For any male person to don a head covering in the congregation, 

or in prayer, that person is mocking God and denying His Son the Messiah.

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        The veiling of woman

  1. The Lord commanded to honor father and mother. But the rebels in Israel in the days when Christ was on earth decided to circumvent that law, by saying: "I don't have to help my father nor mother because what I got, I got of God, or given to God."  Therefore the Lord said to them:  "You hypocrites, vipers-brood, by your own traditions you have made the law of God of no effect."

  2. The Jews, as well as Gentiles now in this century are no different - if not more wicked than these. The Lord Christ Jesus in His Holy Spirit, spoke by Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, how Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of the woman.  Because so said the Lord, And these twain shall be one flesh.   

  3. As therefore a body has one head, and not two, the man is regarded as the head with the woman the body, the two as one entity, one person, one single creation in the format of two.

  4. If then the woman craves superiority to assay that she is the head as well - in equal standing with her man, there will be two heads and no body, a two headed monster, a perverted or bastard corruption of the creature, which the Lord made in His great wisdom.  

  5. Will a person standing before a judge to be judged acclaim that he is equal in rank with the judge to claim:: "And who are you O judge to judge me?"  Should he not rather have respect for the judge and refer to him by "your honor", as it is common among all men? 

  6. Or will a man rank himself equal with Christ? Every woman therefore that refuses to submit herself is the same as a man sitting himself in the seat of Christ.

  7. Should not man accept the social order which the Lord has instituted among men that there are ranks higher and lower by which society may properly function?  (And in saying "man" its reference is to male and female.) Will a homeless laborer go to your President and say: "Get out because I am equal in rank with you?" 

  8. Did not the Lord command us, to respect all authority secular as well as religious?  Is it not correct that -- there is no authority but as is ordained of the Lord?

  9. If then the woman leaves her place in the order which God has instituted to elevate herself in the place of the man, she is as that day laborer telling the president of a nation to get out, or for her sake move in with him as equal in rank with him.  God however created man and the woman from the man, therefore the man has the greater authority. 

  10. O you foolish people, when will you learn that the order and the ranks which the Lord God instituted are for the good of all?   Among all the angels of God there are ranks even as there is among men. Does not every prison have a warden, a head of?  And does not every business have a boss, or a corporation a chief executive?

  11. Many nations managed to corrupt the right order of society by having women to vote along with their husbands. And what have they gained? Precisely nothing, but rather they have put themselves deeper in shame and in the regret of hell.  

  12. That voting game that men play is first of all a crock, a worthless endeavor by the ignorance of men, and slated for eternal destruction.  It's the Lord that appoints rulers, that so called voting of men is a silly childish game, but not everyone can understand this.

  13. For the nations now to elevate their women to an impossible position is nothing new since the men do the same thing, and both are to fall headlong.  

  14. But we being not of the world, but of the household of God, we abide by a Godly rule in which all of His creatures do not seek pre-eminence, but joyfully accept and remain in that position as each one receives in His wisdom and of His grace.

  15. Behold clearly how I have made separation between man and man, between those that are of God and those that are of the earth, or of a depth below the earth. Do not therefore attempt to apply the rules of the earth to those that are of heaven, nor will those that are born of the earth accept to themselves the rules that are of heaven.

  16. The Lord now by Paul reiterated this His order among man to a solemn token that it may be evident even from an outward appearance that yes indeed the inward heart of man does reside in its true humility.  

  17. For if the Lord had not spoken these words by Paul, and the woman would have taken the place of the man, teaching before the congregation, and seeing themselves equal in all respects with the man.  

  18. Then the angels in heaven would have spoken something in this way:  "We know that every man of God will have power and authority over us, because they loved not their lives but choose death rather than to disobey God.  

  19. But will we be unseated by the woman as well,  by wicked ones that did not keep their proper order?  For the man yes - we can accept it because he was righteous in the blood of his Savior, and for such a righteous one we will humble ourselves.  

  20. But it would be a horrible disgrace upon us, if we were unseated for the arrogance of a woman that flaunts the command of God."  

  21. This, - so the angels would say, "we cannot bear."  And why should they? The Devil did not keep his order and was cast down.  And we (the angels) in our orders we have not left from our ranks, and should we be shamed by a mere creature of flesh and blood that just like the Devil did not keep its rank, but in pride and arrogance of heart elevated themselves to a rank not befitting them?  

