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       To my beloved in Israel, and elsewhere,  peace be with you from the Father and our Lord. 



  1. As I look upon Israel and the many factions in it, I behold a people determined to maintain their roots, and not only that this is very commendable, but these would not be able to shed their roots however much they might attempt so. 

  2. One who was an Israelite near to me did not show much compassion for the Jews, and his son who has renamed himself twice, yet even for his appearance he is and will undeniable remain an Israelite.

  3. You my dear friends in or out of Israel - wish to retain your roots, something that with the best of will can never be denied, for it must also be that way in the world to come.  

  4. But then there are all those little differences, and figures of speech as well as metaphors that can be used. To be of Abraham can be of many nations, but to be of him through his grandson Jacob you are singled out to a single nation.

  5. To say; "you are children of Abraham,: as some in the Scripture are recorded to have said, can be of Israel as well as those which are referred to as Gentiles.  Claiming a definite root of Israel therefore is to say; "we are children of Jacob, or of Israel. And for the children of Abraham it are those of the promise, the true sons of God. 

  6. As then it is said; "In Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile," it is a figurative speech, a spiritual estimation, that in Christ we are all brothers the like, the one not being any more than the other. For here comes not another truth, but the same truth, that it was by Israel, and of Israel that the Messiah came unto the world.    

  7. Note clearly now how I worded that sentence, not to say that Israel owned the Messiah, but that He came for all the world.   Even as I, anointed of Him, have come for all the world, for Jew and Gentile, yet I can only be born once in one place, among one people.

  8. I now am pronouncing these words since there are Israelites who in the pride of their heart have a corrupt view of these things, and even among the Messianic Jews there is error.  A question was posed and answered by, a pastor named Loren Jacobs, which I will quote: "What happens to Jewish people who don't believe in Yeshua?"

  9. "Incredibly, so he answered, there are many so called Christians, and even some Messianic Jews today, who suggest that Jewish people don't need to believe in Yeshua in order to be saved! They teach that since the Jewish people have a covenant with God, they don't need the New Covenant of the Messiah; or they teach that all religions will get everyone to heaven.   

  10. And so then this Mr. Jacobs conclude to say; "Little could be further from the truth." Yet still he allows himself to be called rabbi, -- how little therefore he has learned of Yeshua.

  11. As he then continues in his discourse I am glad for that truth in Israel, if only I could say the same of many others, some of which I found to be unreal, by whose teaching and the example they set forth, it is no wonder that some of the Messianic Jews are with error, and the pride in their heart has not left them to factually be Messianic Jews.

  12. It is written of those in Israel who said: "Keep to yourself, do not come near me, for I am set apart from you." And what was it that the Lord said regarding them?  "These are a smoke in My nostrils, a fire that burns all the day." Strip yourself therefore of that accursed pride O you Israelites.

  13. And so it is that I wish to bring forth a few of such errors to hopefully convince those that are sated with it, that it is out of an un-Christian pride by which their lips speak these things.  The Bible for example, as some say; "is a Jewish book."  

  14. The fact now that the physical writers were indeed Jews, it nonetheless is not a Jewish book, but; 'a Godly book," the testimony of God to the Israelites first, yes, but again, and also, by them; "to all the world." And the Torah in every syllable thereof is equally for Gentiles.

  15. And they pride themselves in emphasizing that; "The Messiah is a Jewish Messiah," and that the law is "a Jewish law." 

  16. For one to have pride in his heritage now is one thing, but to become puffed up in it, is not according to the Messiah, nor is it according to that so called Jewish law. It's the temperament of it, is it not? 

  17. How proud you are to in everything pronounce Jewish, Jewish, Jewish, a sentiment not in compliance with; "To love your neighbor as yourself."

  18. For this is what the law says concerning it, to love one's neighbor as one's self.   And to go a step further with that prefix of the law in the love of Christ Yeshua; do we not in the fulfilling of that law count the one better than ourselves? 

  19. If then in the ears of the Gentiles you make all things sound like you are everything foremost in the pride of Israel, you are not abiding by that law in Israel for the love that it commands, but to your hearers, to the Gentiles, you have become boasters.

  20. The Kingdom of Heaven then is not for boasters, but for them that are of a humble spirit.  And so I could relate the following sentences to give us food for thought, and learn to humble ourselves.

  21. When Jews begin to say; The Messiah is a Jewish one," they are not incorrect, but unprofitable in that the Messiah is for all men, and that in effect He is of the world as well, since it is so recorded in the Scriptures.  

  22. Is it not written by Haggai: "And I will take you O Zerubabel, the son of Sheal'tiel, says the Lord, and make you a signet ring, for I have chosen you."

  23. What therefore does it mean, "Zerub' babel" as "Zerub" and "babel", the son of Shealtiel?  It my friends comes down to a shoot of the world. But for a justified exposition you will need to turn to my exposition thereof in page 15 under "Zerub' babel."

  24. When Jews acclaim that the Bible is a Jewish book, they are being dishonest in that it is not of the Jews, but of God given to them in trust. In effect one might say, it is robbery, robbing God, taking that which belongs to God unto themselves. 

  25. When Jews claim that the Bible was first entrusted in Israel, they speak the truth, but that same truth also marks them in failing to maintain that which was entrusted to them. For again, the same was entrusted to them so these in turn might teach the many other nations, as the Lord said; "to be for a light unto them."

  26. But for all the historical record where were all these evangelists and pastors to teach the nations?  Of record I can not find much more than the Apostles of the Lord and some of those in their footsteps following.  

  27. To keep to yourself O Israel is not what the Lord had in mind for you.  When you were driven among the Gentiles, it was "so you might do good unto them".  But what are the names of all those Israelites to have taught the Gentiles the grace and fullness of the Lord?

