1. When I look about to the north, to the west, to the east, and to the south, I see Edomites, except for Jacob in the waters of his birth.  If I sound like a woman in travail, trembling upon my feet, I am like Rebecca, having given birth to Esau, and now Jacob holding the heel of his brother must come forth amidst the pain of my anguish.

  2. Hear me you inhabitants of the earth, do you wish to know the end from the beginning? Are you looking for a token by which to know when the heel of Edom is yet visible, with Jacob coming forth to the light?  Look at one who is in anguish with a mighty sounding voice, for that is the token of the beginning of the end.

  3. Edom that translates into Esau, to which I likened all you nations of the Gentiles, you have passed the point of no return, the only thing yet left of you is the heel with the hand of Jacob holding it for him to come forth from the womb.  Therefore I am in pain that he may be brought forth, and to bring destruction upon the Edomites for the evil that he perpetrated upon his brother Jacob.

  4. For a mere drink you sold your right of firstborn O you Gentiles, and why then are you as yet attempting to take away Jacob's blessing?  This is the token of your end and of the birth of Jacob, the end of the old world with the nations each holding the rule, when now it will be Jacob to take the rule, and be the firstborn among all.

  5. Rise from your resting places you nations and stand upright to hear a mighty sounding voice, by whom the foundations of the earth are understood.  For thus spoke the God of Jacob; 

  6. "The day will come when I will hold My tongue no longer, but I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant, and I will waste mountains and hills, the rulers along with their governors, and I will dry up all their herbage."

  7. Therefore am I trembling, for the anger and the indignation of the Mighty One of Jacob within me.  If I am gasping for air, you now know why, and if I pant, or cry out in anguish you ought to know the cause.  

  8. But know this O you nations, that this will not be the only thing you will see, nor will you yourselves escape from trembling, nor from fear and anguish.

  9. I have given you the token, know therefore that the end has come, with the beginning of the new.  Things will not remain as they are.  With your lips you cry for peace, but in your heart you make for war, and your deeds are those of a villain.  Therefore as a villain you will be visited.   


  1. But what does it matter who or what I am, since who is to hear, or where may understanding be found?  Yet I should add something to these words to say:  “and what of you O Israel,” and also, "what of you O nations of Gentiles?" since I purpose to speak of all.

  2. I should let the prophet speak as he said: “Behold, the Lord has one who is mighty and strong, like a storm of hail. A destroying tempest, like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, He will cast down to the earth with violence.”

  3. But of course you will not take me at my word, yet for the first word that He spoke to you was it not; for you to open your eyes, to look and see, to /as he said; “behold.”?   If now you are ignorant to the meaning of that word you are in wretched shape.  

  4. And as to the terms “mighty and strong,” you might before long inquire of the rulers of the earth as to how detrimental He, the Lord, can be upon their tender frame, then you will have an answer.

  5. Why should I not portray myself for whom and what I am, for while you may look upon the Almighty God as no more than a superman, or an invisible figment of your imagination, He is quite different when His wrath comes to strike down upon you.  Or are you so dull not to realize that I for me am only a man, but how the prophet said; “He has one.”

  6. If therefore the written word is not a strange thing to you, you ought certainly to realize that I am not alone. And if the words; “destroying tempest," are unclear, take a look at your hurricanes and tornado’s, or you floods for overflowing waters, and what damage these things can do to you.

  7. I am not interested in peace-talk, nor in any negotiations with Israel nor with the nations.   I indeed vie for peace, but only that peace which is of the Lord, when all the wicked are put under the earth, and the tally of men are few.

  8. Your leaders are but children, they would not know peace if it stared them in the face. Their negotiations are no more than a noise of the incompetent, of reprobates to humanity, fit to be eradicated from the earth.

  9. Are you not a wicked apostate generation, like those from before you?  Are not all of you “nations of murderers,” butchering the most helpless of children before they are even able to take their first breath?  And are you not vile oppressors to dictate and place sanctions against other nations?  

  10. “You are not to make weapons of mass destruction”- so these children of hypocrisy acclaim while themselves they are overburdened by them. How criminal indeed these are from the very first to the very last of them.

