To search  oneís heart


  1. There is no treasure like wisdom; her beauty is like none other. She is more than I can express in word or in deed. I love her with all my heart.   By the mouth of Solomon She spoke:  "My son if you receive my words and treasure up my commandments with you, making your ear attentive to wisdom inclining your heart to understanding.

  2. Yes if you cry out for insight, and raise your voice to understanding, if you seek her like silver, search for her like hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God."

  3. These words are of more value than all riches combined.   All riches that may be had in the world are like dung unto her.  All the rich of the earth must die, but he who finds wisdom shall never die, and multiply riches by thousand-folds.   

  4. I now know from where I have come, my earnest desire has been no higher than that I might find rest for my soul with the Lord. Yes, to depart from this world has been my greatest desire.   I have not enjoyed living, but rather I have looked forward to the day that I might come home.

  5. Who conceived my anointing? I knew it not. 

  6. Who plowed me like a field that men might eat?   Not until the fruits began to ripen became I aware, that I was overcome and bound within. 

  7. Who will believe my report?   They will say; He is not what he imagines, he cunningly devices things.

  8. But I am not cunning, nor do I imagine things.   In the things of men I am naive, like the trusting soul I allow myself to be robbed.  What do I care for gold or silver?   It is of no value.   But for to search myself, yea for that I care, and too know right from wrong, for that is indeed of value.

  9. Am I right, or shall I be wrong? If I shall be wrong, then I shall be the greatest fool ever to have walked the earth, to have said all that I have said, and at end be found to err.   

  10. If I say that I am not a prince, that I know no rebuke, and that I am not able in the things of a prince, I would not be able to believe even myself, since I know much to well that in my Lord nothing is impossible.    

  11. If I say, I am not that prince, nor is judgment with me, how then am I to explain myself, and all that I am?  If I say, I shall not speak, nor go forth to rebuke, how can I hold in what must come out?

  12. How will a woman not bear her child nine months of age?   Or how does one hide from the face of the Lord God?    Where shall I run that God cannot find me?   As a woman in travail, so I likewise cannot forebear.  

  13. If I say, I am not the lion how will I deny having knowledge of foundations?   If I say, I am not that one stirred up, the one with knowledge like no other, unto whom the Lord himself testifies then what answer shall I have?

  14. If I say, I am not that messenger to Jerusalem, then why is my heart so turned for them?   Are those of Jerusalem less sinful than any other?   No!   But for the remnant of Israel I blot out their sins from before me. I will not bring to recall their wrongs.  But I will speak tenderly, embrace them with loving-kindness.   

  15. Speak not of any wrong in the remnant of the sons of Jacob, for they have received double for their sins.   I will see to them for the good, and rejoice in them.   

  16. But as for the nations that oppressed her, in jealousy I will avenge myself on them, in anger I will destroy them.   For they did not consider mercy in the day that they should have considered mercy.

  17.   Can a zebra change it stripes?   Or a lion its manes to say; he is not male, or on the promise of his strength deny that he is king of beast?    Am I he which the Lord has called?   

  18. I know the Lord though I have never seen God.   He is the word in my heart though I did not speak to Him face to face, nor by messengers, or by dreams or vision, nor in a burning bush.

  19. I go forth, I set one foot in front of the other, I make no haste, for I go in faith.   Yes in faith, and in the knowledge of God, and in the understanding of Him. I believe that as the Lord has spoken, so also it will be done.  This is my faith that I believe as He has spoken.

  20. And as for that "prince" or that "lion", show me just one to whom these words may apply.   Show me just one who understands foundations, or show me him whose anointing is upon him.   Yea indeed you inhabitants of the earth, reveal him unto me so that I may conceive to err.    

  21. And should you not find him, will you contend, or suggest that the prophets of the Lord spoke His word in vain?   Will you truly suggest that God's word will not take place, nor that there will be knowledge or judgment to come?

  22. If what I have said to you comes to pass, know then that the Lord has called me, and that I am that I am.  And if what I have said to you does not come to pass, then you shall know thereby that the Lord has not called me, nor then shall my words be of Him.  

