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  1.    What is there in light or in darkness that we should speak of a full moon or a new moon, or the light of the sun verses the absence of that light?   God is light, and when He withdraws himself it becomes like the night for darkness.    And yet in this darkness, or absence if you will there is a reflection of His light, His word in writing or upon the lips of man, or in one's mind for recollection. 

  2.   Where did the Lord ever say to regulate the festivals by the turning of the moon?  It is not written.    And in what context was it wherever the Lord spoke of a “new moon”?   Note how it is never "moon", nor "half moon", nor "dark moon", but always "new moon".   And so what does that mean "new moon"?   Does it have a reference to the moon, that satellite in the sky?   

  3. No, but the reoccurring of your festivals, the reoccurring in a reflection to the true light.    The moon is no more than a reflection of the light, even as your festivals are "moons", - a mere reflection of what is to come.  A new moon is when there is no light seen, when there is no reflection seen,  or but a glimmer thereof.    

  4. A new moon is a dark period when no light is seen,  when in fact you must apply yourself to faith, to a reliance upon God for the festival, for the promise of the Lord to you.  A new moon means - to have faith, and the reoccurring of it, to re-affirm your faith in God and His promise for you.

  5. It is written;  "The people of the land shall worship at the entrance of that gate before the Lord on the sabbaths and on the new moons."  And;  "On the day of the new moon he shall offer a young bull without blemish, and six lambs and a ram, which shall be without blemish"

  6. On the day of the new moon, is upon the day of the festival, on the day of remembrance of the promise, for while the world is dark, and even the light of the moon is not seen, without a prophet to enlighten, there is this namely 'faith,' to believe upon Him, upon His word.

  7.   The moon orbits around the earth at a constant pace, but its period of orbital movement is not one twelfth of the period in which the earth precesses one full turn,  that which is called a year.   Nor is a year equal to one orbit of the earth around the sun.  

  8. And by these variances and those relevant to the stars  there is no simple accounting for the months and the quarters by which the year is divided and by which the Lord ordered the days and months to be kept.   

  9.   The Lord gave clear instructions on how the year was to be kept, and they were kept well into the days after Moses.  But then they began to corrupt it after the manner of the gentiles which had no understanding in the word, or in the design of God.    

  10. And having only the moon for a light in the sky they attempted to regulate their days by it, but never did succeed, their order going from shamble to shamble.   And that is what you get if you do not know and adhere to the instructions of the Most High the Creator of all.

  11.   By the words "new moon", the Lord did not speak of the moon - but of faith, of  beholding the light when it cannot be seen.. Like when you look to me remembering the promise I made unto you when it is all dark, or when there is no light to see, it will be by faith, by - as in a new moon.

  12. When they say that the Jewish calendar is a luni-solar calendar, it is a lie, it is not Jewish, but a heathen concoction invented by Jews that are not Jewish, but heathen. The Calendar of the Lord by Enoch is the one observed from Enoch on down to Abraham and Moses, who in turn taught the Israelites in that time.

  13. The first of the year, MK day, starts with a new moon, when the moon is between the earth and the sun, at which time it reflects but a sliver of light. Then as it progresses it becomes a full moon on the 14th day which is the day of Passover.  And why should it not be a full moon on that day, since it is Passover, a full celebration, a full measure of light, and of faith.

  14. When one says that there is a new moon on the first of Sivan (June), or that, that month starts on the day of the new moon, he does not have all of his marbles in the right place, since that first of the month is already two days after the peak of that new moon.  Within the first month, the month of Nissan, there are two new moons, on Mk, and on Nissan 30.

  15. The next new moon is on the division of the 29th and 30th of Ivar, which is one week, or, seven days before the 6th of Sivan when it is the 50th day of the seven weeks from Passover, from a day after the sabbath to again the day after the sabbath.

  16. Is man so illiterate unable to reckon for himself that twenty nine plus days do not equal to thirty plus days?  And that for every month following that difference increases?  How poor indeed the knowledge of man is, in comparison to wisdom he is but illiterate.