  28. The Gentiles are as much bound to the Torah as the Jews are, since it is for the whole world. The Gentiles then understood it after the Spirit thereof, while many in Israel to this day are still hung up on the letter thereof.  

  29. I now in speaking of these Gentiles to have understood it in spirit, does not mean to convey that all of them did so, as in fact few of them have understood, and fewer yet this day have any understanding thereof.

  30. Do you not realize my dear friends that when you start priding yourselves in being Jewish as were it a religion, that you are not as yet weaned from the breast?  

  31. Christianity is a religion in that it summons grace for a law to salvation, while the law - is religion, since the term "religion' literally and in every sense means "law."  

  32. And so there is but "one" religion, since there is but "one" law. And yet there is another, or rather a twofold of the one in the "Grace" of God by the offering of One who did keep that one and only religion spotless.  

  33. Since therefore "religion" is the one law of God, no other exist, nor could there be, there being only one God, and one Creator. Yet in our members we see another law that is no law, but a departure of the law to bend to the wishes of the Devil to with a wicked desire place oneself next to God.

  34. Some of the nations may acclaim to have given everyone freedom of religion, but that is a crock if there ever was one.  There is no such thing as a law, to disobey the law, nor to be free in the keeping thereof.   

  35. Nor can one sue another in a court of law that the other refused to allow himself to be robbed.  There is but one religion, one law, and no soul upon the earth or in Heaven has the right to choose for himself another.

  36. Yet it is expedient for the rulers of the earth not to compel their subjects with threats to accept their version of what they call, or presume to be spiritually correct.  When however it comes to the physical aspects of the law, then they are duty bound to uphold that law or religion as it may be said, in the physical harm done by one to another.  

  37. It is not right to say; "I have accepted the Jewish religion," since no man with the Spirit of Christ within him would speak that way.   For what is it that he has accepted?  Is it the law by which to be saved, or does he pride himself in Grace?   If it be "Grace", he has yet to learn the meaning thereof.

  38. Do you indeed not realize that as religion is law, and the law being of God and none other, how do you say to have accepted that other, a none existent religion, to have accepted a Jewish religion?

  39. It is very wrong my dear sons in Israel to enthrone yourself in everything Jewish so as to tower above the Gentiles, or to rate these Gentiles for second class. 

  40. You may pride yourselves as the real and original branches of the Olive tree, with the Gentiles no more than wild shoots grafted in.  And yes, these may be shoots, but not not per-see "wild" shoots.  

  41. And though the term "wild" may be used in a figurative way, it was in the working of the Messiah to graft them in, and they would not have been grafted in had they not from before the very foundations of the earth been ordained for them. Wherefore as such they are not truly wild.   

  42. Secondly;  of those many original branches, how many broke themselves off, or how many fell to the ground? Will you pride yourself in these things as well, something that is a shame upon you and upon them?  

  43. Be natural, be a true branch, and do not look at the grafting, but rather at them as those of your very own, as if they had always been there, since in effect, these as well as you were destined unto it.   And what did Paul say?: "In Christ there is no Jew nor Gentile."


  1. There are those among you of the Messianic Jews that will rigidly adhere themselves to only those books that currently are known as the Canons, and accept no other, even to read them, or hear of them.   They in other words hold a hatched over the neck of one an other, and hide the life saving bread behind their backs, dropping it to the ground.

  2. You in so doing have taken to yourselves those Scriptures which are for the whole of the world serving for judgment unto them, since these others that were hidden, were kept but for the wise, since in them as the Lord said; "is the fountain of wisdom." 

  3. If wisdom therefore be a burden to you, relish in the Canons, but know this much that these Canons are for an "enclosure" to all but the wise.  And the door that is within them opens to a greater and deeper understanding. Like it was said; "to teach in all wisdom," and that no prophesy has come but inspired of God, all of which is good for teaching in Godliness.  

  4. And for those that are well trained in the kingdom of God, you will (as Yeshua said) behold them to bring forth from their treasure both what is old and what is new, or by the same token, what is of one, and of another.

  5. Solomon had the knowledge to the foundations of the earth, yet he did not reveal them since it was for another to bring them forth in the ending of the days, as I was blessed of God to do. 

  6. And if for the Chronicles and the likes in the Canons - historic events may be included, why may we not read and also gain wisdom from other such records, not as such regarded to serve for the "reed", as the Canons are seen and in fact are?

  7. The hirelings in the churches preach many things, but for most of their worthless speech they had done better to read to their flock such records as for example are called of "Hermas", a record not in the canons.  For by it their sheep might have learned something substantial, rather than the empty words of the hirelings that is foremost to their bellies.  

  8. Or the record of Abraham how he came to burn that idol church in which his father was a priest, and by it his brother was killed.  Or the record of the seven sons and their mother, or that of the Maccabees, all of which may serve for strength and enlightenment.

  9. This is not to convey that we should hold these records for the "reed," as the canons are, but wisdom can be gained from many sources when one has the Spirit of the Lord with him to know what is in a word, by whom also he will know what is of a truth, and what not, the Spirit of the Lord teaching him.  

  10. For in any word spoken there is a spirit of, and them that are of God know the right Spirit, as also the Lord said; "The sheep know the voice of the Master and will follow no other." These Messianic thus in rejecting me, rejected the Master, following the devil in his smell to them.

  11. The record of Job was written by his brother, and of Job himself, yet the book of Job in the Canons is by Eliphaz of the discourses between the five men. That other record then, not in the canons, may be an eye opener to some who have a limited knowledge, and judge things only from one side of the story, while in all courts of law both sides are to be heard.  

