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  1. There was a time that there were Christian churches among the many gentiles, and along with it the persecution upon them, since among the sons of this world no greater sin exist than to openly proclaim and/or adhere to the truth. 

  2. Now however in this day and age that persecution has mostly ceased, and why may that be so?  It's quite simple; there are no longer Christians to persecute, no longer those that adhere to the truth nor those to proclaim it truthfully. 

  3. When however the God fearing come again, and truth is again heard openly. these will be persecuted, and that even in the nations that have a law against religious persecution.  

  4. Some now will contend with me, that persecution against the Christians is still as much as it was in the past. But why are you calling God's prophecy to be a lie, when He acclaimed that these would only be worshipping a piece of wood?  

  5. It are those which have replaced Christ Jesus with nothing more than a piece of wood that are this day hated and persecuted by the pagans. Like the muslims killing the Christians, with this question remaining who or how many of these so called Christians, are in fact and indeed Christians, or simply bearing the name?

  6. The foolish and blind ones among those killed must not only suffer in this day upon this earth for their hypocrisy, but in time to come as well, in the infernal regions.

  7. Since contrary to the pagans they have become twice children of hell, to know the statutes of the Lord, and to feign by them, yet to scorn them, which is not so with the pagans.  Yet even the mentioning of God's truth, feigned or in truth, is disliked by the pagans.

  8.  It is at your doorsteps, if not already upon you -- O you sons of men, the plagues from the Lord your Creator for the wickedness of your word, and of your deeds.   When sorrow arises from great need, do not say in your heart; "We do not need God, we will work our way out, and overcome any calamity that comes upon us." 

  9. Your pride will bring you down.  It was on my account that I prayed to the Lord: "Not to let you be wise in your own eyes",  for I know how very gracious the Lord is even upon the wicked, and to keep long suffering for those that do not know their right hand from their left. 

  10. But why should you go on and on in your wicked pursuits, and we bear your ceaseless ridicule against me and the Almighty Lord?

  11. I need but speak a few words of wisdom, and immediately I am ridiculed because the ignorance of man is very great, and his pride without restraint.  And yes I could have taught man so many beautiful things, to lift his ignorance from him. 

  12. But for his accursed pride he would not hear, wherefore instead of a shepherd I have become after my name.  Instead of a teacher I have become one to reprove, and to upbraid man for his accursed folly.

  13. You will come to blame me, but you have done it to yourselves, you forced my hand, and left me no choice, yet you will put the blame on me?  Years ago I recorded what you were to do in the day that is soon to occur, still you will not grant me a gift of insight into knowledge?  

  14. The few that will hear me will not be to your likens, since these will be of the same Spirit with me, and these too will be persecuted since they are children of a greater calling.

  15. Shall I point out how deep you are in ignorance, and how far you are from salvation, from the very life of your soul?  Who is the One that died on the cross?  I do not recall it being Mary the mother of Christ.  Why then do you pray to her angering both Mary and Christ with your idolatry?  

  16. She can-not help you, she is not God, nor can she intercede for you. But what she will do on the day of judgment is to condemn you for your idolatry of her, since there is but One Name given and it was not Mary.

  17. And how disgusting are your carved idols of Christ and of Mary, and certain others you drag out of hell to proclaim them saints. You pride yourselves in Jesus, yet that first commandment of the same Jesus proclaims your pride as devil worship, for all your graven images. 

  18. And how stupid is it to pray by a set of beads, and a piece of wood? Are you yourself not more than the wood you carved? How than do you stoop so low to pray facing that dead piece of wood?

  19.   Destroy you carved images, burn them down to nothing, and do not kneel before them, be not so vile.   

  20. Even the whoredom of a prostitute is not as revolting as the whoredom of looking to and praying before a graven image.  I will have more regard for a prostitute that sold herself for a living, than for you to set up a graven image, or to keep a candle alight.  

  21. And no less for those that for their insanity raffle off senseless prayers by some string of beads.  Know therefore that all these prayers count against you, they will not be to your welfare but rather to some horrific pains upon you.

  22. How dumb therefore to do these things, to bring the pains of hell upon yourself. Have you no regard for yourself?  Are you so deeply stung by the poison of the devil which his servants, your priests, inject into you?   