  11. With the USA at the head of those barbarian criminals perpetrating sanctions to such an extend as to invite and create war and murder.  Therefore O you American reprobates you will not escape, but that hangman's noose will come around to you as well.

  12. And these blind among men expect that I should act with a degree of mercy towards them?   My mercy for you will be like unto your own O you people, one of no mercy. You rob the poor people of the nations of their due and expect me to just standby with my eyes closed?  

  13. Not so, you ill mannered ravens, for your wealth will be taken from you, and not returned unto you. Instead you will bend your backs forever, and never again be free. You will labor for me and for those with me without ever your heads to be raised.

  14. Did you not hear what the Lord spoke of Nebuchadnez'zar, how all of Egypt (meaning the world) would be given into his hand as wages for him and for those with him?  But I should not be so foolish to speak that way since I know that you are not able to read, much less comprehend what is in a word.

  15. Read again what the prophet said, for the word of the Almighty Lord is forever sure, and you will not as you imagine slide out from under it.  There is not a single one of your deeds that is not classified as criminal.  In all your actions there is but this term for it as well, namely oppression, and more oppression, and still some more oppression.

  16. The needy are put out of their homes, and their work for their daily bread is taken from them. And you hypocrites are so compassioned that you respond by feeding the pockets of the rich.

  17. And when a people are tortured and starved to death by a cruel regime, you just stand by, and while with your lips you condemn it, you do nothing to oust that cruel regime while the means and power to do so is with you. Thus you show yourself as accessories to their crimes.  

  18. And even your city and county officials as well as them that furnish public services practice extortion upon extortion. For the cost of 10, they extort 50 to 100, while all public services should be at cost.  

  19. Some rulers you are.   Less than babes with no feeling of compassion, nor with knowledge in how to govern, because you are but babes, and yourselves abide only from bribery and extortion.

  20. You make your living by robbery and by extortion, like your insurance companies, your dentists, doctors, and hospitals, your union officials to name but a few, and all you rich and mighty, for everyone that is overpaid steals. How then may there be left one in ten million that is worth accounting?

  21. Your prisons are no more than torture chambers, and you wish to classify yourselves as humane and civilized?  O you hypocrites, wait a little till the same thing will be assayed on you in sevenfold.  For you will not escape being sentenced.

  22. You are so fond of your sports pages, and your games to watch a bunch of thieves, a bunch of criminals to play ball. You therefore yourselves are senseless and accessories to their crimes. 

  23. And for all the cruelty that so many of you bastards to humanity practice upon the animals, slaughterhouses and all else, you will come to pay dearly, when you will be slaughtered.

  24. Everyone that plays a lottery and accepts the price is likely to die the death of a thousand deaths, because being overpaid is stealing, and to become rich in this world comes with a high price to pay in the age that is coming

  25. You think you are going to work your way out of just about anything, any disaster or calamity, even if an asteroid came your way as you consistently portray in your movies. Your arrogance and your pride knows no end, wherefore it is time that you are put down to factually realize that you are but like the beasts.

  26. You appoint women as the head of churches, and so indeed you speak to one another with your ass-end rather than with the head. You are a contemptible lot, you are not men, but weaklings and perpetually corrupt. 

  27. You glorify the perverts among you as if man with man and women with women were just the thing to do, all because you are unspeakably corrupt, and yourselves not better, than the lowest of the animals on the earth.

  28. How did I come to abide among a race as foul and as vulgar as this society shows itself to be, you are indeed a stench to my nostrils, and unfit to be ruled by any man, let alone by gods. 

  29. Your imagination runs wild with you and of integrity you have none, why then should you not be exterminated from the face of the earth?

  30. Are not many of you glorifying those roman barbarians that falsely in the name of Jesus still incite the people to worship graven images, and bless themselves for all the cruelties that their forebears practiced upon man and upon the righteous ones of God?  

  31. To this day you blaspheme the name of God and Christ by worshipping a woman, and every other vile thing that comes to your hand including stupid beads and so called good luck charms.  Therefore O you children of barbarians you will not inherit the earth nor even remain upon it.

  32. Your priests are consistently found to be child perverters, lowly beasts poisoning their flocks to throw their pearl before swine.  Nor does the word of Christ holds any meaning for them because these are blind, and love to be criminals.

