The book of Daniel, chapter 9, the prophecy of the seventy weeks of years, and the events thereof.  

    And the world shall be turned in the old silence for seven days till no man remains.  

    Nor will they understand, but only in that time those that are wise will understand.

  1.  At times it may seem beyond understanding how the scholars of the scriptures can be so ignorant of most of the Scriptures, but then I recall how the Lord said to have closed their minds, lest they should understand, and come to be saved.

  2. And why should not their minds be closed when they are an evil seed, like for example those so called pillars of the reformation whom the world holds so high as were there some sort of knowledge in these ignorant brutes. These labored hard to destroy that which Christianity stood for.

  3. They were an evil seed, born of the devil to perform his wishes, for seeing how many of the people grew tired of the money grubbing popes with only greed and works for salvation, the devil thought to utilize the ideal of faith as an alternate along with the destructive works of the popes, so he might hold on to that sector of the people who had begun to question the obvious idolatry of the popes and his confederates.

  4. He therefore allowed the introduction of faith, but with the assurance that it would be an empty faith.  With his trusted servants therefore, like the afore mentioned and many others he built up a facade, or as the Lord portrayed, to dress up his wolves in sheep's-clothing, ensuring himself that anything but the love of ones neighbor (God's command) would take a sure foothold.

  5. But like so often before when the devil goes forth to in extra ordinary ways destroy the sons of man, the Lord places a spoke in his wheels to turn his evil design against him to the salvation of those called by Him, the very ones that were the prime target of the devil, the very ones that were not as yet his that he wished to twist into the semblance of death.

  6. For why should he go after all those that already belong to him, or the many that he knew would be turned into skeletons by his confederates? 

  7. No it are those that do not belong to him, who by a Spirit if Goodness were kept from him,  if only he could get these many to himself by a facade that most resembles the Christianity of Christ Jesus.

  8. When therefore these so called reformers labored hard to remove the love of God from among man, the Lord drew His own out from among them in great number defeating the very intent of the devil, and of those so called reformers and their associates.

  9. What therefore struck me of these so called pillars and their many confederates, with the many since, how utterly ignorant these were in the understanding of the letter of the Scriptures, so much so that I have yet to find a wise one from among them.

  10. If there were any wise ones, as I know there were, they left no record to be well known.  Yet those that are laborers in God's vineyard ought to have some evidence to their labor, even if themselves they will have no share in it.  

  11. This is in contrast to the afore mentioned reformers that can hardly be called laborers, but rather ravenous wolves having entered for the single purpose to cause but destruction, to leave no fruit of any kind, like that Luther and Calvin, to name but two.

  12. What I am about to reveal here then has been a closed book and mistreated by all scholars of record, simply because they were laborers, and not sons to the Owner of the vineyard.  

  13. As then the Lord said: "No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what His master is doing."  So the Lord grants wisdom to but His sons, that are His friends.

  14.   In the book of Daniel it starts out stating; “Seventy weeks of years.”  Words that are words in wisdom, just as 666 is a term in wisdom.  The seven days of Daniel are made out as were they 490 years, seven of the week times the seventy.  I then said seven days in the place of seventy weeks, since it can be said in that way as well as were I to say seventy days, or seventy periods.

  15. Is it not said; "That here is the mind of wisdom to know that the evil one was known by 666?"  Which does not convey that he would plow his evil for 666 days, but to know him in the numeral understanding of it.  Even so the days in seventy weeks, is a period in wisdom by a numerical apprehension.

  16. Did I not at one place in my letters of the sciences state that; "It was much easier to understand values by numbers than in any other way?" Consult my chapter on "Pololoid," and one may gather what I mean.

  17. Consider how the seven of creation, are in fact to man a full 7000, and not days but years, in which all of mankind would come forth, yet though the whole number of them were already created by God long before the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  

  18. How then was the earth made in six days when that sixth day is yet to end, and it existed already on the first day?

  19. If then these things cannot be understood by man, I cannot explain it to him, since it requires a mind of wisdom.  But for most of the verses written down by Daniel - to properly understand them - it does not require a great deal of wisdom. 

  20. "Seventy weeks of years are decreed concerning your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place.”  

  21. These seventy weeks of years (as a period in time) can be from the day of Daniel to the very first day of the seventh millennium, a total in man's perception of more than two thousand years.  And equally so the seven days of silence from the crucifixion of the Lord to the first day of the seventh millennium, is to man more than 2000 years.

