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  1. Leonard, servant of Christ Jesus to the children of Israel, in specific those which have taken the name of Jesus, also pronounced Yeshua, in their heart or upon their lips.  And to everyone that searches for the redemption that emanates from God the Father through Jesus Christ.  

  2. May the grace of God and our Lord the Messiah be with you that do not worship Him in vain.

  3. My blessing here is not for everyone, it is not for all of the Jews calling themselves Messianic, since many as these daily show themselves; - are no different from the Gentiles that call themselves Christian, worshipping a piece of wood. The talmud, not worth the paper it is written on, is also made of wood, which is what these Jews worship.

  4. As thus in general both Jews and Gentiles worship nothing more than a piece of wood, neither one will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but like I said; how the grace of God in Christ be upon those alone that:

  5. Do not worship a mere piece of wood, but serve God in truth, not worshipping in vain, not taking His name in vain, as these many others do.

  6. Now let me say this to all that are Jewish, Retain your heritage, as each nation retains its heritage.  If you are an Israelite why should you wish to be any different.  

  7. Just because in contrast to some of your race you are the wiser in accepting and believing upon the Messiah having come, and now seated at the right hand of God, does not make you any less of a Jew, but rather the contrary, it shows you as being the real Jews.

  8. And so you see I do not condemn the Messianic congregations, nor them that are called Christian, I condemn neither Jew nor Gentile, but I do condemn both Jews and Gentiles that worship in vain, that serve but human traditions.

  9. Thinking that by taking the name of God in vain upon their lips (violating God's commandments) that so they shall be saved. The truth for all these instead is the pool of fire.

  10. The Messiah came for all the world, not merely for Israel. If then the Gentiles call themselves Christians, so let them be, and if being Jewish you prefer being known as Messianic, so let it be.  For the one is as the other, if, and I do mean "if" there is neither any objection for any Jew to be known as Christian.

  11.   Salvation is not in the preference of any pronunciation, but in Christ Yeshua.  As therefore the Messiah is the Christ, and Christ the Messiah, He is one the same for all.  Being Messianic thus is being Christian.

  12. Do not therefore my beloved Israelites swerve to any denomination such as the Gentiles compile to themselves, for when one starts calling himself after Luther or Calvin, or universals and the like they have swerved from the Christ to be known by such as were no more than murderers.

  13. As then the Israelites keep to their festivals, like for example Purim, why should they not do so - when no other nation celebrates it? For equally so the Americans celebrate their 4th of July, which no other nation does, and the Dutch their 5th of May, also like no other nation.  

  14. So has each nation its own festivals. Nor should Israel leave off from any of their festivals as handed down to them from of old.

  15. Only this I say to you my dearly beloved Israelites; you were given the festivals as a foreshadowing.  And now that most of that foreshadowing is in the past, you are to keep these same festivals - but on their spiritual basis.  Let no one tell you any different.

  16. You my dear Israel are as the light of God to enlighten the world, wherefore if any from among the Gentiles wish to enter into God's rest with you - these ought likewise keep those festivals with you - which the Lord commanded unto you that were for all males.  

  17. Of these there are three major ones, the ones in the first, the third, and the seventh month of the year. All that truly profess the Messiah, that are Christian will not wish to be without them, since each of them is a token and reminder, as well as a testimony of their faith.

  18. As now the Lord our God and Savior will return to establish Israel, both physically and spiritually, this will not be until the day that He returns which, is contrary to what some or many believe as if Israel is first to be so established.  For that my very dear ones is a lie. 

  19. Israel for all its hardness of heart is not able to save itself, nor to built or redeem itself. It will not be for any righteousness in Israel, nor to their personal glory, but in Yeshua alone and to His glory. Those in Israel that believe the lie, have no need of the Messiah, seeing how they themselves are their own righteousness.

  20. O how some would love to have the Messiah come after they have established themselves, so that these can boast themselves against Him as were there righteousness within themselves.  

  21. Proud and arrogant as these are, they have yet to learn what humility is all about.  Therefore it will be the fire to await them, a whole pool of it, large enough to hold all that are to be humbled.


  1.   The Lord now gave to all the males of His household that they should be circumcised on the "eight day". Yet today it is only the sixth day, and how therefore is that to be reconciled?  

  2. It my dear sons of Israel is so that the Lord willed that all those of His household should be engraved upon His Messiah, upon the Christ, when they were to enter into the Promised land, into the new world that is - which He would bring forth on the "eight" day, on the day after the seven of creation.

  3. That is the meaning.  And why then was this circumcision done when even to this day that eight day has yet to begin?  It was a token to signify what God wanted from every male by which they might enter into that day of eternity.   

  4. And where it states "male," is to include the female, both of them to be circumcised to the heart.

  5. And what was it that God wanted from each male, if not that they should keep His commandments, and follow His statutes, which in other words, as the Lord Himself spoke saying: "To cut themselves on the foreskin of their heart."  

  6. In other words, it meant obedience. How plain did not the Lord make it, that He wished to be served in Spirit, rather than on the flesh?

  7. Circumcision means a humbling of oneself, a token that you are engraved upon the Lord God and upon His Redeemer, which entails to listen to -- and to keep His word and His commandments. 

  8. Therefore also the Lord by His prophets said for all the Israelites and the foreigner that cling to Him -- to be circumcised to the "heart" and to the "ear", rather than to the flesh. 

  9. That physical token, a statute for the eight day to enter therein, thus relies itself upon the keeping of the law and not to break a single iota thereof, lest it be voided. Since then no man was able to keep that law without spot - the physical circumcision for him became useless and of no account.  

  10. And the Lord gave us a better remedy, namely His "grace", that under the law with a circumcision that was useless to us, we might alternately be saved in "His" offering for us, by way of His Messiah. 

  11. That is to say in His circumcision, His circumcision being the cross. This wisdom I relay to you; That His offering to the death was His circumcision for you.

  12. Our offerings thus as they were made in the flesh became null and void, since none of us were perfected in it. And God instead gave of Himself an offering, the one in Christ Jesus. And this is what all these bulls and goats and rams were to foreshow us.

  13. As therefore Christ Jesus gave His life upon the cross He invoked a salvation by grace rather than by law. A salvation that calls for a reliance upon Him given in grace of God the Father, rather than to rely upon that old useless circumcision of the law. Instead of mutilating the flesh, to rather cut yourself to the heart, to serve God in Spirit rather than in the flesh.

  14. As then the Messianic Jews, in general, still cling to that circumcision of the flesh, these labor in vain.  And why is that so?

  15. It is because for as much as they with their lips profess to know the Messiah, in their heart  have no knowledge of Him, and in every way scorn Him to His face by following their own concoctions in defiance of Him. For He said that He wished to be served in spirit --- and in truth.

  16. If in any way at all they had any faith in the Messiah, they would have understood, and kept, as well as honored where the Messiah by Paul in the book of Romans said:

  17. "Circumcision indeed is of value if you obey the law; but if you break the law, your circumcision becomes un-circumcision.  So, if a man who is uncircumcised keeps the precepts of the law, will not his un-circumcision be regarded as circumcision?  

  18. Then those who are physically uncircumcised but keep the law will condemn you who have the written code and circumcision but break the law."

  19. Is it not obvious here how the Lord in His Holy Spirit by the lips of Paul does not reckon circumcision as any physical thing, but spiritual, and only spiritual, as to listen and obey.  That my dear ones is the wisdom of it without which no-one can be saved.

  20. These words now are much too simple to be taken in error - wherefore any Jew, who for fear of other Jews, or for any other reason, continues to adhere to this physical circumcision while professing the Christ, is a liar, and a thief, as well as a murderer, and such shall not ever enter the kingdom of heaven.

  21. It is just as the Lord, the Messiah Himself by Paul said; that, I, (physically uncircumcised) would be condemning the law breakers among the Jews, for adhering to their written code. 

  22. It is not I therefore rendering judgment, nor even the Lord the Messiah rendering judgment, but all such Jews by their own actions and the words upon their lips -- are rendering their own judgment upon their own selves.

  23.   Barnabas now, who was a Jew in Jesus, speaks of this wisdom regarding the circumcision, in the meaning thereof as it was given to Abraham: Quote: "For in this he received the mystery of the three letters, for the Scripture says; that Abraham circumcised 318 men of his house."   

  24. What then may the mystery be herein?  Mark first the 18, then the 300. for the numerical letters of 10 and 8 are I and H, which denotes Jesus, and adding the 300, the mark of which is T, signifies the cross. Thus the two letters signify Jesus with the third as His cross." 

  25. Accordingly, when the Lord spoke to Abraham of circumcision, He spoke to him of His Son upon the cross. But all such knowledge is but for the good hearted people that serve the Lord  with love and affection from the heart. The ones upon whom I pronounced a blessing.