  33. And as for you rulers and potentates of the earth, the entire lot of you are an abomination before God, before me, and before all the sons of God, because you love to have the rule of this people therefore you are abominable, wherefore also your torments in the fires of hell will be increased upon you. 

  34. O you foolish, foolish people, you have no conception that with your voting game - you elect your rulers to drive them deeper into hell, to add torment upon torment upon them, and yet you go out to vote - because you are blind and cruel.  

  35. These criminals now not only practice this silly childish game of elections, but glorify themselves with stolen goods, funds stolen from the poor and hard working people.

  36. Your union officials fund these abominable ones with the sweat of the poor that they steal from them, since no union ought ever to have any profit, let alone squander the millions stolen from the needy workers for the most abominable among the race of man, your so called rulers and governors. 

  37. But in the name of the Almighty God, not one of them will ever rule again into all eternity, or be able to steal a single penny from anyone.  This is a certain promise; like the Lord said;  “My Anointed one will most certainly do to them as their wickedness deserves.”  

  38. And why should I not call you cruel and barbarian since you are ignorant enough to go forth to vote, to put a man deeper into hell.  

  39. Then you dare go to church acting as were you religious, while in fact the commandment; "to love your neighbor as yourself," holds no meaning for you being fool enough to go out and vote, to drive a man deeper into hell.

  40. those that vie for a presidency or governor are fools, without knowledge and integrity. To God and all the righteous they are most abominable.

  41. Then, of all things you should yet look to His anointed one for help, to a destroying tempest, that you might not be overthrown and corrected, while you write bastard laws to rob the poor?  I spoke once saying that I had my fill of you.

  42. Let therefore that storm of mighty overflowing waters be upon you, let the Mighty One of heaven and of all the earth cast you, like He said; down to the earth with violence.  Nor therefore will I intercede, because I had my fill of you.

  43. My name is not Moses, but after the king of beasts, and even if my name were Moses; did not God irrelevant of his intercession for the people destroy the whole lot of those Israelites?  If there is an ear let him hear.  The time for intercession has passed - at least for you it has - since by your aposty and your bastard laws you elected it that way. 

  44. I prayed to the Lord my God for you after your most earnest desire, namely for you to be eradicated from the earth, and why then are you now looking for an alternate solution?  I am not one to go back on my word, but you are like a leaf in the wind.

  45. You imagine that it is never going to come to a reckoning, that you can go on and on in your aposty. And while I may quote you the words of the Almighty One as He said; 

  46. “Behold the name of the Lord comes from afar, burning with His anger, and in thick rising smoke, His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue like a devouring fire.”  You of course deem them as mere hearsay.

  47. And what do we care for this prophet of doom so as you may look upon me.  Yet it was clearly foretold how you would receive a visit as He said: “For a long time I have held My peace, I have kept still and restrained Myself, but now I will cry out like a woman in travail."

  48. Why then O you foolish ones in the earth should I be so strange to you?  Whom do you think you are - you so called mighty ones in the earth?  Do you think to hold the power and forever postpone your day in court?   

  49. The time has arrived for every word of the truly Mighty One to be brought to bear, and it will descend upon you who think to be well seated.

  50. You indeed O you rulers in the earth are an abomination unto me, and your henchmen along with you.  Complain as you will, but when the vultures pick the flesh from your bones, you will be forever silent.  

  51. Nor will your wealth save you, it will ooze out from under you, and never again returned, this I vouch to you in the name of the Lord in whose service I stand.

  52. This day and age is not for abiding. The commandment was not to take to any meat that does not clove the hoof. And; to love one's neighbor as oneself.  But if I wrote them down for you a thousand times, you would still consider them strange, and of no account.

  53. And speaking of desecration; are not the Scriptures a sacred writing?  Yet your priests and theologians have made a complete mockery of them.  It was not enough that their forebears copied some errors in it, their hatred of God and man is so great that they went forth to in all of them desecrate the name of the Lord, and all reverences to Him, while at the same time glorify their idols in references to them.

  54. But they were not satisfied with a mere desecration of His name and references, so they went forth and corrupted everything they saw fit, to change the wholesome word of the Lord into another meaning, into a lie after their own stupidity and foul imagination.  

