A hearts meditation.


  1. My heart thought long and hard on the people of the earth, from the beginning of their time till now, considering the many tribes and nations, their ins and outs, their coming and their going, along with the great variety among them.

  2. The Lord, when He spoke and His creation appeared before Him, all the many stars, and the innumerable legions of angels in their various forms, He made the higher and the lower, that which is above, and that which is below, as well as all that is in between. And there also appeared His many creatures in the lower heavens and in their lower form, the great beasts and the small. 

  3. And what from the very beginning He had created in the wisdom of His great being He also brought forth each in their times as He had purposed from the beginning before anything stood.

  4. And so He made man from the dust of the earth, and gave charge to His angels to care for them and to govern them. For like as He did in all His creation He made chiefs of the few and of the many ordering the ranks of all of them, legion after legion, an innumerable multitude to the glory of His sole rule.   

  5. And He gave to each of them their ingoing, their outgoing, and their habitats along with their labors that none of His works might be idle, even as nothing of anything He had made was ever at any time idle, but ever moving that it may be refreshed, and be for renewal within itself.

  6. The one then that was appointed prince of this earth, his name was Satanael, and he governed it for a long while. But this one turned himself away from the order in which he was placed, and thought to set himself equal with the Lord God who had made him and all his host that was under him and subject to him. Therefore did the Lord cast him out from the high heavens to dwell in the air above the lower.

  7. And in process of time - as it is accounted by the sons of man, - the Lord thought to place a Godly race upon the earth, a race to keep by His commandments, and not depart from it as this Satanael had done.  

  8. And not that this was new to the Lord Almighty since this thing was in His purpose from the very beginning, the Almighty One knowing all things before they come forth, for He is the cause and the Maker of all.

  9. Yet this secret was not known to Satanael the prince, but the Lord having removed the large beasts, and in the process of its years passing, He nurtured the earth and in its time creating Adam from the dust of the earth, this prince of the air of the heavens came to realize and understand that the Almighty One wished to create another race. 

  10. This was so since the Lord had made Adam a ruler upon the earth, and this Satanael having been darkened by his rebellion and arrogance against his Creator was nonetheless still prince of this world and the regions above it, as well as beneath it.  He therefore saw Adam, and all that were to come of him as a threat to his kingship.  

  11. This may be compared to king Saul, as king of all Israel, and having disobeyed the Lord, David instead was anointed, wherefore Saul at all times saw David as a threat to him.  Therefore it was that these angels in their king Satanael, (also known as the devil,) took steps against Adam that he might be found guilty before God his Creator, and be cast down as he was.  

  12. And when he was called upon to pay reverence to God’s new creation, the man that was made out of the dust of the earth, he thought himself in his being as fire of fire, rather than of the dust of the earth, too exalted to pay reverence to such a lowly creature.  And when his entire host sided with their master, the whole multitude of them came to earn the wrath of their Creator upon them.

  13. Yet he was not then imprisoned nor cast down in what is known as the abyss, his measure not having reached its fullness, for the Lord God is a just and merciful Lord who does not punish man nor any of His creatures beyond their means, nor in any wise unjustly.

  14. Moreover there is never anything that can withstand Him, and His wisdom is above all knowing all that will be from beginning to the end, even when that end is never at end.  And He bears with His creatures not only to His own greater glory but to their greater glory as well, for He is their Creator forming each of them as He willed in His endlessly great wisdom and ability.

  15. It therefore was out of envy that the Satan came to the woman, not daring to approach the man, to seduce her for his gain. Yet in gaining his desire, namely the death of the man with his woman he also awarded himself with his own death sentence, a sentence of the Creator that for as much as he bruised the heel of the man the Lord ordained that the man was to bruise his head.

  16. And so it came to me once that I bruised the head of a serpent, and it twisted itself in order to reset it jaws.  And I felt very sorry for it, yet it had placed itself in a position where I would have no choice but to kill it.  I then was contend and relieved to merely bruise it head. If one has an ear let him hear.

  17. And so we come to Genesis where in a renewal, or new beginning, the heel of the one being severely bruised, the Satan by a Godly Redeemer bruised on the head lost out on his very rule against the man, the man taking in the places and the ranks in the heavens that were formerly his, and those of his troops.  And these will have them more gloriously than many of God’s creatures.

  18. That Godly man now who was to be perfect in all its ways had a sentence of death upon himself, and the earth for its produce was cursed unto him. While then the Almighty Lord spared him greatly, the spirits of envy had not left, but it was to try man for his zeal and sincerity towards the righteousness of his Creator.  

  19. For even as the Satan had his time and opportunity, even as all God’s other creatures were given a will and desire in their own, He could do no less for man seeing how He created them after His own image.

  20. As then the spirit of envy entered into Cain, and he did not resist it, but gave himself to it, so the first blood of man was spilled upon the earth to cry out to the Almighty for revenge.  For what right does any man have to take the life of another without due cause?  Is he not in that case remaking himself after the image of the very deceiver of man, in the image of the Satan?  

