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  1. What is in a seven that I should speak of it, or what is within my soul that I should express myself?  My heart is torn within me, I have a prayer, but should I wish to pronounce it?  I am sore vexed for the nations, for the tribes of my people, and I am vexed in tears for my beloved. 

  2. Why must my eye behold the miracles of the Lord to know that it is He?  This is for babes, for them of little faith, as for me O Lord, I know that Thou does work all things, that Thou art Lord of all. 

  3. I need not see Thy saving grace to know that Thou art our Savior, for Thou art my God, my Father, and the life of my being, even as Thou art the thought within my heart.  I am Thy creature and without Thee I am nothing. 

  4. Yet my soul is painful within me for the demise of my beloved, for a people that does not know their right hand from their left, and my soul is angry within me for the boast of a people well fed, and how they lean upon the needy, how their boast is a stench to my nostrils, and I am vexed for their accursed boldness.  

  5. It is an apostate generation, and I mean to bring their deeds upon them, and for their boast to break their backs with a rod of iron.   I am angry O Lord, I am indignant.   Why O Lord does Thou allow Thy name to be profaned by these boasters?

  6. Why does Thou suffer them to stand upon their feet and taunt against Thee, and against Thy people?  How am I to understand these things, and to bear these insults to Thy holy name?  

  7. It is not Thou alone O Lord they are insulting, since to insult Thee is to insult me as well.  And when they taunt against Thy heritage they taunt against me as well.

  8. Why O Lord has Thou named me a Lion, a mighty strong Lion, when I pine away in sorrow of heart.  When a lion is taunted he strikes out in fury, and so I am when I am taunted.  

  9. But I O Lord am but a man, only a Lion in name. while vengeance belongs to Thee. Without Thee I have no strength, Thou only art the Lion within me, and the strength of my word.

  10.   Thou has hid Thy face O Lord from Thy people, for they are a rebellious people, and why then should Thou save them from their adversaries.  Yet what then am I to do O Lord?  To what end then did Thou sent me into this world?   

  11. What will be my purpose here when for the faithlessness of Thy people Thou does hide Thy face and allow their adversaries to taunt them?   My being here is without purpose O Lord if Thou wilt continue to hide Thy face from them.  

  12. I pray Thee Lord, even for my sake I pray Thee - grant Thy servant his desire that Thy people may be protected for the days that Thou wilt grant me to be with them.    If not for their sake because they refuse to hear Thee, may it be for my sake O Lord let it be for Thy name sake.

  13. Grant me O Lord my desire to slay wickedness, and to tread upon these boastful rulers, for my soul loathe them.  It is not that I do not know Thee for my spirit came forth from Thy throne,  I am indeed of Thy household, and my soul is sore vexed for the atrocities of the princes of the earth.  

  14. I mean to reprove them O Lord, to upbraid them for Thy name sake, to abase them, to teach them that they are but men, and like unto the beasts - so that Thy name may be glorified.

  15. I do not seek my own glory, Thou O Lord art witness to my heart, but Thy glory I seek that Thy power may be known throughout all the earth.   Hear me O Lord for I am but flesh.  For many years Thou has taught me, Thy word came to me, yet I am like a dry stump on waters edge.

  16.   I am angry O Lord, I am indignant at the nations, the insanity of the American and these European rulers even to suggest that Jerusalem be made the capital of two nations, to be of infidels and of saints.   Strike them for me O Lord, strike them that are responsible for this insanity, for vengeance belongs to Thee. 

  17. And do not let up until they sent ambassadors with an apology, that they might confess their sins before Thee O Lord. Allow me to bend their knees before Thee.

  18. And what of these that have laid their hands upon Thy people, to curtail my beloved without cause? Thou has said O Lord: "He that touches a Jew touches the apple of his eyes."  Bring therefore Thy word to pass O Lord and let them be blinded that they may grope in darkness, and not find their way.  

  19. All these infidels in Jerusalem are a stench to my nostrils, even as the wickedness of Thy people is a burden much too great for me to bear.

  20. Thou has set me alone, Thou has made me unlike other men.  Who am I?   If I am a man, where is my ignorance, and my joy with other men?  If I am a man, why is my heart not like a man?  

  21. Thou did set me apart, as one that is not seen, who has no share with the sons of man. I am alone in a world not my own, I have none but Thee alone, for my soul abhors the deeds of man.

  22.   I know O Lord how the house of Israel became as dross before Thee, and Thou did gather them into Jerusalem, and packed them in for multitude. Then Thou did set an army round about them, so that there would be no escape for them.

  23. And there in the midst of the city Thou did pour upon them the fire of Thy righteous wrath for all their backsliding, and for the defilement of Thy holy name. And for the very want of food women eat their offspring, and there was much evil, and great sorrow in that day in the city of Jerusalem.

  24. And those which were not in the city and escaped to dwell among the Gentiles, Thou did sent Thy sword after them as well, and made them a reproach and a byword among the Gentiles, and they dwelt with them a long while.  

  25. O how very wicked the house of Israel was, and my heart is pained to hear the account of all their atrocities as Thou reiterated before them by the mouth of Thy prophets.

