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To   "Come to Zion Ministry" (2009)

  1. Why do you show them light when there is no light within you? You admire the sons of the devil to write your articles, and assume that the Lord God  will be pleased with you? "I will root out the rebels in Israel" so the Lord has spoken.  When will you ever cease to corrupt the word of God you hypocrites vipers-brood?



          Thank you for your e-mail     Blessings


Hi Paul.

  1. In receiving your responds I thought by myself, is he for real or is this also in hypocrisy, keeping himself to the word of the Lord where He said, “Bless them that curse you”.

  2. Then I thought in my heart, But Leonard you are wrong, you should have recited that which angered you so much. You should have explained the error so they might know wherein they failed, and not simply lash out as you did.

  3. Last night before I received your reply, when I lay in bed in prayer to the Lord, I said to Him, I was angry O Lord, I lashed out at people without giving them to know the how and why, and why did I do so, for that is not me?  O I know O Lord because I love Thee, and I despise the corruption of man, their ignorance and underhanded ways by which they twist Thy word is an abomination to me.

  4. Then receiving a reply, being reproved by you Paul, I said in my heart perhaps these are among those that Thou wilt correct O Lord.

  5. I am referring to the word of the Lord by Isaiah chapter 42. Quote: “16: And I will lead the blind in a way that they know not, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I will do, and I will not forsake them.”

  6. And why did I think so Paul?  It was because of the lines that precede it, Quote:  14: For a long time I have held my peace, I have kept still and restrained myself; now I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant.
    15: I will lay waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbage; I will turn the rivers into islands, and dry up the pools.”

  7. I now in these last weeks had tears in my heart and sorrow of my soul for the sons of Israel, seeing how so few will acknowledge their Redeemer, and so many adore their traditions so contrary to the love of God. 

  8. And I know that these words, that prophecy by Isaiah is near in coming to pass.  Let the nations bestir themselves, and let anti-Semitism have its way, for the sooner the nations turn themselves against Israel the sooner the Lord will come to reprove these nations, and to defend Israel His heritage.

  9. Do not think Paul that these words will not be brought to bear. Recall Joseph how he had a dream Quote: 11.  "And I saw that from Judah was born a virgin wearing a linen garment.  

  10. And from her was born a Lamb without spot, and on His left hand there was as were it a lion, and all the beast rushed against him, but the Lamb overcame them and destroyed them, treading them under foot. 12.  And because of Him the angels and men, and the land rejoiced, and these things shall come to pass in their season in the last days."

  11. The last verse of what Joseph said, -- that season pertains to us, Israel being a nation again and all.

  12. And by Esdras He spoke saying: ”Stand upon your feet and hear a mighty sounding voice and it shall be as were it a great motion, but the place where you stand (Israel) shall not be moved. 10.     Therefore when it speaks, be not afraid, for the word is of the end and the foundations of the earth are understood.  

  13. For at the sound of these things they will tremble and be moved, for they know that the end entails change." 12.     And it said;  “Behold, the days come that I will begin to draw near, to visit them that dwell upon the earth, I will begin to make inquisition of them what they conceive to be to hurt unjustly with their unrighteousness. "

  14. What do you think Paul?  You did not revile me as I deserved but blessed me. Do you not also realize these things?  And yes there are yet years to come since all the word of God must be brought to bear before the Lord’s coming on the clouds.

  15. But an end must have a beginning, and a beginning is with small things, ending in great signs.  At several places it was prophesied that the first of the ten plagues the Lord is to bring upon the whole earth, was quote: “Sorrow from much need.”   Has than the first of the plagues of the Lord begun upon the world Paul?  Perhaps so. Yet I know the Lord for He is extremely generous and compassionate, therefore let us await and see what He will do.

  16. What now angered me was that article by Mark R. Ensign, on “The role of woman” how typically of a lawyer that can babble on and on, and not once come with a constructive word, all in some deceptive means to twist the word of the Lord, to make His statutes of no effect.

  17. And so I thought -- how can they being Christian allow such deception on their website?  And for an answer you might visit my website at: second part of "Lion of the Lord" page 9.

  18. And keep in mind how I am not a pastor, nor is my word to only the believers, but to all the race of man.

  19. What is it with me so I contemplate in my heart, that when I approached those, which to me seemed of the fold – afterwards showed themselves with no love for the word of God, and I was the fool.  And will I now have approached a true son of God with reprove?  O Leonard O Leonard when will you be wise?

  20. The silence of the years bear heavy upon me, and it burns me that all these boasters in the world go on and on, and never once does the word of truth go forth to put them in their places.  O that the Lord would come to reprove them, how then my heart would rejoice.

  21. When knowledge increases so does sorrow, and when the love of Christ increases in a man so does his hatred of all that evil. Would now to God that I were indeed wrong, and I might ask a pardoning of your hand Paul.

Yours Leonard


Shalom Leonard,

  1. Again, thank you for the e-mail. I have read it twice and need to read it again so it will all sift into my mind so I can give you a proper reply. It may take a day or two so please, be patient with me. I want to make very sure the words that I send are Holy Spirit directed and not my own logic or reasoning.


Dear Leonard,

  1. Firstly to Israel: God has His plan and it is hard for any of us to totally understand His plan. As to why they do not receive Christ, He tells us in His own Words;

  2. Romans 11:25  For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in.

  3. Romans 11:26  And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:

  4. Romans 11:27  For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.   Romans 11:28  As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers' sakes.

  5. Second: I can not comment on quotes from books or writings not in the Bible because they are just the writings of men and I have no knowledge of them. I have to receive in Faith that the Torah, the Hebrew writings which the Father has kept untouched for around 4000 years are just as He wants. I have not read anything “outside” of His Word. I also have to receive in Faith that the canonized Bible presented today is arranged and set forward as He wants from Genesis to Revelation even though we know it was a man’s doing. ( FYI:I am not referring to the Catholic Bible)

  6. I looked around your web site and I see that you are crying out to the nations to hear and listen to the Word of God. That is good, it is hard on your heart.  One thing I would like to remind you is 1 Cor 13. All that we do must be done through and in love. We are to guide by love and set an example by love. When we approach people in a negative way, many times their reactions are also negative.

  7. One more reminder from the Word, either people accept or not. We give God’s Word and then.   Matthew 10:14  And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

  8. They are no longer our responsibility, we have done as the Father has instructed. They either hear the Word or NOT.  In Blessings and the love of Yeshua

    Reply  +++++++++++++++++++++++

   Hi Paul

  1. I know what is written, if only you had taken the effort to know me.  And yes I understand your word in not wishing to educate yourself in ALL the word of God.  The canons are by the design of God in their manner for the whole of the world. While the remaining scripture is but for the wise.  As the Lord ordered the prophet saying.   These you shall show openly, while for the others you shall hide them and show them to the wise only, for in them is the fountain of wisdom.

  2. In your refusal to read and/or be educated in all such other scripture, which in all respects confirm the canons, you are like the world, and mocking Enoch, Moses, Noah, and Jacob, as well as all of his sons, and the apostles of Christ, since these not only read them but as recorded in the canons these honored all such record, even as the scribes of Israel did in the days before Christ.

  3.  It is therefore as I said for the wise, for all these as mentioned were wise, and not written in the earth.  And I had so hoped that you might be wise, that indeed the light of Christ might enter into your heart. 

  4. Do not think that to have love -- is -- to indeed have love. For like the Lord said, “He that hates evil is he that loves Me, And David said Do I not hate them that hate thee, O Lord? And do I not loathe them that rise up against thee?  I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them my enemies.”

  5. My love for man, all man, is greater than that of many, so much so as to give my very life even for my enemies, and what other man will do so?