  21. Therefore whoever spills the blood of man, by man his blood will be spilled, for he will not rise to the ranks of heaven, but will be under dominion, under the dominion of man, of those that will rise to the ranks of heaven.

  22.  As then man has the will in him to subjugate himself, be it for the good or towards what is evil, more and more gave themselves over to the lower lusts.  And while there was a company of righteous persons to call upon the Lord, apart from them also grew a company of unrighteous persons.  And as time went by the unrighteous came to entice the righteous to lower themselves to their desires. 

  23. Yet these were not the only ones to invite death to themselves, for aside of the Satan and his host that do little more than bicker among themselves, there were the Watchers which the Lord had ordained and placed to oversee all things regarding man. 

  24. And these constantly beholding the beauty of the female of man, and how desirable these were to man, some among them came to desire these as well, with a passion strong enough to knowingly disobey the commandment of their Creator towards them, not to show themselves, nor to partake with them in the flesh.

  25. A certain number of them then did go down and each taking a woman went into them, and for this wickedness of them God did not withhold from them that seed be sown so that these women gave birth from the seed of these angels.  

  26. These children then of the seed of the angels wrought in the blood of the flesh, grew to be giants as tall as fifteen feet high.  And when the people began to detest feeding them, these giants mistook themselves upon man and beast alike.

  27. Then came the judgment of God, upon the angels as well as upon their giant half-breeds, ordering His faithful angels to destroy all these many giants that had come forth, and to imprison their fathers. And the rest of mankind having become wicked as well, not in any wise a Godly race as the Lord had originally placed upon the earth, He drowned the lot of them with the waters of a flood. 

  28. Yet one being born of God, and named Noah, with the seven that were with him found favor so that by him, by a second man of God there may come forth a Godly race upon the earth.  These then grew and begot many children, yet for all that had happened before as a lesson these grew to be wicked and more so than the previous colony.  

  29. There was no respect, nor integrity with them, if there was a woman that was beautiful, they killed her husband in order to own her.  

  30. Like those of the town of Timnah in the days of Jacob, in their vileness made a rule that any young maiden that was to be married, first had to sit in whoredom for a week of time that she may be raped at will by all the men of the town. Wherefore their women for their vile lust were no longer fit for any man to serve as wives, but were nothing more than whores.

  31. This now was not confined to just one town, but in general among all the heathens, and in various ways this vileness continues until this day in all the nations of the earth.  

  32. Whole tribes there were, and perhaps still are, where though a woman be betrothed to a man, she is game for every male of the tribe, all these many acting like the lower animals and not anything the likes of a Godly colony.

  33. When the sons of Noah partitioned the land, the area called Lebanon fell to Shem, and while Ham the youngest son of Noah went to his part his son Canaan did not but went into Lebanon. And his father and brothers came to him saying; 

  34. “Do not dwell here, for if you do, you and your children will fall in the land and be cursed with sedition, for by sedition you have dwelt, and by sedition your children will fall, and you will be uprooted forever. 

  35. Do not dwell in the dwelling of Shem, for it came to Shem and his sons by lot.  And you are cursed, and you will be cursed more than all the sons of Noah by the curse, which we swore with an oath before the Holy Judge, and before Noah our father."

  36. But he would not listen to them, and dwelt in the land of Lebanon, therefore is the land called Canaan.  And their remnant is there to this day, firing rockets at the offspring of Shem, and even with the help of the nations attempting to rob them of the land - as well as its capital for them, when they have no right to dwell in that region in the first place. 

  37. These foolish people are no more than slaves to the slaves of the sons of Shem, and accursed, having been accursed forever by their forefather Canaan who was a rebel.

  38. Therefore also are these Palestinians of this sixth day of creation accursed, as was all their seed before them.  Nor therefore is that their homeland, nor will they have it for a homeland, but they will be uprooted, and die the death of the accursed.  

  39. Nor are these alone to show themselves an unworthy colony.  The tribes and nations of the east and west of them were always at each other throat with violence, for the Lord spoke of the six sons of Abraham by Ketu’rah how each one of them their swords would be against each other.  And why does the Lord pin one man against the other if not for his wicked desires, and for the greed and the pride of his heart.

  40. In order then that the sons of men might dwell in all the earth, the Lord confounded their speech, for they rebelled and thought to stay in a single place, and to reach into heaven.  Accordingly, the Lord changed their habits, and sent them forth each after their nature, for some changing the color of their skin, and their appearance, that as it is with His angels it may be so with man.

  41. As therefore I beheld the many varied creatures which the Lord made to dwell upon the earth, and in the waters of the earth, I blessed the Lord God for such inconceivable beauty made of His hand, and how He is indeed able to behold all His works at once, O how blessed He is while I can barely behold a fraction of His works.

  42. Looking at the dwellings of man, his bridges, his roads, his factories, his stores and all that has come forth, I beheld the greatness of the Lord to have created all these things.  