  22. And yet again these seventy weeks of years can be regarded from the first part of the 1900's when God caused many of His people to return to rebuilt Israel, in the process of which in 1948 they became again a State of.  The - seven noted in weeks of - is a specific revelation for the wise, and them only, while man for his ignorance gets out his calculator.

  23. Neither me nor anyone then that is wise, will in any wise explain this better, since it is to their confusion rather than for wisdom.  Man over-works his calculator attempting to come to a fitting solution, when it is not at all in any calculator.  All these mis out on this point; - that they are ignorant of the Scriptures as a whole.

  24. As then within these sevens there are in fact two anointed ones, the name of the first was Christ Jesus when the time period is reckoned from the day that the angel spoke to Daniel, while the second is reckoned within the seventies of the latter restoration of Israel.

  25. Let us look at what was said; first, there is a decree for a specific duration, after which are noted that which will be at the ending of that duration.  When therefore it states: “To put an end to sin.”  The time period in the completion thereof would bring about a complete end to all sin, to all wickedness, and "to all transgression." 

  26. In other words; the ending of that period would be the beginning of the Seventh day, the day of the Sabbath. And giving a picture of what the world would be like at the ending of these seventy weeks of years; There would only be left a remnant in Israel, and of Israelites the world over.

  27. And even fewer would be left alive from among the Gentile nations also the world over, how only the meek would be left. In that day there would be so few left of mankind that (like it is written) "a child can write them down, and the highways grow over with weeds since there is no man to travel upon them."

  28. How therefore do these blind scholars still corrupt the word of God, when according to the folly of their own mouth, all sin and wickedness was supposed to have ended 49 years after the death of Christ, like in the year 82-AD? 

  29. Are these not therefore horribly ignorant that now there are nearly two thousand years since, and sin has increased instead of ended?   With all the so called wise in the earth - religious as well as in the sciences, knowledge has died out with them.  

  30. The prophecy of the time period which it describes comes to bring in (as it assuredly reads) "everlasting righteousness", an end to all the corruption of man in twisting the word of God.  

  31. And why then should these religious brain surgeons still be twisting the word of God?

  32. Now let me ask, how does one seal a prophet, in where it states; “To seal both vision and prophet”?   What is the meaning of "to seal"?  If we utilize a different term, like "affirm", or "complete", the meaning of it is somewhat better understood.  

  33. And to anoint Jerusalem as a most holy place in which no infidel or uncircumcised person will ever set foot again, is not so this very day. 

  34. It is not without good cause that I titled this page, "Sevenfold ignorance," for so indeed man is, and more so in this last century than in any century of the past.  

  35. And how man will reconcile that in his mind with the fact that God increased knowledge in this last age together with the many new things God gave man for his comforts - is up to him.  My word however is a word in truth but also in wisdom, if therefore any man has an ear so let him hear.

  36.     Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with square and moat, but in a troubled time.”  

  37. If there is to be any education in the scholars of religion they ought to return to be educated, to learn the very basics of mathematics, how 1, plus 1, adds to 2.   

  38. This is so since the anointed prince of which Daniel speaks to come in seven is by their erroneous calculations to have come 49 years after the edict for the return of Israel from Babylon.  Yet as we know from the record, no such anointed prince ever came in that time frame.

  39. And most certainly not the Christ whom the brain surgeons for their ignorance are sliding into his place, since Christ Jesus, according to record, came nearly four centuries later, in a time frame exactly as it was prophesied by another prophet, that He, (the Messiah) would come within 400 years, as indeed He did.  

  40. And for that prince to give his life at the sixty ninth week he would have to be 434 years of age, yet only Noah, Shem, Arpach'shad, and Eber, lived more than 434 years coming into the third day of creation. Wherefore the tally is neither 49 nor 490 in years by man's accounting. It, as I said; is not in a calculator.

  41.   We are never going to come to any solution by the scholars, the most ignorant among man, for they are sevenfold ignorant, and do not possess simple common sense, nor logic by which to read or understand what is in a word.   Accordingly, we ought to leave them to their own devices, for they are soon to perish to invoke upon them the just reward for their foul corruptions.

  42. It is one thing to be ignorant, but to go forth and corrupt the word is punishable. If anything he should have said; I do not understand, God has not given me that wisdom, rather than to mar and corrupt the very ideal of it.

  43. If now by what I have said one is still not sure as to what time period Daniel is factually referring, he will never understand, since he lacks the common sense to apprehend simple language, and we must rank him among the ignorant.   

  44. At times I am harsh, am I not?  But I deem it as something of no excuse to fail so bitterly in plain common sense, something that the Lord has given to all His creature that by it he might acquire the knowledge of right and of wrong, or as, to assay one thing from another.

