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For Jew and Gentile alike

  1. Do you wish to enter into a temple (church)?  Be His temple in body and soul!

  2. Do you wish to make a sacrifice as a sin offering? Confess your sins before God, and seek His pardon!

  3. Do you wish to make a burnt offering?  Keep God's commandment and those of His Anointed One!

  4. Do you wish to make a peace offering? Thank Him with heart and soul.

  5. Why do you ask, "how so few Jews believe in Yeshua," and not rather, "how even fewer Gentiles believe in Jesus?" Is not therefore the second - an answer to the first, and for contemplation?

  6. To be a Christian - may be said - a Jewish faith since the Redeemer came by way of them, but rather it is - a Godly faith.

  7. All that keep the word of God in truth, Jew or Gentile, shall always be anointed, always Christian.

  8. So they asked me; "Are you a Christian?" My reply; "I believe in the Lord of David, the Son of God, who lives within me.  If thus an Israelite abides with me - how am I a Christian?   Since then He is known as the Christ, I am a Christian.

  9. I for me keep and adhere to all the Jewish laws and festivals commanded them of God, even more so than the Israelites themselves.  How then shall I be any less of a Jew, or better yet - a Christian in my anointing?

  10. I am more Kosher than the Jews, and circumcised when I was as yet in the womb of Sarah.  And my entry into the Sabbath was placed upon me by Abraham in his grand offering.

  11. I am all things for everyone, my anointing in Israel for everyone. In her mountains I was reared, my nurture in the very Heights of Israel. How thus shall I - a true Christian - not be known in Israel to share with her?


  1. What I believe, or do not believe is irrelevant, in that whatsoever the Lord proclaims is truth, and His word alone. Truth therefore is with him that believe upon "His" word, and not upon their own insight that departs from the word of God.

  2. In the Revelations to John there were seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, and seven bowls of wrath, as well as seven churches and three woes. Together these reveal the times and what will be within them from the day of the Messiah unto His return.

  3. The first six of the seven seals span the years of the last two days of the week of creation, for in the seventh all will be completed. And regarding the seven trumpets, these are the plagues upon mankind since they refused to honor Him who made them.   

  4. Should not from the time of the apostles with the word of God in His Messiah there have been many to honor Christ, seeing how His word went forth?   But a star named wormwood made the water bitter, and many died from it, for it was written: 

  5. "Concerning the prophets, says the Lord; I will feed them with wormwood, and give them poisoned water to drink."  Do not therefore listen to these that fill you with vain hopes, speaking to you of the vision of their own minds, and not from the mouth of the Lord.

  6. And there are many of these throughout the centuries, priests and ministers, popes and evangelists, kings, and commissaries, liars and thieves as they were, having consumed the wormwood, and drinking the poison of serpents, the fluid of their master. Do not trust any of them, but hear to the Lord.


  1. And now we have come near the end of the sixth day of creation.  And to mark the parting of the times, to mark the beginning of the end from the foregoing, the Lord spoke saying how He will roar from on high, to utter His voice from His holy habitation. 

  2. The beginning of the end when He will roar mightily against you O Israel, if per chance you will listen, and turn from your inequities before He will call those out of the north country against you.  Yes so I said; -- out of the north country.

  3. And He will shout against all the inhabitants of the earth, He will tread upon them like one who treads grapes, and the fluid running out, so their lifeblood will flow from them, because they mocked His holy name.  

  4. For He raised up an anointed one, a Lion to roar, to send out a man's voice to the great eagle, how his days have come to an end, that it may fall and not rise again, except for two small feathers of it to be held for the very end.

  5. It will be a mighty voice, like the voice of the Lord when His lightning strikes, and men tremble for the sound of it.   In that day the foundations of the earth will be laid bare, and them that are foolish will be known for what they are.  

  6. And such as are wise will hear and gain knowledge.  The voice of prophecy will be heard, but who will hear, and turn from their wicked ways?