  6. You my dear Paul seem to have a love, but you are ill trained.  And this - so from the word of the Lord - I have against you.  The book of Revelations chapter 2 to the church in Thyatira.  That you tolerate the women Jezebel.  If therefore there be understanding -- rid yourself of that person Mark R. Ensign.  He is of another world, and as a writer is the worst I have encountered, besides his corruption of the word of God.

  7. Will you reprove me of speaking from the very words which Abraham Isaac and Jacob had for a treasure, all such as are confirmed in the canons, while you condone this Ensign who takes from everything other than the canons, which in their respects are contrary to the canons?

  8. If only these very canons were an open book to you which can only be by the gift of the Holy Spirit, you would accept as the Lord said: "Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old."

  9. So have I done because He from whom I was taken trained me.

  10. You think I should come to you with love, with a soft watt of cotton to caress your bones, and not enumerate your failures as if that shall bring a man to the gates of heaven.  “Itchy ears” so the Lord said, They only want to hear what they wish to hear.  And what does the proverb say?  

  11. Reprove a wise man and he will thank you.”   And again: A rebuke goes deeper into a man of understanding than a hundred blows into a fool.”  True love is found in the fear of the Lord like the proverb says: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

  12. Sleep on it Paul for I love you, I love you more than you can know.  (Isaiah) “He that believes will not be in haste.” And if there be no thanks I shall be the fool even for your sake.

  13. Do not assume that the restoration of Israel will be when they all come to accept Jesus. That my dear Paul is not the canons. Isaiah 59  "And he will come to Zion as Redeemer, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression  A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God. 

  14. 22: For though your people Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant of them will return. Destruction is decreed, overflowing with righteousness.  23: For the Lord, the Lord of hosts, will make a full end, as decreed, in the midst of all the earth.

  15. “In the midst of all the earth” That my dear Paul is Israel.  And Ezekiel:   “Zion shall be redeemed by justice, and those in her who repent, by righteousness.  But rebels and sinners shall be destroyed together, and those who forsake the Lord shall be consumed.”

  16. So it is written and so it will be.  The rebels in Israel my dear Paul how many are they? Another holocaust perhaps?   And what is a “remnant” my dear Paul?  And whom are those included in that remnant?   And yes I, even I will make their hearts glad, the hearts of them that are preserved upon His borders, and they will be joyful unto the coming of the day of judgment. These will be for fruits unto me.

  17. If now O my dear Paul you could only figure out whom he is that Anointed one, that prince of which Daniel speaks in his ninth chapter during the time when Israel would again be a nation, the very same one that will be killed as recorded in his eleventh chapter, at a time before the coming of the Lord upon the vaults of heaven. (Wherefore that prince is someone other than the Christ). 

  18. And accepting that you have wisdom in the word of God Paul, why was it written that not only a Bull (Christ Jesus) was to be offered so as to cleanse the altar, but on the second day a male Goat was also to be offered on the altar, to cleanse the same?   And why were there two birds in the offering of Abraham? And who was with Joshua when he led the people into the promised land?

  19. No doubt this wisdom is as yet to far, yet I am speaking of the canons, of that which is clearly written therein, (which in effect confirms that dream of Joseph, which you would not accept.)  And why is that dream of him not recorded in the canons Paul?  Because it is for the wise, and for the wise only.

  20. You love the canons Paul, - Well on believe in them.  Do as the Lord said to the Satan. “Man shall not live by bread alone but by all the word of God.”

  21. Am I now in error to publish these books that are for the wise only, that the eyes of all the world may see them?  Not hardly Paul , for only those that are wise will read them, all others (like you did) will merely glance and discard them. Accordingly I am keeping secret that which is to be kept secret.

  22. May now the Lord of all mercies grant you insight into my word, so that you too may be trained for the kingdom of heaven.  Then you will have fruit Paul, a true heavenly fruit, to whom it will not be said. “I know you not, depart from Me you workers of inequity.”

With my love Leonard


March 2010

  1. Thank you for your Passover gift, we do not take it lightly. May you be blessed a hundred fold for every seed you have sown Gen 12:3

Kimberly Kravitz-Sowden. MJAA

Reply +++++++++++++

Kimberly, Kimberly

  1. Much thanks for your concern, you thanked me a hundred fold, but it were not my riches that was of any interest to me, but rather that you my dear Kimberly, and many like you might be enriched, even if it were you alone among the many around you.  You sent me love, but my heart is sad since I am loved for no more than a temporal gift rather than for an eternal gift.

  2. O Kimberly, Kimberly, you abide among a people that are hard of hearing, their ears are open for what they teach of their own, but for the word of the Lord their eyes are closed, and their hearts do not meditate upon it.

  3. Speak to me of blessings in Israel, speak to me of how she will be delivered, speak to me of all the things to which my itchy ears are tuned, but do not speak to me of what will in fact come upon us, by the word of the Lord. 

  4. Shall we Kimberly behold by no more than Isaiah 66 what it really is that the Lord intends to do?  Verse 17.  Are you not in a garden sanctifying yourself in the midst?  If now only you would understand these words I would indeed be blessed. 

  5. Is it not correct where it reads: “These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations. I also will choose affliction for them, and bring their fears upon them; because, when I called, no one answered, when I spoke they did not listen.”

  6. So then I weep for you O Israel for the Lord will indeed come like a tempest to render His anger in fury not only upon the nations, but upon you O Israel as well until few are left, no more than a remnant to enter into the Sabbath.

  7. As then O Kimberly that remnant will indeed be blessed, what of the many others to perish before that day?  It is for these that my heart weeps, for you and so many others of Israel when there is no need for them to perish, if only these would listen.

  8. If in the year 1939 I would have said to the Israelites; “Come away with me, because the Germans are about to murder millions of Jews.”  They would not have believed me. And today in calling to them saying, “Hear and believe me, for the Lord is about to root out millions of Israelites from all over before His final coming, will they believe me?

  9. No, they will not until they are in their graves, which saddens me greatly.  But it need not be that way my dear Kimberly, for as many that will give me an ear, that will believe, shall not perish.

  10. You now know the way to my words, and shall these be no more than words - never to come to pass?  Or not rather as it reads: “Shall I bring to birth, and not cause to bring forth?  Shall I who cause to bring forth, shut the womb? Says your God.

  11. I now have a prayer Kimberly, my prayer which the Lord will bring to pass in the hour that He has affixed for all the world. You may find it at:

Yours, Leonard.

Reply  +++++++++++++ (2009)

Oh Leonard!

  1. Your words were riveting; so much so, that I shared them with the office staff!  We went to your website to read further!  Your heart is profound. Yet, please don’t assume that you are alone in your burden for the salvation of Israel.  In addition, when I thanked you for your support, it was with the awareness of your desire to bring the Gospel to a blind people…His people. 

  2. Anyone who chooses to support this ministry clearly has an unusual burden for Israel.  We are a peculiar ministry and were raised up in 1915 SPECIFICALLY to share the Gospel with His people, Israel wherever they were dwelling!  Every one of us working in this ministry shares your heart.  We don’t take your support lightly Leonard and we are working daily to penetrate the stony hearts of the Jewish people. 

  3. It is a very difficult task and we are under spiritual attack constantly.  Every member of this staff has been battling to keep a foothold.  We know we have the victory and the calling to continue in our efforts, but it is difficult.  Though I may not write with the profundity you do, know that I share your burden and fully understand your heart. 

In Messiah,   Kimberly Kravitz-Sowden    Ministry Relations Manager     MJAA...for the restoration of Israel

Reply +++++++++


My dear Kimberly.

  1. May you be blessed of the Lord God, may His peace rest on you because from among many you were first to show kindness to one whom the Lord raised up for a blessing to Israel.  It is known of Israel to kill its prophets, and even the very Son of God, and in due time they will kill me also for His words upon my lips.