  43. For while man in his ignorance may pride himself as were these made of his hand, by his cunning, know this O man, that if the Lord had not taught you how to construct all these things, you would not have known, nor have any of these to yourselves.

  44.  Like it is written,  “If the Lord does not built the house the workman work in vain.”  And so we are at all times fully dependent upon Him.  But man in the ignorance of his mind does not consider the Lord, or how it is that he is able to perform as he does, to realize that his breath and all his cunning is but taught to him of the Lord.

  45. He prides himself in atomic fission, but it was of the Lord to grant the knowledge thereto to a few among men, with the rest to learn and copy them.  He prides himself in computer knowledge, to construct the chips thereof, yet even with the gift thereto was it not by many trials and errors that these strode forward? 

  46. And how small is his understanding of fundamentals?  And when in time the whole of the world will comprehend these, even to have knowledge of the very foundations of the earth, was it not of a single person taught of the Lord with the rest of the world learning from him?

  47. I am indeed a river, one of seven, for so He has made me, a river larger than any earthly river, for He imparted wisdom unto me, that I might know Him who created me for His glory. And He caused me to enter into the region where all flesh must walk cautiously that I might be for the benefit of the many made of His hand, lest their tears would never cease, and their cries remain unheard.

  48. The demons now that were left in the earth to serve Satan done me harm, yet for all their wickedness against me the Lord sustained me against their evil doings, and He blessed me more than many.  

  49. When I was correcting the records of old, the words of righteousness, and I was in need of understanding, it was the Lord in His Holy Spirit sent to me that I might have understanding to know what is in a word, and which of them were correct and/or of error.

  50. But in my beholding of the race of man I was sure grieved in heart for their extreme ignorance, and for the vileness of their doings, as well as for the imagination of their heart how it was inconceivably vain and foolish.  

  51. And so I came to detest all their doings and even to hate myself for having my abiding among them, and I saw nothing of value, but that they should be exterminated from the earth, for it is impossible for any righteous being to have his abiding among them.

  52. For all the many centuries of man upon the earth, while the Gentiles worshipped demons, the sons of Israel shortly after Moses and Joshua corrupted themselves, with only now and then some righteous persons to correct them.  And even those which were delivered from Egypt and saw the many deeds of the Lord did not enter the promised land, excepting their young ones with Joshua and Caleb.

  53. And while there was much righteousness in the days of David and Solomon their offspring again corrupted themselves to the point that the Lord exiled them. And how many righteous ones can be counted from these days to the coming of the Lord?  And so the Lord executed a strong judgment on them, as we know from what took place in Jerusalem in the year 70 AD.

  54. Then many of the Gentiles turned to the Lord at the preaching of the Apostles, and from the Jews also there were not a few.  But the duration of these as churches, to say communities, did not last long. By the third century these communities had all become temples of the devil, and continued to be temples of the devil unto this very day.

  55. The only righteous ones left in the earth were no longer by communities, nor by what is understood as churches, but mostly in small numbers and singular here and there, constantly under the threat of persecution, and they left a beautiful record of their faith and heroism.

  56. As then the devil took his seat in Rome, and imposed upon the rulers of those days to let up on the persecution, he made his gain by subverting them to lip service for such as might otherwise have held out. And when the so called reformers came in the fifteenth century, these were no more than the back side of the same coin that was in Rome, if not more cruel and subversive.

  57. Yet in these dark days the Lord drew again many to Himself, while both the reformers and the Romans competed with each other who could be more cruel with the sons of God.  But in coming to the 20th century, the truth itself went into hiding so that in any part of the world few remained, and nowhere was there a church or community to be found to fully serve the Lord in truth.

  58. Then it became as the Lord prophesied how in the ending of the times the Gentiles would merely be worshipping a piece of wood, meaning they would profess the cross, with no knowledge of Him that died upon it.  

  59. And while in those days the Lord called the sons of Jacob to return to the land of their heritage, many returned but without the knowledge of the God that called them, still cleaving to the defilement of the Gentiles among whom they lived for many years.

  60. Now from among them, and from those that remained among the Gentiles these came to accept that their Messiah had indeed come so long ago, and came to call themselves  Messianic Jews, so as to have a separate entity from the Christians in name by the Gentiles, the term Christian, being repulsive to them, for the persecution of their forebears by barbarians that falsely claimed the name of Christ upon themselves 

  61. These however as I discovered, are not much different from their kinsmen that deny the Messiah having come, neither one of them knowing their Messiah. These therefore provide lip service, with some or many still holding on to the worship of graven images, and some of the accursed customs of their forebears.

  62. What therefore is there left in all the world that I might present it to the Lord my God?  He anointed me a prince of all the nations, and gave me knowledge to assay them.

  63. And for their numbers I found them to be wanting, not willing to accept even the least favor of the Lord, but to adhere to their own foolish imagination. And in many cases so much so as can not even be pronounced as being human.

