LETTERS     To the Mesianic Jews


    MJAA        October 30- 2009

     My dear people of the Messianic Israel.

  1. I will reply to your request of me, but not from a human point of view, but rather I will speak to you in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit of the Messiah who is with me.

  2. Hear O Israel, why do you fear, and put no trust in Me?  Why are you looking to America for deliverance?  Is My hand shortened that I cannot save?  You have not listened to My Word, nor have you learned from your forefathers, when these went to Egypt for help, when I send the king of Babylon against them.  

  3. Did I not in that day cause the Egyptians to return, and commanded My servant Nebuchadnezzar to take Jerusalem, and to exile these of your forefathers?  And will you now look to that greater Egypt for help, to scorn My saving grace for you? 

  4. These O you offspring of Israel will not be for deliverance to you, for I am with you, I will save you from afar.  I will deal with them that turn against you, and pronounce judgment upon them.

  5. Hear O Israel, the offspring of Jacob whom I have chosen, I will send you My servant, and I will open his lips among you, and he will speak the words to you that I shall place upon his lips, and he will sift you like wheat, and pass you under the refiners rod. 

  6. Have you not heard, do you not recall, for My name sake I deferred My anger, for the sake of My praise I restrained it for you. Should not a son honor his Father, if then I am a Father to Israel, where is My honor?  

  7. Where is your righteousness O Israel?  Yet you will be built for My promise to your forefathers, and you shall be delivered.  I will come to you as a Redeemer and to those of you that turn from transgression, for I have chosen you.

       And now a word from me O Israel, speaking to you as - man to man;

  1. I am appalled at your fears and your worries, something that comes upon you when you do not seek Him in truth, Him that is truly able to save, and when faith is not with you. 

  2. Listen O Israel, and listen well, why do you fear your neighbors, these skeletons twice dead and walking in their graves?  Is not the USA overburdened with atomic weapons, what right therefore do these hypocrites have to tell any other nation not to built atomic weapons for themselves?

  3. Let Iran construct its weapons, and do not oppress her as those criminal nations are doing with their accursed sanctions.  For what makes you think that these Iranians will be able to use them on you O Israel?  

  4. Do you consider the Lord your God to be asleep, and not know what perils you are in?  Have you never heard the saying: “He that ups a stone shall receive it upon its own head?”

  5. Shall I reveal more to you, and not keep some secrets for your very eyes to behold in the day that these will come to pass?  You wish me to speak to the ruler of the USA, and what do you wish me to say to him, - that I shall plead with him?  

  6. No way my dear Israel, no, no way will I plead with him, but I will plead with you to look to your Messiah.  While for the ruler of the USA, or any ruler of any nation, the Lord your God has filled me with only indignation for them.

  7. My word for Obama is; You, Mr. President, for your abomination against Israel, have to me become “enemy number one.”  And for a word of the Lord with me to him; Remember Mr. Obama, “He that touches a Jew touches the apple of his eye.”

  8. I am truly appalled at you my dear sons of Israel how there is so little faith with you. And you wish to contend with me, that it is of us to help God in your deliverance. 

  9. But I will strike you with the rod of my mouth for that sentiment, for even I can do nothing lest He is with me, how then will you strengthen the hand of God – by taking flesh for your arm?

  10. Hear and hear well O Israel the word that proceeds from me:  You wish to do your part in His unfolding plan? Very well then; turn from transgression O my dear ones, and have faith, do not doubt His word, correct your ways before Him.  

  11. Remember how the Messiah said: “Not that say Lord, Lord, but that keep My word, are those that love Me.” And: “Whosoever does the will of My Father, I will come to him.”

  12. Listen and pay attention to what I say my beloved of little faith, the Lord your God and my God spoke saying: “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.”

  13. The Lord has not forgotten you my very dear ones of so little faith.  His ways are before Him, and He has made ready that, which He will perform according to His design, and His design only.  Read His word, and believe, and you will know what is to take place.  (Isaiah 48:6-16 and 51:21-23)

  14. You are not as yet in this day in a straight, and no doubt, as I surmise, you will continue to act in the error of your ways, wherefore then by your own hand you are placing yourself in a dire straight.  Yet your enemies though they be many will not have their way with you.

  15. But more I will not say unto you this day, but in a day of tomorrow I will speak again.  The Lord has not given me permission to sign your letter to the ruler of the USA, but you may send him this letter, in whole or in part, as you will.

