Leonard to the beloved in God, whose hope is on Christ Jesus, and to all men desiring to know truth, and be instructed in the word of God.


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  1.   I thought it useful to place these words before you that you may know the one and the other, and not be deceived by those that speak falsely, that do not know what is in a word, unto whom the Lord has not given the treasure of wisdom.  

  2. The world is full of such as have anointed themselves, preachers that speak many words yet have no understanding of the word of God.  And how may you know these?  

  3. There are a number of ways, those for one that do not speak according to the scriptures, while others place themselves in the seat of Christ or of Moses, but do not keep the word they preach.  Then there are those that will place a facade as if they seemed righteous, but the truth is not in them.

  4.   What is the commandment if not to love God, to have the passion to love and the Spirit to live according to all the word of the Lord, as He said, “ Not they that say Lord, Lord, but that keep My word”.  

  5. And,  “He that loves father, mother, wife or children more than Me - is Me not worthy”.    And, “If I had all knowledge but not love I were nothing”.  My word here then is to show these things more vividly.

  6.   I must announce to you that the Lord has not brought me into this world that I should be a preacher such as men conceive preachers to bring souls unto salvation, but if any man will hear me, so let him hear me. 

  7. There is this general notion in the churches far and wide, that salvation is by faith, and not by the works of the law.  And this indeed is the Scriptures, and it is truth, and so what then may be their error?  

  8. The error is that they are not keeping faith since faith without the works of the law is, like the apostles said, a dead faith  "Be doers of the word, not hearers only, deceiving yourselves," so James said.   

  9. Or, now that we are in the ending of the sixth day, as it was prophesied; "And when you see the Gentiles worship a piece of wood know that the end is near."

  10.   "A piece of wood", the wood of the cross that is, rather than Him who gave His life upon it.  And so indeed the churches have become their gods, and their own laws and interpretations have become their way to salvation.   

  11. Believe and be saved - so the hirelings preach.  Accept Christ as your personal Savior and it shall be well with you provided of course you perform this one work to fill our pockets with money.   

  12.   Disgusting is what they are - violate any commandment you wish, as long as I am fed well - such is their message. What therefore has changed?   "If you love Me you will keep my commandments".  

  13. And, "He who has my commandments and keeps them - he it is who loves Me".  Faith without the works of the law is no faith, and by the works of the law faith is manifested. 

  14. "If you keep my commandments you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in His love."  

  15. Do you not put on clothing when you go forth from your house, is that not the common and decent thing to do?  Why then do you appear naked in the congregation along with your husband?  

  16. If you will say that I am making a fuss over some hats - you are not reproving me but you are boasting yourself against God in making a fuss over some fruit in the garden of Eden for which cause the whole of mankind came into death.  

  17. You foolish person that cannot hear me - I am not speaking of hats but of the will of the Lord, and His commandments towards us.


  1. The Lord said:  "But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.   And in praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that they will be heard for their many words."

  2. Do you think that the Lord was referring to Gentiles when He said; "as the Gentiles do?"  Jews even more than Gentiles make long prayers to dig themselves deeper into hell.  

  3. The Lord is pointing to all that do not know God, and like John said to those that prided themselves in being Jewish, how God would rather make sons of Abraham from these stones at rivers edge.

  4. The nature of prayer is as much misunderstood as anything may be misunderstood.  People gives themselves to praying like flapping their wings attempting to fly to the moon, but unless you are a bird you will not even get off the ground let alone arrive at the moon. These many are not only wasting their efforts but their very efforts are counted against them.  

  5. The Lord said: "If you love Me and keep My word, - ask whatsoever you will and it will be unto you."  So then you are ill and wish to be healed, and you claim to love the Lord, and that you are keeping His word, and yet your illness remains, your prayers remain unanswered.   And why might that be?

  6. Will you make Christ out for a liar, that what He said is not correct, because you were not healed? Is it any wonder that you were not healed, since along with your prayers there was doubt in your heart.  You as such are not making any request of God, but you are testing Him to see if His word is of a truth or not so.