  45. Is there an excuse for ignorance? Perhaps so, but why then do you not put on a thinking cap to rid yourself of that ignorance?  Why not hear to the wise and their words that you might be educated?  For so it is written: 

  46. “When you put knowledge in to them, so you will make them alive.”  And so Enoch spoke: “Explain it to them in your wisdom, for you are their reward upon the whole earth."

  47. No doubt this "anointed one" of which Daniel spoke has most of the world in a fix, how for our days, -- there is to be an anointed one, not a prophet, nor a priest, but a "prince" of the Lord.  

  48. And how is this world of pagans and hypocrites to accept a prince of the Lord when in every way they have no use for even the very Son of God, other than to pay lip service to His name, as if by some miracle they might be saved for their hypocrisy?

  49. All this is so because these do not know the scriptures, nor therefore do they know the Lord.  In the ignorance of their mind there is to be only one offering on the altar, while the Scriptures clearly reveal two offerings, a Bull along with a male goat. 

  50. But who is to teach those doctors of religion when the lot of them are deaf and blind?  It is not fair of us to expect them to know the scriptures since God for their wickedness has blinded them.

  51. The Israelites of old knew of a son of Joseph, for they knew that the Lord summoned Abraham to bring two doves, a young dove along with the Turtledove for the offering of the ages. 

  52. But what man in the years since has understood these things?  Certainly not the scholars, since I spoke saying how these take their schooling to become more ignorant rather than wise.

  53. What therefore is the meaning of all this? Who is wise enough to hear my word so that the word of the Lord may enter into Him?  And at how many other places in the Scripture does the Lord speak of an anointed one to come in the last days, shortly before the ending of the sixth day?  

  54. If you know of none, the Scriptures are indeed a closed book to you, and my word to you here is of no value, since having eyes you are unable to see, and though you have ears, you cannot hear.  

  55. And now recollect - if you are so able, - how it is written for God - to have closed your eyes, lest you should see, and so be saved.

  56.   Still I am speaking to you out of love and with compassion, with sweet words and with strong stern words in the hope that you may be touched within to come to a reckoning.  One might catch more flies with honey, so it is said.

  57. But you are not a fly, and there is a hard shell around you built up by the deceit of the world and of its teachers that are more blind than blind, and more ignorant than any, a shell that must be broken, and how but a pointed hammer will break that shell open?

  58. Yes there was to be an anointed one, a prince, shortly before the return of Christ, as written and revealed at many places by numerous prophets and writers of the Scriptures, those ranked among the canons, as well as by those held from the canons as literature for the wise.  

  59. And Daniel speaks of him, of his birth, his days and his offering that his death would; "not be for himself.”  Some of the brainless wonders then inserted to say, “ and will have nothing,” which is sheer stupidity, and yet more ignorant of these brainless wonders to say that it means, that he wont have any children.

  60. As then Daniel in his eleventh chapter speaks of the death of this anointed one, when large armies came on down from the north and from the east, I do not recall how there were any armies coming down from the north and east on the days when Christ was offered on the cross.  

  61. As in fact there were no marching armies, but Israel was occupied by the Romans, by stationary occupation troops.  How therefore with all this clear evidence are these theologians dragging Cyrus into it, and Christ Jesus for that anointed one, when clearly nothing fits? 

  62. Daniel in most of his words is speaking of the end times, of a period known as the sixth day of creation.  And more exclusively in his eleventh chapter, where he speaks of the death of that prince.  How utterly stupid therefore for anyone to write off these words as having occurred in the past, when nothing fits.

  63. It is as I said; "sevenfold ignorance", and as the Lord said; "to have closed their eyes lest they should see, and so be saved."  Moreover, Daniel pronounces to say; "a prince."   He does not say; "The" prince, nor "The Messiah," but simply; "a prince."   

  64. Christ Jesus then is not "a prince" but He is "The" Prince, He is King, and King of kings, as He always was from everlasting, being God with His Father.

  65. As now Daniel pronounces him to be a prince of the very covenant, a prince in the redemption of God for all mankind, consider how marvelous that prince must be, to have such anointing upon him.

  66. Ezra pronounces him as a prince of the Gentiles, or rather to say "The" prince of the Gentiles, as he speaks of his death when the armies marched forth from the north unto the south, that these would kill "their very own star," along with many other stars, or rulers. 

  67. Wherefore it makes sense for Daniel to say, that "his death would not be for himself," even as the male goat in the offering commanded by God was for the congregation, for the host of them that were not in the priesthood to the Lord. And yet for as much as that prince may serve for atonement, it is not for the entire host, but as the Lord said; "for sins done in ignorance." 

