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The following letters, in six parts, were in my attempt to deliver the "ram" of the offering.  For having previously delivered the she-goat and the heifer (Love story) neither of which was within three years of age, and to my sadness neither did I discover the ram within three years of age.

But now I am sad, for as I looked upon the world I beheld the whole of it so dearly in the shackles of ignorance that I think within myself; Why do I open these words, why publish them, for no-one will understand.  

When I originally went forth to deliver the goat and the heifer it seemed all so natural to me, like something that had to be done, I was to refine the inhabitants of the earth to know whom is whom. And as I took upon the task of delivering the ram, it likewise was so natural to me.

But in later years having assayed the peoples and their teachers - I found no wisdom, nor understanding in them.  I found myself as a creature unlike man, and apart from man, as not being of this earth, nor as one having come forth of this race of men.  These letters here - as I now surmise - are of no use to this generation, there is no way for them to understand, nor the cause for which it was executed.

I have not as yet made that volume called "Love Story" open to the eyes of the world, nor am I now of a mind to do so - since so I surmise it will not be understood, even as these letters here will not be understood.  To me it is all so simple, and so natural, and quite necessary of me, but by man it will not be understood. And so I speak in the sadness of my heart.

And yes I came to wonder greatly in my heart how for the knowledge and wisdom granted me that I behold as a simple single fold of knowledge, as something no more than a grain of understanding, a royal gift of the Lord my God, - how it came to be said - "in sevenfold." For that sevenfold to me appears no more than a grain, a simple fold.  And so I concluded how instead it is that the ignorance of man is in sevenfold, next to a simple grain of knowledge.

How was it that the Lord some time ago said to me:  "Whatsoever I set before you, you shall eat, and you shall understand."  He then from time to time placed that cup before me, and I ate, and I drank, and I understood.  But I found no companions with whom to share, not even a single soul to rejoice with me in a single sentence of it. And yes I remember; One to be broken off, and set forth by himself.

I was confounded in man, and I searched for an answer to understand how and why man was so deeply, so sevenfold deeply in ignorance, and so I thought to record the tremors of my heart. 

On occasions I spoke saying; "I am a mystery."  And so indeed I am, and a mystery I will remain, until the Sabbath, and when a new world is brought forth when at last my word will be understood.  


  To: Mr. Moishe Rosen.  C/o Jews for Jesus.   San Francisco Ca. (1992)


Dear Mr. Rosen. 

  1.   Received your booklet "The Universe is Broken." May the Lord bless you in bringing the knowledge of God to all men.  For it is indeed fitting that you (as sons of Jacob) should teach His holy word, being called by His name.  And to tell you factually I was pleasantly surprised in what you wrote, placing love and obedience to God and man as the way of truth, and not the empty call of the Gentiles, "to merely believe and be saved". 

  2. For allow me to be frank to you; I sent for your word in order that I might get to know you.  I am born a Gentile and concerning the Gentiles the prophet said; "And when you see the Gentiles worship a piece of wood know that the end is near".  

  3. And indeed it is so this day with the multitude of the Gentiles who have exchanged the Christ for the cross on which He hung, worshipping the wood of the cross rather than our Lord.  In no way will they comprehend where the Lord said; "Not he who says Lord, Lord, but that keep My word." 

  4. They suppose that the law was for Jews, which with the coming of Christ became void as a means to salvation, faith taking its place.  Not realizing (or not willing to realize) that Israel lived by faith long before they did, and that the law in effect is, and was, and always has been "a perfect willing desire of the faith".  

  5. As then they have the faith, and disregard the law, let us however continue to behold the law as a perfect willing obedience of our faith.     For behold my dearly beloved Israel.  

  6. Just as the Lord destroyed those of your nation in the first century AD because they held faith without the law thereof, so now the Gentiles will be punished, for they also while they boast to know Him, have made the same faith an empty vessel.  And I a Gentile will pronounce judgment on Gentiles, even as the prophets being Jews pronounced judgment on Jews. 

  7. But my reason in writing you is in the hope that I may truly have found children of God, His elect.  For I know in the knowledge of our Lord that many Israelites, which are alive, this day shall see the Lord the Messiah in person and embrace Him.  Yes many I say, for not only such as you which now believe on Him - shall be called the righteous sons of God, but many who as yet continue in vain believes - shall be called the righteous sons of God.  

  8. For at His coming Yeshua will implant in them a new heart, and they (as it is written) will loath themselves of their sins.  For Israel will be delivered.  And no longer is it in generations to come, but those that live now, both young and old shall embrace Him, the answer to that broken universe. 

  9. Unto that end also it is that I have enclosed a prayer with this introduction to you, to ask of you if you can be of service to me and the cause of God to bring this prayer before Israel, that the whole nation wheresoever they be may thus call on Him.  If then you shall be so willing Mr. Rosen, I can be of service to you in more than you could have imagined. 

  10. I would like to draw your attention to Daniel 9:24-27, where as you know the angel describes the last 70 plus years to the coming of Yeshua.  These years are divided in three parts, first seven years to the birth of an anointed one of God, a Prince so as the angel said, which some translators have corrupted to read "Messiah".  