  55. Wherefore now the Scriptures are no longer after the word of the Lord, but marred according to the design of the sons of the devil. If anyone as yet desires a faithful copy he must go back a hundred years, since all the copies since have been marred and corrupted, with the latest ones more than the previous. 

  56. But do not think that this mockery of God, and crime against humanity will go unpunished, these sons of the devil shall in no way outrun their reward, but all the plagues written in them will come upon them.

  57. These foul priests and theologians are however not the only guilty ones, since the rest of the priests and ministers condoned and justified it, they did not speak out against it to burn the corruptions, nor to warn the people against it.  

  58. Nor are the people themselves guiltless, since in this age everyone is able to read, nor therefore did I hear them to speak out against it.

  59. For this alone O all you inhabitants of the nations it is extremely just of the Lord to eradicate the whole lot of you from the face of the earth, and to leave but the meek, such few as are not guilty of these crimes against God and humanity.  

  60. You therefore may just as well give up on your complaints, and your cries for peace and mercy unto me and unto God, for neither one of us will listen to you.

  61. You are to be eradicated from the entire face of the earth, along with all your idols and your corruptions, for you are not fit to live, let alone to be ruled, or be heard.  I said; I had my fill of you, and for the Lord your measure is made full.  There is no turning back from the decree, you will be done in.

  62. Hear therefore you that are few in the earth, you that have an ear to hear, and a heart to meditate in truth.  Turn from the wickedness of this world and do it speedily, for the nations are to be eradicated and why should you perish along with them?  

  63. Turn and be healed O you that are few and far between, all you from among the nations of Gentiles, there is no need for you to perish.  O that you might be many, but as it was in the days of Noah when but eight souls kept faith, so I fear it will be in this day.

  64. Along with my writings I have left a copy of the Scriptures cleansed from the filth of the theologians, avail yourselves of it, since none of the newer translations are fit to be read.  And still that copy is as yet not fully corrected, I have as yet to look into it some more.  Or you may go back a hundred years to avail yourselves of these.

  65. Hear now this wisdom; that while the theologians of late along with their forebears completely destroyed the Scriptures from their original, not a single soul of the sons of God has been lost, nor will be lost. 

  66. For that which we know but the world has no conception of is; that life is in the Spirit rather than in the letter.  Yet the sons of men along with the sons of the devil will dearly pay with their lives for their mockery of the word of God.

  67.   And now to you O Israel; in my heading I came to add saying: “And what of you O Israel,” who might you be, and what of you?  After stating that the Lord had a mighty one, it continues like this;  

  68. “The proud crown of the drunkards of E'phraim will be trodden under foot.”  Who therefore might those drunkards be, and drunk with what?

  69. It are not only the wicked from among Gentiles that are to perish, but the same is appointed for the rebels in Israel. Those among the Gentiles which take faith for a treasure will rejoice with the remnant of Israel, for it is but a remnant that will be left in Israel, even as from among the Gentiles there will be few.

  70. As my love is unmovable for Israel, so also my love is for the Gentiles, for all their hosts, and my life will be for their sake.  As my compassion is for Israel so is my compassion for the Gentiles, yet notwithstanding my great love when wrath and destruction is called for I will not hesitate.

  71. It is the seventeenth chapter of Isaiah if you care to hear every word, for is it not perfectly so that your so called rabbi’s and priests are drunk with wine, with the wine of their own imagination. Therefore do they stagger because they are under the influence of their own baking, and know not the God of Jacob. 

  72. Torah, Torah, so they cry, but refuse to hear Isaiah 66. Nor are these teachers of the Gentiles any different, borrowing their idolatry from one another. Where may a faithful teacher be found? Are the fingers on one of my hands sufficient to number the whole grant number of them?

  73. I am contemplating in my heart to whom I shall speak, if there be still those with knowledge to whom I might explain what is in a word.  Shall I turn to those weaned from the milk, to them that are no longer at the breast?  Show me where these may be found, if indeed these be weaned, able to hear, and if indeed they will hear.

  74. You would not listen to all those of your own, even as they speak to you this very day in the record they left for you, the solemn word of God by His prophets unto you.  