  23. Thus you will know if I am of God, if the thing I have spoken comes to pass.  Do I now seek my own honor, or have I not rather given my very life into the hands of the word that is born within me?   For my soul, and all that I am, l commend unto the Lord Almighty.

  24. I have declared my faith in Him from the heart, from the deepest parts of the spirit within me nothing is hidden before the eyes of my Lord.   The love of my soul, the God of all created things do unto me according to His will, to all that He has wrought within me.   I believe in Him, and in all the word that proceeds from Him.

  25. If my words are indeed false, I will never see home.  Yes, home for which I have longed so very much for so very long.   I will have held on to this miserable life of agony and strife for all those long years for nothing.  All my endurance, the patience, the trials, all in vain.

  26. It had been better that the Lord had taken my soul from me that day so long ago when I begged, and begged, yes pleaded with Him to take my life from me, when I absolutely refused to live, or ever again to eat or drink among men.   A bitter lemon came to my mouth, the taste of which has become a fountain within me. For He did not forsake me, even unto death.

  27. If now I compare my thoughts with those of the past, how they actually believed in their own corrupt way, I would say, "Amen" to Solomon.   But what of myself, am I the same?   Am I wrong, or am I right?   It behooves a man to be right.   And comparing eyesight with the blind, is no comparison.   But light must be compared with light to know light.

  28. Did not John the Baptist sent asking the Lord if He were Him or if they were to wait for another?   And mind you, he himself baptized the Lord, and heard the voice from heaven saying, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."   And so the Lord answered him, "Behold what is done".   For by the fruit is the tree known, and John was assured.  

  29.   I love truth, how then shall I deny what is so dear to me?   Or will I say that I am too ignorant, that I cannot tell when summer is near when the tree blossoms?   If I hold in, my soul comes on fire.   If I am away too long, I lose all strength, longing again for the Lord and His compassion, for He only is able to comfort my soul.

  30. I despise the violence of men. I hate their insults.  Their lack of integrity is a burden to my soul, their wicked ways a knife through my heart.   O how my soul desires peace, and delights in compassion.   To rebuke slays my soul. I delight not in destruction.   

  31. Would that they rise up against me in faith, would that they take integrity for a shield against which my arrows may be broken.   They are an evil seed, they will not listen, and neither admonition nor the whip will correct them.   They have to be brought down to hell.

  32. If now I shall be wrong, this will not be to anyone's advantage.   For what about the foundations of the earth?   If I be wrong, that they in fact are known of me - and not of the Lord, then the whole world lies in damnation.   

  33. And if you will say that these are not the foundations, that instead I err in them, and that the same is yet to be revealed by God.   O if only I could be so sure of that, if only I could believe that these are not the foundations, that indeed l err in them.

  34. But quite the contrary, myself I cannot prove them wrong, nor is anyone else able to refute them, while reason, eyesight, experiment, yes the entire creation confirms them as well.   In the best of knowledge, and with evidence, they are sound.   

  35. Except therefore that I should speak untrue to you, which would burn me, I cannot deny them.   But I fear this; that the Lord has made knowledge and perception so rare, wherefore it is written; . . . "That we may say, he is right."

  36. I was not conceived a servant to men, but to please Him who teaches my mouth to speak, and my soul to bring forth sounds.   For I am in His power to perform His will.   Of myself I am nothing.   Behold, I am only a man, but whatsoever He works in me, will be manifested to the world.


  1. Remember how the Lord spoke by the prophet Esdras how the days would come that men shall he taken in great number, and that the way of truth would be hidden?   

  2. That day now is here today, for with the multitude of churches on the face of the earth truth assuredly is not known, nor is there faith but in their own conceptions which is none other than idolatry.  There is a lot more to serving the Lord than as they imagine.

  3. It now was concerning these days to which the prophet did refer - to know what the tokens would be by which to recognize these days.   And the prophet heard a voice, so he said, "the sound of which was like the sound of many waters."   Many waters then may be interpreted as; many peoples, for thus spoke the Lord:  

  4. "Behold the days come that I will begin to draw near to visit them that dwell upon the earth, l will begin to make inquisition of them, who that they think they are to hurt unjustly with their unrighteousness".