  68.   And what more shall I reveal, what more knowledge shall I bring before the eyes of men whereby they may not come into my inheritance, but rather to serve as priests, and as leaders of the people, and for teachers unto them?  It is a word in wisdom my dear ones who have ears to hear, in wisdom so I pronounce to you.

  69. There is talk about building a temple again in Jerusalem, know then how it is written;  "Behold, the man whose name is the Branch: He shall grow up in His place, and He shall build the temple of the Lord.  It is He who shall build the temple of the Lord, and shall bear royal honor, and shall sit and rule upon His throne."

  70. The Branch, as also a name for Him of whom it was said; "And you shall call His name Jesus."  And what other name shall He have?  He will be called; "The Lord is our righteousness."  And; "He will take you O Zerub'babel." Our righteousness - for Zion, and Zerub'babel - for a world in Him. If one has an ear to wisdom, so let him consider what I said.

  71. If there be wisdom with the sons of Israel they will hold off building a temple until He is in their midst of whom it was said that He would built it more glorious than it was in its day of Solomon.  

  72. For it is recorded that all the old columns will be pulled out and abandoned in the south of the land.  And so why waste your efforts O you ignorant ones in Israel?


  1. Do you want to see how utterly ignorant mankind is, the whole lot of them, even for all the years and centuries since?  How none of the theologians have any idea of what is truly written in the Scriptures?

  2.   Do you in fact really want to see?    If for any person the Scriptures are a closed book, like it is to most of the world, it most certainly is so for the shepherds and theologians.

  3. The book of Luke, it is written:  "In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth."  Gabriel in that day announced to Mary that she was to give birth to the Son of God.

  4. The sixth month is the month of September, in Hebrew named Ellul.  And unless you that read my words do not know that a woman bears a child for nine month before it comes forth, you ought to be competent enough to compute these nine to the correct timing in what part of the year the Lord, the Son of God was born.  

  5. Does this not place the birth of Christ in the month of June, also known as Nissan?

  6. If we first count-in that sixth month in the full thereof in which the Angel spoke to Mary, the timing comes at the end of May, or beginning of June.  

  7. But we do not know at what day of that sixth month the Angel came, yet it is prudent for us to assume that it was somewhere in the first week thereof, in which case the birth of Christ may have fallen upon the sixth of June.

  8. And why am I choosing the sixth of June while neither you nor me are factually sure of that particular date?  It is because that day is the festival which the Lord instituted as the memorial of the Oath, the Oath that the Lord God would send us a Redeemer.  

  9. It is a twofold festival, that of weeks, meaning the duration in which man was to be born, and of his deliverance. And secondly, of His promise that His Son would come, that God would send us His Son to deliver us.  

  10. As then the Bull (Jesus) of the offering came forth on that day, so also God caused that male goat (Daniel's Prince) to come forth on that same day in the year, on the day of its celebration in having come, and/or of the promise, or the oath having come to fulfilling.

  11. And even Enoch himself, the scribe of righteousness was born on that same day in the year, and I of course came into this world on that same date, as did our Lord according to the promise made for that day, that He was to come.

  12. How utterly ignorant therefore of anyone and everyone to set the month of December as a date of the birth of Christ, how sevenfold ignorant indeed.  

  13. For it is not in my sevenfold wisdom granted me, but rather in the sevenfold ignorance of man, since the words as written are very clear and simple.  And who could mistake them except the sevenfold ignorant?

  14. But now in his ignorance man will come with this flimsy excuse that while the Angel spoke to Mary in the sixth month that the same does not certify that God implanted the conception within her at that very time.  

  15. But your argument (spoken in sevenfold ignorance) does not hold water for if we read further what is said; it does show that Mary conceived at the time when the Angel came to her. It reads:

  16. "In those days Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country, to a city of Judah, and she entered the house of Zechari'ah and greeted Elizabeth.  And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe (John) leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, and she exclaimed with a loud cry, 

  17. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!  And why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me."

  18. If thus there is any knowledge, or logic within you; -- How, may I ask, did Elisabeth know that Mary was pregnant when her belly was not as yet large, and that the child was the Son of God, and Mary had not as yet said anything unto her but a greeting?  

  19. We of course know it was the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking by her.  Therefore also it is God himself confirming that at that very time His Son was within her.

  20. If therefore in wisdom we wish to set a date of birth, let it be the day of the promise, the very day which the Lord Himself had set for it.  