  11. For as we know the true Messiah Yeshua comes at the end of these weeks of years, not at the end of the first week in which to be born, for He was once born already.  Then there will be sixty-two weeks of years in which Israel would again become a nation, which is now evident to all the world.  Then follow seven more which will be like the days when Moses came into Egypt, the years in which God will send plagues on the greater Egypt, namely the whole world.

  12. The prophet Baruch accurately describes the German atrocities and the new nation of Israel as he said;

  13. "Then there will come a time that your people will fall into such distress that they are altogether in danger of perishing, they however will be saved, and their enemies fall before them.  And to them will fall much joy one day, at that time after a short time Zion will be built again, and the nations will again come to honor but not as fully as before, then there will be a fall of many nations." 

  14. Behold; from 1945 to 1948 was only a short time and great joy did come.  And Esdras (Ezra) wishing to know the tokens that would announce the beginning of the end was told; that the three heads of the eagle (east, west, and middle) would eat-up the two small feathers (Germany and Italy, or Japan) that thought to set themselves up.  

  15. Thus the angel described world war two.  Then said he; "The head in the middle (Russia, Communism) would die on its own bed, and with pain."  The world now has just been witness to this prophecy as it was fulfilled. 

  16. But now let me draw your attention back to that anointed one, that Prince which was foretold to come by not only Daniel here but in various ways by Jacob, Joseph, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Enoch, Ezra, and John in his book of Revelations.  The Lord gave His command to return in the hearts of His people before they became officially a nation in 1948.

  17.  Seven years from that command thus is before 1948 in which he was to be born, meaning.  There must at this very moment be a prince of the Lord in the world, who was born before 1948, who is to be killed at the beginning of the last seven years before the return of Christ, just as Daniel says; "To be cut off, but not for himself."  And in 11 verse 22 "And the prince of the covenant also."  

  18. And Esdras speaking of precisely that time says; "And they shall smite down a multitude of stars, and even their own star".  For this star, which by Daniel is called a prince, is the elected one of God as prince of Gentiles similar in effect to David which God elected as the highest prince of all Israel, and even of the world over that prince of Gentiles as well.  (Psalm 89, Eze: 34) 

  19. If then in fact Mr. Rosen, there is this prince of the Lord in the world today, should we not be curious about him as to whom he might be, and what purpose the Lord has for him?  The various prophets reveal that with him the Lord will begin His judgment on the world, as it is written; 

  20. "The days will come that I will hold my tongue no longer, but I will begin to reprove them and upbraid them with their cruelties."  Moreover, the Lord promised a messenger of good tidings to Jerusalem (Isa: 41:27) the reference of which is to him, and not to Cyrus of Persia as such. 

  21. As for the timing, the angel of God said to the prophet Baruch; "When you see these things come to pass measure the time diligently, and you will know that it is the very time.  In the grace and love of Jesus then Mr. Rosen may I join you, or will you join with me in perhaps finding him that is to be a messenger of good tidings to you and your people? 

  22. In addition to this I have enclosed for you a rough draft of the Calendar of the Lord, and the explanation that goes with it, a token of the knowledge which the Lord was pleased to grant me, as a means of introduction.  It is my intention in the coming years to have this properly made into a calendar when God willing, He shall furnish me with the means to that end. 

  23. May the Lord of all mercies be with you and all your people to raise the horn of Jacob for all eternities.  With all my love. 

Leonard Van Zanten. 


Reply January 21, 1992

Dear Mr. Van Zanten,

  1. Shalom.  Moishe Rosen has asked me to respond to your letter of January 9.  It is obvious that you’ve given much thought to prophecy and its application to both Jew and Gentile.  However, regarding prophecy, our ministry is mostly involved with the "footprints” of the messianic person (who is, of course, Jesus) and the literal fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies regarding him.  

  2. Regarding end-times prophecy (eschatology), we are much less well versed as an organization.  As the main thrust of our work is evangelistic, and since the various members of our group come from a variety of backgrounds, our individual viewpoints on the "last things" are not necessarily at the forefront’s of our communications.

  3. Generally, we hold these two thoughts in tension: 1) We need to be cautious about setting a date for the return of Jesus (as the apostle Paul discusses in the opening words of 1 Thessalonians 5).  2) There are conditions for the return of the Messiah that have, been met in this generation which me can honestly say were not fulfilled in any earlier time period

  4. So you might say it does us good to live as if the Messiah could come tomorrow, while it does us harm to outlive an urgently expected date for the coming of the King - as has actually happened throughout church history with emotionally devastating results.

  5. If I may, I'd like to give you a helpful suggestion.  I noticed that you use quotations to support your statements but you sometimes fail to give references.  That makes it very difficult to verify the accuracy of what you are saying.  We’ve found in our own publications that our readers appreciate being able to go to the Bible and look up the verses we cite, so they can see the whole context of the passage.

  6. In closing let me say that we praise God for you.  Having you as a friend and knowing that you want to pray for us is truly an encouragement.

Yours for Yeshua     (Mrs.) Marty Walker Chief Correspondent



Leonard Van Zanten.  (February 2, 1992)

Mr., Moishe Rosen.  & Mrs., Marty Walker.  C/o Jews for Jesus.