  26. They were foretold O Lord, I know, they were foretold what would happen to them if they walked contrary to Thy word. But they were a rebellious people, a stiff-necked people, and for their own good they would not listen to Thee, even as it is this day so many days later their children's children still refusing to listen. 

  27. Their fathers did not teach them, nor for all the calamities upon them did these calamities teach them any lesson. It is in vain O Lord to strike them with a rod, they cannot listen, for they are rebellious from birth, and even unto this day from father to son they rebel against Thee.

  28. But O Lord may now my prayer come before Thee, because these rebellious ones, and hard of heart are like my flesh and blood, when for the refusal of the Gentiles to be for a mother unto me, these hard of heart, and ill mannered became for a womb unto me to be born into.  

  29. And I love them O Lord with a love that cannot be removed from me, not with any knife however sharp. Wherefore now my soul weeps if perhaps I might find an hour of mercy from Thee.

  30. Behold O Lord, love of my soul, these are a people untrained from birth, they do not know how to tell their right hand from their left.  From the day of their fathers they have been ignorant, how then shall they know Thee to walk after Thy commandments?  

  31. And Thy displeasure has been upon their children, and children's children for many days now, for centuries O Lord.  How long therefore wilt Thou be angry with them, when for the hardness of their heart they take no correction?

  32.   If I may reason with Thee O Lord, if my word may come before Thee, of what more value are these Gentiles that live so carelessly, who for Thy care upon them also refuse to know Thee? Are not the sins of these Gentiles as great as those of Thy people? 

  33. Yes O Lord Thy servant knows that the house of Israel swore to keep Thy statutes, which Thou did not place in the care of these Gentiles, therefore are the sins of Thy people greater. But again for their greater guilt these suffered much affliction at the hands of these Gentiles.

  34. Are not these things to be considered as well O my Lord? My soul seeks mercy from Thee for the people of Thy heritage, if O Lord it may only be for a while, for the days that Thou may grant Thy servant to be with them, if perhaps by so doing these may behold Thy saving grace for them, and turn to honor Thee.   

  35. Thou did so O Lord in the days of their judges, for all of the days in which Thou did grant them a judge.  Each time they were afflicted Thou did sent them a judge to their help, when therefore the nations come to oppress Thy people, sent them Thy help.  May then Thy mercy awaken, and punish those nations for their great pride and arrogance. 

  36. If Thou wilt sent forth the king of beasts - so maul them by his teeth, by the power of Thy Spirit. Did not these nations multiply Thy fire upon Thy people? And why did they do so, when these were guilty as well?

  37. I pray Thee O Lord, let these nations know war, and let them fall backwards and not rise again.  Send Thy pestilence among them that these too might learn that they are but men, and like unto the beasts. 

  38. Let not their rulers rise up in arrogance and pride, but to be cast down and humbled to the core. And for all their mighty ones, put a spirit of fear and of trembling upon them, that men may see how these are but babes, and far from bravery.

  39. I am Thy servant O Lord, anointed of Thy hand, may now my voice come before Thee.  I recall O Lord how Thou has said how Thy sheep had become a prey, as food for the wild beasts, because they were without shepherds, and none to protect them.  

  40. Those evil shepherds fed themselves and cared not for the sheep. It not this an astonishing thing O Lord, and must for these evil shepherds the sheep suffer loss?

  41. I recall O Lord how Thou has said that Thou would rescue Thy sheep from the hands of these evil teachers, from the claws of the wicked selfish shepherds, from such as are no more than a vipers-brood. Yes I know O Lord how Thou wilt Thyself be their Shepherd to search them out and rescue them.  

  42. But I also recall on what day Thou wilt do so, on a day of clouds and thick darkness, while I Thy servant O Lord am here in this day before that day of which Thou spoke.

  43. And what am I to do O Lord when Thou did promise me that the ground upon the navel of the earth would not be shaken? Will Thy servant have fruit for the digestion?  Will I have a rejoicing that the sheep will hear to Thy voice?  

  44. My heart weeps within me O Lord, because I know Thee, and I know Thy word, how the inhabitants upon solid ground will not listen to me, because they will not listen to Thee.

  45. Therefore my heart is heavy within me, therefore I am sad.  Both day and night I am afflicted thinking of how it will be, for I know that it is near. I spoke, and not I, but Thy word was spoken.

  46. Yet they would not even reply, nor make a sound, as were Thy servant but a fool among men, not of any accounting. For Thy truth within me I am astonished, and sore of heart and mind.

  47. How righteous Thou art O Lord, for Thyself to judge between sheep, and sheep.  Some of these that pasture on rich grounds, with their horns drove away them that were lean. 

  48. Are they not therefore like unto the beasts, each one looking out only for themselves, for as they say; number one? Thy commandment for them to love their neighbor is but a strange thing, yet they cry out, Torah, Torah.

  49. O Lord I know that Thy righteous wrath is well deserved upon them, that there is no saving grace within them. Yet what then wilt Thou do for a people unto Thyself, and what for me Thy servant O Lord, how will I have my embracing among them?  

  50. My consolation O Lord is in Thy solemn promise, in Thy great mercy, in Thy endless compassion to have unto Thee a people of Thyself, a multitude born in Thy care.