  2. Yet I am not daunted since my love is an irrevocable love, an enduring and everlasting love for all the souls of man.  Your director Joel Chernoff seeks refuge in the shadow of other nations, asking me to sin against the Lord our God and against my soul, to ask of Clinton to retract her US anti Semitism of Israel. 

  3. My refuge however is in God alone.  My request of Him was to make the US a thorn in the sight of Israel, a bleeding wound, so that no longer they may run to her for help. Then perhaps they will look to the God of Jacob, and not take flesh for their arm.  Their fear of Iran is a sin in them. What foolishness is it to be afraid of nothing more than skeletons that are dead twice over?

  4. You will have to see how the Lord deals with them that taunt against Israel, you will indeed have to see it and not until then will they believe the word I have spoken.

  5. “Come My people, so said the Lord, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the wrath is past. For the Lord is coming forth out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. And His delight shall be in the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge by what His eyes see, or decide by what His ears hear.”

  6. You lament that it is difficult, and yes my dear Kimberly take then these words as comfort and for a sure hope to yourselves. Read again the above sentence, noting how it was the Lord to come forth, and how His fear would be of the Lord.  Is then the Lord God to fear Himself, to delight in His own fear, or not rather the Messiah to come in the fear of His Father?  Or for that matter me to come in the fear of the Lord, and not like your Mr. Chernoff to come in the fear of the nations?  (Isaiah 30:1-2)

  7. It is Yeshua indeed, and so Isaiah said; “He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked.”  Why then the armament O Israel, and why depend on missiles, and bombs, or look to any nation, when the Lord your Messiah is about to act on your behalf?

  8. Did not Isaiah also say:  “Behold, the Lord (Yeshua) has one who is mighty and strong; like a storm of hail, a destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty, overflowing waters, He will cast down to the earth with violence.”  He indeed has one and the hour is near, and all the inhabitants of the earth will see and trembling they will be astonished. Let this be of comfort and a removal of your burdens Kimberly.


Reply ++++++++++++

  1. Your words are powerful and penetrating.  I utterly agree on all fronts and am highly disturbed by anyone or any entity expressing fear for Israel’s ULTIMATE safety and wholeness.  It is utterly absurd!  All is temporal, fleeting and idiocy.  So, I empathize with your plight of being a prophet in the midst of such idiocy.  

  2. Toda raba for taking the time to write, so thoughtfully, to me.  I cherish your correspondence. 

In Messiah, Kimberly Kravitz-Sowden.


July 21, 2010

 Shalom Dear Brother in Messiah!

  1. How are you Leonard?  I was looking over some of your writings this morning and felt the need to “speak”.  When we sent out a petition for Hilary Clinton to rethink her stand on Israel, it was not for the US to continue to “support” Israel because we don’t trust in the Lord to do it; it is to boldly speak the truth to our “leaders” similarly to the young girl who boldly spoke to Na’aman in scripture (in 2 Kings).

  2. As believers, we are all called to pray for our leaders and to speak truth to ALL who are not walking with Him, including Hilary Clinton!  If we are living in this country and idly sit by and tolerate, without utterance, our very leadership cursing Israel , what does that say for us?

  3. In addition, we (the MJAA) sent out that petition to assure that we (the US) continues to walk in our calling to stand with Israel,  not to be her sole support or to replace God’s ability to do so…but to simply be a blessing as GOD called us all to be (Gen 12:3).  Hope to hear from you.

In Messiah, Kimberly Kravitz-Sowden     Ministry Relations Manager.


(July 23-2010)

Shalom my dear Kimberly. 

  1. I am grateful for your correspondence. You went to some length to defend the actions of the organization for which you labor, and I am not reproving you for it, it is quite proper that we should pray for all men, and let our voice be heard for the benefit of all that are beloved. 

  2. But in order to express myself properly to you, I must go through some lengths, hoping that you will savor it.

  3. Since the age of 24 I have written many things, the Lord giving me knowledge and understanding, and the revelation of many things that are both secret and unknown to man. And while to this day I am withholding many secrets from the ears of man, there are also many that I did write down to reveal them to the sons of man.  

  4. Yet, even from a long time ago I conjectured that they would not hear me, and in the field of the sciences even the best of them were not able to understand me, the Lord having closed their eyes.

  5. And so here is all that knowledge, that beautiful knowledge as I myself must confess, but no one will hear, nor even reply. Man could do away with all his need for oil, and his atomic power plants to have a free, clean and unlimited source of power, but they thought me a fool, therefore I swore by God to no longer never at all reveal it to them.  (For the details refer to page 25 "Unlimited energy" under "Foundations of the world".)

  6. When therefore we read Isaiah 41 verses 25 through 29, it is nothing new nor strange that such words as are able to change the whole of the world remain unheard, and for the thousands of which I know that in the last 40 some years did read, none was able to reply, nor did reply.  Read in Isaiah how it reads; "None who heard your words."  And how the Lord replied saying: "When I looked there is no one, among these there is no counselor who - when I ask, gives an answer."

  7. And now my heart is wondering regarding you my dear Kimberly, how you are replying to me.  Perhaps the Lord determined to show me that though the whole of the world may seem to be unfaithful, yet He has kept some.

  8. Elijah complained that he was alone left in a world of idol worshippers, yet so said the Lord; "I have kept Me seven thousand that have not bend to the knee to idols."  And I admit sometimes to nearly despair myself of the whole world, yet then I remember how it was spoken of the Lord by Ezra:  "But the rest of My people, those who have been preserved upon My borders, these he shall deliver with mercy, and he shall make them joyful until the day of judgment." (Book of Esdras Ch 13 verse 14-15)

  9. So I know that in due time I will have fruit, and while it may seem like that the prophecies are delayed, the Lord said; "They hasten to their time, if it seems slow, wait for it, they will not fail."  So it is for us Kimberly to wait and have patience for the hour of the Lord when He will act.  And regarding Israel I surmise when they get into a situation from where there seems no escape, the hour will have come.

  10. You now may be wondering why you have not heard from me since our last correspondence.  The reason then is as follows;  it is because the Lord asked of Abraham to bring Him the three animals for the offering of the ages - to be three years of age.  And somewhere of the Apostles they said; "If after two or three times he will not listen, let him be as the heathen."

  11. If now you are confused it is so my dear Kimberly;  The animals of the offering of the ages to Abraham represented the people of the Lord of all the nations, Israel being the ram, the male of the three, meaning this; That when the Lord calls and one will not listen even to the third time, He will not call again. For those which are born of God, need not be called more than three times to hear and respond.

  12. And to enhance this for you my Kimberly, The Lord Himself gave a parable that may be found in the book of Luke, chapter 13. verses 6 through 9.

  13. The Lord then said to the man, the vinedresser that planted a tree, which by translation is, a preacher for three years, or three times, hoping to see Christian fruit in a person, but finding none; the Lord God remarks to Him; "Why do you still look for fruit when in these three years none have come forth, why not forget about him, or as the Lord said; "cut it down."

  14. The vinedresser or preacher, however is a man, and he loves that person still hoping after these three times to find some fruits, a truthful repentance, and so he answers the Lord saying;  "Please Lord, let it be this fourth time (or year) also, I will try even harder and perhaps in that fourth calling it will produce fruit."

  15. I wrote a book together with my stepmother, that is called "Love Story," which I have not as yet made public, it consists of her and my letters, a prince looking for his queen that he may take before the Lord.   I also was very determined and begged the Lord to give her that fourth opportunity, for I loved her exceedingly much.  And note in verse 9:  Kimberly - how the vinedresser, the man said; "If it bears fruit next year, well and good, but if not -- Thou can cut it down."

