Stark   reality  


  1. This word is for you that breathe upon the earth, and take no account of God, nor of His statutes by which you were to live.  For in having made you of the dust of the earth, He placed a spirit within you, one after His own image, one to have understanding, and to know right from wrong.

  2. Therefore did He give you statutes to live by that you might truly live and abide.  And He warned you that if you refused to walk in His statutes that your Creator would come to punish you for it, and cast death and torment upon you.

  3. But you are so wise and so cunning you do not believe that there is going to be any torment upon you, for so you reason, if there is a God He is love and will nor hold our disobedience against us.   We are good with our mouth and we will reason with Him, or bargain with Him.

  4. O you foolish ones, you only deceive yourselves with your own cunning, and I will show you how ill informed you are. 

  5. I don’t have to look far to show you the horrible pains and anguish of those many persons that were beaten and starved, or worked to death, or experimented upon in the most cruel ways not so long ago under the yoke of the German and Japanese butchers.

  6. Take a little effort to visualize what these went through, and how even general Patton, old blood and guts, by merely looking at the misery had to throw up, so horrible as the sight was.  

  7. And what was their crime that such a horrible torment and disgrace had to come upon them?  

  8. Were they indeed criminals, guilty of horrible crimes against humanity, or not rather the average persons, their crime being that they were of another race, or not agreeable with the dictates of a brutal regime?

  9. No doubt they were sinful in this that these many were ignorant of the statutes of their Creator by which to live, or simply disobeyed them for their unbelief, and did not have within them the fear of the Lord.

  10. If then such cruelty comes upon them that were cruel to others, to be guilty of crimes against humanity, one might say, they got what they deserved, they received an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth. 

  11. But these many that so perished were not guilty of such crimes against humanity, and yet for their sins being small compared to the brutality of them that enacted that torment upon them, they nonetheless suffered that kind of torment, such torment as one would not normally bring even upon such as are truly deserving of it.

  12. And now in the ignorance of your mind you might say; “Why did God allow it, and not intervene?  But you are far from wise, for the Lord did intervene, and put a stop to their cruelties.  But you in your ignorance of truth and righteousness would rather have seen that from day one He would have rescued them, and not allow any sons of the devil to live.

  13. You therefore come far short in any understanding or wisdom by which the Creator of man executes His word.  Did not the Creator of man gave to all men His statutes to live by?  Why then did they disobey them? 

  14. And did He not place it in their Ingram’s that for any peace to love their fellowman? And why then did they act contrary to their nature?  And I am speaking of these many that perished in great torment, and not of those born of the devil to enact that torment upon them.

  15. Did not the Almighty Creator warn all souls of man, that if they disobeyed, they would die, and suffer great punishment?  For to act contrary to ones nature, to disobey one’s very Creator is a very great crime, since He did not make you as such.  

  16. And why then do you think to be wiser than Him to twist His good creation into a semblance completely unlike Him, not anything after the image in which He created you?

  17. Do any of the trees, the plants, the animals or the sun and planets disobey Him?  No they do not, yet you do who ought to know better.  Therefore these many suffered such disgrace and torment upon themselves.  

  18. But now allow me to reveal to you something that is written, how by His prophet He said:  "They were once punished to find a degree of mercy, but for you who have lived well and no such torment came upon you, your time is yet to come.

  19. The time of the reward upon you, for like these others you also denied the Lord and His benefits to you, wherefore you will not escape what is as yet due to you.”

  20. While for these that enacted such cruel torment on those much less guilty than themselves, their torment to come will be in seven fold, together with the endless disgrace upon them.  And yet worse will be for the rulers and the mighty in the earth that did not have mercy on the poor and needy.

  21. I cannot put into words the grave torments that will come upon the rulers and the mighty of the earth.  If you multiply what you have heard by sevenfold, you will come somewhere near of what the rulers and the mighty of the earth will come to suffer.

  22. Men like Hitler and Stalin and untold many others like them, of this day or in the past, will be in pitiful shape.  Nor shall I say that these for the horrendous torments upon them are to be pitied.  

  23. For these devils in human form had no pity for any human being, how then should we as humans have pity on these devils dressed up to appear as humans?

  24.   And for an example let us take the preachers of man, the priests and ministers, of whom the Lord said; This you will have of Me, you will lie down in torment.” 

  25. Look therefore at those death camps, and at those that are beaten and starved even now in certain parts of the world, and at all the genocide in the earth.  Yes look at it, and mark well the inconceivable cruelty by which these were put to death.