  7. In that day the Lord will be gracious with Israel and protect those that are found upon its borders, like the angel that flew in mid-heaven speaking to all the nations to fear God, and to give glory to Him, for now the hour has arrived, the hour of His judgment to come. Or, as it is in me - just to spite the nations, to put them to shame.

  8. Worship therefore Him who made the heavens and the earth, and do not listen to these ignorant brutes that deny God His own creation, the stupid ones that curse themselves with devilish terms of evolution which they dreamed up in their wicked minds to their own destruction.

  9. But you O Israel, I know how you scorn the God of Israel, and His Messiah that He is yet to come. And you curse your own teachers, and pastors and anyone else of your own kindred that seek to honor the God of Israel. 

  10. Look therefore what hypocrites you are, falsely claiming to be sons of Abraham while you have no love at all for your very own brothers let alone your neighbors.

  11. You pride yourself in the law, and in the Torah, but the truth is that you hate that which is written in the Torah and all that it commands, You do not have any love for God, nor for your very own flesh.  Are you not therefore un-repented hypocrites?  Indeed you are by your very own words and actions. 

  12. Nor therefore will you live, but the Lord will root you out from among His people among whom you are hiding as if you were something religious.    Indeed O you nations, Jew and Gentile, the Lord will be gracious to bring warning if per chance you might become wise. 

  13. And if you will not hear, it will not only be the sound of thunder to terrify you, but His lightning will strike you, and His word will do you in, for after this moment of grace He will send forth His two Lamp-stands.  And these will pronounce His plagues upon the whole of the world.

  14. I now my people fear greatly for the Lord is a righteous God, and greatly to be feared, if a man does not repent he will come into great pain.  I long very much for Jerusalem to have the colony of God, but when I come there will they then hear? To whom shall I speak and give warning that they may hear?  

  15. Will it be you my dear ones of Israel? Behold so said the prophet; "Their ears are closed, they cannot listen, the word of the Lord that I shall speak to them will be an object of scorn, they take no pleasure in it."   Is that what I must discover of you, your continued rebellion against the Lord and His Anointed?

  16. Very well then my dear Israel - even though I was send as a messenger of good tiding to Jerusalem, I will nonetheless pronounce to you that which the Lord has also said, how; "Out of the north evil shall break forth upon you,  evil upon all the inhabitants of the land." 

  17. And so said the Lord, He will pronounce His judgments against you. No, not "for" you my dear ones, but "against" you for all your wickedness in forsaking Him, and in being pleased to follow your own laws, from your own imaginations.

  18. You keep talking about how the Lord will deliver Israel, and fight for you, while at the same time, you look to men rather than to God for help. You reason that now that you are a nation again, and the seventy weeks are to pass you will be the glory of all nations, and how no dread of them will harm you. 

  19. But you should rather look to the Lord from where your dread will come, as he said of you, that; "The whole land shall be a desolation."  Where then will you be with all your speech as if no harm will come to you?   

  20. Many in you will fall O Israel, but it will be as the Lord said that: "He would make a full end of the Gentiles, but He will not make a full end of you.  Yet your land shall become a desolation and many to perish in it.

  21. And the sound of this to me is so horrendous that I tremble on account of it.  The Lord said; "For this the earth shall mourn, and the heavens above shall be black."  And to confirm His sure intention He said; "For I have spoken, I have not relented, nor will I turn back."


  1. There are those that pronounce the word rapture, these no doubt would like to get pulled out of the world before any trouble starts, but these most certainly will remain in it, and what is said to come upon the world will come upon them.

  2. They corrupt the word of God by saying that it are the believers from among Gentiles that will remain to inherit the world.  But that is not what the Lord said,  He said that the meek will inherit the earth.  And the meek are not necessarily believers.

  3. It is written of the sons of Jacob that are written in for life in Jerusalem, how they would vomit themselves of their wickedness, and of their vile doings. Wherefore it stands to reason that before the Lord came upon the clouds these were not necessarily believers, but how the Lord having come, and these being left alive, are called to come home.