  16. Note Kimberly how the man was not of a mind to himself cut it down after that fourth trial, but rather he left it up to the Lord to cut it down.  The parables which the Lord spoke to us are for teaching, for to meditate upon, to understand the real meaning.  And like that tree along the road to which the Lord looked for fruit, and it had none, and He cursed it, the Apostles seeing it withered the next day.  Godliness, so I say to you my Kimberly, is not something to play with,

  17. And did I not approach your Mr. Chernoff these four times already, yet he had no reply whatsoever.  How often then shall I make a fool of myself when I know it is not of the Lord?  My will is to do the will of the Lord my God, as I hear of Him so I speak.  Wherefore in regards to your Mr. Chernoff, I left him with his organization to the Lord to cut him down.

  18. And more as to that point by Isaiah, in his 48th chapter verses 12 to 16:   The Lord calls Israel to pay attention to take note of a person to whom the Lord gave the understanding of the foundations of the earth, one who acknowledges the Lord as its Creator.  Since again it is so that all the worlds scientists are completely blind in that respect, the Lord having closed their eyes for their denial of Him.

  19. The Lord then is speaking of a single person as He said; "The Lord loves him."  (noting the word "him").  And for all the words that have come forth from me, was it then only me Kimberly - that of which myself I am surprised?  Did not the Lord say; "I, even I have spoken and called him.?" And while it has been nearly fifty years since I began to write, while I never did anything in secret, the Lord confirms the same by saying; "From the beginning I have not spoken in secret, from the time it came to be I have been there."

  20. The world may conceive me to be on my own, but I and them that believe will know better, the Lord certainly has not given me all this knowledge without cause, and to none but to those of His sons whom He elects will He reveal so many secrets of what is and what is to come, things I dare not mention to any person.

  21. I now heard what you conveyed to me in your email, and how do you wish me to reply Kimberly?  Is it you to honestly believe what you said, for I know that the majority of those in your organization, together with the many that read and reply to it, are not of the same belief.  Nor do I speak in my pages for the exceptions but rather for the whole and the majority.

  22. I am not one to plead with rulers, but to strike them with a rod of iron, I will plead with you and the small, but regarding rulers and the strong in the earth, the Lord has filled me with indignation against them, even as He said in that part of Isaiah 48 that I referred you to where He said; "He shall fulfill his purpose on the world (Babylon, meaning world) and his arm shall be against the strong." (Chaldeans)

  23. For again the Lord spoke elsewhere by Isaiah; "I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter; because, when I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not listen, but you did what was evil in My eyes, and chose what I did not delight in."

  24. Does Hillary Clinton not have a copy of the Scriptures, and should she not therefore know that to touch a Jew is to touch the apple of your eye?  She has already blinded herself since she should have recognized a nation that for centuries was under the sword of the Lord, and now having found mercy she will continue to oppress them?

  25. For any person in her position this is inexcusable, since already in the first place to even take or desire the position that she has - makes her abominable before the Lord. The small will readily find mercy but the great are judged with a severe judgment.  I will not even begin to preach to the strong in the earth, for it is just as it is written:

  26. "To whom shall I speak and give warning, that they may hear? Behold, their ears are closed, they cannot listen; behold, the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn, they take no pleasure in it."    So then Kimberly know and realize the words that follow it as He said;

  27. "Therefore I am full of the wrath of the Lord; I am weary of holding it in. Pour it out upon the children in the street, and upon the gatherings of young men, also; both husband and wife shall be taken, the old folk and the very aged."

  28. Perhaps this Hillary Clinton is doing just as the Lord wills her to do, seeing how I asked of the Lord to make the USA a thorn in the sight of Israel, and even a bleeding wound. She therefore may very well be performing what she must.   A prince my dear Kimberly must judge for all his people, and not see to the person of anyone, nor favor one above the other.

  29. For what purpose my dear Kimberly did the Lord sent me into this world? And to what end did He fill me with "His" indignation?  Is it normal for a prince to beg or not rather to judge rightly, and not see to the person of any man or women?

  30. What do you care about what she says?  The leaders of many nations are taunting and threatening Israel, why do you pay attention to it? - So far it is only talk.  Esther did not plead with Na'aman, but for his murderous act she exposed him to the king, her husband, by which the rest of her nation came to be saved.  And why do your own leaders comply when Clinton or Obama tells them to do so and so, things that are none of their business and nothing more than oppression?

  31. All of their deeds are both criminal and oppression nothing at all of what they speak or do is righteous.  And if you Kimberly will say that this is not so, you will be making God out for liar, for it is He who said so, and why then should you not also fall along with them? 

  32. Nor are the current rulers of Israel a grain better, like dogs that sit up and bark, and dance before the criminals. Their fear is not of God but of men, of nothing more than skeletons.  Nor is their trust in God but in the works of their own hand. Are they not contemplating to bomb Iran for its right to make atomic weapons?  What right then does the USA or Israel have to tell any nation not to do that of which they themselves are over burdened?

  33. Is the hand of the Lord shortened that He cannot save?

  34. It is extremely wicked to place sanctions on any nation, for any cause, it is both criminal and oppression, nor will they escape but pay dearly, very dearly for these criminal actions, Israel as well as the USA and every other nation.  Not in the least will I plead with any of them on this account but render them the reward due to them.

  35. Take a good look Kimberly if perhaps from the motives deep within you, if indeed you are different from the rest that call on the name of God but keep not His word, who have a show of religion but not the reality of it.  Or like Paul said:  "I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but it is not enlightened."   It is a thin line to walk with man and with God.   Yet I grant you good sense in the words you spoke to me.

  36. Is it not the end of times, of the sixth day, with the Sabbath near to start?  What then does the Scripture say? The first of the plagues of the Lord is - as it is written, "sorrow from much need."  Therefore look around to see if perhaps that first may be upon us. 

  37. Then for the second the great will be slaughtered, men of lower standing will no longer pay heed to them that lead them. And did I not speak of the same so many years ago, and/or was it I alone to speak these words?  

  38. Did you Kimberly have a chance to read page 32, in the second part of Lion of the Lord?  It will explain much of what you were questioning me about.

I remain yours in the love of God and Christ Jesus our Savior.



Dear Kimberly       (August 2-2010)

  1. Have I grieved you by clarifying to you the word of the Lord and His judgment regarding the matters I spoke of?  In the four times that I called upon the MJAA, and Mr. Chernoff, I clearly from the word of the Lord explained the errors. For since he is at the head of a large organization pretending to known the Lord it behooves him to speak God's truth, and not the thoughts of his own imagination as he has surely done.

  2. Wherefore he drags the whole of the organization down with him, even so much to cause the Messianic Jews, (in general) a religion devoid of the heart, or as Paul said; "that they have a zeal but it is not enlightened," wherefore I did enlighten the word.  But like the saying goes, "One can lead a horse to water but not make him drink."

  3. But these many persons, Jews or otherwise need not perish, they are however in need of a teacher, one not afraid to pronounce the word of God as He taught and delivered to us by His Son Christ Jesus.  For to the world, and to everyone that is contend with lip service, the truth of God is repulsive, since it is like a sharp two edged sword to cut bone from marrow. To such persons the truth is offensive since it judges them unfit for the kingdom of God.

  4. Yet however many that - when called upon - will listen and turn to accept it - will be forgiven since they acted upon the error in the ignorance of their heart.  Yet then again all such as refuse to believe the truth when spoken to them, judge themselves.  For like the Lord somewhere said, "They do not want to hear lest their deeds be exposed."   

  5. Ignorance my dear Kimberly is one thing that can readily be forgiven, recall the Apostle Paul how he even persecuted the Christians, yet so he says, "The Lord forgave me because I acted in ignorance."

