1. I hate and despise idol worship, I cannot stand the very sight of it. Yet the world is full of it in every part thereof, and why then should I not desire that man be eradicated from the face of the earth. Few there are that are wise and not stained with that most harmful effect upon the human race. Let the few be saved, and for the majority that their hides be burned from them, for in no other way will I have any joy of them.

  2. When some accident or some disaster as you call them strikes you, do not come wining to me, for there are no such things as accidents. All things war as well as peace along with all so called disasters natural or otherwise are of the Lord, designed to teach man a lesson, to turn him back from his inequities. But you take no lesson, the Lord no sooner strikes you and you turn to the devil for help to your stupid idols.

  3. Therefore O you inhabitants in the earth when you are struck with calamity; do not approach me unless first and foremost you will come to admit your guilt, and how it is by your own doings that calamity has been brought upon you. Learn to be wise, learn to admit to your guilt, and come to repentance that perhaps you might be forgiven.

  4. But no your words are for number one with no regard for truth or justice. Therefore also I will not hold back but pour out your guilt upon you. Learn this lesson, that guilt is harder to bear upon one’s back than upon the lips.

For education

  1. There was a boy and God thought to grant him a blessing, and gave him a weak heart.   And in his youth-full years he had a scuffle with another boy at school, such as boys are wont to have,  and the boy died, the cause of death was determined at death from  natural cause, his heart giving out on him,    

  2. Thus the Lord placed this boy into safety taking him away from men and from their deceit, and away from his parents lest they should corrupt him.

  3.   The parents of this young boy then - in their wicked mind, and in the ignorance of their soul placed a lawsuit against  the other boy and the school district on some lunatic charge.  This insanity passed through the court, where by the hand of a jury they were awarded a half million dollars against the school district.   

  4. This was so that they could swindle their neighbors, the taxpayers, the innocent victims in the case, very well knowing that the parents of the other boy - who merely struck him in no fatal manner - did not have the means to furnish them with the sum of their swindle.

  5.   Thus the Lord was indeed wise and compassioned taking away this boy from his parents, since a curse was to rest on them.   This, for our sake, became evident in the acts and the proceedings that followed the death of the boy.   

  6. Yet this is only the beginning of the case, how for a single young boy with a weak heart a great many people are tried and for the ignorance of their mind and their hardness of heart they will begin to pay a very large and dear price.  

  7. A sentence that will be levied upon them at their own death, beginning with the sentence of the everlasting death, the second and truly painful death.    And so that you may know, - those of you that are left of the human race, in days to come when my words will be heard and the wisdom of my speech will be read, hear the verdict and the sentence that is to follow.  

  8.   I speak to you that are yet to come, since this day is hardly the time and place for me to attempt to educate this people, your forebears of this century.   And not only because they do not have ears to hear, but because they will not be here long enough to hear my speech, or to take heed to my warning.

  9.   These parents after the death of their son had done better to hang a millstone around their neck and to drown themselves in the sea, just as the Lord counseled them.    But not only these should have followed the advise of the Lord.

  10. But the jury members, as also the judge, and prosecuting and defending attorneys, all of them together likewise had done better to drown themselves in the sea, or to put a bullet through their own head.  

  11. For what in fact each and everyone of these accomplished for themselves was to secure and  pronounce their own death sentence, that will be enacted upon them into forever.

  12.   Ignorant so they were.   And if any of these, jury members had any sense at all, if there were any shred of humanity left in them after the fact - they would sell everything, their house, their clothing, everything right down to the shirt off their backs to refund their neighbors that which they swindled, together with a sincere apology.  

  13. But how are the unwise to do a wise thing, or the ignorant to accomplish that which is of knowledge?  

  14.   The verdict, the sentence of death now is for each of them that had a hand in the case, that partook with it,  right down to the clerk and the visitors sitting by silently.    The sentence of death rests on all of them because rather than opposing and/or testifying to its lunacy - they partook with the injustice.   

