A message to the President.  (by email)

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  1. It came to my ear that a number of parents are suing a number of fast food companies for the obesity of their children. You therefore Mr. President order these parents and their attorneys to make a public apology to the entire nation, and that if they will not do so - that you will have each of them forthwith executed, that the same may serve as an example to all the people.

  2. And if you Mr. President will reply to me that you do not have the power or the authority to do so, then why did you accept the rule?   What is the head of a nation with no power to enact justice?   Did you not swear to defend this nation from all enemies within and without, your Constitution?   This is your enemy from within, the injustice done within your own borders.

  3. Quote:  "A people cannot rule itself, nor can a nation be led by mortal men."   These words of wisdom, which the Almighty Lord placed into my mouth destroys your sentiments and your Constitution do they not?   And so it is - for the word has been spoken.

  4. How Mr. President do you allow such mockery to exist within your country?  Take some care for your own people.   Oppose and eradicate the injustice within your own borders, lest so I forewarn you Mr. President you will be held accountable for all of their deeds.

  5. And by what sentiment have you set your face against a small people?  They are not to have weapons of mass destruction while you are overburdened by them?  My question is - by what right do you dictate such oppression and injustice?  

  6. If you wish - go in and eradicate their means, but let your justice be manly.  Or shall I ask if it be Israel for which you are making a concern?   You need not lie to me as you do to others, for I say to you that the Lord of Host is the stay of Israel.  

  7. Quote; "The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and that of Joseph a flame, while Esau shall be stubble."   Can you hear that word Mr. President?  For this is the word,  "and they, Israel shall burn them to leave no survivors to the house of Esau. " 

  8. Your atom bombs are toys for tots O Mr. President, for it is the Word of the Lord that has spoken.  From mount Zion and from Jerusalem the whole of the earth will be ruled.   From where are your tornadoes and the floods within your own borders? - - It is the Lord who rules in all the earth.

  9. It is written as if it had already occurred - and has yet to take place - saying: "Thou did trample the nations in anger, Thou went forth for the salvation of Thy people."  How may this be Mr. President?  As I said to you - "The word has been spoken" - so it will be.  

  10. Be good unto Israel, secure for yourself a blessing of the Lord for you too will fall as one of these nations. 

  11. Your subject  Leonard Van Zanten


  1. Have I come among an alien race, a race that is not the likes of what God has created?   You have those movies where after the world is obliterated with nuclear bombs the remaining ones having become degenerates.   But why the bombs when you are doing so well by yourselves?   

  2. This world is indeed a hell unto me.   I longed for death longer than I can recall, yet still I am among you, my heart being vexed every day for your atrocities, for your outlook and your doings.  

  3. It is a painful thing that the Lord has placed upon me, bringing me into this world, to have my abiding among the sons of the earth.

  4. I am forced to hear how some sue the tobacco companies because a loved one died from cancer.  O how apostate your courts are, and how blind your officials. And shall I now quote the Preacher;   

  5. "I applied my mind to know wisdom, but I perceived that also is but striving after wind, for in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow."   

  6. God is indeed testing them to show that they are but beasts.    I should pity anyone that comes over the age of 20, for it is a curse to live into years, a vexation to the wise.

  7. Hear this O Israel, the chosen of the Lord, all of you that were born in Zion,   He revealed Himself to me, I heard and I understood.   You are His people, from the womb of your mother He knew you.   

  8. O that I could speak plainly to you, to reveal age-old secrets, but my voice will also be heard by them that are to perish, from whom knowledge is to be withheld, whose birth was in darkness, for they choose dumb idols for their gods, and vain imagination as their saving grace.

  9. To you O sons of Zion, quote; "I have given you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nations."   You are their new moon, and their full moon, you are their reward upon the whole earth.

  10. The day is coming that I will call upon a King; bring forth the sons of your womb, send forth unto me all that are able and willing.   Send me a multitude that I may appoint them to guard prisoners, them that sit in darkness that these may govern them, that I may appoint them lords and governors.

  11. The people shall indeed have their gods, none shall be lacking.  Everything is written, there is nothing to be added, and yet I speak and continue to form words not previously heard.   How then is one reconciled in the other?  It is in wisdom that I speak, and by wisdom my words may be heard.