  5. "The word, to "begin" with reveals that there is a specific period of time, a period of time ahead of that great final day in which the Lord will "begin" to reprove them. And it is for this task that the Lord brings men by which to accomplish these things. 

  6. You know how the Lord has said that He will bring His two witnesses, who are called "the Lamp-stands" before Him, which are Elijah and Enoch, for these have yet to die in the flesh.

  7. But before them is to come that "prince" spoken of by Daniel, who by the angel Gabriel - as he spoke to Esdras - is portrayed as a "Lion". And during the time that Godís two Lamp-stands are upon the earth, the great anti-Christ will also arrive, namely the devil in his own person. 

  8. And so from beginning to the end it will appear as if only men show up, and as if only natural calamities occur, for so it will seem to all such as do not believe, who have no understanding in the things of God.

  9.   In the book of Elijah now it is written: "And a King, who will be called a King of peace, will rise up in the west. He will run upon the sea like a roaring lion, and he will kill the king of injustice." 

  10. That King, is the Lord Jesus. But the world will presume this to be madness, since they saw no lion running upon water. But the prophet spoke figuratively. The lion is not an animal, but a person, a king, and the sea is not water, but the race of men, the people of the nations.

  11. And will it be the Lord Jesus himself in person to come from the west?   No of course not, for "this King" will not only be the Lord in his mighty Angel, but also that prince, that anointed one, that lion which both Esdras and Joseph portrayed.   This King of peace therefore is actually two persons, one visible to men, and the other in Spirit.   

  12. Consider what my name is, and from where I was stirred up, and where I am from in bringing this forth.   I am indeed from the rising of the sun.   But who can understand these words except him that is born of God and is given the wisdom thereto?

  13. You must realize my friends that I cannot speak as I wish in these letters, since these will be read by the wise and foolish alike.   In order therefore to conceal that which I must conceal from the foolish, and yet to reveal as much as may be possible for the wise, on occasion I am found to speak in riddles, or in words that do not seem clear.   

  14. I fear that I speak already too much, which will only bring the ridicule of our enemies.   Not that I care much for their ridicule or whatever they may say of me, for they are altogether nothing, their quaking noise merely nuisance.

  15. "A mighty sounding voice, who frustrates the omens of liars, who makes fools of diviners, who turns back the wise, making their knowledge foolish, who also confirms the word of His servants performing the counsel of His messengers". The Lord in granting me understanding makes the understanding of men foolish.

  16.   You are aware that the world is filled with imaginations, the wise dream dreams envisioning their foolish imagination. Such things as they put into letters and books, and practice them at their work and at their educational centers. All this now must perish. For the wisdom of the world must perish for the wisdom of God.

  17. Realize therefore that this will be a great fall to them, since they have their life and honor wrapped up in it. Their entire being, their philosophy, and their institutions are hung on these imaginations. When these therefore go, there will be a great fall.

  18. For the inhabitants of the earth also will muse saying, "We'll, how stupid can one get for being so smart?" The Lord will fulfill His word spoken concerning them. 

  19. Nevertheless they will resist and contend with me, but whom do they think they are anyway that they could be a match to His anointed ones, like as the Lord said:

  20. "Will you question Me about My children? Or command Me concerning the works of My hand?" It is oblivion that they sought for. God sets a Lion to them, between whose teeth He grinds them to powder, to pass through the inert thereof unto the dung-heap. 

  21. The Lord has begun to tread the winepress of His indignation. If this were not so - I would not be proclaiming these words.  There is to be judgment and destruction. Men will speak proudly; the Lord will perform marvelous things. 

  22. But as for you my beloved, fear not, for judgment is to your enemies, and destruction for sinners. They may speak lofty, but what are they, the nations, and the tribes? They know not the Lord's power, nor his ways in accomplishing whatsoever He will.

  23. The angel Gabriel said to Esdras that the voice would speak of the days of the end. And accordingly you "are" hearing these words, for the Lord "has" begun. 

  24. Do I sound indignant to you? If I do not, be assured that I am indignant with the race of these men who conceive to rule the earth, and such as conceive to be the teachers of my people.