  26. For again why did Moses write down that number, if not for us?  Moses could simply have said that Abraham circumcised all the males, omitting to mention any number, a number that specifically signified the cause for it, signifying Christ on the cross.

  27. Come and accept wisdom my beloved, if, like some of you will accept no more than the canons, which in all respects is but the enclosure which God set for the world to be judged thereby, and you reject all other wisdom as heresy, how are you to become wise?

  28. Was not Barnabas a true follower of Christ along with Paul?  You therefore in rejecting his word are rejecting a son of God, and the Word of Christ Jesus. And did not the Lord Himself say;  

  29. "Man shall live by all the word that proceeds from God." If then you are male you will know what word is of the Lord, and what not -- in any writing, or when spoken of in any tongue.

  30. Be not so unwise my beloved, for why are you listening to the word of ministers, of pastors, of the teachers in the churches? These are not the canons, yet if they be of God, they speak the word of God, and will be in conformance with the canons.  

  31. And if they be hirelings, they merely borrow from the canons, in which case, hear, but do not after their deeds, nor after the words of their own baking.

  32. I repeat, did not the Lord reply to the Satan, that: "Man shall live by all the word that proceeds from the mouth of God."?  And consider one of the prophets, how the Lord told him to take an adulteress to wife, a thing that is against the law which the Lord Himself commanded to all Israel.  What do you suppose the meaning thereof is?

  33. It was a foreshadowing that even though you are an adulteress nation O Israel, the Lord would nonetheless marry you.  But again this was after a time, after chastisement.  

  34. And how many different gods have you given yourself to O my beloved adulteress lady?  And yet - breaking His own law to your regards in the flesh- He, as in a new covenant, will take you to Himself in Grace.

  35.   To whom now may I be speaking, I know it is to you who believe in Yeshua, but that my dear one won't necessarily save you, since faith not only comes with the works thereof, but equally as much with knowledge to know what it is He desires of you.

  36. For unless you amend your ways, to renounce that which has its reliance upon the flesh, (including - in such cases -your rejection of that, which God purposely left outside of the reed, the canons.) your faith is poor indeed  

  37. Devils also believe, yet these are not saved.  Look to see what it is that Lord requires of you together with His faith.  Be a living believer, a true believer, show your faith in the works thereof.

  38. I see many Messianic Jews that have a faith, believing in the Messiah, but for some their works, nor their hearts are rooted in the true love of Jesus as He said: "Not these that say Lord, Lord to Me, but them that keep My commandments are those that love Me."

  39.   And now I ask you O my dear friends, am I so difficult to understand in these words I just here and now spoke to you? It, so I say to you - was not me speaking, but the Spirit of your very Redeemer who anointed me to my task before Him.  Wherefore even by my word you will be judged.  

  40. And seeing how you are those from among your brothers that are the wiser, to call upon and to acknowledge that Son of David which was born among you nearly two thousand years ago, as indeed the very Savior of the world, will you indeed listen to His very words that He is speaking to you this day?

  41. For I have heard that there are those among you who - while with the lips they profess Yeshua as the Savior of their souls, some or perhaps many of these also put their reliance on the law to practice that old useless circumcision.  

  42. But as I must pronounce to you my dear ones, you cannot serve God and mammon both, it is either one or the other, not both. Everyone that is a Christian in truth - Jew or Gentile, is circumcised, he has fulfilled the law, being circumcised on the foreskin of his heart.  If not so he would not be a Christian nor Messianic.

  43. Am I not speaking to those Israelites which are called the Messianic Jews, meaning they do confess Yeshua? If then indeed you do, you will also have taken that which is called the "New Testament" as a treasure to you. 

  44. For that is what it means, the "Treasure of Grace" rather than of the law. The New Testament in the fulfilling of the Old.

  45. And have you my dear ones read the precepts of that New Testament?  If then you have, how did you miss the words of Paul as he spoke to the Romans?  

  46. He for one said: "But if you break the law, your circumcision becomes un-circumcision."  And which of you is completely without sin? Which of you is so righteous as to enter into God's kingdom by circumcision?

  47. I venture to say that there is not a single Jew in all of Israel that is circumcised, for it is only Christ Jesus that can circumcise them, and by whom they will be circumcised.

  48. Since two plus two adds to four, all Jews that committed but the smallest of sins, though they acclaim to be circumcised - are not at all circumcised.  They are in fact pronouncing a lie, a very grievous lie.

  49. I say again; every Jew cut on his genitals removing the foreskin, that acclaims to so have the real circumcision - is a liar, a cheat, and not fit for the kingdom of heaven.   

  50. The Spiritual circumcision is the one and only circumcision commanded of God, and by that circumcision alone a man has a means unto God and Christ Jesus.

  51. Unless therefore you think that you are as good as God Himself, you are not circumcised, even while you claim to have it upon your flesh, you are pronouncing a lie both before God and man.  If thus you are not without sin- why do you still practice that useless token?

  52. The covenant which the Lord made with Abraham upon the flesh was for the heart - to in all things bodily as well as spiritually adhere to God's word, revealing to Abraham that Christ would be circumcised - meaning to give His very body upon a cross, for that indeed was His circumcision.

  53. Did not Paul say: "He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual, and not literal."  Indeed he said so, but some among you are not educated, these did not make Yeshua a real effort unto themselves, to read and educate themselves in that which the Lord requires of them.

  54. If thus you are a real Jew, to be one inwardly, you will forget about that cutting of any flesh, to be cut to the heart.

  55. If you will not listen to me because perhaps to you I am a Gentile, then listen to Paul, for you know that Paul was a Jew and called of Yeshua, the Son of God. 

  56. And no, I was not circumcised on the flesh, yet I am truly circumcised, for so Paul spoke to us by the Holy Spirit; "So, if a man who is un-circumcised keeps the precepts of the law, will not his un-circumcision be regarded as circumcision?"

  57. O how very much I indeed love you my brothers in Israel, and how very much I wish to bring this to your heart and mind that like Paul said; "You are not under the law, but under grace."   

  58. And this applies to all that confess Yeshua, while everyone that does not confess Yeshua is under the law, and will remain so to be eradicated from the earth.   It therefore is in the "Spirit" is it not?  Wherefore again Paul said; "Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ, does not belong to Him."

  59. Make my heart glad O my beloved, and in reading Paul's words to the Romans, take them to heart to comprehend the same so that I may truly call you my beloved brothers, my very flesh and blood. 

  60. I now rather than directing my speech to all of Israel as I have in many other places, I am here speaking to the "real" Israelites, as Paul also testified saying: "For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel."

  61. Beware of those that call the Messianic Jews a cult. For while some are real and some unreal, that does not invalidate Christ Yeshua as the Messiah. For likewise in calling Christianity a cult, is but by devils accusing others of their own crimes.

  62. If then anyone thinks that having been received in grace they no longer need to keep the law.  Reasoning that being delivered of the law into grace, they can pretty well do as they please since it is grace by which to live

  63. These many ignore this where the Lord said; "Not these that say Lord, Lord, but that keep my commandments are those that love Me."   

  64. And the law that is summed up in its ten parts as well as the single, to love God and ones neighbor, are "HIS" commandments, for the Lord Himself said, He did not come to abolish them, but rather to confirm them.

  65. Some of these for the example, no longer keep a sabbath or rejoice in a festival, or so many other precepts that the Lord has given us to keep, since so they erroneously argue they are saved in grace.  

  66. Yet why then do these foolish ones not show the works of grace, which are shown in the factual keeping of His commandments? 

  67. For this I say to you my beloved; he who keeps the law is free of its precepts.  And all that keep the commandments do so because they love God and were set free in the grace of Christ Jesus by faith - these are doing the works of faith, and of His grace.  

  68. If then your confidence is in the keeping of His commandments, you are as yet a slave to the law, but if you keep them because you love God and you despise to do anything that is not right before God, then your love has come into His grace.

  1.   I now know how you the Messianic Jews are oppressed, and not recognized by those many others who claim to be Jews, though they are not.  It is like the old saying; "The wicked accuses his opponent of his own crimes."  For this also is a fact how this day as I speak there are very few Jews residing in Israel, very few indeed. The great majority are no more than pretenders, not any kind of Jew.

  2. You therefore ought to know and be confident in this that you are the real Jews, rather than those that taunt against you.  For you are as Paul said: "That it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are reckoned as descendants."

  3. And Paul again speaking: "For we are the true circumcision, who worship God in Spirit, and glory in Christ Jesus, and put no confidence in the flesh."   

  4. And knowing this from the Spirit of Christ, why do some of you still look to the flesh? Are you fearful of your countrymen, that you do it for their sake, to be acceptable to them?

  5. O my, O my, why do you fear men when God is your strength? You put yourself down and in harms-way for such as are to fall headlong?  For such as are not Jews, but as the Lord named them: "Rebels," even as He spoke by Isaiah: 

  6. "But rebels and sinners shall be destroyed together, and those who forsake the Lord shall be consumed."  Or again by Isaiah: "And He will come to Zion as Redeemer, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression."