  12. Like two drops of water when they come near to each other - they unite, so is man and his women.  Like the inertia in the scheme of things, so has God implanted unison into His creation.

          By the word of Jeremiah,

          The voice of the Lord

       Jeremiah 25 verses 15 through 38

  1.  Why are you so obstinate O you nations, you look for peace while your hearts make for war. Your mouth speaks of peace but your hands reach for destruction.   I am vexed for all your criminal deeds.   It is precept upon precept, injustice upon injustice, there is no end to your criminal acts that you play one upon the other.

  2.   Would that the Lord had taken me out of the earth, away from the sight of men, but He has left me to pronounce this upon you, and to acclaim vindication.   It now has come to pass, and it will come to pass the vindication of the Lord as He pronounced by Jeremiah before me.   

  3. Pay attention you inhabitants of the earth. Who is there among you to speak of a truth?   Where are your wise men, those with understanding?    "I took the cup from the hand of the Lord," so Jeremiah said, "and he made all the nations drink of it."   

  4. All the nations so he said, "one after the other, of all the kingdoms on the face of the earth inclusive the last one the king of Babylon."

  5. And now what will you say, -- how could Jeremiah have made the nations to drink, while these nations did not even exist in the day that these words were written?     

  6. It is as when God created man, each and everyone of them in the multitude thereof before even the earth stood, and before there was a sun to give light upon the earth.  Because He the Lord is Lord, and His Word is One with Him.

  7. Once it is spoken of them to come, it will come - for it has been spoken.   Did I not pronounce a judgment upon your judges and upon your counselors to include all generations, past, present, and future?   Indeed I did, and in its day it will be assayed upon them.

  8. Jeremiah made the nations to drink, the nations that had yet to be born, and when they were born they drank,  for though they said, we do not want to drink, we vie for peace, they did drink, and war was upon them, upon each and everyone of them.   

  9. And now you too - you nations in the last end of this sixth day of creation - you also do not wish to drink, you are refusing to accept the cup of the hand of the Lord whereby the sword and destruction be upon you.   

  10. But like as the Lord instructed Jeremiah, He said to reply, that you must drink.   And yes you shall drink of it you remaining nations of the earth, you indeed shall drink and be drunk and vomit, and fall - and never rise again.

  11. Look at Israel throughout the centuries, and in these last days, they are the grape which the Lord kept for Himself His special possession.   And look how He punished them for their iniquities, and do you then think that you shall go free, you the nations of the earth, the ones who persistently deny the Lord in all of His ways?

  12. Have your wars you blind ones, and let the destruction of the Lord be upon you, and let not His sword rest until those of the earth are eradicated.  I for me - I have no desire in you but that you be ground to powder for all of your wicked inventions and the inequities of your hand.

  13. Wake up you sleeping drunkards, you been drinking mixed wine, a poisoned brew, that is why you are still asleep and never will awaken    Is not your land full of preachers, and of churches and of congregations?   Yet you do not see me in them there now do you?  

  14. No, for I do not fraternize with that lying breed you call preachers.   Do you even know that these preachers, as you call them, have a Bible the written Word of God?  Indeed they have but they do not know what is written in it.  

  15. Verse 34 . “Wail you shepherds and cry, and roll in ashes you lords of the flock. For the day of you slaughter and dispersion has come., and you shall fall like choice rams.”  

  16. If your preachers were not asleep, drunk from the poison which they inhaled into their system they might have read these words and not acclaim themselves preachers.

  17. When this is told unto them they will shrug it off, but Verse 35, “No refuse will remain for the shepherds nor escape for the lords of the flock.”  Do whatever you will you vipers-brood, but there is no escape for you, no open door, no remedy, no way at all that you shall escape your reward.

  18. I can hear it already O you deceitful brood of vipers, you so called preachers or evangelist as you presume, wailing because no one will listen to you anymore, or come to your fancy hideouts to be injected with your poison.   

  19. I thank Thee O Lord that Thou wilt eradicate them from the earth once and forever, my thanks is with Thee O Lord of mercies.


  1. You would want me to forgive, you would that I should be gracious to you,  You plow men under as were they the seeds of vintage, and yet you will seek my favor?   Will you quote to me that "He will not be forgiven that does not forgive his neighbor?"