Dear Mr., Rosen, and Mrs., Walker.

  1. Very kind thanks for your reply.  But I specifically wrote to Mr. Rosen, instead I seem to have found a friend in Mrs., Walker.  And first to reply to Mrs. Walker, you commented; "You've given much thought to prophesy".  But the fact being - I "received" much "instructions" in prophecy; I cannot claim it my own.  

  2. And though I understand your concern regarding personal viewpoints in your labor of love as an organization, I assure you I did not write to Mr. Rosen that as such my point of view be published in your organization.  But whatever I said I spoke as a means of introduction to Mr., Rosen individually.

  3. Accordingly Mr. Rosen, I am somewhat hurt in not hearing from you more personally, and more so in not receiving an answer at either of the two questions I posed to you.

  4. My intentions were to seek a friend, and if I may be so bold to say, considering what you received, honestly spoken, could any such have come of a man?  For surely there is no man on all the face of the earth to have conceived such understanding of himself, and thus; where then did he obtain it?  

  5. And if you will take this in consideration along with his claim, that this was only a "token" of the instructions given him, should not that Mr. Rosen, have led you to a second thought?  For either you must judge him (me) to be demented, a man who lives in vain imaginations, or, could it perhaps have been of the Lord, the very Lord whom you praise?

  6. I directed you to Daniel 9, not as such to express an individual viewpoint, but to communicate the word given.  For if we come to speak of individual viewpoints, is not this also an individual viewpoint of yourself in this case, to say, "The Lord is Lord?"  

  7. But then you will reply; No Leonard, these are facts of the scriptures, and of His Spirit within us, in which we believe.  And I grant you this being correct, but what then did I speak amiss of the word in what I spoke?  For if I spoke according to the word given, it also is no longer my viewpoint, but the Lord's.

  8. On the envelope with the newsletter it reads; "For Zion's sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns."  Are these then only words, or do we truly mean, and put into action the things, which we preach?  

  9. As for me, I most certainly will not rest until that is accomplished, and accordingly I am again writing to you in an effort to stir-up your spirit to that very end.

  10. I beg a little patience from the both of you Mr., Rosen, and Mrs., Walker, to hear me out, and then decide whether I am demented, or if my instructions are of One greater than any man.  For how was it that you spoke to me concerning "not living for a set day of the return of the Lord?"  

  11. No man knows that day, not even the Son of God, how then shall I?  And regarding them that were to embrace the Lord, I did not say these things to you, but allow me to speak of a solemn truth.  For some time ago, the Lord spoke to me on this wise:

  12. "From before I formed the foundations of the world I set you for a light to them that are in darkness, and you shall be their reward."   And furthermore He said to me: "I shall bring you low and you shall cry to Me from out of the dust, but as for the multitude of your enemies - these I shall make as the dust."

  13. And again He said to me another time: "Fear not, for I shall be with you, and you shall mold rulers as you desire, and pronounce judgment according to My word."

  14. And now what have I to do with you Mr., Rosen, and Mrs., Walker?  For I am led to you, and whatsoever He will with you, He will accomplish, as He will.  And seeing He has something in mind for you (I know not what, He knows) let me also tell you concerning the cup which He placed before me, 

  15. for it was like an intense fire, and with ice.  And He said to me;   "Whatsoever I set before you, you shall eat, and you shall understand".

  16. I know you have not as yet understood concerning that "anointed" one, that "prince" of which Daniel speaks in his ninth chapter.  The one many in error believe to pertain to Christ Jesus, the person concerning which, in my last latter, I made an inquiry of to you Mr. Rosen (on which I received no answer).  

  17. Allow me then to reason a little with you, showing that this is one other than the Christ Himself.  Of the many confirmations then that can be brought I will forego the easy ones, and present only three of the more hidden ones so as not to make this too lengthy.

  18. Genesis 15:7-11.  Abraham asked of the Lord "how" he was to know that he would possess the inheritance.  And the Lord gave him an answer, and Abraham "knew how" he was to posses it.  But as we look at the answer, which the Lord gave him, we scratch our heads as to how that was an answer to his question, namely; to bring three four footed animals and two birds.  

  19. And yet Abraham knew, since in that offering the Lord presented (foretold) the very ages, and man in these ages towards the redemption of him.

  20. And so through the ages the priests have foreshown the redemption in all of its criteria.  And now so many days later, we are still asking, "How was that an answer?"  Three four footed beasts, three years old, two females, and one male, and these cut-up, what does it entail?  

  21. And then not One bird, but "two" birds, a turtledove, and a young dove, neither of which were to be cut-up.  For we know that no bone of Jesus was broken (not cut-up), yet He was killed - as the birds were killed.  The four footed animals then represented man, the Ram, being male, is Israel, the two others, female, are Gentiles, while the birds, representing the Redeemer, is two - as in; two Redeemer's.

  22. But now hold-on, I said I was going to reason with you, be therefore not so alarmed, but as good children of Jacob, and as good Christians, do not pass judgment on me until you hear me out.  Because for one thing, ­ not I said so, but Moses said so, or in fact, God said so.  

