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  1. Hear O all you nations!

  2. "The Lord is at my right hand; He will shatter kings on the day of His wrath.  He will execute judgment among the nations, filling them with corpses; He will shatter chiefs over the wide earth. And He will drink from the brook by the way; therefore He will lift up His head. "

  3. Hear the word of the Lord, O you nations, all you tribes of the Gentiles.  He who scattered Israel will gather him, and He will expand their borders. They will the head of all the earth, and rule the nations with a rod of iron.

  4. "We are a mighty power and no one is going to put us down," so the people of the USA and those of Russia, two of the heads of the eagle, proudly acclaim.  What therefore are these Jews to us on a few square miles in the center of the earth that we should fear them?

  5. O you foolish, foolish people, you think that for your multitude you will save yourselves and avenge yourselves upon your enemies.  O you foolish Americans, and you foolish Russians. And if any other nation will take pride in themselves to keep their stay in the world, they are equally as foolish, and more blind than bats.

  6. "You are not about to let these Jews rule you," so you speak in your hearts, nor will we bow down to them since that in itself is un-imaginable to contemplate.  We are well armed and quite capable to take care of ourselves, so you reason. 

  7. But you are nothing, absolutely nothing O my dear nations. When the vultures pick the flesh from your bones will you still say you are well armed?

  8. And O you are so religious, you have the Christ at your side, your land is filled with churches, and we worship Him all the time, no harm will come to us.  

  9. But you are liars, I am calling you liars and cheats, all of you, for you do not know the Christ, nor has any worship for Him come of your lips, but in hypocrisy.  You are hypocrites worshipping your own imagination under the disguise of His name.

  10. O Yes I know you, and I know you well you lovers of deceit, the whole lot of you, liars and hypocrites, with no knowledge of the truth.  Therefore you will not believe me when I pronounce the truth to you.  But what does that matter since your unbelief of me is not going to keep you safe.  

  11. It is the One with whose name you are so comfortable, in whose seat you think to have seated yourself that your lifeblood will be poured out.  And that goes for all of you Gentile nations without exception.

  12. Do you really want to hear it you nations, the truth that is?  Of course not, you don't want to hear anything but what tickles your fancy.  

  13. I however am not one to tickle anyone's fancy, nor do I have any fear of you.  I have no need of your votes to come to own you lock, stock, and barrel. But you are unaware of these things since you only pay lip service to the Christ.

  14. It now, so I say to you O you nations great and small, will not be a great number of people to do you in, and to feed your flesh to the vultures, nor even a small number of persons, but by a single Person you will be put under, and nothing of your might will save you.

  15. And who might this be, this single Person to do you in?  It is none other than Him to whom you perform lip service, the One you do not know, the One with whom you think to lay in His bosom. 

  16. When He foreshadowed Himself to us, it was asked of Him as to why His apparel was so red, why His garments were like that of one who had been treading a winepress.  

  17.  And what was His answer?  He said: "I have trodden the wine press alone, and from the peoples no one was with me; I trod them, (the nations) in my anger and trampled them in my wrath; their lifeblood is sprinkled upon my garments, and I have stained all my raiment."

  18. This is what He answered, the One to whom you consistently pay lip service, polishing the wood on which He was crucified.  He did it alone so He said, no others of the people with Him.   

  19. And you call yourselves a mighty people, with so much armament for war, and yet you could not hold out for a single Person?  I am ashamed of you, of your abominable pride, while you are no more than weaklings, unfit to save your own selves.

  20.   And now you like to know "why" He did so, why He is draining the blood from you? Or, is about to give your flesh to the vultures, since we know what is in the day of tomorrow, which you do not know, wherefore we can speak as if it had already happened, with us is knowledge, something you are in dire need of.

  21.  How then you ignorant babes, if I may ask; don't you know, and are you so unaware that it is for your accursed lip service to Him, and for making a mockery of His law and precepts?   And I thought you were so very religious, so sincere in all your worship. 

  22. But surely I must have thought wrong, because I heard you calling these priests of yours by the title of eminence and father.  And how then were you mentioning the name of Christ when you hold these snakes, these devil servants as gods unto you?  

  23. Surely one is a slave to whom he looks for god.  Are you not therefore as a people unfit for the kingdom of Heaven?

  24. But while you look to devils and to hypocrites for a god unto you, it was the True and Almighty God who formed you and Who is serving you with your food upon the table, as well as giving you the very air to breathe.  

  25. But to Him you paid no thanks, nor was there any respect for Him in your vocabulary as well as in your deeds.

  26. Should He not therefore have a full right to be angry with you, and to take vengeance on you for all your blasphemies of His good and Holy Name?   

  27. And so it was that He set a day for it, like He Himself said: "For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and My year of redemption has come."

  28. And what was He to redeem, what was so useful among men that it might warrant saving it? You weren't, or perhaps a few among you, a few of such as were disgusting to you, like I am disgusting to you.  But like He said, He found no help, His factual words being: 

  29.  "I looked, but there was no one to help; I was appalled, but there was no one to uphold; so My own arm brought Me victory, and My wrath upheld Me.  I trod down the peoples in my anger, I made them drunk in My wrath, and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth."

  30. You are disgusted with me no doubt, but I have been disgusted with you for a very long time already, to you it may be new, but to me it is old.  I grieved for you, but at long last seeing how you were set on destroying yourselves I freed myself of my grieve for you,  I could no longer bear it. 