  51. I know O Lord how they love to set their threshold by Thy threshold, and their doorpost next to Thine, how in all their ways they like to defile Thy holy name by their abominations.  

  52. They put on a skullcap to taunt in direct opposition against Thee, to place the shame and disgrace of the heathen upon their heads. O how wicked these are, how abominable and a stench they are in our nostrils.

  53. Therefore O Lord judge between sheep and sheep, rescue the one born in Thee, and let all these that are a stench to our nostrils be consumed by number.  

  54. For how long O Lord are my eyes to behold this great abomination, how long is Thy servant to be vexed for the filth of their doings?   I can barely stand it for an hour, how therefore for a day or more.

  55.   And now O Lord may it please Thee to hear my voice, may my word come before Thee. I have heard of these devils, of these most filthy ones at the seat of Rome, how they demand to rob Israel of its territory.  

  56. Was it not enough for these devils to have laid in the same bed with those German devils of not so long ago to butcher so many of the sons of Jacob?  Thanks be to Thee O Lord that those which currently inhabit Thy heritage have not consented to their evil desire. 

  57. O Lord that Thou would maul them so that nothing will be left of that seat of the Devil.  To wipe their shadow from the face of the earth, that no longer they may deceive the people, to turn them into meat for the slaughter.

  58. I know O Lord, it is the seat of the devil that I wish to destroy, the seat of the ruler of the earth to cast his throne down into the abyss. And yes he would be angry with me - that ruler of the earth, that liar from of old, he would take up his sword against me for having destroyed his captains, his pleasure in this world.

  59. If then it is not as yet his day to be cast down, nor that of his captains to fall face down in the dung of their own vomit, may their kind be eradicated from the soil of Thy heritage, to mock that throne of the devil, of the ruler of the earth so that my heart may find some peace in its vexation on account of them.

  60. Thou art so able O Lord, to curtail that ruler of the earth for me, that prince in the heavens, in Thy lower heavens. Thou did give Abraham permission, and Thou did give Job permission against him, and Thou art able to do so again O Lord, that for a turn of my hand I may wring the neck of that serpent to break its teeth.

  61.   Is not Thy face set against that mountain of Se'ir, to make it a desolation, a waste? The mountain of Se'ir, namely the people of many nations, with many cities to waste their cities, to level them down to the ground, that these may know that Thou only art Lord O Lord.  

  62. With unceasing enmity they pursued Thy people, and made a slaughter of them, even as they do this day.  Forgive them not O Lord, let not their endless enmity be withheld from them, but make a slaughter of them O Lord.

  63. Pursue them till they fall and rise no more. It is my very own people, my own heritage against whom I seek destruction and slaughter, to grind them down to powder, into fine powder.  

  64. It is for their enmity against those for whom - by Thy very own law - they should have love, and not enmity as to why I desire them to be destroyed, that none of their sins be forgiven them.

  65. Thou has sworn O Lord saying;  "As I live, I will deal with you according to the anger and envy which you showed because of your hatred against them; and I will make Myself known among you, when I judge you.  

  66. And you shall know that I, the Lord, have heard all the reviling which you uttered against the mountains of Israel, saying, `They are laid desolate, they are given us to devour."

  67. And this will also be my rejoicing O Lord when all these nations, all these tribes of my heritage are made desolate, because they did as Thou spoke of them from old saying:  

  68. "And you magnified yourselves against Me with your mouth, and multiplied your words against Me; I heard it. Therefore says the Lord God: For the rejoicing of the whole earth I will make you desolate."

  69. For the rejoicing of the whole earth, and for me O Lord then my soul will rejoice, because my love is for righteousness, and for perfect peace, and that all Thy creatures should walk in Thy law, and not oppress their neighbors. 

  70. My love is for justice and for perfect harmony, and I can not stand the sight of injustice, nor the envy of the nations, for Thou O Lord did call me a king of peace.

  71. Therefore as these rejoiced over the inheritance of the house of Israel, because it was in their enmity, so Thou wilt deal with them.  They will be desolated, then these will know that Thou art the Lord, the God of Israel and of all the earth. Then at long last my heart will be at peace, and no longer will my soul be vexed on account of them.

  72.   Hear me my people of Israel, you that have endured the fire of the wrath of the Lord for many days. Recall how you were driven out from the land of your heritage, and the sons of Edom, and of the rest of the nations allocated your land unto themselves to squad upon it.  

  73. And they did so with contempt for you, and with joy of their heart to plunder it.  O how happy these were those sons of perdition, to destroy whatever was sacred in your sight.   But now hear this my beloved Israel, thus speaks the Lord: 

  74. "Because you have suffered the reproach of the nations; therefore, I swear, so speaks the Lord God, these nations that are round about you shall themselves suffer reproach.  But you, O mountains of Israel, shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to My people Israel; for they will soon come home."

  75. Have you heard my beloved?  Have you understood how you will rejoice, and how my soul will rejoice in you?  For your sake I am immensely angry with the nations that taunt against you. 

  76. These nations of hypocrites, while they acclaim to have the love of God, they hate and despise their neighbors, how then is there any love or knowledge of God in them?