Yours in Yeshua.   May His peace come unto you.


  (TO) Joel Chernoff

  1. I replied to this on a mail request some weeks ago. You ask for prayer, but the Lord will not hear your prayers for when He calls, you do not answer, you ignore His word as were it no more than the word of a fool.   

  2. And even your own leaders are working against you, and against Israel’s deliverance. Your forefathers looked to Egypt for help, on account of which Jerusalem was given up to the enemies. And this day you are looking to America for help instead of to God.

  3. And do not tell me this is not so, for as long as you fear that dead skeleton, named Obama, and you are performing his orders and his wishes, your fear and reliance is not upon the Lord your God, but upon dead men, upon skeletons.

  4. Ignore Obama, and ignore the UN, and have no fear of these Iranians, nor of these Arabs, for as long as you do so, the Lord will not hear your prayer.

  5. Hear now this O Israel, the Lord will not rise up to deliver you on account of your prayers, nor on account of any faith or righteousness in you, since you have neither. Yet He the Lord will rise, and at end deliver you, but for His own name-sake, for His promise, and no other cause.

  6. The Lord your God will rise up and let His voice be heard because He has an indictment against the nations, against all the Gentiles, against Obama, and many others, and these will fall and rise no more. And He will shout against you as well O Israel, for your continual sins and lack of faith.

  7. You want to address Obama? Tell him, Thus, says the Lord, concerning all my evil neighbors who touch the heritage which I have given my people Israel to inherit: "Behold, I will pluck them up from their land, and they will be destroyed. 

  8. And: “Whom are you O one time ruler to tell My people what to do and what to leave off?  You have touched the apple of your eye you foolish man.

  9. You may tell him that and even in my name if you so wish, for I have no fear of any ruler, nor of any man, but of God alone.

  10. The hour is near when the Lord will rise up, and it will be a mighty voice, and He will reprove and upbraid and judge your enemies, and indeed protect you O Israel.   Instead of praying to your enemy Obama for mercy, you had better to read the word of the Lord, and having read to adhere to it.

  11. Did not your Lord promise you that He would cause an anointed one to be born and raise him up, as spoken by Daniel in his ninth chapter?  A very prince of the covenant as he called him in his eleventh chapter, him the Lord was to send to you. And did not Isaiah speak of the same, to reprove and lay waste the Gentiles, for your sake O Israel?

  12. But My people so the Lord said, are not educated, they are without knowledge, they read but do not understand, they hear but it is a burden to them. Therefore O my beloved, you fear what should not be feared, you are anxious about what is of no consequence, nor are you as of yet in perils, that mind you is yet to come.

  13. You refuse to answer the Lord at His calling, yet when you get into trouble you are quick to ask for help.  Honor Him first, then, look for help. Keep first His precepts unto you, then, ask of Him with full reliance of both heart and mind.

  14. These words now I have said to you in the Spirit of the Messiah with me.   Leonard.


MJAA  December 12, 2009

Mr.  Joel Chernoff            Re:  Priority alert.  

  1. Israel, O Israel, my dearly beloved, twice I replied, twice I spoke to you, and not I, but the voice of the Lord spoke to you, but you would not listen, you did not answer, yet though you are unfaithful, I remain faithful, and will you now seek my help that the Lord should be your help?

  2. What is it that you desire of the Lord my God you the sons of Jacob?  Behold the word of the Lord by His prophet Isaiah to you this very day.  (65:12)  “I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter; because, when I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not listen, but you did what was evil in My eyes, and chose what I did not delight in."

  3. Why O Israel, do you force me to pronounce ill news for you, when it could be good news?  Why do you look upon me as an enemy, when there is so much love for you within me?  You are not speaking the truth, you have deceived yourselves, you have in mind that Zion will be restored both physically and spiritually when as a nation you pay lip service to the Messiah.

  4. It will not be so O you sons of Jacob, that is not the word of the Lord as He prophesied by His prophets.  But you do not know because when I spoke you refused to listen, and would not answer.  

  5. It is therefore that so many of you my beloved are destined for the sword, and how their wives will be ravished, and their houses plundered, because when I called you did not answer.

  6. Does your heart truly aches for what is in store for Israel?  It is not for the coming weeks my dear friend, but for what is coming in the years that will be after me, when I no longer will call upon you, for I know what is coming and how it will be, but you refuse to listen. 