  26. Like these suffered O you priests, you will come to suffer in sevenfold, because you proclaimed lies in the name of God, and for your lies the sheep, the people of your flocks perished.

  27. But if the horror of these death camps and the starving multitude will make any impression on them, I have my sincere doubt’s, since if so, you would immediately cease to be preachers. 

  28. The popes and cardinals if there were any knowledge at all in them, they would immediately, hang a millstone around their necks and drown themselves.

  29. Since therefore they will do no such thing it is a confirmed fact that all these are more blind than bats, and as stupid as they dress themselves.

  30. If at all they manage to arrive in the end of the sixth day, they will be beaten and killed by the very ones they preached too, and their flesh will be food to the vultures.  Then thereafter these will come to experience the horrendous pains of the torments upon them, seven times as severe as it was for those in the death camps.

  31. Yes I did say; "Seven times as severe." And if you cannot conceive how any person could endure such pain and torment upon themselves - just wait a little and you will know it by experience.

  32. You were witness to the fact how God not only allowed these massacres to occur, but in fact laughed at their calamities.  If then God allowed these simple humans to be so treated, how do you think you will be treated by Him O you sons of the devil?

  33. Remember therefore O you foolish ones how it is written;  “If the righteous suffer being righteous how much more will not the wicked come to suffer in the pool of death, also called hell, or the pool of fire."

  34. How very stupid the world is, all its people to glorify the devils among them, to praise them that lead them to their death. 

  35. The popes and many other such devils classify themselves as saints, yet you will see how that trash from among the race of men will burn, and burn into forever.

  36. When the Lord appears and causes my lips to speak, there will be commotions, and the great ones in the earth will be slaughtered. 

  37. Then many will die, and there will be war and more war. All of which is but the first of the wrath of God to come upon the earth.   For many will die for lack of food, and perish in destroying earthquakes. 

  38. The heart of the inhabitants of the earth will grow cold, and there will as yet be much violence so as to destroy one another and turn their cities into ruins.

  39. All this, as I am recording these words, is near in coming to pass - to the end that all the wicked may be rooted out of the earth, with none but to meek to inherit what is left in ruins.

  40. If I were guilty of the mockery as these are guilty, and of the cruelty as these are guilty of, my prayer to the Lord would be that He destroy me, and yes to utterly destroy me, for in that event I would not be worthy of life, nor of mercy that it should be extended me.

  41. For those now to whom my words came to impress upon them to run from the wrath and torment to come, there is a way out, and you all should know how. It is written:  "For God strictly commanded them what they must do to live when they came, and what they must do to avoid punishment.  

  42. But they were not obedient unto Him, but spoke against Him, and imagined vain things."  "They deceived themselves by their wicked deeds, and said of the Most High that He is not, and knew not His ways but despised His law, and denied His covenants.  They have not been faithful in His statutes, nor did they perform His works.”

  43.   What will the day of judgment be like for you? Do you wish to have a hint what it will be like? Hear what follows!

  44. “Then shall the place of torment appear, and opposite thereto the place of rest.  The furnace of hell shall be revealed, and opposite thereto the delight of paradise. “

  45. “For they shall wither with fear at seeing the glory of the Most High before whom they sinned while they were alive, and before whom they are to be judged at the last judgment.”

  46. What now have I done?  I have revealed to you that which is to come, and will be!  I did so as a warning, to in good faith make an impression upon you that perhaps you might turn from your wicked ways, otherwise I would have given you the words of the Lord as He spoke saying:

  47. “Ask therefore no more questions concerning the multitude of them that perish, for while they had liberty, they despised the Most High, and thought scorn of his law, and forsook his ways.”  

  48.   You now are angry with me because I proclaim to you what is right, and you aim to reprove me for casting down the people with violence. You hate it where I said that "I had my fill of you." But is it not written in your favorite book that you pay so much lip service to how: "The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance, he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked."

  49. And why should we not rejoice, for never at all do you judge rightly, like it is written in your favorite book; "Nay in your hearts you devise wrongs, your hands deal out violence on earth." There is nothing but venom under your tongue, and you refuse to hear of the truth.

  50. Therefore David said; "Let them vanish like water that runs away; like grass let them be trodden down and wither.  Let them be like the snail which dissolves into slime, like the untimely birth that never sees the sun."  And with David I speak; let them be eradicated from the earth, let not the sun rise on them again.

