My expressions throughout the years

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Rec. 52  (May 16-99)  

  1. Quoting a line from a magazine, "the atomic train" How save are we, trains hauling atomic materials through our backyards.

  2. In noting these lines I thought by myself; O you foolish people, the atomic bombs are nothing passing through your backyards.  While you’re real dilemma is the ignorance that passes through you, which is the virus that will destroy you. 

  3. Your stupidity is the cause of much destruction and of your death.  When O you blind ones will you learn?

  4. A word from the Lord by Micah,  "The earth will be desolate because of its inhabitants, for the fruit of their doings".  "For the fruit of your doings", for you are a people without understanding, a people that do not know integrity, a people whose desire is greed.  What king shall have his desire in you?  What ruler shall be pleased with you? 

  5. My desire for you is that you be ground to powder, my judgment for you that by punishment you shall be corrected, for you are a people without shepherds, a flock without teachers, and a people that cannot rule itself.  Until you have come among righteous teachers you shall not be desired, until the law of the Lord shall be affixed within you - you shall not have life.

  6. Be not proud O you my people, for you shall lick the dust of the earth.  And guard your mouth from unseemly speech - for your mouth shall be stopped, and no longer shall we hear your foul contentment. 

  7. By your foul speech you have made yourselves enemies to the sons of God, wherefore the Lord will take vengeance on you, and consume you with an overflowing flood.  Had you but given me an ear, and listen to my speech, but you would not hear me, You thought yourself to be the wiser, in your own wisdom therefore you will be drowned.

Rec. 53   (Aug 29-99)  

  1. My soul is angry for the corruption of the soul of man, how they lend themselves to evil, corrupting their souls with greed and in-consideration, while though they know better and have no excuse for their actions.

  2. And so I am angry and sad for the soul of man, that for the greater number they are a despicable lot, an abomination to my soul.  So much so that it came from my lips that I hated this world and everything in it.  O how man is without love or due consideration for their fellow man.

  3. Hear this you people.  My heart is one that cannot endure injustice, nor can it bear ignorance, nor the in-consideration of man.  And given the rule of men I will not condone, nor accept, nor endure the injustice of men, nor their ignorance. 

  4. For either you shall abide by the law of my Father or you shall not enter upon my borders.  You shall have consideration for all creatures, or I will slay you with a rod of iron.

  5. My justice which is not my justice but that of my Lord and of my Father, is not anything like unto your justice.  On account of the injustice among you I will punish a great many, like as when a person is sentenced wrongly by you. 

  6. I will not only reward the judge but all of the jury members in an eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth, life for life.  And equally so with the prosecuting and defending attorneys for any infraction or ill manner they may have displayed.

  7. In the sight of my justice, which is the justice of the Lord, you will not argue, nor question the persons as you do now, for I will not condone your stupidity, nor the least of your unjust behavior.  Your system of justice will be eradicated and be cast into hell, your courts are for an everlasting destruction. 

  8. And when I root out the injustice, to punish the wicked for their wickedness, let not the people shed a tear, nor speak against it with their mouth.  For this will incur punishment, because of the sound of their voice, and because they allowed tears to fall.  You shall adore justice, or you shall be cut down by it.

  9. The rulers of the earth will tremble knowing I am one to execute right judgment and to slay the oppressor with a rod of iron.  Knowing also that there is no escape, and how they are as clay in the hand of a potter, the Almighty Lord having given them body and soul into our hand.

Rec. 54   (A word to the foolish and the wise.)

  1. You foolish ones, you behold a tornado creating a swat of destruction through a city or a town.  And you look at it as were it a fact of nature, and you modify your building codes to protect yourself against them. 

  2. O you foolish creatures for it is because of your sins against God and man that God destroyed these dwellings as a warning to all.  But you take no warning; therefore more tornados come and create yet more destruction.

  3. Then you say, but are then these people more wicked than others that their dwellings were destroyed and not others?  And so you see how ignorant you are to ask such questions.  For if God wished to destroy men for their sins, He could wipe all men from the earth in the blink of an eye. 

  4. But no He is merciful, He causes only a demonstration to destroy but a few dwellings so that men might see His power and turn from their wicked ways.  And yes men do see, but for all their calamities that the Lord brings upon them they do not turn from their wicked ways.

  5. And thus the Lord is most merciful so as not to let men continue in their ignorance.  But from time to time brings more calamities on them to awaken them, be it a drought or a flood, or a gentle earthquake or a destroying earthquake.

  6. But men are like stones nothing good enters into them.  Instead of turning from their wicked ways so that no earthquake may befall them - they taunt God attempting to overcome God's power by building stronger structures to withstand the wrath of God.