  22. No, this is not anything we could possibly bear, and neither will the Lord our God and Creator allow it."

  23. Did you hear this you children of man, you so called Christians, what the angels of heaven were saying in regards to your corrupting of the words of the Lord by Paul?  You better pay attention, for whether you know it or not -- I do not speak in vain.

  24. If there be any man or woman to contend with me in this matter know this from me, even from me, that for your arrogance the curse will take you away.  There will be no heaven for you. 

  25. So is my judgment along with Paul,  and so it will stand before God, before Christ, and before the angels as well as before all that are accounted righteous. 

  26. Many of the angels were cast out from heaven because they thought to assume an honor to themselves that did not belong to them.  If then the woman seats herself in the seat of the man - and God would nonetheless save her, all these many angels would come to cry out:

  27.   "Unjust, unjust." "If for her it is sanctioned - why not for us? Or, for what reason then were we cast down?"

  28. A vipers-brood twisting the beauty of God into a tradition of their own making, so I started out to speak, for so the snakes among the so called Christians are doing this very day.  

  29. And while in the foregoing I elaborated on where Paul in verse 10 said: "Because of the angels." - I no doubt portrayed a wisdom too great for man, an understanding not in their estimation. Yet now I shall come to the first of the matter.

  30. Christ Jesus is the head of man, He is the church, and the Head of the church, wherefore in consequence the man in the glory of Christ upon him is also a governor of the church, that is - of the congregation in which the Lord has placed him.  And from the many heads that may be within a congregation one is chosen to lead, and that one is to receive greater honor.  

  31. But if the one having the greater honor sees himself as more elegant than the rest of the heads, elevating himself with dominance over the other heads, like as it is in all these churches of this day,  he has forsaken the truth and abandoned Christ Jesus who was His glory.  

  32. Since he should have been the servant of all, leading the congregation as a servant (a servant of Christ Jesus) and not as a proud domineering ruler, showing off his elegance in public, and having the people refer to him by such titles as belong only to God or Christ, as they are wont to do.

  33. The Lord then by Paul in his letter to the Corinthians commanded Quote: : "Any man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled dishonors her head."

  34. This He said so that His people might abide in humility, and in evidence by the physical tokens of humility.  This now is not to infer that even when the woman is veiled, that she indeed in the inward heart is in the keeping of this law of Christ. For it is not in the outward appearance that a man or a woman is a Christians, but in the inward parts. 

  35. Baptism of the water is of no avail lest the reality of it is in the heart and the same is baptized in Spirit, and in fire.  Yet we do not therefore outlaw or abandon the watery token.  

  36. And equally so with rank and respect we do not abandon the outward token.   For if it is not there - how will it be in the heart?

  37. Why O you hypocrites did you not abandon baptism as well, since it too is but a token?  And why are you so set on building and entering into churches, a completely worthless endeavor for you?   Where O you blind ones is God's command for it?   

  38. We of course know it is for your belly, for your insatiable greed, and for your passion to drag every soul into hell with you.

  39. For the women now to wear the veil in the congregation is not necessarily the certainty that the true Christian respect and humility dwells in her heart.   But if she is without it, God's humility and her respect of Him shall certainly not be within her heart.   

  40. For in entering into the congregation without the token of humility (veil) upon her, she in effect is proclaiming to all around her that her selfish pride and self esteem is greater than her respect for God.   

  41. That in effect she is wiser than God, to render His law as were it a crock - with her self esteem, in violation to God, as were it righteous.

  42. She in all respects is guilty of the same offence of which the devil was guilty.

  43. The devil thought to seat himself in the high heavens at the right hand of God.  And for his arrogance God cast him down.  So also the woman in that respect is like the devil.  For the male is in Christ as the head of the body, with the woman the body.

  44. And just as the mouth is in the head, and not in the fingers - it's the head that speaks while it cares for the whole of the body.  For the Lord made them "one being" "one flesh" as male and female, like it was said; 

  45. "He made man as male and female.  And no man shall corrupt this. And said the Holy Spirit by Paul: "Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord.

  46. Paul then in verse 13 and thereafter provided some examples of common usage to strengthen his foregoing words.  And this the serpents among men have taken upon as their convenient means to corrupt the word of Christ in favor of their corrupt tradition, all in their attempt to corrupt every soul of man and woman from the grace of God. 

  47. To them - so they conclude, the hair itself is the veil, which precludes a women from appearing clean shaven of hair upon their heads.  How stupid, how sevenfold stupid these serpents are.   