  15. Wherefore now a sevenfold reward will be enacted upon them in the  place where the dead are forced to endure the pains of a living death, their names not having been entered into the book of life, because they glorified ignorance over knowledge, and choose greed over compassion.

  16.   They should have rejoiced and been grateful to God for having bestowed a blessing on the son He caused to come forth by their flesh.  Instead, they cursed God and glorified the author of evil, and choose to see no more in their son than dollar bills, a means to satisfy their greed.   

  17. They should have counted God the wiser, to know how and why their son was given a weak heart, and taken from them, but such consideration did not enter into them.  Therefore also life did not enter into them, nor was it awarded them. 

  18.   Let this now be for a warning to all that are to come, that it may serve them for a lesson, a guide into their own actions.   Lest you also, of days yet to come, will likewise perish and be cast into that hellhole along with the former  where you will indeed weep and gnash your teeth.   

  19. The sentence of death is a thousand-fold more to be feared than to die, to merely depart from this world.  When you sleep you do not gnash your teeth in pure anguish, nor do the dead that depart to the temporary hold of their spirits.   

  20. But when these spirits are again reunited with their bodies in the day to come, then having seen the glory of the many in which they are never to enter, then they will weep bitterly and gnash their teeth.

 Verdict on the nations

  1. I will pronounce this though there are no ears to hear, I will speak even though the hearts of men have grown callous.  Perhaps it may be for a day to come, for when there will be ears to hear. 

  2.   I am angry with your government, with the American authorities for not rendering the reward for all the cruelty and the murders that the Japanese as a whole inflicted upon the American prisoners as well as upon the Chinese people.  Nor have I forgotten how in these last forty some years the American authorities sold out its own people to their enemies. 

  3.   I am angry with you for now having left it for me to reward these criminals with their reward.  Had you made a semblance of justice, or executed the criminals of the Japanese services when it was called for, it would have been a blessing for the Japanese people.  Since now, that which must be assayed upon them is worse than any atomic bomb or any number of them.

  4.   You therefore of the Americans authorities you are most cruel, your so called compassion is no more than barbarian cruelty.    For since you would not act with a measure of justice, you are the likes unto those that factually performed the cruelty - as those that sleep in the same bed together. 

  5.   I know how you feign your compassion as mercy, and your ignorance as some humane idealism.    But how cruel indeed you were you will come to learn in a day to come.  You are cruel to everyone, to your own people, and to your own-selves, and to me.    

  6. I however am not one to leave cruelty un-rewarded, and what it will be for the murderous Japanese - so it will be for the American authorities, their president, their generals, and all those in a seat of authority. 

  7.   You  foolish people, you will not come to comprehend nor realize your folly until the reward of your cruelty is assayed upon you.  Then you will realize how you lacked knowledge and wisdom, and that you were no more than animals, irrational and without knowledge.   

  8. And how for your lack of knowledge towards  justice you will begin to pay a large price, so large that all eternities will not suffice to wipe it clean.

  9.   You caused me to be angry with you, this was a fatal mistake on your part, seeing how as chief executor I will do with you as I please.     In body and soul you will no longer be free, like cattle to a master, and like clay in the hand of the potter - so you will be.    

  10. As for me - I will act with justice, I cannot forgive the barbarians, but for the sake of those many Chinese, and those many Americans I must and I will indeed reward them with the reward due to them to which the death of many millions by atomic bombs is less than a drop on the bucket.

  11.   What do you suppose I am to do with you?   How shall I act with you in the day that you are given into my hand?  How indeed shall I act?   Shall I forgive you for your cruelties, and act as though you were not guilty, seeing how the whole world and all the generations before you were no less cruel?   

  12. If you had done it to me and to me only perhaps I could forgive you, but for the sake of the pains of the many, which were murdered by your hand I cannot and I will not forgive you, but reward you sevenfold,   That is the price you will pay, a sevenfold reward.