  2. Therefore O you people whatsoever you have done to me I will forgive you, You have robbed me but I will not count it against you, You have slandered me, and I will turn away my face,  Your judges practiced injustice against me and for that they angered me, and I pronounced judgment against them, a curse to last into forever. 

  3. But I did not pronounce it for what was done to me alone.   Were it only me I would have been kindhearted, but they practiced their injustice upon the people, upon the whole of my heritage, and for that cause, for their endless sins against the poor of my people, I did not forgive them.

  4. It is for the sake of those many which you oppressed, that had no defense against you that I will cause you to pay.  Like those that were beaten to death, in dungeons, and in the back rooms of police stations, and in prisons.   For their wounds I will cause all those that manhandled them to pay dearly.  

  5. Shall I treat the one that stole the bread from a hungry person - the same as the one that died from hunger?  Shall I forget the torture upon the many - and not repay the guilty for their cruelty?

  6. It is for their sake, for the sake of the oppressed that the oppressors shall surely pay, for that cause their sins shall not be forgiven.   And for their boast against the Almighty God He will annihilate their life's before Him.     

  7. "To dash to pieces"  so it is written, and so it will be done.   I will have mercy - but upon the merciful, and I will be a burning fire upon all that did not elect to quench a fire.

  8. I should have mercy and deal with compassion so you conclude within your hearts.   Hear then how it is written, Enoch speaking:   "Know that you shall be given over into the hands of the righteous ones, and they shall cut off your necks, and slay you, and not have compassion on you."   

  9. "And not have compassion on you" - so he said.   If now you had considered mercy - I would deal with you likewise, but where there is none, none will be received.

  10. What remedy is there for you, for you the blind, the ignorant, the obstinate, the idol worshipper and the oppressor?   You must be brought down to hell, in no other way will you be educated,  words will not enter into you, but when your life is taken from you - then you will pay attention.  And when your freedom is a thing of the past - you will grieve.

  11. I have seen, and I have heard, and I considered what is  best and fit for you, and it cannot be but that you be ground to powder.   Understanding is not a part of your faculties, and wisdom is far from you O my people.  

  12. You refused to accept wisdom, and knowledge was a contempt to you, therefore you are to perish, and your life to be annihilated before the face of the Almighty God.

  13. Thus spoke the Lord regarding your wise counselors:  "They will be gathered together as prisoners in a pit; they will be shut up in a prison, and after many days they will be punished.   

  14. And elsewhere:  "And they shall go forth and look on the dead bodies of the men that have rebelled against Me; for their worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh."

 ZION  and  ZION  -    WHO ?

  1. Will anyone give me credit for knowledge?  My enemies do, and the servants of the devil grudgingly admit it.  Like the demons in the days of Christ they knew Him. but of the educated ones, these were blind.

  2. "Seven full weeks shall they be, counting fifty days to the morrow after the sabbath".   The 'seventh sabbath' that was.   And how will you do that - multiplying seven times seven and arrive at 50 full days?   Is there even one man, one wise one, one person on the whole of the face of the earth to explain this, to come within the keeping of the command of the Lord?

  3. Moses did, Abraham did, but you have forgotten what is in a word, nor has education been brought unto you.   Your preachers and all your wise men altogether are as the blind, not competent to come to a truthful solution.  

  4. Only in the knowledge of God can the word of the Lord be understood.  But who is to attest to this axiom when the mountains and the hills credit their height into themselves?

  5. It is by the 'Calendar' which the Lord instituted, which He taught unto Enoch, and to Abraham, and to Moses.  But the sepulcher of Moses is nowhere to be found, and so the law remains with you to your guilt.  

  6. And yet this day it is before you - a word, a knowledge not previously heard, who then, like I said, will give me credit for knowledge?  And who will attest with me from where I received the same?

  7. Isaiah 41:26. Quote:  "that we might say, "He is right?"  Isaiah obviously knew, and he knew you.   And so spoke the Lord:  "The wicked shall seek Me, but shall not find Me, because they hated knowledge and did not seek the fear of the Lord."  