  31. When now you fill bottles, and set a sum for things, everything is done by measure, and you will not stop filling the bottle until the set measure is poured in.  

  32. Well-on my dear "food for the vultures", so it is with everything, and you are to fill up your measure, and become nice and fat for the vultures to have a good meal, wherefore there are a few more things you must do, and your days that are numbered must be complete.

  33. You are to go to war, you are to rise up and and play havoc upon your neighbors, for thus spoke my Lord, the One in whose service I stand;  "Behold, waters are rising out of the north, and shall become an overflowing torrent; they shall overflow the land and all that fills it, the city and those who dwell in it. Men shall cry out, and every inhabitant of the land shall wail."

  34. "Waters"  now what is that?  Don't you know?  It is you, it is you people, a flood of people, like an army thereof.  That head upon the middle of the eagle may have died upon its own bed, but there is enough left in these Northern nations to make for a flood to sweep on down South.

  35.    The Palestinians, don't you know how formerly that area was called Philistines?  It is from the North that their demise will come upon them as recorded in the Scriptures: "The fathers will not look back to their children, so feeble are their hands, because of the day that is coming to destroy all the Philistines, to cut off from Tire and Sidon every helper that remains, for the Lord is destroying the Philistines, the remnant of the coastland of Caphor." (Caphor from where they came)

  36. You are a mean people, those of the North that you will be used as destroyers, so that in the end, the same may come upon you.  And you will come since it is so recorded, quote:   

  37. "For behold I am stirring up and bringing against Babylon a company of great nations from the North country, and they shall array themselves against her; from there she shall be taken.  Their arrows are like a skilled warrior who does not return empty handed."

  38. Am I now to define the term "Babylon", so you might know what road to take, and its people to know when to flee?  I am going to leave it for you and for them to discover, that I will do.  But it is not only those of the countries in the North, but the rest of the nations are not much the better, to assay upon them their reward.

  39.   You don't like the Jews do you?   And before long you will like them even less. And so before long you will look to the land of Israel, and say to your companions: "Let her be profaned, let our eyes gaze upon Zion;"     So indeed you will speak, the people of many nations, and you will stop your arguments which you have with one another, and put your sights to Zion.

  40. And you will come forth in great multitudes to assemble yourself against that small country, against a people that are not many. For O you are such brave warriors, it has to be at least ten or twenty to one before we can be assured of our victory.  You know you make me vomit of you, for in my view you are but cowards. 

  41. Only it has to be that way, nor do you understand that it is not factually of your desire, but that you were summoned to do so.   

  42. And since you really do not know what to believe of me, or of those Scriptures from which I am quoting,  you will come, but with fear in your hearts, not knowing what is to befall you.

  43. Well-on my dear brave ones, or cowards as the case may be, let me quote you what is written of the words of their God: "For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered, and the women ravished, half the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city."

  44. So you see, you cowards, you may actually become heroes, to with all your might mistake yourself upon helpless women, and to beat upon children, for it is not without reason or due cause that I called you cowards.  And you will think to be in good shape, and have the upper hand.   

  45. But O you are fools, such miserable fools, since you should have known that you were deceived in coming.  And now those fears which you had will become very real to you.

  46. For then it is that the God, the real God of Israel will arise, and mince-cake will be nothing for what He will do to you.  And He will deliver you in the hands of His people as He said: 

  47. "Arise and thresh O daughter of Zion, for I will make your horn iron, and your hoofs bronze, you shall beat in pieces many peoples, and shall devote their gain to the Lord, their wealth to the Lord of the whole earth."

  48. As for me, I have taken the side of the winner, I have no wish to be defeated.  And you, you know you could do the same thing, and not end up in the belly of the vultures. 

  49. But in order to be among the victors, you have to listen to me, and factually keep yourself to the word of the Christ, and that as I know is a disgusting thing to you, not anything to your likens.

  50. And so I might as well announce to the vultures, and to the wild dogs that their meal is coming, and that it will be human flesh upon their plates.

  51.   But now I am going to confuse you, so you will not know what to think, to ascertain to yourselves what is the truth, and what are we to believe or prepare for. 

  52. We are going to start out by blowing a trumpet in mount Zion, to announce that the day of the Lord is coming, a day of darkness and of gloom, a day of clouds and thick darkness, as the Lord proclaimed.

  53. And what is there to come? It is like the darkness of night when it marches forth upon the earth and over the mountains.  It is not an absence of light however but as the Lord said:

  54. "A great and powerful people; their likes has never been from of old, nor will be again after them through the years of all generations."

  55. These are not anything like unto your armies but like real warriors they charge, and like soldiers they scale the wall. They march each on his way, they do not swerve from their paths.  They do not jostle one another, each marches in his path; they burst through the weapons and are not halted.  They leap upon the city, they run upon the walls; they climb up into the houses, they enter through the windows like a thief."

  56. "Their appearance, so said the Lord, is like the appearance of horses, and like war horses they run."  The people ahead of them are in anguish, for it is a fire that devours before them, and behind them a burning flame.  And so it is recorded: 

  57. "The land is like the garden of Eden before them, but after them a desolate wilderness, and nothing escapes them. Before them the earth quakes, and the heavens tremble. The sun and the moon are darkened, and the stars withdraw their shining."

  58. How dreadful is it not when such an army is coming upon you, the likes of which has never been nor ever again will be.   

  59. And how will you fight such an army, or stand before them?  When you are in battle you are halted continually to protect yourself and take aim at your opponent.