  25. I am indignant, for He that upholds me; His indignation will come to shed much blood upon the children of men, and heap upon head the proud will be cast down from their lofty strongholds.

  26. The nations deceive themselves, for the knowledge of God will go forth to the ends of the earth, and all man's foundations will fall by it. 

  27. The foundations of the earth are understood, and because the voice concerns the end, they tremble realizing that the end entails change. Who shall not tremble when the Lion of Judah, the Lord of ages roars.

  28. Keep thus His statutes my beloved, reach for that crown of glory, count not your life if you must give it for His sake, but consider it gain. I am with you, so said the Lord, and I give to you Jerusalem, a messenger of "good" tidings.

Distinction between good and evil

  1. I have you to know you children of Israel that when I say "dearly beloved", that I make a distinction. For my dearly beloved among the Gentiles coincide with yours, and not all are dearly beloved. You need not remind me that the Lord made me a messenger of good tidings when I give you words that are not so good. 

  2. For I know what must shortly come to pass, and how it will be. For they that are in the Lord, are not like slaves or servants who know not what the Master does, but like friends knowing what must soon be done.

  3. I wish you to bear with me in the words of the Lord by Malachi concerning the days through which you are soon to pass, that it may make an impression upon you. 

  4. I know you love money, and that you are stubborn. Myself, I am Dutch - of whom the saying goes "Those stubborn Dutch men". But as for the love of money, I never had the displeasure to be acquainted.

  5. But I am a man as you are, knowing also the pitfalls. I have seen what you have seen, looking at the wealthy and arrogant saying; "They are blessed, they tempt God and get away with it, practitioners of evil do very well, why then should I serve the Lord, and bring hardship upon me?"

  6. This is what Malachi portrays near the end of his book. But now listen to what occurs next. The righteous is getting you into trouble as he states. "Then those that feared the Lord spoke with one another". And what do you suppose they were talking about? 

  7. They lifted up their voice saying: How long O Lord wilt Thou suffer these beast of men, and not avenge our blood in Thy righteous Son upon them? And the Lord heard, and heeded them, and a book of remembrance was written.

  8. But now there is real trouble, since a "record" is made, the names of the righteous are written. And if your name is not in it, you will wish to have lived in absolute poverty and be written in, rather than to love money. For the wealth of the rich is "deceptive", and the peace of those at rest "destructive".  

  9. It is a sign of much despair. For the day comes burning like an oven where all the arrogant and evil doers will be stubble. "I will leave them neither root nor branch." So it reads.

  10. Consider this now, "no roots, nor even a branch". Do you now wish to be wiped off the face of the earth without any remembrance? Continue to be stubborn, and you shall have your wish. For God is merciful, He will answer the boast of them that beg for destruction, and also answer the just in their cry for mercy.

  11. "I will spare them," says the Lord by Malachi, "They shall be Mine," said the Lord of Host. "My special possession on the day when I act".  

  12. But who will be His? And whom will He spare? "I shall spare them as a man spares his son that "serves" Him. Then once more you shall make a difference between those that serve God, and that serve Him not."

  13.   Thus I proclaimed to you that you would be build, that you will have Arabia and Palestine, and all the regions that are yours. Moreover, the Lord will turn that desert into a garden, like the garden of the Lord. Those Arabs shall not push you into the sea, nor make a massacre of Jews. But as they purposed to do to you, so the Lord will do unto them.

  14. Come let us be reasonable. Surely the Lord will establish Israel as a mountain above all mountains, and they will come to bow before you. But will you be among that "remnant" that shall be left? For when Malachi said, "that the burning oven is against all arrogant", he did not exclude Jews.

  15. Know for a certainty that your kinfolkís among the nations still in exile shall yet face tribulation when the world shall go mad to oppress the chosen of the Lord before that great day. And there will yet be an invasion; offerings will cease for a time until the measure of the Gentiles is made full.

  16. Then they shall be as ashes in the wind before your very eyes. For there is no measure to the strength of the Lord. Let us therefore face reality, be practical, love your neighbor, and grant God the honor due to Him by keeping His statutes. Educate yourself in what He requires of you. For if not, know that the Lord will purge out the rebels from among you.