  12. And what of Barnabas, and Nicodemus, and Clement, as well as Polycarb, were they any less Christian than the Apostles by whom they were taught, and themselves left letters for the churches?

  13. No, we are not to change the Canons, since these were so ordered of the Lord and none other.  But He, the Lord that is, did not bar us from any other Godly record, such as the words of Him which He inspired into these others, or simply the historical records of old.  Or such articles as are written by current teachers, the righteous ones whose inspiration is also of God.

  14. Or else my dear people why do you listen to priests and pastors, since these are speaking in their wisdom, themselves not being the canon, but nonetheless teaching by the inspiration which they have of God in His Word?  For this is a certain fact, how only those that are taught of God teach rightly.

  15. Whereas those many hirelings have no such inspiration, but borrow everything from the letter, and not having any true understanding thereof, they twist things to suit their own imagination.  Of these we must be aware, wolves in sheep's-clothing.

  16. And what are we to say of the books of Enoch, which were the first recorded Bible? Noah organized them, and himself added to it, while Abraham truly relished in them, and so did his sons after him all the way unto the Apostles of the Lord, who made mention of them.

  17. The Torah is not the first word of God, but it was the statute for Israel, even as Enoch states that this same Torah was set for an enclosure to the Gentiles, or the whole race of man if you will.  The writings of Enoch then are not likely for the world, even though Enoch deposited them as a testimony to all the generations of man, Israel inclusive.  

  18. The world however, that is to say, the unwise in them cannot read and comprehend what is written by his hand except for parts thereof, his reprove to them, verses the blessing upon the righteous.

  19. But having lapsed into the background after the Apostles of the Lord ran their course, and the land of Israel having become empty of its rightful inhabitants, these writings remained hidden, except for the wicked scribes through the centuries to mar upon them.  

  20. Yet now that Israel has become a nation again, and soon they are to be the head of all nations, God foresaw for a man to clean the filth from them, and to re-introduce them to the sons of Israel, and these rejoicing in them, will teach them to again others.

  21. It is all to come to pass O my dear friends, and already prepared for you. The Lord spoke of David, and how the children of Zion would seek him again, and he would be king over them.  

  22. Then I heard some among Israel conclude that David is long dead, so there must be another. Nor did they mean the Christ, since again Christ is not just a King, but King of kings.  

  23. For the record therefore; David is not dead, just as Abraham, nor Jacob, nor is Isaac dead, nor any of the sons of God, the Lord being God of the living.   David will indeed rule and as recorded, he will be the highest of all the kings.  

  24. But such things are spoken of a day yet ahead of us, since the "eight" day also already exists in the wisdom and the power of His Word. 

  25. For us however, today, we need to enter into a Sabbath, and it will take all of ourselves out of us to enter therein, if one gets the meaning of my word. Thus while looking ahead, we must duly perform that which is today, which is currently our necessity.


  1. Give me an ear, you that love the Messiah, I know the treatment is harsh which you receive of your own countrymen, and how they afflict you for your love in Yeshua. But do not consider this something new, or something strange, but bear it with a good spirit, knowing how all that are accounted worthy of the Lord will be persecuted.  

  2. Those that persecute and slander you are no more than skeletons, dead in their sins and to be eradicated from the earth.

  3. Consider those many which through the ages went before you, how they were treated, tortured and even burned upon the stakes.  These did not fear the fire nor the implements of torture, and neither should you, knowing that it is but for a moment in time after which you will have a glory of the Lord that for its greatness is as yet to us in-conceivable. 

  4. And consider them that now oppress you, how these will be cast in that pool of fire, to weep and gnash their teeth for the moment in time in which they were upon the earth in which they acted wickedly, and how that is like a sword through our heart for the love of our neighbor that is within us.

  5. If now I could bear the scorn for you my beloved, to take your pains upon myself, I would, but we each have to show to the angels of God and of the devil, and to man, that we are worthy of the love of Christ, not counting our own lives for His sake. Settle it therefore in your mind, that you will not submit to anything to separate you from the love of Christ.

  6. For this is a certain fact how all the angels of heaven are looking upon us, and if one is un-repenting and the same would be justified, all these would see it as an injustice, and how such could possibly come from God whom they worship as fully just. 

  7. How many gave their life under torture for the name of Christ, and these being granted the entrance into heaven is a joy to God's angels for whom they will sidestep.

  8. But it is a curse upon these angels, and an injustice to their life and being for anyone unworthy to enter upon their thrones and into their fellowship. The justice which emanates from God is for all His creatures, man, as well as angels.  And no injustice exists with Him.

  9. Do not think however that I will not sweat blood when my time has come, but I will bear it in full because of Him whom I came to know, and who loved me, and I Him.  

  10. The Fox books in my website, and the record of those that died for the Lord in the ages, may, if you will page through them, instill some heroism in you that you will need when the time comes, settling it thus within you that if these did so, so can you, for He whom you love will be with you, as He was with them.


  1. The Apostle Paul quoting the Spirit of the Lord, said: "Today when you hear His voice, do not harden your heart," I then in turn am contemplating how I can make these words real to you, in such a way that it would not be possible for you to harden your hearts. But alas I can lead a horse to water, but not make him drink.

  2. However much thus I wish to take a hold of you so that great joy and gladness may enter into you, I am not the one to make the final decision as to whom shall be written in the book of life, but if I could empty out my heart and soul for everyone that I meet to be written in - I would.  

  3. And so I confess I am frustrated in these many that do harden their hearts, knowing that it will bring pains upon them, which in the Godly love that I have for my neighbor is a painful experience for me.