  60. But these warriors do not even slow down for any of your weapons.  You may aim to conceal yourself, but there will be no place to hide from them.   A mighty army, so you will concede, for look and see who it is that is at the Head of them. 

  61. Is it not the very One to whom you paid lip service?  For so the record reads:  "The Lord utters his voice before his army, for his host is exceedingly great; he that executes his word is powerful.  For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible; who can endure it?"

  62. And did not Enoch the first lawgiver say: "Behold; He will arrive with tens of millions of his holy ones in order to execute judgment on all."

  63. Have I now got you thoroughly confused, that the lot of you could not take on a single Person, while here we are speaking of a very large army? Unless you repent of your wicked inventions, it is not for you to have knowledge, nor to apprehend wisdom.

  64. As now it was written in question, quote: "Who can endure it?"  It certainly will not be you O you nations for all the wicked ones among you, which are many. 

  65. And so I thought to give you a look into your day of tomorrow, if perhaps there may be some among you with a desire to save themselves from the day of the Lord, and be hid in that day, a day that is not far off.


  1. They taunt me saying whom does he think he is?  And yes who am I, miserable man that I am reproving people for their sins, and pronouncing judgment upon them. No wonder I gained so many enemies.

  2. For all the years since my birth what was there to see upon me with all the knowledge, which I did not hide from man?   I was no more than a dead stump of a tree in the ground even on waters edge.  I spoke but none would listen and those that did hear had no reply nor counsel. 

  3. I approached man to with the stroke of a pen relieve him of all his burdens in his search for oil, to forever set him free of his toil for the power and energy that he craves.  But no one would listen, nor as much as post me a reply for my well spoken resume.

  4. Am I truly unique among man? Perhaps so, but not one of a kind since there are two others with me.  The Lord spoke saying:  “This world for many, but the world to come for few.”   

  5. If then a few is as it is understood to be in the number of two or three, I am with but two others to come to own the whole of the world.  

  6. Gather me than the six billion plus on the earth this day, and these are but a handful of the many, which will come into our ownership.  For did I not say unto the nations that after this they will never again be free, which applies to those of the past the present and the future.

  7. And how is it that I can speak all such words, so unpleasant to the ears of men?   It is the Lord’s doing, to have educated me in the truth, granting me to know the beginning from the end, and the end from the beginning, to know what is in the day to come and how it will be.  

  8. I became a plague upon the children of the earth for the greatness of the knowledge, which was bestowed upon me in contrast to that by which the children of man plow forth.

  9. I looked upon the learned of man how they labored and toiled to gain knowledge to themselves and what they gained was mere foolishness a product of their imagination.  While I received sevenfold without toil or labor, as the Lord said:  "To grant it them in the sleep.” 

  10. But will man face facts, to acknowledge the truth that stares them in the face?  They will only hate me for showing truth, and pronouncing facts, since it makes their labors and their toil as well as their honor into nothingness into the dung of the earth.  For the knowledge granted me I am become the evil to destroy their poison with fresh clean water.

  11. And this is but the beginning, for in the day that before God their lives are annihilated, and He hands them over into my hand to do with them as it may please me, it is then that I will execute judgment upon them.  And many will be in sad shape.

  12.   “Unique among man”, and yes what shall I say?  Let us behold what the Lord said by Ezekiel (17) regarding His church in the metaphor of the Cedar. That great and lofty Cedar, which is Christ Jesus, and like it was said; “Unless you remain upon Me you shall fall and wither.”  

  13. All those branches therefore and all its twigs and leaves are the sons and daughters of the Lord, upon the Grand Lofty Cedar, all of them moved in the breeze but held in place, and remaining green upon Him, upon our Lord and Savior.  

  14. That Cedar thus depicts the entire household of the Lord, all the sons of God upon a single footing, all resting upon a single base firmly anchored in the grace of God.

  15. But now what is the Lord God doing? He is breaking off one of those twigs so that it no longer rests upon its Savior.  Of all those many twigs, those many sons and daughters one is removed from it whereby it is no longer functioning upon the life giving stream of the wealth of that Cedar. And he was one of the youngest, him being taken from the very topmost of that great Cedar.

  16. But who is like unto the Lord our God, for He did not take him so that that twig might wither and die, but quite the contrary.  God took him like a seedling from the lofty Cedar, to set it out and plant it with the intend that it might take root and grow to be a cedar in itself, to be another Cedar, like as a son to its Master from whom it was taken.

  17. Wherefore now there would be two Cedars, the one great and lofty one, and His son, His seedling grown into a tree by itself. There would not only be a Messiah, but a Son of Him as well.

  18. This is what the Lord God testified and procured, just as He showed to Abraham in the two birds that he was to procure for the offering, along with the three four footed animals that were cut and offered.  And the Angel rested upon the two birds when ascending into the heavens.

  19. What a marvelous thing the Lord is doing, so many things being twofold and yet upon a single foundation. 

  20. How therefore am I to feel being broken off from the Lord from my love and my sure foundation, and being planted to grow roots, and upwards bring forth branches, and leaves to be like unto Him from whom I was taken? 

  21. But to my joy and salvation I found myself planted in Him from whom I was taken, rooted in the Mountain height of Israel, with abundant moisture, and sustenance.

  22. And so I grew to honor Him from whom I was born, a cedar next to the first and foremost Cedar.  And did not the Lord many years earlier reveal this to His servant Enoch, as He said: “that at the completion of the sixth day, there would be elected the elect one of righteousness from the Eternal plant of righteousness.”?  