  4. It is then that the Lord will take that stony heart out of them to give them a heart of flesh, and He will grant them peace, His peace, His Holy Spirit within them so they will know the Lord, and vomit themselves of what they were, and of what they spoke and did before that day.

  5. For have you not heard how the grace of God is a gift of Him, and nothing to be earned by man?  And what is it to you O man when He will grant salvation to whomsoever He will, be they of the meek or full of sins.  For the Lord does as He wills, and no man is able to say;  "What art Thou doing?"

  6. If those left of the Gentiles in the earth were only believers, what would be the sense of them to afterwards ask and inquire of Jerusalem that they might learn the ways of the Lord, to serve Him instead of their idols, and the lip service as they had been doing?  

  7. Those that believe and keep His word, are His sons, with them dwells the Holy Spirit teaching them.   And however many or few of these that may as yet be alive when Christ returns, will be caught up to Him, in spirit, their bodies left on the earth.

  8. And when I speak of believers, I speak of the true believers, not those which serve in hypocrisy, nor am I only speaking of the few among the Gentiles, but of those which are of Israel as well, all of which will ascend up the Lord on the day of His return to reign with Him on the day of the Sabbath.

  9. In speaking of Israel of that remnant to be saved, He did not say, only those of the remnant which before My coming believe on Me, but simply, that He would save the remnant, everyone that God the Father has written in for life in Jerusalem.  And that remnant will include some from among Gentiles that cling to Israel.

  10. Do not corrupt the word of God, and think no vain things, nor be concerned about that silly invention of man which he coined as "rapture." But you that are of a good heart believe on Him keeping His word of truth, and leave the rest up to the Lord, for He will indeed call upon you to acknowledge Him before men.

  11. If then you are robbed of all that you have and persecuted, and at end killed for His name sake, rejoice greatly in that favor of the Lord upon you, for your name will be written in heaven, and you will be present with Him at the great day of the Lord, to bring His vengeance upon all the world.

  12. All these many Gentiles that you see today, which conceive themselves to be so religious and be taken up into heaven will instead be cast into the pool of fire, the reward of all these many hypocrites in their vain believe that is no more than hypocrisy.



  1. The people whose lot in life is this earth have made films, Biblical films, 20th century films as I call them, atrocities as they are not fit for human consumption.

  2. In them they portray the honored servants of the Lord for fools and idiots, in other words, they portray them after their own nature.  And of course they make a hogwash of the story, not keeping to the truth of the matter.

  3. These brutes among men did with their movies like they did to with Scriptures in this last century, corrupting all that they were able to touch upon. 

  4. Let then these atrocities be destroyed. Nor will those that are responsible for these atrocities outrun their just reward, just as those which corrupted the Holy Scriptures will not outrun their reward.

  5. There is no excuse for their mockery against God and man, not in word nor in deed or in the letter. Their wickedness testifies against them, and by their judgment they will be condemned.

  6. If then one comes to say; "It is just a movie." Well on my dear fellow, it is also just a rod that will descend upon you, and burn you, like as your trash will burn.

Do they ever read?

  1. The scriptures that is, namely; the Israelites? I see them with their noses in a book reciting verses and knotting their heads,   Yet in all their doings, and in carrying forth copies of the Torah, my question remains if any Israelite ever reads any part of the Scriptures?

  2.    For if they had, they most certainly would not be acting as they are acting now, doing what their forefathers did before them, and for which cause God gave them into the hands of their enemies to be defamed and slaughtered.

  3. So thus I acclaim these people priding themselves to be Israelites are no different from the Gentiles, for even as the Gentiles never read the Scriptures, so it is with Israel.

  4. And though they lie like devils as if they read or have read, I am not one to believe them  for as to a blind man his light is but the darkness in which he dwells; so these in reading are but pouring water into a sieve.

  5. Yet they like to quote parts of the Scriptures, so as to make it appear as if they knew the Scriptures, yet still they are but liars and cheats.  