  17. And so I have prepared to the Lord an offering, a cereal offering, and crushed new grain from fresh ears, parched with fire, and oil upon it, and frankincense, for it is a cereal offering. And seasoned with salt, for you shall offer salt with every offering, it shall not be lacking. 

  18. Christians, Zionists, orthodox, modern, Jew, Gentile, or any other name, what are they to me? What you are does not concern me, but what you are to be, humbling yourself before the Lord of truth.

  19. Recall to yourselves how the Lord said: "You did not chose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in My name, He shall give it you. This I command you, "to love one another."

JANUARY 18 1987

  1. The cold winds have subsided; the California sun is in its usual clear skies. It is the sabbath day, perhaps I should write a bit, it may be for some to take learning before the vultures pick the flesh from their bones. For the thing that I behold not many behold. Its appearance is terrible, nor will they believe it until it will be upon them. 

  2. How will men actually realize what is to be done in the earth? There is clear sun, food in plenty, money to travel about, and the usual small talk as to whether or not one should heed the calling of Israel to come home.

  3. This article appeared in the morning paper, and I sigh for Israel. How shall a man work against the hand of God? He made them like children, like babes who know not the truth, nor do they bring themselves to hear what is in store for them in the day of tomorrow. 

  4. They live for today, for the skies are clear and they do not concern themselves for the storm that is coming. I want to reach out, to grasp many or even a few so they may he hid from the horrors to come, to follow in paths of safety, the avenue of escape. If now only they would listen and value life over goods.

  5. Six million Jews died, and this is called a holocaust. And herein you are correct. And you wish to prevent another such holocaust from ever happening again. But you are not laboring towards that end. 

  6. On the contrary, it appears to me you are inviting another holocaust to come. It is not that I do not think you sincere, but lack of knowledge and of faith, will bring sudden disaster without preparation thereto.

  7. It is coming, a storm. And who will make it stay. "I will not spare them. Go your way you children of the power, defile not my sanctuary, for the Lord knows all that sin against Him." How will you stay a storm, or a holocaust? How will a man stay the mighty arm of the Lord? You know it is coming, learn how to survive it.

  8. Numbers seem to impress you. Six million seems a lot. But by the Lord my God I swear to you, that this it is merely a handful. Be more realistic; try once six hundred million dead. Indeed I did say six hundred million dead. I suppose you do not believe me, you will in fact tell me that I lie to you? 

  9. Perhaps you do not believe me since I was not being all that accurate, wherefore I shall triple that number for you to come to two billion dead. And since even this is not all that accurate, we had better double that number to some four billion all dead upon the earth.

  10. And now what will you say? Do you imagine that I shall not know? Do you take me so low to give you false information? Or is it that you just cannot conceive such numbers all to be dead in the earth? You will tell me that this will nearly exterminate the human race. But what were eight souls left in the flood? 

  11. And who was it at that time that brought the flood? The Lord brought you out of Egypt, and He drowned the world with a flood, and it was also the Lord who this day has given you Jerusalem.

  12. It was the Lord who said, "The earth will be desolate of men". Almost extermination of the human race, this indeed is what is in store for the children of men, to rid the earth of liars, and of adulterers, and of murderers, and of all those that deny God. 

  13. And to rid the earth of idolatry, of them that assemble themselves in churches to commit idolatry, to worship wood, the wood of the cross, who imagine to be taken up into heaven, preferably before any tribulation comes, the cowards.

  14. They think to pollute the heavens with their lies and deceit. But my figures are by no means overstated; I am not one to give myself to such folly. Therefore, the vultures will gorge themselves on their flesh.

  15. But I am speaking of you O Israel. What shall it mean: "When a man goes forth searching for a person just so he may hear a voice?" He will take a knife or a gun in his hand, and search from house to house, and building to building, ruin through ruin, if per chance the madness may he over, and if per chance he is not left all alone in the earth. For he is one of the few of whom the Lord said: "The meek shall inherit the earth".

  16. Do not make a mistake as if these things shall not be real. When of the Gentile nations the Lord destroys many times six million, how will you call that? And how will it stack up against yours? For have you not heard how the Lord said; "He punishes His own, but His enemies sevenfold". 