  23. Which by Ezekiel is the cedar from the Cedar. And so that the son of the Eternal Cedar may be fully equipped He granted him, as Enoch reveals; “Sevenfold wisdom and knowledge.”

  24. A twofold redemption, is that the meaning?  “Bring Me a Turtle-dove and a young pigeon”, so the Lord spoke to Abraham at his request how he was to inherit that which the Lord had promised him. 

  25.   But how am I to expand upon this when the ears of men have grown dull, and have turned themselves as enemies against me. When for my pure offering there are no hearts to meditate?

  26. O that I could speak plainly, but it will be for a day to come. How then will you look upon me you inhabitants of the earth?   When I am lifted up I will draw near, and when I descend I will take captives. 

  27. For I am as He is, a seedling of His very being grown to full stature that these many may rest within the shadow of my branches.

  28. Walking a tightrope in speaking too much so am I, wisdom for the wise, and folly for the foolish.  And to man so I appear as were I their enemy.

  29. O Lord my God what a marvelous thing thou has done with Thy servant, what marvel and what beauty and grace of Thy hand.  My soul loves Thee with an eternal love, and my lips thank Thee O Mighty Lord with eternal thanks.


  1. There will be those to claim me to be the Christ, but how foolish of them, since Christ came nearly 2000 years ago, and his return will not be until He comes on the clouds at the last day. Nor shall I hardly be an anti-Christ, since my love is for the Christ as evident in this that whosoever loves Christ Jesus will keep His commandments, all of His commandments.  

  2. While the true anti-Christ’s are those that corrupt and pervert His word like the roman catholics do, and the protestants in all their different idols, or denominations as they call their idols.

  3. He that loves God and his neighbor, as the Lord commanded, is one that is born of God, the anti-Christ have no love for God, nor for their neighbors as their deeds testify, yet they put on a cloak of righteousness, but it is only a cloak, lift their slip and you will see how devoid they are of the love of God. 

  4. Which of them is willing to offer his life for a friend or even for an enemy?   If then I am to offer my life for the welfare of even my enemies, and I am doing so out of love for them and with great willingness, how will you look upon me as one not born of Christ Jesus?

  5. Does this have you in a fix that God commanded more than One to be offered at the altar?  Why do you call me a liar when I am relating to you the very word of God?  

  6. Read for yourself in the books of Moses and the Prophets like in Ezekiel.  If then my word conforms with the Scriptures, which cannot be broken, how do you accuse me of falsehood?

  7. When Joseph the son of Jacob was given a dream that foreshadowed Maria and how from her a lamb was to be born, that, as we all know was none other than the Savior of the world, what else was in that dream?  

  8. Does it not say that the Lamb was holding a Lion by the right hand?  And does it not portray how the nations of the gentiles ran up against that Lamb and the Lion?  And does it not also say when this event was to be, as in the last days so it reads!?

  9. A Lamb and a Lion in the days of the end. And where else may this be portrayed? But perhaps this wisdom is wasted on you, since it requires a mind of knowledge to comprehend that, which is written by allegory.

  10. Mankind is to enter into the promised land was it not? And where was this foreshadowed?  God delivered His people from the bondage of sin, and leading them out of Egypt, (That by allegory is also to say out of the world) He led them to the borders of the land promised to them. 

  11. And now I ask you, who was the one that led them into the promised land?  Was it not Joshua, which means Jesus, as in allegory to Christ Jesus?  And who was with this Joshua, the only other person over the age of 20 that survived from all those that passed through the desert in these 40 years?   

  12. Was it not a man named Caleb?   Thus there were two persons leading the people into the promised land.  And I cannot be in error since these are facts of history, and written in the Scriptures by the hand of man inspired by the Spirit of the Almighty Lord, the very Savior of man.

  13. And even long before that Enoch beheld both of them where it is written:   "And there I saw the One (Christ Jesus) who is from before time, His head was white as wool, and with Him was another whose face was like that of a human person, His countenance was full of grace, as one of the holy angels.

  14. Why will you not allow me to be a token of humility to all men?  Why may I not have such a great love for man to give my very self a ransom for their errors?  

  15. How is it with you not to allow me to offer myself for my enemies, yes even for you that hate me?  Will you give your life for those that hate you and abuse you?  

  16. Think on it, if indeed you would, if indeed such love and compassion is within you.  For it is in me, and I will run my course with your likens or no likens irrelevant to the fact.

  17. Come now be sensible, be a man, utilize a degree of reason and knowledge, apply common sense to where it is due. Did not Daniel speak of my death, of my due offering, in his eleventh chapter?  Certainly he did, and what were his words?  Of the many to be slain he said; “And the Prince of the Covenant also.” 

  18. If then you are so dull, and not competent to decipher simple literature, you will acclaim that Daniel in that part was referring to the Christ Himself and not another.  Then read again the events preceding it, and afterwards, how that was to take place yet years before the factual coming of the Christ upon the clouds.  And not likely was He to give His life for a second time. 

  19. Moreover the years do not jibe, Daniel acclaims him to be born during the time period when Israel would again return to their land and be a nation again as it is this day.  And he acclaims at least sixty plus two weeks of years after his birth before that Prince, or Anointed one as he said, would be killed.

  20. As now the number 666 is understood in wisdom only, so the seven in days or weeks or years is understood in wisdom, and in wisdom only.  Christ Jesus then accomplished His task upon the earth in roughly thirty three years, while the one Daniel speaks of must in the mind of man exceed at least sixty plus two weeks of age.

