I S R A E L    T O D A Y

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             TO: Light of Zion ministry             Kerry Teplinski  

  1.    It reads in your website that Sandra Teplinski has been ordained a “pastor”. That term now can mean several things and I wonder in what context this is, which you no doubt will clarify for me.  For you know how it is commanded us:   

  2. “The women should keep silence in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be subordinate, as even the law says. If there is anything they desire to know, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.”

  3. And  to Timothy: “I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent.”

  4.     If then she serves to write or coordinate, - such duties as will not make her abominable before God and His holy angels, very well, but otherwise she stands accursed.  

  5. Be not conformed to the so called Christians and their abominable practices.  Even the proverb says “When a people are wicked God gives them women for judges”    

  6. Nor will you contend with me, for like Paul said: “If any one thinks that he is a prophet, or spiritual, he should acknowledge that what I am writing to you is a command of the Lord.   --  And: -- If any one does not recognize this, he is not recognized”

  7.   ("Which you no doubt will clarify for me")  so I said to the above, and with no reply he convicted himself of being the vipers-brood, him and all his kind)   Then I heard here in my very home town, how a Jewish congregation installed a demon for a rabbi unto them, a woman. and so even the demons reign among the Messianic Jews.


  1.      There is much to be said about prayer, and more often than not silence would be better, or as the Lord said : “not to use many words.” Still many pray at the drop of a hat for just about anything, and go to prayer meetings when instead before all else they should examine themselves if they are able to lift up clean hands, to address themselves to their Almighty Creator in a holy and fitting manner, or else their prayer is an abomination before God.

  2. Some of you pastors (rabbi's as they wish to be called) think you might be heard better up in an airplane to pray so that God may not afflict Israel with the swine flu? And what makes you think you will be heard?   

  3. You hate your neighbor not to recognize them, and you scorn God with those accursed scull-caps, all in order that God may increase His wrath upon you.  

  4. If you had known God you would have kept His commandments, and getting up into the air wont bring you any closer to the devil whom you serve so well.

  5.     To pray now is simply to ask, and if one asks he should also receive or why bother to ask. Thus it comes down to this - that we must learn to pray, and who but God’s children are barely able to it, let alone anyone else. 

  6. Abraham prayed for the Sodomites, and God would have awarded Abraham with his request had there been ten righteous ones, but there were but three, accordingly the entire lot save three were destroyed.  

  7.     And should I now this day pray for the priests and ministers or those evangelists that travel the world over?   Indeed I have, namely that they will no longer be able to corrupt the people and the word of God.   

  8. And this my prayer will be answered.  The hirelings are not doing their job to build up and replenish the vineyard, but are destroying the vineyard, making those that are once children of hell into twice as bad as themselves.

        Love your neighbor      if not

        don’t bother to pray.

  1.     I am going to relate a bit of history in order to provide an example.   It is a disgrace to be called Lutheran, or Calvinist.  One might just as well be called by the name of Hitler, or Stalin, for like these so were the first, liars and murderers.  

  2. But who among men bothers to educate himself, and the priests of these denominations most certainly will not relate the truth, wherefore also their eradication. 

  3.    These two men were hailed as reformers, but reformers to what?  Luther was no better than the popes which he opposed, and to Calvin the scriptures were a closed book.  He tortured and murdered people for simply disagreeing with him, besides the fact that he forced people to come to the churches at the cost of their livelihood.  

  4. And how many murders can be tallied to the account of Luther, besides his unspeakable blasphemies against God and Christ?

  5.     What these men lacked was “love of their neighbor:  Wherefore they were guilty of the whole law, and kept not the Word of God, wherefore also they stand condemned both before God and man.   Luther is sometimes referred to as the forerunner of Hitler in His vehemence against the Jews. 

  6. And of Calvin it is said he was too strict, but it was not strictness as failing to love one’s neighbor, or as such failing to keep God’s law, or better said, scorning the law of God.

  7.    Test the spirits – is that not what we are commanded by the Holy Spirit?   But who can test the spirits if they are of God except by the sons of God?  For hirelings that merely preach for their belly would not know a righteous spirit if it stared them in the face, these judge all things by Satan’s desire.   And so this word is for the good-hearted people that seek God and His Christ with an earnest desire. 

  8.    And why may it be that I do not give references in chapters and numbers?  For two reasons. In the first place - - each and everyone of the children of God are taught by God, they have His Holy Spirit dwelling with them. 

  9. All such therefore know what is written, and if it be truthful - and we need not tell the Spirit of Christ what is written where.   Or like the angel of God said: "Man was not made to take up his belief with pen and ink, but to be like the angels.