  17. The months are always 30 days, plus the leader of the season, while the moon encircles the earth in about 29.5 days, wherefore it always recedes, and is never at all used for any accounting of the year. The year is governed by the Sun, which is to say by the Lord, the Almighty God by whose knowledge all the earth is illuminated.

  18. Man however in his defiance against God takes to himself a mere reflection of the truth, to regulate himself by the moon, by something that comes and goes, and is never stable, because he lacks knowledge, he is illiterate. Therefore also he must perish, like it is written: "My people die for lack of knowledge."

    I shall quote the Preacher

  1. "I applied my mind to know wisdom, but I perceived that also is but striving after wind, for in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.   God is testing them to show you that you are but beasts."  

  2. And: Death is better than the living, I pity anyone that comes over the age of 20, it is a curse to live into years, a vexation for the wise.

  3. Hear this O Israel, the chosen of the Lord, all of you that were born in Zion.   He revealed Himself to me,  I heard and I understood.  You are His people, from the womb of your mother He knew you.

  4. O that I could speak plainly to you, to reveal age-old secrets, but my voice will be heard by them that are to perish, from whom knowledge is withheld, whose birth was in darkness, for they choose dumb idols for their gods, and their vain imagination as their saving grace.

  5. To you O sons of Zion, I have given you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nations.   You are their new moon, and their full moon, you are their reward upon the whole earth.

  6. The day is coming that I will call upon a King;  bring forth the sons of your womb, send forth unto me all those that are able and willing, send me a multitude that I may appoint them lords and governors.  These are great in multitude, them that sit in darkness that these may govern them, that I may appoint them to guard the prisoners.

  7. Everything is written, there is nothing to be added, and yet I speak and continue to write words not previously heard, How then is one reconciled in the other?    It is in wisdom that I speak, and by wisdom my words may be heard.  The people shall have their gods, none shall be lacking.

    A journey, - But to where?

  1.   In drones you come together to listen to your preachers and your evangelists, the ones guaranteed to lead you into hell.     But why not for once in your life pay attention at my word?   

  2. I preach peace, and I preach truth, the way unto Heaven.   But it is not to be, the Lord has not chosen you therefore is a spirit of stupor upon you that instead you might believe the lie.

  3.   Therefore also did the Lord hide me in His hand and blocked my paths unto the ears of men, lest hearing they should turn from their ways, and the Lord would heal them.    "Many are called but few are chosen", so it is written.   

  4. And for those few I need not preach since with or without my word they will not be lost.   And as for the multitude of the nations, the Lord has said; "Let the multitude perish but let My grape be kept."

  5.   You are wasting your time and your efforts in going to your preachers, it serves you no more than to place you deeper into hell.    You no doubt will say that I speak like no man, like no preacher.    And indeed I am like no other man, but like some of you have said "unique" among you.   It is the Lord who created me for His own purpose, after His likeness. 

  6.   Do not think that I have not asked myself, and searched out myself how or why in all these years I was not able to speak in other ways, or how my heart is that of the king of beast, while I am but a man?    Though I may try to act like a child of the earth, my tongue cannot pronounce but as I have spoken, neither is my heart able to step down.   

  7. I was born of royal blood and I cannot be different, neither my heart nor the speech of my lips will allow me.  What I know I know too well.

    What is heaven?

  1. A multitude vie for heaven, but what do they vie for?  What are their aspirations?  By figure of speech it may be said,  that food is like heaven, or an experience, or to a man a women may be like heaven.   And so heaven is like what is good or pleasant.   

  2. And what do we fantasize that heaven be like, is it to be like the angels, as in to float in heaven?   But what is an angel, and how or why should they float, and where or what is heaven?   May it be the aspiration to be like the angels and abide in full tranquility?   

  3. But you are flesh and bone along with a spirit, do you therefore wish to be only spirit and no flesh and no bone, with no food to eat, and no mate with you?   Did God make you as such?    