  21. If then plain common sense is not a faculty within you, and knowledge is wasted on you, you will come to some dire surprises, especially since you will speak and do as you please that in turn will at end come to your own harm, and distress.


  1. "Return faithless Israel, says the lord, I will not look on you in anger, for I am merciful says the Lord, I will not be angry forever, only acknowledge your guilt, that you rebelled against the Lord your God."   "Circumcise yourselves to the Lord, remove the foreskin of your "heart" O men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem."

  2. But I should not speak that way, should I O you sons of Jacob, I should not be pronouncing destruction upon you, and that you are wicked, and that many of you will fall, and be written in the earth, that at end you will become my people instead of the sons of God.  

  3. But why am I pronouncing to you a wisdom you cannot understand, a word of a solemn statute that will come to pass?  After I had found the heifer and the she-goat in excess of three years of age, did I not look for the ram as well, and was it not also in excess of three years of age when I found it?  

  4. Indeed it was, wherefore it came to be added unto me.  And now what am I attempting to do with those many rams? I am attempting to rid myself of them that instead these may become the property of the Lord.

  5. You will think me to be mad for the great knowledge in me, for a knowledge you have no apprehension of. But not in vain it is that I speak of such things no man is able to understand, since it will be the "remnant" of my beloved that will comprehend, and not until then will it be understood. 

  6.   Yet now I should speak in a tongue that can be understood.  Like the Lord said that He would not be angry with you forever, if only you would acknowledge your guilt. 

  7. But you cry out to me that you have no guilt, and that you are still awaiting your Messiah, who came to you quite some time ago.  See then and behold how it are lies that proceed from your lips, since in that day so long ago He said; "This is My beloved Son, hear Him." 

  8. And again it was said unto you: "This day eat what grows of itself, and tomorrow also, but on the third day, rise for you shall take root again O Jacob.   "Two days, yes "two days" my dear Israel, is what was to pass from the day of your Messiah to grant Himself for you, and to return to you on the third. 

  9. And now that you have come in the eve of that second day where is the honor for Him, where O Israel is your faith? You are calling Him who led you out of Egypt a liar with your refusal to keep yourselves to His Word.  But you are as the Lord said; the "faithless Israel." 

  10. How very true are His words to you as He said; "Thou has smitten them, but they felt no anguish, Thou has consumed them, but they refused to take correction, they have made their faces harden than rock, they have refused to repent."  Is not your very tongue a deadly arrow O my dear ones in Israel, and your heart made of stone?  

  11. How am I to get through to you for the great love that I have for you O you my beloved children of rebellion?  I love you, and my love for you refuses to depart from me. When I attempt to rip it out, it will not budge, O miserable man that I am.

  12. But no I should not speak to you that way, should I? I should speak like your teachers, like some or many that give you good vibes of a return, and that all will be well, that the Lord will be your stay, and no harm will come to you. 

  13. But these are liars, they are without knowledge, for their wickedness the Lord has closed their eye, and gave them poisoness water to drink. Therefore they are teaching you the imagination of their own heart, and not the word of the Lord that is upon my lips.

  14. And "yes" there will be a return O my dear Israel, but for whom, that is the question, yea indeed for whom that there will be a return?  For you perhaps that still await the Messiah, as if He had never come?  No way my dear ones, but rather for those as the Lord said; "that turn from transgression."

  15. Your teachers now do they ever mention the word transgression? Do they ever tell you to burn these accursed skullcaps?  Do they ever tell you that it will only be a "remnant" in Israel that will be saved?  

  16. These teachers of yours are not going to tell you that many - if not most of those in Israel will as yet to be cut down by the wrath of God.  Of course not, for they would lose their honor among you, and how then would they fleece you?

  17. Thus spoke the Lord:  "As I live, says the Lord God, surely with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, and with wrath poured out, I will be king over you.   I will bring you out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries where you are scattered, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, and with wrath poured out."

  18. Is not this about to happen O Israel, for so the word continues; "And I will bring you into the wilderness of the peoples, and there I will enter into judgment with you face to face.  As I entered into judgment with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so I will enter into judgment with you, says the Lord God."

  19. Into the wilderness of the people, so it reads, for all these nations will be looking at you how to bring you down, and you will not be able to lift yourselves out from under them, you will remain among them, and they will be among you. Just as your fathers were beaten by the Egyptians in their days, so the greater Egypt will be upon you O Israel.

  20. And what will this be to you O Israel?  Pay attention and hear His word;  "I will make you pass under the rod, and I will let you go in by number.  I will purge out the rebels from among you, and those who transgress against Me; I will bring them out of the land where they sojourn, but they shall not enter the land of Israel. Then you will know that I am the Lord."

  21. How many are the rebels, and those that transgress?  There are Jews in New York gathering funds for a ruler of the USA, rebels that do not look to the God of Jacob for help.  And likewise you need but count the skullcaps to know who and how many those are that transgress, that are of a hard heart.  

  22. And though they immigrate, to as they fancy come home, the land of Israel will not be theirs. Will these rebels bring the abominations of the Gentiles with them so as to pollute the land of Israel, and never at all soften their heart to do what is right in the sight of the Lord?

  23. How often through the years of centuries has the Lord taken you away from where you lived, yet you did not enter the land of Israel but you died in another place, because it was written, and so it is written.

  24. It is for His name sake O Israel that He is about to pass you under His rod, to let you go in by number, and to redeem the remnant that will be left.  