  13.   Why then did you not act with a measure of justice?  Will you quote the Lord as He said, "Vengeance is Mine I will repay?"   From the people I may accept this, but you that govern, you rulers and all those of authority, you have no excuse since you are servants of the Most High, and duty bound to uphold His commandments.   Since therefore you did not have the wisdom, nor the feel of justice to do so, know this that your reward will be sevenfold.

  14.   How blessed indeed for men not to grow into age, not to accumulate a long record, seeing how the price-tag will be equally large.  There is no redeeming quality in the Japanese, or in the Americans, as there is none in so many people of so many nations.   

  15. And while the one as the other pride themselves in their tradition - it will be eradicated, that of the Muslims, and of the American way, as it will be of every nation great or small, past or present.

  16.   You have not taught me any respect for your traditions, how then do you expect me to uphold them?   You act as though you are alone in the world to expand upon human desires, as if these do not exist in other nations.   O you foolish rich - how very wanton you are!.     

  17. You ought to know how aside of my disgust for cruelty equally so I despise pride and arrogance.  Seeing then how it is in my mind to reward the consenting adults equally with the practitioners of cruelty, how shall the proud and the arrogant escape?


  1.   Hear this you blind ones of the US of A,  you go to war because a few towers fell, and you oppress your own people because of your own paranoia.   Why have you not as yet bombed the wind for the tornado that struck you?   Should I classify you as hypocrites?   

  2. And what do you suppose Iran should do, now that there are dead ones among them because God killed them by shaking the earth?  According to those of Iran you of the US of A are the big Satan, the evil one.  

  3. Why should not now the people of Iran bomb the US of A  in a righteous retaliation like the US of A does to others in its hypocritical way?

  4.   Is my drift not to be realized?  Am I the only one with understanding among you?  These towers did not fall because of a few disgruntled persons, but because of your own hypocrisy, for your own wicked ways, and because of your own murders, the murder of your own people.   

  5. Therefore did these towers fall O you blind ones, and therefore are there tornado's and earthquakes appointed for you as well.   

  6.   Your country is full of the written word of the Most High, the One who brings forth all your calamities, and who orders destruction to be made upon your borders.  Therefore you are indeed blind bats, from the great to the small,  from your president on down blind as bats, with all the written word, and yet no-one reads, nor is there understanding in them.

  7.   The people of Iran are a wicked people, like those of the US of A, and like that of every other nation.  Therefore does the Lord shake the earth under their feet to uproot the people, so that many die, and to destroy their labors.   

  8. It is as a warning O you blind ones, and as an example to others to turn from their wicked ways.  But why do I bother to reprove you, seeing how you are blind as bats, with knowledge not being in a gift to you?

  9. You are too blind to behold the simple truth before your eyes, those of Iran as those of the US of A, all ignorant, none to have understanding.    I should pity you in not knowing your right hand from your left, your front from your rear, and that your fall is imminent.  

  10. My pity is for those to come into my own,  nevertheless it is expedient for you as for me - that the likes of you be eradicated from the earth, to humble all your pride, and to destroy the ignorance from among you.

  11.   It is knowledge that I propound,  I speak in wisdom, with understanding, but you are ignorant, and not able to hear my speech.  And so I contemplated in my heart saying.  

  12. These are men, and we are gods, their lives are in our hand, body and soul they are no more than dust, the dust of the earth.   Not one of these wish to hear me because my speech is that of a god, my reprove is in wisdom, and my education of understanding.

  13. Yet you are my people O you foolish ones, those of Iran as well as those of the US of A, all of you along with every other nation.  But you are too dull to understand, and too proud to submit yourselves.  

  14. Yet the day is coming that I will bend the knee of each you O you proud ones, when your arrogance will be stripped from you.   When I will no longer bear your ignorance, and for your silence to me I will lay a grievous rod upon you. 

  15.   I indeed speak like a god, but you are without knowledge:  "He is like unto us, one to die, and how then does he speak like a god" - so you muse within your heart.   It is for your ignorance, for your lack of knowledge O you foolish ones.  

