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  1. There is a man promoting what he calls “Zion Ministry”, this person is well versed and educated in historic events, and in the letter of the scriptures, and he seems to have zeal, but lacks understanding, having the letter but not the Spirit.   

  2. And my heart went out to this person if perhaps he might come to the love and insight of the truth in the Spirit thereof.  I then spoke to him, and furnished him with certain knowledge in the hope that it might open his eyes, but he did not reply.

  3. And so it was foretold by Isaiah, "One speaking words not heard before, to which the counselors of men have no answer" It is not as though I called, but the Lord called - but there was no reply, for which reason the Lord looks on them as a delusion.   This has been so for some time, and had it not been so - the word by Isaiah would not have been true.

  4. This letter here, and page 44 are to that effect, and it warrants me to show them to the intend that the beginner, the weak and the small in understanding  may behold and not be deceived in his cunning.   Deceptive words will quench a smoking reed, and a stumbling-block prevents the willing from entering upon the path of righteousness.

  5.  It may seem innocent enough for translators to correct alleged errors in the Scriptures, but where is the error, and in whom?   Do not as the Lord said "take flesh to your arm", seeking life in the words of men, nor in their churches.   

  6. Lean not on them, but look inward to the Spirit that is of above.  When tempted of the Satan the Lord said - "Man shall not live by bread alone but by all the word - of God", He did not say: of man.  Understand therefore that which I am saying.

  7. This person in his thus-far reply had neither the courtesy nor the integrity to reply to me, except by a sixteen page contour calling it; "Did someone mention calendars?"   In it however he babbles on relating pagan ignorance  how they juggled the calendar throughout the centuries.   

  8. Of the people with understanding he states, quote; "They built their case on flimsy evidence that has no basis in the word of God."   And that is exactly what he is doing,  recalling as the proverb states, "The guilty accuses his opponent of his own crime" And; "The first thing a fool will do is to proclaim himself to be a fool."

  9. As then he builds his case on pagan ignorance he portrays himself as were he a preacher of the word of God.  In so doing he shows himself a hypocrite, and that the Lord spoke very correctly of his kind as vipers-brood.   It is as though he never read the Scriptures, and yet bombards everyone with quotations thereof relevant or not.

  10. That seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear," so the Lord said, and this applies well to him.  And this, if I may say so, is because there is no love within him, not for man, but his own foolish self.

  11. And to show a sample of how even simple mathematics is beyond the means of such blind ones, he dates the year of the great flood at 1560.  This was in the 600th year of Noah as Moses states, and thus to add thereto according to the word of God, the years from Adam to Lamech (in column 6) comes to 1,656. the same year in which Methuselah died.   Clearly a child in grade school can add that together.

  12. According to the Scriptures, Abraham's birth was in the year 1948, and the death of Noah in the year 2006.  Abraham therefore was 58 years of age when Noah died,   How therefore is one to claim Abraham to have been born 39 years after the death of Noah, - unless the reason, as we said is that simple mathematics is beyond his means, and the word of God a nuisance which he cannot comprehend nor digest.

  13. The term BC (before Christ) is not something than can be taken accurately since from the second half of the third millennia to the first of the fourth millennia there are gaps in the record.   It is also therefore that I state the years from the beginning, with the year 4000 as being approximate, after which the AD record began.  BC therefore is a very lose term, and cannot be used in the way that some use it, except perhaps in a time close to the birth of Christ Jesus.

  14. (Notice how when Isaac was born; Shem, Arpachshad, Shelah, Eber, and Serug, all of these great grandfathers of Abraham were still alive, as well as his father Terah.   The flood came in the year that Methuselah was taken home.)


Year of birth

Father at age

Lived years

Year at death

To the flood


































































= 1656
























































  1. And where he states that Christ died on a Wednesday, in his concoction of a calendar after the pagan idols which he adores so much, perhaps he does not have a copy of the New Testament with the gospels. since of course he prefers to honor the word of ignorant paganism over the word of God.   

  2. He keeps claiming the word of God, the word of God (his facade) but preaches a departure thereof, the stupidity of his own imagination.  In all this he shows himself devoid of knowledge, a lover of all that is contrary to God.  

  3. But this is of course to be expected, for so spoke the Lord, "Wolves in sheep-clothing"   If one reads enough of his words, he seems to be the only man in the world with knowledge deriding all others.   And if indeed he had knowledge, one of a right understanding it would be something, but he finds no error in himself, nor anything of which he should have no knowledge - while in fact his understanding in the word of God or in the sciences is deplorable. 

  4.  Compare this to King David, who was anointed with the holy Oil by the hand of Samuel, and yet afterwards this David said Ps: 119.  "Give me understanding that I may keep Thy law, and observe it with my whole heart."  And so I say:  If we become over confident of ourselves we have yet to learn what confidence is.  And when we think to know it all, we have yet to gather first base.   