  7. Notice how the Lord said;  "to turn from transgression."  Anyone therefore that believes in the grace of God through Yeshua, will indeed turn from transgression, to keep His commandments.

  8. And it is "transgression" O my dear ones to call upon Yeshua and at the same time put confidence in the flesh, since that in all essence is the likes of adultery. 

  9. Christ Jesus is called "Grace" and to lay yourself down with Grace and another is adultery, for again He is a jealous God, and is not about to share you with another.

  10. Torah, Torah, so it is said, but they refuse to hear Isaiah 66, therefore these must be rooted out.

  1.   The Lord Himself now gave us His name by which we might have our reference to Him. For if there is no reference to Him, or we may not pronounce it, how are we to call upon Him? 

  2. The term "God" or Lord, now is not His name, nor even a name, for we in our flesh could not even pronounce His name if we knew the same. Yet God gave it to us as His name, -- to say; "Lord," or Master - as the meaning of it.

  3. The term "God" is as Omnipotence, and Lord as the very meaning thereof, the reference to His being, rather than His name, as He said; "I am that I am." And having no other - this reference - of Lord - is not only utilized as His name, but He in fact (by the Torah) gave it us as His name.

  4. His "Christ" however, which means "Anointed," has been given a name for men to know Him, which as we all know is Jesus, or Joshua, that is also spelled Yeshua. 

  5. Should not now these references which we have to God and His Son be held in high esteem? Certainly so, since again it is written; "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain."

  6. Now we know that there are devils, who since our birth upon the earth are in charge of the earth, to so continue until the Lord will dethrone them, delivering us from their powers. 

  7. These devils do not have any due respect for God, and are hateful to all mankind since God by His Messiah at the youngest day will grant man to have power and authority over these angels, and their rule will be taken from them.

  8. It is for their disregard for God that they are evil, and they love nothing better than to twist man in such a way to also have no due regard for God and His Holy Angels. 

  9. This they attempt to procure in many ways, and in one they attacked the sons of Jacob to mutilate the name of God so that they might be in violation of the first commandment as indeed they are.  And what better way -- so these devils reason within themselves, to destroy those that are to inherit our ranks.

  10. Realize therefore O my dear ones that it is of the devil to write the name of God, or of our Lord, in this mutilated way to omit a letter here and there as those "rebels" in Israel are doing.  And that it is of the devil to make you believe as were it in some sort of respect. 

  11. Or like the wicked ones from among Gentiles are doing, to "capitalize" all the letters, as if that were in some reverence to God, and His Christ. And more such wicked inventions do they have, like not capitalizing that, which is in reference to God, yet they love to capitalize such things that refers to demons.   

  12. All these - Jew and Gentile - are taking the name of God in vain, it is blasphemy.

  13. Look in their translations of the Scripture, how they do not bother to capitalize any reference to God or His Christ, treating the Lord as were He a common man, yet they capitalize the references to their idols.  Know therefore that these theologians are sons of the devil, and destined for eternal destruction.

  14. Be not like unto them you my very dear ones in Israel. Remember how the devil makes his attack more upon the sons of Abraham than on any other since he knows that these are in the inheritance of God.  

  15. As you may have noticed I capitalize every word that is in direct reference to the person of God, or to that of the Christ. And while it is proper to capitalize all names, I sometimes do not do so in order to demean the same.  

  16. And pay no attention to these devilish lies as were these writing God's name in that fashion for some respect, since it is indeed of the devil - and in irreverence to God.


  1. In the name of the Almighty God and Christ, I have spoken of the denominations of the Gentiles as idols, and as temples of the devil, and even as pig-styles, and no less for many Jewish synagogues - for so indeed they have become.  And these are as far from salvation as the rebels in Israel, since the Lord will root out both these and the others.

  2. Some of these institutions, or idol worshippers as I might say, wish to associate themselves with the Messianic Jews. And the reason for this in one is - that they are running scared, and suspecting that God is about to deliverer Israel, they hope by their association to be delivered with them

  3. But the Lord by His prophets gives a totally different picture of their end and the demise in which they will be brought.  

  4. And for a second, their master that leads them, hopes by their association to ruin Israel as he just previously attempted with the German nation and its holocaust. He was not successful in exterminating Israel with the Germans.

  5. And now thinking to have most of the Jews in his power, by refusing to accept Christ, he is feverishly working upon those that have accepted the Messiah, even if only in lip service, if perhaps by hypocrisy, and twisting of the laws of Christ he may destroy them as well.

  6. For this devil knows that his end is coming, and having virtually all of the Gentiles in his power, he by all means wants all of Israel in his power as well, so as hopefully to invalidate the return of Christ Jesus.  

  7. Be prepared therefore O my brothers in Israel, when you truly become a son of Christ Jesus, the devil will not be far behind, and you will be tried since it is so given him. 

  8. He will look for your weakness and attack you there.  All this to the end that it might be know who among men are His and who are not.

  9. I therefore caution you in any association with them my dear Israelites with those so called denominations of the Gentiles, since all these denominations - false as they are - will be destroyed from the earth.  So have I spoken, and not I alone.


  1. I now know very well why you do not wish to be called "Christians" while in fact you are Christians, Yeshua the Son of God being the Christ, the "Anointed" One.  But look deep into your heart once and ask yourself; 

  2. "Why if I am anointed of God in His Anointed, why do I resist being called, or known by the term of "Anointed?" For that is what the term "Christ" means, and what in fact it is.

  3. Since then one is as the other, Christian or Messianic, I could care less how they refer to me, be it Jew, or Messianic, or Gentile, or Christian, since my love is for God and His Messiah, as well as for all the race of man. If you love Yeshua, and are of His fold, you are "Anointed", you are a Christian."  

  4. Do not therefore allow yourself to be hung upon a word. Have, as I would say, broad shoulders, since it is "love" that is foremost, and with that I mean towards God and man.

  5. You think perhaps that there are so many Christians in the world, like all these Gentiles in their denominations, etc.  

  6. I got news for you, there are hardly any Christians in the world, and certainly not many among the Gentiles.  Count it rather an honor to be called after the Anointed of God, you will be among a minority, a small minority.

  7. These Gentiles are not Christian, they never have been since the very first of their devils captains, their popes, and reformers, but in hypocrisy, in a gross lie unto them.  

  8. Wolves in sheep's clothing, devils taking the name of Christ upon themselves so as to make a mockery of Christianity and of all that it stands for.  

  9. Be a Christian indeed O my dearly beloved, and not ashamed of it, lest Christ will shame Himself of you before God His Father.   Messianic Jew now meaning Christian Jew, so let it be in heart and soul.

  10. Just because they make a mockery of Christ, and take His name in vain, each time their ugly teeth are shown, does not mean that you should do so, since you - as you confessed to believe in Yeshua who commanded you not to take His name in vain.


  1. When I confront the Gentiles I am able to cut with a sharp knife, like as in; "Hear me, or perish, and I will not call upon you twice."  But with Israel there is no such knife for me with which to sever bone from marrow. This is so because of the remnant that will remain who as the Lord said: "Been recorded for life in Jerusalem."

  2. When you that are called the Messianic Jews are persecuted, or even possibly killed by the whims of the devil when he is thrown down to earth, you will have gone into life with Yeshua, and you will return with Him on the youngest day. 

  3. Or you may remain until He comes and be caught up into the clouds with Him. These therefore may not necessarily be those of whom the Lord said; "the remnant to remain."

  4. For there will be those that remain in Jerusalem and in Zion, and those that remain within the many other countries among the Gentiles, who indeed are the remnant that will then return, and be brought back even by Gentiles upon their backs - to be blessed as the sons of the living God then and forever. 

  5. And like it was spoken of the Lord, they will then vomit themselves of their evil doings, for the Lord will put a new heart into them, so that these will never again return to sin, nor will any lie ever again proceed from their lips. But as the Lord said: "They will all be righteous."

  6. Who am I therefore to sever the sons of Israel one from the other, when that knowledge is in God and His choosing? I therefore in the wisdom granted me of God cannot in this day speak of Israel, as I may speak of Gentiles.  And my heart rejoices in this, that He, God that is, will blot out their sins from before Him.

  7. And that same joy applies to Gentiles for me, if indeed they cease from worshipping a piece of wood, the cross that is, which they seem to be polishing until there is nothing left of it.  

  8. If these therefore will in fact and in deed worship Him who died upon that wood, and not the wood itself, - then my joy for them will be as it is for Israel.

  9. And now I should also mention to you that disgraceful ugliness which the devil procured upon the Jews, and in reverse upon the Gentiles as well, to mock the Lord God by putting on that abominable skullcap when in prayer or in service to God. 