  23. These priests of yours look most disgusting with all those fancy robes and hats - as if they were somebody. And indeed they are the bloodhounds of the devil indoctrinated to drag you down into hell with them. 

  24. There is no salvation possible for them, wherefore they have nothing to lose in dragging you along with them into the torment that awaits them.  If there was even a grain of decency in that vipers-breed they would not allow you to call them by the term of "father", seeing how that is in direct violation of God's law.  

  25. But they are happy about this mockery against God since there is not a grain of Christianity in them, but being born of the devil, in all things they fulfill the devil's wishes.

  26. In one way it is good that these priest do not take a wife, lest they should bring forth children, who in turn must testify that they were born of adultery, that their father was a beast that prowls around on its belly.  

  27. And for those nuns with whom they played the whore throughout the centuries, what good is there to be said of them - in depriving themselves and the males of their God given needs, forcing them to sleep alone?  Since when did debauchery of the body become  a highway into heaven?

    Jewish Holocaust.

  1. I know how Israel belly aches about that Holocaust of late perpetrated by the Germans as if that was the worst barbarian act ever to have been. But all such persons are ill educated, and at best ignorant of what has taken place in all the centuries before them.

  2. The Jews themselves in the first century after Christ were as vile and barbarian as the Germans were. And throughout the years the roman catholics (lower case) at many different times in different places were not a grain better than the worst of the Germans.

  3. The cruelty and barbarism of the roman popes and their henchmen can hardly be described for cruelty.  For whatever cruelty can be said of the German SS, the same can be said of the popes, and their confederates.

  4. And no less for the protestants at various times and places.   Be it Heathen, or Pagan, catholic or protestant, or even muslim, and whatever else follows the lists.  Each and everyone of them at one time or another acted worse than animals, worse than the worst of animals, since never was any animal as cruel as the sons of men.

  5. Do not therefore O Israel take such pride in your Holocaust, but consider that it was but a single act of many such acts by many different peoples, including your own.


  1. Most of the white folks in the USA that held the slaves stolen from Africa, should have had their throats slashed.  Since then no one had the righteous zeal to cut their throats, it will be done in a day to come.

  2. From the record kept in heaven when their wicked deeds are made known to all the people, it is then that not only their throats will be slashed, but their bones will be broken as well. 

  3. And why will that be so? It is because when it was in their power to show mercy, they failed to show mercy, and thought of their neighbor, - slaves as they called them, - as persons less than themselves.

  4. And do not tell me you were Christian, and acted with mercy.  For I know your Christianity, that it was no more than demon worship, and your compassion as no more than cruelty, with your mercy as worse than death.

  5. He that fails in mercy is as one that kills. Therefore O you hard hearted for not having shown compassion when it was your due, you will come to cry out in pain sevenfold more than all these on whom you brought pain and suffering.

  6. Take it for granted all you that are guilty, your guilt will be sought out, and your back scarred with an iron rod.  There is a record against you, and the sentence will be executed, your bones will be broken.  

  7. Think not that though you have died, that by it you will escape your due reward; as you already know, for only them that are still in the flesh are the stupid ones, thinking that justice will not catch up to them.

  8. You will be raised in order that you may serve in pain and regret, like as the Lord said; "To weep bitterly and gnash their teeth."

   Muslim world.

  1. And you muslim world, why do you worship a murderer for a savior?  There is no savior for you, murderers cannot save - nor are they saved, but a grievous rod upon your back awaits you.  Each day you pray to your stupid idols, to demons that have no love for you and desire but the death of you.   Is not that a gross ignorance of you? 

  2. Become wise O you foolish ones, destroy these so called holy sites, burn them down to the ground and utterly demolish the whole lot of them --- and perhaps He who created you may bring a blessing upon you.  

  3. And if you will not do so, know this for a certainty, that you will be eradicated from the face of the earth, and your names will be rooted out and your children along with you will be imprisoned.

  4. At the great judgment you will all be cast headlong into the pool of fire, where you will burn and weep and gnash you teeth.   There you will meditate after the fact saying to yourselves how stupid you were to believe upon a lie, and upon a murderer.  Consider what it means to "gnash your teeth", it is your futile anger.