  7. You fools, how do you think to taunt God and overcome Him, to stand against His Almighty power?  For He is able to destroy the strongest of your works as easily as the most feeble of your works, for you are nothing, less than the dust on the scales.

  8. Like unto an ant placing a pea size rock upon the hole of his nest to guard against destruction, then comes the Master of the house, and with a shovel uproots the entire nest.

  9. I have been young and now I am old.  I have known depression and exhilaration.  I have seen good and evil, the rough and the smooth, but nothing made me more sad than to behold the ignorance in man.

  10. My love for learning was rooted in my desire for understanding, and coming to understand, experiencing the joy thereof I found equally pain.  I reached out to comprehend the world around me, to know all that may be known of the physical being. 

  11. But had it not been given me to search out such many things I would not have known to search, for it was of the Father of all creation who destined me to such understanding, just as I have received of Him.

  12. No man taught me, not by letter, nor by books, nor by word of mouth, nor have I taught myself, nor did I discover anything of myself.  But He alone taught me, the Father of all creation, by day and by night, and from time to time.   

  13. For thus He spoke unto me:  "From before I formed the foundations of the world I set you for a light to them that are in darkness, and you shall be their reward."   

  14. And another time: "Fear not, for I shall be with you, and you shall mold rulers as you desire, and pronounce judgment according to My word."  

  15. And at still another time He said: "Whatsoever I set before you, you shall eat, and you shall understand".

  16. And I digested everything as it was placed before me, and given into my heart.  I then wrote many things down, such as was to be written, while many another things I kept in my heart.

  17. I desired to understand the workings of all things, and I took upon my desire with tireless zeal.  I came to question such things as men question, and such things as men never thought to question, or knew how to question to bring me to the very threshold of nature, and to reach beyond. 

  18. But there was no reaching beyond that threshold except that the Father of all, the Great Almighty Lord allowed me a glimpse of what was beyond, and I was astounded.

  19. I have indeed learned more than I had ever hoped for, and came to understand such things as never entered my mind to understand.  What is in the future that men may know?  It is written, "such things as never entered into the mind of man - such things He has prepared for those that love Him."

  20. I then saw and beheld like as through a mist, but only because He placed it into my heart.  And for the marvel thereof I love Him all the more.  For the Lord my God truly is my love, and my adoration, let there for me be no existence without Him.

  21. In the course of my education I found all men of science with their philosophy given into contempt, glorifying themselves in the folly of their imagination.  And with a pride and arrogance to allow no word of truth into them, wherefore they became unto me like as an abomination.  Something from which a man turns away. 

  22. And as I traveled to the ends of the universe (as in by figure of speech) to know and comprehend the same, I found something far greater than what I had looked for, a richness, a perfection I would have - but refrained from putting into words.

  23. How is man nothing more than a ripple upon the water, or the whole of the physical realm in the multitude of its stars.  A ripple upon the water, so I said.  If then there be no water how shall the ripple be?

  24. How dearly my soul desires to leave this earth, if for no reason than the looks and the speech of men, how in their plans, and in their speech they take no account of their Creator.  They plan but without Him who enables every man to his task. 

  25. They speak, but the Lord is not in their speech, nor is their counsel with Him.  Therefore also has He given them over to other gods to rule, and they shall indeed rule them.

Rec. 55    (Friday, October 29, 1999 by Gentiles Sunday Oct 31-99)

  1. How absolutely marvelous is the Lord my God, then I am reminded of the words; "His Son through whom He created the world".  The words "through whom" reflect upon my thoughts, for so I questioned why and how we are.  How did we come to be, and why, and again what are we?

  2. When I look upon our physical nature we are a ripple upon the water, nothing more than a movement which when it ceases is no more and without existence.  But in looking at our spiritual nature we are because our Father regards even the small things, and He wished it known as such.

  3. We are not arbitrarily, merely to give each of us life and being, but rather because of One whom reflects the glory of God.  For His sake we were made, for His greatness and for His glory. 

  4. For as much therefore the Son of God reflects the glory of God, and things were made through Him and because of Him, so all things and the people are and were made for the glory of God.

  5. It is thus for His glory that we exist and for His glory and magnificent being that we have life and being and were given the knowledge to comprehend such things.  Yet I am not able to portray my thoughts into words, lacking the physical means whereby to express the spirit.

  6. Like a ripple upon water.  What is the speed of light so constant, and by what is it born forth?  This used to be a question - that must be left to question.  Or what is the force of the earth by which it remains a whole and our bodies intact as well as upright? 

  7. It is a knowledge I must refrain to express, an insight not for the ears of flesh.  As then I have spoken both to the wise and the unwise I have not spoken.