  10. O how very much the Holy Spirit hates that in you my dear friends, even as it is equally hated of the Gentiles where they allow their women to be uncovered, to in fact in their churches appear stark naked.

  11. Yes, stark naked so I say, to take in a seat that does not befit them. (see page 39 in here, for both the Jews and Gentiles.) And this they started only recently.

  12. The Gentiles are guilty of the same offense as that of the devil himself, to attempt to seat themselves next to God, to steal a seat that does not belong to him, which is born forth out of accursed pride and arrogance.  

  13. But for the Israelites it seems these take great pride and pleasure to do exactly the opposite of what is commanded them of God, namely: that they are to uncover their head when they pray unto Him.  

  14. And yes I know what some Israelites will say, but I explained it fully under; "The Crown of man," in page 39 here. It, so I say to you; is not without cause that the Lord granted me a wisdom greater than most. 

  15. Is it not a courteous thing to remove one's hat when he appears before a ruler, or a judge, or when he enters a man's house? Most certainly it is, those which fail to do so, are beyond respect, with no integrity.

  16. Did you not remove your head covering out of respect before the sons of the devil, before these Germans of late?  Will you then have respect for devils, but not for God? 

  17. And is it not proper when someone sits down to eat to remove his head-gear?   And why might that be if not out of respect for God who is furnishing him with his food?  It in fact is like a thank-you note, to say thanks.  All males therefore that sit down to eat without removing their head-gear are as pigs, raised in a pig-style.

  18. This thing of not removing one's head-gear in respect to others, and to authority is so vile, so disgusting, that I cannot find the proper words for it, and that mind you I have to see of those that are so dear to me.  

  19. And then to behold how before devils these in respect to them "do uncover their heads," while to God no such respect is shown is more than any righteous soul can bear.  

  20. And so I do not want to see or hear more of this, the same - in the love that I have for them - being like a sword through my soul, a very painful sword.  And for more reality in this, the true meaning of the head covering; see page 25.


  1. I spoke of this on another page, at a time when I did not know what a mezuzah was, nor had any idea concerning it until I looked it up.  At that time I condemned it as an idol, as a curse resting on those that were sated with it, because I beheld them utilizing it as an idol, the likes of a graven image.

  2. And what now shall I say to you my dear ones? I know how the Lord said that for His commandments; "you should write them on the doorpost of your house and on your gates." But He also said; "to bind them as a sign upon your hand."  Why then my dear ones have you not bound His law on your hands as well?

  3. And if you remove your shirt will I be able see His law upon your chest, upon your heart that is?  For that also is what the Lord God commanded you to do. And looking at you will I see His law upon your nose as frontlets between your eyes?"  But why not, since that also is His commandment?

  4. Do I have to spell it out how all such things are in allegory, like metaphors, and you having the Holy Spirit with you, ---  as you claim, ---  how is it that you cannot decipher a letter from the spirit thereof?  Are you frankly telling me that the Holy Spirit of God is unable to decipher between right from wrong?  

  5. It is not the Lord who is mixed up, but you, in bowing down to a mere letter not knowing the spirit thereof.  You are not only without knowledge, but without His Holy Spirit as well - by whom you would have known the difference.

  6. In itself to write a law on a piece of paper and put it in a box fastened to a doorpost is not a sin, but if you begin to reverence it, then it becomes a grave sin.  

  7. God commanded not to make any graven image, -- shall therefore those life-size figures on which clothing is put in the department stores be idolatry?  They may be graven things, but the letter of the Lord dealing with graven images is not to worship them, nor to construct them to that purpose.

  8. Did not the Lord say: "My people die for lack of knowledge."?  If you have knowledge you know right from wrong, or should I rephrase this to say, to have a "right" knowledge whereby to know right from wrong. Turn again to Paul as he said; "He is a Jew who is one inwardly, a matter of the heart, spiritual, and not literal."  

  9. A mezuzah that is idolized, like kissing it, is the same as a graven image, a violation of Gods commandment.   

  10. The Lord now not only spoke of the heart, as well as of eyes and hand, but also of every hour of the day to be in possession of them, and to teach them, meaning  -- how your mind and spirit should never be without them to perform them.

  11. If then indeed O my dear ones you are Messianic, truly Christian, that you do indeed believe upon the Christ and not merely in lip service, then the Spirit of Christ will be with you, and I need not teach you this, since you will be taught of Him, in consequence of which you will not place any reverence in anything earthly, since again you would know the letter from the spirit thereof.

  12. And now look deep into your heart, and consider the word that Paul spoke saying: "Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ, does not belong to Him."  

  13. Do you therefore belong to Him, or is it mere lip service you are promoting after the indoctrination of those so called rabbi's or ministers, that teach you, unlike I am teaching you?  For I am teaching the truth, since; as the prophets proclaimed; I was born of Him, of the Messiah.

  14. And now I shall reveal this to you, that whosoever hears me, is one that is taught of the Lord Himself.   Will you now say that this is a bold statement of me?  

  15. For those that provide lip service it indeed is, but for those with the Good Spirit, that have knowledge,  the one is as the other, meaning the word to them is like the Spirit within them.

  16. There are those accursed rabbi's, that vipers-brood as the Lord labeled them, who will tell you to recite a prayer three times each day.  And what is it that they cause you to recite?

  17. They take a few verses from the law of Moses, that is not a prayer at all, but rather a commandment of the Lord for the wicked to their condemnation, since those which keep those commandments do not recite them.

  18. A prayer is an offering, a willing and loving sacrifice from the heart in gratitude to the Lord, or in a request of Him. A prayer is something inborn of the heart, not a dead and dull reciting of His statutes.  Rightly did the Lord speak of them that for salvation they teach the doctrines of men. 

  19. Therefore on them will come the greater judgment, as each and every day these in effect are - along with all their forebears - crying out, "crucify Him, crucify Him,"  and "His blood be upon us and our children."

  20.   Shall we now continue a bit more to define the letter from the spirit thereof? The Lord said: "Every animal that parts the hoof and has the hoof cloven in two, and chews the cud, you may eat."   

  21. Does this have any reference to animals, or not rather to people and to teachings?  What meaning does it hold here to say "eating"?  Is not eating as a taking to oneself to accept it within him? 

  22. The Lord could have said to Moses, write this: "You shall not take to yourself the teaching that is one-sided, that does not consider this day from the day to come, nor such men as teach the same. Nor shall you take that within you and hold it for good unto yourself if it is taken without due consideration, without any real thought upon it if it be righteous and good."

  23. Does not the above seem to be a poor substitute for the factual word of the Lord?  The substitute that I placed here is hardly of any value unless one has knowledge, a good knowledge to know what is one from the other. 

  24. But the same is true and more wholesome for the words as the Lord gave Moses to write, for which knowledge, or a good knowledge is likewise essential.

  25. And so you see, without a good knowledge you are always at a loss, since without it you cannot comprehend what it factually is that the Lord commanded.  And you do well to read the letter of Barnabas, wherein he defines these aspects of the law more clearly.  

  26. For if you are allowed to listed to a sermon of a teacher in Gods word, you may listen to Barnabas who also was a teacher in the word of God, and a far better teacher, since he would not allow himself to be called rabbi.

  27. I now am not going through all of those words that are written in this context, the single example herein being sufficient.  Since again if there be no knowledge, I am simply wasting my time and effort.  

  28. While if there is knowledge, the good knowledge, the single example is sufficient to awaken the right spirit in them that earnestly look for the truth, for the right Spirit, the Spirit of God.

  29. As then I said how these words of the Lord applies to men as well as to teachings, and we spoke of teachings, let us not forget them that promote those teachings, which entails our association with them. 

  30. One of the Apostles said, not to invite them into your house or give them greetings that do not bring you the doctrine that they taught.

  31. The world only looks for this day, they therefore are unclean, because they do not part the hoof. But you may eat all the pork you wish, as long as you abstain from those persons which accept everything sight unseen. 

  32. For that is the pig to slobber up without concern for what it is.  But for you to eat the meat of the pig - it is but flesh, and not any part of the commandment, the true commandment being spiritual.


  1. It is the month of October in which I am writing this and as I heard, Israel was celebrating its new year. Then I thought of the words of the Lord as He spoke by Moses: "For they will forget all My commandments, indeed everything which I shall command them."  

  2. Tishri is NOT your new year O my dear Israel. The Lord by Moses, and to Abraham, and by Enoch before him clearly showed you that it was the month of Nissan. And so you see how correct the Lord was regarding the children of Israel.

  3. Its a scandal for you, but these hardly know it as the Lord continued to speak to Moses saying: "Instead they will walk after the Gentiles and their defilements and shame serving their gods, which will become a scandal for them, and an affliction, and torment, and a snare."