  16. Was it not written, was it not foretold?   Behold it is written;     "I say,  You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you.  Nevertheless you shall die like men, and fall like any prince.”  So it was written , and so it is written.

  17.   Can you now comprehend these words you dull of understanding?     I indeed am to die and be laid under like any prince, for unto you, unto the eyes of dust it appears that way.   But it is not for gods to die, for the sons of the Most High that they should perish.    

  18. If you had understanding, you would have understood these words.   Therefore again I say unto you foolish of heart, and dull of understanding,  "for your silence to me I will lay a grievous rod upon you".

  19.   You have made yourselves enemies to the Most High, you hate His very name and you loathe to perform His precepts, therefore has He given you into the hands of the gods, to the gods that are near to you.   He has given your soul into the hands of those you have hated and reviled.   

  20. You would like me to disappear and never again hear my name, nor hear the reprove of my lips.   But you shall be astonished,  I cannot disappear, nor can you be rid of me - your enemy - so as you behold my forthcoming.

  21.   Your traditions Muslim or American as all other traditions, will be eradicated, I do not condone any-one of them.  Your aspiration will come to nothing, your counsel will not stand, you will not be established.    

  22. When your governors come to me, I will put them to shame, and when your rulers come before me I will trample upon them, and they will be put to shame.  I am not one to accept bribes, nor to let justice fall, you will be undone and that will be your heritage.

  23. You should have listened to me you foolish ones, you should not have rejected me.  You should have looked for counsel, but you did not know how, nor where to find it, and for that you must pay the price, the price of your own selves.

  24.   What is it that I will have - to rule nations?  Who but God alone can rule the nations?  Who but God alone can still the hearts of men, to know them and to govern them?  What then shall be my rejoicing?   It is my joy in the Lord my God, my great admiration of Him,  my soul to sing His praises for all His great gifts unto me.   These shall be mine, in these I shall rejoice.

  25. Is it not written, “Blessed are the men whose strength is in Thee  In whose heart are the highways to Zion.”    "The highways to Zion" so it reads, and furthermore "when they go through the valley of Baca, so it reads  they make it a place of springs.”    

  26. But now again my heart is saddened for who among the sons of men is to comprehend these words?   Who is to digest what is for the gods only? Ask of me you that are of a good heart and I will teach you.

  27.   You have offended me with your corrupt ideology,  a film "Minority Report".  The second time in my life that I walked out of a movie.  You wish to impress your corrupt ideology on the people under the disguise of entertainment.   And the people indeed are too ignorant to know the one from the other, their right hand from their left.   

  28.   But I do, and for your corrupt ideology you will pay dearly.   All those associated with that film had done better to take the advise of the Lord, the King of kings, the True Ruler of the earth, to hang a millstone around their neck and to drown themselves.   

  29. They have offended the sons of the Most High, and that cannot remain un-rewarded.  In your corrupt ideology you are like the priests,  and your reward will be like that of them, to lie down in torment.  As the Lord said,  "This you will have of Me, you will lie down in torment."     This serves as an example.

A WORD IN TRUTH   May 2004

  1. In the news:   ----   A young man shot at his girl friend in an abortion clinic intending to kill her, because he did not want her to murder his unborn child.   The young man of course was apprehended, and the criminal authorities will have their criminal and hypocritical way with him.

  2. But now let us speak of a truth, to relate what is, and what not, and that which will be, and will not be.    This young man can only be set free for what he has done, since there is none among man to judge him for his act against his girlfriend and his child within her.  

  3. Those of the clinic cannot possibly accuse the man of attempted murder lest their tongue be cut out for the most foul hypocritical lie ever to have come over their lips.  Those of the clinic are nothing more than the dross of the earth, nothing more than foul, despicable, cowardice murderers.  How therefore will a swine accuse a pigeon to be wallowing in the mud?

  4. Neither is there as much as a single person among the authorities to judge or accuse the man, for as the killer shark is larger than a the minute gold-fish, so much the greater are the criminal minds, and murderous deeds of; as the Lord called them, the abominable ones, the ones that seek to govern and judge the people.