  64. Yet for all that darkness upon the earth, I am bound to recall how it was said; "And all the rams ran unto him."  Wherefore though not obvious yet there are Godly teachers to teach the sheep of a truth.  If now only the sheep will listen, and indeed some will.


  1. As now the sons of men in this world cause their laborers to serve with rigor working them eight to twelve hours per day, and nights, and even for the seventh take no rest, this will not be so in the upper kingdom for all the sons of any nation from the first to the last.

  2. But all such as will gather under the shadow of my branches will have much opportunity to rejoice, with much opportunity to go forth and behold the marvelous works of the Lord, to rejoice themselves in the grandeur of the Lord my God.  

  3. Not one of them will have need of anything, for the Lord will cause them to dwell in the shadow of my branches, shading them from all the oppressions of the old world. There will not be a single one that is idle nor anyone not to receive his wages even for a single day.

  4. By Isaiah the Lord said:  "Behold, a King will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice.  Each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a covert from the tempest, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land."  So it will be.

  5. And like it is written in the Acts of the Apostles;  "The company of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things which he possessed was his own, but they had everything in common.  Even so it will be in the world to come, not one of all the many shall have overmuch nor come short.

  6. The inhabitants of this world spend their time looking to see what they can take to themselves at the expense of others, everyone out for the greed of their heart, buying and selling.  But this will not be so in the world to come, there will be no rentals, no taxes, nor mortgages, nor will land and houses be sold; since all will belong the Lord, and to His sons, having all things in common.

  7. Them that are wealthy in this world will no longer have anything, nothing will be their own, not the clothing on their backs, nor the skin of their bodies or even their own soul to call it their own. Like the Lord said how He would do away with the wealth of the rich by the hand of one who protects the boundaries, one who is god of the sciences and of learning, by the hand of one whose name in allegory is Nebuchadnez'zar.

  8. And was he not king of all the earth, that great head of the statute?  For the Lord made all those of the earth subject unto him.  A mystery never as yet understood by the sons of men, and so indeed for all that has been said and what is written the Lord nonetheless brought me forth as a mystery to the inhabitants of the earth, and a mystery I will remain for all but the wise.

  9. While then I may be hated in this world and many to array themselves against me, yet will I be beloved by all that seek refuge in the shadow of my branches, and they will come to pride themselves in me.  Yet for that pride I will take steps to humble them that their pride may be for another.  

  10. And I will dwell with a great multitude around me, and these will rejoice themselves in the mercy and compassion of the Lord.  All that repent and keep faith will rejoice, but the un-repenting will have much pain.

  11. There will be many to govern my entire household, for it will be a very large household, and I will rejoice forever in all that the Lord bestows on me, and praise and thank Him forever.

  12. There will not be a single one that is not dressed well, nor any with any handicap, or even a bruise upon him, for like it is written, the fruit of the trees at earth’s end are for healing, bearing fruit each and every month.  

  13. And there will be many gathering places and all will be taught the statutes of the Lord, and they will keep His statutes. As ignorance is a curse to me, so it will be done away with.

  14. But for the rich and the oppressors of this age, the cruel ones, that had no regard for the need of the people, their backs will be broken, and their bones spread at the mouth of Hades.  These will be very much dejected and cry bitterly for the cruelty of their ways. 

  15. Them that were gay will not come anywhere near me, nor even enter upon my borders, but in fire and torment they will weep bitterly for the vileness of their ways.

  16. And yes so I speak; how vainly indeed to teach man that for all his deeds there will be a reckoning, how foolishly he acts for his ignorance in unbelief not realizing how dearly he will come to pay for all his deed in wickedness, and for the folly of his mouth.

  17. Do not conceive that you will go free for all your criminal deeds - you that are rulers in the earth.  My hand is foremost against you for your criminal deeds and the vile hypocrisy of your mouth.  I heard your speech and observed your deeds, therefore my arm will be against you both first and last.

  18. And though I know that you cannot comprehend my speech where I said; "both first and last," yet have I spoken that they may be brought to your recollection in the day that I will break your bones, and leave nothing of you to flourish. 

  19. Was it not said from long ago how the Almighty One would hand you over into our hands to do with you as it may please us? Most certainly it was, therefore as your hand was against man, by man you will reckoned.  You should have taken wisdom for a treasure you foolish rulers, instead of your pride for self glory.

  20. Had you heeded my words, and subjected yourselves to them, I might have considered to temper that rod of iron upon your fragile backs.  Since then I know before hand that you will not do so, in your day to come I, nor we, will not hold back, nor have mercy on you. It will be as spoken by Enoch, read, and tremble.

  21. When now I behold all that came to be written by my hand, the words of the Almighty Lord, what person will not say; “He is demented to have put down and believed upon all that he has written.”  And yes what a fool I am to have believed so strongly upon the word of the Lord, to have given Him my faith.  