  6. For here and now I am judging all the nations to be liars and cheats, evil men who refuse to hear of and obey the truth.  And why may that be so?

  7. If any man reads what the Lord has given His prophets to speak, and there is any truth or integrity at all within any of them, then these will know what it is that the Lord requires of them. 

  8. But as I beheld the entire bulk of the nations inclusive Israel, I beheld none of them to practice the things which the Lord ordered them to do.   For here again, what they do practice is but a foul corruption of what is good and right,. 

  9. Their prayer houses as they call them are but pig-styles, not just temples of the devil, but pig-styles at that, or whorehouses as they can also be called, for by their foul imagination that is what they have made of them.

  10. If then you have such a disgust of the Lord God your Creator, that you went forth to worship the devil instead, is that any reason to turn your meeting places into whorehouses, and pig-styles, to degrade them to that extend O you most wicked among men?


  1.  The hour is near O you shepherds, you so called rabbi's and so called ministers of the flocks.  When I called you would not listen, I send you word that you might hear, but you refused to hear. You stand before your flocks as if you were something religious, while you are nothing more than Canaanites, the ones falsely squatting on a seat that is not yours.

  2. But your works are nearly full, your aposty has reached its limits, now the hour will be upon you that you will become food for the vultures, and your flocks will be scattered. The flocks fed you with dainty meals while it are only rodents you should have for your meals.  Teachers as you call yourselves, while you have yet to learn what is in a word. 

  3. You love to be called rabbi and pastors, but the only thing you pasture is your own belly, and for teaching you teach the sheep to rob and to hate one another, and to mock and scorn the Lord.  Wherefore now the hour has come upon you and you will fall and never rise again into all eternities.

  4. Did I not send you word, the good words of the Lord, and was it not the Lord Himself who called you?  It was so. The Lord caused to be born, He raised up a son of His Beloved, sending him forth into the vineyard.

  5. And when I came there, and beheld the workmen, the hirelings, they were busy destroying the vineyard.  I looked for fruits that I might present them to the Lord my God, but the hirelings had destroyed the plants along with the fruit.

  6. And so I was astonished, and horrified at these hirelings, at all these pastors and rabbi's how they had not performed anything of what was commanded them, but for their belly and their vain glory they had destroyed the vineyard, planting it with ashe'rah, and with the most abominable plants that could ever be imagined.  

  7. And so in anger and heart-sore I cried out to the Lord who had send me to assay the vineyard.

  8. Therefore now hear this you rabbi's as you like to be called, but not in truth, and you pastors that do not know how to pasture, your day has come, there will be no escape for you, nor mercy, but you will fall and die the death of the un-circumcised.  

  9. It is I speaking to you, even I, O you blind ones, so spoke the Lord. And do you wish confirmation that by the testimony of two your fate will be sealed, look up Jeremiah chapter 25 towards the end thereof, and you will have your second confirmation.

  10. Your fate is sealed, there is no escape for you, it is your own master to whom you belong, the lot of you most worthless shepherds, I am not merely ashamed of you, but disgusted, and nearly to vomit of the filth in which you wallow.  

  11. The Lord foretold by Isaiah in his 41 chapter how you would have no reply nor counsel at His calling, and so you did, again and again. Look it up in the record you foolish ones, for it is recorded, it is here in the record by my hand.

  12. You got yourselves a destiny so you acclaim, you will wait for the Messiah, as yet to come, O you foolish, because you are without knowledge, and without any love for God or your very own brother. 

  13. Therefore did the Lord say that He will destine you to the sword, and bow down to the slaughter, because, so He said; "When I called you did not answer, when I spoke you did not listen."

  14.   And what are you looking at you flocks, congregating in the churches and in the synagogues? Are you looking at something religious, as were they the embodiment of God, as if they were priests?  

  15. You are looking at a vipers-brood, and you do not recognize them as snakes because you are bit by them, and their poison has seared you, it has blinded your eyes, yet you do not know it.