  77. These vile boasters dare to call themselves by the name of the Messiah, to say that they are Christians, but they are no more than barbarians, and heathens, taking upon themselves the name of the Lord, as if we did not know the difference. 

  78. No Christian ever hated any Jew, for if so, they would not be Christians. How will a poisoness serpent acclaim he is a Dove, when he has no wings?

  79. Therefore am I poised to destroy them that are called by my name, to eradicate their shadow from the face of the earth.  For not as yet are they called by my name, but in a day when they seek mercy, if there be any mercy unto them they will come into my name, and in that day they will know that I did not speak to them in vain.

  80. If I look upon a whore, upon a prostitute, will my desire be for her?  How then is my love for her so strong, so deeply rooted within me?  How is my love for the daughter of Israel so astonishing fastened within me, that it refuses to be dislodged from me?  

  81. She has played the whore, and still she seeks her lovers, and what wrong did she find in me that now she looks upon me with contempt?   He, the Lord warned you O my people, though you are not my people, that He would strip you naked, and cut the beauty of your hair from your heads.  

  82. And was it not so in these death camps, where your hair was removed, and you were stripped down as when you were born, and your executioners feasted their eyes on you, because you played the whore, and would not drink of My love?

  83. It was so. Therefore now O you whore to seek other gods beside Me, to give your breasts to your idols, your lovers will be cut off from you, you will have nowhere to go. 

  84. Those whom you will seek to enter in by you will spurn you, for you are "my" whore, and from my love you will drink and be nourished, or you will have none.  I could not forget you, therefore you were hedged in for a long while, to cleanse the filth from you, and still you are not cleansed.

  85. Your children now which you brought forth in adultery, what is their name? Do you not recall how Gomer the daughter of Dibla'im conceived and bore a son to the prophet of the Lord, as a testimony, and for a reckoning to you that are unfaithful?  

  86. And so the Lord said; "Call him "that it is I who sows," which for you of little understanding was Jezreel.

  87. Then she who is not my wife but an adulteress, conceived again and gave birth to a daughter, of whom the Lord said; "Not pitied," for I will no longer have pity of the house of Israel, to forgive them their sins. 

  88. Consider therefore what in all these days has occurred, you the sons and daughters of Jacob. Consider how for your adulteries you were not pitied, and your mother was stripped naked, as she did for her lovers.

  89. But let us continue in the record of old that serves for the education of the day. It is not all lost my lovely adulteress lady, for He would have pity on the house of Judah - to deliver them. Is that not in the record my dear lovely adulteress lady Israel, in whose embracing I will have my joy?  

  90. To indeed deliver you, but how and in what way O my beloved?  Hear how He said; "I will not deliver them by bow, nor by sword, nor by war, nor by tanks, nor by airplanes."

  91. I frankly do not know if you have heard me, if my words are of any drink to you.  It is as I have said to you so often that it is not in secular means, not with your hardware, nor by declaration of war and the strength of your arms, but "By My Spirit," so said the Lord. 

  92. In quietness and in faith you will be delivered, in doing what is pleasing unto Him your reward will be.  Have full love for your neighbor, and do not oppress the stranger among you, and render justice in your courts.   Let your fear be of Him, and not of your neighbors that taunt you.

  93. For again the adulteress bore another son, and the Lord called him; "Not My people."  O how dreadful for you my beloved Israel to be looked upon by the Lord as; not My people. 

  94. What will you do without Him, how will you survive when He is not your God? And what of my soul to behold you apart from Him, how am I to rejoice upon you my love?

  95.   Is it not time for a turn about my love, my dear adulteress Israel to whom I am sent to speak to her, if not for you to make a turn about?   

  96. My soul rejoices in the Lord that for His sake He has made a turn about to pronounce to him "whom God sows" to acclaim to his younger brother that instead of "not My people," he is "My people," and to his sister, "that she has obtained pity."  

  97. And why is this so? It is in the Lord, that is how, because He called him "Jezreel," to invoke that it is God who sows, and He will harvest what He sows. 

  98. Therefore in that day it will be said of them, to whom they said that these were not His people, how these were His people, to be called "Sons of the living God."

  99. You therefore must be a seed of His hand, a seed in His making, for though you have been a whore in forsaking your husband, He will pity your children, and assemble them in a good land with great abundance, and you will have children and grand-children, to a multitude that cannot be numbered.  

  100. Then O my Israel my soul will be glad in you, and I will present myself before your king, before David your prince of the Lord.

  101. But if you will not hear me, nor take my advice, I will leave you to your fate, for though I am a god yet I must die like any prince.   So it is ordained of Him that has sent me.  And I will weep for you, in silence and far away I will weep for you, for my beloved.  

  102. Why will you not believe me, why the scorn for me, when so many prophesies have come forth of my lips, prophesies of things to come which among my many words you have not realized nor understood?

  103. How is one to speak of things to come if not the Lord your God was his Teacher, when it was His wisdom that enabled him? 

  104. Why must I commend myself, is not my resume sufficient?  And did not your prophets speak of me? Why then will you not hear me O Israel, to hear of the good news for you, and to embrace it?