  7. Contrary to so many of the sons of Jacob that refuse to believe upon the Messiah, you acknowledge Him, and you do well to do so, learn then what it is that He requires of you, keep His commandments, and put your faith in Him, and in Him only.

  8. Do not look to the nations, do not drink their water, for thus spoke the Lord the God of Israel: “When seventy years are completed for the world, I will visit you.”  

  9. These years now are near to their end, and the Lord My God has an indictment against the nations, against all the tribes of my people, and it is for your sake my beloved Israel.

  10. I am enclosing monetary funds because I do not wish to be accused of coming to Israel empty handed.    Leonard.


Jan. 2010        Mr. J. Chernof.

  1. Your message to President Obama did not work because the Bible is a closed book to him, he has no understanding of it.  Even as you when you are teaching the sons of Israel the corruption of God’s word – that the Messiah will come once Israel is established as a nation both physically and spiritually, in which case you have no need of the Messiah.

  2. Israel will indeed be established but not until the Messiah has come, only then, and by Him alone it will be.  That is the truth, the word of God.  Three times already the Lord spoke to you, but like most of Israel you refuse to listen, it is for that reason and more that the Lord will send cruel warriors from the far north upon you, and upon the land of Israel.

  3. And they as the Lord said will devastate Israel, and kill tens of thousands, your wives will be ravished and your houses plundered, and desolate the heritage as spoken by Daniel. All because you O Israel refused to listen, you thought scorn of the Lord, therefore you will be invaded, so that - as the Lord said; All the rebels among His people will be rooted out, those among the people in Israel as well as among the nations.

  4. Look up Isaiah 1:27, if you have eyes to see, and 2:12 as to whom are leading Israel astray, to proclaim lies unto them. Yet you will have an hour of mercy since He will send forth His name from the west.  And Isaiah 10:21-23, and 29:6, and 47:11,  “a ruin of which you know nothing.”

  5. Not you O Israel, but the Messiah, He alone – after He has come - will establish and rebuilt Israel, then and only then the new temple will be built, and all that are written in for life return home.  He that has an ear let him hear.



March 2010

Mr. Joel Chernoff.        M.J.A.A.

  1. Quote:  “Jewish believers face starvation in Ethiopia.” How dare you pronounce such a lie and speak against the words of the Messiah.  Since it is utterly impossible for a believer in Christ Yeshua that he should go hungry, or have to beg for bread, nor ever to starve for lack of food or drink.

  2. For the Messiah said; “Be not anxious saying; what shall we eat, or what shall we drink, or what shall we wear, but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”  For again the Lord said: But the unbelievers, the Gentiles seek all these things.” And: “You shall not be like unto them.”

  3. If indeed these were believers, they would not hunger nor thirst for food or drink, but for righteousness.  And if you and your organization were indeed believers, you would have taught them these things. The word of the Messiah as He spoke is of no meaning, nor of any faith to you, or else you would not have let them believe in what is false.

  4. But so spoke the Lord, “My people die for lack of knowledge.”  It is for that reason that starvation faces them, and as to why they go hungry.   Teach them knowledge; teach them the word of God as He spoke, and not your own word after the imagination of your own heart.

  5. What is this stupidity to utilize 1 King 10: 1-13 as if these words show Judaism to have come to them by the queen of Sheba.  That mind you is no more than a fantasy out of your own imagination, and not so indicated by these words in the book of 1 Kings, nor of Acts 8:26-39, for that matter.  

  6. And it is out of your own imagination as if you were helping to fulfill the prophecy, where it states; “Do not hold back, bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the ends of the earth.” For then in your ignorance you state; “God intends to bring His people from every nation as He restores Israel in preparation for the coming of Messiah, Yeshua.”

  7. In the first place, that quotation refers to the days after the Lord has returned to bring home to Him the remnant that remains.   And secondly, shall it be wise to bring so many of Israel back, for His return, when according to His word, He will as yet bring cruel warriors from the north to invade and devastate Israel.  

  8. When their houses will be plundered, their wives raped, and many will perish with few remaining whose voice would become no more than a whisper. Then the Lord will return, having rooted out all the rebels in Israel, and all the rebels in every other nation.

  9. And why may this be, that the Lord as yet intends to bring so much destruction upon Israel?  It is because of You Mr. Chernoff, and of the many like unto you, that speak out of the imagination of their own heart, to shatter and to the scatter the sheep of Israel, teaching them a knowledge that is not good, a knowledge by which the anger of the Lord will come down upon them.