  8. But for our being O Almighty Father, Thou art our being, and Thou art our life.  Our bodies are sustained in Thy almighty power, and our spirits in Thy grace upon us.  Unto Thee past present and future are one.

  9. Whatsoever I have done is of Thee and whatsoever I will yet do, or not do, is of Thee.  By Thy hand my days are laid out before me.  Thou alone determines the days of the life of each of us.  As then some were made for shame and others for glory, all is by Thy will unto the glory of Thy name.

Rec. 56    (November 28-99  Ezekiel 26)

  1. Have you understood the word of the Lord by Ezekiel O you foolish people?  Shall I expound it for you blind of eyesight?  To whom shall I speak that they might hear? 

  2. Did I not speak somewhere of my siege against Tyre, how the Lord sent his king of kings against her, against the heart of the sea?

  3. This they will sing against you; "How you have vanished from the seas O city renowned, that was mighty on the sea.  You and your inhabitants who imposed your terror on all the mainland.  Now the isles tremble on the day of your fall, yea the isles that are in the sea are dismayed at your passing."

  4. Hear then you foolish ones for so said the Lord concerning you, that He would make you dwell in hell, in the nether world among ruins.  Hear therefore you who have no ear, you mighty ones, and you rich, you merchants, you governors and princes, this is that you will not have a place among the living.

  5. Have you heard?  It is a dreadful end that the Lord will bring upon you, so speaks the Lord my God.

  6. Look now for your honor among the people, receive their praise, and look at your wealth, for your wealth shall be no more, and you shall no more be thought of, or sought for.” Thus spoke the Lord.

  7. And why have I not now expounded the word of the Lord by Ezekiel as you thought I was going to do?  O you small in understanding, and blind of eyesight, if I had to whom would I have spoken?  Who among you has an ear to hear, how will you be educated except by a rod upon your back? 

  8. You have no ear for wisdom, yet let it be told unto you that your fall is imminent, that after this you will be no more into forever.  As you cast my wealth into the sea to rob me of my due, now you will be in the midst of the sea, and fishermen will come to cast their nets.

  9. But this day the wisdom of these words are in vain with you, for not until the waves cover you, and hell receives you, will you understand these things.  Behold, the Lord has spoken, but what child of man has an ear?

  10. I Nebuchadnez'zar received a command of the Lord, and I came to fulfill it - against you O city on the sea, you at the heart of the sea, and Egypt will be ransom for me. I will indeed take from you all your wealth and riches, and not return it unto you into forever.

Rec. 57   (To bear  1999) (62 Jrs.)

  1. I sued judges for their obstruction to justice, but they claimed themselves absolved from justice, and above the law.  Wherefore I came to curse them pronouncing a strong judgment upon them, casting them into the lower parts of Hell.  That for as much as they stood high so they will forever be in the lower parts. 

  2. But how are they to comprehend the reality of my speech?  If they were able to comprehend my speech they would not have acted with injustice.  

  3. Now therefore I must assay upon them the word that I spoke concerning them, even as the Lord my God spoke of me saying, "A mighty one of the nations will surely do to them as their wickedness deserves."

  4. Kings will indeed tremble, and be undone even at the sound of my voice, having come to understand that my love is for justice, and righteous reward.

  5. Because you would not hear me and took my spoils and cast them into the sea leaving me without reward.  Therefore O you people, you nations, you yourselves will bear wages for me and for those that are with me.

  6. Your wealth will be ours, for so said the Lord, that "He would put an end to your wealth by the hand of one who protects the boundaries, one who is god of the sciences and of learning" - if you are able to grasp the same.

Rec. 58    (Judges   Dec –99)

  1. Complain O you judges, and you counselors, complain that you cannot comprehend me, that my speech is strange to you, my words not easy to decipher.

  2. But I know you, how you are indeed hypocrites.  Yes my speech is strange since it is the voice of justice, which you do not know.  Had you understood the meaning of justice you would have understood my word.  Had you known truth you would have understood me perfectly. 

  3. Because now you were ignorant, therefore death will take hold of you.  And because you were lacking in understanding a grievous reward will be upon you.  Did I not inform you how ignorance is punishable by death?  So then you invited death upon you.

  4. How you dealt a fatal blow to yourselves by not rendering justice, that you drove me to the point of pronouncing a judgment against you to remove you from honor.  To remove you for your atrocities against man. 

  5. Now you will not pronounce anything against man again.  And because you slandered your honor - I have taken the honor from you.  

  6. You O you judges, you of all people you will lie down in torment, in great torment, because you did not see it fit to render justice, to instead assist the criminals while persecuting the victims. And I will rejoice at your destruction O you most foul among men.

  7. Do not ask how one such as I shall do all such things as I have said to you.  For I shall bend the knee of each of you great and small.  Even though you may not want to bend the knee yet shall your knees be bend, and your face be turned downwards.