  1. I am going to draw your attention to the prophet Isaiah and the word of the Lord in the forty eight chapter starting with verse twelve, where He comes to speak of me, to notify you of my entrance into the world. Who then was He that laid the foundations of the earth, and created everything upon it?  Was it not the Lord, the One and only God?

  2. And who among all the sons of men has knowledge of these foundations, how they were sunk upon their bases?  Is it not me, anointed of the Most High?  Have I not explained even in detail how these foundations are laid out, and what other man - however wise - had any knowledge of it, or even came close to comprehending the same?

  3. It is not my boast O Israel, and all you inhabitants of the earth, since it was the Most High Lord who taught me, and granted me all that knowledge and wisdom.  

  4. And who from all your abominable scientists acknowledges that it was God alone who made the earth and created the dinosaurs as well as man upon the face of the earth?  Are they not all stupid, and hung up on their so called accidents?

  5. The Lord now having called you to stand forth and pay attention to what He is about to proclaim, is asking you to name someone that may have declared these things, that they are His Creation, one who has knowledge of them, one who has full knowledge of them.  

  6. Do you my people far and wide know of any? Make no mistake about it all my people far and wide to the ends of the earth,  I am a prince, true royal blood runs through my veins, and you are my people likens or no likens.

  7. There are many who acknowledge that God is the Creator, beside the many stupid ones among my people that do not acknowledge Him.  But these many that grant to God His honor do not have the knowledge of it as He gave unto me.  

  8. And the Lord in questioning you what person among you Honors Him in the foundations of the earth, is referring to a single person, as He said; "The Lord loves "him."

  9. Note therefore the word "him" as in reference to a single person. And with the knowledge of the foundations of the earth in me, I am that one single person, and I am beloved of Him, He Himself said so, while I know so from His Spirit with me.  

  10. There is no man on the entire face of the earth to prove me wrong, or to contradict me, and least of all those stupid scientists and physicists whom the Lord has blinded for their vile blasphemy of His name.

  11.   But now I wish to come to what it really was I wished to bring before you. Note how it reads; "He shall perform his purpose on Babylon, and his arm shall be against the Chalde'ans."  

  12. To translate this for you, it means that my arm would be against the strong, and that I would perform my purpose on the world.  And first to speak of Babylon, how and why I translated that into "world" which the blind scholars of divinity never did gather to comprehend.

  13. Why do you think the Lord said "Babylon", rather than "world," and why Chalde'ans," rather than "the strong?" Because so said the Lord Yeshua, "It is given you to understand the mysteries of heaven, but for these others it is in parables and metaphors, lest seeing they should see and hearing they should hear, and I would have to save them."

  14. Did we not just previously speak of the prophet how he was to take a prostitute and have children by her, and how the name of the first was to be Jezreel, that translates into;  "God sows"?   

  15. You were the whore O Israel in worshipping other gods, and while she bore two others, "not pitied," and "not My people," yet at end these would be pitied, and become His people, as in the sons of God.

  16. And why do you suppose that is so? Is it not because of what the Lord called the first, namely Jezreel, how -it is "He" that sows?  He plants, and bring forth, therefore was he named Jezreel, as to say God is the One who sows.  

  17. And likewise it is with Babylon, and Chalde'ans and so many other names to express the meaning thereof.  I sometimes write my name by saying, Lion, or "the Lion." since that is the meaning of my name.

  18. And not only that in name I am what is said as, brave, or strong lion, but in my heart and my inmost I am like unto one as well. And the Lion being called king of beasts, I am that, a king of beasts, that translates into king of the Gentiles. 

  19. And though my people of the Gentiles might not appreciate being called beasts, how are the beasts to change the Lion for its nature? And while they may hate me now, they will come to adore me, seeing how I am their check in the mail.

  20. The world now can be expressed in two other terms, each with its specific meaning, these are, "Babylon," and "Egypt." The term Egypt refers to the world as a whole as the world of Gentiles, it excludes Israel, and Israel only. Therefore where the Lord said that He would bring plagues upon Egypt as before, it is upon the entire world of Gentiles.

  21. Babylon, on the other hand, while it also refers to the world, there is not in every respect an exclusion of the sons of Jacob, since it refers to the world in the evil thereof.  Babylon is the world of wickedness, for so the gate of God had become.  

  22. And though you may not have noticed it, but I word my sentences precisely as I wish to word them, or as I need to word them. Note for one thing how I said; "sons of Jacob,' rather than "Israel," as I previously did, since my dear ones I speak in wisdom, in the knowledge granted me of God. Let no man think to improve himself upon my wording.

  23. Am I therefore to perform my purpose on the world in the term of Egypt, or not rather in the term of Babylon? It is against the wicked that I have my purpose, and I am not excluding the sons of Jacob, yet I am for a blessing to Israel. If now you are able to comprehend, and truly understand my last sentence, you are indeed blessed.

  24. And whose arm am I to twist?  Whose throat am I to close so it may die, and be food for the hyenas?  For I as a Lion have no taste for these vulgar beasts, I will kill them but for the more vile of the beasts to devour.  

  25. It are the Chalde'ans, namely the strong in the earth.  Nor is it righteous that one of lower authority should judge one of higher authority, therefore also made the Lord me a prince unto them, and that forever.