  7. Why might it be that the Lord refused to hear your prayer?  Read again what the Lord said, how He placed a condition upon you whereby you might receive the request of your heart. The condition being that you not merely pronounce His name, but that you truly love Him.  And that true love shows itself in your actions, and in the condition of your heart.

  8. He said: "To keep His word." And here indeed it is where most are failing.  They have a love, but it is not a true love.  They give bread to the hungry, but think themselves to be wiser than God, in not keeping all of his statutes - like as if a due respect for God is no longer required.

  9. Do you not know the commandment that for any prayer or thanksgiving these must be offered with salt, and without blemish? And are you so ill-knowledged not to know that one does not gather grapes from weeds, nor how any bad tree is incapable of producing good fruit?

  10. What then are we to say of all these many priests the world over, Jew and Gentile, how they pray and pray, and pray some more, and nothing ever comes of it - because they are destined for destruction. 

  11. These in fact pray themselves into it, like the Lord said; "By your own word you will be judged, and from what passes from your lips you will take account."    Their destruction is upon them because, they are not sons, but mere hirelings, having been anointed of men, or anointed themselves to it. 

  12. These preach but for their belly, when they serve anyone with a prayer they expect to be paid, therefore also not only their prayers but all their word, all that proceeds from their lips serves them to damnation. Their sermons, their gossip, and even all their blessings count against them, making them worthy of perdition.

  13. Some of these hypocrites are teaching, quote: "The more praying there is in the world, the better the world will be, prayer in its operation is a disinfectant and preventative."  And more such nonsense.  

  14. The truth now is quite different, the more they pray the deeper they dig themselves into hell. since these sons of the devil are corrupting the word of the Savior, as He said: "But when you pray do not use many words."  

  15. For again as the Lord made clear to us, it are these hypocrites and sons of the devil that think they will be heard for their many prayers, while in-fact they will NOT be heard, because these claim themselves wiser than God, and violate His statutes. 

  16. Therefore to our education the Lord said; "Do not be like unto them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."

  17. Hear me then you that are my beloved that I may expound to you what it is the Lord impressed upon us when He taught us to pray saying: "Pray like this: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name."   

  18. If thus you are speaking in English and you pronounce to say "your" name, instead of "Thy" name, you stand accursed even by me. For in that respect you are violating my commandment towards all men in the English language.

  19. You then ought to recall how the Lord of His anointed ones said;  "What you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven."   And I have bound it here on earth, wherefore in this to disobey me, even me - you disobey what is recorded in heaven.  And in writing you shall capitalize the reference to God or His Christ.  And if you will not do so - don't bother to pray.

  20. For now consider how the Lord started that prayer.  It was by calling Him our Father and to hallow His name, as in having due respect for Him, to honor Him, and not to take His name in vain.   

  21. Wherefore by that single sentence your priests and ministers that lead you - are not allowed to pray, for whenever they invoke the name of the Lord, they are at all times taking His name in vain.

  22. It is not possible for anyone that does not keep himself to the statutes of the Lord to pray.  And when they do, they are taking the name of God in vain upon their lips. Like it is written; "You have no right to take My word upon your lips."  

  23. As then the Lord continues to say: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.   This is to teach us not to apply our own will, or our own desires, but to honor God in that He knows better.  Here it means to give ourselves into His hand, to let His will be invoked upon us.

  24. For what is it that we really desire? Is it not this - that we may depart from this earth, and be with Him in peace. Or that while we remain upon this earth that we may have His peace with us?  And what is it to have His peace?  "Be not anxious," so the Lord said. 

  25. As then in the remainder the request is for our daily bread and that our sins may be forgiven, and not to be led into temptation, - what may we surmise the sum thereof is?  Is it not this - that foremost we acknowledge God as God, and that by His will we will abide.  

  26. And secondly, that in all humility we may be free of sin and have our physical needs as well.  Why thus should we ask for superficial things, or even for health, or that we may not be persecuted, since these things are ordained for us to pass through, like it is said, "take that road full of dangers for it leads to the gate of heaven, while the wide and easy road leads to hell."