  4. Paul now in speaking to the Gentiles said: "In as much as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry in order to make my fellow Jews jealous, and thus save some of them."    

  5. If now I could do that to you my dearly beloved, and so save some, or preferable many of you, yea very many, to have an abundance of fruit.  How therefore am I to arouse jealousy in you to bring true life into your souls?

  6. Do you wish to have a knowledge and understanding as the Lord so graciously awarded me with?  Be jealous of me my dear ones, and in His time you will be awarded the same.  Do you wish to have a love so strong and so deeply as He implanted within me? Be jealous of me, and you will have His love also. 

  7. And how am I to copy Paul in to magnify my ministry so as to arouse an unquenchable desire in you to live in Christ? How can I procure such a thing upon you, to have such a love for truth and righteousness?  And yes I am intentionally wording this last sentence in these words to relay to you what is in the depth of love and adoration.

  8. From some of my other pages you may have read how - I am not at all concerned about my salvation, or the life of my soul, but that the greatness of my love is for truth and for righteousness.  

  9. That irrelevant to the life of my soul, the Lord may be honored, and His truth reign.  That for all that is in me I may bring glory to His name, and whatever He wills with my soul, be it life or bring me back into nothing, so let it be. 

  10. The only thing that I requested of Him was, that He not leave me with the sons of the earth, since I have been with them these many years, and it is a hell unto me to behold their aposty, and to hear their blasphemies of His Holy name.  

  11. And I my dear ones, God is my witness, I am indeed speaking truthfully out of the depths of my heart however much that sentiment may seem contrary to the natural desire of man.

  12. And perhaps I am not a man, yet I have two legs and two arms. And when I was yet young and greatly put down, I very strongly insisted upon the Lord to take my life from me, since I utterly refused to live another day. 

  13. But He was the stronger to me, He refused to take my life, and instead brought me anew into a world I knew not. And so what am I to say of all these things but that I found myself a prisoner in His hand, and I no longer was my own.

  14. But who am I to complain since whatever He wills with me, so is my desire for Him and for myself, since again I love Him, the Lord that is, more than my soul. For He is so absolutely lovable and magnificent before me as I cannot express.  

  15. And I would that you could love Him in the same way my dear ones, that love being the most delicious thing any soul could possibly taste. For me to live is Christ Jesus, nothing else exists, and nothing else could interest me.

  16. And so indeed we are to love Him and our fellow man in the fulfillment of the law. For again in that respect, I do not know of a law, since in me the law has been replaced by desire. 

  17. And I shall quote you of what the Lord gave me to write so long ago;  "We become perfect when free of the law we are one in the love that we have in Christ Jesus in whom the law came to an end and to fulfilling."


  1. There now is something very odd about me, as may be seen from my many other pages. I am consistently pronouncing that God did not send me into the world to be a preacher, to bring souls to salvation, but rather for reprove and for judgment to the Gentiles, and also to bring good tidings to Israel.  

  2. And so why then am I preaching? Why am I so set on delivering souls to salvation, since I myself said, that without my preaching no soul shall be lost?

  3. If I am to asses myself it is for none other than the love of God within me, and for the love that I have for all mankind, Jew and Gentile.  I am to gather more enemies against myself than any man.  Should I therefore hate them? 

  4. Not likely for enemy or friend my love is for all, but what I hate is the wickedness of man, and their evil works, these I hate with a passion, even as my passion is for all that is good, and for my fellow inhabitants in all the world.

  5. I love the Iranians, but I hate their aposty. I love the Palestinians, but I hate what they are doing to Israel. Yet for my love to all men I will not hesitate to root them out of the earth, or to feed their flesh to the vultures. For whatsoever the Lord commands me, or simply desires of me, I will do it without hesitation, even if it becomes a sword through my soul.

  6. Do not my beloved think that when these many are rooted out of the earth, that they are gone.  No, not by a long shot, since I along with you that are also the sons of God, are as yet in the eight day to bring upon them the reward of their doings.  And there is ample time, namely all eternities.

  7. But like the Lord said: "Do not ask Me of those that perish, but rejoice in this that your names are written in Heaven." And while you my dear ones look for a restoration, know this much as the Lord said: It will not be for your sake, nor for any righteousness or good in you, but rather for His own name sake He is coming to deliver Israel, for His promise to your forefathers. 

  8. Mark therefore how there is no boast in you, and bow your head in deep humility that it is not in you, nor even in your acceptance of Him, or your love for Him. But realize this to yourselves, how it was He who accepted you, and cleansed you from all sin.  

  9. You are not, like Paul said; "going to bring Christ down from Heaven, nor Him up from below," but rejoice in this that He revealed Himself to you. Wherefore of you there should be gratitude.

  10. "Blessed are you O Simon for not man, but the Holy Spirit revealed it to you." Or something in that nature is what the Lord said to Peter. Consider the tenure and the implications hereof my beloved.   

  11. Love and hate, we are His household whom He received of His Father, and whom He called unto Himself. For unless the Father draws him, how would he come to the Messiah? Is that not also written somewhere in that nature of?

  12. And for a final word in this, consider how the Lord said: "For My name sake O Israel I will make you the head, for how shall My name be polluted?"  

  13.  Then consider these boasts, "Jewish law, Jewish bible, Jewish salvation, Jewish Messiah, etc, etc, as if by Jewish-ness Israel will be saved, as if it is in the Jews, rather than in the Lord God, irrelevant and exclusive of any righteousness in Israel.

  14. Consider the same O my dearly beloved, and turn yourself to the Lord in humility and in gratitude.


  1. Someone wrote: "Yeshua's return to take up His 1000 yr reign is dependent on Israel's salvation." Is there not an error here, or a poor choice of words?  Is it not more like - dependent upon the "promise" of God, and for His name sake?   For how did the Lord say it, if not as I have said? 