  23. The Lord clearly said, "A Turtledove, and a young dove".  And these birds do in fact represent the persons of redemption.  And who are we to argue with God, or to correct Him?  

  24. The four footed animals are such as walk upon the earth, they being men, the nations.  The birds on the other hand - fly in heaven, as in the air in heaven, meaning, as from heaven.  But these same birds also rest upon the earth, wherefore it is from heaven, and also from earth, Jesus being God and Man, Son of God, and Son of man.

  25. If then I may put this in other words; The Lord's reply to Abraham's question was.  There will be One and a second Redeemer, who will die, yet not be rent to pieces, in which all of man will be redeemed, your kindred, as well as all kindred and you will be the father of thus many nations.  

  26. And Abraham understood, and believed the Lord.  The Lord spoke to Abraham of two doves, and three four footed animals, and Abraham did not argue, but he accepted the will of God, and believed Him.  (A hint)  And as you know that was reckoned to him for righteousness, namely to believe.  And this applies to all that wish, or think to inherit eternal life.

  27. Ezekiel 43:18-24.  After Abraham the Lord spoke to Moses concerning the same redemption in various offerings.  And after him the Lord spoke to Ezekiel, and if you will read these verses, I shall comment on them in short.

  28. "These are the ordinances, so it will be," said the Lord.  First a Bull, whose blood on four horns, four Corners, and all around the rim, - signifies as to all corners of the earth, and, all around the globe, Jesus blood for all.  And the altar signifies the earth.  

  29. And now also note "what" offering that was; namely; a "sin" offering, to take away sins, and that it was to be burnt at the appointed place, outside the sacred area.  Accordingly, the Bull, Jesus, was crucified at Golgotha.

  30. But this was not all, for the Lord commanded two birds, and accordingly two were to be offered on that same altar.  For what did the Lord say?  "And on the second day you shall offer a he-goat without blemish for a sin offering, and the altar shall be cleansed as it was cleansed with the Bull."

  31. And now will you believe that there are - as it may be said; "two" Messiah's, Mr., Rosen, and my dear Mrs., Walker?  Or is this still too hard to swallow?  Consider very carefully then that it is not I who is saying this, but these are God's words, His instructions.  

  32. And not to believe His word, understood, or not understood, is a very grave sin, for in so doing we are making God out for a liar.  Or perhaps you think that I am not understanding this correctly, or that I misrepresent it?  Well on, you shall be the wiser, and tell me what in fact the Lord is saying.

  33. You are however much too dear to me that I should leave it at this, but I shall explain it further, and present still more evidence from the word of the Lord our God.  For the very first thing that I asked of the Lord, (having to eat from that intense fire) after wisdom, was for much compassion.  

  34. Consider then how it was the blood of the Bull that made the atonement, and by which, as it says, the altar (earth of men) was cleansed.  And so then I (being cunning before the Lord) asked; "But why then O Lord does Thou require still another man for a sin offering to cleanse the altar, whereas Thou Thyself said; "as it 'was' cleansed with the Bull?"

  35. For you see I also believe in but One Lord, and One God, and one who was righteous to take away sins, how therefore can there be a second one, as it says, without blemish?  But then there is no way neither you, nor I can win any argument with the Lord, but as He speaks, so it is, and so it will be.

  36. Our only avenue of escape is to rid ourselves of our ignorance by asking of God, and coming to understand His word. The Levites (priests) of our people therefore have yet to complete the offering commanded them of the Lord.  For I do not suppose that either of you Mr., Rosen, or you Mrs., Walker, is able to tell me "who" that male goat was, or "when" he was put to death, nor do I know of anyone.  

  37. We do know however from the mouth of God; that this goat was "not" to be killed on the same day, but to occur on the second day.  And a day being a thousand years, and the year of the Lord on the cross being 33 AD, it would have to be after the year 1033 AD.

  38. Are you still with me so far?  For now knowing this, let us be realistic, we know it is God's word, and Him being God, He will most certainly bring it to pass.  And yes, I am hinting or implying that the very anointed one of which Daniel speaks, is this very he-goat of that offering, the second male person of the redemption.  

  39. For again, knowing it was a sin offering, meaning one to die for another, it was on that account that Daniel said; (9 verse 26) "But not for himself.   If it were not for the revelation in Daniel we would not know the approximate. time.  But now the wise may comprehend that it would be in the latter end of that second day, and that before that day Israel would again inhabit Jerusalem, and be a nation, with some trouble, just as Daniel predicted.

  40. And now let us take a hypothetical supposition, suppose the year 2033 comes around, and this goat has not been offered, what does that mean?  Indeed, it means that God's word did "not" come true, - and that as such, the word of God can be called a lie, since of course it did not come true.  

  41. And what implications would that bring?  Yes you know it, for if even one thing were not true of God, how are we to trust on anything else?  We believe that God is infallible (and of course He is, but I am making a supposition to convey something).  For is not the rock of our faith - the very truth and faithfulness of God?  

  42. If therefore we truly have that faith, then with the same token, we cannot possibly deny that God will indeed bring this to pass, and according to Daniel, is already in the process of being done.