  5. You will muse saying; - "How stupid and how arrogant indeed we were not to have accepted the word of truth, to instead to follow upon the traditions of our father that led us to this destruction.  For now we with all our forebears are altogether in torment because we believed upon a lie and worshipped those which wanted us dead.  

  6. Nor did we heed the words of Godís prophets nor did we keep His precepts,  And now there is no salvation for us but a fearful judgment."

  7. Each and every one of these of your kind that blew themselves up murdering their neighbors -- broke the law of love. They did not keep the law, they did not love their neighbor nor did they do good to their enemies, but they murdered them. 

  8. And while these blind ones thought to be going to heaven and have a pride of virgins to themselves -- found themselves lied unto.   This they realized the instant they died, when they ignited the explosive, for that only killed the flesh it can not harm the spirit.  

  9. Instead of glory these learned how stupid they really were.   Instead of joy --- a fearful judgment came to await them, and no virgins, but a hideous form to come upon them.

  10. Each and everyone of them, the Japanese suicide bombers inclusive, wished they could go back in time to undo their horrible mistake, but having done it -- it is too late.  There is no return from such vile deeds against themselves and against any person be they friend or enemy.


  1. Man has the gall to say that Rome was the head of the Christian church. But in the book of Revelations - Rome is not even mentioned among the seven churches of God.  This is so since Rome became the seat of the devil.

  2. Among the catholic and reformed pig-styles, (or churches as they like to call them,)  the lot of them are sitting stark naked in their gatherings, with no shame and no regret.  And why then should I not call them pig-styles?  

  3. And no less for the Jews to enter their synagogues stark naked, and even at home when they sit down to eat, and in public these show themselves without shame, or any degree of integrity.

  4. If there is anything I hate, it are those accursed scull-caps, and, for the so called Christians to enter their churches without any shame. 

  5. This world is disgusting, a most apostate generation, a people that is without common decency, a generation more vile than vile.  People lie, steal, and murder, but to lack even the common sense to dress themselves properly is beyond comprehension. 

  6. All these are showing themselves as were they but animals, irrational animals.  And I have to have my abiding among them?  O what a hell this is to me.  

  7. Is it any wonder O Lord that I refused to be a prince unto them, for so I acclaim unto Thee O Mighty Lord, they are not fit to be ruled, but to be exterminated, to wipe them off the face of the earth.

  8. This is not to convey that today is any worse than in previous ages, for those of the past were as cruel and as barbarian as their offspring of this day.  In the past however there were Christians among the barbarians, the jewels of humanity, while today these jewels are few and far between, although relatively free of persecution since they are not in numbers.

  9. Thou did bring need upon them, Thou did with-hold Thy blessings from them, an economic depression as they called it. And now what?  Wilt Thou bring them a blessing again, to reinstate them?  They have not acknowledged that it was Thy hand that brought them down.  

  10. And what is even worse, now they think that they are going to twist Thy hand O Lord, yes indeed with their puny power to break Thy Almighty hand from them with their accursed boasting.

  11. "We will come out of this depression stronger and richer than ever before", so they boast. And yes, the thieving rich to come out richer from the blood and sweat of the poor, so is their intend.  

  12. I pray Thee Lord, do not lift them up again, with-hold Thy blessings, do not forgive them their malicious sins, the great evil of their doings.  But bring their deeds upon them, let them fall headlong upon their evil intend.

  13. Thou did give them children for rulers, the incompetent to govern their affairs, and they are doing well to destroy themselves, for it is with the people as with them that rule, each one causing the other to sin and be most apostate. 

  14. Why then should Thou forgive them, and allow them to be a sevenfold hell unto me, a people I cannot stand the sight of, a people that mock and vex me each and every day.


  1. All those cathedrals that are upon the face of the earth are most worthless and disgusting, built with the sins of the people, and mortared with the blood of the people.  All this for the vain rich to glory in the demise and the destruction of their people.  

  2. Do yourself a favor O you people and destroy every last one of them so that not one stone remains upon the other, nor even a semblance of it.  