  5. This man, having read my words, acclaimed saying; "Knowledge is being increased like never before."  In this he was referring to what he heard of me.  But this is not quite so for the race man, the improvements in technology is just that; improvements by much trial and error in which chance if you will rather than knowledge plays a major role.   

  6. The fact that my knowledge may, as one would say, be centuries ahead of its time, is not my knowledge, nor an increase.  It is God's knowledge that has always been with Him, and which He revealed to others before me.  There is nothing new in me, nor as Solomon said, "under the sun."   

  7. What was - is to come, and what is to come - was before, and what is - has been.   I proclaimed from the word of God that a famine was to come upon the whole world, a famine of knowledge, a lack thereof, how then can knowledge increase  when by the word of God it will come to a lacking  - of which he so proudly proclaims himself to abide by?

  8. He is perplexed in the mere grain of knowledge which he heard of me, not able to digest it, wherefore he started out saying; "Knowledge is being increased like never before".   What would it have been had he seen the whole thereof?  

  9. Before anyone should acclaim to be a teachers of the word of God or scientist, he better be correct in himself in the first place.   He then may deride scientist as fools, yet himself he is not a grain better, like claiming the moon to turn on its axis, something that anyone with two eyes and a first lesson in physics can see as being absurd.

  10. In regards to the record, Esau, the brother of Jacob, was the grandfather to Job, wherefore anyone before Esau is older, and only Reu can call Eber as his grandfather.   Eber then died in the year   2187,  Shem in the year 2158,  both of which did indeed outlive Abraham who died in the year 2123.  Jacob then died in the year 2255, and Esau even before Jacob.  

  11. Eber did not as such outlive Shem since he was born 165 years later  in the year 1723, while Shem was born in the year 1558, and was 98 years of age when the flood came.  Eber lived 464 years while Shem lived six full centuries.

  12.   These things are simply a matter of record from the book of Genesis.  How then does this man claim his errors, quote; - "as recorded in the bible"?   If he has a copy of the Bible, it is certainly a closed book unto him.  He does not however fail to show his hatred and disgust for the sons of God, such men whose sins the Lord forgave unto them - as he said; quote; - " In the book of Job by his so called friends".  

  13. One might attempt to whitewash this - so called - by reference that in their words they were not the best of comforters,   but I am one to look to the heart as the Lord taught me, wherefore I said of him to show his hatred for the sons of God 

  14. I did him a favor, yet this is how he repays me, for he does not know right from left.  And thus spoke the Lord.  "If favor is shown to the wicked he does not learn righteousness."  I therefore am foolish to take up my word to the blind, and to show kindness to the wicked of heart.  This therefore I say to all; watch how you hear, lest hearing you be seared to the heart.

March  9, 2002     Dear Mr. Stevens.

  1.   "Prove them right, or prove them wrong".  Should that not be – prove “me” right, or prove “me” wrong?   Who are the “them” when these are according to your comprehension?  The “them” are then no longer the “them”, “the word of God”, but the “me” as in your apprehension.  And so you are starting out wrong.

  2. It is however not my intend to gain some victory, but rather in a spirit of meekness to relate the understanding that has been granted me in the word of truth to serve you for joy and admonition wills you accept the same.  The Lord did not send me into the world as a preacher to bring souls to salvation.  

  3. But if by any means one may come to the understanding and keeping of the truth by my admonition, so much the better, which is not for my sake - as for those that hear me.  

  4. What is it when we take things to the letter, when we do not comprehend the meaning?  We are at a loss, we are in need of understanding, and how shall we obtain such understanding? For unto you (the sons) it is given, but from those others it is withheld.  

  5. And Ps 119:32,  “I will run in the way of Thy commandments, when Thou enlarge my understanding”.  Or verse 34, “Give me understanding that I may keep Thy law”.  As David said, the law of the Lord is very broad, and how is a man to keep it lest God grants him understanding therein?   

  6. David again in verse 18 “Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law”, and verse 66 “Teach me good judgment and knowledge”.

  7. Note then how David asked for “good” judgment, and how shall good judgment be made?  Verse 9, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Thy word”.  And so we know “where” to go for good judgment, but unless God grants us the understanding - the where, what, and how is of little use.    

  8. Which is an example of “grace” – “It is given you”.   And to whom, or how may they be known? Ps 119:34,  “The Lord is near to the broken hearted, and saves the crushed in spirit”.

  9. But now I must come to a more gravely matter one that comes to touch upon the foundation, which if anyone undermines it he will be severely punished.  I made my quotations from the Revised Standard Version, and be it the Standard or King James.  These although not perfect - are nonetheless faithful, which cannot be said of a number of new translations. 

  10. And not until I was reading your pages did I become aware of this NIV.    I for one know what is in the Spirit, and what caught my eye were certain contradictions, and illogical, as well as erroneous words in the quotations.  So I thought, where did he find that quotation? 