  4. Was not the Holocaust a torment? It was also a scandal since it was the reward of the Lord upon Israel for walking after the Gentiles in their defilements instead of following the Lord in His word to them.  

  5. Is it not terrible that I speak of all such things, and not rather like most everyone else, that consistently mention all such quotations for Israel to be saved and become the head, and God with us, etc, etc, to tickle their ears?

  6. You hear them proclaim how terrible that holocaust was, while my word for these six million is: Serves them right, as they begged for it by day and by night; wherefore as such God gave them what they asked for.

  7. Horribly! Is it not for me to speak that way?  Or even to laugh at their calamities. But why should I not laugh at their pains, since they laughed at God and at all His word to them.  Why then when disaster strikes them should not God laugh at them, even as for me to laugh at their pains unto death?

  8. How often O my dear ones must I repeat what the Lord said, quote: "He will come to Zion as Redeemer, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression." If I wrote it a thousand times would it then sink into them? I hardly think so. 

  9.   Israel has forgotten all their festivals, not a one of them is celebrated according to the word of the Lord, since first and foremost they no longer have any knowledge regarding the days of the year, the Calendar by which all days are reckoned.

  10. In the days of Christ and the Apostles it was still known, but the Lord having shut-in millions of Israelites in Jerusalem, surrounding them with the Roman armies, He executed them.  

  11. But those which were not shut in and were driven to the Gentiles, forgot all about everything. And now nearly two days (2000 yrs) later who has any knowledge of what is, what was, and what is to come?

  12. Allow me thus to quote to you what the Lord said to Moses, in his book called "Jubilees."  For since the Lord gave to Moses these first five books of the canons as a statute for Israel and for an enclosure to the Gentiles that they may be judged thereby.

  13. He gave His Angel to write for Moses the same in a book of wisdom for those that were wise. And since I hope to be correct in considering the Messianic Jews as the wise in Israel, I shall quote you from it.

  14. "And you Moses command the children of Israel that they guard the year in this number, in 364 days, and it will be a complete year, and no one shall corrupt its time from its days or feasts because all will arrive in them according to their testimony, and not pass over a (single) day, thus they will not corrupt a feast.

  15. But if they are transgressed by not observing them according to the commandment, they will corrupt all their times, the years will be moved from this order, and it will transgress their ordinances.  And the sons of Israel, all of them, will forget, and not find the way of the years, and they will forget the heads, the times, and the sabbath's, corrupting the ordinances of the years."

  16. (Copy of that Calendar under "Times Accounting" Page 2.) (And the reality of 364 days on pages 41 and 42 under "The Foundations of the Earth.")

  17. Better you read these word a few times more to know exactly what is spoken and the consequences thereof. Then consider how very correct the Lord has spoken, how very correct indeed.  Note where it states: " the sons of Israel, all of them, will forget, and not find the way of the years."   

  18. Will you now be able to find the way again, to know which day is what day in the year O my dear Israel?  Or do you know of any person in Israel or anywhere in the whole of the world, even for the last nineteen centuries that had any knowledge of it, one that could lead you back to it?

  19. The Lord however is a gracious Lord, and by Enoch so long ago He foretold that in the ending days near the end of the sixth day, He would raise one up giving him knowledge and wisdom to re-enter His words, which He caused Enoch to deposit upon the earth as a testimony to all the generations of the earth.

  20. And among it is the full description of the years in their accounting, the Calendar as it is called.  Moses was educated in them and applied that wisdom to the children of Israel in all their festivals, so that in these days as also afterwards they were kept in their order in the proper times of the year. 

  21. And the Lord Christ Jesus gave his life on the cross at precisely the right day in the year that was commanded for it.

  22. Meanwhile, many in Israel after they had entered the land went forth to corrupt these orders, and many other parts of the commandments as the talmud bears evidence. But even though crab-grass and thorns grew up among the ears of grain, it did not destroy all of the grain. 

  23. But find me now a man in all these last centuries who having read and studied the words of the Lord by Enoch that was sufficiently competent to re-construct that calendar, or even to understand the same.

  24. No, I am not boasting that I was so competent, since the Lord in His Holy Spirit taught me all these things and very much more. To the Lord belongs the honor.  But it should have been one of you O Israel rather than me.

  25. He now gave it me for the purpose that I might deliver the same to the sons of Israel, so that you might again teach it to your children, for so the Lord said to Enoch:

  26. "Behold from their seed much afterwards shall arise another generation many of which will be very insatiable. And He who judges that generation  (the Lord Yeshua)   shall reveal to them the handwriting, to those to whom He must point out the guardianship of the world.

  27. To the faithful men, and workers of My pleasure who do not acknowledge My name in vain. And they shall tell another generation, and those having read, shall thereafter be glorified more than the first."

  28. And so you see I know that you will tell your children, since it is written, But who will hear and who will tell? Will it not be the "remnant", and those that turn from transgression,  all such as it was said: "that do not acknowledge My name in vain?"  

  29. The guardianship then will be for those that give me an ear, and do not discount my word.   For the Lord raised me up and did as He said He would, "To point out how I was to be a guardian of the whole of the world.  And of course for a testimony, and for comfort as well as for judgment, comfort to Israel, and judgment to the Gentiles.

  30. Hear me my beloved, it is written in the Torah:  "And you shall count from the morning after the sabbath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering.  Seven full weeks shall they be, counting FIFTY DAYS to the morning after the seventh sabbath, then you shall present a cereal offering of new grain to the Lord."

  31. If now my very dear ones you can truly do this counting FIFTY days from a morning after to a morning after in seven, and not 49 as the mathematics shows, you will be celebrating eternity just as your forefathers did before, during and after Moses.  

  32. And you will be the first in the last nearly nineteen centuries to once again celebrate the festivals of the Lord in full truth and to His Honor.  

  33. But like the Lord said;  "you have lost the years for the last two thousand thereof, wherefore it is not possible for any soul in Israel to celebrate the feast of the Weeks and of the Oath in truth after the commandment thereof, or any feast for that matter.

  34. But this need not be so for you, nor will it be so for your descendents after you, since the Lord Almighty infused me with His Spirit that to you and those after you this institution of the Lord may again be known and kept among the sons of Israel.  

  35. Do not assume that it was just for my sake to have received such knowledge and wisdom of Him, but for your sake, and to your joy it was. 

  36. And you in turn may teach the Gentiles, to be a light and an example to them, so that the years and the feasts will again be kept in their proper order. And they shall cast away their defilements, that old corrupt calendar which they brought forth out of ignorance, and out of their accursed pride, and foolish imagination.

  37. Then O my beloved you will once again celebrate as the Lord said: "Say to the people of Israel, In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe a day of solemn rest, a memorial proclaimed with blast of trumpets, a holy convocation."  Because you will know exactly when that day is, that first day in the seventh month.

  38. And you will be celebrating the feast of Boots in the right time of the year, when the Lord will demand of all the Gentile nations to send ambassadors, and if any nation refuses to come, they, as punishment upon them, the Lord will withhold the rain from them, that their crops may fail them.

  39. As now you behold that Calendar instituted of the Lord, consider how it was for your sake and for that of all men, that I went one step further in the exposition thereof than Enoch did, or Moses did, so that everyone might understand it more readily and keep the same, without having to depend on a scribe.  Which as we have seen has not worked for the last two days.

  40. Consider this my dear ones, how it was that Moses even mentioned the words "fifty days" when that 50th day is not in the accounting of the calendar.  For that same Moses in speaking of the flood said, 150 days, while there were 152 passes of the sun.  

  41. There thus he kept to the accounting, while in coming to the festival he took to mention that day which has no accounting, which was specifically to grand to me and to all that are wise a word in wisdom and for our benefit, as well as confusion to the unwise.

  42. The unwise will count 49, and be in error, or count 50 and be on the wrong day, all that because they are unwise, these do not consider eternity. But them that are wise, that are of God count 49 and do not omit eternity in its day thereof. And so these words are for you my beloved, for to the seeming Christians they are folly.

  43.   When now the Lord said:  "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord."

  44. Do you think He was speaking of the clothing that mankind wears on the outside?  I am priding myself in you being wise, and having knowledge to know that He spoke of the heart and of the mind, even as the Lord said: "Not what enters into the mouth defiles a man but what proceeds from it."

  45. And where David said to his son Solomon; "Show yourself a man." It is in keeping with how a man shall conduct himself as the head.  And where it reads that "the woman shall be veiled in the congregation," is for her not to wear the pants.

  46. Paul also in one of his letters wrote on the veiling of women as a token of her place with her man and in the congregation, and I expanded upon it in one of my pages here titled: "Veiling of women.(Page 39) In refusing to be veiled the woman puts on what is for the male, and the male only. 

  47. As then we look upon the Gentiles in this their last generation - that by all means consider themselves to be far wiser than God, they are indeed an abomination to Him, and fit to be eradicated from the earth.  