  22. In the eyes of everyone I must surely be a fool to so trust in Him who taught me His word, and who revealed to me so many secrets, such many as never even entered into the mind of man.  Yet for all man’s unbelief, and for all their irreverence - let me be the fool to have put my full trust in the Creator of man.

  23. For I know on whom I lean, and I understand Him who taught me, and caused me to write these many words, all these foolish words as man may reckon them to be.  Did not Paul say, “Foolishness to the world, but life to us?” Indeed he did, and so it is with me for all my foolishness - it is life.

  24. How simple to know the foundations of the earth, and yet for all its simplicity they have not understood, for all its logic none was able to comprehend.  Man digs deep into the earth for a source of energy to labor for his ignorance, to toil for his lack of comprehension,  for it is the simplicity of all things that evades him. 

  25. And why then should I understand what no man has found out?  May it be because I trusted on Him who made all things?  The Lord tried Abraham with great riches, and I am tried with the riches of knowledge and of wisdom.  Humility therefore is a great treasure that leads to life, and long suffering with patience, for a great reward.

  26. The Lord my Lord said; "Because He cleaves to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because He knows My name.  When he calls to Me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will rescue him and honor him.  With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation."

  27. Is it not most marvelous that God is our Father and Creator of all, and not some other being that is not holy and perfect and compassionate as our Father is?  What if the Lord God had never been, then nothing at all would exist, nor would any creature have being.  

  28. The Lord our Father however has always been from ever, and now we are to exist and live in His compassion, and in the immeasurable wisdom of His being.

  29. If then by presumption in a million years the Lord would bring us back into none being as we were before He created us, would He not again long for us, for His creature for whom He gave Himself in His only begotten Son?  

  30. And so in His great love and endless compassion we are to endure into forever with Him. For like we can not exist without Him, neither is it of the Lord to be without us.

    A SONG

  1. O my Lord my God and my Father.

  2. I am in love, I am in love with the works of Thy hand.

  3. I am mesmerized in the beauty of Thy creation.

  4. How is it that we love and exult in loving kindness?

  5. It is because our Father made us after His likeness.

  6. We love, because He is love.

  7. We rejoice in love because He loved us.

  8. This loving kindness of one to another.

  9. That terrible love as it is called.

  10. It is because God is love, and we are after His likeness.

  11. Therefore we love and fall in love, and draw with affection.

  12. My love is a true love, for it came forth from Thee O Lord.


  1. O Lord who can know all that Thou has created? Who can understand the endless number of all the miracles of Thine hand?

  2. The earth is full of the glory of Thine great being, creatures of every sort out of number, and so beautiful, made with such perfection. And the earth itself is as a living thing always changing, and yet remaining the same.

  3. The directives which thou dost issue at any instant are numberless so vast in quantity. How very great Thou O Lord our Father art, to behold and know all of mankind past present and future.

  4. And these as they cannot be numbered are but like a drop on the bucket, for Thou does likewise know and care for all that are not human, the many birds and beast as well as crawling things, and the myriads of those creatures that reside in earth Oceans.

  5. How very great and inestimable Thou O Lord art just to know and govern the earth with all its life and every thing that is upon it, to in its seasons grant warmth and rain, and all else.

  6. But this estimation of how inestimable Thou art O Lord viewed from Thy works upon this earth, even all that is but like a spoonful of the ocean, seeing how Thou has made for Thyself these billions upon billions of stars and galaxies,

  7. And how many worlds O Lord with life upon them may be found in them, and what sort of life?  For even the angels of which Thou brought forth in countless numbers these are of many kinds.

  8. How utterly endless Thine creation is O Lord, and then to realize how Thou all in Thyself rules all, to govern and replenish all that Thou has made.  Whom therefore in all Thine endless realm can know or understand all that Thou has made?

  9. I am painful in my heart O Lord attempting to understand but a grain of Thine great being, I am at all times mesmerized by the greatness of Thine being, reaching out attempting to understand if but a grain of it, but Thou art forever greater than I am able to reach. 

  10. And what is most perplexing to me O Holy Lord is, how it is that we may address Thee as our Father, and even to be called by Thy name, to be know as sons of Thee, sons of the living God, of the One and only God and Creator of all.

  11. This indeed is more than I can fathom, and perplexing in my mind as well as in my heart that we may indeed address Thee as our Father, to be for sons unto Thee.

  12. It will not be any commander, nor any secondary ruler such as Thou has established for the many legions of so many of Thy creatures by whom we will be known and guided.

  13. But in Thine endless grace Thou has given us Thine own Spirit to dwell within us forever and ever to judge as Thou judges , and to teach as Thou teaches, and to govern according to Thine wisdom.

  14.   O how my pains are unceasing, the pains of having my being in this world among the sons of men.    I looked at a woman who goes out every morning to dig through the trashcans from which she makes her living.  

  15. And so I thought; What a life this is for you my dear woman to live in poverty having to grope through the trash of others. You did not come into this world on your own account, you did not ask to be born, and have your dwelling just so that you can eat from the trash of others.