  17. The six million were laid to rest, but in days at hand the corpses of men women and children will be as dung upon the face of the earth for the great number thereof, since there will not be sufficient survivors to bury them.

  18. Have you not heard that for seven years afterwards men will go forth to locate the bones, the remains, and place a stick by it so that the burial crew coming by may remove them for burial, to cleanse the earth? 

  19. Stop to think about this, that of the three hundred million around the Mediterranean and billions eastward, there will be left only such as the ears of grain that fall to the wayside during harvest. That is how few will remain.

  20. Or perhaps you will say to me, that the Lord would not do such a great and terrible thing. You will put me in the wrong since this is too terrible to conceive, calling God a liar for your own unbelief. 

  21. But tell me once again how many souls there were with Noah in the ark. For again, the Lord said. "I will come to the astonishment of the people that dwell upon the earth".

  22. And will you go forth afterwards to search for Him who did such a great terrible thing, on whose account the world perished, like you did in going after the German SS? Shall a man call God to justice? 

  23. Listen, and listen well. The guilty parties will be dead; they which caused such great destruction, will cover the earth with their dead bodies. For it was for their wickedness, their lawlessness before God that they brought it upon themselves.

  24. I will tell you something. Americans looked at Russians as if they were enemies, and Lebanese at Jews, and enemies fight enemies, people of one land, or one city will fight those of another. 

  25. But tell me, against whom is it really that one sins? Not his enemies, but rather against his friends and loved ones, against family and neighbors.  Against these do men lie and steal and commit adultery. 

  26. Man sins against those near to him.  Why then shall a man go out against those of a far country whom they do not know, and who have not committed sins against him?

  27. Therefore the day is near that every man will be roused against his family and neighbors.  Parents will kill their offspring and children their parents, friends against friends, neighbors against neighbors.  And the vultures will gorge themselves on the multitude of the dead remains all over the earth.

  28. For they will not be able to hold their hands back from their loved ones, but they will murder what is most dear to them because of their sins wherewith they provoked the Lord their Creator.  Thieves and adulterers will kill thieves by those with whom they committed adultery, in order that all the wicked may be destroyed from the earth.

  29.   Do not think for one moment now that the six million died for the pleasure of the Nazi's, but rather they died for their own sins.  And think not that these murderers have escaped their reward, for though it may seem they have departed, they are awaiting the reward of their stained hands, the sevenfold reward.

  30. And why should you look at Hitler and his regime as so criminal, for they that live now are yet more criminal. For while Hitler managed to exterminate six million in five years, the rulers of this day manage to double and triple that number.  And they have been doing it for decades.

  31. Hitler is mere small fry compared to those who rule the earth this day.  Hitler was crude and had some degree of shame; he did it secretly, while those of this day have become sophisticated in mass extermination. They have in fact the whole population in on their crimes performing their murders openly and with law.  

  32. They have become proficient in murder, even in murdering the "most helpless" of all children, the cowards. I therefore shall not say, a nation, but a world of child murderers.

  33. The Lord chose me to a prince over Gentile nations, and that I should rule over them forever and ever. And do you now think that I wish to be king over nations as such?   I got news for you.   No, in no way do I desire them, nor to be a king over them.   

  34. But since I can only be what I was ordained to be, I have asked this of the Lord my God; That He grind them to powder.   Yes to powder and from the powder raise nations unto me.   In no other way has their king any desire in them.

  35. Do not attempt to educate me as if I do not know, or cannot conceive the cruelty of man.  I was not there in those camps when it occurred.  I could not heave been, I would have been dead at the first stroke with as many as I could take with me.  

  36. You now will say this to me in the bitterness of your heart, in your hatred of your enemy that was so inhumane.  But do you not realize that with such hatred you become like unto them?

  37. You should instead have realized that whatever came upon you, or them, was deserved for the evil of your hands and for the hatred that is still in your heart.  Instead you should have been glad that the reward of their sins came upon them then, and not later when it would be sevenfold.  

  38. Indeed you should have realized how by their hands you received the reward of the things of which the Lord your God warned you that would come if you did not obey His voice.