  27. A simple "thank Thee Lord," will be a more acceptable offering, than enumerating a long list of things, as long as the offering is from the heart in full truth, and not merely from the lips.  If then indeed you come to serve the Lord in truth you will be in need of knowledge and of wisdom. 

  28. This therefore you should request of Him - that you may have understanding in His word.  And He will grant you the same - if you do not doubt Him, if your request is without any reservation to the contrary.  Having thus made your request - consider it as done, yes as done and done. 

  29. For why should you have to make that same request over and over day in day out?  For by the same token we can say that in your continual request - you are making that word of the Lord where He said;  "Ask whatever you will and it will be unto you," out for a lie, since having to ask again and again you did not receive your request of Him. 

  30. And why might that be so?  For either you are without faith, or, you are attempting to impose your will upon Him, rather than accepting His grace and will for you.  And if you are not heard - will you come to blame the Lord for it, as if His word did not hold a truth.

  31. Paul asked three times for a thorn to be removed, but the Lord gave him to know that He would not remove it, but rather that the weakness of God is stronger than the strength of man, and thus to bear it.

  32. When I asked the Lord to grant me the understanding of the Sabbath, He granted it me forthwith, and when I asked Him for yet a greater understanding of the foundations of the earth, He furnished the same to me that very day.  

  33. Nor therefore am I saying that you should ask of Him such understanding of His handiworks, since these things are awarded only to such few as He deems appropriate.  It then was appropriate for me since He elected me to reveal these things, which I knew, and I entertained no doubt about it, in receiving the same of Him.

  34. But when it came to an understanding of coordinates, a yet greater understanding of the creation of His hand, I did not even make a request, but of myself I came to say that such knowledge is more than what should be given me.  For I judged that extend of knowledge not to be fit for the sons of men that I should reveal the same to them, and why then should it be given me?

  35. I then left it in His will, and His will alone should He wish to grant it unto me, for if He had given it to me - I would not have educated the world in it, although perhaps I might have been tempted to in some way speak of it.  

  36. Wherefore in that respect it is better it were not given me.  For this also is in the prayer which the Lord taught us, not to be led into temptation. For again I, as we, have enough temptation to deal with.

  37. If per example you ask of Him that your husband or your wife, or children may be saved, as in without doubt that - like unto the words He spoke, -  it will be granted you.  Are you not then acting contrary to what the Lord taught you to pray, namely "That "His" will be done?"   

  38. Be glad that your name is written in heaven (if it is written) and do not think that by your will, or your desire you will be able to save anyone else.   You may labor to that end, but the will and judgment thereof is with God alone, like Christ Jesus said; "Whomsoever the Father draws will come to Me, and I will not turn them away."  

  39. There are those that will pray for the dead, but that in my judgment is insanity, while it may also be looked upon as a dire weakness in man.  When a man dies - the opportunity to repentance is past.  So either he died as one of the sons of God, or not so.  What sense therefore is it to pray for the dead when their fate was sealed even before they died?  

  40. No man is going to twist the hand of God with his prayers, for like Moses prayed for the Israelites not to be destroyed when they were wandering in the desert, Moses likewise did not twist the hand of God, since all this was foreknown to God.  

  41. And God's purpose stood, since He DID destroy the whole lot of them, keeping only the children of 20 years and younger.  

  42. For like the Lord said to Moses; "I will destroy them, and raise up a new people that will not anger Me."  These new ones at that time were the young who had not yet been indoctrinated into what the secrets of Satan were.  This of course was all in allegory to those that were to be born of God.

  43. Hear me my beloved, if you come to pray consider duly what you are going to say, and how you will say it, and also when you will come to pray.  Like Solomon said; "Guard your step before you come to enter into the courts before the Lord."  

  44. If then Solomon's words were not exactly like that, remember how it is not from a written word that I speak nor teach, but from a Spirit within me, how I speak from life and where it may be found.  For this also is for a word in wisdom.

  45. The Lord at one place spoke of His disciples having sorrow, but how that sorrow would turn into joy, and so the Lord said: "In that day you will ask nothing of Me."  And so it is my beloved that I for example am asking nothing of Him.  For what is it that I shall ask for?  