  51. It is your destruction O you wicked ones of the earth that is on my mind for you, you take pleasure in falsehood, and while with your mouth you bless, inwardly you curse.  

  52. I indeed am in the midst of jackals that with greed destroy the minds and the life's of men, their tongue being a sharp arrow.   Yet I have no fear for I know who is with me. When I fall I will rise again, but your fall is imminent not to rise again.

  53. I know how you are, just like the Psalm said: "Therefore pride is their necklace; violence covers them as a garment.  Their eyes swell out with fatness, their hearts overflow with follies.  They scoff and speak with malice; loftily they threaten oppression.  They set their mouths against the heavens, and their tongue struts through the earth."

  54. It is you that I am speaking of O you wicked in the earth, you need not look over your shoulder.  You feign everything in order that you may be accepted, for so that Psalmist said;  

  55. "Therefore the people turn and praise them; and find no fault in them.   And they say, "How can God know? Is there knowledge in the Most High?"

  56. It now is said;  "Let the mountains bear prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness!  May He defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor."  And I say; Amen, Amen.


Or should I say "actuality", as they do on TV?  -- One is as the other.

Or better yet I should head these words saying;  "NO EXCUSE."

  1. When I come to think of the learned in the earth, the scientists and physicist, and the teachers of the sciences, and of common sense, I am truly appalled, and it is inconceivable to me how these can be so ignorant as indeed these show themselves to be.

  2. And as I thought to understand this, I came to the conclusion that this ignorance cannot possibly be human, but something less than human.  For man, as a human being has a degree of common sense, there is a degree of logic in him, and how then is that logic lacking, and his common sense none existent?

  3. This reprobate to humanity known as Billy Graham for example; proclaimed to the people this notion that America will have a major rebirth of faith.  That according to prophecy there will be a major rebirth like when Jonah preached to the people in Nineveh.

  4. But why is this criminal to the human race blabbing out those lies? Why is he directly contradicting the word of Christ Jesus?   If for real he were an evangelist he would be confirming the word of God and not making God out for a liar.

  5. Has he ever read the Scriptures?  If he has, why the lies?  It is because: "he is a son of the devil," and thus serving his master. There is therefore no excuse for him, and for none of his kind, since the truth is clearly written, but with full intend they twist it into a lie.

  6. But why should I give examples of this or that when no one will believe that which I have stated? In less than fifteen minutes anyone can be wiser than Einstein, or wiser than a thousand Einstein's, this indeed is a simple matter. But then one will say to me;  Yes but you received knowledge and wisdom, while we did not receive such.

  7. But this is incorrect in that my sevenfold is but a single simple knowledge, and it only appears to be sevenfold in comparison to the ignorance of the many so called learned. Wherefore in reality it comes down to the sevenfold ignorance of man.

  8. But ignorance can be avoided or eliminated by knowledge.  We all can be taught, and acquire knowledge, unless we act like the brutes to deny God, in which case He will blind you to become less than human.

  9. Take for example Electricity as a flow of electrons, what an outrageous lie and stupidity that is, inconceivably stupid. It may require a good knowledge, or a revelation to come to know what Electricity factually is.

  10. But one does not need a great deal of knowledge to know "what it is not," as in fact anyone with no more than a grain of common sense ought to know and realize, how electricity cannot possibly be a flow of electrons.

  11. Man's so called scientist gave the electrons a velocity of 1/10th the speed of light, that is 1/10th the speed at which electricity travels.  How then when you turn on the switch does the electricity gets there in a time frame ten times as fast as these so called electrons are possibly able to travel?

  12. Nor can they possibly travel any faster since man with his useless and over priced accelerators have yet to get anything to travel at the speed of electricity which is equal to the speed of light.  

  13. The blind scientists may then inject green cheese or yellow soap in the copper wires as if it were in the green cheese to account for the velocity of light.  But they have yet to find that molded green cheese, while we light our homes all the time.

  14. Another obvious fact that electricity is not a flow of electrons, is in this that everyone that ever watched a television set is still alive. And yes now I expect you to be human, to indeed have a normal grain of common sense, and not be as blind as those which for their accursed aposty against God were blinded by Him.

  15. You must have some idea as to how large an electron is, a tiny fraction of an atom. Less than one/millionth part of a millimeter.  And you must have some idea as to what glass is and how it is constructed, for by looking at an block of molecules wherein the atoms are neatly set in rows, it is clear and obvious that there is more open space than substance.