  10. If I were to send you funds without speaking this word to you I would be untrue to the God of Jacob, and in violation of the will of the Lord as He spoke by David in his first psalm.  For what has the Messiah in common with them that teach falsely, that promote the dreams they dream upon their beds without inquiring of the Lord if they be truthful or not?

  11. He has given you His word O you teachers in Israel, that you should teach His word, to bring life unto them that are dead in their sins, and knowledge to those that are without His knowledge. But nay you make up your own version to salvation, as if you will save yourselves by your own righteousness made up in your own cunning and not after the word of God.

  12. You wish to help your starving brothers? Very well, the first thing you must do is to confess to your own sins against God and man, and secondly to repent of them. Then when the knowledge of God has come into you, then go and teach these many poor ones the knowledge of God, His true word that these may come to believe upon the truth.  For by bringing knowledge into them, so said the Lord, you will make them alive.”

  13. But you will say to me, No Leonard, these many poor ones there believe upon the name of Yeshua, upon the name of the Anointed of God the Father.  But O how deceived you are O you teachers in Israel, since merely believing upon a name does not spell salvation, a mere lip service is not a sign of food and drink upon the table.

  14. Do not all those many pagans, the Roman idol worshippers also profess upon the name of Jesus? Yet none of them will be saved, since they bow down before idols, and the name of Jesus upon their lips is blasphemy of God and His Son.  And do not these many Protestants also profess upon the name of Christ Jesus?  Yet few if any of these will enter into God’s rest since it is nothing more than a piece of wood, which they worship.

  15. All these cry out Lord, Lord, but refuse to keep His commandments, they put their hands to God, but bow down to the devil.  And what of these Muslims and many others, these too cry out Lord, Lord, yet each day they bow down to their graven images, with their hearts full of hatred against their neighbor.  

  16. What therefore am I to say of Israel, of even these that did come to profess upon the name of Yeshua, how these are like unto the rest of the Gentiles, professing Him with their lips, but their hearts are not taught in His commandments.

  17. And who are the ones that are teaching them?  Who are these that are leading the sheep of Israel astray to like unto the pagans perform no more than lip service to His name?  You O you teachers in Israel need to be educated first, to know the word of God and to believe upon them without any leaven, before you can teach the sheep of Israel by which they may be saved.

  18. Before all else you need to put your faith and your reliance in the God of Israel, and not in these Americans, nor drink the waters of any other nation.  You furnished that president of the Americans with a Bible, as if in any wise that man was able to read a closed book unto him.  

  19. If at all he had any knowledge of the words written in it, he would not be oppressing Israel, nor dictate, nor place sanctions against any other nation, since it reads: “To love your neighbor.”

  20. You would have done better to read to him the words of the second psalm of David saying:  “Why do the nations conspire, and the peoples plot in vain?   The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and His anointed, saying, Let us burst their bonds asunder, and cast their cords from us. 

  21. (But) He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord has them in derision.  Then He will speak to them in His wrath, and terrify them in His fury.” This is what you should have said to him.

  22. And if you of yourselves are too cowardice to speak these words to him, send them in my name, even in my name, for I do not have the fear of any ruler, but of God alone.  And if he replies to me, I will answer him with the words of the Lord upon my lips.  And it will be to him as the Lord said: Then I will speak to them in My wrath, and terrify them in My fury.

  23. Hear and be told O you sons of Israel, did I not call upon you four times before already to pay heed to the word of God?  Indeed I did, and not I, but the Lord called; yet you would not answer.  Therefore you are like a dry creek to those many poor ones in Ethiopia, for so spoke the Lord:

  24. (Isaiah 65)  “I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter, because when I called you did not answer, when I spoke - you would not listen, but did what was evil in My sight, and chose that in which I do not delight.”

  25. Like going to the Americans instead calling upon Him, and like making the sheep of Israel believe as were it in their faith and/or righteousness to bring back the Messiah for His return. These and many things like them you do, while refusing to answer the Lord when He calls upon you. 

  26. And why then should the Lord answer you, or hear to your prayers?  Are you not therefore rather a burden, and a false hope upon these many poor ones in Ethiopia?

  27. And what of these poor and afflicted ones in Ethiopia, I tell you from among them these will become known as the sons of God, for a Righteous Teacher will come and teach them, while you who did not know how to sustain one with a word, you will be cast out, and not be called after the name of the Lord because when the Lord thought to teach you, you hardened your heart, and would not listen to His voice.