  75. Therefore to your confusion, or your welfare if you will – the Lord said:  No, but by men like me, by men of strange lips and with an alien tongue the Lord will speak to you,” so He said.

  76. And as to that point I am an alien, and yet reared upon your very Mountain, on the very heights thereof.  My wife having seen a trickle of my love for Israel, called me to be part Jewish, if then she knew the half thereof I would no longer be to her a Gentile.

  77. You call Judaism as a religion, but it is no more than ignorance. You deny the very Son of God having come, and blaspheme His name.  In your stupidity you fancy that the Messiah is as yet to come.

  78. And right you are, since indeed He is before you this very instant, but still you do not know him, nor recognize Him.  You would like me to be God's Messiah, but you might as well forget that, for I agree with the Messiah to put you out of your misery, to grind you to powder for the stupidity of your mind.

  79. I spoke of a repose, and where the rest may be found for the weary, and peace for the upright.  The question then becomes if you will hear to the words by the lips of a stranger, since your forebears would – as the Lord testified – not listen to Him.

  80. Therefore, as I once before spoke to you saying how for your refusal to hear - your voice would become like a whisper from under the clods of the earth, so the Lord prophesied that it would be, as He said: 

  81. “Then deep from the earth you shall speak, from low in the dust your words shall come, your voice shall come from the ground like the voice of a ghost, and your speech shall whisper out of the dust.”

  82. Can you truly in this day imagine that O my beloved Israel?   For I know how proud you are, and determined to work your own way out, to fight with your own strength, and never again be humbled by anyone.   O yes I know you, I heard what you said, and I surmised what you were thinking

  83. But because you will refuse to hear me for the good unto you, therefore you will be put down so far and so deep O my beloved Israel, that your voice will become that of a ghost, a mere whisper.

  84. It is a very terrible thing that the Lord will do to you O Israel, because you refuse to hear His word.  You are of a mind never to be humbled again, yet you still bow before your enemies, to make yourselves look like rats before them, by wearing that stupid kippah which they forced you to wear upon your heads as a sign of being sub-human.   

  85. Those captains (popes) of the devil in Rome wear them because these are indeed sub-human and no more than rats, and you in your ignorance copy them. Why then O Israel do you dress yourself like a devil, to glorify the father of the lie?

  86. As I see it, the disgrace of the Germans during your Holocaust, to mark you as sub-human has never left you, you are still captive in their power, in the power of the SS, and their disgrace upon you.  When O Israel will you free yourselves from these barbarians?  When will you become wise?

  87. But now I shall pronounce to you the good news, that once the Lord has humbled you down to that effect, then O Israel you will rise, for in that day so said the Lord of host, He will be a crown of glory, and a diadem of beauty / to the remnant of His people.”  

  88. In that day He the Lord will be a Spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment, even as this day He is a Spirit of knowledge to me for your sake.

  89. And He will be the strength to those who, as He said, turn back the battle at the gate.”  And is not this what I have been doing, to turn back the battle at the gate, to warn you, and to admonish you to take the bull by the horns before the sword enters into your cities, to pass your gates?

  90. As now you must be humbled O Israel because you refused to listen, it will most certainly be so with all these nations that have set their eye on you to destroy you, only these from under the dust of the earth will not rise, as you will rise O Israel, “for I, so my Lord said, have loved you.”

  91.  It is in an instant that you will be visited, suddenly, and all your foes shall be no more than a dream, as nothing at all they shall be, as one who dreams, and awakening it is no more, so the Lord will deal with your foes.  The proud Americans will send an army, and to the horror of all it will vanish like as were they no more than a dream.

  92. Do not think of these Americans as your friends or allies, since the day is not far off that even these will send warrior to destroy you. You have relied upon them to your own hurt, when instead you should have looked to the God of Jacob.

  93. Come now my dear Israel, I know how you worship, and what is in your heart, neither your thoughts nor your deeds are concealed from me, and it is because you pay only lip service, with your heart far from the God of Jacob, therefore it was that the Lord said: 

  94. “I will do marvelous things with this people, wonderful and marvelous, and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid.”