  10. Or did the apostles, or the prophets ever teach us by informing us with chapter and verse?  When you direct someone to a certain part  - - it is called for, but otherwise it is of hirelings who think to find life in the written word.  

  11. And yes from hirelings one may request chapters and verses, since these are never to be trusted, but whosoever requests it from me, or from another of the sons of God, stands to condemn himself in not believing upon the word of God spoken to them.

  12. These hirelings also teach this accursed saying that:  “To have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.”  In the first place now Christ is no-one’s personal Savior but everyone’s Savior.  

  13. And not you can or will accept Him, but He accepts you - - whence and if He accepts you. Like Paul said; “you are not going to bring down Christ from heaven, nor up from hell,” but rather rejoice in this that He called you, and you did not resist Him.   

  14. It is of the hirelings, of that vipers-brood from whom men have learned these ungodly things, and they are indeed worthy of the perdition that awaits them.   To all such my word is folly, but to you who believe it is life.


  1.    I asked of God in Jesus to keep my stepmother (on the other side of the world) alive until I could come to her, and it took some seven months before I came.  I then knew she would remain alive for that time, because I do not ask and then have some doubt whether I will receive, for had there been doubt in me, she would have died in her time rather then in mine,  As James said 

  2. “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.  For that person must not suppose that a double-minded man unstable in all his ways, will receive anything from the Lord.”

  3.    And thus The Lord took her spirit just days after I left for home in the USA again, and people wondered calling it marvelous or exceptional for her to remain alive until then, but like the Lord said; “If you love Me, ask whatsoever you will, and I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”   

  4. (But I am not any better than Peter, for Peter walking on water to the Lord on a boat, at the last instant feared, and the Lord took him by the hand saying; "Why did you doubt?"  So it was with me at the last end coming with the plane, I was stupid enough to say to my brother that I might have to go straight to her from the airport.

  5. Stupid me indeed why did I show doubt after all these months, for the Lord kept her alive till the day that I left for home in the USA again. And O how I reproved myself for being so stupid.)

  6. And what shall we ask of Him?  Shall we ask for riches, or for those that are wicked that they may prosper, or be forgiven without remorse or repentance?  Shall we - - like some - - take pride in the power of prayer to satisfy selfish means?

  7.    These wicked ones have their reward while their prayers will not be answered, and while it may seem as if some are heard, or have such powers, demons are allowed to portray certain apparitions in order that the difference may be shown between the righteous and the wicked.  

  8. For again in all their ways and means the demonic spirit of it is obvious. But then again obvious to the sons of God, while the wicked are taken in by it becoming slaves to the devil.

  9. I asked for wisdom, and for knowledge of the Lord as it was fitting for me, and also that I might have exceedingly love and compassion, to in effect have the love of my Redeemer.  And he granted me these.  In all things I am careful and do not ask of Him anything but that is in His will, or that is holy.   

  10. For what we have need of is but  - that we may come home, to leave this hell wherein our trials are manifested  - and be at peace with the One we love.

  11. And yes I asked of Him concerning Israel but after His will, and not my will nor my desires, Nor will anything occur to Israel that is not bound to occur in the will of God.   Iran is nothing - nor are the Arabs anything to worry about, only those of the earth fear earthly things.  Read for yourself Matthew 10: 26 to 33.  

  12. Before God the nations are less than the dust on the scales – He who formed millions of galaxies by the power of His Word alone, how shall the fine dust on a minute pebble in a single galaxy be of any threat to Him who at every moment of the day gives them the breath in their mouth, which he can remove at any instant?

  13. Do not have any fear of Iran or any of these so called enemies, and while they taunt and boast it is but for a moment in time after which though you may look for them you will not find them.  For like the flower when it blooms in midday the sun rising upon it, it is no more. So it will be with all the enemies of Israel.   

  14. Have your fear of God and not of men.  You cannot serve God and mammon. You cannot love the world and God also.  Fear God, and Him only, remember how the Lord said:  “If you love me and keep My commandment I will dwell with you” And: “My peace I will give you, be not anxious.” 

  15. If therefore you truly love the Lord you will have no fear nor anxiety, they will subside.  But if you say you love Him and keep not His Word, not only that your prayer will not be heard, but it will count against you, and your heart will not be at peace with God when you fear men.   

  16. Do you not know that you will come to own your enemies body and soul to do to them as you please?  How or why then should you come to fear them or be anxious concerning them?


  1. I  have heart-sore for Israel and for the Gentiles, though at one time I freed myself of my sorrow for the Gentiles, and should I now do so for Israel?  But how do I harden my heart for a people that are most dear to me?  I looked but found no Christian church among the Gentiles, they were all worshipping a piece of wood.