  48. A woman  will always adorn herself to look desirable for the man, it is her nature,  eyelashes, lipstick, earring, etc, and when a man comes by, she fiddles with her hair a bit to look as pretty as she can.  And no woman in her right mind will shave her head for any norm of beauty.

  49. Then come those devil worshippers recounting how in some days past the whores and prostitutes of some cults of the devil shaved their heads, - utilizing the same as some sort of defense against Paul and Christ. 

  50. How pitiful indeed these serpents are, as if Paul had any of these in mind.   Frankly anyone even entertaining these very thoughts is most ignorant, and far from the kingdom of heaven.

  51. Paul said, or rather the Lord Christ Jesus in His Holy Spirit said:   "If a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her wear a veil."

  52. Go on read these words again, and again, till hopefully at some time or another you might actually come to understand the simple English of it.   

  53. Why would Paul have taken up the very issue if the hair of a women is her veil?  The foregoing sentence of him in that case would be more like lunacy.  

  54. And now realize that it was not Paul but God's Holy Spirit who spoke these words, and how you the wicked in their accursed hypocrisy are not mocking a man's word, but they are making God's words out for lunacy.  And though afterwards even if these repented in sackcloth and ashes, that sin will never be forgiven them, not in all eternities.

  55. For the small in understanding reading these my words, that also are not my words, consider this again;  why would Paul say for the women to cut her hair if she wished not to be veiled, when her hair is her to veil?  

  56. Her hair to a veil is a teaching of the devil, of that vipers-brood which he has in his clutches among men.

  57. To dream up this stupidity in the account of men is not mere ignorance, but a devil's poison aimed at getting the children of man to commit the same atrocity that the devil himself did against God, and against His angels.   

  58. The sin of this is equal to murder, and to that of the lie, and of crimes against humanity.    Look what happened to the angels which did not keep their places, quoting Jude:  

  59. "And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling have been kept by him in eternal chains in the nether gloom until the judgment of the great day"      Do you therefore wish to be kept in the nether gloom also?  Continue as you are, and you will have your wish.

  60. The world is full of anti-Christ's, they have been here since the days of Christ, and will remain until the last day when Christ Jesus will exterminate the entire lot of them. 

  61. It are these anti-Christ's who in all respect portray themselves as if they were good Christians that look for anything and everything by which to subvert the truth of God.  These beasts do this in such subtle ways as to appear righteous, while in effect they are servants of the devil.

  62. Take now this from me, and from Christ Jesus who taught me, that these will most certainly not escape the damnation unto which they were born.  Depart from anyone that speaks differently than what has been given us by Paul.  

  63. Do not greet them, do not sit with them, but shun them like one shuns a plague, for they are a plague, the anti-Christian plague.  

  64. Nor are these ever to be corrected unless upon your or my word they forthwith repent, without delay.  For the issue of this is far too simple not to be understood by anyone whose heart is aright within them.  

  65. You therefore in whom there is the love of God, do not debate this issue with them.  Do not for the sake of your own soul become like unto them whom the Lord labeled as hypocrites and vipers-brood.

  66. The Lord now did not send me into this world as a preacher to convert souls, but rather for judgment and so as He said; "to reprove and upbraid them."  You suppose that if I stood before a shameless congregation that I would pray for them, or show them the way to heaven, as it was given me of the Lord?  

  67. On the contrary, I would give them one chance and once chance only, to go home and get dressed, and return with decency in humility.  And should they not return -- their own curse will rest on them, they will have judged themselves by the rebellion of their heart.  

  68. The words of Paul and of me here and now are clear enough.   If one will hear, so let him hear, and for those that wish to be contentious, have no fellowship with them, for these shall be unto you as Sodom and Gomorrah to be exterminated from the face of the Earth.

  69. In this matter of respect and humility before God, and Christ and His angels, there are no if's nor but's, nor any debate, but whosoever thinks to debate the same with me or with Paul let him or her be accursed.

  70. And just because a woman is to keep her proper authority, not to be a pastor in the stead of her head, and to show forth that very token of her humility, does not mean that she can not prophecy, or teach, or be so many other things. 

  71. But like the hand is useful for its purpose and the foot for its being, so it is the head that rules the body, and the head that speaks, even as it reside above, on top of the body.  In this way God made man as male and female, and He wishes him (or them) honored as such.