  39. And now consider that you who survived may not necessarily be the blessed ones.  For I tell you this wisdom, that they who become old in the earth, those who grow to what you call a ripe old age, are more cursed than those who die young, or them which pass on to safety before they are allowed to see the light of the sun.  

  40. You should consider the wisdom of the blessing that is upon them who have no recollection of any sins or knowledge by which to perform evil, as compared to those who with full knowledge commit evil for which God will bring them into judgment.

  41. But let us speak of you O Israel how you will fare in days to come, in days when the Lord will destroy multitudes for your sake.  He indeed will spare you like the apple of the eye.  But notice how the Lord continually speaks of "a remnant".   For again in another place He said: "The meek shall inherit the earth".

  42. And so I am speaking of you O Israel, you may hear the invitation to come home, and considering how well off you are wherever you are at, you decide to stay where it is better.  

  43. And perhaps you considered how by Daniel it was foretold of an invasion, and so you may not consider it selfish of yourself but rather as good-sense.   But for your good-sense you will not fare any the better at home or abroad.

  44. For great insurrection will be executed throughout the whole earth.  They will be like madmen sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the Lord and are called by His name.  

  45. They shall take your goods, cast you out of your homes, and persecute you.  And so the Lord said: "Then shall they be known who are my chosen, they will be tried as gold in the fire".

  46. You can conceive many to be madman, but as to the Americans, and some others, they are our friends, they would not do such things, among them we will be secure.  O you foolish Israelites, you will be like the Ostrich putting its head in the sand - the Lord not having given him a share in knowledge.  

  47. I am Dutch, from a nation of live and let live.  But I tell you they will be madmen.  Also I am an American, the softies, as they are called.  But when a spirit of madness is sent among them, they will despoil, and be like those you have hated.

  48. Like sheep to the slaughter, once more so that the rebels be destroyed from among you.  And for them that remain the Sun of righteousness shall shine, and they shall have peace forevermore.

  49. Hear the word of your Redeemer O Israel.  Make yourselves ready to the battle, in those evils be like pilgrims on the earth, labor not in vain, for strangers will reap your fruits, spoil your goods, and overthrow your dwellings.  When you buy something count it loss, when you sell let it be as when you flee, expect no profit, nor gain, but that you remain.

  50. For just as the Lord caused the Egyptians to overflow your fathers with wealth when they led them out, so the survivors of the Gentiles will overflow those of you who remain with wealth, and they will be your servants.

  51. Know the words of your Redeemer who said: "The meek shall inherit the earth".  It means that from among all the Lord will leave the meek, terminating all others.  

  52. And what kind of war shall that be?  For we know that bombs are not selective, but the wars coming will not be as the past, a selective destruction is coming, the meek will be left to replenish the earth.

  53. If now you suppose that I am attempting to frighten you with all this speech, O that indeed it might make an impression upon you for the life of your soul, and to make my heart sing for you, and to praise Him who sent me in thanksgiving.


A PSALM  (2014)

  1. My home is with Thee O Lord.   Like a breath of wind, or like a smoke that goes up and vanishes so is the life of a man.

  2. Yet for the very truth of this, I sigh for having lived too many days, when my days go on and on.  For it is not a long life that I desire, nor days in the sun, but that I may come home O Lord, home unto Thee,

  3. My soul longs for Thee O my Lord, to grant me but as few days as possible in this world, not to give me many days in this world of vanity, in this exile wherein I abide.

  4. My Home is with Thee O Lord, and O how I long for home to come unto Thee.

  5. How much longer O Lord must I bear this exile, how much longer to be vexed for the wickedness of all those around me?  O that I could leave this world even now this instant, I would rejoice like a man receiving a precious gift.

  6. But I have as yet a course to run, for which my soul waits for Thee, for only with Thee can I run that course.  Only when Thou does rise up to judgment will I run my course. 

  7. Therefore my soul waits for Thee, day after day my soul waits in longing for Thy presence.  Hasten O Lord hasten unto me, let me see Thy vindication, to still my heart for all the hurt men have caused upon it.