  2. And in looking at Israel even those that were called Messianic Jews, these too worshipped in vain.  Who then is left, if perhaps a few individuals?  For as the Lord said, "when I come will I then find faith?  it was like a question but its implication is for no faith,  or as I might say not in general, but a few here and there. 

  3. It now is written:  "But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a woman is her husband, and the head of Christ is God. Any man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled dishonors her head -- it is the same as if her head were shaven.    

  4. For if a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her wear a veil.  For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man."

  5. The sons of Israel are however still up to their old wickedness which they learned from that vipers-brood of old.  For so these acclaim Quote:  "By choosing to wear a kippah you express your decision to live a religiously observant life. According to the talmud, a Jewish person should wear this head covering to be reminded of God, a Higher Authority who watches over his actions."  unquote. 

  6. ("According to the talmud"  yes, -  according to heresy).   And for this and more God gave six million into the hands of the German butchers.  The Lord is Spirit, and in Spirit He is to be served, not with any covering that He condemns upon you.

  7. And why O you Jewish hypocrites if with your devils emblem you claim to be living a religiously observant life, why are you instead living a mockery of all that is religious, not keeping a single iota of what is religion?  For so indeed you label yourselves as "Jewish hypocrites."

  8. And again it is said:  Jews frequently use the term "G-d" and "L-rd" to refer to their deity.  They regard his full name as so sacred that it must not be written or pronounced."   

  9. Foul hypocrisy yes, for if God's name may not be written why O you blind wanderers are you writing His name in a bastard semblance of it?  

  10. You have no respect for His name, what then are you keeping sacred if not your own idolatry, which you learned from those whom Yeshua called "a vipers-brood,"  listing their ungodliness in what came to be called "the talmud."

  11. But the Lord God Himself gave you His name to pronounce in reverence and with truth.  And so He spoke" "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.    

  12. Wherefore He gave us His name to be properly written and spoken of - with due honor and with due  respect. 

  13. Why O you children of rebellion must you always twist everything in direct opposition to God and His commandments?    The truth is: These regard their idol self more sacred - than the law of God.

  14. Behold, So spoke the Lord:  "I will feed this people with wormwood, and give them poisonous water to drink. I will scatter them among the nations whom neither they nor their fathers have known; and I will send the sword after them, until I have consumed them."    

  15. And why would God do so? It is for your irreverence to Him, in hats as well as in writings.  And the Lord executed many in Israel during the second world war, while it was but for His own Name sake that He did not make a full end of you O Israel.

  16. And what else is there to be said, quote: "God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that should not see and ears that should not hear, down to this very day." And David says, "Let their table become a snare and a trap, a pitfall and a retribution for them;  let their eyes be darkened so that they cannot see, and bend their backs for ever."

  17. Six million of your kinsmen into a holocaust, and you want another such holocaust upon you?  If it were not for the endless mercy of the Lord for you, the devil would have wiped you off the face of the earth long ago. 

  18. You are not just ignoring the command of God as the Gentiles do, but you are doing exactly the opposite of what God commanded you to do - - in order to make Him angry at you - - so as to destroy you.

  19. Why O Israel do you still worship these gold plated beasts that lead you to taunt against God? You look for enemies outside of your borders but your enemy is within you, -- you mind you - - are your own worst enemy.  By putting on that foul disgusting skullcap you are in effect proclaiming that you are your own savior, and in fact a traitor.

  20. The irony of it all is that;  For the devils servants you "DO" take off your hat, I have seen it myself again and again. Yet for the Almighty Lord, for your very own Savior, you refuse to honor Him.  (Refusing to uncover your head.)  (Blatant hypocrites so you are. So is my judgment, and is not God's Counselor dwelling with me?)

  21. O Israel, O Israel, what am I to do with you? Shall I refuse to bring you good tidings? Shall I tell the Lord your God that I refuse to be a protector for you?

  22. Your forebears angered the Lord so much that in the year 70AD He packed them in by three million to pour His wrath upon them. And this day you are angering me to the point to do the same to you as God did to your forebears.

  23. Is this what you really want O Israel, quote: "I tell you, many will come from east and west and sit at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash their teeth." 

  24. You claim to have love for the Lord your God, but you lie, for so spoke the Lord God:   "If you love me, you will keep my commandments."

  25. As a people you have been evicted, robbed, beaten, and killed by many gentiles throughout the ages, and why was that O my dear Israel? Was it on account of the wickedness of the gentiles?     Not so!!,   -- For you have been equally wicked, and why thus was it? 