  26. Elijah speaks of me, as; "A king of peace," and how I would run upon the sea, upon Babylon that is. And how do you reckon this with the fact that I am send to reprove, and judge the sons of man, how one that destroys is one of peace?  

  27. If there is wisdom I need not define this further. But make no mistake about it you inhabitants of this earth, I am of peace, and I will destroy all that is not of peace, and that aim to destroy the real and true peace.

  28.   Having digested this we come to the next part, where it reads: "I, even I have spoken and called him, I have brought him and he will prosper in his way."  When you hear me speak saying; "I this, and I that," will you presume that it is only me speaking?  

  29. On occasions yes, and on other occasions it is not me speaking to you, for how could I, a man, possibly speak in such words or in such wisdom, if it were not for His Holy Spirit with me?

  30. And now you are to pay due attention, as the Lord said; "Draw near and hear this."  And so, do I have to wait for you to get ready to pay full attention?   

  31. Come and explain the following sentence to me - will you - where it reads: "From the beginning I have not spoken in secret, from the time it came to be I have been there."

  32. It is difficult is it not?  But for me it is not - since I lived through it.  And so here goes a bit of history. When I was 24 years of age I began to write down that which you behold within this web-page, or books if you will.  And for the space of more than fourty years now I have been busy with it.  

  33. And while I communicated with others, and provided articles, and even published a book, no one would hear me to pay due attention thereto.  Nor even would they hear of me to a means to rid themselves of their need for oil, to power their toys upon the road. 

  34. They assumed I was a crackpot, that I was demented or something like that.  This however made me angry in that they would not even look into my resume, my well written resume.  Therefore I swore by God, the Living God, that I would not now any longer provide them with it, nor reveal the same.

  35. But let them wear out their fingers to the bone for the oil, and the fuel that they need to power their toys.  As for me I could care less if they run completely out of oil, and were forced to go back to pull their carts with horses or by man-power, for they are well deserving of it. And though they may plead with me, it will be in vain.

  36. I thus in all these years have not been silent.  Yet now that you do know me, you are wondering how I could have remained in silence for so long, not to have been publicly known.  For it is obvious to you from my record that all this writing did not just materialize in the last few months or years, and yet only now he is known.

  37. Then read again verse 16, for I testify to you that the Lord was with me even when I began at the age of 24, and throughout all these years. 

  38. Therefore does the Lord speak in just these words to you saying how He was with me teaching me all these things, even though I appeared to be unknown, or in silence. His word by Isaiah fits me, as men would say; "like a glove." And is not 41:26-27 confirmation as well?

  39. If the reference was to one known from the start, the Lord would not have said: ""From the beginning I have not spoken in secret."  since of course it appears as if my word for all these fifty years were in secret.   

  40. And the fact that now you are hearing of me, and the silence has come to an end, it must be obvious to you in where the Lord said: "And now the Lord God has sent me and His Spirit."   

  41. Pay attention at the words; "And "now."  You must yourself realize how the Lord is not one to give conception and not bring to birth, but how He creates all things in the space of time which He allocates for it. For man it is nine months, for some animals years, or mere weeks, all in His wisdom.

  42. And for me in all these nearly fifty years since my twenty fourth year, He taught me by day and by night, little by little, sometimes more than others. And even this day His Spirit within me grows stronger and more profound, and He teaches me still day by day, and my love for Him increases, even as He loves me.

  43. But more than anything my beloved, for it is to you that I speak, since only you are able to understand the word of my mouth.  It is not the salvation of my soul that is so dear to me, as is my love for truth and righteousness.  My love is a Godly love, an enduring love, a love that cannot die nor be overcome.

  44. When I look upon the wicked and their atrocities my soul despises them, yet at the same time my love for them is irrevocable, it will not leave me.  And I adore the people, Jew as well as Gentile, I adore all of them great and small, rich and poor, because they are made of God.  

  45. As therefore the Lord, the Creator of all does not hate anything of what He has made, or He would not have made it, so my soul loves all His works.  Yet there are some among you that are not born of man, but of the devil, and how should I have my love for them?

  46. Have I now my dear ones clarified to you, what is in a word, and how these are translated so as to bring forth the meaning from the metaphor?  If I were not to expound riddles, then to what purpose was that sevenfold knowledge and wisdom imparted unto me? 

  47. For so Enoch declared, that at the ending of the sixth day of creation, an elected one of Christ Yeshua would receive such knowledge.

  48. And now there will be wicked ones, servants of the liar, who will acclaim, (as already some have) that I am the evil one of which it was spoken by the prophets, or by John in the Revelations, that evil one to expound riddles.  

  49. They will say; "See he is able to expound riddles, he must be that evil one."  But like the Lord said; "If they malign Me, they will malign those of My household."

  50. You must realize my beloved how that evil one, which is to come after me, to expound riddles, is the devil, either in person, or by his accomplishes, for the devil also is a prince as I am, and he too has knowledge.  Not exactly as I have received, but he knows what is written, and he has been around from before Adam was made of the clay.

  51. But it is easy to distinguish between the two, since for one, he is to come after me, and for a second, look at the things he is to do, verses what I am to do, or am doing.  