  43. And now, do not ask me the "why" of this he-goat, for all such deeper insights are guarded secrets, and I am bound to choose carefully what to say and what not.  But I will yet go a little further.    Daniel mentions armies to utterly sweep away other armies at the time of the death of that prince, or so-called Messiah.  

  44. Would you then be so kind to tell me "who" these armies were at the time when Jesus was crucified?  And as I recall, Jesus Himself testified that Daniel in these parts of his book was speaking of the end-times.  Then also in this verse 22, note what he said of that prince; He grants him the high title of being a "Prince of the covenant", and there are not many of those.  King David was one, and the Son of God being born in his seed was not "a" Prince, but "THE" Prince of the covenant.

  45. The he-goat then, for your benefit, may be seen as were he a son of Christ Jesus, as were he one with Him, in similar fashion as man is man and woman.  For noting how the blood is with the Bull, and no other man is perfect, as without sin, his perfection is in the ever perfection of his Lord.  

  46. And in that same light the two can be looked upon as One offering, but in two bodies.  And as for the entrance into the promised land, with Joshua foreshadowing Jesus, was Caleb and whom did he foreshadow if not the young dove and goat of the offering?

  47. The second thus being - as the female in man, or as the child of Christ Jesus" as also the Holy Spirit makes mention of him in Acts 4:26 saying "Against the Lord, and against His child".  (Some translators having changed the word "child" to "anointed")  And just how this applies to him, and not rather as God and Christ, ask me some other time, or else this will become too lengthy.

  48. I now mentioned that the same was commanded not only to Ezekiel, but to Moses previously, which may be found in the book of Numbers 15:22-26, a Bull, signifying Christ, and a male goat signifying another.  And for the two to be offered at different times may also be seen in Exodus 29:38, and Numbers 28:3-8, lambs or goats, one in the morning and one at evening.  

  49. This now is not the same as the two goats which were alike one another, one to be killed, the other driven into the wilderness, with the scarlet wool and pricking etc.  Since both these represent the One Jesus, the killed One, as His death, with the live One to signify His second return, so they (all of Israel) may look upon Him and say;  “Is not this Him whom we rejected, and who was killed?”  As also Barnabas testifies to in his letter.

  50. And if for the other presentations (offerings) we will also claim that both the animals, Bull and goat, and Turtledove and young dove, represent the same One Messiah, then that argument holds no water, since they are not alike.  

  51. Moreover Christ Jesus from His death to His second return comes more glorious, while in the offering the goat and young dove are both lesser than the first, and they were killed as the First was killed, and not left alive.

  52. And now for my third confirmation I refer you to the very first scriptures inspired by the Lord to Enoch, found in two Enoch chapter 8.  Enoch speaking of Paradise, says; 

  53. "In the midst I beheld the Tree of life, this tree is of inexpressible goodness and fragrance, and adorned more than any, on all sides it appears golden and crimson like fire, and it is fully covered with the produce of its fruit.  Its roots are in the garden at earth's end, and two springs come out sending forth milk and honey, and oil and wine, and they separate into four parts, and go about with quiet course, and so turn into that Paradise.

  54. Now note how accurately Enoch foretold what Moses wrote in Numbers 15:22-26, and Ezekiel in his forty third chapter.  For "the tree of life", is of course Jesus, then the two springs that water the whole land, are the two in the offering that also cleansed the earth (the altar).  And these, as they come into that Paradise, into that New World, in the eight-day, “separate into four parts," so he says.

  55. For now turn back again to Ezekiel, and behold the final part of the offering, 43:23-24.  So says the Lord; "When you have finished cleansing the altar," as in; when all the years of this world are ended, then you shall offer, by presenting to Me a bull and a ram of the flock (of Israel).

  56. Note therefore that no longer is the blood mentioned, nor an offering for sin, but a praise and gift (burnt) offering, to be presented.  For what was next to be done?  The priest were to sprinkle them with salt, meaning; with wisdom and right judgment, for these two were also princes of the covenant.

  57. And so you note how there are four animals in the offering, which also Enoch mentions, that they will become four.  "Its roots - in garden at earth's end" then, denotes Paradise in the New World after this world, and, "so come into that paradise", is again coming into the New World.

  58. These four thus represent the highest of the prince's that will rule in the earth to come, one of which is "The" Prince, namely Jesus.  At times then the prophecy refers to only the Bull (Jesus), mostly in the offering specific for Israel, or His elect.  And at other times of two, or of three, or of four, depending what specifics are foretold.

  59. For Enoch again prophesies, in the beginning of his Epistle, when he spoke of the weeks from beginning to end of the earth, he mentions three plants of righteousness to come during that time.  The first of which is obviously King David, since so it reads; "And after him shall emerge One as the Eternal Plant of righteousness".  Which of course can only be Jesus in the seed of David.

  60. Then his reference to the third one is specific of that he-goat, or the young dove.  For that one was to come towards the closing of the sixth week, at the eve before the Sabbath, just as that corresponds to Daniel in his words, and to Ezekiel in specifying the second day.

