Israel?  Hear rather to what the Lord said, namely that; 

  9. "All the sinners of My people shall die by the sword, who say; "Evil shall not overtake us."  For the Lord has a day of judgment, to judge all the earth, and are you O Israel not part of that earth?

  10. The Lord then said: "Therefore he who is prudent will keep silent in such a time, for it is an evil time."  Am I O Israel prudent to speak to you in contrast to your leaders and your teachers, at a time like this?  

  11. As for me - I have no regard for myself, if I am torn, let me be torn, if I live, so let me live. But I will pronounce that which the Lord places within me, whether you will hear or not hear.

  12. And do you now wish to contend with me, to bridle my lips? Thus says the Lord my God; "Let no-one contend, and let no-one accuse, for with you is My contention O you priests. You shall stumble by day, and your prophets likewise shall stumble with you by night, and He will destroy your mother by which you had your birth."

  13. The people of the Lord are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because, you - that call yourselves priests, have always rejected knowledge. 

  14. Therefore O you priests, and you so called rabbi's, the Lord has rejected you from being priests to Him. And because you ignore and forgot His law He the Lord will also forget your offspring.

  15. You are teaching the people the lies of your own imagination, and never at all is the truth heard nor spoken.  It is our restoration so you acclaim, we will be established, our Messiah will rescue us, and we will be the head of all the nations.  

  16. And so your pride continues that you are establishing yourselves in preparation for the coming of the Messiah.  But who needs a Messiah if one is to establish himself?

  17. O what irony, and how dearly you are hurting yourselves for the lack of knowledge within you.  Instead of that peace which you so dearly acclaim, this is what the Lord said for the day that is near at hand:  

  18. "At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps, and I will punish the men that are thickening upon their lees, those who say in their hearts; "The Lord will not do good, nor will He do ill." 

  19. Know therefore you rebels that your goods will be plundered, your houses will be laid waste, and your wives will be ravished. The Lord has a day of judgment against all that is proud and haughty.  

  20. He will utterly waste the nations of the Gentiles, and while He will not utterly waste Israel, He will nonetheless root out all the rebels in Israel, and that are outside of Israel. 

  21. It will be those of whom you said that these are not Jews, that will find mercy, and such as you cast out, and thought nothing of that will be called the sons of God.   

  22. There will be a restoration - for the Lord will not allow His name to be profaned on account of you, it however will be for His name sake. And so He said:

  23. "On that day you shall not be put to shame because of the deeds by which you have rebelled against Me; for then I will remove from your midst your proudly exultant ones, and you shall no longer be haughty in My holy mountain."  

  24. So you see how it are the humble that will remain while all that are proud will be rooted out. He will cleanse Israel like one cleanses his cloak from vermin.

  25. The only thing you wish to hear is restoration, your Messiah to come, and to credit you with a righteousness of your own, as were you even more righteous than your Messiah.  But aside of a restoration by His hand, and His hand alone, for His name sake alone, - this is what your Messiah also said:

  26.   "O daughter of My people, gird on sackcloth, and roll in ashes; make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation; for suddenly the destroyer will come upon you."

  27. He will indeed come that Messiah of yours, but in His hand is a rod, a refiners rod, to refine Israel. This is the word that I am proclaiming to you O house of Israel.


  1. And did not Jeremiah proclaim that very same word to your forefathers, as I am doing to you the offspring of them?  For so he said;  "The word of the Lord came to me, saying, "Jeremiah, what do you see?" 

  2. And I said, "I see a rod of almond."  Then the Lord said to me, "You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it."

  3. And the word of the Lord came to me a second time, saying, "What do you see?" And I said, "I see a boiling pot, facing away from the north."   Then the Lord said to me, "Out of the north evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.  

  4. For, lo, I am calling all the tribes of the kingdoms of the north, says the Lord; and they shall come and every one shall set his throne at the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem, against all its walls round about, and against all the cities of Judah.  

  5. And I will pronounce My judgments against them, for all their wickedness in forsaking Me; they have burned incense to other gods, and worshiped the works of their own hands."

  6. If you were to listen to me O Israel that evil might not break forth against you, but God knew that you would not listen to me even as your forebears would not listen to Jeremiah.  

  7. Therefore the destruction as the Lord pronounced can not be held back, even though you have planes and tanks thinking in your heart that you will defend yourselves from such an onslaught.

  8. And so the Lord speaks to me as He spoke to Jeremiah, to say to you all that the Lord gives me to speak, and not to be dismayed for your looks, for so said the Lord: "They will fight against you; but they shall not prevail against you, for I am with you, says the Lord, to deliver you."