  2. Should we be proud in ourselves because we are accepting Him, and turning from our evil ways, that therefore Israel will be delivered? No, not so my beloved, Israel will indeed be delivered, and the 1000 yr reign commence, but for His own sake, for His name sake. 

  3. And yes that will indeed turn to our joy, and to all the remnant of Israel whose names are written in for life therein.  But we should not take any pride into ourselves, that my beloved is the message.

  4. Did the person that wrote the above meant that the 1000 yr reign cannot come unless Israel is saved? Perhaps so, and yes obviously so, but that salvation is not the condition, but rather the consequence of it.   It is in that way that our minds should be occupied. 

  5. No, my dear ones, do not hang a man for a word, we all make mistakes.  But that is also why the Lord made more than one person, so we may bear up and help one another, as also enlighten one another.

  6. There now will always be Jews and Gentiles, if this were not so then my word would have been a lie where I said, that I would bend the knee of all the Gentiles before the face of Israel.

  7. Throughout the centuries many have died in the Lord, and far more that died in their sins. And now at the end of the sixth day of creation, the number of the sons of God is as yet far too small.  I have need of many more, and so I rejoice in you O my dearly beloved in Israel, how each and everyone of you that enter into the Sabbath will be called the sons of God.

  8. And you must multiply, and multiply greatly O my beloved for all of these ten centuries, so that at end the sons of God will be a multitude that can not be numbered. Then O my beloved, my soul will greatly delight in you.

  9. Then at long last I will be happy, and call upon you.   You will be my joy, and my adoration, and you will glow of joy and gladness into forever and ever, and my love for you will never diminish into all eternities.

  10. You look for a restoration, that indeed will be, but what did the Lord say by Isaiah? He said: "Those that are "left" in Zion, and them that "remain" in Jerusalem shall be called holy."  It therefore is not all that currently inhabit it, but only them that will remain of it.

  11. The Lord said; how He would wash away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and remove the bloodstains of Jerusalem by a spirit of judgment and of burning.   And so I repeat; by a spirit of burning and of judgment, if at all any man has the knowledge to apprehend what that means, and what it entails.


  1. "To bring forth to you what is of old, and what is of new," so said the Lord for those well trained in the kingdom of Heaven.  And who but the Lord could have trained me from the day of my birth, or even when I was still in the womb of my mother?  

  2. Who could possibly know what is in the day of tomorrow and how it will be unless it was of the Lord to reveal it to him? And so in part I am sharing with you some of these secrets, such as I am allowed to share in this day and age.

  3. And now having read some of my words, you will muse; who is this man, how is he to speak in that manner, so unlike everyone else?  But will you O Israel be jealous, be stepped on your toes if I get right down to the heart of the matter? 

  4. I am no secret, at least not for all the words that have gone forth of me, but if jealousy will bring some of you to salvation, perhaps then I should reveal myself.

  5. You O Israel are the firstborn, and I am no more than a Gentile, one of those that must live from the crumbs fallen from the table. And that my dear Israel I am, a crumb fallen from the table, whose place I took in.  

  6. A mystery is it not?  And yes indeed I am a mystery, but not something that is beyond your knowledge O Israel, since it is clearly recorded in the Torah, or your Torah as you like to see it. And this is how:

  7. Levi was a righteous man, but a few of his sons made a false offer, and the Lord killed them.  Levi then was so upset in the loss of his sons, and in the falsehood of their doings, that the "he-goat" which was to be offered for the congregation to bear the sins of ignorance, and of which they were to eat, so they might atone for the sins of error in the congregation, was left un-touched, and wholly burned.

  8. Moses then was upset in this, that they had not eaten of it, but that it was wholly given to God. And so my dear Israel, what of that goat, where is it?  And how now is that atonement to be made seeing it was completely in full delivered into the hands of God?  

  9. It is with Him, is it not?   With God indeed!  And what is the Lord to do with that goat now that Israel in the anguish of their soul forewent that second offering in an atonement for them?

  10. Yes, O my dear Israel, you are in a fix, and how will you get it back from the Lord, to take it out of His hands again, for yourself to your gain? He is too powerful to take anything out of His hand, and for all your prayers to receive it of Him again, He did not listen, nor was He so inclined to return it to you.  

  11. For the Lord is wiser than all, and you O Israel are not the only creation of Him, but there must be a blessing for Gentiles as well, all those many others created of Him.   May not these Gentiles be included in, as it is written;  "the congregation?"  Will you deny that to them, if so, where is your love for your neighbor?  

  12. The Lord has foreseen everything, and that because He is the Creator of all, in Him the past, the present, and the future are all one.  He knows what will be, and according to His design, and according to His design only everything will be.

  13. So then the substance of that atonement being with Him, what was His plan with him? Turn to Ezekiel chapter seventeen towards the end, there you will see what the Lord had in mind, and what He has procured, and what He will complete.  

  14. A twig from the Messiah, a twig from that Lofty Cedar, and that in the end of days, in the end of the sixth day. Aaron and his sons were to have that honor, but the Lord God took one from His very own Son, from the Christ to that end.

  15. And what more shall I say if not how that twig was to become a cedar in itself, a noble cedar in whose shadow all the beasts of the field would seek refuge from the heat?  More now I will not say - since you my dear ones are not without knowledge to yourself know what is in a word.

  16. And have I now made you jealous my dear ones? Consider that it had to be that way, and that in no other way it would have been proper.  Be not jealous of me, I have born much pain already, and much more pain is to be assayed upon me. 