  28. Like the Lord said; “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven.” And so it is that everyone who calls upon Him in truth will not hunger nor thirst for anything that enters into the mouth, nor will he die of starvation, but rather he will glorify his Redeemer in body and spirit.

  29. Did not the Lord cause the birds to bring food for Elijah? And did not the widow survive by His care amidst a crooked and perverse generation?  Did not the Lord shut in millions of Israelites within Jerusalem and poured upon them His wrath for their falsehood to His name?  And what did He speak by Daniel, and by Jeremiah, and many others regarding those that would come into the last days, and still not call upon Him in truth?

  30. Yet for the poor and the afflicted, and that were considered outcast by their own people, on these He would have mercy to write them in for life in Jerusalem.  Weep therefore you that are teachers in Israel whose heart are as hard as stone, you that are without the knowledge of God yet preach to His people as if you had a knowledge, for you will not be found to reside among the remnant of Israel to enter into His Sabbath.

  31. Shall I now propound a mystery?  It is written: “So they shall fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun.”  His glory therefore will be in Israel where the sun rises, while fear and trembling will come upon the people of many nations looking to the west.  Behold and see, it will come to pass in your days, in your very days these words will come to their fulfilling.

  32. How do you say; “Some days they don’t eat, but every day they say, ‘Thanks to the Lord.”?  To whom are they saying thanks when nothing is placed in their mouth?  If you are falsely claiming that it is the Lord the Almighty God, have you not made Him out to be a liar who said; “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”?

  33. How can these say thanks to one whom they do not know, to whom no more than a name is given without any of its contents?  Will one ask of God and receiving nothing?  Will he goes forth to thank Him for nothing, for not hearing his request?  What utter blasphemy is that of the name of God when He said:

  34. “If a son asks for bread will he gives him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish will he give him a serpent?  If then you of the Messianic organizations know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him.”

  35. But you do not know how to give good things to your children since you have hardened your hearts against the will of God, or else you would have taught these poor ones - to call upon the Lord in truth without having any doubt or reservation that their request would be fulfilled.  How therefore is one to say thanks -- for nothing, -- thanks for God’s refusal to fill their mouths?

  36. Is not that a mockery to the name of God as if His hand were shortened, and as if His word is no more than a lie?  If you of the Messianic Jews are so religious and so sure of your standing with God and His Messiah, why have you not already fed these people to ask it of Him without any shred of doubt or reservation? 

  37. May it be because your many sins still cleave to you wherefore your prayer is an abomination to Him, and on account of which these many poor sheep must suffer.   And whom do you think will be judged more severely, you or them?  Is it not written how; “He would demand their blood from your hands?”

  38. The Lord is against them that do not call upon Him in truth and their prayers remain unanswered. Therefore they will hunger and thirst and at last die the death of starvation, because they did not know Him.  But He answer’s the prayers of the upright, that do not doubt His word, nor do they speak against it, but that keep His word without defilement.


  1. Are so many - claiming to be Jews in Ethiopia factually of Jewish descend, or is it simply an excuse to come out from under the oppression of their countrymen?  Persecution has reigned for many centuries against Jews as well as Christians, and if one calls himself to be of both, a Christian Jew, persecution is sure to be upon him. Be it called Messianic or Christian is both the same, Christ being the Messiah.

  2. One thing we must not forget is that being Jewish is not a religion, but a race, being an Israelite is being descendant from the loins of Jacob and his sons after him.  Religion then means law, and to keep to it is being religious.  Since then there is but one law, there is but one religion, it being the law of the Lord Most High, which was given to man through Israel, since Israel is the firstborn who in turn was to teach all the rest of mankind.

  3. And now that there are so many religions, so many different laws, these are not law, nor therefore religions, but bastard perversions of the one true religion, and all of these without exception are for destruction and will be eradicated from the entire face of the earth.  It was the duty of Israel to teach the nations the Lord having made them as a light to the world.

  4. But for the many of Israel these kept to themselves, even though the Lord had driven them to reside among the many nations to be for the good unto them.  And there is something to be said of this, for had they attempted to educate the Gentiles these would not have listened for the envy of the brothers towards the rights of the firstborn.