  1. The Lord said: "Truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey."   

  2. How very well spoken of the inhabitants of Israel, for they know not the truth, and when one departs from that old and cruel ritual which the Israelites invented for themselves, to accept unto himself the name of the Messiah he is branded as a bastard, as a pagan, making himself a prey.

  3. And who is to counteract these Jews, to slay them with a rod of iron, so that for once an act of justice might be seen? The Lord Himself by the pen of Isaiah foretold how it would be saying:   

  4. "The Lord saw it, and it displeased him that there was no justice.  He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no one to intervene."

  5. Therefore it was spoken: "For a long time I have held My peace, I have kept still and restrained Myself, but now I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant, I will waste both mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbage." 

  6. And how my dear Israel was it in that passage like where the Lord said: "They shall fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the Sun."?  How indeed might that be?  

  7. It was by His own arm that He brought victory, in His righteousness. Like a rushing stream so He would come. And what was the nomenclature of that rushing stream?

  8. As a breastplate He put on righteousness, wherefore all the unrighteous are now in trouble. And His helmet would be of salvation, for all that uncover their heads so they may find His salvation.   

  9. And His garment is that of vengeance, to cut down all that oppose Him, and that with fury and with great indignation.    Like as their deeds are, so He the Messiah will repay them. 

  10. The great for the great, and the small for the small, wrath to His adversaries, and requital to His enemies.  And He is not speaking of only the Gentiles, but so the Lord said; "He will come to Zion as Redeemer, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression."

  11. Do you now O Israel have any inkling as to what it means - from the west?  Or that just now I am not being accurate in stating: "The Lord from the west," since it should be - in the "name" of the Lord from the west?  

  12. Or, what is in those words - "from the rising of the Sun?"  I however am not going to expand upon either one of them since you will come to know it dearly upon your backs, and in the scars thereof.

  13. The slavery of women and children is rampant, all because the authorities favor the criminals instead of executing them. And this thing was hard on my heart until I recalled how the Lord said; 

  14. "That He would put all the wicked to the sword." Therefore you that are in authority along with the greedy criminals - it won't be long. That indeed is my consolation.

  15. It is written:  "They proclaim their sin like Sodom, and do not hide it."  Covering their heads as they pray, honoring the devil while they think to be praying to God.  And, it is written: "Those who call evil good, and, good evil. who put bitter for sweet, and, sweet for bitter, are an abomination to God."

  16. Like as if they were respecting God with their kippah's, while it is an evil thing.  Making the sweet bitter and the bitter sweet, so these are doing wherefore they must be cut down into the dust of the earth, because they oppose the Almighty One and twist His statutes.

  17. It is written; "What do you mean by crushing My people, by grinding the face of the poor?"  Your rich and mighty ones raising the housing rents so they may accumulate more and more to themselves, the thieves.  Therefore it is written; "The nobility and her multitude will go down, along with all that exult in it."


  1. "Behold, the name of the Lord comes from far, burning with His anger, and in thick rising smoke; His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue is like a devouring fire;   His breath is like an overflowing stream that reaches up to the neck; to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, and to place on the jaws of the peoples a bridle that leads astray."

  2. A simple sentence is it not?   Yet who among all the sons of man has any realization thereof, or what each part of that sentence entails?  From glancing over it, we presume that the Lord will speak, that He will sound His voice.  And yes, so man continues on and gives these words no other thought. 

  3. For after all we are not even sure if there is a God, and though we worship Him, that is to say, we invoke His name, - it is but a religious thing to make us feel good.  

  4. We are aware that our deeds are not always up to par, wherefore we better keep ourselves to some religion - that just in case there is a life after death, - we might inherit it.

  5. "The deception of man" / as it is called, or may be called.  And yes how well man deceives himself for all his religion since he has no conception of the one true religion other than as it is stated to him. But the same being hard on the skin, he prefers his own ointment.

  6. To what end therefore am I taking up the pen to define what is not to man's likens?  It is for a bridle, and for a line that is fastened to it.  

  7. What now is obvious from these words spoken? Would it be the Lord in person to come or speak?    No not likely since it reads how "His name would come from afar."   

  8. But how does a name come from afar?  How indeed shall the name of the Lord come from far if not by a person to speak.  And would that person be an angel or a man?  If it were an angel, who has ever heard the voice of an angel, other than that he spoke to a man?

  9. Obviously the Lord will be speaking by a man. Then let us see how He will speak, in what manner and circumstances.  "In thick rising smoke," so it reads.  Are we then to see a cloud of smoke, and that smoke rising up?  