  48. Be careful therefore that you not be like unto them, nor be like unto those which falsely call themselves Jews who in turn act like women instead of being the male of the specie as indeed the hair upon their faces reveal them to be.

  49. You are not to have any leaven in your doings, not to add, nor subtract, nor change the institutions, or the laws of the Lord as He has made known to you, since it is written: "No leaven shall be seen with you in all your territory for seven days."

  50. The seven days then for the same reckoning are the seven thousand years, since these days in seven for the feast in that month of the year are in allegory to all the days of your life.  For here again still another law defines the very same thing, quote: "You shall not plant any tree as an ashe'rah beside the altar of the Lord your God which you shall make."

  51. Planting an asher'ah is as in adding a goddess, (or mammon along with God) a none existent figure, like unto a graven image, also as in corrupting the very altar, since the alter as it is made of man is for the Lord, and the Lord only, Holy and without blemish. How then will any man add a mate, or idol as it is better said? 

  52. And to provide you with an example of the literary foulness in man, look in those biblical translations of late, noting how they do not bother to capitalize many references to God and His Christ, but they go out of their way to capitalize their idols as they did in writing asher'ah therein. And they capitalize their own hour of damnation, where it states; "day of judgment."

  53. No doubt these foul ones will acclaim: "It's a name."   But no, it is not a name, it is a reference you wicked ones, so we might remark to them, -  since no goddess exists, and how then can there be a name?  Nor therefore - so I say -shall it be proper to capitalize idols,  nor to write the name of God in all capitals, nor to omit any letter therein.

  54.   One more example; you have heard how man will come into judgment not only for his deeds, but for all the words that have proceeded from him as well.   And man has angered me greatly with the foulness of their mouth wherefore I came to curse every man or woman that takes the word "evolution" upon their lips on a positive tone.

  55. And they are accursed, they are dead, and as good as dead.  Only these are so ignorant, they do not know how with each mentioning of the word they sign their own death warrant to a greater torment upon them, to a painful living death as it may be called.

  56. I gave them a commandment and if they will not obey me, they must pay the price, a very dear price that will not be paid in full for them into all eternities.  

  57. This authority I have of my Lord and Father, and I am not one to slack in my duties towards Him. "What you bind upon earth shall be bound in Heaven," so it is written.  And certain things I have bound, and are bound in heaven.


  1. Speaking of foods, that which enters the mouth; the commandments written in the Torah that appears to be regarding certain things to be eaten, or not eaten - is NOT regarding anything as superfluous as foods, nor did the Lord by the mouth of Moses speaks of foods that enter the stomach, but He the Lord spoke of "ASSOCIATION."  

  2. To not defile your spiritual self with graven images, or with idolatry, and with those that teach and/or practice such things.  Nor your bodily self to partake with prostitutes, or any immorality of the flesh. 

  3. Paul, not of himself but in the Holy Spirit of God said: "Eat whatever is sold in the meat market without raising any question on the ground of conscience." 

  4. So it is how the Lord Himself denies having given any commandment to Moses regarding that which is after the flesh, but rather by allegory to the spiritual nature. When you therefore speak of "Kosher," what my dear ones are you teaching?  Are you speaking in rebellion to God?

  5. By relying on it you indeed are my beloved, in that event you are speaking in the ignorance of your mind, after the ignorance of those that were before you, that left you with instructions not after the commandment of the Lord. And the Lord Himself gave you an example when He spoke of the washing of hands.

  6. Did not the Lord say: "I never gave you any commandment to slaughter animals for an offering."  Certainly He did, and how will you assay this with what Moses wrote as a law?  Read what the Lord said; how He only told you to do justice and keep righteousness, and to love the Lord your God and your neighbor with you.

  7.  As now Solomon said; that "no one can serve God lest he remains with wisdom," is it not high time my beloved in Israel that you take up knowledge to become wise, so you too may come into His grace to live in Him? 

  8. I have spoken of this is more detail in page 66 here under "Torah," avail yourselves of it.

  9. Behold therefore also what Paul said in that matter, but above all what the true knowledge of God and His Son Christ Yeshua is - that in mind and in spirit you may come free of the flesh to live in and by the Spirit, that is the Spirit of Him who bought you with the price of His blood.

  10. Would I now be cruel to say how; "Them that eat kosher --  are not kosher!    Is it cruel to speak the truth?  Was our Lord cruel when He offended the Jews in telling them that they were worshipping the traditions of their fathers, rather than the wholesome word of the Lord?  

  11. Be thoughtful and careful O my beloved how you judge.


  1. Some no doubt may say to me; "Did not the Lord send you to the Gentiles, to the nations thereof, how therefore His word to us that are not reckoned for Gentiles? 

  2. Correct as that word may be, it is also correct that the Lord by His word to Isaiah made me a messenger of good tidings to Jerusalem.  And in that context it is that I speak here and now, to speak to them in a spirit of tenderness.

  3. For the one I am send in judgment, and in the other to pronounce that their warfare has ended, that they have received double for their sins, for as to Jerusalem so spoke the Lord: "And He will come to Zion as Redeemer."

  4. Paul now in one of his letters said: "In the law it is written, "By men of strange tongues, and by lips of foreigners will I speak to this people, and even then they will not listen to Me, says the Lord" 

  5. But you my dear ones to whom I am speaking, known as Messianic, as those in Israel that are no longer putting their trust in the law, but in the Messiah, whose name is Yeshua, you therefore will listen, will you not?

  6. Why O my dear Israel would you refuse to hear a teacher of a foreign tongue, one whom your very own Messiah took from a Gentile nation, to anoint him for a messenger unto you of good tidings? 

  7. Did not one of your own prophets, Daniel by name prophesy how an anointed one was to come during the time period in which you would be a nation again? 

  8. And are you not indeed a nation again this day, wherefore also that anointed one must be someone, and somewhere ready to come to your aid, as well as to your joy, in the hour that is affixed in the will of God.

  9. Perhaps you would rather that this anointed one be of your own, in the sons of Israel.  But is it not more fitting that a Gentile ruler should reprove its own, rather than one of Jacob?

  10. The Lord God presented it clearly to one of your honored forefathers, to Joseph the son of Jacob in a dream, how the Messiah (as a Lamb) was to be born of a virgin, and how in the ending of the times at the left of that Lamb there would be a Lion, meaning your Messiah would be holding a Lion by the right hand.

  11. And now consider a Lion, how he is factually called "king of beasts", the meaning of which is; a King of Gentiles. And note how the beasts (Gentiles) ran up against that Lamb and that Lion, but how it was not the Lion but rather the Lamb, so it states, that trod the Gentiles under foot.  

  12. The Lamb thus in fact is protecting that Lion from the beasts, an act that before long will take place right before your eyes, and to all the world. 

  13. And when it has taken place, those against me, against the Lion, will greatly increase in number, even though it was not me to tread them down in great number, but the Lamb did.

  14. The Lamb however in invisible, while I am visible to them, and so they think to take their frustration out on me, but I will escape from their hands, which will come to your joy O my dear Israel.

  15. Some among Israel however that still await the Messiah, not believing in Jesus, might in all these things perhaps see me as the Messiah.  

  16. But how foolish since I am not of the house of David, and from the North and emerging from the West rather than from Israel.  These very mistaken Israelites would rather like to see a Hitler to gain a worldly rule, rather than the Heavenly rule of the true Messiah.

  17.   I have now given you a prophesy of what is soon to occur, so that even by it you may know that my word is of Him that has send me.

  18. That Lion then as the king of beasts is that same anointed one, that prince of which your prophet Daniel spoke, and of whom a number of other prophets have spoken, including Enoch, the seventh from Adam, in his writings that the Angels of God gave him to deposit upon the earth and in which all your prophets and forefathers relished, inclusive Moses and the Apostles of the Lord your Messiah.

THE PROPHET ESDRAS, (also known as Ezra)

  1. There is yet another prophesy showing how it will be my joy to deliver you with mercy O my dear people of Israel, while it means judgment for the Gentiles. It is from that part of the writings of the prophet Ezra (Esdras) that is called;  "For the wise only.

  2. And he was instructed to hide these words and teach them only to the wise" since in them, so the Lord said; "was the fountain of wisdom." Therefore also the Lord omitted them from the canons.   The angel in speaking to the prophet related to him the events of the latter days, of the days in which we are this day, and rather than recounting the whole vision, the Angel said:  

  3. "And the Lion whom you saw rising out of the forest, and roaring and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which you heard; This is the anointed, which the Highest has kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end.

  4. Here again is spoken of a Lion, like it was in the dream of Joseph, and him being the "anointed one," is in conjunction with what Daniel wrote for your time as a nation again.  And remember how by Isaiah the Lord said; "He would hold His tongue no longer, but cry out, etc?  Compare this, and you will see how it is of the same.