  26. Because you are beloved of God, and He told you in untold many ways that if you sin against Him He will punish you. -- And so He did throughout the ages, upon the children as upon the fathers for you are still perpetrating the sins of your forebears.

  27. But there is this wisdom here -- you were once punished so that the Lord may have mercy upon you in the day to come.  Mark then how terrible it will be in the day of tomorrow for the Gentiles who received no punishment when their reward will be in sevenfold to that of yours.  

  28. You are not supposed to satisfy yourself on what does not chew the cut, or parts the hoof - remember!!  Then why do you do so in not judging everything for all time to come?


  1. Recall that rich man in the movie "Schindlers List" that was put out of his house, in favor of Oscar Schindler?  Note that as he walked out of his house he took his idol from off his doorframe to treasure it with him. How stupid of that man therefore to take with him the very reason for which he was put out of his house.  

  2. How inconceivable ignorant to treasure with him the very cause as to why he was put into a ghetto, there to await his death.!  If he had any knowledge or common sense at all, - he would have thrown that accursed idol in the mire of the street with the words.  

  3. "You fake dumb thing though you were at the entrance of my house yet you did not protect me, nor my home, away with you stupid idol."  Obviously, there was no knowledge nor common sense in that person, as it is with so many that treasure such stupid accursed idols.

  4. Then there is that movie "Defiance" where some 1200 Jews were saved from extermination. (or saved for a greater wrath upon them).  One of these two brothers then also took that idol from the doorframe of his parents house.  

  5. And when they were going into town to the police station to obtain medicine, he handed that accursed idol to his brother for so called luck - that went inside to face the persons inside.  

  6. That brother now though wounded came away with his life, but his two helpers were killed.  And for his idolatry it may just as well as had he killed his own helpers.

  7. You want the Lord to help you, to have Him at your side?  First keep His word, and honor Him, then ask of Him. But if you put your trust in idols, in stupid things that must be carried around by you, instead of them bearing you up - you can fully expect the wrath of God upon you rather than His help.

  8. Why was it that these people had so much affliction in that forest? Because they did not know the Lord, nor did they keep His word, nor did they honor him, but rather mocked Him. And yet for all their irreverence He did not give all of them over into the hands of the Germans -- as for their idolatry they should have been.   

  9. How can you be so backwards to relish in these stupid things that are nothing short of idols, a curse to rest on you.  Had the brothers had the fear of God they might have saved twice as many Jews as were saved, and not necessarily by their hand. 

  10. For this I know, for which I fear the Lord greatly, how very generous He is even upon the wicked, but in the end wills they not mend their ways, they must perish.

  11. A poor people those 1200 that survived, these did not have a teacher to teach them right from wrong, but a serpent to poison them.  Like that serpent said; "We no longer have tears, nor blood, and, choose another people."  

  12. And there they stood with no respect for the God who saved them, not having the common decency to uncover their heads in prayer to Him.

  13. General Patton, vulgar as he was, had the decency to remove his headgear when he prayed, and God heard his prayer. He therefore will enter into peace before these teachers of the Israelites will.  

  14. How O you blind wanderers do you expect that the Lord will help you, when in everything you mock Him, and ignore all His statutes for you?  

  15. It was for that reason why you were driven out of Israel, and why that holocaust was upon you, and now that the Lord regardless of your wickedness saved these few from the hands of the Germans, these continue to rebel against Him?

  16. If therefore these 1200 and their offspring meanwhile have not learned to properly obey the Lord in His statutes, those that did die by the hands of the Germans will in the end have less pains upon themselves than these that did survive.  

  17. For having lived long in vain afterwards they are to suffer the pains of being outcast from their people, and from God's rest.  He who has an ear let him hear.


  1. You pervert yourself with your own traditions which you took from the sons of the sorcerer, and these cannot be labeled sons of Abraham, nor of Israel, for neither Abraham not Jacob lived by their own traditions.  

  2. You look down at your own kinsmen that truly are Jews refusing to accept them as Jews of your own kind, or as I could say - - as sons and daughters of your hypocrisy.

  3. It's an  immoral scheme you have devised to classify only such persons as Jews - that fit your evil mind. Those therefore which you put down will enter into the glory of Israel, - - while you the rebels will not enter into rest. And what else did the Lord say;

  4.  "Return, O faithless children, says the Lord; for I am your master; I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion."

  5. And from Hosea, chapter 1: "In the place where it was said to them "You are not my people,"  it shall be said to them: 'Sons of the living God."   What irony them O you so perfect Jews to declassify your very own people, your very own neighbors, since it will be these of whom it will be said; "Sons of the living God."  While of you it will be said; "Rebels."