  8. I have not found integrity among the sons of man O Lord, nor any due consideration for Thine statutes from the sons of man.  Nor did I discover wisdom among them, nor even a knowledge worthy of reckoning. They are altogether a delusion O Lord, a delusion of the mind, a people of no real worth.

  9. How then or why should I preach unto them, to bring Thine word before them when they are but a delusion, not able to comprehend the word spoken.

  10. Take me Home O Lord, for which I long so very much.



  1. How at all times I am perplexed at the manifestation of the Lord God our Father, how very great His ingenuity is to make so many things in such perfect ways.

  2. The term 'forever' was much on my mind, that I must go on forever and ever, that there will never be an end to my being.  

  3. For then I contemplated; what if after some trillions of centuries I get tired of living, tired of eating, or sleeping, tired of dealing with the same things day  after day, century after century. How I might finally come to wish at being at rest, to cease from being.

  4. Not that it will be that way, but this thought came as something in my mind since for all the days of my adult life I have had no greater desire than to depart from this world, to as one might say; cease to be.

  5. Can it even be contemplated upon that after so very long, one would wish to cancel his existence, when it cannot be canceled?  Would I ever so long come to long for something else?

  6. For in thinking of the Lord our Father, He was from ever, or better, He is from ever, and so hypothetically speaking it took forever before the Lord made for Himself a creation,  Yet how can that be, like in waiting forever, for then we would not as yet have been created, since forever is without end.  And yet we are.

  7. The Lord and our Father, both of them, even as they are One, were as yet without subjects unto themselves until the Father by and through as also unto His Son He made all that is, this great endless universe, and we as tiny specks as part of it.

  8. If the Lord our Father were lonely, being alone, and so at last He made all us many living creatures, He at last would never be alone, nor lonely having so many creatures to care for, who in turn return to Him their thanks.

  9. But how can that be that there is a middle in eternity, like one of the kings of Israel said.  :In the middle of the times renew it."   But time as such has no middle, nor an end nor even a beginning, and yet there is a middle, in forever before and forever after.

  10. I am overworking my mind attempting to understand eternity, since as I know I must as I will continue on and on into eternity, a never ending life.  But this one thing I cannot say, that I was from ever, since I am a creation, by Him who is and was uncreated.

  11. How thus I spin the wheels of my mind attempting to comprehend, what by human kind simply cannot be comprehended.   Yet it will not give me rest, me being as men would say, A very determined fellow.

  12. I once said, that time is ageless, and so it is.  There is no age to time, not from a beginning nor to any end.   How thus is time accounted for, when there is no accounting of time.

  13. And I contemplate upon where our Lord said, that He was the beginning and the end, while in fact He has no beginning nor any end,  but only in this context that He was our beginning, and will be our end, that again is never at end.

  14. How thus one speaks by  figures of speech, when such speech is without figures. How thus I am, or we are wrapped up in time and eternity but I am unable to comprehend the wrapper in which I am wrapped.  Nor at so much time s will ir leave me alone, to give me rest.

  15. So it is that I thought upon coming to a point, where I might come to say,  I have had enough, let me now rest, let me cease from being so that I may rest.  But my thoughts are in vain since I know all too well how forever is in never ending.

  16. Will there then never be a rest for me?  I of course am speaking foolishly in a human tongue, since again I know much too well that my being with the Lord God, and with my Father, the God of all creation, that is my rest, and my eternal rest.

  17. And when I think of all the treasures that He will place into my embrace, and of the grandiose task that He has in store for me, and how by virtue of it I will never be idle, these will be for a rest unto me as cannot even be expressed into any words.

  18. Wherefore, Yes in that rest and going on forever and ever never ending, there will never be a time when I might come to say,  I had enough, I wish to rest. Since being with my God is my rest, and that because it is His rest, like He said, how we will come to enter into His rest.  So thus as the Lord labored to form His entire creation, and subjecting it to a renewal,  So I likewise labor to enter in a rest. As then the Lord rested, I am to rest, by entering into His rest.  And that is so because He is my Father, the one and only Creator.

  19. Have I now by all these words put my mind at rest, That I can quit contemplating?  Hardly so, for that will not be until I enter into His rest, then at last I will rest also.

  20. If not so, it would better that I had never been born.

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