  8. How shall I not reward you according to my word O you judges of the earth.  You do not know me yet though you should have known me; therefore in the end you shall come to know me perfectly.  Had you but understood at first - your lot would not have been so depressing upon you

Rec. 59    (Feb 20 /00)

  1. Vanity O vanity. All the things I have done in my lifetime, and to what end?  And this day it came into my mind that not as before I would limit my work, but this year I would accept all that comes to me and take on as much as is presented.

  2. For so I said unto myself, I do not know why these things are in my heart, but I will see what the Lord wills of me, and where He will lead me.  If this be of Him so let it be, and if not, so let it be.

  3. For I do not have the love of money, neither do I desire wealth or riches, and yet the Lord is adding wealth unto me, and with it my labors are increased to govern the things that are needful.

  4. As the years advance so does my heart.  I recall having spoken, “he does not accept error, and ignorance is a curse unto him. Perhaps he has forgotten that the heart is human.”

  5. I now have not forgotten that the heart is human, but neither can I change my heart, nor the love or the hatred thereof for the things that I love, and of those, which I hate.

  6. Ignorance is indeed a curse unto me, and I detest the incompetence in man.   Do not offer what is blemished, do not bring it before me. The ignorant shall not reside within my courts, nor the incompetent to have their stay before me.

  7. They shall bear their guilt because they were at ease with their ignorance, and they shall not go free because they defended their incompetence, and were hateful towards truth and righteousness, and thought to reproach me for my love for just doings.

  8. And why do you cry? You can’t even keep the small things of the Lord, how then shall you be trusted with anything?  My desire is for peace, no more insurance, no more diamond lanes, no more rush rush, for greed and avarice will be stamped out.

Rec. 60    (May 28-2000  In the way of justice)

  1. This word is in responds to an article appearing in the Press Enterprise of Sunday May 25-2000.  On the Opinion page, "the cry for justice from Mahnaz Samadi".

  2. In reply to you Mahnaz Samadi, and before the ears of all the children of men, I pronounce to you by the name of the Almighty God and judge of all the world, that your cry for justice not only will be heard but has been heard from day one when you were roused within your home in Iran. 

  3. And your cause has not been forgotten even now while you are at the hand of the American criminal's - blood brothers to the Iranian criminals.

  4. This now I say unto you Mahnaz, and to all the many others that are suffering an ordeal like unto you.  Know this for a certainty that those who are incarcerating you will suffer an incarceration longer than you for each and every day they have imprisoned you. 

  5. And they will suffer a treatment worse than that by which they mistreating you.  For it is the Almighty God who made both you and your enemies who will vindicate you and render judgment to each and everyone according to their works and the words of their mouth.

  6. Consider then the abuse, which you suffer now, that it is for your own sins, and for your ignorance of the God who made you.  And how it will come to serve for a blessing unto you, so that He may not lay yet more grief upon you in the day to come. 

  7. Unto the cruel the same mercy will be shown, namely no mercy.  And unto the unjust to have trampled upon the cause of justice - they will be trampled upon. 

  8. This world is not a place of abiding, and for His mercy sake God gives men but a limited number of years to abide therein.  And for the wickedness that has crawled into it by the design of the children of men this world is for destruction, and destruction it will have. 

  9. For as He set a space of seven days, or seven thousand years for the race of men to come forth, calling it for mankind the creation of his world and of his heaven.  Though the world and all of His creation existing long before the first man placed one foot in front of the other. 

  10. So there will be seven days and not a moment longer in which all the race of man from the first to the last shall come forth.  For the womb shall not always bear in grief, and the coming of age will show a termination of what is not in His keeping.

  11. The idiom that Americans consider themselves to have gained freedom and justice, priding themselves in these things is no more than a facade.  The fact that you no longer see the Mob beating up on people to take their money is because they have advanced their robbery to the point where the people line up in drones to hand them their earnings. 

  12. And governments at all levels as well as many large concerns have joined their tactics.  But this will not remain unpunished; they must after all be allowed to fill up their measure, so that in the end we may pour upon them the full measure of their wicked deeds.

  13. If it be for consolation to you that suffer injustice at the hand of men, know and understand that your grief is but for a moment.  Bear it therefore with good spirits, and do not cease to call for justice.  And wills the Lord grant you freedom from them - do not forget by whom you were set free lest a greater calamity come upon you.

  14. But as for the INS, and all the agencies of this and any other government, all the multitude of the people thereof whose hands are stained with injustice, as well as those who in their heart consent, and in their soul do nothing to oppose it - they will be in sad shape.