  3. For the blood of millions of souls cry out to me from the stones. Temples built for the devil and fit to be thrown down into the abyss along with all that is of the devil.

  4. If you wish to bring a blessing upon Egypt destroy those pyramids, grind them into the dust to be rid of them forever, for out of the midst of these the blood of millions of poor souls cry out to avenge the horrible hurt upon their souls.  

  5. And you blind ones, why are you glorifying these mummies you have collected, the remains of blood thirsty murderers?  Burn them to a crisp destroy them from the earth, for these were the murderers, the servants of the devil to take the blood of millions as mortar for their evil works.

  6. Let every statute of every ruler be ground to powder, remove their name and their remembrance from the face of the Earth.   For these were the murderers of their own people, and their blood cries out to my ear for revenge, yes for a horrible revenge.   

  7. And so I say to you by the name of the Lord my God, the Almighty Lord, their remembrance will cease to exist.  

  8. In the day to come, in the day of peace and of blessings the names of all these rulers of the earth will be forgotten forever and ever - never to be heard again.  And their offspring will be no more than a delusion. Because they killed their very own and would not let the prisoners go free.

  9. The kings of the past, pharaoh's and all took their stolen goods with them in their graves as if in the after life, they were to be rich, and a king again. But O how these most ignorant among men deceived themselves, since their riches are all gone, never to be seen by them again.

  10. Nor will these come to rule ever again, but as servants to servants, as the lowest and most forgotten among men these will be, if even that much.  All because they were thieves and murderers, with not a grain of integrity to offer themselves for others. Therefore also we will give them no thought.

  11. Be assured of this O you my people though you are not my people, you will look upon them and muse saying'  "Are these those that brought the world to ruin, who sat high and mighty? Now look at them how they are thrown down and in torment, a just reward for all the blood upon which they feasted."   

  12. You indeed so I say to you - will be appalled at the sight, and give glory to God the righteous Judge who enacted a righteous judgment upon all flesh.

    The protestantS

  1. How fond you are to polish the wood of the cross you Gentiles, you have almost wore it down so that there is little or nothing left of the wood.   A little more and there will be nothing left to polish for you blind ones.  

  2. I have already seen how by many of you there is not even a beam left.   It has gone with the wood of that cross with you as with your forebears - never having known Him that died upon it.

  3. Such as have a church for a god, may yet be seen polishing the wood of the cross, since they have no idea whom He was that died upon it.  Nor have they ever known Him since He is known in His word by those that truly and factually keep His word.  

  4. But as I have seen by many where there is not even a cross left.  Instead it has become a crooked slippery stick with a poisonous head upon it.   And truly, truly, these deserve the poison that is injected within them for the arrogance and wickedness of their mind.

  5. Ignorance, O ignorance, the Titanic went down along with 1500 souls.  If only we had built it better, or done so and so - it would not have sunk, so some reason.   O you stupid ones, God would have sunk that peanut shell no matter how you built it, even if the whole things were of foam, because you proclaimed "that even God could not sink that boat.  

  6. Therefore O you blind ones, therefore it sank, for your pride and for your arrogance it sank.  And it is for your pride and arrogance against God that He brings tornadoes and  hurricanes as well as earthquakes, to remind you of your sins and to repent of them.  

  7. But you are like block-heads, nothing enters into you.  It is not mother nature that does anything, but God who sees all, does all these things.  Mother nature cannot do a solitary thing lest God willed it, even a blade of grass cannot come forth by mother nature, lest God so orders it.  

  8. The Lord overturned Sodom and Gomorra, for sins less than that the nations practice this day.  He drowned the whole of the Egyptian army for their arrogance against Israel. And He buried the inhabitants of Naples alive in their atrocities.  Do not think that you therefore shall escape.

  9. The children of man have searched out many things, atoms bombs and computer chips, yet they are not in the least able to define how even the simple thing as a blade of grass comes forth from the earth which the Lord made in His great wisdom. Nor even how or why the atom bomb fundamentally explodes as it does.