  16. You assume that the darkness within you is the light, for it gives you the pleasures of the world along with your easy road into heaven so you presume.  But you presume wrong you blind ones, it is not heaven but a fearful hell, a fire that awaits you. 

  17. And when your beloved shepherds are cut into pieces, and in the belly of the vultures where they belong, you will have no churches nor synagogues, but you will be scattered as sheep without shepherds, or as sheep for the slaughter, as food for the wild beasts.

  18. How much more now shall I proclaim to you, how many more words shall I pronounce before you will listen?  Shall I give you a prophecy to your demise, a word of what will be in the day of tomorrow?  

  19. Behold when your shepherds and their henchman gather together against me, even me, to kill me for the truth that I spoke to them, and the Lord the Messiah executes them for me, to cast the lot of them into darkness, you will be astounded.

  20. Yes you will indeed be astounded, and be very angry with me, rather than to give glory to God. And you in the ignorance of your mind will rise up to join the false shepherds in their attack upon me.  

  21. Behold I have told you what will be in the day of tomorrow, and who but those that are of God can know what is in the day of tomorrow?  Why then O you people, you flocks, will you be so ignorant as to turn against me?  What have I done to you, but to bring good news, if only you would listen.

  22. But there is this thing that you do not like of me, the fact that I do not have any fear of you, that to me you are nothing, that the whole number of you are to me less than the dust on the scale. What a terrible person I am not to have any fear of you.  

  23. And you are so brave, you will even cause God Himself to tremble before you, so you esteem yourselves. But like a tiny ant barking at one of whom the souls of his shoes are higher than a mountain, so are you, you are nothing.


  1. We were speaking of "the times," and they have come, they are here. And I hear many of those in Israel pronouncing good vibes, of the coming of the Lord, and that Israel will have peace and great rejoicing, and how the nations though they rise up, these will not accomplish their wishes upon Israel.

  2. And yes it is good to trust upon the Lord, and in the final end Israel will be delivered. But all you that look forward to the day of the Lord, to that day of the great judgment, be not so anxious, and do not deceive yourselves as if all will be well with Israel. 

  3. But rather remember that the Lord will come to those in Israel that turn from transgression, to those that will not reject His word. And that He will come to root out the rebels, all them that refuse to keep His statutes.

  4. You therefore should hear His word which He spoke by Zechariah, and hear it well that the same may make an impression upon you, and be for wisdom unto you. And so He said: 

  5.  "I will stretch out my hand against Judah, and against all the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I will cut off from this place the remnant of baal and the name of the idolatrous priests; those who bow down on the roofs to the host of the heavens; those who bow down and swear to the Lord and yet swear by milcom;  those who have turned back from following the Lord, who do not seek the Lord or inquire of Him."

  6. Is this not so O Israel? You call on God for His Anointed, His Christ, yet you hate anyone that even mentions the name of Christ. And if one calls upon the Anointed of God, you put him out of the congregation, and you harass him, as were He, the very Anointed one of God, the worst thing ever to come upon you. 

  7. And your leaders likewise, they are playing honey with the nations, and buttering up the USA for help to them,  always angering the Lord to whom ONLY they should look for help. 

  8. Does that not make them and you foolish, and hypocrites to your own word?  But the time is near, and so the word continues: 

  9.   "At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps, and I will punish the men who are thickening upon their lees, those who say in their hearts, `The Lord will not do good, nor will He do ill.  Their goods shall be plundered, and their houses laid waste. Though they build houses, they shall not inhabit them; though they plant vineyards, they shall not drink wine from them."

  10. You are earnestly looking for the day of the Lord, for a redemption, and for peace.  But you ought to think twice about this, since this is what it will be - as He said: 

  11. "The great day of the Lord is near, near and hastening fast; the sound of the day of the Lord is bitter, the mighty man cries aloud there.  A day of wrath is that day, a day of distress and anguish, a day of ruin and devastation, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and thick darkness."