  72. There are those enumerating how women at different times and different places were humbled, or treated as less than man. And of whom are they speaking? They are speaking of the barbarians, and of the hypocrites, and all such other churches and peoples destined for destruction.  And yes what else is new?  

  73. Ours however is for those that keep the commandment, for the good hearted people that do not worship the Lord in vain.  And among these the woman always had her place of honor, doing all that the man is within her, with no more than the exception as noted herein before, which is her rightful and honorable place in the order of the Kingdom of God.

  74. What harm shall it be to anyone to be dressed properly, to present himself or herself with common decency? Shall it be so painful or detrimental for any person to show due respect for both God and man? To that foul vipers-brood that run your churches yes, it is painful, but to the good hearted it is life.   

  75. And do not listen do these brainless wonders who claim that the veil is for married women only, for a woman is a woman from before the day she was born. 

  76. And as to the type of veil there is no error as long as it is a covering, since it is the token that is symbolized, the token of humility. Whom therefore is to condemn the various hats as women are wont to wear, since it is not the type but the token.

  77. When a woman assumes the role of a pastor speaking before a congregation it is like a man speaking to the congregation with his ass-end.   Anyone that remotely sits down in a congregation with a woman preacher curses himself, there is no hope for him or her.  

  78. And this goes for the man as well, anyone who elevates himself above his God given order.  He so curses himself as the devil did in thinking to seat himself next to God.

  79. Here also is where the Lord spoke concerning titles, where that accursed breed yearns for the glory of the public.  They dress themselves in that so called holy appearance to receive glory of men for their position.  

  80. They do not dress themselves after the humility of Christ, but after the arrogance of the devil. Like the Lord said, "they love to have salutations in the marked places."

  81. All these criminals are a most disgusting lot, for though they may be priests, they are neither in heart nor in appearance servants to the Lord, but of the devil seeking pre-eminence among men.  

  82. These are your true anti-Christ's.  Whosoever therefore addresses these scoundrels by the title of father, is joining himself to the devil by the servants thereof.

  83. God has send teachers, that is laborers into the world, and a laborer is not the master, nor the father, since God only is Father of all.  And don't you dare come to me with such questions as to what a son may or should call his earthly father.  There is enough ignorance in the world without such questions.

  84. The words "your honor" are proper notation for a judge, and the term "pastor" is proper for priests, for servants as servants of God and Christ.  When the term eminence is used in addressing priests it goes too far since that term conveys as above all, and none but God and Christ are above all. 

  85. By the Israelites the term rabbi is used.   This term can have two meanings, either teacher or master.  And the Lord commanded for His servants not to be addressed as masters, nor even as teacher.  When therefore you address a pastor by the term rabbi what in effect are you saying? 

  86. What is it that is in your heart?   Are you looking up to him as a master, or as teacher?  Do you not know that there is but One Master, and One Teacher?  If therefore you subject yourselves to these devils as master or teacher, or father, your lot will indeed be with the devil.

  87. The curse of the law thus rests on anyone that allows himself to be addressed in that way, as well as those that pronounce it..  When Mary was weeping by the tomb and Jesus called her by name, she answered saying "Rabboni", which means Teacher.  She then was speaking to the Teacher, the One and Only..

  88. The Lord now said: "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."  "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,  teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you"

  89. The words: All that I have commanded you",  is what true Christianity is about, since true Christianity is love and faith.  He that loves is not under law because he keeps all things out of love.   And he that believes adores all the word of Him in whom he has given himself.

  90. A multitude vie for heaven while it are the fires of hell that awaits them -- these imagine themselves to be such good Christians, pronouncing their prayers three times a day, and reading etc.  These think to be heard for the multitude of their words, and Godliness (as they assume it) into a ritual.  Their sabbath's and their prayers and all else has become a ritual. 

  91. Salvation however is not by a ritual, nor shall a ritual save anyone.  Rather it is the heart, the inmost, and what comes of a man spontaneous, out of love and admiration.  "Do not use many words" so the Lord said.  God knows everything before you ask Him.

  92. And, said the Lord: "Go to your inner room, and close the door upon you, and pray, and God will hear you."  What then does that mean; if not that when we approach God to be fully sincere, with no distractions.

  93. These therefore that have attained to a ritual are not asking anything, nor are they speaking to God as they presume.  These are merely blowing the air, and in fact pronouncing a curse unto themselves.