  16. One may consider the walls of his house to be solid, like wood or stone, yet the phone and TV signals go right through it as were it mere open space. And these waves mind you are as large as whole atoms. Yet that solid stone is to them like a honeycomb for construction.

  17. That glass then of the TV tube in comparison to an electron, is the likes of what rain drops are to a mess of chicken-wire, which, is not anything to hold out the rain.   

  18. If then a man can die from an excess of the radiation of an atomic bomb, how is he to remain alive when ten times or a hundred times as many of such particles pass through him, by standing in front of a TV?

  19. And so I could enumerate more examples of how utterly impossible it is for electricity to be a flow of electrons.  The idea, speaking in human terms, is worse than stone age, worse than the reasoning of an irrational animal.  

  20. And so indeed to hold on to such an ideal makes man worse than an irrational animal, since he forsook to use even a grain of plain common sense.  If then you are offended because I just classified most of mankind "as irrational," then be offended.

  21. I now have defined elsewhere what electricity really is, but I thought to show here how without it, we ought to know better than to believe upon preposterous lies concocted by them that are devoid of understanding and without the least bit of common sense within them.

  22. And while man prides himself in atomic fission, he has yet to learn the how and why thereof, and he goes through elaborate lengths to refine the substance for it, for man learns by trial and error.

  23.   Another example of the folly of man for which there is no excuse, is in his notion about gravity.  He steps on the scale and acclaims that he weighs out (for the example) at 165-lb.  And he discovered that his weight upon the scale remains the same be it upon the icepack of Antarctica, or in the sunlight at the equator.  

  24. Additionally he discovered that if he makes a high speed turn upon the road how he is driven into the centrifugal, to remain in his straight path.

  25. Then as he came to call weight a measure of gravitational force, since he surmised that he is pulled with a force downwards to the center of the earth, and came to call it gravity. 

  26. Yet then with all these facts to his knowledge, he has the un-mitigated gall to acclaim "that weight as a measure of gravity is the same all around the earth."

  27. If then that is not a perfect example of how man is fully lacking in plain common sense, and readily deceived by eyesight, as well as correlation of one factor to another not being any part of his faculties, what other example shall we give?

  28. On the web, before the eyes of anyone, mostly scientists or students of it, I clearly outlined how there is a gravitational force in addition to the readings upon a scale vectored to the earth's axis. 

  29. While then many read it, none of it came to their senses, as were they but irrational beings, showing themselves as such by no reply of any kind, or answering me with the stupidity that was driven into them by their most incompetent teachers.

  30. At the center of Antarctica one is merely twirling around upon the axis of the earth, but at the equator he is four thousand miles away from that axis and making his turn around a circle moving faster than a jet-liner.  Is he not therefore at that speed and distance pushed away from mother earth with a certain degree of force that is found by the formula thereof?

  31. Certainly he is, it being some eighteen pounds in addition to his 165-lb that the scale showed him for g force. Wherefore, weight as a measure of g force, - is "not", and I repeat; "is not" the same all around the earth.  Nor therefore is weight at all times a true measure of g force.

  32. The point now that I am attempting to make is, how did we get to be so ignorant? How did we become so irrational? 

  33. Will you blame it on the scientists and on your educators, that these taught you the stupidity of their own imagination, as indeed they did?  And how it were these that were devoid of any and all common sense and logic, while you never really thought about it?

  34. You may have a point in the latter part, but is that any excuse for you which are human, or consider yourself human?  Since I for me cannot conceive these blind ones to be human for that total blindness that is in them, like I said at the start; "it simply is not human to be that ignorant."

  35. And so we see that one need not know what gravity is, to know what it is not.  But if there is human dignity within us we ought with a bit of logic and correlation realize that for as much gravity draws on us according to our movement, how its nature must surely be imbedded in such movements, be it our own and that of mother earth.

  36. Then these came to say, that gravity draws as by the whole force, as were it centered at its center.  But you blind ones, as I shall call you, have you never heard of a magnet and what the pattern of its force is?  

  37. If you had common sense you would have known that it is by the center of its figure of eight.  But even that simple fact eluded you though it stared you in the face.

  38. Do not the facts themselves prove how gravity comes about by movement, and how the strength thereof is directly proportional to the degree of movement?   