  4. When in spirit as such they do not marry, neither are they given in marriage, they do not eat, neither do they hunger, nor are there obstacles for them.    And yet God created you as male and female, and that they should be one.

  5. And what makes you think there is tranquility among the angels?  The Devil and his host are always bickering, never satisfied with anything, and like on earth there is also war in heaven, as it will be near the ending days before the tribunal of the Lord the Redeemer of man, and the loser will be thrown down on earth to increase their vices on you.

  6. And so what is heaven, the real heaven?   For me to answer that question what heaven is for me,  it is that I no longer have to listen to man's lies, nor to behold the pride on their faces, or the arrogance of his speech.  When my ear no longer hears the sound of deceit, nor the blasphemy of men in their myriad ways.  

  7. To no longer be in the company of fools, or where ignorance claims itself wise - that would be heaven to me, when men are no more and I have my abiding with the good hearted people whose adoration is of the Lord, and for His law and His precepts.

  8. And as to the vanity of the thoughts of men, to have nothing to do, but to relax and sing or float, such have no conception of the nature of heaven.   I for one will be much occupied in order that I may discharge the duties and obligations that the Lord has bestowed on me from everlasting into everlasting.    

  9. And as for you, you will not be idle, nor will you acclaim - as you do now - to be a free man, for with your wicked deeds you have forfeited your freedom into forever.

  10. "That all men were created equal, and, freedom for all", so you proudly acclaim.  But why then are you giving yourself into subjection with the perverted speech of your mouth, and the crooked deeds of your hands?  All men "were" created alike, and he was free indeed until he imprisoned himself through disobedience.   

  11. And seeing how there was a matter of obedience that in itself incurs that there was not an unconditional freedom.    And now that you free men having made prisoners of yourselves, you will remain so into forever,  This I certify - you will not ever again be free.

    Is it not written!?

  1. "At that time kings and rulers shall perish, they shall be delivered in the hands of the righteous and elect ones, and henceforth no-one will be able to induce the Lord of host to show them mercy, for their life is annihilated".

  2. Do you know what that means, the word; "annihilated"? Look it up it pertains to all that are wicked.

  3. "The faces of the strong will be slapped, and be filled with shame and gloom, their dwelling places and their bodies will be worms, nor shall they have hope to rise from their beds.'  

  4. for they do not extol the name of the Lord of host, instead they have become the judges of the stars of heaven, they raise their hands to reach the Most High while they walk upon earth, and dwelling in her."

  5. "They manifest all their deeds in oppression, their power is their wealth, and their devotions are the gods, which they have made with their own hands.  But they deny the name of the Lord, yet they like to congregate in His churches' and with the faithful ones, which cling to the Lord of the spirits." 

  6. I now could have sworn I saw a host of rulers and politicians when I read the word: "They"!

  7. "For He has preserved the portion of the righteous, for they have hated and despised this world of oppression together with its way of life and its habits.  They therefore will be saved in His name, and it is his good pleasure that they have life."

  8. "I shall deliver them into the hands of My elect ones like grass in the fire and like lead in water."

    The book of Romans first chapter.

  1. Quote: "For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.   Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles."

  2. Quote: "Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator - who is forever praised. Amen."

  3. Quote: "For this reason God gave them over to shameful lusts.  Their women exchanging natural relations for unnatural ones.  In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.  

  4. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion  since they did not think it fit to acknowledge God, so God gave them over to a base mind, and to improper conduct."

  5. Those which have exchanged the natural passion for the unnatural are loathsome in my sight, I despise them with a passion.  I may step over an insect but a pimp has no regard before me.   Nor would I employ a queer, or in the least consider to assist him or her.   And while this may be against your laws, what do I care about your abortions of law O you blind wanderers?  

  6. The law of the Most High is to be kept above all else, and your abortions of law, which you in your stupidity call a law, are no more than murder.  No more than premeditated murder, and abortions they are, and these you wish to justify and uphold you silly blind ones?