  6. What word now my dear Kimberly have I spoken that is contrary to the teaching of the Lord our God?  It is not for me to commend myself, nor am I doing so, even though I make no bones about it that my word is that of the Lord.   It however is not for you, nor for anyone else to bank upon "MY" word, but when indeed my word is "HIS" word, then by all means bank on it, because it is not mine, but the Lord's.

  7. Like it is commanded - we are to test the spirits to know that they are of God, and not speaking out of their own imagination, to pronounce things that are contrary to the word of God.  If therefore there is anything by which I may be commended, my works testify of it, and the Lord furnished me with a resume, the pages as they are found within my website, more than 130 of them by my hand, the rest of them being the records of others.

  8. In the beginning of our correspondence I said something like how I am appreciated for my temporal gift rather than for an eternal gift.  It however is so that when I forwarded the funds it came paired with a letter to which I received no confirmation in any wise, so then I wonder thinking; "Did they ever read it, or is anything other than funds discarded?

  9. How then am I to reason?  Shall I go by their word, or shall I recall how the Lord said; "They labor for their belly, while for a truth they hold but their own?"  By many people I am considered to be generous to a fault, and not hearing from you after my last communiqué, it acts to confirm the words of the Lord what He spoke by Isaiah in his forty first chapter verse 28.

  10. Did I not convey to you in my previous email how it might be that you were replying to me?  Is it so hard to leave the world and its praise and glory for the love of God?  To love the world is enmity with God.  To have the praise or consent of men, or of friends, does not lead to salvation.  "I have not come to bring peace on earth, but a sword."  So spoke the Lord by Matthew 10 verses 34 through 41.

  11. Psalm 85: 8, "He will speak peace to His people, to those who turn to him in their hearts."  To turn to Him is to speak and believe but upon His word, and not ones own ideals.  And 86: 2, "Preserve my life for I am Godly."  The Godly do not pronounce that Christians are or can be starving.   And 87: 2, "The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwelling places of Jacob."  To put this in other words is that the Lord loves those that profess His word above all else.

  12. It is written; "I have seen many things but I have never seen the righteous go hungry, nor his children beg for bread."   And Proverbs 13: 25 , "The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite, but the belly of the wicked suffers want."  How then my dear Kimberly does Chernoff say that Christians were starving? Is he not with these sentiments making a mockery of the word of God, and breathing out lies?

  13. He should have observed Psalm 89: 15, "Blessed are the people who know the festal shout, who walk O Lord in the light of Thy countenance."  The festal shout is the word of the Lord, not ones own imagination, and the light of His countenance is to abide by His word, and not proclaim this lie to the sons of Jacob that Christ will arrive once Israel is established.

  14. For it will rather be as I spoke according to the words of the Lord; that from under the clods of the earth a whisper will go up, the remnant of Jacob calling upon the Lord, then the time will have arrived.  It is written; "There is severe discipline for him who forsakes the way, and that he who hates to be corrected will die."  And again; "That the Lord loves those that hate evil."

  15. Again it is written; "For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."  Be not dis-hearted Kimberly but believe, and love not this world, nor the things of it. To speak truth is better than all gifts.

I remain yours.       Leonard.


August 3. 2010

  1. I am now grieved, Leonard.  One of the Fruits of the Spirit is patience.  You are assuming I simply did not respond to your last email.  My usual way to do anything is with immediacy.  But, ironically and for the possibly the first time in my life, I chose NOT to respond in haste…but to wait, pray, ponder and confer with a multitude of counselors HOW to respond (which I did!).  I have had you and your recent correspondence on my heart DAILY.

  2. Interestingly, your flesh reacted to my lack of immediate response.  That would not be the Lord’s reaction.  I am not ready, or able, to respond yet.  In addition, you state in your email below that I did not respond to your initial correspondence, but only your gift.  We leave no stone unturned when we receive correspondence, in any form, from someone.  Personally responding to correspondence, cards, emails, inquiries, concerns, prayer requests, etc are what SETS us apart from so many!  We care, intensely. 

  3. I did not receive any correspondence from you until 5 months after your first monetary gift,  that I responded to IMMEDIATELY (as is my usual style).  I pasted a copy of it below:

  4. If you DID send a letter prior to that, it was NEVER received!  You fail to take into account that mistakes happen, letters get lost, etc.  We NEVER received one.  If your words are the Lord’s, the Lord KNEW we never received a letter and HE would never speak forth on assumptions.  I am now questioning how much of what you write is from the Lord and how much is from your flesh.  You are denigrating the leader of this organization and seem to indicate that the Messianic movement in of itself is divisive to the Body.

  5. It’s difficult to respond to so many issues.  I/we apologize for your sense that we don’t care about you personally, and only your money. It could not be further from the truth AND THE LORD KNOWS THAT WELL!  He knows our hearts.  He knows that our mishpocha (family) has been built BECAUSE of our DEEP, DEEP connection with our brothers and sisters! 

  6. We appreciate your concerns and do appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we navigate especially challenging waters in Israel, Ethiopia and around the world.  I feel that it is best to speak no further from my flesh.  I am at a loss and am deeply grieved.


(August 4, 2010)

My dear Kimberly.    

  1. It is not in me to argue, except if there is hope for a good cause. My aim was but to awaken you to the truth, to the love of Christ that brings us to Him.  It was NOT impatience by which I wrote last, but I knew that you would be disturbed by me reproving the head of the organization in which you labor, and so I thought to give you more to hold on to. (it was an act of generosity)

  2. I have not spoken to you anything that is incorrect, you did in fact receive the letters, even by your own admission, therefore for the record in reply to what you wrote, quote: "If you DID send a letter prior to that, it was NEVER received!  You fail to take into account that mistakes happen, letters get lost, etc.  We NEVER received one."

  3. Each letter came with a check, (inside the letter - so not to make it obvious from the outside that there is money in the envelop), to obtain the checks you would have to open the letter, and the checks were cashed, it is therefore ABSOLUTE that they were received.  As then they were addressed to Mr., Chernoff - he did - as I surmised - that he would not reply, nor did he charge anyone of his staff to reply.

  4. Moreover, your staff sent me receipts for each one, which in itself is your own testimony towards receipt of the letters.

  5. But never at any time did I blame you for it, but Mr. Chernoff, or the MJAA, as such. there are after all more persons on your staff that may be handling the mail, is that not so my Kimberly? 

  6. You may thus be speaking in ignorance that they passed you by, yet you should have looked into that before you spoke the following words, quote:  "If your words are the LORD’s, the Lord KNEW we never received a letter and HE would never speak forth on assumptions."

  7. The Lord knows better seeing how it was of Him for me to sent these letters, nor did He teach me to go on assumptions, but is not your word here rather presumptuous?  Such testimony then becomes a sin in us to call on God for a false witnessing.

  8. Yet in whatever we are guilty we may be forgiven, wherefore the Lord said; "Return from your wicked ways, and I will forgive you."  So then He calls upon us,  if then we will not listen - it is then that the word of the Lord falls on us where He said: " "I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter; because, when I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not listen."

  9. It is either to your good fortune or to your judgment that in this case it was indeed the Lord calling, it being His word sent to you.

  10. In this however I credit you that you are consciences, after my first letter with a gift I received a phone call from a lady thanking me, (intrigued with how a Gentile has so much love for Israel) - while it was after my last letter and gift that you responded with an email to me.

  11. And now I should not speak much more lest it may seem like that it is of me to argue. Only this I will say my dear Kimberly, read what Mr. Chernoff proclaimed, and read the words that I spoke in reply, and judge for yourself if not the head of your organization is speaking contrary to the word and the love of God.

  12. And in seeking counsel, lift up your head to but One Counselor, the Lord our Savior. May the grief that I as yet may cause you be a Godly grieve which is excellent for the soul, that at end we shall both rejoice.