  5. Moreover, Israel within themselves would not listen to the law, and killed the prophets that were send to them as well as rejecting to themselves the very Son of God when He came among them, and they do so to this day.  And yet the law that was given in Israel, the one true religion did come among the Gentiles, since it is written; “And they shall all be taught of God.”

  6. For the Lord raised up an Apostle from the Israelites named Paul to bring the one true religion to the Gentiles, and so the Gentiles were taught in the law and the prophets the means of which became to be known as the New Testament.  Israel therefore as it failed in itself in so many ways did not fail altogether in that God intervened, to Himself teach all that were to be His special possession be they Jew or Gentile.

  7. This was prophesied and clarified in Abraham that it were the sons of promise to inherit that right of being firstborn, and not after the flesh as so many Israelites still attempt to cling to.  If therefore we are to speak of the true Jew, that is to say, the true sons of God and inheritors of the promise, these are of all nations and not only in the descendants of Israel.

  8. And yet notwithstanding all this Israel as a nation remains foremost in that the remnant, which the Lord will save of them to enter into the Sabbath, the seventh millennium, will be blessed above all.  And these will multiply into a great number with all of them without exception to be righteous as the sons of God and inheritors to the promise of God.  It is therefore as Paul said; “The Gentiles to be blessed in the overflowing of Israel.

  9. But now in the secular term, who is a Jew and who is none Jew?  Are the Ethiopians, which in all effect appear as Africans descendants of the sons of Jacob, or are they of Ham the son of Noah?  The Lord clearly made a distinction in the sons of Noah as seen in the blessing, which Noah pronounced upon them.  Shem to be blessed above his brothers, with Japheth to dwell in his tents, while Ham would be his servant.

  10. And He made a distinction between Jacob and Esau though they were twin brothers. The Lord elevated Israel formerly called Jacob with Esau at his heels, and this was even so in appearance, the one being smooth the other rough and hairy.  But neither of them took on the appearance to the descendants of Ham, which are commonly – right or wrong - known by those inhabiting the lands of Africa.

  11. As then the sons of Israel were distinct in all their years until the day that the Lord drove them out of their country to dwell among the Gentiles, and no doubt there had been many inter marriages with the Gentiles, how was it that during the second world war the Germans were so well able to distinguish between who was a Jew and who not?

  12. The number of Jews then, and even now that in appearance could pass for being of another race, not in direct linage of the sons of Israel are not many.  How then when one appears in all respects to be an African, with dark skin, and the structure facial or otherwise unlike that of the factual sons of Israel, how is such a one said to be a Jew?  Inter marriage with those of Africa may have caused variations indeed as is clearly evident here in these United States.

  13. And yet for those many years of inter mixing few there are that can hide their ancestry, even as the same was quite evident in Europe in this last century with nearly two thousand years of mixing.  It seems obvious to me that there are those calling themselves to be Jews for reasons other than ancestry.

  14. I am not saying that these particular ones in Ethiopia are necessarily none Jews, no doubt some of Israelites may have gone to Ethiopia when the Lord drove them out of Israel, which is a better statement than to use biblical passages that do not in any wise prove Israelites to have gone there.

  15. A certain African here in the USA claimed himself to be a Jew because either he took upon himself the name of Christ, in which case he would be no more than a Christian of African descend, or he took upon himself the perversion that some of the Jews hold contrary to the reality of the law of God.  In any case he would be a liar and ignorant at best.

  16. Am I to be a Jew because of my love for them?  If so I am a Chinese as well, and an Iranian, and African, and of every other nation, since my love is for all.  Am I, or we being conned with lies and deceit to arouse emotion and compassion for the plight of the poor in Ethiopia?  If so, what of the many poor in all the other parts of Africa and those in China and in Russia as well as in these United States, and many other countries?

  17. Would it not have been handy for the seven million Ukrainians that Stalin in the breadbasket of the north starved to death, to say we are Jews let us immigrate to Israel so we may not die of starvation?  And the many which perished in the Sudan, and in Cambodia, how well if these could have said; we are Jews take us out of here. 

  18. It certainly becomes a compliment for Israel when anyone that wishes to escape persecution and oppression to say; "We are Jews, we have a right to be delivered."  And yes O Israel this is a complement in your favor, and that compliment will come to its fullness in the day to come. Do not therefore forget whom you are, and live up to the expectations thereof.