  5. For so the angel continues to speak to the prophet saying: "He shall reprove them, and upbraid them with their cruelty.  For he shall set them before him alive in judgment, and shall rebuke them, and correct them."

  6. You then my dear ones will have to see how the Lord deals with these Gentiles that through the centuries have abused you.  And you will see it.  

  7. Only I do not wish you to be afraid, nor be moved by the words you will hear of me to the Gentile nations and its leaders, since the further words of the angel to the prophet are as follows:

  8. "But the rest of My people, those who have been preserved upon My borders, these he shall deliver with mercy, and he shall make them joyful until the coming of the day of judgment."

  9. I am to make you joyful, and you my dear ones will be joyful,  all those upon your borders. For in that respect I will make no distinction between a Jew, or a Messianic Jew, but whosoever may be preserved upon your borders.

  10. And have I not spoken to you in many other pages, all of which are readily available to all the inhabitants of the earth?


  1. O what a bad boy I am not to furnish the reference for every quotation I make. And does anyone wish to know the reason?  What do you mean you hypocrite vipers-brood to dare call God a liar, when you are the liars? Do you count Him so low as to give you false information?  

  2. O no, you will say that I got this all wrong. But no, not I, but you got it wrong you false ones. I do not live by the letter nor do I speak by the letter, but by the Spirit, by a Lofty Spirit.   Well did the Lord speak of you saying: "They think to find life in the letter, while it is the Spirit that gives life."   

  3. If anyone does not trust me to give him truthful information, he or she is already lost, for they would not believe the word of God when spoken to them.  And if they wish to read more they will know where to find it.

  4. If I were speaking out of my own, like the hirelings that short-change everyone, and steal from the vineyard for their own, it might warrant a reference.  

  5. But I have come as a son of the Messiah, and in His power as one to whom part ownership will be granted.  I have come into my Father's vineyard to bring forth fruit unto Him that has sent me, and not for my own. 

  6.  This authority He has given me, and so He said by Isaiah; "I, even I, have spoken and called him, I have brought him, and he will prosper in his way.  And, so said the Lord: "The sheep know the voice of the shepherd. they will follow no other."

  7. I am a stone for stumbling, for so He has made me.  He that is cut by me will have life everlasting, and if not, -  my fall upon him will grind him to powder.   I have not come as a hireling, but according to my name with the power of Him who has sent me.

  8. And know this my dear ones, there are those that look upon Christ Jesus as no more than a holy man with gifts of great wisdom, but impute no divinity in Him, as God with God, having been with Him from ever.  

  9. For our Lord is without beginning with His Father as God said to Him: "Let "US" make man in our own image." The "US" is more than one, and besides God there were none but His only begotten Son, whom was begotten for our sake, and un-begotten in his very being with God.

  10. I am one as they imagine, a man cleansed of God with gifts of great wisdom, and not divine, while our Lord Christ is - as He himself said in the book of Revelations; "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last."

  11.   How terrible of me to call myself a son of Christ Yeshua, it no doubt will anger all the vipers-brood, just as it did when My Lord called himself the Son of God Almighty.

  12. Anyone now that denies that Christ was truly the Son of God and from ever, is blind and devoid of knowledge, whose end will be in the fires of hell, because he denied God, and made His Word out for a lie.

  13. This letter now is for you my dear ones, and if you wish to hear what of my word to the nations see page 56 "Pride of the nations."

  14. In the grace of God and His Son Jesus Christ, with all my love -- I will be with you.



  1. I am going on O Israel to speak to you, for my heart is full of love for you, and with knowledge you will be prepared, all you that hear me, whose heart yearns for the Lord the Messiah.

  2. Are you trembling at His word my love?  And do you feel left out by your countrymen? By Isaiah the Lord spoke: "Hear the word of the Lord you who tremble at His word, Your brothers that hate you, and cast you out "for My name" sake, have said, "let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy, -- but it are they who shall be put to shame."

  3. It is "me" O my beloved, I am speaking to you, an anointed one to come in your days, the one to whom the knowledge of the  foundations of the earth was given. And have I not proclaimed these foundations? Read and you will see that indeed truthful knowledge and wisdom was imparted me for your sake.

  4. It is me, and not such of whom the Lord said; "Truly the hills are a delusion, the orgies on the mountains, truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel."  The "hills" and the "mountains" are the teachers of men and their governors, and how they teach you the words of their own imagination under the disguise as were they religious and speaking in the truth of the law, and of salvation.

  5. I am going to speak of the times in the end, of that which awaits you and your kindred O my beloved, to impart knowledge unto you, so that you may know what it is that comes, when it comes.  

  6. I am like a teacher that is well trained for the Kingdom of heaven, bringing forth unto you both that which is old and what is new, or like your forefather Jacob said that in the ending of the times there would be a "star" by whom one would find the way unto the Messiah."

  7. I am indeed he, and I consider you to be among the wise in the earth, wherefore I may freely teach you from the books of wisdom, for so it was said of the Lord to the prophet Esdras, which applies to me as well: "Write therefore these things that you have seen in a book, and hide them, and teach them to the wise of the people whose heart may comprehend and keep these secrets."

  8. Am I therefore doing wrong to show these things, that I should be in violation to the will of God my dear ones?  Be therefore wise O my beloved, be my deliverance, deliver me from my foolishness, hear and be wise, it is the word of the Lord, His secrets which I am revealing, and so my soul prays that it shall be to the wise, and the wise only.

  9. As to the times of the end and the things to come in it, so it was spoken: "Those who live on the earth in those days will not understand that it is the end of time, but everyone who does understand will be wise at that time."  

  10. Have therefore compassion upon me, and gladden my heart, to understand the word that I am speaking to you.  For not to the world am I speaking here, but to you that are so very dear to me, to you whom I love so very, very much.

  11.   Behold, so spoke the Lord by one of His prophets:  "I will bring plagues upon the world, the sword, famine, death, and destruction, for wickedness has exceedingly polluted the whole earth, and their hurtful deeds have reached their limit."   

  12. As now you may look upon the world, and your love for righteousness has not as yet been perfected, it may not seem all so bad.  Or with your knowledge not as yet being full, you have barely discovered the tip of the iceberg.

  13. But consider this my beloved, if you were made a prince of a great nation, would you accept it?  With a knowledge no greater than of the earth you would, for who would not love to be a prince, seeing how those which currently rule upon the earth, will do anything and everything to have the rule.  

  14. But that is not so with me, I looked upon man, and I became disgusted, the whole lot of them (in general) became like a vile abomination to me, so much so, that in pain I cried out to the Lord saying:  "I don't want these people Lord, they are sick, and vile, I am ashamed of them!  How then shall I be a prince to them?"   

  15. Yet I could not get out from under it, since the Lord had said to me: "These Gentiles are your people, you will be their prince."  As therefore I was caught between a rock and a hard spot,  I earnestly prayed to the Lord, "that He grind them to powder for me." 

  16. And why is my heart like that, so unlike those of other men? Because He gave me His love, and imparted into me, as it was said of Enoch: "Sevenfold knowledge and wisdom."

  17. If therefore the men that rule the earth now had wisdom, they would never have accepted the rule, they would not have found any desire in the people.  But I am the Lord's who spoke after my own heart which He implanted within me, as He said: "An abomination are those that desire you."   

  18. The Lord was speaking of the people, and their deeds, and their rulers who were so pleased to have the rule over them, but for me, I do not want to be an abomination before the Lord.

  19.   And now "why" have I come, why was I anointed of Him with Holy oil?  In one it was to look upon my people, and to assess their doings.   And for another, the Lord is not one to without warning destroy men, or the whole race thereof, but to warn them, and to bring the reward of their deeds upon them part by part, so as to give them time for repentance before He would destroy them altogether. 

  20. And so it is that earth-quakes and other calamities come upon the earth, and so it was that He created me, and so it was that He is holding Elijah and Enoch (the two Lamp-stands) ready for their days upon the earth, before the day that He Himself in His Messiah will come to fully eradicate the enemies of Israel and deliver His inheritance. 

  21. Wherefore it was spoken not only of Isaiah and of Jeremiah but of others as well quote: "Therefore says the Lord; I will no longer be silent concerning their ungodliness, which they impiously commit, nor will I tolerate them in those things in which they wickedly exercise themselves."

  22. Hear then O my dearly beloved, hear the words that I am about to quote to you that you may truly understand them. "You therefore shall prophesy against them all these words, and say to them; 

  23. The Lord will roar from on high, and from His Holy habitation utter His voice, He will roar mightily against His fold and shout, like those who tread grapes, against all the inhabitants of the earth."

  24. The Lord is not just coming at the last day to surprise the world, but ahead of its day to reprove them. And not only will His word be against the Gentiles in a strong measure, but to your kindred as well my dearly beloved, "to His fold", as He said. And why was it thus that I spoke as I did in a letter herewith entitled; "Israel today."? 