  10. No, man will not see any smoke, at least not that smoke, since these words are in allegory to reveal that the One who is truly speaking will not be seen, as in being there - yet hidden, even as smoke obscures the vision of man.

  11. Then let us contemplate on the words; "Burning with His anger," and: "His lips full of indignation."  First of all there must have been a cause, a reason as to why the Lord comes with anger, to be so indignant.  And what might have brought that on, for are we not all, us nations, peace loving people, as innocent as doves?

  12. How could we possibly be so wicked to deserve the anger of the Lord upon us, since when we sin, we call them our unintentional errors, our wrong focus.  And why should we be punished for a wrong focus, a mere off-focusing?  

  13. When we murder our infants in cold blood, that is merely to keep our integrity, so how could we possibly be a wicked people?  

  14. When we pray to such stupid things as cannot even move themselves, it is not a mockery of God, but our wrong focus.  You pray to the dead for the dead, and then you think that you shall keep your life intact?

  15. Deceive yourselves as you will O you blind ones, and be deceived since you have earned it.  But this shall be well obvious to all of you - how one speaking in the name of the Lord will be an angry person, and speaking with anger upbraiding you for your so called peace, and reproving you for your claim of integrity.

  16.   So thus there is a person, a man to come forth upon the earth, to speak in the name of the Lord, one very much unlike any of your other preachers which you call "of God".  He is indeed very much unlike any other teacher that you know, since he is reproving you for your sins, or your wrong focus as you call them.

  17. And you will not be very happy with him, since his speech, his tongue, is just like the Lord said that it would be; "like a devouring fire."  And we do not care for fire, since it burns us.

  18. But we are unable to stop him since when he speaks - it devours us, and his breath is just as the Lord spoke by His prophets - "like a stream that overflows us."

  19. And you thought that all these things written in the Scriptures were mere words, something with which the scholars entertain themselves.  

  20. We thought of the Scriptures as a God that loves us and gave himself for the wrong focus that we occasionally practice. How then can the Lord be so angry with us to send forth His power to destroy us?

  21. When we think of Sodom and Gomorrah, and how God overthrew them for their wickedness, we can understand that since these people were vile, but we are not like unto them.  O no, we are only about twice as vile.

  22. O you blind bats, I am here to tell you that your wrong focus is even worse than the sins of those of Sodom, and your wickedness exceeds that of them in Gomorrah. The day of judgment will indeed, as the Lord said, "be more bearable for them of Sodom and Gomorrah than for you."

  23. If thus those of Sodom and Gomorrah deserved to be eradicated, how much more not you that are worse than them?  And don't bother to look at me, or attempt to defend yourselves, to make it appear as were your unspeakable crimes no more than a wrong focus, for we both know better.  

  24. It is not without cause that the Lord gave me wisdom and knowledge, wherein I am not likely to be fooled by you.

  25. "An overflowing stream that reaches clear up to your neck."  Indeed, so you muse.  "When is he going to let up? Our preachers, and our leaders are working hard to shut him up.   

  26. Or, if not, - to wipe his shadow from the earth, for it is indeed as it is written; namely, "destruction upon destruction".  When he speaks it comes to pass, and the dead are many.

  27. But why O my people are you that way, that you wonder yourselves about me, or the words that proceed from me?  You should have known - should you not?  The words I am interpreting for you were not written by me, but from long ago, wherefore it should not be anything new to you.

  28. There is of course much more that I could say, and there is more that I will be hanging upon your jaws, namely a bridle.   If then you think that the Lord with that bridle intends to direct you towards a safe haven, you got it all wrong, since it is designed to lead you astray, to confuse your path.

  29. You of course will complain saying;  "But what about our salvation, is that not your function to lead us to salvation?"  Ah yes, and now that you reminded me of it, -- it is salvation that you crave for.  

  30. It is for that dear hide of yours that you have so much concern.  You don't want to be cast into that great pool of fire - now do you?   No of course not, your hide is much too precious for that.

  31. But as I recall from those many unborn babes - if these had been given a chance to speak, these would have said to you: "Why are you murdering me, casting me into that great pool of fire, when I have not even committed a single wrong focus?"  

  32. So you see how loveable and generous you are to cast such innocent babes into that great pool of fire, and you of all people that do these things dare to censure the Lord, or me, for intentionally leading you astray?   

  33. My point to you is; "Why should you escape from that pool of fire, when you cast the most helpless and most innocent of all into it?" And why should not all of your priests be cast into that torment, since with lies and deception these are rated as mass murderers?

  34. Therefore you are not to learn the right path, so that at end - those many helpless ones may come to accuse you to your faces for the very murder of them, and for all your atrocities.  