  8. John came doing something that was not written in the Scriptures, "To baptize  unto the forgiveness of sins."   And I came saying "that your abortions will be raised to full life, even though that also is not recorded in the Scriptures.   And will your abortions live, the ones you murdered in cold blood?    

  9. Your wicked deeds, the murders of your hand will not be withheld from you, even as the wicked deeds of the angels, the Watchers as they are called, were not withheld from them.  

  10. What therefore is it with me that such knowledge and inspiration be upon me?  Do I have to prove myself, and to whom?   For the meek and the righteous they recognize my voice, and for the people I labor to be convincing, while for the self-wise, none but a rod upon their backs will convince them.


  1. Quote:  "Speak to Zerub'babel, the governor of Judah, saying, I am about to shake the heavens and the earth, to overthrow the throne of kingdoms.   I am about to destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the nations, and overthrow the chariots and their riders; and the horses and their riders shall go down, every one by the sword of his fellow."

  2. 'Zerub'babel'.  Spelling it - Zerub and babel is to enhance the meaning, for the reference here is to the Lord, the God of all the world, Jesus the Christ, the Son of God who is to crimson His attire on the blood of many peoples. 

  3. But for you O Israel it will not be so, and this message is for you speaking to the current governors.

  4. Quote  "Lo, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of reeling to all the peoples round about; it will be against Judah also in the siege against Jerusalem.    On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it shall grievously hurt themselves.   And all the nations of the earth will come together against it."

  5. Iraq and Arabia, as also the squatters of Canaan, and the whole of the Muslim world would like to see Israel disappear from the face of the earth, but fear not my dear Israel for:   "On that day, says the Lord,  

  6. "I will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness. But upon the house of Judah I will open my eyes, when I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness.

  7. In a little while you will rejoice, for:  "Then the clans of Judah shall say to themselves, `The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the Lord of hosts, their God."   

  8. Look and consider all these many that are round about you, for:  "On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a blazing pot in the midst of wood, like a flaming torch among sheaves;   and they shall devour to the right and to the left all the peoples round about, while Jerusalem shall still be inhabited in its place, in Jerusalem."

  9. Is not this a message of comfort O my dear Israel, joy of my heart, love of my soul?  The days are numbered, the years accounted.  When you behold the nations mustering against you then your redemption is at the door.

  10. "On that day you shall not be put to shame because of the deeds by which you have rebelled against the Lord your God; for then He will remove from your midst your proudly exultant ones, and you shall no longer be haughty in My holy mountain."

  11. For I will leave in the midst of you a people humble and lowly. They shall seek refuge in the name of the Lord.  Those who are left in Israel shall do no wrong and utter no lies, nor shall there be found in their mouth a deceitful tongue. For they shall pasture and lie down, and none shall make them afraid."

  12. "The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a warrior who gives victory; he will rejoice over you with gladness, he will renew you in his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.   

Jan / 29 / 2003     (By email) 


A word to the leaders and the people of the US of A. 

  1. Hear all you people, and you rulers the word of the Almighty Lord, who created the heavens and earth.   "Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him that is robbed, and do no wrong or violence to the alien and the fatherless, and the widow, or shed innocent blood."

  2. And now this day it warrants me to expound upon this - so you may comprehend the reality of these words.   Those who do not want a war with Iraq are not only blind and ignorant, but evil and cruel, misfits to the endowment of knowledge.

  3. Tell me you blind ones; - Is your President going to Iraq to gain wealth or to cause oppression?   Or not rather to dethrone a tyrant, and to free its people from cruel oppression, even as he spoke to you?  He therefore is honoring the word of the Lord who placed him at the head of a great nation, in order that he might fulfill the word that was spoken.

  4. But you who are against it, who will not shed a drop of blood to free those that are under cruel oppression, you are a contempt.    And you that are contemptuous - do not even think of entering into a church, or to lift your hand to God in prayer,  for your thoughts and your words will be held against you.  

  5. Will you have contempt for the Word of the Lord and also raise your head to him to seek His favor?    If you do - He will indeed answer you but with vengeance - so I say unto you in the Name of Him who anointed me to speak these words.

  6. Whom do you think you are you O you blind ones to reprove a servant of the Most High Lord for venturing to perform a righteous deed?   Where is your love for your neighbor?    