  12. The day of the Lord is not anything to look forward to, it is a day of great pain for all the race of man excepting but a few that call upon Him in truth, whose lives will be saved.  And even for these - they will be tried as gold in the fire, and why then are you so anxious for His wrath to descend?  

  13. For it will not only be upon the Gentiles that scorn His Word, but for you as well O Israel to determine who among you will endure the oven and be called the blessed ones.

  14. "I will bring distress on men, so that they shall walk like the blind, because they have sinned against the Lord; their blood shall be poured out like dust, and their flesh like dung.  Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them on the day of the wrath of the Lord. 

  15. In the fire of his jealous wrath, all the earth shall be consumed; for a full, yea, sudden end he will make of all the inhabitants of the earth."

  16. Shall I repeat the last part, or has it already made an impression upon you?  If indeed it has, turn from your wicked ways, and keep His word. Turn to Him in full humility, and in true sorrow of the heart, for in doing so He will behold and come to take you unto Himself, that you may be called by His name, and be granted the crown of life.  

  17. For is that not what He said:  "Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, who do his commands; seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the wrath of the Lord." 

  18.   The land of Israel is again yours, and the Lord caused you to be a nation again, but as I this day look upon you, I am appalled at you and all your doings, even as the Lord said;  "I said, `Surely she will fear Me, she will accept correction; she will not lose sight of all that I have enjoined upon her.' But all the more they were eager to make all their deeds corrupt."

  19. And so what am I to do with you O my people?  Your eyes behold all those marvelous things which He has given you, the advances in science as you call it, and His written word open and available to all, besides children and many trinkets in which you relish so much. But you have forgotten the Lord, yet for a facade you provide lip service to His name.

  20. I therefore disdain you, I have no desire in you.  "Be a prince to them," so the Lord said, but why should I O Lord?  Why be a ruler, or even a teacher for such as I despise?  

  21. No my Lord, my soul has no desire in them, but that they may be ground to powder, the entire host of them.  I loathe their being, all the works of their hand, and the words of their mouth, how then should I hold out any hope for them?

  22. If only O Lord I could rip out that love for them that is within me, if only I could get rid of it, to be free of them in the love that my soul has for them, I could be a prince to drive them over a cliff, and care not for their lives, as these many teachers and priests and rulers do that these have this very day.  

  23. If I were like unto their rulers, I would have no love for them, or like anyone of their teachers, I would have no care for them whether they live or die.   But my heart was wrought in Thy mercy Lord, and my soul in Thy compassion.

  24. For even so my spirit went forth from Thy throne, and now I must bear them all in love and great compassion, nor therefore am I able to despair of them. 

  25. My love is indeed an astonishing love, it is Thy love within me,  I love them all, great and small, friend or enemy, because my birth O Lord was from Thee.

  26. My dear Israel, you are a small people, few in number compared to the many that reside around you, yet even if your number were like the grains of sand on the sea shore, only a remnant of you will return to the Lord my God. And why must this be so, why are so many of you to be devastated?  Do you not know, are you unaware of your own aposty?

  27. You cry out, O but the Torah, the Torah, His laws we must keep.  And is not this one of the laws written in it, namely "to love your neighbor as yourself?"  Why then with all your cries of Torah, Torah, are you breaking that law?  Or are those of your kindred that know of a truth not your neighbors? 

  28. And what is the very first law written therein? You are ignorant of it are you not - while you keep saying; Torah, Torah, and more Torah?   

  29. You stand in front of a brick wall, a dead and dumb structure, with your hats upon you, moving your head back and forth, reciting all sorts of words, such as are written in the book of the Lord, but you pay no attention to its contents, nor to the meaning of the words.  

  30. You worship in vain O my beloved, you would do better to forget that wall, and your reciting, and go unto your brothers, even such as you hold for enemies, as outcast, and pronounce your love for them, to reconcile yourselves with them.  For then at last you are in fact keeping to the Torah.