  46. Yes, I am asking and thanking Him for my daily needs, and regarding temptation as well as hidden sins in me.  But mostly my speech is in thanksgiving, expressing my sincere thanks and love for Him.  And for whom am I doing so - if not for my own self.  For my joy, since to me it is extremely pleasant - and my joy - to thank and praise Him.  

  47. The times then and the events are in His will, not in ours however much we may desire upon them. What therefore I do ask of Him is for patience and for long suffering, and for endurance, and whether or not my body is sound or torn apart, what do I care for this flesh of mine, if but I may rest within the palm of His hand.

  48. A light is meant to be placed upon a table for all that enter to see, and I indeed placed the light of God before the eyes of men, and that light is there to this day seen by many.  

  49. But the ravens are determined to crush any horn that rises for the truth, and they steal away my word, leaving the sons of men empty, wherefore they have nothing to answer.

  50. Shall I then pray for these ravens? From my many other pages you will see how indeed I prayed that these might be eradicated from the earth, to rid the earth of all that are making a mockery of God and of His word and His works. My prayer is for peace, not for war, for a peace that can only come when the wicked are no more.

  51. John spoke in his letter to the churches; "If any one sees his brother committing what is not a mortal sin, he will ask, and God will give him life for those whose sin is not mortal.  There is sin which is mortal; I do not say that one is to pray for that."  

  52. So you see how John made a distinction between mortal and not mortal sins, and what to pray for, and what not to pray for.

  53. Then again note closely what John is saying, how he mentions the word "brother."  With that he is not referring to any brother in the flesh, but rather to them that are brothers in the Spirit. Wherefore we pray for one another that are in God - when one has sinned, like as in ignorance, a none mortal sin.

  54. Since then John by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit impresses upon us not to pray for mortal sins to be forgiven - how shall I pray for so many of these priests and shepherds that lead the many flocks?  

  55. Since these are constantly committing mortal sins, continually opposing the Holy Spirit, and twisting His words, and flatly speaking blasphemy of Him.  Therefore also the Lord spoke of them as a vipers-brood, and that the devil was their father.

  56. Rather than praying for them the Lord spoke something like; "You will not escape the damnation ready for you."  If the intersession of Moses did not keep the Israelites that were delivered from Egypt alive, how will you by any prayer keep these sons of the devil from their well deserved end?  

  57. Heed Solomon who said, to guard your steps, and whatever passes from your lips, lest the Lord, - for your love of these sons of perdition might just cast you along with them.  For where one's love is there his habitation shall be.  For again it is out of the heart wherein the issues of life are manifested.  And do not these pass over the lips?

  58. As then the Lord said: "Until now you have asked nothing in My name, (but now) ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full."   So what shall we ask for? For this my beloved, that our joy may be full.  

  59. And, that you may be well know-ledged in Him.  If then you pray for knowledge but do not take yourself upon His word, how will you be educated?

  60. It is of the Holy Spirit to test each and everyone of us - if indeed we are worthy to receive His wisdom, wherefore if at first He comes to you averse - it is to test you, if indeed you are rooted in firm ground, and not be like a leaf in the wind - turned at every whim thereof.

  61. One of the Apostles cautions husbands to live considered with their wives, bestowing honor on them as the weaker sex.  Because so he said that man and woman are joint heirs, even as a man and his woman are one single flesh.  

  62. If then either one does not do right to the other - how will their prayers be heard?  For so he said; "That your prayers may not be hindered."

  63. When so often by context I pronounce saying "man," it does not mean to exclude the woman, since she is one with him. I am not one to undo or to separate that which the Lord made as one flesh, one being.  

  64. And in saying "male," to be male, it has a far greater meaning that can only be understood in wisdom. Wherefore to be perfected in Christ Jesus - ask for wisdom, and search for her like unto a treasure as none else.

  65. A sincere outing from the heart is what is acceptable to God, a mere lip service is an abomination to Him. He does not accept a bottle, wherefore put away that bottle, and if there is nothing within the breast to offer - how poor indeed you are.

  66. And to end my word I will quote of what else was said.  "Therefore let every one who is Godly offer prayer to Thee at a time of distress."  And;  "The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but the prayer of the upright is his delight."