  10. How marvelous Thou art O Lord letting forth the trees from the ground and bring the water with its nourishment upwards to the very tops thereof for while all things are held by the power that went forth from Thee down to the Earth, yet Thou caused the waters to go up with the trees and in all plants, yet though there is no pump within them as thou has formed in man.

  11. But where is man to have understanding?  Thy marvelous works are at all times before him, but the eyes of man are closed, he cannot see.   By his sins against Thee his eyes became no eyes and man lives by the greed of his heart, to see no more than what is good for his belly.


"Zwart Book", a movie, -- taken in reference.

  1. I want that Canadian officer that after World War Two was ended,  allowed the German Nazi to execute persons less guilty then themselves, I want him as a bastard to humanity in order to bring pains upon him in seven fold since his deeds were worse than that of a common traitor. 

  2. And those that supposedly came as freedom fighter to deliver the people in Europe, which were responsible for crimes against humanity.  And I want the spectators that witnessed the events and rejoiced themselves in it. 

  3. This serves as an example O you inhabitants of the Earth, the few here mentioned of the great multitude guilty of the same offences, to demonstrate to you the kind of justice that will be executed to all such butchers, which you of the world would not even consider of being guilty of anything, all such will be executed bringing a thousand death's upon them.

  4. Upon them will be a punishment as great as upon the Nazi's themselves.  And none will escape, not a single person in any nation or from any corner of the earth   

  5. Take this as an example, and a promise that a grievous reward will be upon each and everyone of them.  Do not fancy yourselves that any of these have escaped their reward.

  6. I will take vengeance on my enemies, on all my enemies.  And who are my enemies?  Your heads of state, your governors, and your judges, these are my enemies, and your lawyers, your bankers, the corporate heads and officers, and many more, all those that oppress my people are my enemies.  And they will come to know it, just as the Lord has said

  7. "How a mighty one of the nations will surely do to them as their wickedness deserves."

  8. And should any attempt to excuse themselves saying; "they followed rules set for them," I will punish those that made the rules equally as much, whosoever they may have been, any commander, general, or heads of state.  Not one of these that set forth senseless rules, and those which applied them --- none will escape.

  9. This serves as an example, that a very great multitude of such in whom man saw no error, or sin to be reckoned with, -- will weep and gnash their teeth in the pains of hell.  

  10. Then their bones will be strewn at the mouth of hell for yet a greater torment upon them, for it will be as I have said, that I will take vengeance on my enemies, on each and all of them, past present and future.

"Behind enemy lines" --  a movie, --  a true story.

  1. I will have that so called admiral who would not rescue the pilot. and I will have regard for that true Admiral who did rescue his man for his rescue as well as for his decision to retire and not to accept the foul abuse of the US government to take an office job in Washington.   Had I been him I would have thrown the bastard admiral overboard,  

  2. Now however this person along with all the government officials in league with him will taste the horrible pains of defeat and the painful torment of the fires of hell upon them,  even for this single deed, yes even for this single deed.

  3. One thing is very obvious how the Lord directed the steps of this person Burnett, and safeguarded him from his enemies, and guided him to bring back the evidence by which that son of the devil was arrested. Yet it will be in the day yet to come that he will begin to feel the real torments upon him for his criminal acts.

  4. This serves as an example how judgment will catch up to each and every person on the face of the earth, for deeds that to the minds of man do not seem punishable, things which man winks at.   

  5. Know this and know it well you inhabitants in every corner of the earth, judgment will be executed upon you for every single deed and every single word that proceeded from you.

  6. And why do you scoff at me, you of no knowledge?  Have you never heard how we will come to own you body and soul, and to do with you as we please?  

  7. My knowledge is not in vain, it is a Godly knowledge from the Throne of my Lord and Father to know what is, what was, and what is to come.   But you are without knowledge to scoff at my pure speech.


  1. A man was released from a prison in California, after which three persons were murdered.  The released person was held responsible and put in jail.  Now more than 20 years later a judge decides the man should be set free because he may be innocent, pronouncing that the police may have falsified evident and other such things.

  2.  If now indeed that person is innocent of those crimes, how did he come to serve in prison for such a long time, the prime of his life being ruined?  If indeed it is factual that the police falsified evidence, these officers should be forthwith hung.   