  35. Then you will receive your just reward, a torment more severe than any of those that were in Sodom and Gomorrah.  I indeed for all your wrong focus do not vie for your salvation, but for you to be eradicated from the earth.

  36. Have I now sufficiently expanded upon words that are written?  For again in another place it is written: 

  37. And the Lord will cause His majestic voice to be heard and the descending blow of His arm to be seen, in furious anger and a flame of devouring fire, with a cloudburst and tempest and hailstones.  The Assyrians will be terror-stricken at the voice of the Lord, when He smites with His rod.

  38. The Assyrians now - that means you, yes you to be terror stricken.  If you think that a global financial crisis is something to worry about, you have yet to learn what it is to be in a dire straight, and what worry is all about.  You were told, it was foretold just like it is written.

  39. "Behold, the Lord has one who is mighty and strong; like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, He will cast down to the earth with violence. "

  40. How then my dear people should I be so strange, or a mystery to you?


  1. "He who puts his hand to the plow and looks back, is Me not worthy."  

  2. Is not that the lesson in where the angels told Lot and his family not to look back when they hurried to leave the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?  It surely is not the stupidity that so many make of it, nor was it anything after the stupidity of man as to how the wife of Lot became a pillar of salt.

  3. For in any instant the Lord can change, form, or create anything that He wishes, so then the substance of the wife of Lot became for a lesson of discernment, turning her into salt, the term depicting knowledge, and apprehension.  The Lord therefore turned her into a lesson of warning, not to worship the Lord and the devil at the same instance.

  4. To look back is to have sorrow or regret for what one is leaving, his mind not being wholly on the Lord. I heard people say; "O these poor souls," when the Lord brought that tsunami upon Japan.  

  5. But they were not poor souls but wicked souls, the Lord bringing their reward upon them for their vile idolatry - as a warning to repent of their wickedness.

  6. I then do not rejoice at the downfall of anyone, but neither shall I lament them, since these souls in Japan received exactly what they begged for to come upon them, and that as yet but a small measure of it.   

  7. If one begs for a bar of chocolate and he gets it, will you acclaim; "O the poor soul got his chocolate," or not rather; "he must be happy since he got what he wished for."?

  8. I would be untrue to my God if I lamented for the destruction and the dead which the Lord brought upon some towns within the USA by a tornado, or by a flood.  For these likewise received their prayer from God to be destroyed, for His wrath to come upon them, praying for it each and everyday with the wickedness of their words and deeds.

  9. The Lord does not punish the righteous, but rather He protects them.  When in the year 70 AD, the Lord God overthrew Jerusalem by the hands of the Romans, there were no righteous persons left there, nor in Judea, for them that enjoyed God's protection were warned before hand to leave the region.

  10. For what cause then does the Lord bring all these calamities here and there, if not as a due warning to repent of their hypocrisy and of their evil doings.  For not shall these upon whom His warning descends be anymore wicked than the many others, but so that all that hear of it, - or see it - may take it for a warning. 

  11. Like the Lord said: "Lest you repent you will all die likewise."   But man's media are liars and hypocrites, that for all the acts of God, they interpret them as were they natural events, as were it by mother earth, or by chance.  

  12. Therefore also those of the media proclaiming these lies, will likewise come to suffer dearly in the fires of hell for their lies and deceit to mankind.


  1. The eve of the day to come. The hour is near upon me, like a woman in travail I will cry out for the pains upon my soul. How utterly man is uneducated, how small his understanding.  My enemies will number into a multitude, yet like a Lion I will not be daunted. 

  2. My pains will be many and my joy in the Lord to fullness. I long for the hour and yet I sigh for the hour, it is but an hour, then my rest will come, and my peace of the hand of the Lord.

  3. Like a child in the womb of its mother must come forth, so the light within me must be brought to bear, its swaddling cloth in thick darkness, for a light unto the nations, for a bridle to curb many a tongue.  And like as a child is formed by a space of time - so the Lord brought me to my fullness.

  4. It is an astonishing thing that the Lord will do with the children of men, perplexing, and greatly disturbing, His judgment upon the inhabitants of the earth.  And with its beginning there will be an end when few are left upon the earth.  

  5. You should have known you careless creatures, and now you will know, nor is there a turning back.

  6. What will I do for my pains, for the hurt upon my beloved? I spoke, - but they would not listen, therefore suddenly the destroyer shall come upon them.  It is but an hour, a marginal fraction of time that is given me. 

  7. What can I do when these refuse to listen, when these are wise in their own eyes, when there is no knowledge within them, nor any fear of the Lord upon their souls?