  15. Allow me to recount to you what their fate will be.  For if they do not perish by the sword, or by fire, or in earthquakes, or by starvation, or pestilence for all the plagues that are to come upon them.  Then at the coming of the Lord they will be pierced through by their own children, and they will turn their hands upon their own offspring to kill them.

  16. Then their bodies will become as dung upon the earth with none to bury them, nor anyone to weep over them.  For in that day, in a single day, the multitude of those to kill their own household and their friends and neighbors one against the other will be so great around the entire circle of the earth, that it will be called the extermination of the wicked.

  17. And those left in the earth will be called the meek of the earth.  As it is written, the Lord saying, "And I will make men more rare than fine gold".  It will be for them to inherit the earth as it was spoken for yet the seventh day, the remaining day of creation.

  18. But this is only the beginning of their calamity to lay in shame upon their beds in Hades.  For at the end of creation, the seven having ended, then the great judgment of God their Creator executed by His angels will come upon them, and they will be cast into what is allegorically called the pool of fire.

  19. There they will weep and gnash their teeth, for then they know that there is a God who executes justice.  For as the Lord spoke saying, I will no longer have mercy on them, and their lives before Me shall be annihilated, having cast them into the nether world body and soul.

  20. May now my word be for a healing, and for a consolation for such are appointed thereto.  But as for you rulers, and you arrogant beasts who pride themselves as were they in a land of freedom, with justice for all.  

  21. I counsel you not to anger me yet more with your lies, and with your deceit.  Your nation of so-called freedom and justice for all - is slated for destruction along with many other nations.

  22. It is because of the wickedness of the people, which you have taught them - that the Lord gives you mere children to rule over you.  Of what value is your ruler?  If he were a leader the article of Mahnaz Samadi would not have appeared in the papers.  And the heads of those officials in the INS would have been hanging in a nose on a tree.

  23. But you have no leader.  God has taken away from you such as are competent to rule, to the end that the whole of the nation may come to destruction because it is with the people as with those that govern them.

  24. Enumerate them that lie, and that steal, and that commit adultery, and cause injustice, as them that are guilty of the murder of either or both body and soul, priest or otherwise, and what shall you have left in all of this nation?

  25. Those few therefore shall go into the new millennium to rebuilt old forgotten statutes.  The bulk of you however shall perish, Even as I have prayed before the Lord my God that you may perish and be exterminated from the face of the earth. 

  26. For I testify to you that though it is appointed me, I have no desire that I should be a ruler of you.  For the lot of you are loathsome in my sight.  Therefore did I pray that you be ground to powder.

  27. This now is the verdict and the judgment that will be executed upon this nation and every other nation not in the calling of God, and it is soon to come.   So have I spoken.  Ariel.

Rec. 61   (June  11 – 00  “In its time I will hasten it”.)

  1. The Lord alone is great, He alone is able to save.  As for men they are like unto the dust, their saving grace is but oppression, and their goodness as corrupt as they are.

  2. I called but no one answered, and though I spoke to them for their good they had no counsel at my word.  Thus I beheld them as a delusion, a people not desired.

  3. You say you have come forth by chance, well on then you blind ones let your chance save you in the day of trouble.  And let your own accident give you life when it is desired.  You foolish ones are your own menace to your own life by your foolish acclaim of evolution. 

  4. Your evolution will not save you, and I will surely punish you for the very mentioning of the word.  Hear and understand O you foolish ones, I will surely lay grief upon you for the very mentioning of the word.   So have I spoken.

Rec. 62    (July 4-2001)

  1. The Constitution, as it is said, to include freedom of religion, meaning, freedom to scorn one’s Creator, and free reign to commit idolatry.

  2. Such freedom does not exist, for if it did man could not very well be held accountable before God. Religion, the meaning of which being “law”, there is no such freedom for man to practice whatever law he desires.  Man has but one choice, to obey the law of his Maker.

  3. The first commandment is to honor the Lord God with all your heart.  And the second, to worship no other gods.  And the tenth, not to covet what is your neighbors.  These cannot be physically enforced by an earthly government, but where it states, you shall not kill, and, you shall not steal, nor bear false witness against your neighbor, these the earthly government can and must enforce

  4. And where it states, you shall not take the name of God in vain, this should be enforced by the earthly government when done openly in public, just as libel of any person is, and making fun of a ruler likewise is punishable.

  5. Regarding the keeping the sabbath, this is specifically for the sons of God to which the sons of perdition are not eligible. If then a government acclaims itself a nation under God, and sets aside the sabbath as a day of rest, let them make a better semblance of it, or be guilty of hypocrisy.

  6. And for to honor father and mother, when it comes to libel or physical harm the government must step in, and for adultery as well, not to legalize the same, since as they professed they were a nation under God.