  21. For here again in looking at the words written by Luke, by all that has been said, no great knowledge is needed to apprehend the same.  It mind you requires no more than a bit of common sense, a bit of rational thought to understand the same.  

  22. How therefore man is without rational thought, and how he does not possess that small degree of common sense to know what is in a word.  Therefore I said; "The sevenfold ignorance of man."


  1. As I beheld; among the most ignorant of all people are the scholars of religion, they are not just stupid, nor even sevenfold stupid, but more irrational than even the most irrational of beasts.  It was said:

  2. "Scholars believe that the Book of Job is the oldest Biblical text, likely originating before the time of Abraham and the founding of the Jewish nation."

  3. Job now was a grandson to Esau, and Esau a grandson to Abraham, like about four generations after Abraham. And so, need I say more?  These are not scholars, nor even beasts, since even beasts are more rational than that.


  1. Speaking to you that are truly Christian, know that all man's Bible commentaries are trash, made up by these most ignorant among men, and that these are for destruction along with each and everyone one them that wrote them, or had a hand in them. If there had been any light at all in them they would have heeded the last verses in the book of Revelation.

  2. It is senseless to pronounce this truth to the world or to these sons of the devil calling themselves Christians, since being sevenfold ignorant these are also blind, no light will enter into them, their utter darkness being their light.   

  3. Among that trash which these so called theologians procured are John Gill's, Matthew Henry, Wesley's, John Darby, and the Geneva study bible by or of Calvin.

  4. How does one expect the truth to come forth from barbarians such as for example Calvin and Luther were, these two in their days were not a grain better than the popes, the very captains of the devil. 

  5. If then anyone is insulted because I cursed these so called pillars of the reformation, it would do you well to for once in your life educate yourself in what these persons were for real, how utterly barbarian and foul murderers they were, not a grain better than the popes or this mohammed which the muslims hold for their so called savior.

  6. Among the canons that are still faithful - are the old king James and perhaps the newer of King James, and the original as well as the later Revised Standard Versions, with all the new versions of this last century - as but trash, which the Lord will destroy along with each and everyone that turned His word into a lie, and everyone else that had a hand in it. 

  7. All these men stand accursed, and the torment upon them in the fires of regret will not be small. For like it is written how to add or take from the Scriptures one will endure all the plagues written in it.

  8. It is not without due cause that the Lord spoke of the generations shortly before His return that these would be the most apostate, and how all their deeds would be criminal and oppression, for so indeed they are. 

  9. There is no worth in salvation for them, therefore also the days having become as in the days of Noah, with few remaining, His wrath upon the nations is well due.

  10. They have those movies showing Biblical times in which they twist just about everything from how in fact it was and is written.  But what makes it unbearable is this;  that in much of it they portray the characters as complete idiots, not anything like their reality. Typical 20th century perversion of all that they touch, so I say.

  11. Like that Moses portrayed in that movie the Ten Commandments, aside of corrupting the events, they portray Moses as were he a complete fool, not anything the likes of what Moses was.  And so they do to all the characters.  Typical 20th century stupidity.

  12. This word serves as caution and for knowledge unto you that are few, the few of you among the whole race of man that as yet have ears to hear, and hearts to meditate upon the word of truth.  For as to the rest, the lot of mankind in this day, though I, or we may speak to them, there is no hope, they are destined for destruction.

  13. And for the generations of men as yet to come, as well as for those of this age, I have taken a copy of the Revised Standard Version, and within it I have corrected that which was in disrespect to the person of God and His Christ, together with a few typographical errors, and no other changes. The same may be found following this link: RSV 2010 Intro


  1. It is written:  "And in the fifth week, those who happen to be in it, shall all be blindfolded, and the hearts of them shall forget wisdom.   After that in the sixth week, an apostate generation shall arise, its deeds shall be many, all of which will be criminal."

  2. The fifth week is from the second century to the tenth century AD. And as it is plain from the historical records thereof, these were all blindfolded, when no wisdom was found among them, excepting only them that were not of that generation, but were born of heaven and taught of God, and their lives were offered in untold many cruel ways by the blind and the sevenfold ignorant.

  3. Then came the sixth week, from the eleventh century to this day, and those in it were also blindfolded and without wisdom, and grossly apostate as well, and, as the record indicates, worse than their forebears.

  4. The brutality of the roman devils and of those which changed it into a brutality under a different heading during that which is known as the reformation is well known. Hitler, in the steps of Luther is a prime example thereof.

  5. The Lord then said how; "Its deeds shall be many, all of which will be criminal." If therefore you take the acts of your presidents and of the rulers of the earth, along with their peoples, to say that there was any goodness in them, you will speak contrary to the Scriptures, and who will expect any peace in doing so?