  52. I am not going to tell the sun to go dark, as he will, nor the moon to turn bloody as he will.  For in so doing he attempts to gain the believe of the people, as if he were the Christ, it being written how in the day of judgment the sun and moon would be altered.

  53.   Remember these things my beloved, the first one to do so is not the Christ, he is the liar, the devil.  My running upon the sea is not as he will do to walk upon water, remember that.  

  54. That devil will perform many miracles all in order to corrupt your mind after him. But this one thing he will not be able to do, to bring the dead back to life, since he the devil is the very author of death.  Herein also you will know that he is the imposter, and not the Christ, nor that the Spirit of Christ is with him.

  55. He must come that deceiver in order that it may be clearly evident among all men, which of them loves the Christ in truth, and which not, to know who is of above and who is from below.

  56. The devil hates my guts, since I am exposing his rattles, and he hates me for not having any fear of him. Therefore he will stir up many persons, to shut my mouth, and to be rid of me. Watch and see, it will come to pass.  

  57. He does not think me to be a prince, nor that I will take in his seat.  He will think to bring me into hell as one full of wickedness, that I might be destroyed.

  58. But he does not know the thoughts of the Lord, nor how righteousness abounds to justice and to salvation. There is to be a change in the heavens, the devil and all his helpers will lose all their authority, and all their means, and no longer rule the earth, nor stir up its people to slay each other, as he has in all the years since Adam.

  59.   And now a word for your rabbi's, for those which love to be called rabbi, who for the pride of their heart imagine to have knowledge and understanding to teach Israel its way, and for the sons of Jacob to sit up for them.  

  60. The people of Israel, my beloved ones are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you rabbi's, so called, rejected knowledge, these are devoid of understanding, therefore those whom I love wander in a waterless pit.

  61. You imagine yourselves to be priests you rabbi's, so called, but for your wicked teachings the Lord spoke that He will not only reject you from being priests before Him forever, but He will also forget your children, your very offspring, since you saw it fit to forget His law, and to teach the people contrary to His law.   

  62. To me you are no more than a vipers-brood, hypocrites at best. Nor therefore will you escape the damnation that lies ready for you.

  63. My heart pains for you my dear ones, come and return to the Lord, for He will bind up your wounds, and bring health to your bones. And having come let not your love be like a morning cloud, that goes away when the sun rises.  

  64. Be not like unto him who looks in the mirror and in turning forgot what he looked like.  It is a steadfast love that He desires, thanksgiving of the heart, and not sacrifices, nor burnt offerings. Take on knowledge my beloved, hear and do not rebel.


  1. Do you not know O my Israel that these Palestinians, as they are called, that send rockets at your towns how these will be eradicated from the earth, even to the end, and you will dwell there, your remnant will take full possession of it?  

  2. And as for these Arabs, or Moabites, or Ammonites, as they may be called, to the east and to the north, that as yet this day are squatting upon your territory, these also will be eradicated.

  3. Once the Lord has dealt with them, you will plunder them, and you will come to own whatever is left of them, and you will do with them as you please.  It is for their accursed boasting against you that the Lord will do to them as He did to Sodom and Gomorrah. 

  4. Take heart O Israel, you will be delivered, your remnant shall posses the nations, and into forever and ever these will be subject unto you.

  5. The Lord will cause these to come before you and kneel and lick the dust from your feet.  And many days later - so I prophesy to you, I will once again bend their knees before you, and before your prince, and they shall be subject unto you into forever.   

  6. I have spoken O my beloved, in the name of Him who has send me I have spoken.  In the day that it takes place then you will understand.

  7. The Messiah, the Anointed One of God, Yeshua as you call Him, He was the Bull of the offering as your forefathers of old foreshadowed unto you. That part of the Torah that came to be fulfilled in you nearly two days ago.  

  8. For so He said that you were to eat of what grew of itself in the first day, and in the second day as well, as in two days, or two thousand years. Then in the third day you would rise up again, because He would come unto you, that Messiah, that Yeshua of the Lord.

  9. Do not therefore rebel yourselves against Him but believe in Him, and keep His word unto you, for He is your Deliverer, and He is soon to come seeing how those two days have passed, and we are now at the rising of the third day, the seventh of creation, the Sabbath of the Lord.

  10. And it is written:  "But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God; who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God."  Will you now despair of salvation, not knowing if you were born of God?  

  11. Do not harden your heart, but hearing the word believe upon Him, and upon all His word, for all that hear and believe He gives power that you may become His children.

  12. If thus you believe upon Him and keep His word, you likewise will be born of God, since again only such as are born of God will keep His word with faith and full reliance.

  13. And what more shall I acquaint you with that you may understand?  Remember how it was foretold by Daniel that a prince was to come in the days when you would be a nation again, the words being; "an anointed one, a prince, one of the very covenant." 

  14. Hear and understand my beloved, it is for your sake that I speak these words, that you may not be ignorant concerning that which is written, and that which is taking place this day before you. Wherefore also allow me to quote some of the words of the Lord to you for gladness of heart.

  15. "Sing aloud, O daughter of Zion; shout, O Israel! Rejoice and exult with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem!  The Lord has taken away the judgments against you, he has cast out your enemies. The King of Israel, the Lord, is in your midst; you shall fear evil no more.