Yours in Yeshua.   Leonard


To the MJAA   (August 9-2010)

  1. Even before I called upon the heads of the MJAA, these were without excuse, since the truth that can be known of God was at all times before them, in the things made of Him and in the Scriptures which He left for them.   There is therefore no excuse not to know the truth unto which to adhere themselves if indeed it was in any wise real to them to believe upon the name of Yeshua. 

  2. Shall it therefore be warranted of the Lord that He should call upon them some more, and not rather render to them the reward of their wicked backsliding and the hypocrisy by which they call upon His name?   Yet out of compassion he spoke that per chance these might as yet turn from their wicked ways.  So it was that I brought the word of the Lord to them, but they despised His word.

  3. So it was that the Lord said:  "I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter?"  for that which I did for their welfare, because: " When I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not listen."

  4. Thus I am recording these words here that they might be in the annals of history, to go forth as a record for the generations that are as yet to come, that these might hear and take learning from it.

  5. Why O Kimberly are you doing so much harm to yourself?  We both know that your anger was for being reproved by the word of the Lord, and not for the things as you stated.  Even the human thing to do when convicted of a wrong, would be to forthwith apologize, but you hardened your heart as were there no wrong in you.

  6. Your sins therefore can not be forgiven since you claim to have done no wrong.  You wish to believe upon the lies and the deceptions that go forth from your organization, for which cause you can not enter into heaven nor into the restoration of Israel .

  7. When tested of your faith that you claimed to have in the Messiah, you failed, showing how it is but a service of the lips to nothing more than a name, having no knowledge of God nor of the Messiah.  That my dear lady is an empty faith.  Why is the truth of the Lord the Messiah so repulsive to you and your organization that you forthwith denied having been called by Him?

  8. Repentance now is indeed a most beautiful lady, if then you put aside your anger lifting your eyes to the One and true Messiah for a Godly grieve, there is yet hope and more so.

  9. Let me reiterate that this Holocaust of late did not teach Israel very much, their forebears would not listen, wherefore the Lord gave them over to the slaughter, for so spoke the Lord:  "He poured upon him the heat of His anger and the might of battle; it set him on fire round about, but he did not understand; it burned him, but he did not take it to heart.

  10. Both life and death is before you Kimberly, take of each what you will, I cautioned you once before saying;  "Is it so hard to leave the world and its praise and glory for the love of God?"  You will have to take the bull by the horn, if it is life that you desire most.

  11. It was spoken; "If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land, but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken."

  12. And is it not written: 'But you, Israel, My servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen; "You are My servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off";  fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.  Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish."

  13. Why then are these teachers and leaders so worried if indeed there is any faith at all in them?  I repeat; -- If indeed there is any faith in them?

  14. Are they not therefore falsely claiming to be believers?!!

  15. And why was it that these did not answer me?  Because the Lord by Isaiah, said;  "But when I look there is no one; among these there is no counselor who, when I ask, gives an answer. Behold, they are all a delusion; their works are nothing; their molten images are empty wind."




  1. I am sad how a person can be so devoid of integrity, not to have the least inclination to apologize for an obvious wrong, the final reply being; "Thanks for your encouragement in me and our organization."  Sarcastic, yes, and uncalled for.  How is the word of the Messiah so repulsive to those that claim to believe in Him?  How is it of them to hate the very One they claim to love, if not  hypocrites, and more hypocrisy.

  2. The Lord said; "Do not throw your pearls before the swine lest they turn and rent you."  I am guilty of that, not only for the money which is foremost for themselves, but in my word as well.

  3. This serves as an example; making for a show of religion while they are devoid of law and precept.

Mr. Darwin Fish   (Sept 2010)

  1. You exposed the false doctrines of such deceivers as Billy Graham and others. Graham never knew Christ nor ever preached the Christ, but nothing more than a piece of wood to polish and worship it.  This is not at all surprising since it is written,  "When you see the Gentiles worship a piece of wood know that the end is near."

  2. As then I read your words this thought came to me;  How this person utilizes the letter, if only now the Spirit thereof may be for life to him, seeing how it is the Spirit whereby one attains unto life, while the world - having ensured their salvation in the letter, - translated into - serving but the wood of the cross, are far from the salvation that is by Him alone who gave his life upon that cross.

  3. And the second thought that came into my mind was where Paul wrote to Timothy saying: "To avoid disputing about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers."  We now in our zeal are apt to go too far, and we must check ourselves lest we fall into that.

  4. I know how one can get carried away in these things, yet we should not therefore be silent but confine ourselves to Godly matters, as Paul said;  "Follow the pattern of the sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus." 

  5. In this therein you fail, to make this silly debate of Peter's denial and the rooster to crow debating about words you have no understanding of. Herein you are as guilty as Billy Graham - "to dispute about words to the ruin of the hearers."

  6. If all four writers of the gospels wrote identical, there would be no need for four gospels, but each spoke in his own way - so designed of the Lord that it may be for confusion to the unwise, yet to the greater wisdom of the wise.

  7. Take therefore my admonition and repent of this nonsense, that you may take on a Godly posture, that perhaps God willing you may as yet find life in the Spirit rather than death in the letter.   It is good to know the letter, but the life of a man is by no means in it.  Repent my dear fellow lest at your words that you taught the Lord will most assuredly answer you;  "I do not know you, depart from Me you workers of inequity."

  8. Just because one prophet says; "His name shall be Emmanuel." And another that;  "it shall be Jesus." And still another that; "it shall be Wonderful, or Zerubabel, or Cyrus." does not mean that there are five Messiah's.  

  9. Regarding Isaiah 7:14, no human person could mistake what is written, since God gave man a degree of common sense, and likewise the devil knows very well as to whom it is in reference to. But it serves him with anyone in his clutches to twist anything and everything so as to subvert man from the truth and sow discord among man.  The devil is not necessarily divided against himself when he has more than one falsehood correcting another since anything false is to his advantage.

  10. It now is written, "teachers teach yourself?"  At the entry where you state;  "You think you're saved, but you're not," it does you well to consider that which you yourself wrote, lest at end you will assuredly come to cohort with Billy Graham and all these other in their abode.

  11. You are indeed guilty of that where Paul said;  "He is puffed up with conceit, he knows nothing; he has a morbid craving for controversy and for disputes about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, base suspicions, and wrangling among men who are depraved in mind and bereft of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain."

  12. Hear rather to Paul where he said; "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.  Avoid such godless chatter, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kindly to every one, an apt teacher, forbearing, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant that they will repent and come to know the truth, and they may escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will."

  13. When I was called upon by the Messianic Jews, I made numerous replies in an effort that the truth might be known to them in my hope for them to repent from their errors  (Reference and 34.htm  of my website  But they would not listen, and one even denied having received my warnings.  

  14. How sad therefore of the Israelites that have taken the name of Jesus, to walk in the ignorance and idolatry of the Gentiles, to merely polish the wood of the cross, not knowing Him that died upon it. And will I find any difference among the Gentiles?


December 2010

Shalom Leonard!

  1. How are you?  I’m sending yet another hug through cyberspace at this sad time for our people in Israel.  You may have heard about the terrible tragedy of the fires in the Carmel Forest near Haifa that have killed at least 40 people.   Earlier today we received the report (below) from our Executive Director Jo Kaplan of our MJAA ministry outreach in Israel.  

  2. Once the fire is put out and an assessment as to damages is made, we can begin to figure out how best to assist the people in the surrounding communities and also assisting them with restoring the trees.

  3. Let’s keep this heavily in prayer and do what we can to assist!   The Lord can take what the enemy used for destruction and restore what the locusts have eaten!  If you want to donate to sow to help prepare for this work, you can go to our website or call our toll free number and extension below. 