  94. Look at those muslims, three times a day they bow down to the devil while it is God their Creator who grants them the breath in their mouth and food for their belly.  

  95. Yet they utterly refuse to acknowledge Him or thank Him for anything.  If this is not gross stupidity what is? And if this is not abominable ungratefulness how much worse can they get?

  96. If there is integrity in you who are reading my words, you ought to conclude that for a man it is a disgrace to sit down at home, or in a public place to eat with a hat on, or to enter another man's house and not to remove his hat. It is like if that person were born in a pig-style never having had a decent upbringing.

  97. Never at all having learned what it means to be a man, and be educated as one. Nature all in itself teaches what is correct in these matters, if then these cannot learn from nature, how are they ever to learn?  

  98. For a man sitting down to eat, the removal of his hat alone is already a word in thanks to His Creator for the food given him.   And likewise the brute that sits down to his meal without a shirt on, to sit half naked is most vulgar.

  99. Is there not something to be learned from this where at many public eating places the sign reads; "No shirt, No shoes, No service."  My sign here therefore reads; "No humility, No respect, -- No salvation."

  100. Reckon therefore that my word is not my word but the word of Him who has send me.       So I have spoken and so it is written.      Come unto Me all you that labor that you may be set free.


  1. Why do the Jews wear a kippah? It is because the ass-end of an ass knows its time better than they. Or as Paul said: "But their minds were hardened to this day, when they read the old testament that same veil remains un-lifted, because only through Christ is it taken away.

  2. The Lord again by Paul said:   "A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God;   ----    but woman is the glory of man."

  3. What then O you Jews are you doing with that filthy skull-cap on your heads, if not a deliberate mockery of God, showing yourself not to have any respect at all for God, but rather how you are in love with the devil, and having made a covenant with death.  

  4. Are you so angry with God for having given so many of you over into the hands of the German butchers, that now that now you are intentionally making a mockery of Him?

  5. When will you ever grow up and become a rational person O you sons of Israel that are guilty of that mockery?

  6. What may be the crown of man?  Shall it be a crown, or a hat, or a skullcap?  Not likely, but rather the absence of it, that God in His Son is his crown and the glory upon him.  Did not the Lord say to Moses that the High priest, and his sons were to have a turban upon their head when they went into the tent of the meeting?

  7. Indeed He did, since that turban was symbolic and in allegory to Christ Jesus, as the crown upon their head. And now that Christ has come and made Himself an offering for us, He in His person became the turban, the crown upon man's head. 

  8.   "And he set the turban upon his head, and on the turban, in front, he set the golden plate, the holy crown, as the Lord commanded Moses."  The Golden Crown is Christ Yeshua, if therefore you will pay respects unto Him, uncover your head for Him to be the crown upon you.

  9. Even as the law cannot save a man because of his sin, and in a new covenant it became grace, to be a gift to rest upon him, so the turban of old, became Christ Jesus, as the grace upon the head of man. 

  10. And even as a man tips or removes his hat in respect to another man, how much more not in respect to Christ Jesus?  Or do you think that Paul spoke out of himself and not rather by the very Spirit of God when he spoke of these things?

  11. Whosoever therefore covers his head when in prayer or in the assembly of the congregation, is denying Christ Jesus, and curses himself to be his own deliverer, and to be sub-human as that current cover indicates, and still is.

  12. It is written: "When they (the priests) enter the gates of the inner court, they shall wear linen garments; they shall have nothing of wool on them, while they minister at the gates of the inner court, and within."

  13. The meaning of this is; that every teacher of the word of God shall adhere to God's word, and not have any other teaching.  And for the words that followed how; "They shall have linen turbans upon their heads, and linen breeches upon their loins, they shall not gird themselves with anything that causes sweat."

  14. A "linen turban" translates into to have none but the word of the Lord upon the lips, that from their heads proceeds nothing except what is commanded of the Lord. And this is His commandment that everyone who enters in before God shall remove his head covering as a sign and token of respect.

  15. And seeing how that very act is a sign of respect even from man to man, as he may enter into another man's house, or for a greeting, how much more not shall we maintain that respect before the Lord God?

  16. And make no mistake about it you that are contentious, for I am not the one to reiterate this commandment, but the Lord Himself.     Scorn me, and you are scorning God.     Disobey me and you are disobeying God.