  1. What a shame that so few in the race of Israel this day and previous hereto will accept their King of glory, a stubborn people, always thinking to know it better in themselves.  

  2. But then if we look around Israel to the nations round about her, these are equally given into the hands of deceit, the whole lot of them worshipping a murderer for a messiah to them.  

  3. But no I shall correct upon this to say that you O Israel are more rebellious than any, because these nations round about did not have the law of God granulated in them as you have, therefore did the Lord by His prophets count you for the worst.

  4. And what now are we to say of Israel in this day, the eve before the Sabbath?  Shall you wish or pray for her that all the Jews may have peace and be prosperous, with no trouble or hardship among them?    If this were so - - then where would the remnant be to enter into the Sabbath?  

  5. By this I mean the Lord having procured, as He said: “to keep a remnant,” specifically those: “whom He has afflicted” (to that end), and the poor, the needy, and the humble, and such as wait for Him.

  6. During world war II the Lord gave many tens of millions into the hands of their barbarian rulers, and a handful of Jews to the German butchers to assay on them the reward of their doings in this world, lest their reward should be in sevenfold in the day to come.

  7. Accordingly the Lord procured a blessing upon Israel.  But who from among the survivors, or anyone in Israel has a right knowledge regarding this matter?

  8. If any Israelite blames the death of these six million on the pleasure of the Nazi, he or she is as stubborn and as dumb-witted as ever, not realizing that for those who left it was a blessing in disguise. 

  9. You O Israel lost six million, and shortly afterwards Stalin starved seven million Ukrainians to death. Do not therefore pride yourself in being the only victim.

  10. And if this is hard to swallow it is because these are not kosher, they still consume unclean animals – the unclean animal being their own heart and soul. These are not chewing the cut, nor dividing the hoof. 

  11. They pride themselves on kosher like not eating pork, while themselves being the pig.  And so what irony to be the pork and acclaim not to consume pork.

  12. The Lord never commanded Israel what was to enter into their mouth, but rather what was not to proceed from it in telling them to abstain from such as do not chew the cut or divide the hoof. 

  13. To chew the cut is to meditate, to think things through for their reality, and not be like a pig to just dig in and slobber up at eyesight.  

  14. And to divide the hoof is to judge all things for today and for all-time, always to look ahead for what is our destiny. All Jews that are hip on kosher are violating the commandment which God gave them regarding it.

  15. If therefore Israel would leave off of their physical kosher, which never at any time was commanded of God, and turn to the Spiritual kosher which the Lord did command, they would come into the keeping of the law of Moses. And not until then O Israel shall Moses be pleased with you.

  16. Still there has yet to be a blessing for those that this day remain, and for many it will not be so pleasant, for the Lord has determined: “to root out all the rebels in Israel” before there will be left that remnant to be blessed forever. 

  17. Another holocaust if you will, and why not?  Why not bring upon the rebels of His chosen nation that which He brings upon the rebels of every other nation, for there is no respect of persons with the Lord.

  18. Are they not taunting the Lord each and every day with those blasphemous skullcaps, and prayer-shawls.  Israel has (as it was foretold) completely forgotten all the ordinances of the Lord in everything following the idol loving practices of the Gentiles.  

  19. I now in the Spirit of the Almighty Lord who causes my mouth to speak,  say to you:  "If anyone wears a skullcap in the congregation do not greet him, nor shake his hand, and do not enter into his house lest you be defiled as well.

  20. It is indeed a vile thing to put on these accursed skullcaps in prayer, since not only has the Lord so clearly commanded against it, but nature in itself also teaches the difference.  And not so long ago six million paid the price for it, and more are to pay the price.  

  21. Is it common for a man to keep his hat on when he enters a church, or a man’s house, or a place to eat, or to pray? It was customary as a sign of respect to tip ones hat, but that respect is unknown to all that are blind and ignorant, to them that are little more than beasts.

  22. How many unmannered and uncivilized men are still eating in a restaurant or café’s with their hats on, like they have never had a decent upbringing, but in a pig style. 

  23. So it is with every Jew and his skullcap a sign of no upbringing, of wallowing in a pig-style, and of scorn and taunting against God and man, against Christ and the church, most ignorant indeed, and beloved by the devil.


  1. Everyone thinks to know the meaning of the word “respect”, yet few do in fact comprehend the same.   The word “you” is a lowly term in the place of Thee or Thy, which is for the English language, and so it is in other languages.  

  2. In Europe where I was brought up, the term “you” was for the common use of those common to you, but you would not dare to address your father or your mother by that term, nor anyone in authority.  It is simply a sign of respect.