  19. The fact now that there are poor in the world is nothing new, but to come to me with lies and deceptions so as to arouse my compassion for help unto them is not kosher, nor in any wise acceptable.  It seems to be their aim to utilize the term of Messiah, as in Messianic, to be applied as something new and relevant to only Israel, and His name is likewise appropriated to say Yeshua instead of Jesus.

  20. If now the pronunciation is different from one language to another – fine, but is that the real reason or are there ulterior motives?  The name of Christ in these first centuries since His resurrection rested upon many Jews as well as Gentiles.  These were appropriately called Christians, since that term translates into Anointed, and these many Jews and Gentiles were anointed, wherefore it not only was right but an honor and blessing to be called Christian.

  21. But now come the Jews in the failures of their heart, digging up and holding to the old skeletons from the closet, that they are not Christian but Messianic. In other words a bull is not a bull, but a bull to them.  Messiah or Christ, or Jesus, or Yeshua all refer to the same one person. When therefore the Lord said, you shall love your neighbor, - and the Messiah Himself - to even love your enemies, these are not very well related to the Messiah by looking at and digging up these old skeletons from their closet.

  22. No doubt my words will come to them as something of an insult, but why then if you love the Messiah, as you say you do, did you even open your closet door, let alone look at these old skeletons of yours?  

  23. Would it not be far better to love the Lord the Messiah in truth, and not put down your neighbor that is with you, as were he different from you, and of less accounting?

  24. Or will you argue with me that it is not like that, - that the love within your heart is not selective, that no leaven cleaves to you?  I would certainly believe you if it were not for those obvious skeletons that are hanging on your side.  You assuredly believe in the Messiah, so you acclaim, then my question becomes – which Messiah?  Or shall I repeat the question, to ask again – which Messiah?

  25. Having said it twice it certainly is a valid question, and what will I get for an answer? I looked at you to determine the reality of your claims, and I beheld that along with the Messiah you also kiss the mezuzah.  

  26. In other words, or factual words, you are worshipping God along with ba’al or mammon as these idols are called.  But did not the Messiah say that you cannot kiss an idol and also serve Me?  It is one or the other, you cannot serve both at once.

  27. But if you do not, or cannot see the mezuzah as an idol, you have never known the Messiah, nor is He with you teaching you.  You my dear Israelite have become alike unto the Gentiles that kiss the wood of the cross, and never beheld Him that died upon it.  For why should they take that hardship and persecution upon themselves to look to Him that was nailed upon it, when it is so much easier to the frame and safer to kiss that wood?

  28. And you by kissing the idol are more acceptable to those around you then if in fact you ate the bread of the Passover without any leaven. Moreover, that bread of the Passover is so much better to our taste with leaven, and so why should I keep to the law of old to serve the Messiah according to His word?  My word, and my routine, so you reason is much better, for now I have peace in this world along with the peace of heaven that awaits me.

  29. All fine and dandy my dear fellow, but what is it that you will hear when you come to the door of the entrance into heaven, what indeed will you hear then?  It will be this of the lips of the Messiah, He will say; Depart from Me I know you not.”  

  30. That indeed will be the word you will hear because you elected to kiss the mezuzah, you elected to worship idols, and never did understand that to serve the Messiah is from the heart, and not in the letter of the law that was designed merely for metaphor.

  31. It is the poor we were speaking of, the ones that would always be with us, because the Lord is a loving God and very compassioned. But now I am speaking in the wisdom of my heart in a tongue not understood by the sons of man, nor will they be so able until many days from now.  But who is to credit me for knowledge that it may serve them to salvation? 

  32. “By a star, so it was said to Jacob, those on earth who wish to see Him whom angels above do not see, will find the way to Him.  Then the Almighty will be on earth in body, and embraced by corporal arms.” Quite a revelation is it not?  But who will care for that star when even the very Son of God was not desired and they mocked Him to His face?  Therefore also my expectations are not very high.

  33. But to come to me in the appearance as were they righteous sons to the Messiah, and in His name begin to preach to me words directly contrary and in violation of His wholesome words, is going a bit too far, and it angers me.  

  34. Proclaiming to me;  “Some days they don’t drink, but every day they say thanks to the Lord.” For then - knowing the Messiah - I come to question saying:  Which Lord?

  35. Are they not therefore speaking out of the ignorance of their heart, and far from the Messiah?  If indeed the Lord the Messiah was their Lord, they could not possibly have pronounced to say: “They start dying because of lack of food.”  For it is never of the Messiah that anyone who believes in Him could die for lack of food. Those that are of Him need but ask and they will have abundantly.