  16. Why have you come into this world O woman to suffer this degradation, to live with pain and a never ending hunger. What sort of life is this when even death would be better than living.  For I can hardly call your demise a living.

  17. Equally so however are my days with pains, with the pain of having to look upon the poverty of others, and each day to be made angry at the wickedness of the people, to curse the very thought of the many.

  18. Shall I now ask why I have come into this world merely to suffer pain, when I know so well the answer to that question?  For you likewise my dear woman have not come in vain though for the moment you must suffer this pain of being poor, to eat from what others cast away.

  19. But O, if I allow my heart to express its pain I could speak a flood of words, of words which I know to be no more than vanity, words not fitting for one who knows better.

  20. What difference is there between you and me O woman?   You hunger, and I hunger, your concern is for your daily bread, whereas my daily bread can never fail me even if all around me people died of starvation.

  21. For I am in the hand of the Lord our Creator who gave me His promise that my daily needs would never fail me.  But you likewise my dear woman were made of Him, and like unto me He also caused you to dwell in this world.

  22. For while no one asked to be born, yet they were born. While no one said; "Give me life and being." They were given a life to live, to have their being before Him who alone is able to create and give life.  

  23. We did not ask to come forth so that we might suffer pain and anguish, nor so as to have our being with poverty and afflictions.  We never asked to be ill, yet illness comes upon us, and why then should we wish to live, to have any being at all?

  24. So why then have we come forth by One who is all merciful and yet we suffer pain?  He who brought us forth, brought us forth by His own will, or how else could we have been made.  He who is at all times full of compassion created all things, and yet my eye must look upon those who for want of a living stand begging on the streets, or dig through peoples trash.

  25. And so I say what a miserable life this is, what an accursed place this world is that so many must suffer so many afflictions, and how my heart is painful each day for the curse that rests upon us.  Or shall I rephrase this that my pain is for the wickedness of man for which cause that curse came upon him.

  26. Since then no one asked to be born, they did however ask for the afflictions upon them, seeing again how it is not of our all merciful Father to punish anyone without due cause.  His law of love for one another is clearly seen and known, yet why then did they not keep it?  And while He strictly commanded to love and honor the One who made them, and breathe His life into them, they should have done so.

  27. Since it is for that cause that there are afflictions, and the poor roam the streets.  But like it is written of the Lord; that He is the helper of the poor and of the oppressed, and how it will be of Him to deliver them.

  28. Therefore O my dear woman, and me myself likewise, hold hope, and do not let go of it, for this life of afflictions is but for a moment in time, when afterwards into all eternity there will be peace and no longer the poverty of the poor, nor any of the oppressions upon the oppressed.

  29. It is hope and faith that amidst all the pain keeps us going, and so I say to all that hear, keep hope and faith, for soon you will be delivered.  Consider how a seed must first be laid under where it may become undone to again sprout upwards into the glory for which the Lord has made it.

  30. How good it is to have wisdom, how marvelous to have faith, for it is by these that our eyes are set and focused on Him who is all life, and who imparted life and being to all that is, and glory to them that look towards Him.

  31. Yet a little while O my dear people and there will be no more poverty, nor for anyone to live from the trash of others. Nor will there be the rich, nor anyone to cause any kind of oppression upon anyone. 

  32. You will have righteous rulers, and be guided by them that have compassion, who will love you even more than themselves, for their love is the love of their God and Savior of all. Their compassion is that compassion which emanates from Him whom is all compassioned.

  33. I will love you my people, though you are not my people, and very much adore to make you happy and always be rejoicing.  I will not be any kind of ruler that you had in this world.  There will be no oppression not from any one of them, nor any robbery nor taxation of them that loved only themselves.

  34. For these will no longer be rulers, nor will they have a single word to say, but rather be a spectacle of God's righteous judgment upon them to all that are living.

  35. I indeed love you, and will care for you to the utmost of your needs so that at all times you may be joyful, and be in love with life, to no longer be as it was in this world of afflictions.

  36. You will indeed rejoice in all of them that are appointed over you, because they are the sons of God, these are the righteous and true rulers made of God to your welfare. 

  37. Keep therefore hope O my people, though you are not my people, for the Lord our God is a merciful Lord, and of Him alone it is that life is issued. Of Him alone it is that joy and gladness will be to all His creatures.

to forgive or not

  1. There is a right and a wrong in to forgive or not to forgive, just as there is a right and wrong in everything.  If one sins and does not repent, there is no forgiving, and if the sin is against the Holy Spirit it will never be forgiven even if one repents of it.

  2. If a man kills a person, and has no remorse, God will not forgive him, neither therefore should man, for in that case he is not in the image of God, like it is written;   "He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord."

  3. To forgive now is not the same as to justify, for in justifying a mans deed it is to condone it, while to forgive does nor bear justification, yet it frees a man of the consequences of his act so as not to be held guilty. How closely therefore these two are related to justify and/or to forgive.