  8. The pains for what will be upon me are small compared to what will come after me to descend upon my beloved.  The rulers of the earth have angered me, therefore I will tread upon them, nor is there knowledge with the teachers of men.  Therefore I will anger them, if possible to foam at the mouth.

  9. Come unto me you shepherds, set yourselves in array against me, rid the earth of my shadow so that He who holds me by the right hand may rid the earth of your shadow.   I have no pity for you because you showed no pity to them that are my people, my heritage of the Lord.

  10.   How marvelous indeed that to all the world I am a mystery one reared in secret while at so many places the Scriptures proclaims my coming.  So much revelation and yet I am in secret, and even when I am known - I will remain a mystery to all the world, for so I spoke, how utterly man is uneducated, how small his understanding.  To whom has the Lord revealed Himself?   To such as truly love Him.

  11. The Lord came in secret, unknown to all of them in the lower heavens, to the end that He might ravish the strongholds of the wicked, of the rulers of the heavens and of the earth.  In secret, unknown to them that are to be sentenced.  And so I am well spoken of in secret, a mystery to all but the wise.

  12. O how the written word is a mystery to all the sons of men, how clearly it is written and yet not understood, how therefore shall I be understood, I, a mystery in all of the written word?  

  13. For judgment have I come, for confusion to the sons of man, for a mystery into the minds of man because the word in writing is to them a mystery.  

  14. The Lord spoke - yet to all the world His word is but a mystery, For so the Lord said: "Do not question Me regarding them that perish."

  15. For any end there must be a beginning, and with the scribe of righteousness I will be present at the scene of judgment, amidst the children of Israel whose names are written in for life. For the Lord will command, and by His angels I will be brought to the throne of judgment of our Lord as a testimony, serving for a testimony.

  16. How very, very much the Lord has given me, as I cannot reiterate, a river greater than any earthly river, with an abundance of water flowing into the great sea. How am I to express my gratitude that I might praise Him accordingly?  

  17. I judge myself, and reprove my own actions, I count myself as wholly unworthy.  Yet what can I do when He continues to lavish wisdom and knowledge upon me, all such as cannot be known, nor denied?

  18. When I look at such words as I recorded from long ago, I behold a word not of my own, and I am reminded how at all times the Lord was with me teaching me. When I behold the thoughts of man and his teachings with myself in comparison, I have but this expression; "awesome, yea awesome.  

  19. How very well the words He gave me to record, how marvelous indeed His grace is unto me. I know not O Lord how to thank Thee in just measure, how for the abundance of Thy grace I might justly glorify Thee.

  20. And even more so when in the knowledge which Thou has given me, I look far into the future for a day to come, knowing what it is that Thou wilt grant into my care, and how it will be, I am truly astonished, a realization my vessel at present is unable to digest. And with great care I have spoken of it, but only in the hearing of the wise.

  21. This I know, as a king I will not be like any of those that ruled the earth, not in private, nor in public, my conduct will be unlike any of them, I will be attentive to all my household, and that are subject unto me.  

  22. I remember the days of old, how after I had turned away I repented; and after I was instructed, I smote upon my thigh; I was ashamed, and I was confounded, because I bore the disgrace of my youth.

  23. I do not count myself, neither do I praise myself, and I am ashamed when anyone speaks but a word in praise of me. Yet I can not deny, nor know how greatly Thou has elevated me above the sons of the earth, how greatly Thou has fastened me to the sons of men, to make of me a prince of princes, a ruler of rulers.

  24. Thou O Lord has formed a mystery and brought it into the world, a mystery into the minds of man, a mystery clearly spoken of, for this was in Thy mind from before anything was created.  For it was by Thy Word, and in Thy Word that Thou did form all things, past, present, and future. 

  25. And so I meditate how into forever I might praise Thee, and never slack a moment of it. My heart will be full of adoration, and in loving adoration I will look upon all Thy works, that even my adoration may at all times be for a thank offering before Thee. 

  26. For this one thing O Lord my heart is not able to comprehend - how in all things I may justly praise Thee for Thy endless grace lavished upon me, and upon all that will as yet be given me of Thy hand.

  27. Thou O Lord art God, and forever Thou art the same in the name of Thy beloved, the Lord our Redeemer.

  28. How very much I am a mystery into the minds of men.  I am that I am, so indeed I am.  Not for myself has my foot been set upon this earth, nor is my life my own, but for a day to come these shall know me.

  29. Then their prayers will come unto my ear, and many will rejoice themselves in me in the grace of the Lord my Redeemer.  For so it is written and so it will be done.  

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