  7. Are you of the opinion that - like Cain - you are not your brother's keeper?   Those who spoke saying "No blood for oil," do not have their priorities in the right order or they would not have spoken these words.

  8. And as for the heads of those nations O Mr. President, which favor senseless inspections, or other irrational solutions, these are without sense, with no true love for human kind, and therefore devoid of knowledge.    And for their irrational behavior I will surely punish them.  

  9. Remember Mr. President how it was not I, - but the Lord of all the earth who spoke to you some time ago: "Cursed is the man that does the work of the Lord with slackness, and cursed is he that keeps his sword from bloodshed."  

  10. There is a difference:  One goes to war to dominate and cause oppression, another to free from oppression.    Make a difference O my people, - make a difference.     I shall quote you these words:  "Because of their tongue He will bring them to ruin."   

  11. And to repeat them:  "Because of their tongue He (that is the Lord) will bring them (that is you) to ruin."  And the line that preceded it: "They will be wounded suddenly."  "Suddenly", so it states.

  12. "To keep the law of the Lord is a right offering, and to have compassion - the right praise offering."    


        How is it that such as are most gentle and kind, are also called the most terrible among the people?   

  1. To the mind of flesh I am most terrible, for I will reward the wicked with their wickedness.   And given an example; The US of A, according to the word of its leader has determined to put down the pride and arrogance of them that rule the country of Iraq, to guarantee a measure of safety to many people, and deliver the oppressed from their oppressors.    

  2. And for this I will pronounce a blessing to that cause since it is in keeping with the command of God, a righteous deed.

  3. If then other nations such as Germany, Belgium, France, Russia, or the Netherlands, my country of birth, are opposed to this, should I therefore pronounce a curse upon them?     If they become malicious, to oppose the US of A with malice in this their cause, then I may very well pronounce a curse upon these nations.

  4. I am looked at as terrible simply because I will enact justice.   I will string up a horse thief, and forthwith execute those witch kill without cause.  I will curse those that abolish the death penalty, and I will condemn the governors that pardoned those that were on death roll.    

  5. I will execute a judge for setting the guilty free, or for imprisoning the innocent.  For an error in judgment I will be an unbearable weight because I am terrible, one of the most terrible among all the nations.

  6. That is why I am being classified as terrible in the eyes of the people who are indifferent, who will not reward the wicked for their wickedness, nor the righteous for their righteousness.    I look at one who is not willing to give his life blood for the cause of others as of no value, or even as cowards, or selfish.    

  7. It will be said of me that I was much too kind and generous with every one inclusive my enemies, and with them by whom I was repeatedly robbed, and I am called terrible for loving justice.

  8. Did those at NASA become proud and arrogant about their toys and their means as were it in them?  If not so - then for what cause did these seven persons die in the destruction of the shuttle?   The Titanic did not go down on account of any accident, but they boasted that even God could not sink their peanut shell.  

  9. It was for arrogance that Nebuchadnez'zar was reduced to a beast, and for arrogance the Titanic went down.   And what is the blame for the death of these seven if it may not be arrogance and pride?

  10. Those who say "diplomacy builds peace", are devoid of knowledge, altogether ignorant.  In the eyes of men and speaking in a tongue of men - the people of Iraq could be a wealthy people, but a foolish person, a butcher, a tyrant is preventing them.   

  11. And once he is removed the wealth may be to the use of others, but will its own people share in it?  And so it is that I classified them blind that claimed "no blood for oil".

  12. Those that currently march against war, are not marching for the cause of peace, but rather for oppression and for destruction.  They don't care if the oppressed are beaten to insanity and starved to death - as long as they can go on in their wicked exploits, to live high off the hog, and with free reign commit every vile act to their desire.   

  13. Murder and robbery is of no concern to them, for they do not have the love that is for one's neighbor, but for number one, and number one only.

  14. You want peace, a real peace?    Of course, such is the desire of every right minded person, but knowing how to obtain it is but in the wise.  It is by the destruction of wickedness that righteousness may appear, and by the extermination of those that practice wickedness that peace may appear.  

  15. A fool cannot entertain peace even as a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, even so oppression cannot be uprooted without the removal of the oppressors.