  25. If He did to you according to your ways there would be no redemption for you, but for His name sake He will not do with you according to your evil ways. Consider therefore how merciful He is, and turn your heart towards Him.

  26.   Why do I speak so many words, why do I speak at all when there are no ears to hear?  Yes my dear Leonard, you Lion as you are named, why do you bother, and not rather give up on them?  

  27. If now I could O Israel, I would, but my heart turns for you, my love is too great, and too compassionate to leave off.  I wish for you to have joy and gladness, and be the head of all nations, to be the firstborn of all.

  28. Hear O Israel, and hear well;  I am angry with the Gentiles, with a people that are my own, a people that in body and soul are in my ownership, and I wish to shame them for all the hurt they have done to me.  Therefore I want you O Israel to rise up in great glory and put to shame these people of mine.  

  29. Vengeance is on my mind, vengeance upon a people my own, for the grievous hurt done unto me. Therefore you must be glorified O Israel so that my people will come to lick the dust off from your feet.  So I wish to humble them.

  30. These my people must be humbled,  they are far too proud and too arrogant, I want my desire for them to be as great as it is for you, but unless they are ground to powder, and humbled to the core - how am I to have my desire in them?  My love is an astonishing love, a deep love, as great as their numbers.  

  31. And what am I to do with that love when it cannot express itself, and descend upon those many which are to be called by my name?   If not for yourselves O my dear Israel, be the Lord's for my sake, rescue me from this deep love that will not be abated. 

  32. Allow my inners to have some peace and serenity. Serve the Lord in truth, believe upon His Word, for the love that is within me came forth from Him, from His very throne, a love unlike those of men, a love that my vessel is barely able to bear.  

  33. I am not my own, O if I were only a man, I would find peace, but His love and His indignation has settled within me, I am not my own.

  34. A restoration of you O my dear, my very dear Israel, indeed it will be, but not for each of you so I lament, since for those that refuse to hear and will be rebels their own wickedness will chasten them, and their aposty will reprove them. They will discover as the Lord said:  "that it is evil and bitter for them to forsake the Lord their God."

  35. You fear those miserable Iranians, and those Arabs around you that are no more than skeletons, dead men whose eyes have been plucked out. Yet you refuse to fear the Almighty God, whom led you out of bondage, and gave you this day the land of Israel again.  

  36. I know your lack of fear for Him each time you put on that accursed skullcaps in defiance against Him, and not listen to His commandment, to uncover yourselves before Him. You are not about to remove your shoes, nor shut your lips, nor uncover your heads. And so then let it be.

  37. Don't even attempt to defend yourselves in this O my dear ones, I will not listen, neither will the Lord your God. But if you will listen to His Word to do what is right in His sight, then there is hope for you.  

  38. And what of me, should I pray for you, or shall I heed the word of the Lord as He spoke to Jeremiah, one of your prophets, not to pray for you, or lift up any cry on your behalf?

  39. I despise your false teachers as I despise all those that think to be educating the Gentiles. They are devoid of knowledge, darkness covers them, while they assume it to be their light, and even acclaim as were it from the Lord God.  And indeed it was of Him as He said:   

  40. "It shall be night for you, without vision, and darkness to you, without divination. The sun shall go down upon the prophets, and the day shall be black over them."

  41. And since now you know all these things, or presume to know the Word of the Lord, why do you pay heed to these blind ones, to these liars that do not know what is in a word?

  42. But I O Lord my God, I speak unto Thee my God, I will portray myself unto them for what Thou has made of me, I will show to them the truth of Thy making whether they like it, or do not like it, and whether they hate me, or do not hate me. If they will love me so let them love Thee, and wills they kill me - so be it.

  43. This day I will speak as Jeremiah spoke:   "But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin." I now have spoken the word, and so be it, yes, so be it along with Thy kindness to have given to Jerusalem a messenger of good tidings.

  44. Sometime in the past Thou said to me O Lord: "Whatever I set before you, you shall eat, and you shall understand." Indeed now O Lord, I have understood, whenever Thy words were found I did as Thy prophet did in saying:

  45. "I ate them, and Thy words became to me a joy, and the delight of my heart, for I am called by Thy name O Lord God of hosts."  "I did not sit in the company of merrymakers, nor did I rejoice, but I sat alone, because Thy hand was upon me, for Thou O Lord has filled me with indignation."

  46.   What is it of this man, so you will muse within yourselves that he acts like an anointed of the Almighty Lord, and that he will come to own a multitude?  We never even heard that such a thing was ever to be, this is altogether new to us.  

  47. We have heard of the Christ, but of a Lion, where is that written?  He even portrays himself a prince, and so we think he is mad, he has lost all his marbles.

  48. It's not new my people, I know you are not versed in the Scriptures, and that you are speaking out of the ignorance of your heart.  

  49. What a burden it has become upon me when Enoch spoke for that elected one of the Messiah in the ending of the years to receive such knowledge and wisdom.  Because for it he has become completely strange to all the world, a person not in their knowledge.

  50. The people will indeed not know what to think of me, nor how to assay me, for I am pronouncing words that have not been heard before, new things of the Lord, as He testified by Isaiah, quote: "Who declared it from the beginning, that we might know, and beforetime, that we might say, "He is right"?

  51. As now you have heard and seen of me the indignation within me, even to take vengeance on the nations of Gentiles, you no doubt will quote to me, how by Paul it was said:  "That supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all men."   And it does not appear to you that I am doing so. 