  5. What therefore is to be done with the young man?   He cannot be judged by man, and must be set free. And as for the Lord his Creator in His judgment upon the young man,  - for as much as man in his hypocrisy has apprehended him, he will find mercy and swiftly be set free.  

  6. I will not pass judgment on him, but upon those that apprehended him, and upon everyone that spoke a word amiss regarding him.  That, O you blind ones, will be my judgment in the day that the Lord hands you over into my hand to pass judgment on you.

  7. How very blind you are, and how costly that will be to your soul.  And had you executed the young women, and the man's child along with her as some semblance of justice upon the both of them, -- my vengeance on you would have come twice over for you, for each and everyone of you, be their number in the tens, or in the thousands for the hypocrisy of their souls.

  8. A bad tree simply cannot produce good fruit, or any fruit at all.  And the very thoughts of your soul, words without a sound, are all recorded. And from that record I will judge and execute judgment upon every soul of man.

There is nothing new under the sun!  

  1. Them that abhor justice are called judges, and such as loathe righteousness are governors.   Yet then I beheld the Lord and His judgments, and they were no more, the wicked and all their ways are for destruction. 

  2. I was in a court of law, at least so as it is called by the children of men, a pig-style where justice is unheard of.  And there was this women, the disgrace of men, who by them was called a judge, a child of destruction, unfit for the loins of any man.  Then my ears came to hear what I had never thought to hear even from the mouth of destruction.   

  3. In a loud and clear voice she told the officers of the police, with everyone else standing by, that they were allowed to commit any atrocity as they saw fit, and be as corrupt as they wished to be with the sanctions of the court.   As vile, and as destructive as you wish to be without impunity - this was the message my ears were rent to hear.

  4. And so I departed both angry and confused, since though I knew yet I had not expected such vile behavior even of the mouth of wickedness.  And riding down the elevator with the officers, in my anger I told them in no uncertain terms what I thought of them, and what they were.  And the one who had committed the atrocity, just stood in the corner with his face down, not having the backbone to look up or reply in any way.

  5. How then O my people should I not have contempt for all such creatures, and loathe them with all my being?  You think perhaps that it is my desire to go to heaven?  But why should I - if - as according to you - all such hypocrites go there as well?  I now, so I say to you, will return from where I came, namely, to the glory in which I was formed, my home that is with the Lord.  

  6. But this indeed will be my rejoicing and my salvation. that none of these ungodly ones shall ever appear before the Lord, or come anywhere near to the glory of heaven.  To execute vengeance upon this women, this so called judge, and upon  those officers, and all like unto them - that will be my glory.  To be given of the Lord just as it is written in the Psalm: 

  7. "To wreak vengeance on the nations and chastisement on the people".  "To bind their kings and all of its judges with chains that cannot be broken."  "When I execute on them the judgment as it is written," then my soul shall be at peace.

  8. You love to go to heaven, and yes who would not wish the inheritance of heaven?  But how about a feeling for justice, an inkling for righteousness O my people.  Why not better long for truth and justice, and let heaven be as it may?  

  9. Why not a zeal for what is Godly rather than that selfish desire?  Is there room for someone else beside number one for you?  Is there indeed, as it was commanded, the love of one's neighbor as it is of number one?

  10. Heaven is for those to whom the Lord will grant the same, it is not to be earned or bought.  Whereas truth and righteousness are my very life and being, the very en-gram's of my soul.  This is the heart and the soul of my salvation, not to have my abiding with the ungodly.  

  11. And that I may execute vengeance on the oppressors, to cut them down where they stand.  And so indeed I will, as it is written; "And you shall slay them with a rod of iron, the nations and the tribes of people."

  12. A strong judgment has been pronounced upon judges and upon the counselors of men, and such as are worthy of is shall receive it.   It was no accident that I came to summon judges before the tribunal, nor the judgment that consequently I came to pronounce upon them.   It was of the Lord, of the mouth of God that judgment was rendered. 