  17. You will not wish to be in my shoes when you behold all that I must bear, but I bear it for your sake, and for that of the Gentiles, and for the love of my life, the Lord of ages


  1. Now hear Me O Israel, hear the word of your Redeemer, of the Almighty Son of God, your Yeshua. Why do you fear O my beloved?  When I hear you speak, and see so much fear in you for that by which you are surrounded, I sigh for you.  So let me quote you a few of the things I hear of you.

  2. (By Bob Dylan)  Hizbollah is armed to the teeth with 40.000 plus missiles, some with chemical warheads, leader  sheik hazrallah continues to rant and rave about destroying Israel.

  3. Iran is working franticly to complete its nuclear weapons program, at every opportunity madahmadinejhad (who is actually Jewish) denies that the Holocaust took place, and proclaims the destruction of Israel.  He threatened last week that if any US or Israeli missiles strike Iran, Israel will cease to exist.

  4. Finally, and perhaps of most concern, Israel's one time friend, the United States of America has turned her back on the Jewish nation, and now seems to be far more interested in placating the muslim world.  Unquote.

  5. There is much more but I elected only to quote these few, and I am shaking my head over you, how the fear of the Lord is so small in you, and your reliance on Him of so little substance. 

  6. Let the Iranian's complete their nuclear warheads, and let that, world enemy number one, as I have named that President of the USA, play favorite to muslims. and while many rave at you O my dear Israel, let them rave, and let them foam at the mouth.

  7. Yea indeed let them foam at the mouth, and if not, I will anger them to foam at the mouth. Whom do they think that they are these dead skeletons, whose eyes have been plucked out, to boast against my dearly beloved Israel?  The Lord my God, your Redeemer O Israel will show them whom they are as stubble for the fire.

  8. O my dearly beloved, O my dearly beloved, when will you believe that which is written, the words of the Lord unto you? Just because Iran may have a nuclear weapon does not mean that they will be able to use it on you O Israel. The Lord has many ways in which to safeguard you and punish your enemies.

  9. And these 40.000 missiles of those near you can also explode in their own faces, and then where will they be?  Is it not written;  "For Gaza shall be deserted, and Ash'kelon shall become a desolation; Ashdod's people shall be driven out at noon, and Ekron shall be uprooted.  

  10. Woe to you inhabitants of the seacoast, you nation of the Cher'ethites! The word of the Lord is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines; and I will destroy you till no inhabitant is left."

  11. Take heed my beloved, I do not want the US of A to curtail the Iranians for you, I want the Lord, the Almighty God of Israel to curtail them. And if these American "Indian givers" attempt to lend a helping hand, I will cry out to the Lord your God, to send them home, or else be destroyed as well. 

  12. I do not want any human solutions, I will not take flesh to my arm, but I will do as the Spirit of the Lord upon me will perform, like He said, how He would cry out like a women in travail, and lay waste their strongholds.

  13. O my dear Israel I am not concerned for these boasters, nor for any of their power, but my heart bleeds for you, to fear so quickly, and to have such concern as if the Lord does not know what these nations are attempting to do to you.

  14. Let them rave, and let them come near, for the closer they get to you, and the more vehement they get, and the more they raise up anger against you, the sooner the Lord will rise up in defense of you. 

  15. And O how I dread coming before you, that I must come with a refiners rod, not only in protection O my dear Israel, but with a knife as well to cut the foreskin of your heart, and that of your ears, if per chance you might hear.  For so the Lord will as yet do; "To roar mightily against His fold," and that means against you O Israel!

  16. You now have heard all those fears instilled in you by your rulers and by your spokes-men.   But now hear the word of the Lord, by one anointed of Him.

  17. I shall quote to you what was said by the prophet Esdras, (Ezra) a prophesy, that now today is near into being fulfilled, I know my dear ones, yes I know, and know it well. The prophet requested that he might know the tokens of the end, of the end of times when Israel was about to enter into their Sabbath, and so the angel answered, quote:

  18. "Stand upon your feet and hear a mighty sounding voice and it shall be as were it a great motion, but the place where you stand shall not be moved. "

  19. Are you standing my dear Israel?  It means to pay attention, to pay due attention.  And did you hear how there would be a mighty sounding voice, like as by Isaiah, the Lord saying; "He will cry out like a women in travail?"  And are you the one in labor my dear ones? Tell me.   Or, is it me to be in labor, and to cry out in pain? 

  20. And what else does it say?  Does it not refer to you O Israel, to the land of Israel, to the very ground upon which the prophet was standing?  O yes you heard or read correctly, but now let it also sink into you as the indestructible word of the Lord, that the same will be done, with no ifs and buts, nor with any shred of doubt.

  21. How then my dearly beloved will you be frightful, is not your God more than all the nations?  And He did say that you would not be moved, that the terror brought upon those around you, would not touch you, like as he said in another place, "that in that day He will protect all that are found upon your borders."

  22. And so my dearly beloved, these ones around you are but skeletons with no eyes, dead men walking around in their grave, for listen to the rest of the message as he spoke:

  23. "Therefore when it speaks, be not afraid, for the word is of the end and the foundations of the earth are understood.  For at the sound of these things they will tremble and be moved, for they know that the end entails change."  

  24. "Be not afraid," so your Lord is pronouncing to you, and so I pronounce to you, that you have nothing to fear of me O Israel, but rather the contrary, for what man would not protect those whom he loves?  

  25. It is a voice, so you will say, a voice speaking of the end of things, a voice that is also pronouncing the foundations of the earth, which no man could have discover, lest we all die.  

  26. But it will not only be a voice my beloved, but with power to render judgment, and to tear down their strongholds.  And if any ruler wishes to make a complaint, or raise his voice to me, have you seen how quickly the lightning strikes, even so quickly will I, so speaks the Lord, render to them their reward.