  17. And so the Israelites in these last centuries not only cursed themselves in their refusal to accept Christ having come, but brought great shame and regret upon themselves by putting on these skullcap's and the likes as were they sub-human, and disrespectful to God and man, and Christ the Messiah. 

  18. Not that this is their version of it, but these have this flimsy excuse as were it in some honor to their deity. And indeed they are honoring their deity alright, that deity then being Azazel, a captain of the devil, having taught them the same.

  19. Originally, that covering, kippah, or whatever, (kippah always to be written in lower case) was forced upon the Jews in the medieval ages, by the heathens, that falsely acclaimed themselves to be Christians, for shame and dishonor upon the sons of Israel.  

  20. And the sons of Israel being ignorant, as the Lord had foretold that these would be, began to take that defilement of those heathens as an honor upon them, and as a symbol of their heritage. Thus they are like the queers of today that even glory in the vile detestable shame of their being.

  21. The German's regarded the Jewish people as rats, a disgrace indeed, and will now Israel take that disgrace also as an honor upon them as they have done with the kippah? 

  22. As then the Son of God is indeed to be feared, you had better uncover your head, and not perform the exact opposite of what the devil taught to the sons of Israel in these last centuries.  Since again this was not so from the beginning, not with the Gentiles nor with the Jews.

  23. Also look up the second book of the Maccabees, chapter 4 verse 7, how even in these days the wicked Jason forced the Jews to wear a hat so as to anger the Lord and defile the ancient laws.

  24. Are to you, O Israel, the Christians so repulsive that out of spite you put on that abominable cover, that shame upon you, like that armband or that star that the Germans forced you to wear?  

  25. When will you ever take up knowledge to become wise that these were not at all Christian, but these detestable heathens took the name of Christ upon themselves for a facade?

  26. And why do you walk on the pavement, or on the sidewalk and not in the gutter as those barbarians commanded you to do?  You are indeed still paying homage to them by wearing the skullcap, so why not all the rest?

  27. You O Israel have been caught in this adultery against God, for only the last seven some centuries, while these so called universalists, the roman catholics, in their captain of the devil also known as the pope, have been wearing that symbol of the devil, that skullcap as it is called, since day one of their atrocities.  

  28. As then these vile hypocrites forced you to wear that symbol of the devil upon your heads, why do you still continue to boast in that devil?   

  29. Why do you keep yourselves still under the yoke of those accursed nazi's, and of those medieval pagans, to wear their token of shame upon yourselves?

  30. When, O you sons of Israel, will you become wise? When will you cease to copy that servant of perdition, that the blind among men call their pope?  Why O Israel do you have such an hatred towards your very own Messiah that you take to despise Him with that symbol of the devil?  

  31. If you do not want the Messiah so you may die rather than live, -- is that any reason to turn to the opposite and present glory to the one who wants you eradicated from the earth?

  32. Are you so much in love with these German butchers that caused your holocaust - to continue in their wishes?  And are you so much in love with these muslims, that want you dead, to follow their practice?  

  33. Was it not for slaves and for servants in the Roman days as a sign of being sub-human to wear that kippah?  And you my dear Israel are not sub-human, even though the German devils thought of you that way.

  34. Look into the Scriptures when head coverings or ashes upon the head was used as a sign of shame or of mourning. And is it not written in one of the Odes of the Lord: "The Lord is upon my head like a crown." ?  

  35. And David speaking: "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, but how his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law to meditate day and night."  If now only you would hear to David.

  36. I now do not care what any man past or present may have said or ruled upon head covering for man or for his woman, because I am not pronouncing the words of any man, nor those of myself.

  37. But I am wearing a linen turban, the Lord is upon my head, and the Word of the Lord is my delight, and "that" I am passing on to you - if you will hear, or not hear.

  38. I am going to join Paul, in certifying to you and all the inhabitants of the earth, that if anyone teaches you different from what I have thought here, even if it be an angel from heaven, let him be accursed.

  39. At times I wonder why I even bother to pronounce all these words, why I am making myself an enemy to man.  In looking at you O Israel I said to myself; "These are not fit to be saved, and why then should I come to protect them."   

  40. But then again when I looked at the Gentiles, at my own people, and beheld their atrocities,  I thought by myself; "But these are not any the better, and what then is there left in the whole of the earth to be saved?"

  41. What for all its good that is barely visible am I putting myself out for a generation, be they Jew or Gentile, that are more apostate than any before them?  I fear to go to visit Israel, for what my eyes may behold, and my ears may hear, yet I cannot resist the hand of God. 