  7. Accordingly, abortions being premeditated murder, no rule to allow the same shall be made, for the blood of each and everyone of them shall be demanded from the rulers, and of the parents, doctors and nurses.

  8. As there is a physical and a spiritual consideration so there is a difference, while for a nation or a constitution to state “freedom of religion” is nothing short of a lie.

Rec. 63   (June 24-00     “Ask of me”.)

  1.   My plea O Lord; Grant me the nations, the nations and the tribes of the Gentiles, that I may render to them the reward of their doings. That I may pardon the man in ignorance, and humble the proud, and abase the cruel one. 

  2. That I may assay on them Thy law and Thy precepts that no man may be without Thy law, nor look to any justice but Thy justice alone.

Rec. 64    (The kings) 

  1.   Hear me you kings of the earth, and pay attention at my words that my words may be food for thought unto you.  You enslaved nations, and even your own people, and for what?   For sheer vanity, and for your own greed.  Even for nothing more than to built a tomb.   For you vainly imagine to take gold and precious stones and food, stolen goods along with you into the next life. 

  2. O you ignorant kings, you left your stolen goods for the grave robbers, a just remedy for your foolish behavior.   It will do the grave robbers more good than you.  For you will take nothing with you. And you will have nothing, but a just rendering for your atrocious behavior.   You were not just rulers, and you know it.  

  3. You murdered not only the strangers, and such as you enslaved, but even your own people you robbed of their day in the sun for nothing more than your greed and your ignorance. 

  4. Nor would you remotely consider to give your own life for your people, or even your life for your enemies.   For who would do such a thing to give his life for his enemies, and for them that hate him and oppress him?

  5. But now look and behold and see how the sons of the Most High the true kings give their life for their people, and for those that hate and oppress them, even as their Lord did.   So what kind of ruler are you compared to them?   

  6. I for one will give my life for my people, even for them that have hated and oppressed me.   I hold no grudge against man, nor will I take the life of a person for any of the reasons for which you murdered so many.   I am kind and generous with compassion and great love for them to render a just reward.

  7. Who therefore are you O you butchers, you kings and rulers of the earth?   If a man is not willing to give his life for his people, rather than to take their life, he shall not be worthy of them, nor to be called a king.   

  8. Look therefore unto those into whose hand you are given, the sons of the Lord, how more eloquent and righteous they are to receive the multitude of the people into their hand.  For these offered their life’s for their people, and gave themselves an offering for those that hated them, and that abused them.

  9. Such is the love of the kings of the Most High Lord. Therefore also has the Most High given the people into their hand, and has put you down you one time kings and potentates of the earth.   For you not only ruled badly, but you were the murderers of such as did you no harm, and to whom no such harm was justified.

  10. Look therefore again O you kings and potentates of the earth, how unworthy you are next to those of the Lord, and be ashamed of yourselves.  Learn how you gathered treasures to your own demise.   

  11. When your noses are ground into the clay from which you were made – you will know that it was for your wicked deeds, and for your foul speech, and for your thoughts that were corrupt.

Rec. 65   (What is the command of the Lord?  Joshua 8. )

  1.   An altar of uncut stones, upon which no man has lifted an iron tool.”  Meaning; the word of the Lord, uncut, and unchanged, not twisted or reinterpreted by any man.

  2. If the stone (the word) be square it cannot be said to be round, and if it be round it cannot be said to be square.   Man’s interpretation (as he feign calls it) is to cut upon the stone, to abridge the word of God.  If you will offer anything to God, or to call upon Him, or wishing to pronounce His word, bring to Him the word as He has proclaimed His word, as He stated it.

  3. You are in trouble you that call yourselves mormons, to write out your on word by which to serve God, you have lifted an iron tool upon the stone upon which to make offerings.   And likewise with the adventists, or the romans, or the protesters, baptists, and all those kind, all of them without exception.    

  4. You are those of whom it was said “ twice children of hell”.  You think to have God’s word, and to know Him, but you do not know Him.  You know only your own idol desire and to worship it by a façade of God’s word.

  5. Hear therefore the command of God you foolish creatures, and know that for as much as you lifted your tools upon the altar of the Lord, you are rejected of Him.  And you will soon come to know it.   The Lord is a wondrous Lord, I marvel at Him, at the many deeds, and for his many thoughts that He performs among the sons of men.

Rec. 66    (Sept 4-2000)

  1.   As I look on man I am appalled at his lack of understanding, how illogical man really is, and foolish in his doings.  He does not have eternity in mind, nor are his eyes fixed on what is to become of him.  He toils yes, and not only for his belly, but for greed and for lack of knowledge he is putting himself into subjection, and into regret.  If now only he knew it, but God has not given him ears to hear, nor eyes to see – lest he should attempt to seat himself next to his Creator.