  3. In the English speaking world this term has become so common that even those in authority are addressed by it, and while there is something that may be said for it in the English, I will not condone it when in reference to God or His Christ.  

  4. Wherefore IN God I am commanding everyone in the English speaking world that it (the term “you”) shall not be used  in any address to God and Christ. 

  5. And if anyone wishes to be contentious I say with Paul, if one will not reckon with this, with him or her will not be reckoned.


  1. How will you solve the problems and terror in Israel?  Shall it be by fearing the Arabs and Iranians or the Iraqis?  No my dear Israel but by fearing the Lord your God.  He has already curtailed the Iraqis for you through the American and Nato forces even though you did not deserve it.

  2. Fear God, acknowledge His Messiah, your very own King, and not your neighbors, then see how swiftly the Lord will visit you. You even rebel against those of your own that look to the Messiah, thus like the days of old you still persecute those of your own that believe in Jesus their Lord and Savior.

  3. Nor let those Palestinians cause you worry, nor give them ground, for in a short while though you will look for them you shall not find them, for thus the Lord will do unto them.  

  4. And did I not prophesy by the Lord that even I will bend the knee of each of them?  And that is before you O Israel, yes before you I will bend the knee of each of them, to your joy.  So I have sworn to do, and so by the Lord my God I will do.

  5. Let not the rulers of other countries trouble you with their attitude towards you, These will have their reward and it will be very painful for them. Do not trust in the American government, nor any other of these western nations as if they had any love for you.  

  6. For even during the day when the devils servants were butchering you in Poland, none of these including the Americans were of any mind to intervene, or help you.

  7. You became a nation by the power of the Lord, not by the goodness of any man, or of any government.  And you have supplies and loans from America, not because these have regard for you, but because the Lord your God made them do so.  Had it not been for the Lord your God to establish you as you are this day, many of them would not have put a hand to help.

  8. Remember those one thousand Jews brought over to the USA, and do you now think that this arrogant fox called Truman had any love for them to at last allowed them to stay?  That fox had no choice in the matter, it was the Lord your God who brought forth that judgment.  This I say to you, do not relinquish territory, it will not bring peace.


  1. You want to pray for America to help you?  Very well then pray for America as you ought to, but be not like your forefathers in the days according to Ezekiel when they looked to Egypt for help.   

  2. Allow me to reiterate it for you.  The Lord send Nebuchadnez'zar to punish Israel for their sins against Him, and as he came your forefathers turned to Egypt for help, and so the Egyptian army came, and Nebuchadnez'zar retreated.

  3. But do you now think that God will let it go unpunished that they took flesh for their arm instead of calling upon Him? That they thought to curtail the arm of the Lord, with the skeletons of Egypt?  

  4. Not likely, for so God caused the army of the Egyptians to return, and Nebuchadnez'zar came into Jerusalem to perform the will of God as he was commanded to do.

  5. And what now my dear Israel, will you do the same thing again, by going to and looking for America or other western nations for help rather than putting your whole trust in the Lord your God?  

  6. What do you suppose I should do when the whole world turns against me, when I cannot number my enemies?  I will not see to any man for help, for He who is with me is more than all the nations in a nutshell.

  7. Do not fear your enemies but God alone, and do not take flesh for your arm, but the Helmet of the Lord, do not rely upon America, nor upon your weapons of war, but let the Lord be your warrior, trust in Him, and one of you will hold back a clan, and two of you will defeat a thousand fold.

  8. Iran will never wipe out Israel but quite the contrary, it is Iran that will be devastated.  And all those riches of the Arabs which they have extorted from the western nations, will be yours.  

  9. They built huge buildings, cities, and conglomerates, but they will not reap from them nor will their sons inherit them. It are the vultures and the wild dogs that will satisfy themselves on their dead remains.

  10. That is what is in store for them, do not lean upon burned out wood sticks which when one leans on them they will break and you will be pierced through.  Accept my dire admonition and believe O my dear - - my very dear Israel, believe with heart and soul, and God will be your strength and your deliverance.


  1. You want to teach, to preach to the people - to convert them?  Very well – "teach them their sins and that they should repent of them," so the Lord spoke.

  2. And Isaiah 59: "And He will come to Zion as Redeemer, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression, says the Lord."  Do you now factually know what it really means; "To turn from transgression?"  Do you really?

  3. You look so earnestly for God to establish Israel - to have peace and territory and all that talk about how to gain this or that, and forever to dig through historical promises, and what we are, and what we will be, but never once get to the heart of the matter, to turn the key that gets things moving, namely to repent of your sins, to factually look at yourself wherein you are failing.