  95. Contemplate on it, if you are so able, for it will be the meek that shall obtain fresh joy in the Lord, and the poor among you shall exult themselves in the Messiah of God.  

  96. The ruthless however shall come to nothing, and them that scoff at the Lord with me shall cease to be, even as all those that watch to do evil shall be cut off, and not come into the joy of Israel.

  97. You are so fond of making your own plans, and to execute it without inquiring of the Lord, and you make leagues but not with the Spirit of the Lord, but on your own, so you may add sin to sin, to drive yourselves into the dust of the earth, to become no more than a faint whisper.

  98. O how I would like to gather you under my wings, but we, the Lord and I, are to you as aliens, as those of a strange speech. You would rather look to the Americans for help, to scorn Him who made you, and delivered you from bondage. 

  99. May therefore He who sent me make those of America for a thorn in your side, by which you will be wounded, even as you have wounded us in rejecting Him that has sent me.

  100. The Americans are worthless, don’t you know my beloved?  Worthless they will be, of no avail to your redemption.  

  101. They are a part of that great eagle, the eagle that is to be burned, the heads along with its body.  Behold and pay attention O my beloved, it is near to you, watch and see, judgment will be pronounced upon it, and it will burn.   

  102. So it is written and so it will be done. Yea so it has been written and so it will be done.


The difference between good and evil.

  1. I know what will be said of me; “See, he is the little horn that makes desolate, he knows riddles, he is the evil one of whom it was prophesied that he was to come.  He is with violence, he the anti-Christ to desolate the things of which it was spoken."

  2. This is so since they have already done so, but it are the unwise, the sons of perdition, to speak in that manner if hopefully they may convince the sons of the earth, and stir them up against me.

  3.  But in reading the book of Daniel or of the other prophets these are not reading correctly since these never had eyes to see, but like everything else these always are out to corrupt whatever they may lay their hands upon it. 

  4. Nor will anyone convince them otherwise, but those among the sons of men that are wise, these will know the difference, because they allowed knowledge to enter for a guide unto them.

  5. Therefore am I furnishing this knowledge that it may be for a guide unto all that are not inclined to render a rash judgment.   When reading the book of Daniel for the events of the last days, does it not speak of two princes?  

  6. It reads: (9:26) “And after the sixty two weeks the anointed one shall be cut off (killed) but not for himself. And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.”

  7. It is the one to come after me that is the antichrist.   While the one of whom Daniel previously spoke, as being a prince, which some of the translations corrupted to refer to the Messiah of God, that one is the righteous one of the Spirit of God, noted by him being anointed of Him.  

  8. It is therefore quite clear that two princes were to come, the first an anointed one of the Lord, and once he is killed, then comes that second prince.

  9. Nor does the first come with an army, nor with any host, but more as it appears, like a lone predator, while the second one, that evil one will send his people, his armies, ahead of him, before he himself arrives. This fact is clear from the words of Daniel as he said: “And the people of the prince.”

  10. It is that second prince rather then the anointed one whose death Daniel records in his eleventh chapter, that will make war upon the saints, and by his people he will bring about the desolations in the holy land.   

  11. They may look upon the destruction and the vengeance that was enacted by the words that proceeded from my lips, but (like Moses) that was upon the wicked for their sins and their arrogance and pride.

  12. For again it was written of the anointed one of the Lord, "how he would reprove them and upbraid them with their cruelties, and put them before him alive in judgment."  For quite indeed, he will pronounce to the head of the eagle that remains, to appear no more.  And that my dear friends means war, one to be slain by the other.

  13. Am I one to destroy the land of Israel, or to harm those found upon her borders? Is it not rather the reverse, how the Lord is protecting her, while it will be the one after me that will destroy the city and cause offerings to cease. Mark well who it is that I am.

  14. It then is of the second prince, the emissary of the devil, to whom the words refer as Daniel wrote:  “It grew great, even to the host of heaven; and some of the host of the stars it cast down to the ground, and trampled upon them.”  But I will refrain from expounding upon these words, but privately to the wise only.

  15. And it reads:  “How he magnified himself, even up to the Prince of the host; and the continual burnt offering was taken away, and the place of sanctuary was overthrown.”  