  3. And if indeed the evidence shows him innocent, then the judge that sentenced him and/or all jury members together with the two attorneys, should be forthwith hung.

  4. But I know that in this corrupt society where justice does not exist in the courts, they will do none of these things. Therefore the record in heaven by the angels to whom nothing is ever hidden,  by that record I will judge and execute judgment on all of them.  

  5. And those that are guilty will indeed weep bitterly and gnash their teeth in anguish.  Be assured that I will break their bones and scatter them at the mouth of hell, just as David King of Israel foretold long ago.


  1. I made a visit once to that rock (prison) in San Francisco,  and I will have the warden and prison guards to assay on them the reward of their cruelty along with every Governor of California, and every President of the USA that were in power and responsible for the injustice done to men.  

  2. It is not good for me to visit any prison run by man I would be hard pressed to forthwith execute its wardens and guards along with every prisoner that deserves to be executed.

  3. This serves as a example of the many that will have upon them the torment of a thousand deaths, because they failed to have mercy, and because they were cruel, the greater criminals punishing the smaller criminals.  Do not therefore think you are innocent, nor that you will escape your just reward, even though by men you are thought of as having no fault.

  4. It are your politicians, your leaders and your so called law makers along with all their henchmen to execute their vile doings that are the greater criminals, and as such they will be sentenced and serve accordingly.  

  5. Your governors refused to execute those that must be executed, leaving many on death-row for years on end.  Therefore these instead will be executed and serve in sevenfold because they refused to execute justice, and held back their sword from bloodshed.  

  6. For this reason and more God's curse rest on you, for as you should very well know - He said. "Cursed is the man that holds back his sword from bloodshed."


  1. Your bankers and mortgage brokers put out loans at deceitful interest, that which is properly called extortion from homeowners and business owners, taking excessive lucre, living by greed and extortion.  And the heads of these award themselves and their favored friends with at much robbery as they can.  

  2. Taking wages and bonuses on top of all their robbery -- even while the business goes to ruin and to a loss they award themselves with the blood and labor of the simple.  

  3. Then come your wicked rulers with less sense than that of a child, and for their great wickedness award these scoundrels with still more funds to rob from.  In that way your leaders already living altogether by bribery - become bedfellows with thieves and robbers.   

  4. Additionally, these criminals showed themselves the hypocrite, "for O yes we must help the poor homeowner that is losing his home, and the many that are put out of work."   In order therefore to help all these poor and needy your governing bodies award the thieving rich for their wickedness upon the needy, which then go forth to practice yet greater villainy upon the needy.

  5. This is your world O you people, and your legacy O you inhabitants of the nations.  Finding a needle in a haystack would be simpler than these days to find an honest politician, one that is not a thief. 

  6. But it will be ended, I will strike your leaders, the children that they are, and they will die the death of the uncircumcised so the Lord, the Almighty has spoken.  And I will strike its people the nations for all their wicked proceeds until few are left. 

  7. You, -  O you rich men and your leaders, are like Tyre, and just as she was made a barren  rock never to be rebuilt, so you will be bare and never to be rebuilt.  If one has an ear let him hear, if there is a man of understanding so let him understand my riddle that is no riddle.  

  8. And this will be said.   "How you have vanished from the seas, O city renowned, that was mighty on the sea, you and your inhabitants, who imposed your terror on all the mainland!"

  9. What is it the Lord the Almighty will do with my enemies for me?  What will be the reward for the foul ones that oppressed my people?

  10.  "I will bring you to a dreadful end, and you shall be no more; though you be sought for, you will never be found again, says the Lord God."

  11. As for you rulers in the earth, do not speak to Israel in  reproach, for the sons of Israel will be your heads, --- they will rule you --- and you will be to them for an inheritance.  You will be the slave and the sons of Israel your master.   Do not touch a Jew, it will be to you for loss of eyesight.


  1. There was a sexually abused teenager and she killed her pimp. The foul judge put her in prison for life. Here then is the sentence; the reward upon the judge will be far worse than a thousand death's, and his term in a far worse prison will be for untold many lifetimes.  