  52. But how do you know what is in my heart or in my prayers for the love of all men within me?   These things are proper in order that we may live in peace with all men.  And I indeed made supplication, asking of the Lord to destroy all that are wicked.

  53. For now the time of vengeance has come, for the Lord to execute His indignation against those that seek to oppress His people.  And the Lord created me from before the foundations of the earth as a rod with which to render to them, that abuse His laws, the reward of their oppressions. 

  54. For with a mighty hand He will deliver His heritage.  Who therefore are you O man, to say unto the Lord; "What are you making?"

  55. As for me O Lord I lift my voice to Thee, who made me, make of me Thy servant a wall of bronze, a fortified city that cannot be overcome.  Make my forehead like flint, and my tongue sharp as a two edged sword, to cut bone from marrow.

  56. And let not my compassion fail me, nor Thy mercy within me to be emptied.  Bring Thy word regarding Thy servant to bear as Thou has spoken, for I am Thine body and soul.


  1. The book of Malachi, I am bringing these words to your mind O Israel, because you refuse to hear the words of the Messiah that He proclaimed by His trusted servants in that, which is called the "New Testaments."

  2. If I spoke of the words of the New Testament you would not hear me, since so you insist you have the old for a treasure to yourselves,  wherefore now I am speaking from the old.  But will you hear me, will you listen to the words of God, to Him who will be your redemption?

  3. But what is there to redeem in you O Israel, what is there to save in you when you have gone your own way, and you follow the way of your forefathers which spurned the Lord their God, and would have none of His ways?

  4. A restoration of Israel so you cry, and you weep and weal standing before a wall. And how my dear Israel is that wall to save you, will it not rather be the Messiah of God, the One you refuse to know?

  5. But no you will put me in the wrong,  I who came from Him, One who was taught and reared upon the very Mountain height of Israel.  I am not a stranger, I grew up in you, my roots are in the Mountain height of Israel.  O if you only knew, if only you would pay heed to one reared on your very heights.

  6. How shall I not love you, even more than my life?  I was in a foreign land, there I was broken off, and I was transfixed,  I was planted in you, in that great and lofty Mountain of Israel, on the very heights thereof,.  And I grew bringing forth bows and branches.  In the very Messiah of Israel  in Him were my roots to be for a son unto Him.

  7. And why then do you say; "we still await Him" when it was Him who send me to you?  Do you wish to behold the Messiah?  Give me an ear, for I came from Him,  He is the very One that has send me, but in my hand He placed a refiners whip.

  8. When the Lord caused one (John the Baptist) to be born as a messenger before Him to announce the good news unto your forefathers what is it that He spoke by the prophet, by Malachi?  Look it up O you sons of Israel, in the very record of old, the ones you claim to be so familiar with. 

  9. “But who can endure the day of his coming,” so it was said. And, which of you is able to remain upright, so it was related. For he in his day was like I will be to you this very day, "like a refiners fire", so it reads, and: "like fullers soap."

  10. No I am not relating that which is written in the new, but what is of old to sift you even with these words of old, to refine you with them, because so you say, "the old is trustworthy."   If now only you also were trustworthy O my dear sons of Israel.

  11. That messenger which came just ahead of the Messiah was - as the prophet foretold, quote: “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, to purify the sons of Levi, and refine then like gold and silver.”  Were then your forefathers, the sons of Levi, of silver, and are you the gold?

  12. O yes my dear Israel, your Messiah is indeed to come, and His day is not far off.  And again He procured a messenger for you, one of good tidings,  but I too, I am a refiner just the same, to refine you and to sift you like wheat.  

  13. And if this will not be sufficient O Israel, to be sifted as wheat, and you refuse to hear me His messenger, He that has send me to you will ignite the oven, and you shall be within it, like gold and silver to be smelted O my dear ones. 

  14. And yes it will be painful for you, very painful, in order that your impurities may be smelted out of you, to leave but the gold and the silver in pure form.

  15. But why are you doing this to yourselves, to be so smelted, to take such pains upon yourselves?  Is it not much easier on the flesh to hear to my word, to hear of a messenger that He reared within you, upon that very mountain height of Israel?

  16. And no, I was not born upon it, but He took me of His own and planted me there that I might be for a son unto Him, and He endowed me with knowledge and with wisdom and with understanding that I might speak to you in His name and after His compassion.

  17.   Do you wish to see hurt to your children, for them to writ in pain? Will not your heart be rend within you, to behold the agony of those which you love so dearly?   Why then O my beloved are you tearing my heart to pieces? Why are you doing so much hurt to me, to stubbornly continue in your wicked ways?  

  18. My desire is to do so much good for you, and to lift you up and make you renowned.  But O how am I to procure my desire, how am I to refine you when you do not wish to be refined?  Do you then desire to be cast into that smelter my dearly beloved?

  19. You refuse to believe that there will a smelter, but look at me how my heart and my soul tears for you, because I know what is in the day of tomorrow, and I know that if you will not hear me this day it will be the smelter for you. O how am I to get through to you to save you from that smelter from those agonizing pains that will then come upon you?

  20. Look at me, has your Messiah not send me to reprove your enemies, to judge those nations which intend harm for you? Look and see, is that not so?  

  21. And is it not a fact that while there is turbulence around you, that you are not moved, that He gave me to be a protector for you?  Yea to safeguard you even though you refuse to know Him as well as me His messenger.