  67. "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord - that will be established."  And;  "Be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God, for God is in heaven, and you upon earth; therefore let your words be few."

  68. "A man of understanding learns gladly God’s word, and an attentive ear is found by them that love wisdom."  And;  "Let it not be grievous to you when your labors are hard and your field produces little, for thus has God ordained it."

  69. And so to you my beloved - ought you not study all of the psalms and the proverbs, since these O my beloved are lessons of life. And having made a good beginning - come to know all His word.


  1. At this point I shall continue with my heading of this page, placing it toward the end so that it may not be read by those that are worldly, who have little or no regard for prayer, so that they will have left off reading my discourse, to be for you alone, for the wise.

  2. "Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his friends". And, "You are My friends if you do what I command you."  And, "If I had all knowledge but not love I were nothing". 

  3. For a time I kept myself hidden, but how shall I preach to bring forth good news unless I reveal myself?   But what is there to reveal in me but that the love of truth has come into me to caused me to be a fountain of life?  A fountain indeed whose life is not his own, but that it must be offered - and not for himself.

  4. Daniel in the ninth chapter  regarding the seventy weeks of years came to speak of one to lay down his life that it was not for himself.   The wording as he used were, “But not for himself”. 

  5. If one listens to the theologians these take that prophecy to Daniel as having occurred in the past, long before Christ came upon the earth. Yet Christ Jesus Himself said: "So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel standing in the holy place, let the reader understand."

  6. If thus the Lord Himself places that prophecy as yet to occur after Him, will not these theologians be found as liars, even in their commentaries, and as corrupting the word of God, to teach contrary and in direct opposition to the Lord Himself?  These are liars and deliberate liars, doing the will of their father, of the devil so as make the word of the Lord of no effect.

  7. The Lord in that prophecy spoke to Daniel of a prince to come, of an anointed one in these days - to lay down his life but not for himself, was speaking of a time when Israel would be a nation again.  

  8. But these many ravens and the shepherds, to call them as such, do not have any use for an anointed one of God, and even less for a "prince" of the Lord, since that prince - is to judge them, and cast them down for their wickedness against God and man.

  9.   These brain-surgeons in the NIV have at least this much in Daniel 11; “And a prince of the covenant will be destroyed”.  Thus they are in fact acknowledging that there is more than one prince of the Covenant.   

  10. For seeing how Christ Jesus is “THE” prince of the covenant, they are in fact contradicting themselves by placing Christ Jesus in the ninth chapter – while speaking of another in the eleventh chapter.  Yet to anyone able to add one plus one - Daniel in these places is speaking of the same person.

  11.  As then Aaron was to present the Bull as a sin offering for himself, to make atonement for himself and for his house, he was to present the goat of the sin offering for the people, and bring its blood within the veil, to do with its blood as he did with the blood of the Bull. 

  12. And Ezekiel says:  “You shall take the Bull of the offering and burn it in the appointed place belonging to the temple. And on the second day you shall offer a he-goat without blemish for a sin offering, and so the altar shall be cleansed."  

  13.   The Bull and the he-goat - should not this clarify to you, one greater, and one lesser?  And were there not two birds, a Turtledove, and a young Pigeon in the offering in which the Lord showed Abraham how his descendant would be like the stars of heaven? 

  14.   This have I said and what more O my beloved shall I speak?   A mystery so I am, a mystery in the word of God, and in the minds of men, and not until many days hence, when there will be a new heaven and a new earth, will it be clarified to all flesh.  

  15. My love is not my love - but the love that the Lord has implanted within me, a love of His own, that my love may be as His love.   

  16. Shall I then not keep my own commandments seeing how my love is His love, and my word His word?  John emphasized love, knowing that if we love one another we will have fulfilled all of the commandments.

  17.   And what am I to say of these many preachers among men?   If they are without understanding how do they love?  And what of their works, if they are not after the will of God to whom may their love be?  The Lord did not say - if you love you are mine, but "if you love - "Me", - you are mine".   