  4. You look for a restoration all around you -- while it is within you -- where you should look, at you heart that is not right before God because you scorn his commandment. Faith is worthless without the works thereof - as the Lord said: “Not that say Lord Lord, but that keep My commandments.”

  5. But that seems to be too much to handle, to have a right knowledge, it’s so much easier to follow the Gentiles in their hypocrisy such as temple worship, like having a church for your god, or to simply polish the wood of the cross, and never mind Him who died on it, since He is placing a yoke on my back hard to carry.  I actually have to keep myself to His word, all of it, and if I do I will be hated of men.

  6. Thus you rather follow the traditions of your forefathers, but that all in itself makes you a hypocrite to your own heart.  Or you are already so seared and poisoned by the ruler of this earth – that you rather dash out in defiance to your Creator by putting on a skullcap to taunt Him who daily without restraint gives you the breath in your mouth, and food to sustain yourself.

  7. Often times you keep citing history and more history as if that makes you Christian, while you should rather look to the day you are in and say that: “this day I will turn from my sins, to serve God in truth.”

  8. O no Israel - it is not going to be on your account that you will become the head of all nations, not for any of your righteousness will the Lord save you,  But for His own name sake He is making you most glorious.  It is because of His promise He made to Abraham.  

  9. Are you therefore descendants of Abraham?  For being a Jew does not necessarily mean that Israel was your forefather.   You have no boast - nor will you have one, but you will come to say,  Jesus the Lord is our righteousness, He alone our righteousness.

  10. And will you be jealous of me O Israel because the Lord your God infused me with knowledge and wisdom, a princely heritage? It is your own fault that it fell on me way back when the sons of Aaron made a false offer, and they failed to eat of that holy sacrifice whereby they might atone for the sins of the congregation. 

  11. So instead of a Jew to be a prince of princes, or king of kings, it is a Gentile that the Lord honored with that position, all because you showed yourselves to be rebels.

  12. Just like that teacher in Byelorussia in the woods, acting like his forefathers in the desert when they came out of Egypt, complaining to God why He has brought them there to save them, to grant them a royal heritage.  

  13. The Lord has appointed me a royal heritage, yet this day I am in exile, being vexed everyday, and I have yet to endure the anger and wrath of all mankind.  Shall I then complain, and not rather accept with joy and gladness that He thought me worthy to enter into His rest? 

  14. Wherefore the Lord by Ezekiel said: "I Myself will raise one up, I will take a tender one of my Christ, from the very top of that Lofty Cedar. The very top meaning in the very end of times.

  15. It is expedient O Israel that you are hated or disliked by the nations, so as to shame all these nations for their abhorrence to God’s law to love their neighbor.   

  16. And even in a day to come the tribes of the nations will pride themselves in someone other than you, wherefore I determined to put an end to their boasting.  And it will indeed be ended when I shall embrace the dearest love of my heart.

  17. No, you cannot as yet comprehend these words my dear sons and daughters of Israel to know what is in the day of tomorrow many days from now, such secrets as the Lord grants to those who love Him, and for whom it is meet to know. For my teaching is not from a written word, nor does my heart speak by it, but from the Spirit, from a Lofty Spirit.

  18. “He who does not love Me more than father or mother, or wife or children, is Me not worthy.”  How then will you be tried for the gold to be smelted in the oven?    O yes my dear people that oven will show who is made of gold and what of it is dross.

  19. You are so assured of yourself, and heaven is not all that difficult to enter, and I will know how to defend myself, I will say: Lord Lord we built Thy church and brought many to the faith etc, etc.  Or as the Lord said quote:  

  20. “On that day many will say to me: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Thy name, and cast out demons in Thy name, and do many mighty works in Thy name?  And then will I declare to them, `I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers."

  21. And what did the Prophet say;  "I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter; because, when I called, you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not listen."  

  22. And that goes for me too in not having any answer to me -- since my word is also His word.   Meditate upon this where He said; "And all of you."  For you are bringing it upon yourselves.

  23. O my dear Israel, my very dear Israel, my heart is sore troubled on account of you, and more so for the Messianic Jews, for such as took to themselves the name of Yeshua but fail to conform to His word.  

  24. One who has not known Christ is as we say a child of hell, but when one looks to Jesus to serve Him, but not in truth, that person's pain in hell will be doubled.  Wherefore O my dear sons of Israel if you going to serve Yeshua, serve Him in truth.

  25. O that you might still my heart for you, to take away the pains I have for you, I am reaching out to my beloved, to rejoice, I with them, and they with me. But I fear that as I do I will only anger them, because I am recounting to them their sins. 

  26. And why do I do so? Because I know that unless you repent of your atrocities there will be no Heaven for you.   It would be so much simpler if I acted like one of those hirelings that allow you to serve both God and mammon. Then I would be well accepted by you.