  61. As he then said, "There shall be elected - the elect one of righteousness - from the Eternal plant of righteousness".  This is as I suggested to you before, that the he-goat is as a child of the Christ, and/or as a part of Him, he being taken, "from" Him, elected in the timing towards the end.  

  62. The metaphor of Bull and goat signifies how the One is much greater than the other, while the metaphor of the two birds, is to signify their likeness, they both being dove's, One howbeit greater than the other, and older than the other.  And so we see how the Lord our God pays attention to detail, to perform everything to perfection, placing meaning into every detail of His works.

  63. And now my dear Mr., Rosen, and my very dear Mrs., Walker, I sincerely hope I do not have you lost somewhere in this token of instructions, this marvelous thing which the Lord designed and commanded, and which for its most part through the ages has remained a guarded secret.

  64. We then could go on with Zerubabel, son of Shealtiel, and of Cedars, and of rivers, or of what the fathers and the priests of old spoke regarding “a son of Joseph".  For yes, "they" were physically performing the sacrifice, and the Bull they called, Son of David, and the goat they called son of Joseph.  

  65. And why do you suppose they would call that male goat in the offering - "of Joseph?"  Did they know something of which we no longer have knowledge?  For surely they knew as we know, that "of Joseph" meant; of Israel as well as of Gentiles.  

  66. For Aseneth, wife of Joseph was a Gentile, and of that union came a double fruit, namely Ephraim, whose twin-brother then (to put it that way) was to come in the flesh later.  The priest then, might have said; "This Bull is ours, for Israel, and tomorrow, the Gentiles will have their goat.

  67. If then they who physically performed the foreshadowing saw the two Son's, how is it that we have not seen it in these last ages?  Are words on paper less meaningful than actual performance - for us to realize a thing?  But no doubt all this was by design of God - that he might come in stealth, even as His Lord came in stealth.

  68. In conclusion then I wish to say; Faith is a marvelous thing, and when we think to have it we have hardly begun.  For then also comes the test of faith, to try - if it is well rooted, and if it is rooted in good soil, in God's earth.  For also knowing we are not to live by bread alone - how well are we taking the "all" of God's word?

  69. May now the Lord of all mercies bless you, and touch your heart, that you may be enriched in His knowledge, and more so, to come to the fullness of Him in whose image we have our abiding.  And should you have any further questions, or wish to speak personally, I am your servant, and at your pleasure.

With all my love, Leonard.

Second reply   (February 7, 1992)

Dear Mr. Van Zanten,

  1. I have your letter dated February 2 and I’ve carefully looked it over, and I don't think I should respond to the issues you've raised.  If I felt you were seeking knowledge or needed answers, I would probably refer you to your own pastor.  But your questions come more in the form of a challenge.  

  2. You seem to know quite well what you believe, and the way you express yourself seems more designed to guide our thinking or challenge a position we hold.

  3. Perhaps there is merit in what you have to say and I appreciate what seems to represent a great amount of time and energy.  But we can't interact with you on the basis you choose, which is namely that you seem determined to lead us into something you regard as being true - to be God's teacher to us.

  4. It's certainly true that all of us need teaching, but we think each individual should be led of God to seek their own teachers their own pastors, their own spiritual leaders.  The purpose of our ministry is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who don't know him.  This task claims more time and energy than we have to give, and when we've done our very best, we know we still haven't done enough.

  5. Please understand that it's not that we're hostile to what you're saying or indifferent to you as a teacher; it’s just that in order to get the right things done, we can't do some of the good things like entering into a discussion that seems to mean so much to you.  Please accept my apologies for declining to interact.

Sincerely yours in Christ, Moishe Rosen


          THIRD LETTER

Leonard Van Zanten.  (Feb 22 1992)

Dear Mr. Rosen.

  1. How regretful that you reject the things of God so easily.  You have not as such rejected me, as Him who has sent me.  Have not the sons of Israel always rejected those that were sent them of God and even killed them?  "Jews for Jesus", so you proclaim" but do you indeed "know" Him whom you proclaim?  Or have you not rather made Him into an image of your own choosing?

  2. Then you behold a challenge, but I proposed no challenge.  This notion is realized only from "pride", a pride which refuses to allow itself be ruled by God.  Your opposition to maintain what you conceived of yourself - in contrast to what is of another, in that you formulated what was not.  That sort of pride now is an accursed thing, it does not teach Jesus, but a departure of Him.

  3. How very terrible can it be that I should be a teacher of God?  Where is my choice in the matter?  Instead you should have been glad, and paid more attention to what your Mrs. Walker said; that "it does us good to live as if the Messiah could come tomorrow."  

  4. For as to you, He has already come, but you did not recognize Him.  Samuel had to be called more than twice, a ram three years of age before he realized it was the Lord calling him.

  5. I shall reveal to you the secret of salvation; The word of God, and not the word of men, yea, the word of God, and not of men, - hear and understand; of God - not men.  Psalm 50; "What right have you to recite my statutes, or take my covenant on your lips?  For you hate discipline and cast my words behind you."  And you said; "you do not want me," but look again "who" it is you do not want;

  6. (Isaiah 41:26)  Here Isaiah makes reference to that to which you last replied; "Perhaps there is merit".  For "who" has ever heard these words before?  Or "where" have you ever seen these written?  Isaiah testifies that there was no one, that no person declared these things previously. 