  16. On that day it shall be said to Jerusalem: "Do not fear, O Zion; let not your hands grow weak.  The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a warrior who gives victory; he will rejoice over you with gladness, he will renew you in his love; he will exult over you with loud singing as on a day of festival. "I will remove disaster from you, so that you will not bear reproach for it.

  17. Behold, at that time I will deal with all your oppressors. And I will save the lame and gather the outcast, and I will change their shame into praise and renown in all the earth.  At that time I will bring you home, at the time when I gather you together; yea, I will make you renowned and praised among all the peoples of the earth, when I restore your fortunes before your eyes," says the Lord. "

  18. Is this not beautiful, and better than good food to the soul?  But that day is not as yet this day, we must as yet travel the treacherous road, and be careful where we step in order that we may enter into that day.  

  19. Therefore my beloved I speak so many words.  For your welfare it is, that this fountain of living waters within me comes to spring forth so much and so often.

  20. But for all my many words, and for all my love for the creature of man that is fixed within me, not everyone will take it to heart, since to them my great love is folly, and my word to life as were it for death unto them.  Like Paul somewhere said: "Folly to the world, but life to the elect."

  21. Let not your heart be troubled by what some teach among you, who conceive because they were baptized by water that now heaven is assured for them. Or, because the name of the Messiah has been pronounced upon them, that now they are part of Him.  

  22. For thus spoke the Lord: "Truly, truly I say unto you, unless you are born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God."

  23. It is not therefore to just take a dip in the water, or have water sprinkled upon you, but you must be "born" of it. And what does that entail, to be born of water - if not that the whole word of God is sound within you, the whole written and spoken word of Him. 

  24. And that as we know cannot be lest one is born of the Spirit, meaning of the Holy Spirit with him as his Counselor, to teach - so that his or her birth is indeed of the water, of the word of God.

  25. For there are those many that call themselves by the name of Christ, but they keep only a part of His word, and for much of it they have their own definition, attempting to tell God how it should be, and what they are to sanction of it. 

  26. Among these are the romans, and the many protestants, as in fact the whole world does, it being written how these would be worshipping a piece of wood, and every other self-made idol they worship.

  27. And I have this authority of my Lord the Messiah of God, to pronounce to all - that whosoever will not believe "me" stands already condemned, because he would not believe the word of truth when spoken to him.  

  28. I am hated, yes, but by whom?   It is as the Lord said; "For everyone who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." 

  29. Those on the other hand that are true, come to the light, that like the Lord said; "It may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God."  

  30. Everyone therefore that receives the testimony he hears, even of me, has set his seal to this; "that God is true," and by the same token, that God is true in me, to deliver to you His word, and not my own.

  31. And to caution you which are Israelites, you have this wailing wall in the land of Israel, which for many has become an obstacle, a stone on which to grievously hurt themselves.  The people before them are doing what the Lord said to the woman at the well, namely: "You worship what you do not know."

  32. For we that are born of water, on whom no circumcision of the flesh may have taken place, yet are truly circumcised, since we were born of the very water of God. 

  33. And we so born, we do know better than all these before that wailing wall, since that water of the Lord said: "The true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for such the Father seeks to worship Him."

  34. Do these many before that wall not realize that God is Spirit, and that those who worship Him must, yes I repeat, how they "must" worship Him "in spirit?"  And added to that it was said; "and in truth."   

  35. And God being everywhere in all His universe, who needs a dumb wall, when that dumb piece of stone is most likely to fall upon him and crush him, for the ignorance of his heart. 

  36. All those before that wall my beloved are un-circumcised, these have not understood what it is to be born of water and of Spirit.  

  37. These words I speak to you so you may not be ignorant of what it means to be born anew, to be born of water and Spirit, as well as with fire.  For so John spoke; "He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire."

  38. For those many skullcaps now that the Jews wear as were it in some reverence to God, yet they deny Yeshua the Messiah, these are wearing their own curse upon their heads. 

  39. Nor have they ever known God, even though they may pronounce His name, for said the Lord: "He who does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father that has sent Him."

  40. If then anyone is willing to perform the will of God, he will not reject me, for the same will know that my teaching is not of myself but of Him that has sent me.  

  41. If then I seek the glory of Him who has sent me, how can there be any falsehood in me, seeing the Lord Himself said:  "He who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood."

  42. And another thing I wish to caution you on. You hear it said of some how, they have accepted Christ in the heart, how they are reborn Christians.  

  43. But do not believe them, their object of worship is a piece of wood. For thus spoke the Lord saying: "You did not choose Me, but I chose you." No doubt some will come to me with another quotation so as to justify themselves, but it will be to no avail.

  44. It is all well and good to be of Christ, if indeed He called you and you did not resist. But do not think that you have any power to your own salvation, nor that you will enter in by Christ with violence, and of your own accord.  

  45. Beware of these so called Christians since these are not born of the word, not born of water, nor of the Spirit, that is the Spirit of truth.

  46. My prayer now has ended, the words that were heavy upon my heart, and yet my soul weeps for what I know will take place.  And my word of caution for those that are beloved of the Father and of the Son our Lord.


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