  IN JUDGMENT. (2009)

  1. A couple, man and a women, kidnapped an 11 year old girl, and raping her at that age kept her prisoner for 18 years before the Almighty Lord caused their wickedness to be revealed to man. This poor girl stolen from her parents was forced to bring forth two children, while herself being a child.  Where is the cause to all this and who are the truly guilty?

  2. The one that is first and foremost guilty is the pervert judge that previous to all this had put the male of the kidnappers in jail, and released him again, in essence giving him the license and freedom to commit yet greater crimes than for that for which he should have been executed in the first place.  

  3. For this is a certain fact and law, any and all kidnappers and hijackers, are never to be imprisoned, but to be immediately executed upon evidence to the fact.

  4. Since therefore this criminal judge, did not do so upon the first conviction, he is first and foremost guilty of the crime and misery that has been done, and he will suffer the torments accordingly

  5. But that judge is not alone to suffer the horrendous torments since the attorneys of both sides, will suffer along with him, together with any jury members (if applicable).  And last but not least the warden of the prison to have accepted a kidnapper to be incarcerated with him.

  6. And do you now think it will end here, that for a single pervert, many persons will suffer great torment upon themselves?  Many more will suffer great torment upon themselves, for the ignorance of their mind, and deeds not done with justice.  Let no one say, he or she did not know, that they were ignorant as if that shall serve them for an excuse.  

  7. Since I have clearly stated that "Ignorance is punishable by death." And even without ever having read my word, "Ignorance is still punishable by death."

  8. Whom now will be so ignorant as to cast themselves yet deeper into hell than they already are?  For now that the two kidnappers are found out and apprehended, a new judge will take the case, along with more lawyers, and/or jury members, and still another warden.  

  9. For if the kidnappers are still alive by the time the ink on this page here dries there is already more guilt to be appropriated.

  10. Knowing therefore the ignorance of man and his ill regard for justice or equity, there will be many more that will suffer in torment on account of this single case, started by a single corrupt judge with no understanding of either law or justice. 

  11. Know this for a certainty that judges, along with the wardens of prisons and the guards thereof will suffer horrendous pains for all the cruelty and injustice done upon their inmates.

  12. Is it any wonder that God gave me to pronounce a curse upon all judges and lawyers, since indeed they are well deserving of it.  This serves as a reminder, and per example for all you that are as yet to come upon the face of this earth, unless you prefer to be cast in the same cell and torment along with the former.  

  13. For this is a certain fact; that judgment will catch up with everyone, with every single human being, if not in this world, it most certainly will in the day to come, when before God your lives are annihilated, and you in body and soul are given into the hands of the sons of God to do with you as they please.

  14. Act therefore with wisdom and with justice lest in the day to come by the rod of God you are dashed to pieces.


  1. O how you people wink at atrocities, as if there will never be a reckoning. We know that the media giants are nothing more than dragons, who at times are good at causing the public to vomit at their best behavior.  

  2. On a recent Talent show a women gifted with a very beautiful voice, had to do under for a second rate country singer.  If then there had been any integrity at all within that man, he would have refused to accept it with the words:   

  3. "I can not accept this because next to me there stands a women with a talent far greater than mine, while myself I am but second rate to many other American country singers better than me."

  4. There was of course no integrity at all within that man, nor in the producers of the show to even allow such a miscarriage of quality to occur, like the stupidity of having the public do the voting instead of qualified persons.

  5. Do not think however that this person will see any benefit from his stolen goods or his mis-appropriated honor, but quite the contrary.  These will have to see the reckoning before that will sink in those of the earth.  

  6. Remember this much that he which accepts that which is not rightfully his or hers, that receives stolen goods, marks himself for a thief.


  1. The US government set fire to a house as a lure to murder a few unsuspecting firemen. And WHY are it the presidents, the governors and all the lawmakers of that country to be guilty of these murders?   Because they abandoned the death penalty, and did not execute the justice they were sworn to execute.