  39. For it is like what they teach their children concerning the tides - to occur contrary to common sense.  For it - mind you is not contrary to it, but that these do not have common sense, nor, how there is any logic with them.

  40.   Our conception then of how grand even the small things are which the Lord bestows upon us, comes far short of any real realization.  Take for example our eyesight when looking at thousand flowers directly ahead of us with all the green in between, and further down a hundred homes with its trees, and the mountains and valleys in the distance.

  41. How vast is the number of the many separate wavelengths to come into those little eyeballs of us to behold all that sight at once?  Even if we consider no more than the flowers upon the bushes, to simultaneously behold each and every one of them,  each one with  eight or ten leaves set in a circle, is already phenomenal.

  42. If then we; as no more then specs of dust upon a pebble in the universe, are able to behold and process billions upon billions of such individual parts simultaneously, how should not the Lord our Creator - for His endlessly greater Being - know and behold each and everyone of us simultaneously along with the countless many other creatures in the Universe?

  43. If it were left to the physicists these would make the amplitude of that light-wave larger than the human eye, as in fact they have done; how then are billions of them to enter at once?

  44. What is the number of wavelengths to behold all these simultaneously?   And what marvel for our brain to process such a vast quantity of data continually without any effort to ourselves.  

  45. In our spirit then we translate and sort out that vast quantity of data, not only to behold it in its various colors, but for depth and brightness as well, both directly and indirectly.

  46. So thus in our mind we are able to process a quantity of data greater than a hundred of your fastest computers all at once, in less time than any computer. Does not this make our laptops - compared to ourselves - in movement as slow as snails?

  47. Your brain, as the spirit of it, processes information many times faster than any computer, however fast it may be. We are a hundred times more advanced than any mechanical device yet made.

  48. And such beauty, such inconceivable miracle of creation is but the small things of the Lord our Creator.  How stupid therefore for any man to deny God His creation when the marvel of His works are so clear and so abundantly before us.  

  49. Therefore also he, man that is, is without excuse for his gross ignorance of what is, and what is real.


  1. Do I now have to recount all man's deeds?  Are not my words more than enough?   The Lord does as He wills, and I for me am in "His" hand. Will He grant me my desire that I have for the nations?   Surely He will, even though at present my life is full of vanity and silence is all around me. 

  2. Eliphaz did not speak aright, neither of Job nor of God, for it is pleasing to the Lord when a man pursues righteousness and confesses his sins before Him, while the wicked, though they live long, there is no peace for them.  So my soul looks to the Lord for the day that He will have mercy on me, and grant me peace.

  3. How can I bear the nations or fulfill the word of the Lord? I am but a worm, what can I do? He knows my desires and what I purpose in my heart, but who am I that He may grant me the same?   

  4. He will come forth from His Holy habitation and reprove the sons of men, for that is His will, and by His power alone can a word be brought to bear. Therefore I say to myself, be silent, and let His word be heard, for He is, and He alone.

  5. My days are vanity O Lord, my speech not heard, and what is my strength that I should say, it will be?  Did Thou not teach us to pray saying; "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?"  

  6. How therefore did these desires come to lodge within me?  By what were they formed, was it for anger, or for justice, or may it have been in righteousness that my desires are wrought?

  7. But how am I to speak of it, to pronounce what can not be spoken?  I am amazed at all Thy works O Lord, at the perfection in all Thy handiworks, and in Thy judgments by which man will have his abiding.

  8. We are Thy handiwork, and who is to change it?  I contemplate on all Thy words, and who is to pronounce them, what is man that He should pronounce that which came from Thee?  Thou has said:

  9. “If a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you have not warned him, he shall die for his sin, and his righteous deeds which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand.”

  10. Who O Lord is able to comprehend this Thy judgment, to truly comprehend?  Man reads and acclaims - so it is, because to them it is Thy word.  Yet do they not therefore comprehend Thy word, nor the nomenclature of this Thy judgment. 

  11. Since there are many more words in this Thy single sentence for him that Thou grants understanding.   And even then he comes far short of knowing Thee in Thy judgments.

  12. Yet therefore Thou did speak Thy word before me, nor am I silent, and I fear to be silent, lest the blood of man be upon my hand, even though he will not hear me, and I am a burden to him, a fool not to be counted.

  13. And I will make your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth, so that you shall be dumb and unable to reprove them; for they are a rebellious house. But when I speak with you, I will open your mouth, and you shall say to them, `Thus says the Lord God'; he that will hear, let him hear; and he that will refuse to hear, let him refuse; for they are a rebellious house.”