  2. Consider the major projects he has undertaken, the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, the bridges, the dams, the canals, the railroads, the oilrigs, or any of his other endeavors.  Some to a good end, and some to a vain end. Yet in all of them he enslaves himself, and takes little or no regard to the welfare or proper employment of his people.  

  3. Even in the best of them where there is a concern for the welfare of the people, he nonetheless labors seven days a week, if not around the clock as if he is in some hurry to drive himself into the grave.   

  4. Take for example the Hibernia, at what cost it was built all for nothing.  For since he had no regard for God or His precepts his endeavors will not remain, and he will receive only rebuke and punishment for his disregard of the law for all men.

  5. Man’s search for oil is not for his need as much as it is for the greed of a number of them.  For these buried the alternatives, and at the cost of a man’s life will he come to introduce progress.    Had they given me an ear when, God having given it me - and I approached them - they would this very day have no need of Hibernia, or any such rig. 

  6. But had they heard, and had it been given them, it would have been chaos, for greed knows no end, and this generation is not for the abiding. And thus man labors only to put himself into subjectionHe does not take the rest, how much less therefore shall he receive rest. 

  7. And into subjection so I said, for he that labors without wisdom, or as I might say without good and true knowledge will become subject to him that is endowed with such knowledge.

  8. I shall prophesy and give a look into the future.  For by the grace of my God I will undertake to build projects greater than any man has yet imagined, with more workmen than any man has yet seen.  These however will have their rest; they will labor and take their time with joy.

  9. Solomon was both gentle and kind for he was wise, even so I will be kind.  For again there is no timetable with me, or why should there be - seeing how all eternity’s are before me.  And my store of means from the Lord is unlimited, even as the number of those subject to me are numberless.

  10. So I say again to you; seven days a week – and for what?   And so indeed I contemplate how man is indeed a creature of the dust.

Rec. 67   (September 24 –2000)

  1.   I will have mercy on the oppressed, and upon those that are beaten without cause. And the authors and the butchers of all those that formed the oppression shall be in sad shape.   But you do not comprehend the reality of my speech O you foolish ones of the earth.   But in the day when the Lord acts to render justice, then you shall understand it perfectly.

  2. I am angry with this world and with its people.   I am angry for their ignorance and for their lack of integrity, for they have no integrity and they are without knowledge.   Therefore do they vex my soul each day, with their cruelties, and with their lack of integrity.

  3. Why should I have compassion on you O you miserable ones that enslave children, and oppress the weak?    My compassion on you will be to demean you and to bring pains upon you as the reward for your cruelties, and for your lack of compassion

  4. O that I might depart from this world my God, Thou has caused my eyes to see horrible things, and my ear to hear what no soul should hear.  And my soul is sorely depressed because of the people, because of my people, a people that are not fit to live, a people without discernment. 

  5. Like unto a rotten potato that lies upon the ground so are my people, I testify to Thee O Lord, my soul has no desire in them.

Rec. 68    (Oct 22-2000)

  1.   At the beginning of the year I said to myself “I will see what the Lord will do for me, and accept all such labor as He will grant unto me.  But now this day having been enlarged by His grace I am bound to make a new commitment, that I should taper down from the work given me, and accept less and less that I may free myself from it.

  2. Because the people are vain, and desperately corrupt, and there is no dealing with them except in hell, that they may be taught a lesson never to be forgotten.   Their greed knows no end, and of integrity they have none, how then shall I continue with them.  I will disengage myself from them, and leave them to fall backwards in their own greed.

  3. It is time O Lord my God; O would it be the time in Thy hand to reprove the nations, and to exterminate them from the earth so that justice may be established, that Thy justice may reign upon the earth.  For it is not proper that the people should be turned into a healthy lot without grinding them to powder. 

  4. I know that Thou can do anything O Lord, that there is not anything, which Thou cannot do, such as taking the animal mind from man, and molding them into human hearts, or the heart of stone into flesh.   But these people have gone too far in their atrocities, and they have degraded themselves too far for a turning back unto Thee.  The guilty cannot be left guiltless.  

  5. In Thy wisdom it is extermination for which they labored and it must be executed upon them.   The people have become wissy wassy, the men have become like women, there is no manliness in them.  In their morals they have become less than animals, for even animals do not behave in the disgraceful manner in which they behave themselves.

  6. Justice has gone far from them, and I am quite angry with their judges.   Nor shall it be like they repeatedly say “May God help them,” for Thou O Lord will not help them, but Thou wilt assay on them the curse which Thou brought forth upon my lips against these rebels.