  2. Is it a crime to kill a pimp?    To step upon a cockroach is a crime worse than to kill a pimp! 

  3. This serves for a reminder and for learning.  Anyone who in this day and age does not understand how there is no justice, even in the American courts, has yet a lot to learn. 

  4. The reason that the authorities and the judges favor the criminals, and the beast among men, is because these are criminals and the beasts alike.

California USA

  1. A Scott Roeder killed a devils pervert guilty of many first degree murders. The jury in about a half hour of deliberation found him guilty of first degree murder.  Now however comes the real judgment and verdict.

  2. The judge, the lawyers, and all jury members are now guilty of something even worse than first degree murder, and each one of them will serve accordingly, to die a thousand death in great pain. How stupid of these blind bats to so heap more and more torment upon themselves.

  3. The devil's servant that was executed by Scott Roeder heaped upon himself a torment that will not be forgiven him, but that pain and sentence will be no less for the jury members the lawyers and the blind judge in the case. The only person here that will receive a lessening of his sentence will be Scott Roeder, he may have guilt, but by far not as much as all the others.

  4. All these, for the exception of the one, now will receive the additional pain upon them of making themselves a vexation to the righteous, which will not be withheld from them. I would very much like to leave this Sodom and Gomorrah where I am in exile, but where will I go where it is not Sodom and Gomorrah?

  5. And you have the unmitigated gall to call these a court of justice, which for the very thought of it you will be punished? Call them halls of injustice and at least a word of truth has passed your lips, otherwise, why do you think it was that the Lord impressed upon me not to pray for you?

  6. His sentence to burn you with fire, and feed your flesh to the vultures is therefore a just and righteous judgment, which then for you is but the beginning of the torment upon you. 

  7. O how painful it will be for those many that lived in peace, and did as they pleased, that reached into old age, adding sin upon sin to themselves.

  8. This serves as an example, of what will be, if there are any ears to hear, and hearts to meditate.


The incredible journey.  (A movie)

  1. This too serves as an example, for though it may only be a movie, they are after real events.

  2. The men that arrested that young woman should have given her something to eat rather than to arrest her. And since they did not do so, these men and everyone after them that kept her confined will taste the fires of hell.

  3. Those on the boat should have inquired as to why she was arrested and render a right judgment instead of becoming accessories to the crime of the two monsters that arrested her.

  4. And so you will see how many persons will burn in hell for even such a single incidence, for so it will be, so I will judge and execute judgment in the name of the Almighty Judge.

  5. Then of all things these foul hypocrites with their illegal cargo on board had yet the nerve to say; "Let us pray."  As if God would even remotely hear their prayers.  These foul ones have no idea that for that very prayer they will come to suffer yet greater pain than before in the fires of hell, for these are truly worthy to receive the everlasting damnation

  6. And none of you rulers and strong in the earth will be able to do anything, for these also are on the top of the list to be condemned and cast into the gutter.

  7. Have you never heard how the Lord said;  "You will dash them to pieces with a rod of iron."?  And do not fancy yourself that I will not take the rod of iron to hand against you.


The hand that rocks the cradle  (A movie)

  1. Here is another example of how judgment will be executed.

  2. As a temporary measure, Claire is to be imprisoned for a month for what she did to Solomon, and another month for her stupidity against her husband and two months more for her outburst against Rebecca

  3. And her husband, a month of imprisonment for not acting rightly with Solomon, and another two months for his attitude and action against Rebecca  With 3 days of prison for in that timely revealing her identity.

  4. This is before any murder took place, since for all that followed thereafter - it came about because of the criminal attitude of both Claire and her husband.

  5. This is to show what kind of judgment awaits all you inhabitants of the earth, which I am sure is not anything of what you might consider right judgment.

  6. The movies as mentioned are merely to show what will be, and how utterly ignorant and criminal the hearts of the inhabitant of this earth are.

The Ten Commandments  (A movie)

  1. I will have this Cecil B. de Mille to break every bone in his body and then some for the filthy, filthy, filthy lies that he uttered at the introduction of that movie.  So have I spoken, so it is written, and done.

  2. Born liars mind you, to turn the word of God into a lie, and making a mockery of His servants.


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