  27. Hear now the rest of what the prophet said "And it happen that when I heard it I stood upon my feet and listened.  And behold, there was a voice that spoke the sound of which was like the sound of many waters.

  28. And it said;  “Behold, the days come that I will begin to draw near, to visit them that dwell upon the earth, I will begin to make inquisition of them what they conceive to be to hurt unjustly with their unrighteousness."

  29. "To visit them," do you know what that means? Do you truly have any conception as to what that may entail my dear Israel?  You will have to see it with your own two eyes, and you will see it, for it is coming, and near to the door.

  30. You would like to see it tomorrow morning already since you are fearful of what is happening to Israel and to the world.  But he that believes does not make haste, for he knows that in God nothing can go wrong.  

  31. Be therefore patient O my beloved, as I am patient, or sometimes impatient for your sakes. Yet who can rise unless the Lord sends Him, or call the hour when that is of the Lord in His wisdom? 

  32. "They that wait on Me shall not be put to shame," is that not written somewhere?  And would you dare doubt His word, even if I am over the cliff I would not fear for He is with me to sustain me, and He knows the hour, and the moment, as in every moment.

  33. And now the final part quote; "And when the affliction of Zion shall be made full, and when the world that shall begin to vanish away shall be finished, then will I show these tokens."

  34. Are you under affliction my dear Israel? So far it is but a little, it is not as yet to the full, nor will it be to the full until after you have made the full offering, that of the Bull in the first day, and that of the male goat in the second.  Your Levi's have yet to complete their task.  But as I might console you, considering all the years past, your affliction is very near to the full.

  35. A Lion is to be aroused from the forest, and hearing him you will hear the voice of the Lord your God, and that is but the beginning my dearly beloved.  For after him the bodies of Enoch and Elijah will yet be on the streets in Jerusalem, killed by the devil, only after three days they will rise, and give glory to the God of Heaven. 

  36. But I fear for you, in that devil being with you, having lost his war in heaven, to be furious, and to persecute and torture all that call upon the Lord.  O how my hearts wrings for you, as to that, which will be in that day. 

  37. Flee, and escape, hide yourselves, do not turn back to take anything out of your homes, but flee, for he is cruel that devil, very cruel indeed. 

  38. Know this O my beloved, that when you see these things in Jerusalem, and the nations assembled against you, know that then the affliction of Zion will be full, and the Lord Himself in person will rise up to your vindication.  

  39. These things now I have said to you my beloved in the Spirit of Him that is with me.  May the grace of God and His Christ keep you now and forever.


  1. When has it ever come to pass that an average person, a lowly citizen comes to upbraid and reprove the rulers and the mighty in the earth? Will he not forfeit his life real quickly? No average person will oppose the rich and strong since these do not think twice to kill.

  2. Yet it is of me to do so, and even from my youth I had no fear of them, when I was still young, in disdain I said; "What are the rulers of the earth to me, that I should turn my head for them?"  

  3. The priests that teach take care so as not to anger the strong, but rather seek their protection.  But for me I lean upon no man, and they had better not open their mouth to me in malice, since that would be to their own hurt.

  4. And why is my heart that way?  My mother named me correctly to say; "brave or strong Lion."   For the Lion is king of beasts, and fears no animal however large.   And why should I bow to the rulers of the earth when the Lord has made me a ruler over them all? These are subject to me, rather then I to them. 

  5. It is indeed a rare thing which the Lord has procured, and which He is about to bring upon the earth, for so He spoke to Isaiah, forty eight chapter:

  6. "Hearken to me O Jacob, and Israel whom I called!  I am He, I am the first, and I am the last.  My hand laid the foundations of the earth, and My right hand spread out the heavens. When I call to them they stand forth together.  Assemble all of you, and hear!  Who among them has declared these things?  The Lord loves him, he shall perform his purpose on the world (Babylon)  and his arm shall be against the strong (Chaldeans)"

  7. From where it states that he shall perform his purpose on the world, it is first necessary to explain as to "whom"  the Lord is speaking of. And the "whom" is one to speak of, or to reveal the creation of the world, in specific the foundations of the earth, since these foundations were to be understood by men before the end of days could  arrive, and to impute these into the Lord, and not in the cunning of man.

  8. I am going kind of backwards in this, as therefore I should start from the beginning, it is like so:  First and foremost the Lord calls to Israel, for the sons of Jacob to pay attention, and to pay due attention to that, which the Lord is about to reveal to them. 

  9. And are you indeed paying attention this day O Israel when the Lord is reiterating His word by me?  For the Lord is insisting upon you to hear O Israel as He emphasized the same by again saying: "Assemble all of you and hear."

  10. So, when do you think I can proceed with this revelation my dear sons of Israel?  For not to the world, but this word is specifically directed to you O Israel, wherefore also I made my heading saying; "Hear O Israel."   

  11. Are you therefore truly assembled and ready to listen, so at last I can proceed with my intend O Israel?  For if you are not duly listening I would be wasting my time, and you would be in violation of your promise to God that you would listen to His word, and not procrastinate.

  12. Why did not the Lord just say; I created heaven and earth, instead of mentioning the same but adding the word "foundations", those of the earth to it?  Do you know why?  

  13. It is because the Lord is leading up to speak of a certain person, and since the Lord is not mentioning a specific name, or place, or a date of birth, He is  making reference to that certain person of whom He is to speak by what will be spoken of him.

  14. And so my dear Israel, all you sons of Jacob, are you listening to my words, are you indeed ready to learn what is about to take place?  The Lord is putting a degree of challenge on you, if indeed you are like the rest of His creation.  