  14. And so having heard Thy word who am I  O Lord, and what shall I speak, and will my tongue be loosened?  There is so much more to be said by which to express my love for a people unable to hear, for a maiden that is rebellious and plays the whore against me.

  15. But I am weary of speaking, and weary of holding it in.  My case O Lord is a hopeless one I can go neither forwards nor backwards, nor to any side, I cannot lay myself down and be myself, nor rise and be known.   I am hopeless, a miserable creature with a love, a very deep love that refuses to be abated.

  16. It is love O Lord, a true and astonishing love that has me in a fix which I am not able to master, nor will it leave me to grant me rest, O Lord what am I to do for my love; a love which I asked of Thee to grant me?

  17. "Thus shall My anger spend itself, and I will vent My fury upon them and satisfy myself; and they shall know that I, the Lord, have spoken in My jealousy, when I spend My fury upon them.”

  18. O how sweet if I could also satisfy myself, how sweet indeed that would be to me, to truly satisfy myself and be satisfied.  Thou did say: “I will bring the sword upon you. I, the Lord, have spoken."

  19. Thou indeed art able to fulfill Thy word O Lord, saying "I have spoken,"  while for me I am but a worm, and my speech less than a whisper, who then is to hear that the blood of men may not be upon me?  Will I again recount the atrocities of my people by which they might take learning? My speech would be in vain.

  20. Shall I therefore recount to them the reward of their wicked doings, and what it will be that lies ready for them?  How are ears to hear that cannot hear, and hearts to meditate which are born to be closed, and seared for all meditation?

  21. Let then my people perish, let them fall and rise no more so my heart also may find its moment of rest, for there is no saving grace to be found among them.

  22. When I recall Thy word: "Then you will know that I am the Lord, who smite."   I know it Lord, I have heard, and I know, but who else O Lord?  These people do not know, for all their calamities they do not recognize Thee. 

  23. However much Thou does smite them for their whoredom, they do not know that it was Thou who smote them, for they have no eyes to see, nor hearts to meditate.

  24. What then of Thy word O Lord, what of Thy solemn word that these would come to know that it was Thee to have touched them?   Thy servant has heard Thy word, but while I know it, these many are ignorant of Thy word, and do not know.

  25. How much therefore wilt Thou have to do unto them to know, how severely must they be stricken before they will acknowledge that it was Thou who struck them?  When and how O Lord wilt Thy word come to be of force?

  26. “When anguish comes, they will seek peace, but there shall be none. Disaster comes upon disaster, rumor follows rumor; they seek a vision from the prophet, but the law perishes from the priest, and counsel from the elders. The king mourns, the prince is wrapped in despair, and the hands of the people of the land are palsied by terror. 

  27. According to their way I will do to them, and according to their own judgments I will judge them; and they shall know that I am the Lord."

  28. But my Lord when Thou does this as Thou spoke, there will be nothing left of Thy people, nor anything of my people, and I would surely despair myself of the entire human race.  I know, O yes I know O Lord, the people read, and read again, yet it does not enter into them. 

  29. Thy words are like a smoke to them that passes, when they read it is a smoke, and leaving off, the smoke is passed, it no longer exists for them.  So these people read and behold nothing.

  30. As for my people, they say; "What is the Lord God unto us, we have our wood, and crossing it - that are our laws and our gods." 

  31. And for Thy people O Lord, they say; "We do not know Him who brought us out of Egypt, nor His Son, that He should be for the good unto us, let us thus burn the memory thereof."  

  32. And even for them that hold Thy words dear, it is no more than lip service, and for Thy voice to them in their hearts and deeds they say; "Away with it, we have set rules for ourselves to our own salvation apart from Him."  Yet for the façade they perform lip service.

  33. What then am I to do for these hypocrites, and these many others that refuse to know Thee?  Thou did surely say to me that these shall know that Thou art the Lord."  

  34. It is dreadful O Lord to hear all that Thou wilt bring upon them, my ears are open and I hear, summons upon summons, dread upon dread, and my soul becomes undone at the sound of it.  

  35. It is indeed too much for me to bear, to hear the report. Because O Lord I know that Thy word is forever sure, but these do not know it, wherefore it will be upon them, upon Thy people, and upon my people.