  7. And "how" then am "I" to know them?  Was he not, as Ezekiel said; (17:22) "a sprig taken from the great Cedar planted (or taught) of God Himself."  Or Enoch, "from" the Eternal plant?  And here by Isaiah the Lord clearly testifies; "I first declared it to him, to Zion."  Meaning, "I" the Lord, was his instructor, and from no-one else did he learn.

  8. Is it really so difficult, as Isaiah said; "that we may say he is right"?  You at least said, "it had merit," which is more than what no doubt many others will say.  I then am from the north, from the very rising of the Sun.  And as for the rulers, do not concern yourself, they will soon come to know what truth is assayed on them.  

  9. But as for you let not a foolish pride stand in your way - to have no counsel before God and His Son Jesus the Christ, lest verses 28-29 be assayed on you, and you be despised of Him.

  10. For as I said in my previous letter, What have I to do with you, or what are you to me?  There are five billion others in the world that could be saved in your stead, and what are you more than they?  

  11. A son of Jacob perhaps?  I then vouch to you, that if it were not for Elijah yet to come, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, I venture to say that little or none of the fifteen million remaining Jews in the world would all perish in the wrath of Him who called me.

  12. I thought not to write you this letter, since you declined with hostility (even though you wished me to understand no hostility), but in obedience I write this.  For in the offering (Gen 15:9) I previously delivered the heifer and the she-goat (in excess of) three years of age, and now the ram three years of age.  

  13. Shall I laugh, or shall I cry?  I shall gather more enemies against me than any man.  

  14. You now my friend - are not without understanding, therefore I speak in this way, nor do I reckon you with Gentiles, but as one with a long history who can bear my word and my weight.  Therefore if you be offended, I shall indeed offend you, but if you will humble that pride of old, you shall gather joy.  

  15. Psalm 50 again; "If you see a thief, you are a friend of his, and you keep company with adulterers, you give your mouth free reign for evil, and your tongue frames deceit."   And do not now tell me you have not done so, for it is not of the Lord that a man should seek his own pastors, nor teachers of his own choosing.  

  16. Neither are they led of God that seek their own preferred idols that they may tickle their ears, to preach only what they wish to hear.  But you shall pay heed to the word of the Lord, so Moses said, and to such as "He" gives you for teachers.  Psalm 50 again; "you sit and speak against your brother, you slander your own mother's Son".

  17. These things you have surely done, and the Lord has been silent, thinking that He was like yourself (making yourself an image).  But now you are rebuked, and He reproves you for your iniquities.  Your purpose - to bring the blind to light, which takes so much of your time that you do not have spare moments for the very "light" itself, is anything but acceptable.

  18. Shall not this be a serious error; to send those seeking answers to their own pastors, full well knowing from a multitude of places in the scriptures that the Lord is coming to exterminate all these many millions of shepherds, with the exception of barely a hand-full, on account of the lies and deceit of their mouth?  

  19. Or why do you suppose Jesus said that in our days it would be as in the days of Noah?  And "whom" did He say in the sermon of the mount, was to inherit (be left on) the earth?  My copy does not list liars, nor anyone who in ignorance or in pride seeks after idols.

  20. Psalm 50 again, "Mark then this you who forget God, lest I rend, and there be none to deliver.  He who brings thanksgiving as his sacrifice honors Me, (and) to him who orders his way aright I will show the salvation of God."  If you truly wish to get the right thing done, bringing souls to Jesus, so much more power to you.  

  21. But before hand, be yourself taught of Him, lest you be found making souls twice children of hell.  Then "you" shall be the teacher, for I have no such command to preach bringing souls to salvation, but to judge both princes and shepherds.

  22. "Time" is the one thing you have more of than any until you have come on the right road, for as yet - son of Jacob, so speaks the Lord of heaven, - you are not on the right road.  

  23. Consider therefore what was spoken to your father Jacob when he beheld that ladder reaching into heaven, "that in your days there would come a star, by whom, those who wish to see Jesus, will find the way unto Him.  (Ladder of Jacob).

   Yours truly.  Leonard.



(A word to the sons of men, and to the wise)

  1. O Lord my God Thou has given me knowledge, a wisdom exceeding that of the sons of men. Thou has made of me a mystery to the sons of men, a mystery in the hearts thereof.

  2. Have you understood O son of man what it is that I have spoken? Have you understood that "Love Story," which was compiled by my hand, for it is a very part of the above. Many will seek, and so it is written; "Seek and you will find."

  3. By Ezekiel in his 37th chapter beginning at verse 16 the Lord is furnishing Israel with a promise, a promise of reunion.  It however in the words spoken it is as much a mystery to Israel as it is to all the world, for even when these think they understand, these very same have no conception as to what the Lord is factually speaking of.

  4. And am I now to reveal that mystery? No I am not, but rather I am going to confuse them some more, and to reprove them for the ignorance of their heart. This is so since I am bound to keep the secrets that are to be kept secret, and yet I am speaking of it for the sake of the very wise, that even by my reprove and confusion these very wise may have understanding.