  15. He is stating of the heavens and of the earth that when He calls: "They all stand together," as in ready to listen.  And so the question now becomes whether you O Israel, you sons of Jacob, if you are as faithful as His other creatures?

  16. And so the Lord comes with a question to you O Israel, and I repeat; to you O Israel rather than to the rest of the world, in as to "whom" that person might be."  And it certainly is not your Einstein, since a thousand of these could not come to stand in the shadow of the knowledge that your God has lavished upon me.

  17. And, Yes, I do know the foundations of the earth, and I am proclaiming that all these are His creation, and not a mere accident as those stupid scientists and physicist of the world are blabbing out, the fools of the earth that have no knowledge but their accursed imagination.  

  18. And with it these are franticly attempting to make your God out for a liar, and are ever night and day blaspheming His holy name.  

  19. Is it any wonder therefore that I am angry with them, and how it is vengeance that is on my mind towards them. 

  20. But before I will see their eradication from the earth, I wish to shame them, and make fools of them, yes even to anger them that from anger against me they may foam at the mouth.  

  21. And what do I care for their anger to me, since I have no fear of them in the least, but my mind is set on their destruction, a complete and full destruction of them.

  22. And now what is the Lord saying of me? For by now you ought to realize that I am that "him", since no other person in the world has that knowledge to comprehend the foundations of the earth.

  23. Nor is there a single soul in the world competent enough to contradict me, or to correct me in any of it.   This of course is so because your God, the Almighty One taught me, revealing all these things to me.

  24. "I love Him" so the Lord said.  And why should He not love me, since I am His making, from the moment I was conceived in the womb of my mother, in the womb of one of His hand-maidens, a woman blessed above many, and she is with Him, with our Lord, her words as she beheld the angels coming for her soul were: "O how beautiful!'  And I for me I long to embrace her again.

  25. And what O Israel were His words regarding me? "He shall perform his purpose on the world," my intend that is, - to satisfy that vengeance I spoke of.  And how:  "My arm would be against the strong," to trample upon rulers if need be, and mold them as I desire, not as these wish me to do, but after the desire within me, so I will do to them.

  26. And why should I possibly fear these skeletons already dead twice over, since it is the Almighty God, the God of Jacob that is with me, and who formed me in just this way to deal with them.  

  27. Or do you, O you fearful ones in Jacob, that it is only me to speak in this way?  Or, that it is only me speaking, a man, to as a lone predator take on the whole world? 

  28. "I, even I, have spoken, and called him, I have brought him, and he will prosper in his way."   Are you still at attention O my dear sons in Israel?  Are you indeed listening, and is it sinking into your heart, to hear of a solemn truth?  

  29. The Lord repeats to say that He is the One to have called me, and brought me here into this world, into this exile for me, and this strange planet that is not my home., nor where I wish to have my abiding.

  30. And as for whether or not I will succeed as a lone predator against so many desiring to kill me, and be rid of me, the word of the Lord is me to comfort and for strength, as He said that: "I would prosper in my way."  For is not this the faith that the Lord your God O Israel requires of you and of me, to trust Him, and to rely upon Him, and not to be of any doubtful mind?

  31. Alright, now that hopefully I have your full attention O my dearly beloved of Israel, for after every sentence I must call upon you to keep your eyes fixed on me, and not dose off, so I might reveal to you something of a solemn truth.   For you no doubt will look at me and muse saying; 

  32. But this man is not even known in the world.  He may have been writing all these many words of him since he was 24 years of age, and now nearly 50 years later, no one has paid attention at his words, and those who read his words never even replied to him, or promoted counsel, how is that to be reckoned?

  33. Do I have to backtrack to Isaiah 41, where one to mold rulers - had a knowledge and words that had not been heard before, to which the children of men were at a loss to answer, saying: "We can't tell if he is right because such words as from him have never been heard before."  Alright, so I did mention it, and what did the Lord conclude of it?

  34. The Lord said. that as He looked at the world, He did not find anyone with wisdom to provide an answer, or even a reply at His calling, since as you just heard, his words were not just his, but the Lord's as well, as in fact it were His words, the Lord using him as the pen to write them with.

  35. And now having heard these words from me O you my beloved of Israel, will you not judge the words of the Lord as He continued to speak to be perfectly correct? Note:   "Draw near to Me, hear this: from the beginning I have not spoken in secret, from the time it came to be I have been there." And now the Lord God has sent me and his Spirit."

  36. From the very beginning, when I was yet a youth, even though for these nearly 50 years my words, as the words of the Lord, may have seemed to have been in silence or in secret, yet He was with me, was He not?

  37. Then again O my dear Israel, what is the first thing the Lord starts out with, if not again to call upon you to listen, to draw near?  For the Lord knows that you are a stubborn people, even as I know it, you O Israel showing yourselves to me in that way. And of me the same is said; "that stubborn Dutchman."

  38. But now having stayed with me this far, allow your hearts to be joyful, and praise Him who led you out of Egypt, and is about to lead you out of the greater Egypt.  For in the day that you hear my voice, when you hear a lion roaring, it then is the day in which these final words have come to pass, to wit: "And now the Lord God has send me and His Spirit."

  39. And for my ending word, why is all this so good for the hearing in your ears my Israel, and not rather the nations? Might it be for the indignation within me to take vengeance?   

  40. It is indeed part of it, but that is for the nations other than you, since for you my dear Israel there is only love at heart, a very great, and very deep love.

  41. Consider my dearly beloved how it was years before any of this was to come to a fulfilling that I wrote all these words, knowing they were to come.  And how would I possibly know these things if not by the Spirit of the Almighty Lord?

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