  25. Then His word continues: "The clamor will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations, He is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked He will put to the sword."

  26.  Have you not seen from the rest of my letters how "vengeance" was on my mind, and how I was "sore angry" with the nations, and even with Israel?  But I restrained myself, until it would be the hour in, which as Isaiah said: "And now the Lord God has send me and His Spirit."

  27. Like treading grapes, to crush them so that their lifeblood will flow from them, so it was on my mind, for His indignation has entered my heart, and his judgments will be upon my lips, and it will resound to all the earth.  

  28. To be ground to powder, so was my prayer, and the Lord of all mercies will do so even for my sake, and for yours O my beloved. For He will indeed come -- for the glory and the honor of "His" name.

  29.   Shall we turn to what was given to John, to that Apostle of the Lord in His Revelations to mankind? He said: "Then I saw another mighty Angel coming down from heaven wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over His head, and His face was like the Sun, and His legs like pillars of fire."

  30. The rainbow, and His face like the Sun and all, reveals Him as the Lord the Messiah or His Angel. And Him being wrapped in a cloud reveals His invisibility while He works upon the earth to perform the things that are of Him.  And in His hand he had as it reads, a little scroll, which for the very essence thereof you may consider to be my writings, and that of others.

  31. Then so it reads: "And He set His right foot on the sea, and His left on the land, and called out with a loud voice, like a Lion roaring.  And when He called out, the seven thunders sounded."  "The Spirit of the Lord with him," that is the invisibility of the Angel to come upon the earth.   His right foot upon the sea then, is upon men, and His left on land, is upon the earth and the habitations of man.

  32. And here again the Lord mentions that "roaring Lion," that same Lion that was with the Lord at His left in the dream of Joseph.  For surely now these burning feet of bronze of that Angel is to burn men, to perform harm to them.  

  33. And so it was shown to Joseph, the beasts, the Gentiles, running up against both the Lord and that Lion with the Lord, the Lamb of God treading them down. This is what the feet of the angel signifies.

  34. While now all the plagues shown to John at Patmos were revealed, the nature of these seven thunders were not revealed.  For He did not want the world to know what it is that the Lord in that day will assay upon them, since I too came first to warn them, and if they will not listen, you my dearly beloved will see with your own two eyes, that which those thunders have spoken.

  35. "The clamor will resound to the ends of the earth," is that not what was spoken?  It will come, or by the time you read these my words it will already have made its beginning, since the word of the Lord is true and truthful always. There is never any doubt that His word will be brought to bear, as you my beloved know since you are those that are wise in the earth.

  36.   We are speaking of the times of the end, so that you that are wise will know and not be surprised, for I do not suppose that the wicked will bear with me in so many words, but they will have left off reading my word since it is not to their likens.  

  37. You that are wise do not need references from me since you know my word to be truthful, and I am performing what was spoken: "Behold; Speak into the ears of My people the words of this prophesy which I will place in your mouth, and cause them to be written on paper, for they are faithful and true."

  38. So then upon request the Lord said to the prophet: "That which will happen at that time bears upon the whole earth, wherefore everyone that lives will see it. And at that time I will protect only those that are found in this land, and when everything that was to come in that time has been accomplished, - then the Anointed One will begin to reveal Himself."

  39. I did say that I would make no distinction between Jew or Jew during the days that I am upon the earth, but if needed give my life and my honor to protect the land of Israel and whosoever be found upon it.  

  40. Yet though my reprove is for the sons of Israel as well, and my tender words to all that turn from their evil ways.  It is my great joy O my beloved to confirm as it is written:  "But the Holy land at that time will find mercy, and protect its inhabitants."

  41. Be not fearful for as long as the Lord gives me to be with you. But there will come a time when I am no longer with you, that there will be an invading of you, and many will perish. Behold how it was said: "Understand, O son of man, that the vision is for the time of the end." 

  42. "In those times many shall rise against the king of the south; and the men of violence among your own people shall lift themselves up in order to fulfill the vision; but they shall fail.  And he shall return to his land with great substance, but his heart shall be set against the holy covenant."

  43. This is when I am no longer with you, and you have come into the last week of years. Some among your kindred will think to procure a vision that will fail.  But you my beloved will know better and wait upon the Lord, and not take things into your own hands.  

  44. Yet for that which is coming hear the Lord as He said: "Flee for safety O people of Benjamin from the midst of Jerusalem. Blow the trumpet in Teko'a, and make a signal on Beth-hacche'rem, for evil looms out of the North, and great destruction."

  45. I believe it was Daniel where it is written: "Forces from him shall appear and profane the temple and fortress, and shall take away the continual burnt offering. And they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate.  He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant; but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.  

  46. And those among the people who are wise shall make many understand, though they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder, for some days.   When they fall, they shall receive a little help. And many shall join themselves to them with flattery; 

  47. And some of those who are wise shall fall, to refine and to cleanse them and to make them white, until the time of the end, for it is yet for the time appointed. He shall come into the glorious land, and tens of thousands shall fall, but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom and Moab and the main part of the Ammonites."

  48. Did you hear how tens of thousands shall fall?   I will not be with you at that time since these things will be done after a previous storm that is to come from the North as well as from the East unto the South. And regarding it Daniel wrote: "In his place shall arise a contemptible person, to whom royal majesty has not been given, He shall come in without warning.  And: "Armies shall be utterly swept away before him and broken, and the Prince of the Covenant also."

  49. My demise as some may reckon it, but my joy as I will see it. Yet it will be a demise upon many persons, like Samson who killed many Philistines, but in his death, at his last moment more were killed than in his lifetime.  And the world will tremble for that which is coming upon it.  

  50. So then my beloved I repeat with what Jeremiah said: "Raise a standard towards Zion, flee for safety, stay not, for I bring evil from the North, and great destruction."

  51. I am raising that standard to you O my beloved, do not love the world, and do not love father, mother, wife, or children more than the Messiah.  What do you care for your homes and all the things you worked for, since it will be taken from you. 

  52. It is you that they will be after, you that love the Messiah, you which treasure the word of the Lord to yourselves, and that keep His commandments. 

  53. Stay not, flee, look for safety that you may teach still others, and place hope and confidence into them to bear the assault, for in a little while the enemies will be no more, and you will have gained your life.  The Lord said: "For they (the faithless among men) shall waste, and take away your goods, and cast them out of their houses."  

  54. "Then, - so said the Lord: "they shall be known who are My chosen, and they shall be tried as gold in the fire."

  55. Yes my dearly beloved, my heart will embrace you, and if I could keep you upon the palm of my hand I would keep you safe.  But each of us - we are to be tried, as a testimony that we are the Lord's, and loved not our lives for His name sake. 

  56. You ought also read the words of Enoch as comfort to yourselves, and for teaching.  Put on the complete armor of the Lord, so that you may withstand the arrows and not be pierced by them.

  57.   How much more now shall I say to you of the ending times? The times themselves will come, it is you that I am concerned about.  I should not like the following words of the Lord to have anything to do with you, quote: "To whom shall I speak and give warning that they may hear? Behold, their ears are closed, they can not listen. Behold, the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn, they take no pleasure in it."

  58. I have revealed many things not for the ears of the world, nor am I so worried that they will come to know the secrets, since my word, that of the Spirit of the Lord by me, is so much to their dislikes that these will not bother to read, besides the fact that the light within them is but darkness, and not darkness uncovers but the light does.

  59. Somewhere the Lord said:  "I spread out my hands all the day to a rebellious people, who walk in a way that is not good, following their own devices;  These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations."  

  60. Does that not sound like to pertain to many which we both know?  These however have no real idea as to what is in store for them, since they abhor the word of God, yet their heart is fearful of the things coming into the world.

  61. But "I", so spoke the Lord; "I also will choose affliction for them, and bring their fears upon them; because, when I called, no one answered, when I spoke they did not listen; but they did what was evil in my eyes, and chose that in which I did not delight."

  62. My word then is; "when I called," I am calling, and not I alone. But who will answer, who will hear?  But no I should not be impressing these words upon you, since you are the wise, and you do have ears, and hearts to meditate, and the love that is of Him, of the Messiah, to cleanse the house within you, and decorate it only with the furniture that is the Lord's.

  63.   Coming to the very end now, it was said:  "At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time; but at that time your people shall be delivered, every one whose name shall be found written in the book."

  64. A very astonishing time it will be, and the vultures will gorge themselves on the flesh of men.  And now to Daniel it was said;   "But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, until the time of the end."  

  65. These words may thus now be opened, for today is the time of the end.  And the seal may now be removed from his book, as it may of other righteous persons, which I have done.

  66. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and of God the Father be upon you, and upon all that are His.  So I Leonard say unto you:  Peace be unto you of the Lord our God.

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