  16. The prince of the host then is the Lord Jesus the Messiah.  It is the evil one with his people to overthrow the place of the sanctuary, and forcing them that believe in the true Messiah to blaspheme His name, and to disobey the commandments.

  17. He will offer them money and gold, or else he will torture them, and pull out their nails.   And how does he magnify himself against the Christ?  He does it by proclaiming himself to be the Christ, and performing miracles.  But in word and deed he does the opposite of what is correct of the real Christ. 

  18. This false Christ loves all that disobey God, and that mock Him, while he persecutes them that love the Lord and keep His commandments.  He therefore is the reverse, he is the great true anti-Christ.  But the sons of men are ignorant, since for their wickedness God closed their eyes, so that they came to believe the lie. 

  19. These will indeed believe the imposter, and, like it is common for most other wicked rulers, he will set up his image, large pictures and all everywhere, in every land, and convince the blind to believe his lies, to persecute all the meek and the righteous in the earth.

  20. But at end when some or many are getting wise to him, they will tell him, "to go after the righteous yourself if you can catch them."  For in the end they are perceiving that he is not the real Christ, since the real Christ does not torture men to become righteous, but by appealing to them and by teaching them of righteous deeds.

  21. And so Daniel wrote;  “And the host was given over to it together with the continual burnt offering through transgression; and truth was cast down to the ground, and the horn acted and prospered.”  And what do you suppose brought that on?  It is - as it reads - through transgression, - for the sins and the rebellion of Israel.

  22. For all that are wise, and able to hear my word, consider what it is that Daniel proclaimed, how it was the truth that was cast down, and it were the people of the Messiah that were given into his hand, so they might be tested for the firmness of the truth within them.

  23. For it will be by transgression that the heartfelt praise of the people will cease from their minds and from their lips, to offer to God the offering and sacrifice of thanksgiving.  

  24. And by transgression to some it will become no more than lip service, their deeds rooted in transgression, be it for fear of men, or whatever reason.  These are the cowards whose minds are not rightly fixed in the Lord the Messiah of God.

  25. Concerning the tokens, behold how it will be O you righteous ones, for it is written how them that dwell upon the earth shall be taken in great number, and the way of truth shall be hidden, and the land be barren of faith.  It’s the famine of the Lord when few will remain upon the earth to be Christian in word and deed.

  26. The foul preachers - like that Billy Graham for just one example, - promised salvation to the people by the millions and millions, as if he knew something about salvation.  But it are lies and deception, words and promises contrary to the word of God, who said; "That the land shall be barren of faith." 

  27. Remember it, and be not deceived by these foul ones. But this will occur as it is written: “But iniquity will be increased above that which you now see, or even that of which you have heard from long ago.”

  28. And furthermore it reads how the land that you now behold having root, namely Israel as you behold it, how suddenly it shall be seen wasted.  This O my dear ones that are able to hear me, is the terror upon Israel for its iniquity and backsliding, to root out all the rebels in Israel, because they refused to hear, and would not listen to the Lord, nor to me when I gave them the word of the Lord.

  29. It is recorded by Daniel, and by still other prophets from long ago, and it will not tarry but come to pass just as it has been foretold.   Then shall wit hide itself, and understanding withdraw itself into its secret chambers, and shall be sought of by many, but not be found.  Then shall unrighteousness and inconsistency be multiplied upon the earth.”

  30. And so my dearly beloved, you that await His coming, the Lord your God and Savior, remember these things as you see them come to pass, and be not surprised not confounded regarding them, but that these things must be before that great day of your joy, that great day that will be a horror upon all the world, but a home-coming for you.  

  31. It will be the final end of your trials to at last receive the crown for which you held out with all your mind and all your strength.

  32. Remember how it is written;  “For there shall be great insurrection in every place and city upon those who fear the Lord, they shall be like madmen sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the Lord.”

  33. And:  “For they shall waste and take away their goods, and cast them out of their houses.  Then shall they be known who are my chosen, and they shall be tried as gold in the fire.  Therefore O my beloved hold out and do not let go for any price, so you may attain to victory.

  34. The peace of the Lord our God and of the Father be with you all that are His.  For unto the wicked there will be no peace.


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