  16. If you have a tree that produces bad fruit, and threatens to contaminate the whole of your orchard will you not uproot that tree and burn it in the fire?   Do you not destroy much cattle, both cows and chickens when a disease strikes them to threaten the whole of your food supply?   Why then do you not consider the wisdom thereof in all of your doings?       

  17. It is somewhere said "A king of peace", and yet I vie for war, for the destruction of the many that are not righteous.  And did I not pray to the Lord that He might grind the nations to powder - seeing how I had no desire in them?  

  18. I looked upon the people and it became a abomination unto my soul for anyone to desire them, therefore did I pray for their destruction.  I looked and I beheld in the wisdom that the Lord implanted within me, and in the knowledge of what is to be.

  19. It is in the knowledge of God, and in His wise counsel that by cause of man's own cunning there is but one way to bring peace to the earth, which in His counsel is to exterminate better than ninety percent of the world population, to rid the world of all liars, of thief's, and of murderers.   

  20. This is what is about to come to pass by the hand of none other than Christ Jesus, the Son of the Almighty God.   By One who freely gave His life for the redemption of mankind.   By One who so loved the world to give His only begotten Son.

  21. In His counsel is my desire, and so I am one of the most terrible among the nations, and one of peace.   And now that I said "better than ninety percent", is there a suggestion here for better than nine out of ten how there is no right dealings within them?  Look around if there be eyesight within you - more than nine out of ten, and they are slated for destruction.


  1. I cannot help but hear what is being said, and it saddens me how there is no knowledge among the people, and that understanding is far from them.  What are the facts?  And what must occur regardless of what your desires may be?   There must be a fall of nations!   

  2. And how do you intend to hold it back O my people?   You wish to hold back the war that seems imminent at your doorstep, and why?   You wish to hold back the coming of the Lord to judge the earth?

  3. Did I not remind you of what Jeremiah said to the nations that; "they must drink" whether they like it or not?  If the second head of the three headed beast is not consumed by the sword - how then is the Lord to - as He said; - "begin to make inquisition into the deeds of man"?   

  4. I can understand why you wish to hold back progress since it means an end to your wicked inventions.   But like I said; - how to you intend to hold Him back, the Mighty One of Israel?

  5. Foolish, is it not, meaning you.   And so there are many foolish things that you do, like for example to dictate to Iraq not to built weapons of mass destruction, and/or to disarm.   

  6. This indeed is an ignorant thing of the mind of men,  ignorant and hypocritical from the mind of babes, of children that do not know their right hand from their left.   Who when they look into the mirror, and turning about immediately forget what they looked like.

  7. The "UN" so they are called, a class of babes, dictating that of which they are themselves over-burdened.  You throw the glove and then insist that you alone are to have the pistol?  It is for that reason that I classified the whole lot of you as hypocrites.   

  8. I approached the President of the USA as a friend, and spoke to him affectionately, yet in the ignorance of his doing he is no less a dictator than Saddam.  How can you say to remove a splinter from one's eye, when there is a beam in your own eye?

  9. If you see him as a threat, or a demise to the people - then go and take him out, but leave your folly and your hypocrisy at home.   Or if there is some measure of righteous resolve within you to deliver the oppressed from the hands of the oppressor,  then go and do so, and it will be a righteous deed within you.   

  10. And if the latter be the case, as the head of a great nation proclaimed it to be, then in all reality he has only begun something which he cannot possibly finish.

  11. Why should one go clear to the other end of the world to deliver the oppressed, and not rather start at home to eradicate the injustice within his own borders?   Or will he do so upon his return?    

  12. No!  For the splinter is easily seen, but the beam is not to be found - since like we said - in turning about from the mirror he forgot what he looked like.    Or simply said; - he does not see his own injustice as injustice, nor his hypocrisy for what it factually is.

  13. High sounding words - "to deliver the oppressed from the hands of the oppressor". And so who is next?   Will you invade China to bring about human rights there as well?    And after that to invade every other country to eradicate the evil and deliver the oppressed?  

  14. But now the punch line;  Who is man to perform what the Lord has sworn Himself to perform?    And who other than the Lord has the power and the righteous resolve to bring about these high sounding words?