  11. And having noticed your statement to be utilizing the NIV version, I thought by myself, what is this version that I have not seen?   And the version in my laptop, I noticed that they also used the same.

  12. I now have not gone through this version, nor is it my intention to do so in order to see what all corruptions they may have inserted, for in the few which I did notice these are already too much.   And I thought by myself, these fools, they rewrote the word of God, yet did not notice the last words in the book of revelations?    

  13. O what fools they are, not having an eye to see.  On them therefore will come the plagues they themselves copied, and none of the blessings, which they copied.   Wherefore I say to everyone, if you have such a copy, throw it in the trash and get yourself a faithful version, such as I mentioned.

  14. You Mr. Stevens seem to have it that as long as one understands prophesy he is on the right track to salvation.   But if this were so you would be pronouncing your own condemnation, your knowledge of prophesy being what is written, but your understanding being marginal.   

  15. You reduce that which is spiritual to what is earthly, and for this reason the Lord placed the spiritual in earthly or literal terms - that those which are earthly might not comprehend what is for the spiritual.   Your words have a strong resemblance to those that attempt to find life in the scriptures.  I counsel you to duly consider the words of James as he said;  Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly”.

  16. In conclusion allow me to repeat  - “For if you will harden your heart, thus says the Lord O you teacher of the word of God, “I will destine you to the sword”.   And why should the Lord do so?  “Because when I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not listen”. 

Mr. Neville V. Stevens    March 24, 2002

Dear Mr. Stevens

  1.     What a shame that you should force me to do this to you, to write these words.   No answer, no reply?   If now it were only me to speak to you, but so He spoke; “I, even I have spoken, I have called him”.    Are not my words beneficial to him that has a good heart?  And my instructions life unto him whose eyes are open?  And did I not provide due warning?

  2.   There is something I have against you – your speech, to wash your mouth with soap, to rave against those greater or more righteous than yourself.  And why might that be?   It is because the love of God and of man is lacking within you.  If I may give an example referring to the Samaritan women on whom the Lord took pity;

  3.    “Whew!  After this little encounter, the lying Samaritan harlot must have felt a little punch-drunk.  Her lies and deceptions had not scored a point!  What is more, she now knew that she could not worship in Jerusalem because only true worshippers could worship there, and only in Spirit and Truth.”

  4. And;   “but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”  Another of this woman’s lies” And;   “Did Christ confirm that these jackals should worship in Jerusalem?”

  5.   Have you never heard of the “good Samaritan?  Why then do you rave against them among whom also the children of God are found?  The woman spoke no lie.   And how well her blessings were may be noted from the words of the Lord Himself as He said to his disciples “ I had food to eat of which you do not know”.  But what food that was you would not know.

  6.   Where is your love for your fellow man, for your neighbor? Where is your keeping in the law of God?  Your heart is full of hatred, for those which God formed with great loving care.   For there is not anything of all that God has created that He does not love, but the mind to corruption is not of God.   

  7. Is it not written; “Whosoever says “You fool!” shall be liable to the fires of hell?  And; “Every one who is angry with his brother without cause shall be liable to the judgment?”

  8.   The end-time prophets then, as you call them, are two highly honored individuals, one of the tribe of Aaron, and Enoch as the seventh from Adam, the scribe of righteousness.  Both of them pleasing unto God that He took them unto Himself for the cause in which He anointed them.   

  9. How then Mr. Stevens will you unseat such a highly honored one of God to place yourself in his seat?  Your name is not Elijah, nor did you go up in a fiery chariot so that you might return to judge the world.  You have got it all wrong because you do not have a right knowledge in the word of God.   

  10.   You therefore Mr. Stevens are not that Elijah, this was reserved for him from long ago.  Nor was John even though He too came in the Spirit of Elijah, the Spirit of the Lord.  To the world it is folly, and to the condemned it is deceptive to say  - “in the Spirit of Elijah." 

  11. The Lord speaking after the smallness of their understanding said something like this;  “if you want to take it that way – alright, then Elijah has already come, but you would not listen to Him.”  Because John came in the same Spirit by which Elijah spoke.  

  12. Or if you so will in the smallness of your understanding I will say to you that Elijah already came but you – in your forefathers – would not listen to him.  I did not say however that he was not to come again, since again in the same allegory he is before you right now, but are your eyes trained for light to enter?

  13. Quotation again;     For shrinking back, God is not pleased with this man, and has made His displeasure known. This man now realizes that he has displeased God by refusing to plainly state his identity. To correct this wrong and to remove the displeasure of the Almighty God, let it now be understood clearly: I, the writer, am that PROPHET - THE PROPHESIED END-TIME ELIJAH!”

  14.   We all were warned that false prophets, and false redeemers were to come, and to be aware of them, and to search them out if indeed they are of God.  And so I say to all - be aware of me, search me out.  I speak with Paul that if I should teach you another doctrine than what has been delivered, let me be accursed.

  15. For you are not Elijah, nor ever will be.


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