  36. But if the lord to whom they are saying thanks is merely the figment of their imagination, I have never seen a figment to produce food nor drink, but for their ignorance and lack of knowledge they will indeed perish.  Whom therefore are these that claim the title of Messianic Jews? 

  37. And who are the ones fastening that title upon them to have taught them in that way?  Do not ever tell me that believers are dying for lack of food.

  38. If indeed you are as you say you are, why not take a single loaf of bread, and having prayed over it, feed the entire host, so that none might be hungry. And if indeed the Messiah is with you, what is to prevent you from cleaving the rock to bring forth water unto all?  Is the hand of the Lord shortened that He cannot save in this twenty first century?  What do these take the Lord for that He is, sitting at the right hand of God the Father?

  39. It are your sins, and your aposty that are against you, it is for your idolatry that the Lord is of no help to you.  You have made a religion of your own baking whereby you attempt to enter into the presence of the Lord Most High.  

  40. He however knows the hearts of all men, and He thwarts the desires of the wicked, these will not come into His inheritance, but die the death of starvation, and by the sword, and by pestilence, and by fire.


  1. So thus look and behold that which you are doing and my words as the words of the Lord regarding it.  Are you of the Messianic Jews not doing the same thing that the Gentiles are doing?  You are professing a religion without its power, you are making a façade of faith without its reality. You call yourselves by the name of the Messiah but you put no trust in Him, you are just like the Gentiles.

  2. The Lord spoke of the Gentiles that in this day and age these would be worshipping a piece of wood, and seeing it that the end would be near.  And so the end is near, and these many Gentiles having named themselves falsely by the name of Christ, are doing no more than polishing the wood of the cross.  They make for a faith, but it is not a saving faith, just like you of the Messianic Jews are doing.

  3. It is somewhere written; “I have been young and I have been old, but never did I see the righteous go hungry, nor his children beg for bread.” Unbelievers may die of starvation or beg for bread, but never a believer.  

  4. Calling yourself by the name Messiah, or Christ is not a sign of true faith, but like the Messiah Himself said, “But that keep themselves to the will of My Father, who is in heaven.

  5. You write fancy letters and beg for help, but your words are not those of the Messiah, but in rebellion to Him.  And do you now think no-one will notice?  Those that are of the world whose faith is a dead faith do not know right from wrong, but that is not so with me nor with anyone that is factually taught of God.

  6. No matter how fancy even the most brilliant man of this earth may speak, the Lord gave me the understanding to see through all the words and deeds of man, and so He does with all that love Him in truth.  There simply is no way for any man to hide that which is in his heart, nor for his faith however much he decorates his façade will he remain hidden.

  7. You celebrate Passover, but never at all eat unleavened bread, how then do you celebrate?  As for me I never at all eat bread with leaven, not the bread that enters the mouth, but that which proceeds from it.   Is there not something to be learned from that? 

  8. With whom from among you may understanding be found, whereby knowledge may serve them for life?  There must be at least one, or two, or perhaps three teachers in Israel to know and speak the truth, or else I might despair myself of not only Gentiles but of Israel as well.

  9. My heart truly goes out for the plight of men, for their plight to have no teachers of true grid. And should I send my earnings along with them that rebel against the Messiah, to feed but unbelievers, and false worshippers, to such from whom the Lord for their wicked doings has withheld food and drink?  Am I, as the Lord said, casting my pearls before swine, for them to turn and rent me?

  10. How is it that my love is so strong to go against His better judgment to me?  It is because I love even my enemies since the love that is within me is His love, and so my dear ones your love should be.   Do not therefore publish my gift, nor send a receipt, for what do I care about tax deductions, such a thing is of the sons of men, not of the sons of God.

  11. This world is not our place of abiding, nor are its riches, it is no more than a hell to us, being in exile from our home that is our home. So should be your outlook, then indeed you will be kosher, to abstain from all that do not split the hoof, and fail to chew the cud.

  12. It is written:  “And these signs will accompany those who believe in My name, they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover."

  13. If then you are teachers of the Messianic Jews and do believe in His name, how is it that you cannot even feed those few of which you say – believe in Him?  

  14. If you are as you say you are - why do you come to me for food and drink, when it is fully in your own power?  Is there perhaps a need for you to repent?

  15. When now the hour has come, the Lord will be glorious.    So have I spoken.    I remain in Yeshua.


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