  18.   The seven periods to which Daniel refers calling them “seventy weeks of years”, it does not in the ending thereof come to the destruction of Jerusalem, but rather to the complete liberation thereof, the Lord Himself in the end coming as upon the clouds.   

  19.   All this now is to your education, to know the difference between the one and the other.   I do not care to educate the world in this day and age,  “they as the psalmist says have no right to cite His statutes”.   When I called in an acceptable day they would not hear me, - and shall I now listen to them?    

  20. It is the Lord who will reprove them for me, and that will anger them.   And, there is to be a famine, a world wide famine, not one of bread and water, but of truth and righteousness, when the nations will search but not find.    And so it was said,  “In the day that you hear this, in an acceptable time, do not harden your heart.”

  21. We were speaking of one to lay down his life, but not for himself, like unto the Christ, a messiah other than The Messiah, an offering that was labeled as a male goat to come after the Bull of the offering was sacrificed.   And in how many ways did the Lord foreshadow these offerings?  

  22. I have spoken of a number of them, and herein following is still another, but it will only be for the wise, for them that are taught of God.

  23. It is written;  "If any of the flesh of the sacrifice is eaten on the third day, he who offers it shall not be accepted, neither shall it be credited to him; it shall be an abomination, and he who eats of it shall bear his iniquity."

  24. And elsewhere:  "Eat its flesh on that day, and in the second day, but do not let the sun of the second day set upon it until it is consumed. Let it not remain to the third day, for it will not be acceptable, since it was not chosen."

  25. When Christ was crucified - it was like a first day, when all that are His - that were to partake of His flesh - died with Him. When therefore on the day following He was in a tomb, how could any man partake of His flesh on that second day when His life was given on the first day?

  26. If thus - it were for Christ Yeshua alone, - the commandment would have read to eat of the Sacrifice on the same day, and nothing at all to be eaten on a second day.  Yet this particular commandment clearly allows for men to partake of the offering on a second day as well, but not any third day.  

  27. This my beloved entails and signifies that a second offering was to be made on a second day of which the flesh might be eaten.  Since the two days signify two offerings, and how man may partake of either offering, to eat of the flesh of the Bull, as well as on a day after to eat of the flesh of the goat.  

  28. But no third offering shall be made, no third Messiah, since none are prescribed, nor is any chosen, wherefore if any man invents a third offering, or any kind of offering other than these two, these shall bear their sins.

  29. Then again it is written: "And the flesh of the sacrifice of his peace offerings for thanksgiving shall be eaten on the day of his offering; he shall not leave any of it until the morning.  Here - in this offering one is only to direct his offering to the first day, as in to Him who was offered first, on the first day, namely to Christ Jesus, nor was he to eat of the second, since his offering; or his redemption, did not pertain to it.

  30. If therefore any man brings a peace offering, to bring thanksgiving, let him direct his praise to Him who gave His life upon the cross, let him praise God and His Redeemer for all mankind. 

  31. Then it is written:  "But if the sacrifice of his offering is a votive offering or a freewill offering, it shall be eaten on the day that he offers his sacrifice, and on the morrow what remains of it shall be eaten."

  32. Here, for these offerings - it is foremost to Christ Jesus, to the first day, to partake of Him in His offering, with secondly allowing him to partake of the second offering as well, as - on a second day.

  33. And now that in regards to this there is much more to be said, I can not in this day O my beloved reveal more. But I wished to show for them that are wise how even in such statutes the Lord foreshadowed His twofold redemption, in which I and we are interwoven.

  34. And Enoch likewise in what was shown to him beheld not only the Lord, but there was an other with Him as he said: "And there I saw the One who is from before time, His head was white as wool, and with Him was another whose face was like that of a human person, his countenance was full of grace, as one of the holy angels."

  35. In the wisdom granted me of the Father then I say to all, blessed be man to partake of either, but he shall be more blessed to partake of the first, rather than to eat of the remains on a second day.

  36. And yes I know that my word is much too difficult for the sons of men, a wisdom not in their understanding, and what all folly they will make of it. 

  37. It then is not for these that I have recorded these words, but for the wise in God, for the inheritors it is that I spoke.

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