  27. The only problem here is; you would run in vain, you will be doing as the Lord said to Enoch in speaking of the last days wherein we currently are.  For while Enoch was the first lawgiver before Moses, his books have gone into the background, and many a scribe has made corruptions into it.   But so spoke the Lord to Enoch, quote:   

  28. "Behold from their seed much afterwards shall arise another generation many of which will be very insatiable. (And that is the whole world in this day) And He (Jesus)  who judges that generation shall reveal to them Your handwriting, to those to whom He must point out the guardianship of the world, to the faithful men, and workers of My pleasure who do not acknowledge My name in vain. "

  29. I underlined the last sentence, for in saying "who do not acknowledge My name in vain," is speaking to such Jews and Gentiles that keep the word of God, rather than those who do not want to hear about Jesus.   For like you may call upon Jesus and serve Him, but is it of a truth - - or in vain? 

  30. And look what was said, how the books of Enoch would again resurface, and by none other than Yeshua, as it reads:  "He who judges that generation," namely Yeshua. 

  31. And note how it says; "To whom He must point out the guardianship of the world."  That "whom", is me and all those like unto me, for we are and will forever be their guardians, and they our property.

  32. Do you now really know what it means; "Guardianship?" All these therefore are "my" responsibility. And how shall I judge them? By the law of the Lord, -- that is how, and by His mercy. 

  33. You now will find all the books of Enoch in my website, cleansed of the filth of the scribes, And you my dear Israel will read these books again, for so it continues, quote: :"And they shall tell another generation, and those having read, shall thereafter be glorified more than the first. That other generation is the remnant of Israel, whom shall be most glorious.  

  34. And it is fitting that these books should be read only by those who are to be the guardians of the world, and the righteous sons of Israel, since in them is much wisdom that is not for the world.

  35. Now I wish to quote to you another part of Enoch how he said: "And again know another mystery that to the righteous and the wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy for truth and great wisdom. Thus to them shall be given the scriptures, and they shall believe them and be glad in them. And all the righteous ones who learn from them the ways of truth shall rejoice and be rewarded.

  36. That to them (the righteous and wise) shall be given the Scriptures. Think about this, and recall how I said that to Calvin the scriptures were a closed book,  - - he was not of the righteous nor of the wise, that this treasure of the Lord be given or opened for him.

  37. And recall again how I made it clear that when I preach a word to someone, and he will not believe, that it is as the Lord said; "You stand already condemned because you would not believe."   

  38. For I brought him the word of God by the Spirit of God speaking by me, and whosoever rejects me, is not rejecting me -- but Him that has send me, by whom I speak.

  39. No my dear people it is not as easy as you might think, your heart must be truly sincere, a contrite spirit is the one that will be accepted.  They that are sown in shallow soil will soon die out, because they did not take it to heart as they ought to.

  40. And what now have I done? I have spoken in the wisdom that the Lord has imparted unto me, I am doing what Enoch said in one of his books, quote: "Therefore reveal it to them with your wisdom, for you are their guides, and you are their reward upon the whole earth until My Son and I are united with them forever in the upright paths of their lives."

  41. To the unwise I am a pain in the behind, because they have gathered from my words that I will come to judge them, or as Enoch here said - "to be their reward."  Not that they will believe me, but I should not speak to them in such words.  

  42. I on the other hand have not come into this world to bring souls to salvation, because for one thing, not a single soul shall be lost, not one of those written in the book of life.  But as the Scriptures proclaim, it is for judgment.

  43. I however can not hold off trying for their souls to salvation, for it pains me greatly like a sword through my soul to see them worship in vain.  Yet when I consider Israel in their speech and attitude in all their stubbornness they seem worse than the Gentiles.  

  44. But it only seems that way, for as I consider the Gentiles in their idolatry what is there among them that is worth saving?   It is truly as prophesied that this generation - - this last generation - - is more apostate than any before them. Wherefore again it is no wonder that before long it will be as the Lord said, "That He will make men more rare than fine gold upon the earth."

  45. O how refreshing that will be when there is left one in a village and two in a city so that no longer there will be heard the voice of aposty, nor the arrogant look of the boasters, nor those filthy movies or the smut on the internet, or the violence portrayed on TV.  

  46. I will indeed rejoice when the flesh of all those who pronounced the word 'evolution' on a positive tone will be consumed by the vultures, for that is indeed where they belong - - in the belly of vultures.

  47. PSALM 81.    But My people did not listen to My voice; Israel would have none of Me.   So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels.      

  48. O that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways!   I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their foes.


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