  2. Criminals favor criminals, since they are one of a kind, therefore are the criminals left alive to again commit murder.

  3. Neither Obama now nor his law makers have any idea as yet how dearly they will come to pay for these murders, since I for one will not hesitate to bring their reward upon them in sevenfold.


  1. This young girl was raped and abused by a pimp since she was eleven years old, and none of the judicial systems did their job to safeguard her, but rather aided the pimp.  A pimp then, all of them, as being less than even a flea, is never to be left alive, but to be executed immediately upon the testimony of two or more witnesses.

  2. Pimps are never to be placed in a prison, other than the short while to establish that indeed they were a pimp. And if the witnesses are found to be false these instead are to be forthwidth executed.

  3. This girl, in human speech, did at least execute some form of justice which the judicial systems not only frown upon, but do not even have knowledge of, let alone execute.

  4. Since then the warden of the jail was stupid enough to keep her incarcerated, he will come to pay very dearly for his criminal act to keep any person unjustly in his jail. Whereas for that DA, and the others in favor of any act, I can not even describe how painful their lot will be in prison, nor for how long they will have to suffer these pains.

  5. You now will see how quickly Sara Kruzan will enjoy our protection, and all the good and living grain with which we will feed her. And seeing this all these in authority will be all the more dejected, realizing how stupid indeed they were, wishing they had never served in any judicial system.

  6. And now, 2013, this young woman having served unjustly for many years; let me assure you that beginning with the judge, for this single case alone he will serve many centuries, and no less for the governors of California and the Presidents of the USA, and every other person in authority that failed to perform their duties.

  7. After years of abuse, and to be free of it,  a young woman performed the act which the authorities refused to perform.  Then these sons of the devil, criminals at heart, caused her to pay for their own crimes against humanity.  

  8. And utterly stupid as all these authorities are they have no realization of - how instead they would come to pay for their crimes against her in not only sevenfold, but a thousand fold, and that even at my hand.

  9. Did I not warn you that to vote for your leaders is a crime punishable by death, for by voting for them you drive them deeper into hell, and you are breaking the law that says; "To love your neighbor."

  10. It was for a very good reason that God the Almighty Judge gave me to pronounce an everlasting curse upon the judges, as well as upon all counselors, DA, or otherwise.  How very ugly their appearance will be, and how very much all these will come to regret all of their deeds, and their ill knowledge of law and order.

  11. Nor will I ever feel sorry for having pronounced that curse upon them, since they are worthy of it.  I spoke that curse full well knowing what all was to be in the day to come, and how it would be into forever, the Almighty Lord having revealed the same to me.

  12. It is indeed very stupid of any person to ignore my sound reasoning, and fatal in the least not to understand my words.

  13. How very stupid of the children of this earth to murder their unborn infants, how stupid indeed not realizing how these unborn ones will come to curse them to their faces, and have a life of joy and goodness that they will never even come close to.

  14. To have an abortion is to kill oneself more than the child. And for any single abortion many will come to pay with their very lives.   They should have known and realized that there is a God to reward every person into forever.

  15. (October 2013:)  Now that after 20 years Sara Kruzan may be set free it will not in the least absolve those that put her in prison. She was forced to pay for the crimes of those in authority, which will not remain unpunished.

  16. The reward of all those in authority will be ever lasting, for once having served the many centuries for this woman, there are countless many other crimes for them to be rewarded upon them, wherefore it will take all eternities for them to serve.


  1. A jury, so it is reported, awarded a multi billion dollar settlement to the criminals that sued for the death of a smoker.

  2. How pitiful for all those jury members and the judge as well as the lawyers, and everyone else that had a hand in it, clerks inclusive.

  3. For now these will all die the death of a thousand death, and though they paid back in trillions of dollars, not a one of them will escape their just reward.

  4. For you will have to see O you blind ones; how at the mouth of Hades they will cry out in pain and in anguish after the fact; wishing they had been dead like that smoker, rather than serving on such a jury trial.

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