  15. Man may speak high sounding words, but perhaps there are ulterior motives, for if "deliverance" was the real incentive -- why is it at but one corner of the world -- and not rather to start at home?    

  16. I will not deny that the people of the North American continent have a good heart, for in overcoming Germany as well as Japan, they built the country and setting its people free provided it with its own wealth.   Not that such generosity is inborn in man, but in the design and blessing of the Lord the Creator of all men.

  17.   And what other facts shall I reiterate?  The mothers are fearful that their sons will come back in body bags.  But you mothers are ignorant of the true facts, how at least you may weep over your sons and provide them with a burial.   

  18. Or would you rather pierce your sons by your own hand and leave their bodies to be consumed by the vultures?   Or perhaps you want your sons to come back to you so that they might pierce you and leave "your body" to the wild dogs?

  19. It is the Lord you know, the Lord alone who is able in all the world to deliver the oppressed from the hands of the oppressor.    And in His day of judgment, His day of vengeance upon the oppressor He will eradicate the whole lot of them in one single day, from evening till morning, in one single day.  

  20. And the parents will not be able to hold back their hands from killing their offspring, nor the offspring from killing their parents.  For the Lord will turn each man against those near to him to fill the earth with corpses.  And for the few remaining it will take them up to seven years to bury the last of the bones bleached by the sun.

  21. Shall I again quote the words to you for what is at your doorsteps?  "Prophesy against them all these words, and say to them: `The Lord will roar from on high, and from his holy habitation utter his voice; he will roar mightily against his fold, and shout, like those who tread grapes, against all the inhabitants of the earth.     

  22. The clamor will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations; he is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked he will put to the sword, says the Lord.'    

  23. It is this war that you are trying to hold back, not hoping to find peace, but a permanent postponement of your demise by the hand of the Lord.   The final great day of the Lord - as I now speak, is yet some days off.  

  24. And thus - the opportunity is still with you to die and be laid to rest with someone to weep over you.  But the time grows near, like those horns to be broken and stamped upon, and still further ones, and the day will come. 

  25. And how did the Lord speak to Jeremiah?  Did He not say that; "He would roar from on high"?   How then will its beginning be if not with speech!   And to whom will that be?   You heard it, to His fold and to all the inhabitants of the earth.   

  26. But it will not remain with speech alone for the clamor resounding from West to East and from North to south, the Lord will enter into judgment with all the nations.

  27. Then the speech having been heard; thus says the Lord of hosts: " Behold, evil is going forth from nation to nation, and a great tempest is stirring from the farthest parts of the earth!  

  28.   "And those slain by the Lord on that day shall extend from one end of the earth to the other. They shall not be lamented, or gathered, or buried; they shall be dung on the surface of the ground.

  29.   Your demise O my people, my dear people.  I was send for reprove, and reprove I will issue.  My heart yearns for you, my love for you is deep, but you are ill, you have been corrupted, and no crops can be gained lest the seed is planted under.    I would embrace you, but who will gather thorns and thistles for a meal?

  30. You are pre-occupied with war and with what else is coming upon the earth seeing how the day is nearing its end.  It then is the Lord who creates war, and the Lord creates peace.   It is the Lord who builds nations and again brings them under.   

  31. It is the Lord who fashioned all the war equipment of the nations.  The Lord created its builders and its designers as well as the workmen.  It was the Lord who granted them the knowledge each for his own task, the workmen for their skill, and the commanders for their duties.

  32. And so the Lord builds the whole of what one refers to as society, the doctors for their skill, and instructing the farmers how to work their fields.  It is the Lord who gave man insight into the atom, and to utilize the same  

  33. And it is the Lord who withheld fundamentals from the minds of the wise and of the scientists, so that at end He might make fools of them.    For in the gift unto them - they came to deny Him who taught them, acclaiming themselves wise in their own imagination.

  34. It was the Lord who created Saddam Hussein, and Mr. Bush each for His purpose.   It is the Lord who brings to life, and who returns man against to the dust from which he came.  There is but One who rules the whole of the Earth, and His purpose will stand.

The spoken word.       March 17-2003

  1. Have you heard how the wicked replied to the resolve of the President of the West?   It is as I have said before, - "the guilty ones to accuse their opponents of their own crime".  Never at all will they come with evidence, nor expand upon their lies to provide any detail to their accusations.   