  4. It now is not of me in these cases to render to you my judgment but rather the Lord's in all that He has spoken.  There are those like the Amish and others that will readily forgive anyone for any crime that may have been committed.  This these do out of the ignorance of their heart with an aim that spells selfishness.

  5. They read how the Lord said;  "But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."  From this they conceive that they had better forgive any criminal, lest otherwise their sins will not be forgiven them.  While for their ill-forgiving, they themselves will certainly not be forgiven.

  6. And so now I ask, what ever happen to faith, to their faith in God who most assuredly will forgive them if with a true heart they leave off of their sins and ask of Him to be forgiven?

  7. Did these criminals in remorse for their vile deeds come to them asking to be forgiven? No these did not, how then do these foolish ones act contrary to the word of God relieving the criminals of their just due - as were they wiser than God, or more compassioned than Him?

  8. Did not the Lord say:  "That every one may turn from his evil way, and that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin."  God indeed forgives but not unless one turns from his wicked ways with a hearts remorse to be forgiven.  Whom therefore do these think they are to twist the word of God to forgive where no forgiveness is warranted?

  9. There were two men at the sides of the Lord on the cross. One of them repented and asked to be forgiven, and the Lord forgave him, while the other mocked Him, and was not forgiven.   So then in the eyes of the Amish and these many like unto them the Lord Jesus committed a sin not to forgive that second person, for now the Lord Jesus cannot be forgiven since He did not forgive the one that mocked Him?

  10. Is not that just about the ideal of those many that so readily forgive a person without any due consideration when there is no cause nor means to forgive?  Are not these Amish accusing Christ of sins?  Yet the Lord was without sin, how therefore could He have sinned in not forgiving the one that was without remorse?

  11. If then a man kills a person and the judge - fearful of God for his own sins - says; "I forgive you." Is not then that judge acting contrary to the obligation that the Lord placed upon him?  And is he not then making a mockery of law and justice, as well as increasing crime and villainy, to in effect pronounce to every criminal that they are free to act upon their wicked deeds, seeing how in any case they will be forgiven?

  12. For here again how is a judge to say; "I forgive you, yet you are to hang? For if he hangs him to pay for his deed, how does that tally to forgiveness?  Since again to forgive is from the heart, and if one does not forgive from the heart it is nothing, it is no more than a word in hypocrisy.  If therefore you indeed forgive a man from the heart, how will you bring retribution upon him?

  13. Is it not written: "I stood before Thee to speak good for them, to turn away Thy wrath from them. (Yet they would not hear) Therefore deliver up their children to famine; give them over to the power of the sword, let their wives become childless and widowed. May their men meet death by pestilence, their youths be slain by the sword in battle.

  14. May a cry be heard from their houses, when Thou brings the marauder suddenly upon them! For they have dug a pit to take me, and laid snares for my feet.  Yet, Thou, O Lord, know all their plotting to slay me. Forgive not their iniquity, nor blot out their sin from Thy sight. Let them be overthrown before Thee; deal with them in the time of Thine anger."

  15. Here the prophet is asking the Lord not to forgive them for the wickedness of their ways.  And elsewhere: "Their land is filled with idols; they bow down to the work of their hands, to what their own fingers have made.  So man is humbled, and men are brought low -- forgive them not!"

  16. For again they spoke saying;  "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die."  Then what follows;  "The Lord of hosts has revealed himself in my ears: "Surely this iniquity will not be forgiven you till you die." And in another place:  

  17. "Let their way be dark and slippery, with the angel of the Lord pursuing them!  For without cause they hid their net for me; without cause they dug a pit for my life.  Let ruin come upon them unawares! And let the net which they hid ensnare them; let them fall therein to ruin!  Then my soul shall rejoice in the Lord, exulting in His deliverance."

  18. Or again so it is written:  "The wicked go astray from the womb, they err from their birth, speaking lies.  They have venom like the venom of a serpent, like the deaf adder that stops its ear, so that it does not hear the voice of charmers or of the cunning enchanter.  O God, break the teeth in their mouths; tear out the fangs of the young lions, O Lord!  

  19. Let them vanish like water that runs away; like grass let them be trodden down and wither.  Let them be like the snail which dissolves into slime, like the untimely birth that never sees the sun.  Sooner than your pots can feel the heat of thorns, whether green or ablaze, may He sweep them away!  The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance; he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked."

  20. The righteous sons of the Lord are not like the Amish nor like so many others that render false judgments, or put themselves in the seat of God to forgive, or justify when these are not called for.   They could pray to the Lord to grant them amnesty if their deeds were in ignorance, like as the Lord did on the cross, asking God to forgive them since they knew not what they were doing.

  21. There are those refusing to serve in the armed forces, since so they say, to kill is a sin. Yet who is He that creates war, and that creates peace, if not the Lord the Almighty God?  If then you are called upon to defend your country it is also to keep your own loved ones save. If therefore you refuse, you sin not only against those of your own, but against your neighbor as well as against God.