  6. Take for example those "sanctions" which some of these barbarians impose upon other nations and peoples, reprobates to the human race as they are - to oppress other nations just because these do not obey their criminal wishes.  

  7. Take for example those American reprobates to humanity telling other nations not to built atomic weapons, while themselves they are over-burdened by them.  What gross hypocrisy these are implementing?  And no wonder, since the Lord had foretold how each and every single one of their deeds would be criminal.

  8. Your rulers, your leaders, O you people are criminals, and vile at that,  showing all their deeds in oppression.  For their accursed hypocrisy the people in Cuba had to suffer many decades, a people less guilty than their own.  And these reprobates to humanity withheld sustenance from the people living in North Korea as well as many other countries.  

  9. And even this day they are adding the people of Iran to their list of criminal behavior. And are these heads of the eagle not always meddling in other peoples affairs?   

  10. If Iran with an atomic weapon eradicated a million Americans each and every year, that would be less than what the people of the USA alone murder for themselves in a single year. Moreover it would be no more than an act of justice.

  11. Shall I not therefore curse all of them, and trample them under foot? Shall I not therefore ask of the Lord my God who holds me by the right hand, to destroy them, and to eradicate the whole lot of them from the face of the earth? 

  12. Indeed I should, and I have done so, and it will be done.

  13. Look at every single deed of the people as well as of their rulers if there be knowledge and perception with them, they are oppressive as well as criminal, all of them, for it is as the Lord foretold that it would be.  Your taxes, your interest, your insurance, your courts, your many so called rules and laws, all of them are criminal and oppression.

  14. When a nation is on the brink of a collapse, and jobs are needed, some of these reprobates contract their work to foreign countries leaving their own people unemployed and without sustenance. Therefore did I call these hypocrites in high places as reprobates, if one knows the meaning of the word.  

  15. Even your laws of freedom of religion are criminal and oppression, freedom to worship the devil as it pans out to be, a violation of the very first commandment of God to all the race of man.

  16. As to the hypocrisy of the courts, note how these accursed judges force you to swear by God, but themselves they judge by their own corrupt laws with no regard for the oath to God which they make you to swear.  

  17. Therefore also did I cast these judges and their counselors into the very depth's of hell. I pronounced a curse upon them to last into all eternities, a very severe curse for their gross injustice upon my people.

  18. And do not think that my word will not be executed, for I spoke the same by the will, and in the name of the Lord my God who anointed me as a prince to the entire host of them.  

  19. For having cast them into the pool of regret - their lives before Him will be annihilated, and He will hand them body and soul over into my hand to do with them as I please.  

  20. And I will do just that to the one and to the other, each according to their deeds, and to the words of their mouth.

  21. It is written O you foolish ones, you will not believe me, but the same is written from long ago, there is nothing new in what I proclaim to you, go and read for yourselves for it is written and foretold from long ago.

  22. It is a dreadful end to which the rulers and the landlords of the earth are heading. It will not only be upon all the rulers of this age, but upon them of bygone ages as well, the whole lot of them, save but a few that were ordained of the Lord will be found upon their bed of worms.

  23. If there is anything in this earth a man would not want to be, is to be a ruler of the people, nor to be rich, or be a landlord, since it are these that will be the most poor and dejected.  How very ignorant you are O you senators and congressmen's, as well as governors and all rulers, most ignorant and stupid indeed.


  1. "Behold, the name of the Lord comes from afar, burning with His anger, and in thick rising smoke; His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue is like a devouring fire.  His breath is like an overflowing stream that reaches up to the neck; to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, and to place on the jaws of the peoples a bridle that leads astray."

  2. A quotation for the gods, for the human gods, for the rulers of the earth in whose hand are the lives of their people.  May now the reference be to the Lord in person, as when the Christ of God returns upon the clouds?  No, it is not, -  since it reads how; - "it is His Name to come from afar."   

  3. It therefore is the Lord, the Almighty God, but by one upon whom "the name" of the Lord has been pronounced, one "to come in His name."   And; "In thick rising smoke." 

  4. Now you know that in thick smoke the visibility is zero.  He who has an ear let him hear.  And why do you suppose, you rulers in the earth, that I am so angry with you, that my lips are full of indignation towards you?  

  5. Have you not figured it out you of little understanding? Are you something to be reckoned with you rulers of the earth that I should have some sort of fear or respect for you?  

  6. My respect for you is to trample you down in the mire of the streets, into the mud in which you wallow, you of no integrity, babes of no competence.