  7. When I was asked to help support your battle against aids, I refused.  I would rather see the disease eradicate all the instigators of the disease, then to lift a finger to lift it from them.  It is the Lord who brought this disease upon you and I will not ask him to remove it, not as long as you are proud in your unnatural and perverted passions.

  8. Learn first that you are loathsome, and that your unnatural passion is the disease, the real disease that God has placed upon you because you would not acknowledge Him and loathe his precept.   So then He loathe you to let you perish in your own unnatural passion,  

  9. And because you are proud of your degenerative being, and raised your voice that it be recognized as a right, and honorable, therefore O you foolish ones is this worm you call aids upon you, to bring the dung of men under the earth.

  10. You have no conception as to how ashamed, how greatly ashamed indeed you will come to stand before the people in the day to come, how greatly you will loathe yourselves for your unnatural; passions.  And how very much you will feel yourself dejected and as vile rags because of your perverted minds.    

  11. And yes I would like to spare you of this horrible thing to come upon you, but you are of another mind, there is no healing for you, therefore you must bear it.

  12. Do not complain to me about those supposed innocent victims that also contract aids through blood transfusion or whatever other means.   Is it not written that "to even touch the dead one becomes unclean?"   

  13. So then anyone that comes in contact with that lot of men and women who brought this disease called aids upon the race of men for their arrogance and pride, must share with them, and be unclean as they are.

  14. Stay far from them, do not come near to them, have nothing to do with them, shun them like one shun a plague, for they are a plague, not aids is the plague, it is merely one of the remedies to eradicate the plague.   They are the plague, and anyone that comes in contact with them  will be settled with the same reward.

    What is man?

  1. My mind came to wonder long and hard what man is, what is the purpose of man, to what end did he come into being, what is his significance in the grand scheme of things?  Consider this grand universe, when Abraham was told to look up to the stars if he could number them, he then beheld but a fraction of what we now know is there.  

  2. How could we know by looking with the naked eye at a single light in the sky that it is the sum of a multitude of stars, an entire galaxy of billions of stars?   And so I am continually perplexed at the immensity of the Lord, the Creator of man, and at the same time how infinitely minute and insignificant we are.

  3. And so what are we, what is the significance of man, the whole race of them?  Shall we be of any service to The Almighty One that He formed us for that reason?   Or what purpose did the Dinosaurs serve in the millions of years in which they inhabited the earth?   

  4. For as we behold they are no more, at least not on this globe, and who is to say if their kind is not placing their footprints on the soil of billions of other globes, in this and/or other galaxies? It was however from long ago revealed unto us that there were large beasts such as the dinosaurs, wherefore that part of history is no surprise.

  5. We do not know what all the Lord has formed in the whole of His creation, and as it was said by one of the Angels, it is not for us to know what is in the heavens, but only that which is upon the earth.  And those of heaven may only know what is in the heavens.   

  6. And so we are put down to our own level to be what we are as the Lord has made us.   And what are our aspiration, the minute grains of dust that we are upon a grain of sand in but one of countless many pebbles of His grand creation?

  7. How would I possibly with my eyes of dust position myself to look upon the whole of this one grand galaxy in which we abide?   What a sight it would be, for we do in fact perform these feats with our telescopes in looking at other nearby galaxies.   

  8. But then if I could zoom in and out to physically be at the center of such an immense circle, and in an instant visit the various stars and planets around them.  Obviously I would have to be something other than a man, for while I may conceive that God's grand angels may be capable of that, I do not know this for a fact.   

  9. And so yes I must conceive that I am only a man, a creature of flesh and blood made in the dust of the earth, and that it is my place as it was conceived and ordained in the wisdom of the grant Creator of all.

  10. We must be what we are, and we can only be what we are. When you built a house for yourself,  you are the grand being to inhabited and enjoy the entire dwelling.   But then go to the outside and scrape off one grain of sand from the stucco that is all around your dwelling.   

  11. May this one grain of sand inhabit your house? May it be a guest in your house to seat itself on the living room sofa, and converse with you?  Even if you gave it permission to do so, or placed it on the sofa, what would it do, or be if nothing more than a grain of sand?  