  22. Do not these things have a meaning?, How can there be any wrong in me towards you O my beloved sons of Israel?  In an instant I will give my life for you, for you are more dear to me than my very life, and my love for you is one I cannot express for the depth thereof.  

  23. Why then are you piercing me like as with a sword, not to hear me, not to change your ways so that like the prophet said;  "That then your offerings will be pleasing to the Lord again as in the days of old."

  24.   It is the book of Malachi, my dear ones, chapter three, you know the words.  If you change your ways, then so the Lord said "He would draw near to you for judgment, and be a witness against all that perform evil"  But you have not changed have you? And why then am I before you, me His messenger? Why am I speaking all these words to you?  Do you not know my beloved? 

  25. It is for His name sake, for His own honor so that His name might not be polluted.  For His promise to Abraham, and to Isaac and to Jacob it is that He is about to rescue you, and make you renowned, because it is His word, His promise, and unlike you He is faithful, nor does He change, nor will He allow His name to be polluted.

  26. Were not these very words recorded for you in the days of your forefathers? Look and see, there is no lie to proceed from my lips, for I am His, wrought by His hand for your sake and for that of many others.    Look at yourselves my dear Israel, you are not consumed - now are you?  

  27. The prince of this world took many of your kindred, and even of late by what has come to be known as a holocaust,  yet you are not consumed now are you?  Instead He gave you to be a nation again, bringing you back to the land He promised to your forefathers.

  28. What was it that the prophet said: He said that the Lord does not change, and that “therefore”, yes therefore you were not consumed.    But you have changed, you refuse to acknowledge a certain Jesus hung upon a cross. 

  29. But now see what Abraham proclaimed when he circumcised the men of his household.  With a knife upon the flesh of the foreskin he proclaimed saying “Jesus and a cross”  So then Abraham foresaw and did acknowledge Jesus, bleeding upon a cross.  

  30. If then you are walking in the steps of your forefathers as you claim to be doing, I have no choice but to make you out for liars, unless of course you acknowledge Him, that Jesus, as at least some among you do,  as those do that are real Jews.

  31. But you are confused how I can say "of Abraham" in that of which you have no knowledge.  Look up the record therefore and see what is written and how it is written; does it not say how He circumcised 318? And what does this 318 stand for? 

  32. You have no idea as to what 666 means or the seven, that in seven you ordeal will be ended, how then will you comprehend Him the Messiah as Abraham did, and Moses recorded the same for him, saying 318, the 1 and the 8 being the very letters denoting Jesus, and the 300 as His cross.

  33. And was there indeed at any time in the days past a man named Jesus that bled upon a cross?  Or do you think that Malachi was speaking of a time still ahead of you, and not rather that his words became real in those very days shortly before the 318 took place, when that Jesus was nailed upon a cross?

  34. If you wish to take Malachi in another way, his words will then no longer be ahead of you, but upon you, only it is another messenger, not the John who came to baptize.    And so with all the evidence so clearly recorded in your favorite Scriptures, how can you be so dull and so blind as not to recognize truth from fiction?

  35. If at all you will believe Malachi, am I not a messenger to come before His coming, to come before the arrival of the Messiah of God?  So then you should listen to me if indeed there is truth upon your lips. And whence you do - you will be blessed if only you will take them to heart - the things I am proclaiming to you.

  36.   Let us speak of Levi, he walked in uprightness with the Lord, and so should his descendants, like the Lord said by the prophet: “For the lips of a priest should guard knowledge, and men should seek instruction from his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts."

  37. My lips now have guarded knowledge, and I am guarding the same that they might not be corrupted, but will you seek instruction from me, from a messenger of Him? Will you listen to one that is so much in love with you, who is holding you dear to his heart, because you are the Lord’s, His heritage?  

  38. It is therefore that I love you, and my desire has always been in you, so much so to have you forever within my embrace.

  39. And O how I long for that day, to bend the knee of all that abhor you O Israel, to cause them to kneel before you, and these will be humbled.  

  40. So have I spoken, and so in the Lord My God it will be done.  Then not only with my soul, but with my arms I will embrace you in ever loving kindness.

  41. "Your words now have been stout against Me," so spoke the Lord by Malachi, yet you will say wherein have we spoken against Thee?”  You act as though you are ignorant of any wrong, but we both know that you are not being honest.  

  42. And do you know what hot coals upon you will do to your skin, how it will burn you, and cause you to cry out in anguish?  Certainly you do,  and what did the Lord say; when you insist that you have not sinned?  It’s those coals, the glowing hot ones that will be cast upon you.

  43. And why do you wish to be burned?   Be sensible, listen to His word, understand what is written, and that it is of a truth.  And do not listen to such teachers among you that teach you differently, that cause you to stand in defiance against the Lord, so as to mock Him for His pure word unto you.

  44. You are at ease with yourselves and you persecute those among you that are wise.  You are adverse with them that have understanding, but what will that be to you O you my people, though you are not my people?  Read what the Lord said by Malachi, the last chapter beginning with the first verse, 

  45. “When all evildoers, meaning those who refuse to do right, will be stubble.  And how that day of the Lord for which you are looking to come unto you, will as He said; “burn you up."

  46. But for those against whom you are adverse as if they were not Jews, so the Lord said: "The Sun of righteousness shall rise, with much healing in the wings.”    

  47. Would you not rather have that healing upon you as well, instead of only upon those whom you put down and scorn for their good knowledge within them?

  48. I indeed love you, but I hate your doings,  and as much as my love is, even so much I hate the wickedness and the ignorance of your heart.

The Lion

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