MUCH LOVE and HUGS in Messiah,  Kimberly Kravitz-Sowden


My Kimberly

  1. Why do you make a plea to me when you do not have the courtesy, nor the integrity to admit and apologize for a known error in yourself?  What do you cause me to think of you when you show yourselves to walk in defiance of God, when you ignore His truth as had it never come to you?  You are not helping the poor, nor the needy, for in teaching them error in regards to God and His Christ - with that you rather destroy them.

  2. Are these in want of food and drink? And why may that be so?  Is it not written; "Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added unto you."  For the wicked seek all these things, while of the word of the Lord they say; "It is not correct." Is not this what the Lord said; "When I called upon you, you would not listen and scorned Me, so therefore when you come to call upon Me, I will not listen to your plea, but rather bring upon you the reward of the wickedness of your lips.

  3. You lie, you bless the wicked, and condemn those that are send of God. You twist the words of God, and refuse to be corrected, and yet you will seek His mercy?  Look first into yourself and correct your ways before Him, then come and seek His mercy that perhaps He may hear you, and leave a blessing for you.

  4. My love for Israel is more than you could imagine, and the hour having struck it will be manifested to all the world.



  1. Funny you should write!  I think of you quite often and I must apologize!  You are correct, I never should have sent this email to you.  I view what we are doing to assist in the situation in Israel one way and you look at it very differently.  It is best I remove you from the email and mailing list, I would assume.  As stated, I think of you often and love you very much in Messiah (even though you think I don’t serve Him or believe in Him).

MUCH LOVE in Messiah,   Kimberly Kravitz-Sowden


My dear Kimberly (April 2010)

  1. I brought you living waters, yet you choose your own leaders.  Wherefore the word of the Lord applies to you where by Isaiah He said:  "You shall be ashamed of the oaks in which you delighted; and you shall blush for the gardens which you have chosen."

  2. Do you not as yet realize O my dear daughter of Jacob how the Lord warned you saying:  "O My people, your leaders mislead you, and confuse the course of your paths."

  3. On this great day of Passover - I will make a revelation to you my dear Kimberly, daughter of Jacob, hear truly the words by Isaiah 59, 11 through 18, then so said the Lord; "So they shall fear the name of the Lord from the West, and His glory from the rising of the Sun, for He will come like a rushing stream which the wind of the Lord drives."

  4. From the West my dear Kimberly, from the West indeed he will come in the name of the Lord. Yet a little while, wait for it my Kimberly, and you will see, he will indeed come whom was rejected. Like a rushing stream, his lips full of indignation, and he will cast down with violence the enemies of His people Israel .

  5. And, so it is also written:  "Nay, but by men of strange lips and with an alien tongue the Lord will speak to this people."  By one whom they did not expect, but will they listen, or will they listen as you listened?

  6. My love O my dear Kimberly - is an irrevocable love, an enduring love that cannot be quenched, but who is to believe me?


Reply +++++++ (April 2010)

  1. I was thinking of you AND EVEN mentioned your name, just last week!  I’m thrilled to hear from you.  Please clarify, in simple language, what you are telling and attempting to convey.  Do you feel that because a ministry asks for donations they are evil? 

  2. Does that mean all ministries are evil?  If so, they must all be abandoned, immediately.  I WANT to understand….I feel you are kindred and am so saddened that you do not know the hearts of whom you judge.

Much Love and Gratitude in Messiah.  Kimberly Kravitz Sowden.


Reply  ++++++++

My dear Kimberly

  1. What I conveyed to you has nothing to do with your ministry, or any ministry, but simply to reveal to a daughter of Israel how the Lord foretold us by Isaiah, that help for Israel would shortly come from the west, and that God willing, you with your own eyes would see it come to pass, how the nations, the enemies of Israel, would come to tremble in fear of the Lord, by one from the west, and how he would speak with anger, and cast them down with violence, to trample upon the rulers of the earth. How Israel will receive help from where they do not expect it.

  2. With these words of the Lord I gave you to known what must soon come to pass Kimberly, so that when it comes to pass you may certainly know that my word is of a truth, and that I have not spoken in vain.

  3. But regarding that which you spoke of your ministry asking for donations, how little you have read of my words.  And it is obvious that you have indeed not read the letters I sent and addressed to Joel Chernoff, nor have you understood my word, wherefore I will attempt to be more plain.

  4. It is in fact a very good thing that you and your organization are doing, very good indeed, to help the poor and needy, and - for their sake - may God bless you in that endeavor.

  5. But when you present a gift, - it should be presented with truth and honesty. If you place bread into the mouth of a person so that he may survive and not die, and you go forth educating him in the ways of the Lord, so that not only his body may have sustenance, but that his soul may live as well. If then instead you present him with error concerning the Lord, you may be feeding his body - (a good deed) - but you are killing his soul. (a bad deed)

  6. You Kimberly ought to know how it is of little use to any person being fed for a moment in time, when afterwards he is to suffer great pains in hell, because his soul was fed with poison, the kind of education by which no man will enter into peace with God.

  7. That is what I explained in detail by these letters send to your organization. If you feed a person - that is indeed a good deed, but do not lie to him, do not let him believe or trust in what is not of a truth.  It is better not to say anything rather than to with one hand give him bread while with the other hand you stick a knife in his back.

  8. Is it not written somewhere the Lord saying: "They know not how to do well since they refuse to hear Me."

  9. And so it was that in my last email I said to you that - how while I brought you living waters, (God's truth) you instead choose to believe your own leaders.  And I warned you by God's own word, how not I alone - but He the Lord it was who said: "O My people it are your leaders that mislead you, it are these that confuse the course of your path."

  10. But are you Kimberly truly realizing that indeed you are misled by your leaders, because you choose not to believe me?  I am not one of your leaders, or rabbi's educating the people that Christ will return once Israel is established both physically and spiritually, since that is a lie, not according to the word of God. Whosoever believes that - has no need of the Christ, nor will Christ accept them. 

  11. And for another example;  it is IN BLASPHEMY AGAINST CHRIST to say that "Christians are starving in Ethiopia." since it is utterly impossible for any Christian to go hungry, let alone die from starvation.   They starve because they do not know Him, these have no faith in Christ Yeshua. Since the Lord said; "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you." 

  12. Your leaders and your rabbi's thus are teaching them a salvation of their own imagination, one that is contrary to the truth, one without the faith to the salvation of God.  NO ONE EVER THAT PLACES HIS TRUST IN YESHUA COULD POSSIBLY GO HUNGRY.  Or do you think so little of the Lord that He could not feed His own? Or that He would refuse those that TRULY ask and believe upon Him?

  13. The Apostle Paul in his 10th chapter to the Romans testified of you, and of many like unto you Kimberly, saying:  "I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but it is not enlightened."  Stop to consider that word, for I likewise bear witness with Paul, that you have a zeal alright, but you are not rightly educated. And unless and until you accepts the right education - you run in vain.  With all your zeal and admiration for God and His Christ you will miss out on acquiring salvation from Him.

  14. For again the Lord said:  "Not such as call Me Lord, but that truly know Me, and that keep My word."   I then for your sake Kimberly do emphasize upon that word where the Lord said; - MY WORD,  Meaning His word, and His word alone, and not trusting in the word of Joel Chernoff, nor in any of your leaders, since these are found to speak contrary to the word of God.

  15. What good is it of these persons of any of these organizations when in helping so many people - they themselves these will not enter into any rest with God?   Do you not know Kimberly how a bad tree cannot produce any good fruit, even as a good tree cannot bear any bad fruit?  Was it not the Lord Himself who said that?  And this my dear Kimberly is the condition of salvation - TO BELIEVE UPON HIS WORD. But very few persons there are that will in fact and indeed believe upon HIS word, for like so many they have a show of religion, but with no root to salvation.