  5. Walking a tight-rope, as I once said, so I have done more than once.

  6. And so it is written: Son of man, take a stick and write on it, "For Judah, and the children of Israel associated with him'; then take another stick and write upon it, `For Joseph (the stick of E'phraim) and all the house of Israel associated with him."

  7. Now notice how the words (the stick of E'phraim) are written in parenthesis as to denote that these words were not originally in the script.  How then were these words added if not for the ignorance in man not knowing what it means to be of Joseph?

  8. We know that the tribe of Joseph was a dual tribe, one of E'phraim, and one of Manassah, and why was that so?  It was because Jacob had said to Joseph; that his two sons, E'phraim and Manassah, shall be as his sons, as sons to Jacob rather than Joseph, just as Reuben and Judah were his sons.

  9. E'phraim thus in effect was not a son of Joseph, but rather a son of Jacob, of Israel, which by consequence makes the entry of E'phraim incorrect.  There is however more than one ideal to the reunion of the sons of Israel, wherefore  it is not altogether incorrect but by association the definition thereof is lengthy and difficult to follow, yet I did write of it in another place.

  10. Where it states; "For Judah and the children of Israel associated with him," it includes the children of all the tribes of Israel, Judah being the head thereof, its ruler and king. And where it states; "For Joseph and all the house of Israel associated with him," it likewise includes the children of every tribe of Israel.

  11. If then any man thinks that perhaps I may be in error, he has yet to learn what error is, and I caution the same to read the words that follow namely; "And join them together into one stick, that they may become one in your hand.  And when the people say; " Will you not show us what you mean by these?"

  12. This is what follows; "Thus says the Lord God:  Behold I am about to take the stick of Joseph and the tribes of Israel associated with him, and I will join with it the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, that they may be one in My hand."

  13. Now notice how here again I eliminated the reference to E'phraim that also was again in parenthesis.  For parenthesis or not, the Lord speaks of Joseph and the tribes -- as tribes in multiples -- of Israel associated with him.

  14. And now for wisdom, first it reads; "That they may become one in "you" hand." the emphasis on the word "you". While in the second the Lord said: "To become one in "My" hand, the emphasis in the word "My".  This I mention for but the wise.

  15. And again for wisdom to the wise; the word "associated" could not possible be missing. For if it had read; >And the tribes of Israel with him,< it would point more exclusively to E'phraim and Manassah, rather than to all of Israel's tribes. And so the word "associated" is written and part of the sentence as it ought to be.

  16. The Lord thus means to join all those associated with Joseph, with them that are associated with Judah, from whom the Christ came as the Head thereof.  For now again in wisdom note the words; >associated with him,< and to repeat; >with him,< and once again to repeat saying; >him.<

  17. How much is in a word? Yea how much indeed. The Lord speaks of joining things, and somewhere it is written how the Lord plans to join the upper with the lower, that these might be one.  And when speaking of Israel the Lord often speaks in terms of Judah, and E'phraim.

  18. And is it not written: "I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph."?  And again:  "And the Lord will inherit Judah as his portion in the holy land, and will again choose Jerusalem."

  19. Yes my dear one reading my words, I am indeed concealing what is to be kept, and yet expounding it.  Psalm 77 of Asaph, quote:  "Thou didst with Thy arm redeem Thy people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph."

  20. The psalmist here did not include to say E'phraim, nor did the unwise among man here place that in parenthesis. Nor so as it is obvious from the psalmist - am I the first nor the only one to know the mysteries of the Lord.

  21. And yet there is another meaning of the same words for which I should enter a quotation that came by the heading of "TWO MESSIAHS":  

  22. <Our Sacred Sages had a tradition that in the beginning [of the End Times] there would arise a Messiah [i.e. Anointed Savior] from the house of Joseph who will reign over the Ten Tribes. He will wage wars and all of Israel will be gathered together under his banner. [This will continue] until later on, a descendant of David will appear and he will reign over them.

  23. <A transformation will take place. The Ten Tribes and the stick of Joseph will draw themselves closer unto the stick of Judah, and this too, will be through the agency of a Prophet and by miracles>".   (The Commentary of "Malbim on Ezekiel 37:15)

  24. This commentary of Malbim holds some truth and also some error, for the Lord also said:  "He will give victory to the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem may not be exalted over that of Judah."

  25. Then concerning the tradition of the sages that is correct as it states; "In addition to the MESSIAH SON OF DAVID, a tradition existed that there would also be a “Messiah, son of Joseph” who would come shortly before the “Messiah, son of David.” The MESSIAH, SON OF JOSEPH was to be a descendant of Joseph, from the Tribe of Ephraim."

  26. The part however where it states; >from the tribe of E'phraim<  is correct, and not as such correct.  But it shows that men were aware of the fact that a male goat was to be offered in addition to the Bull for a sin offering.  Or in other words; that there would be two Messiahs.  And who is for whom?

  27. O how dearly men will be confounded and their pride cast down to the earth, to learn that there are two Messiah's, that their hide is in the hands of a son of man as well as a Son of God.

  28. So have I spoken, and so I am ending my speech.

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