  36. “But I will let a few of them escape from the sword, from famine and pestilence, that they may confess all their abominations among the nations where they go, and may know that I am the Lord."

  37. This O Lord is a word of consolation for Thy servant, how Thou wilt let a few escape, and to confess their sins before Thee.  O My Lord that Thy servant may know these few, that I may cherish them and rejoice with them, that it for all the misery around me will be for a rejoicing to me, my one and only consolation among all the race of man.

  38. “What is this proverb that you have about the land of Israel, saying, `The days grow long, and every vision comes to nothing? Tell them therefore, `Thus says the Lord God: I will put an end to this proverb, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel.' But say to them, The days are at hand, and the fulfillment of every vision. 

  39. But I the Lord will speak the word. which I will speak, and it will be performed. It will no longer be delayed, but in your days, O rebellious house, I will speak the word and perform it, says the Lord God."

  40. Has not the hour come O Lord?  Are not the days at an end, is there not to be a Sabbath, a rest from all the toil and hardship?   Let the day be ended O Lord, let it be in the past, for Thy Sun to rise for a new beginning.  Speak O Lord and perform Thy word as Thou has spoken.

  41.   No doubt I will be called crazy to as a lone predator reprove the strong. People will look at me as insane to even proclaim God's truth openly, since that is the greatest sin anyone can perform in this world. 

  42. Some will say, he has guts to speak as he does, but he is crazy to do so.  I however know from where I have come, and Who it is that is with me.

  43. And so I make my song before Thee:  I will praise Thee O Lord because I love Thee.  O Most High forsake me not, for Thou art my hope.  Freely did I receive Thy grace, may I live by it.  My persecutors come, but let them not see me.  Let a cloud of darkness fall upon their eyes, and let an air of thick darkness obscure them.

  44. Let them have no light to see, so they cannot seize me. Let their counsel become dull, so that whatever they conspired will come upon their own heads. For they devised a counsel, but it did not succeed, for my hope is upon the Lord. 

  45. I will not fear, for the Lord is my salvation.  He is the crown upon my head, so shall I not be moved. Though all things be shaken, I shall stand.  Though all things visible should perish, I shall not die, for the Lord is with me, and I with Him.  Hallelujah. 

        A  HOLOCAUST

  1. The word of a messenger, of one that was to bring good tidings to Jerusalem, yet he will speak of what is not to the likens of the sons of Israel, nevertheless the word will be for the good of it.

  2. There are whorehouses in all nations, and many young ladies are abused, and no wonder that the Lord will make a full end of all these nations.  But now to speak of you O Israel, are you not supposed to be for an example, and for a light unto the nations?

  3. And so by the record I beheld how among you there are also whorehouses, and how a million men, or fools as they are, troop to the whorehouses each month.  That makes for twelve million a year, and assuming half of them are the same, that totals to six million of the sons of Israel to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  4. Another holocaust is it not?   Only this time the Lord will not be using just Germans to bring death to another six million of your people, but other and equally cruel nations.  And will it stay with a mere six million of your people? Not so likely O you sons of Jacob, but a number according to your own baking.

  5. These six million are but the fools and the butchers that defile themselves with women, giving themselves into the fangs of poisoness snakes, for whom there is no hope of life, seeing how they walked into their own tombs. 

  6. These are not only guilty of eradicating themselves, but they harmed and butchered these many young ladies that for whatever reason were forced into this most humiliating debauchery of their bodies.

  7. If you wish to do yourself a favor O Israel, execute every single pimp among you.  Do not hold a trial, do not imprison them, but on the word of two or more witnesses execute them forthwith, without mercy, and without shedding a single tear.

  8. You went searching in far away places for those responsible in that holocaust by the Germans, but why so - when there are so many among you equally guilty ones - for a next holocaust to come upon you?  You are not going to stay your next holocaust O Israel, not yours, nor that of the many nations.

  9. The Lord commanded you to love your neighbor, not to abuse them, nor to rape them till there is no sanctity left in them. It is therefore that the Lord will bring His rod upon you, along with His rod upon all the nations.  It is but a remnant of you O Israel that will be left to enter into the seventh millennium.

  10. Shall I have compassion on the men that troop to the whorehouses to abuse the young women in it?  

  11. Not so my dear Israel, for these are vile, and who will lift them up - or even touch them and not be himself defiled as well?   

  12. Shame yourselves you vile ones, and be ashamed, your next Holocaust is at your doorsteps, you are daily inviting it to yourselves.

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