  31. The Lord never commanded for you to keep a ritual, but to rejoice in His memorials, to love Him and your neighbor with you. To undo the bonds of wickedness, and to hear to the word He spoke by His prophets, and by His Son who came to you nearly two days ago. 

  32. Look it up, it is written and affirmed, ask for knowledge and for understanding, then your light will go forth, when your eyes are opened to His word, and not those of your own imagination.

  33. A word from the prophet: "In that day I will call My servant  Eli'akim, the son of Hilki'ah, and I will clothe Him with your robe, and will bind your girdle on him, and will commit your authority to His hand, and He shall be a Father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah."

  34. I do not suppose that you are aware of the meaning to these words, nor what these entail towards you. You do not realize nor will you believe that your sure foundation will give way, and be no more. Your rule and your aspirations as you clothe yourself with will be taken from you.  

  35. It is another, an Eli'akim, meaning One whom God Himself will set up, that will wear your robe and your girdle.  One who will be the portion of God, a Hilki'ah, as the Lord said, one whom you do not know, and against whom you have set yourself with malice.   

  36. The day is near my beloved, "in that day says the Lord, the peg that was fastened in a sure place will give way."  But how am I to expect understanding of such as have turned their own way, that feel secure with their own girdles strapped on?

  37. Whom will we teach knowledge, and to whom will we explain the message?   Shall it be to those weaned from the milk, those taken from the breast?  Is it not precept upon precept, here a little there a little?  

  38. Nay, but so says the Lord; "But by men of strange lips, and with an alien tongue the Lord will speak to this people."

  39. And He said to me; "This is the rest, give rest to the weary, for this is the repose, only O Lord, they would not hear." What therefore am I to do with them, if not to propound upon them precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

  40. Am I O Israel therefore so strange to have a foreign tongue, even as you preempt an alien tongue?


  1. If it were not for the Lord to have said that for some their eyes would be opened, I would despair myself of the entire world, of Israel as well as Gentiles. When I look at the nations of the Gentiles where may a Christian be found?  

  2. And looking at Israel I do not behold them to fear the Lord, and looking at those of Israel to profess the name of Yeshua, I behold only lip service, lip service to a name alone.  What then is there to be saved in the world?

  3. A most apostate generation, so these would be of the last ages, and so they have been for centuries.  Open a newspaper and for all the good things they presume to be doing -- it is but crime upon crime, oppression upon oppression.

  4. All those new things which the Lord has created for them, to fly like the birds, and power their homes with electricity, has not made them any the wiser. 

  5. For what purpose then have I come into this world, and to what end may it be? What is the sense for me even to speak, to bring knowledge to the sons of man?

  6. There are no ears to hear,  nor hearts to meditate, if I were to speak of my own they would hear, but to speak to them the word of the Lord is repugnant to them. If I proclaim a stupidity after vain imagination they would be all ears, but the word of the Lord is a burden to them they refuse to bear.

  7. What then O Lord is there in this world left to save? Of what value are any of them, Thou did create them, but they have turned themselves into another meaning, not after Thy creation. 

  8. There is nothing left O Lord so I testify to Thee, no faith, no knowledge, not among the Gentiles nor even in Israel.   These have all turned after their own imagination, and pronouncing Thy name, it is no more than falsehood.

  9. If it were not for Thy sure promise to Abraham, and to Isaac and Jacob, and Thy endless mercy, surely this whole generation from east to west and north to south would be fuel for the fire.   

  10. It is for Thy word alone, that I keep hope, and for Thy word alone that I speak.  My soul would have despaired itself of this entire generation were it not for Thy sure word that Thou has spoken.

  11. I held out hope for man, to perhaps find one with knowledge, those of faith, but as of this day O Lord, I testify to Thee, no longer is there any hope in man.   I will look to Thee and to Thee only from this day on forward.  

  12. So I raise my right hand towards Thee O Lord to declare, that I will Look to Thee, and to Thee alone, if then they will hear so let them hear, and if not, deal with them according to Thy word O Lord, according to Thy righteous word.

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