  22. For did He not say; "Accursed is the man that holds back his sword from shedding blood"?  And so indeed these think to have a religion as if they knew the Scriptures to live by them, yet they do not know the Scripture, nor do they live by them, but by their own concoction of a religion.  Therefore also these will indeed be killed, because they refused to kill when it was their due to do so.

  23. The wisdom in where the Lord said;  "But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."  Is when these come to you asking to be forgiven, not if they persist in the wickedness of their heart.  And the Lord gave a parable to that effect where a man forgave someone a great debt.

  24. That man then as he saw another who owed him a small debt, demanded payment from him, or else, even though the person begged him for a little more time.   Here is where it comes in - "to forgive us our debts as we forgive those that are indebted to us."  Let us take another example; here is a person that burns down a barn and kills the livestock of another.

  25. As then he got injured and is hiding in a gully with the authorities looking for him, but not finding him.  Now the owner whose barn was burned down finds him in his hiding place, very much hungry with nothing to drink, and he asks the owner for a morsel of bread and something to drink.  What now do you think the owner will do?

  26. Will he say to him, "You are the culprit that burned my bar, and now I will turn you over to the authorities."   Or will the owner remembering his own faults, have mercy and bring him something to eat and drink, and not mention a word to the authorities about his where-about?   

  27. What in effect is the owner doing if not where it is written;  "If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; for you will heap coals of fire on his head, and the Lord will reward you."

  28. This owner had the fear of the Lord in Him, nor was he one to carry a grudge, nor by destroying his enemy would his barn be rebuilt.  His enemy after all begged him for help, nor therefore would he say to him I forgive you, since his enemy was not of a remorseful heart but simply asking for some food and water.

  29. In all reality therefore, the owner is not placing himself in the stead of God, and judging contrary as to how God would judge, but he leaves the judgment to God, and himself in his fear of the Lord and love of all man - he helps the man for his needs rather than lowering the boom upon him.  

  30. The firebrand then has a lot to think about, how he harmed the owner, and yet the owner did not harm him, but rather cared for his immediate needs. If then that does not bring him to some remorse in his heart - what will?  For the owner heaped hot coals upon him.

  31. Accordingly, even though the authorities may find him and execute the due reward upon him to make restitution, he may at last come to a full remorse and ask that owner who was so generous to him for forgiveness.

  32. And yes then you will forgive him, as one must lest his prayer, that of the owner, to say; Forgive me O Lord as I also forgive those that sin against me." - would not be heard by God, nor therefore would the owner himself find forgiveness for his own sins.  This therefore is not what the Amish and these many others perform since they lack the wisdom to it.

  33. Our subject was; to forgive or not to forgive, and with it we could say, when to forgive, or when not to do so, for we must have a love of truth and righteousness, and not to perform everything first and foremost for the sake of our own skin.  He has learned well that loves others more than himself.

  34. It is written; "He who says to the wicked, "You are innocent," will be cursed by the peoples, abhorred by nations, but those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good blessing will be upon them."  And; "He who gives a right answer kisses lips."

  35. By these words thus the Amish stand condemned.  And the people of the nations will have more sense than those Amish who for the fear of their own skin come to forgive the wicked when there is no remorse, when also it is not their place nor cause to forgive other than for their own selfish greed to render a word of injustice.

  36. Again it is written; "Do not say, "I will do to him as he has done to me; I will pay the man back for what he has done."  For here I could add to say; "The beginning of wisdom is this;  Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight."  For it is insight not to take revenge, since again the Lord said: "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay." 

  37. The wisdom here is, that we are the Lord's and our wrongs are hidden in Him, what right do we have to take vengeance when vengeance was taken from us in the grace of the Lord?  It is sound wisdom to have a heart of remorse, and so it is written:  "Every one who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name."

  38. Should I now repeat this last sentence, to dwell upon it, how that Name is but One name?  If you kneel before a graven image, or hold it in your hands while also pronouncing the name of Jesus, why should you find forgiveness, or who will in any wise forgive you, since it was clearly said;  "You shall make no graven image, nor kneel to them."

  39. In that event let the following words fall on them as it is written;  " Let their own table before them become a snare; let their sacrificial feasts be a trap.  Let their eyes be darkened, so that they cannot see; and make their loins tremble continually.  Pour out Thy indignation upon them, and let Thy burning anger overtake them.

  40. May their camp be a desolation, let no one dwell in their tents. For they persecute him whom Thou hast smitten, and him whom Thou hast wounded, they afflict still more.  Add to them punishment upon punishment; may they have no acquittal from Thee.  Let them be blotted out of the book of the living; let them not be enrolled among the righteous."

  41. Whosoever makes a mockery of God and His Christ, and of His word given us, will himself be mocked. But whosoever listen to sound knowledge and wisdom will find himself to be forgiven of all his inequities.

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