  16. Like the Lord Himself said: Many will say; "We did good works, we kept the law, fed the hungry, and cast out demons, etc. Then so said the Lord; it will be said to them: "I know you not depart from Me you workers of inequity.  If Joel Chernoff thinks he is religious, I say to you Kimberly that it will be these words that he will hear, namely, - "Depart from Me you worker of inequity, I know you not."  Since when called of the Lord, he refused to answer, nor took heed to any of His words. Wherefore all his actions count against him, and that goes for all that are like unto him, unless they truly repent of their wicked speeches.

  17. The sum of it all is: Do not feed with the one hand and strangle with the other.  And while many may think they are doing good with both hands, - these are un-educated, and self centered, not even realizing how their deeds of a good nature spring forth from an uneducated soul, a soul still in the power of the evil spirits.

  18. To this end also it was said:  "When you place knowledge into them - so you make them alive."  When therefore these refuse to accept knowledge - who is to help them?

  19. You have access to my website, to all of it, how is it Kimberly that you do not as yet know me, or Him that has taught me?  I say to you, whosoever believes me, believes not on me, but on Him that has send me.

Yours Leonard.

REPLY ++++++++++++++ (May 2010)

  1. Just want you to know that I am working INTENSELY with the CFO and CEO on changing their unintentional wrong focus that you pointed out to me and it is working!  Things won’t change overnight…but they are now listening with full attention AND I actually told them about YOUR words!  Thank you Leonard…I am starting to grasp it all.

Much Love and Gratitude in Messiah.   Kimberly


        In comment hereof see page 71 verses 90 ---


Dec 2011

  1. I admire you Pastor; Loren, but if I may point out something in regards to where you wrote; "Rabbi Paul commands Messianic Jews; etc."  The apostle Paul loved the Lord Jesus, and was send to teach all men the ways of the Lord.  He therefore in no way would allow himself to be called Rabbi, (as in Master,) but held himself to the teachings of the Lord.

  2.   Is it not therefore wrong of us, to refer to him as rabbi when he himself scorns that labeling upon himself?

  3. Paul did not die for us upon that cross, but only the Master, the true Rabbi. One is himself a servant to whomever he calls Master. Is not this what our Lord taught us?

  4. And where you stated;  "I believe that circumcision is an ordinance for the Jewish people, including Messianic Jews, but that it is not necessary for Gentile Christians. The covenant that God made with Abraham and His descendants is still in effect, and circumcision is our responsibility if we want to be part of that covenant."

  5. I would like to reason with you a little, but since that is lengthy, I hope you will read page 57, entitled; "To the Messianic Jews."  And in regards to Kosher, to read page 66, entitled; "The Torah."   {}

  6. If then Mr. Loren the true love of God is within you, will you take Yeshua's cross upon yourself to teach His word as Paul did?  Or is the glory and respect of man more to you?

Yours affectionately.

Leonard Van Zanten

Mr. Loren Jacob

  1. In the fear of God, and for the sake of your soul, and those to whom you preach, I will give you this last admonition, if it may make you wise.  And if not so I wash my hands of you.

  2. As many pastors among the Messianic Jews continue to label themselves as rabbi's, what shall we presume the Lord will say of them?  He will say;  "You have set yourself up as a master, and delight in the glory of men, while you cast My words behind you; do not therefore presume that you will enter into My glory."

  3. It is a small thing; so these presume.  But it is by no means small; when knowing the commandment -- to blatantly disregard it By allowing the people to address you as Rabbi, you are in all respects making a mockery of the Messiah, since you are mocking His very words."

  4. You should read what real Jews are saying; the link to it is;



(Sivan 4 - 2012)

Dear Kimberly

  1. It has been a year since I last wrote on the 6th of Sivan, the feast of Shebuot, my date of birth.  And why was that?  Because you made me sad, in where you replied that your; "CFO and CEO were changing their unintentional wrong focus."

  2. How difficult shall it be to say; "I have sinned?"  For thus spoke the Lord; "Behold, I will bring you into judgment for saying; "I have not sinned."

  3. The fact that we received no reply, nor counsel at our calling to your organization in those calls made to you is according to the Scriptures; where the Lord by Isaiah (41:28-29) confirmed the same. Had you replied then that word in the Scriptures would have been untrue.

  4. So you see the Lord arranges all things according to His word.  And the following is soon to come:

  5.   (Isaiah 29:6)  "And in an instant, suddenly, you will be visited by the Lord of host with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with whirlwind and tempest, and the flame of a devouring fire."

  6. (Isaiah 42:14-15)  "For a long time I have held My peace, I have kept still and restrained Myself; now I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant.  I will waste rulers and governors, and dry up all their means; I will turn the rivers into islands, and dry up the pools."

  7. Many are those that will be against you; but why O Israel should you fear?  For thus spoke the Lord: "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with My victorious right hand. Behold all that are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing, and shall perish."

  8. I now thought to speak these words to you in my love for you, and all of Israel.

Yours Leonard.


Oh Leonard!

  1. I am thrilled to see your name in my inbox!  It is hard for me to comprehend all you wrote below.   I am a little confused and wish you wrote in layman’s terms.  From what I can decipher…the overtone is negative toward the ministry.  Am I correct?



  1. My speech was to you Kimberly not the Ministry.
    But as a daughter of
    Israel how is it that you can not understand the lines I left below?  How come if you are Messianic, you do not apprehend the simple words of the Messiah?

  2. (It has been a year since I last wrote on the 6th of Sivan, the feast of Shebuot, my date of birth.  And why was that?  Because you made me sad, in where you replied that your; "CFO and CEO were changing their unintentional wrong focus."

  3. How difficult shall it be to say; "I have sinned?"  For thus spoke the Lord; "Behold, I will bring you into judgment for saying; "I have not sinned.")



  1. I FULLY understand your terminology and words, Leonard.  What I did not understand was that you were addressing me directly.  So you are calling me sinful, then?   Actually we are all sinners…but I thank you for the reminder.   You have been a blessing to me today.   May you  be blessed mightily in return!  The only one I allow to judge me, personally, is my Father in heaven…anyone else who feels they have a right to do so, will be judged in a like manner.  Shabbat Shalom (Kimberly)


  1. I NEVER said “I have not sinned”.  Every day I acknowledge …TO MY GOD and FATHER…that I am a sinner  and would be NOTHING without Him.  Watch your judgments, Leonard.  You know me NOT.  You speak from a very high and mighty place, with no humility whatsoever.  You speak as if you are God, Himself.  I would be very concerned about that, if I were you! 



As a courtesy to you in reply to your last communiqué; refer to page 84 of my website, verses 43 to 85   And page 71 verse, 116 to 134.



I will read them.   (Kimberly)


August 28 2015

Dear Kimberly

  1. I know that you are angry with me for the words that have proceeded from me.  Yet my love for you and your kindred has not faded in the least.  But I wish you to have a look at what I spoke before.

  2. Did I not in the years 2009 say to you quote:  My request of Him was to make the US a thorn in the sight of Israel, a bleeding wound, so that no longer they may run to her for help. Then perhaps they will look to the God of Jacob, and not take flesh for their arm.

  3. And now 2015 has not the Lord done just that my dear Kimberly?

Yours in love. Leonard


  1. No reply and that saddens me. Is she really a typical example of the Israelites? If so, no wonder that Israel is disliked and was driven out by so many countries, and how the sword of the Lord has been after them for so very long. 

  2. There does not seem to be any redeeming quality in them, and yet why then is my love so unshakeable?  But neither shall these Gentiles be any better for what these have shown of themselves to me.

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