  12. Indeed so, for on the sofa it would be removed and discarded, yet on the exterior along with the countless many other grains of sand of the stucco it has its place.  For suppose that every grain of sand on the stucco would say, I do not belong here, you then would have no stucco on your house, and your dwelling would not be complete.

  13. Shall the doorknob on you bedroom door claim eminence to cover your bed, and the bedspread guard the bedroom door from opening?  Like as the switch to turn on the lights has its function it can not at the same time be the light.  

  14. And with all this reasoning thinking about the immensity of the Great Creator and His purpose with man,  who as I see man for the whole of him is as nothing but a single grain of sand on the stucco of ones dwelling, who am I to pain myself over something I cannot possible comprehend or digest.

  15. And so like Solomon searched out what was best for man - my mind was no less occupied, and my conclusion is as his conclusion.  I hear the preachers - proud and stupid as they are - fancy themselves as if they were near to God,   And this is only because they do not know God, nor do they have the faintest idea as to whom or what God is.  

  16. They seem to behold God as a friend, like someone you can play cards with, as one in their imagination brought down to their level.    The one thing they lack beside knowledge and understanding is a degree of respect and courtesy for the One that created them.

  17. But as to man and his purpose, if he builds a house it is but for himself, and even so with the roads and any other project, he does for himself.   Shall he be of any service to his Creator in building a house?   The Lord has no need of man nor of his labors.   

  18. For if the Lord did not built the house the workmen work in vain.  And likewise with your freeways and highways, if the Lord did not give man the strength and the stamina, the materials and the know-how, he would not be able to it.

  19. And so who do we serve with all our labors if not our Creator?   It is to our own welfare to our own good, and our own being.  And this sentence is still out of place in that - not we, but He who made us labor to built all things.   

  20. If then we come to think about this, we not only are what God made us, but also in what He at all times upholds us to be.   We are in His hand, and without Him we can do nothing.   

  21. And this care He places on all of His creation, and when we wonder why this or that - we come far short in any wisdom to comprehend the purpose of the Great Creator in any and all of His works.

  22. Like Solomon so wisely concluded there is nothing better for man but to enjoy himself, in his work and in his wife and with their children, with friends and with family, and be at peace and ever joyful, for this is the gift of God.   He made man of the earth for the earth that his being may be accordingly.    And so it will be into forever.   

  23. But then again like Solomon said in taking to hand whatsoever your hand may find, and in rejoicing, that in all these things you do so in the fear of the Lord, by keeping His law and His precepts.   

  24. Since not only that God is all things for us, building and granting us know-how and understanding, teaching us all such things as are needful to our being, but He insists upon truth and righteousness of man and among men, since as He said, having made man in His own image. stating "let us make man in our own image."

  25. What you have is the company of all the people, those many persons to be kind unto them, and to live and rejoice with them.  And for this, in His great care for the least of His creation he will bring every man into judgment to judge and reward him for all of the works of his hand and the thoughts of his mind, as also for the words of his lips.  

  26. Since again this world small as it may be, and its duration being but for a week of time is nothing more than his forthcoming, man's birth into the grandeur of all time and being.   The Grand Creator will not condone that unrighteousness should enter upon His new creation, upon the renewal of all things.   

  27. For like a seed that is planted dissolves to come forth into the glory of its being, so in His great wisdom did He dispose the whole of His creation.  And so allow me to turn to the inevitable. (Isaiah 13)

  28. "Behold a tumult on the mountains, as of a great multitude, an uproar of kingdoms. of nations gathering together.   These are the nations of the earth, which the Lord has summoned for battle, to eradicate them.  Then The Lord of Host is mustering a host for battle, they come from a distant land, from the end of the heavens."  

  29. Having summoned his opponents the Lord also summons His weapons of war, a host of angels from the far corners of the heavens, to gather for battle at a speck of dust, a planet called earth, for as He said  The Lord of Host and His weapons of indignation. to destroy the whole earth.

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