  2. But such is to be expected since they are lies and false accusations as they themselves know.  Nor is there an end to their lies and deceptions to play upon the ignorant of heart and mind.

  3. The heads of the Babylonians speak as if they will win from the West, as if by some miracle God will save them.  But their imaginations are vain, since they are ignorant of what God has ordained for them, that it will be the he-goat of the West to break the ram.    

  4. It is of God that the ram should be trampled under foot, wherefore God is against you, and He will not save you from the hands of the one from the West.    And this is but a beginning since before long it will come to a complete ruin from the North rather than from the West.   

  5.  It is not the Americans that the Arabs should fear, but rather the Lord, the Almighty God, whose Name they take in vain each and every day.   For while they openly curse those less guilty than themselves, and butcher their own for no cause at all - they have yet the gall to say that they are acting on behalf of God, as to justify their murderous deeds.  

  6. And so the Lord is about to repay them for the blasphemy of His Name.  And while those of Iraq may be first, they will not be the last.   For all the nations round about Israel will soon feel the rod of God upon them,  and every other nation around the globe. 

  7. I heard a complaint bewailing the loss of a few dollars and cents,  and that their children will have to pay for the cost of this war.    But you are grossly mistaken, all you greedy ones, crying aloud over a few dollars, while turning a blind eye to the plight of those that are being tortured to death.   

  8. Your eyes are plastered with greed, and your love is for yourself.    And as to your children to pay the bill, you are in error.  The only payment that you as well as your children will pay is your and their flesh as food for the vultures.

  9. I have seen the many that are against this war, and heads of state that are squarely set against it.   And why might that be?  It is because these are sleeping in the same bed with the heads of Iraq.   

  10. They are afraid for their own skin that it might be damaged.   And yes it will be damaged O you heads of State.   And yes you will suffer loss all you blind ones to set yourself so squarely against a righteous act.

  11. The president of the West, is not the instigator of this war, nor did he command it, but his command was of the Most High Lord, and it is the Almighty Lord who has instigated it, as He foretold many centuries ago that He would in this day and age by these very people.    

  12. And while you may not know it, it is because you do not know your right hand from your left.  Yet some know it very well that their end is coming, that all these things must come to pass.    If therefore these events could be held back, their end would be extended.    

  13. And so whether you know it or not - you heads of state and your people with you - you are under the influence and control of the evil one, of the devil and his host to in some way hold back the design of God.  Only you will not succeed as you will soon discover.

  14. You want peace,  that is to say;  your ideal of peace, that you might endlessly continue in your wicked inventions, to freely continue with the murder of helpless infants.  And with your greed and all of your criminal deeds, robbing lying and stealing at will.    You have no love for your neighbor except to use them for your own benefit, nor do you regard the plight of any people.   

  15. When many are beaten to death for no cause - you turn your head with indifference because it does not affect you.    When tens of thousands are gassed to death,  you don't want to hear about it lest a feeling of guilt should enter into you.   

  16. You are afraid that a righteous resolve, a war if necessary, will increase the price of things, and place discomforts upon you.   And so in that respect what difference is there in you compared to Saddam?

  17. And yet when God shakes the earth under the feet of any to destroy the wicked, you run to help them as if there were some measure of mercy in you, you hypocrites.  All your acts are in hypocrisy, all your deeds are criminal and oppressive.

  18.   I am disgusted with you loveless ones, and you blind bats.    It is  no wonder that the Lord spoke regarding you - how any man that had any desire in you to govern you - is an abomination.    

  19. No ruler in his right mind would choose you, since you are not fit to be ruled, to be placed upon any table, but for a trashing to do away with.  And what am I to say of your leaders?   Is there anyone of them to sacrifice their life for you, for a people not desired?

  20. And so what will you call me to sacrifice my life for such as are a contempt, for whom I have no desire?   I am a mystery yes, for I have been given to understand what will be in the day of tomorrow, to know the one and the other.  

  21. Nor am I able to deny my love for you, nor that it should flee from me - though in my sight you are despicable.  It is the love of the Almighty Lord which He placed within me that is stronger than all, and by that love I will offer myself, and take you into my embrace.

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