  7. I have had my fill of you, and now that the hour has struck you will be done in. I am sick of you and of all your atrocities by which you conceive to be leaders.

  8. You are oppressing and butchering my people, my heritage of the Lord, and will you now surmise that I shall not be angry with you, you one time rulers, and once only leaders of my people?

  9. My brother Solomon gave you due warning that perhaps you might rule into forever.  But you despised his words, you would not hear them, nor did you pay heed to his righteous precepts, therefore now so I said; "gods you are, but for the fire." 

  10. And I will speak to you in riddles, in a word not to your comprehension so that you may be led astray, and not come to know the truth, lest in knowing it you might actually come to be saved and come to rule with me into forever, while I do not want you with me, or even anywhere near me.

  11. For it is as I said - O you rulers and your people with you, that I had my fill of you, nor therefore is there any intention within me that your carcass be saved, or that your soul should see joy.  

  12. By the very breath of the Lord my God you will drown, for when it reaches your neck, I will ask of my Lord to trip your feet so that you may stumble and drown in the sea, in the waters which you made foul with the stench of your aposty.

  13. And why are your heads turned to the rulers, you that serve them to bring to pass their wishes? You are included with them you wicked ones - since you are accessories to all their deeds, and equally guilty.  Was it not said; "to sieve you with destruction?" 

  14. I am not like you do in your corrupt courts going to say; "You are to serve a month, and another a year, or still another for a decade in a dungeon. That mind you is not the word of Him who has send me.   But with "destruction" upon each of you that are guilty, and fool enough to raise their anger at me.

  15.   O how loveable you are, disgusting at best, and why do I say this?  Hear the quotation so I may confuse you yet more.   "You shall have a song as in the night when a holy feast is kept; and gladness of heart, as when one sets out to the sound of the flute to go to the mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel.

  16. And the Lord will cause his majestic voice to be heard and the descending blow of his arm to be seen, in furious anger and a flame of devouring fire, with a cloudburst and tempest and hailstones.  The Assyrians, (you the human gods) will be terror-stricken at the voice of the Lord, when He smites with his rod."

  17. Don't even attempt to explain the quotation, you are not so competent, you cannot understand what is in a word, lest my word would not be for you - to burn hot coals upon you.  You go to your churches and your heart is merry as if all good things will come to you, because you are so religious. 

  18. And at the drop of a hat you pray, and pray some more, and you invoke the name of the Lord of hosts as if by some miracle you knew Him.   O yes, all will be well with us, and by drones we will be taken up into the clouds with the Lord of heaven - so you ill surmise.  

  19. You even portray that lie in your movies, and at every step of the way.  O how very deceived you are, how ill informed and sevenfold ignorant you are indeed.  All this because you did not read the whole quotation, you only read the first part, and never the second since these words are hard to the skin.

  20. But I mean to burn your skin you one time rulers, to have that second part come upon you for the first part. Have you so soon forgotten that I have had my fill of you, that there is no more room within me to accept anymore of your aposty?  

  21. You look at me and muse saying; "we are not going to tremble at his anger, he is but a man, and old at that, what is he to us?'

  22. And yes, what am I to you, O you rulers of the nations and your people with you? Does it not read; "He," the Lord that is, will cause "His", yes "His" majestic voice to be heard?   

  23. Read again you babes, before you come to attack me, and that which follows, namely; "the descending blows of His arm," and how you will indeed see them, to behold the very destruction, the anger of the One and only God of heaven upon you.

  24. Look it up in your dictionaries what the meaning of the word "Asshur" is, before you take it for granted that only the Assyrians will come to tremble.  It is a name of a god, of a human god, it is your name you foolish ones, your very name of all you rulers and your henchmen with you.  

  25. You are the ones that will be terror stricken, you are the ones that will tremble when His voice is heard, and when His rod strikes you upon your tender frame.

  26. I most certainly had my fill of you, in my younger days I would have given you the shirt off my back, and awarded you a means to forever be free of your need for oil to bring you the energy you crave for all your toys, free of toil, and free of charge. 

  27. But you would not listen to me, you thought me - as you say - to be a crackpot.  Well-on, you are the crackpots, and now if you must work your fingers to the bone, so let even your bones be scarred as well, for I have had my fill of you for your mockery upon me, and upon Him that has sent me.

  28. I swore to the Almighty Lord that I would no longer grant you your wishes, but rather that He would grind you down so that there be nothing left of you but fine powder, lest if your bones still be intact you might rise to be skeletons. 

  29. How foolish indeed you were O you nations to anger Him whom created you in such untold many ways, that now your destruction is upon you of His hand.