  42. And so I will pronounce to you O Israel, and to all the nations of the Gentiles, that I will indeed serve to protect the land of Israel, and them that are upon its borders, and pronounce judgment upon my very own people. 

  43. But it will not be for any righteousness in you O Israel, nor for any of your doings, good or bad, but for the sake of the Lord, for His Holiness, for His promise to Abraham, and to Isaac and Jacob, that He will send me to protect those within your borders for as long as He grants me to be with you.

  44. And for His sake, for His name sake I will reprove and upbraid the strong in the earth, and pronounce judgment upon them as the Lord will place upon my lips.  

  45. So have I spoken in the name of Him who has send me, and so it will be done.  I am not one to take counsel from the sons of men, since I do not stand in their service.


  1. rabbi now is written in lower case to define a human teacher, and even in red so as to demean them, while the same shall be capitalized for its definition to the true Teacher, or the Master, so as to make a distinction, lest you be cursed by the words of the Lord Himself, not to allow yourself to be called  "Rabbi." 

  2. Nor to call anyone but God by that lofty title, since you are bought by His blood, and to assay the same upon another for a master, or teacher -- is violating the very first commandment.   

  3. Where in all of the Scriptures will you find the term of Rabbi except in the record of the four Gospels, since these deal with the real Rabbi.

  4. Nor is the term "Teacher" used in the Scriptures, but in reference to God, and secondary in reference to teachings.  Will you acclaim saying of a man that he is your rabbi, like in "my rabbi?'" If you do - you had better be referring to the Lord or you will be  in violation where the Lord said, not to have any graven images, nor to worship them.

  5. I hear some of these so called Messianic Jews refer to the apostle Paul, as rabbi Paul. And as they pronounce these words these very so called Messianic Jews are cursing themselves, to bless the devil, while mocking both the Lord and Paul His apostle.

  6. How very stupid therefore these persons are, if at all they vie for salvation, and what hypocrites they are in pronouncing themselves Messianic, to so mock the Messiah.

  7. Paul would not in the least allow himself to be called rabbi, nor any apostle, or disciple that were in the love of Christ.  Nor would these accept to themselves the title of "the Teacher," since there is but One Teacher, the Lord, in His Holy Spirit.

  8. Or what do you think of all these many churches and congregations throughout the last eighteen centuries, that there were any teachers worthy of the title?  Or for that matter any true sons of God to be teaching these many congregations?  Laborers yes, workers for their pay that had no share in the vineyard, with few of true grid.

  9.  And how then were so many of these Gentiles saved when there were no Christian churches, but temples of the devil?  Is it not written:  "And they shall all be taught of God?" 

  10. These many that were saved and plucked out of these many temples of the devil, were all taught of God, and by God alone, every single one of them.  And, am I not an example thereof?  The laborers borrow from the letter of the Scriptures, and in the ears of such as are listening, but unless God becomes a teacher for them, it goes in one ear and out the other.

  11. Do not call a man your Teacher, nor therefore Rabbi, lest you be making God out to have lied when He said how each of them would be taught of Him. The hypocrites which flaunt all this are not even keeping themselves to the letter of the Scriptures, how then shall they know the Spirit thereof?

  12. Call them priests, or pastors, but never rabbi, nor as were they your teachers. Any Jew that allows himself to be called rabbi will answer for it in the fires of hell.  

  13. And any person that allows himself to be called Father will experience the torments thereof in the burning flames of hell.

  14. For what are we to say of those roman pagans, or catholics, as they are known, calling those devil servants by the term of father, are these blind bats so much in love with the devil, to love their own torment?  Has any of them ever read any part of the gospel, any part of the words of the Lord? 

  15. These sons of the devil pronounce God's name, yes, so they must know something.  Yet they completely ignore what the Lord has said. And their subjects poisoned by them continue to call these snakes by the term of father.  

  16. Why O you stupid ones do you have such a hatred of God and Christ, and so much love and admiration for the devil? Is it not about time for you to wake up and smell the daisies?

  17. All these acting in the ignorance of their mind are a stench to my nostrils, and an abomination to the Lord.  Learn therefore, and accept knowledge you that earnestly seek the Lord.

  18. I for one thing am not your teacher, and if any man calls me a rabbi, let him be spit in his face.  Or if he dares call me his teacher, he is more blind than any bat, and is looking for a curse to take him away.


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