  30.   I will complete the remainder of the chapter for a full measure, so you may be thoroughly confused, and be told that your destiny awaits you, your place large enough to house all of you, nice and warm with ample fuel for the fire, the torments that awaits you.

  31. "And every stroke of the staff of punishment which the Lord lays upon them will be to the sound of timbrels and lyres; battling with brandished arm He will fight with them.   For a burning place has long been prepared; yea, for the king it is made ready, its pyre made deep and wide, with fire and wood in abundance; the breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, kindles it."

  32. In times of war - is it not common to sound the trumpet, to call to arms? Surely it is so, "with timbrels and lyres," nice and loud for everyone to hear, and with thunder, the clap of a mighty sound to make men tremble, and faint for the terror that is about to strike them.

  33. Did I not mention a fire to you, and did not your Creator inform you that it was a burning place which He had prepared for you?  And notice for whom it was, and these being many He made it very deep and wide, so that each of you will have elbow room to turn about and curse one another, day in and day out, over and over till your ears can't stand it no more, and still you must hear, for it will be for torment upon you.

  34. Nor therefore will I weep for you, nor seek mercy for you, since you, when you were asked, you refused to have mercy upon my people, and upon those of the Lord. I instead will rejoice with all the sons of the Lord that now He has made a sacrifice of you, that now you are in a straight, while we may lavish our mercy upon those for whom you had no mercy.

  35. Your place of torment awaits you O you rulers of the earth, nor will I any longer vie for your salvation, since you are beyond healing, and at the sound of His voice you will turn to attack me, instead of providing for me a place of hiding.  So have I spoken, yea, so have "I" spoken.


  1. Hear me you foolish ones, hear, but do not understand, listen to my word, but do not perceive, a flood of words to overwhelm you, waters to close your eyes. For why should you understand and be healed, why should His saving grace caress you that you may live?  

  2. I have a command, a solemn word spoken unto me, it is not for you to see, nor to hear, nor am I to pray for you, to lift up my voice to your welfare.   The day is this day, the hour is upon you. 

  3. I will refrain from giving understanding until you have come into your graves, until your cities are in ruins, and the tally of men are few.  "Reprobates we are," so you pronounced yourselves to me, how then are you to be spared?

  4. When the highways grow over with weeds, and no man travels upon them, you will curse yourselves for your ill spoken words.  When all debts are canceled, and all mortgages null and void, the meek of the earth will enjoy themselves. 

  5. Yet even then, you that remain in that hour rejoice not to quickly, for though a tenth may remain, the fire and the sword will again rise upon you till but the holy seed remains.

  6. For so He that has sent me said;  "I will make a full end of you that have abused My heritage, but My heritage shall live and rejoice themselves in abundance."  His voice is upon many waters, and breaks the cedars, the very cedars. Majestic is He who brings His will to pass.

  7. Come O you nations that are incensed against me to rid the earth of my shadow.  And you rulers of the earth who wish me dead and gone.   I have something to show you, it is a great company of people, a great number of nations assembled together to do harm to my beloved, to commit rape upon her that lies in my embrace.   

  8. It is an awesome sight, all those many to defile my love and my adoration.  Do you consider me to be blind, and not know what you are up to you foolish ones, you that are deceived?

  9. Come now and join me all you that remain in the earth to behold that great company of men and nations anxious to rape my beloved, to mistake themselves upon me.  The Sun is going down, it is evening, and they are polishing their spears, a noisy multitude, mighty to shame and slay my beloved.

  10. But do not lay yourselves down to sleep all you that are witness lest you miss the event, for it will be so that when the Sun rises again, you will look and that multitude will not be found, all that great host incensed against my beloved will be gone with nothing to remain, like as if they vanished in mid air.

  11. You that are looking to see where in the night they have gone, that entire host will not be found again. The righteous arm of the Lord slew them, their reward for despoiling my beloved, and for their thought to rape her who lies in my embrace.  

  12. You will see and you will be astonished all you in the earth that are witness. Your husbands will not return to you, nor the father of your children.

  13. If now you are still wondering why all this retribution is upon you, why the slaughter of your wives and of your children, and even of you, shall I once again pronounce to you the why thereof?  

  14. When I called to you, did you answer me?  When I spoke to you, did you reply?  I called, but you would not hear, nor was there any counsel upon your lips. 

  15. Therefore O you inhabitants of the earth, you are to bow down to the slaughter, for when I the Lord called upon you, you would not answer, nor bring a reply. But you multiplied your evils, and spoke against me, doing the things that I hate.

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