  7. How dreadful my Lord to have knowledge and to know wisdom while one is to abide in this world.  And yet again how grant and good it is to have knowledge and understanding lest I should perish. 

  8. In the knowledge Thou has given me this world has become foolish and vain, multitudes wandering around like blind men.  There is none that understand his steps, nor the destiny in the path’s, which they follow.   They are altogether like the beast having an instinct but lacking the rational that should be of man.

  9. Hear this you nations; whether you will drink or not drink you shall drink you nations of the earth. You shall drink from the cup of the Lord, the cup of His wrath.   And you shall fall and not rise again, your bodies shall be as dung upon the face of the earth, and my eyes shall not weep over you, nor the eyes of your beloved ones for they shall be no more.

  10. I detest lies, especially those with malice, that lie with the intend to cause harm, to sow discord and to rob a man.  This is more vile than manslaughter, more wicked than a whore, as detestable as a pimp.  May the Lord God destroy all such liars and cast them down headlong, and may their goods vanish from them, and may the curse of the people rest on them.

  11. I despise hypocrites and I loathe them that act without sense, the ignorant man saddens me, and the proud anger me.  With deceit and with falsehood and with malicious cunning the evil one has turned them that dealt in good faith against me, they took up falsehood and malice.

  12. Let the king of Babylon be slain, and his people with him, and rise no more.   I detest all idolatry, and pity the poor for his lack of determination. I indeed have come to hate evil as much as I have come to love righteousness.

  13. The more my soul sets upon uprightness the more I detest falsehood.   I have grown weary of this world, and of the people in it.   Let them be irradiated from the earth, let them be ground to powder for they refuse to hear, and the mind to be corrected is not in them.

  14. My heart is sore troubled, I reach out to comprehend Thy marvelous works O Lord but I am not able to grasp.  O that my reasoning may be heard, and my petition come before Thee, that I might receive wisdom and understanding.

  15. That I may comprehend Thy way with the sons of men, and Thy purpose and Thy reasoning in Thy works.   For my heart is distressed and I weary myself to no avail.

  16. Of the men I said they are no more than babes, only they do not know it.   In their pride they are like the unborn, men of no accounting.  And why then did Thou create them O Lord? 

  17. They dilly dally about and are happy, they ravish the earth and their neighbors, and think no more of it, while in fact they should be sad and deeply distressed because they lack understanding, and do not comprehend the word they speak or their steps taken.  

  18. I am at a loss with this people, for I am not able to commune with them, my word and my thoughts are altogether strange to them. To what end O Lord did Thou create those large animals in times passed to roam the earth.  

  19. But then again I muse in my heart what is time long or short in the span of eternity.   But even more so I search to understand why O Lord Thou did create each of them to live from the other, that the death of one should be the life of the other, that there should be the hunter and the hunted.

  20. But then again what is death when the one dies and new springs forth as a life of the same.  And so I wonder and come to ask, what has died?   What was our earth before Thou did form man upon it, and took away the large animals?  And why did knowledge not increase in former ages, as if I did not know the answer?

  21. And how many of these globes like unto this earth has Thou made O Lord that Thou has filled with the life of the flesh?   When I consider the stars for their multitude, and we as but a speck of dust therein how marvelously great art Thou O Lord?

  22. And then to know how marvelously well Thou does care for all that Thou has formed upon that speck of dust. How marvelously well Thou does govern each and everyone of Thy living creatures thereon.  These things are much too much for my mind to comprehend, yet I yearn for understanding.

Rec. 69   (February 2001)

  1.   Hear this you shameless and inconsiderate creatures, you cruel ones, there are those among you that have fabricated that which is called a “stun-gun”.  And it is used on the person of humans as on animals, yes with more power and more cruelty on humans than on animals.

  2. Let them be accursed each and every one that uses such devices.   And let the users and manufacturers eradicate these devices.  And if these will not do so upon my word then let them be eradicated and let death rule them.

  3. Do not think O you inhumane creatures that you will escape your reward for the use of that device, be it on humans or on animals.  And do not think to debate the issue with me, or to speak a word in defense thereof, for I have given you an order. 

  4. And as for you leaders, I know that you are mere children not knowing how to govern the people, but you acclaim and pretend to be so competent. Therefore because you pretend to be competent, therefore I will lay upon you the reward of your doings.

  5. And what shall I say concerning them that run prisons?  How ironic that the greater criminals guard the lesser criminals, and do you now think that this will not be sorted out you inconsiderate, and inhumane creatures? 

  6. Whether therefore you were told, or not told, or you knew it, or knew it not, you reward will not fail.  Know this; that your prisons will be emptied and the interns that suffered at your hands will be removed, then your turn will come to receive a double to a sevenfold measures for your criminal acts.

  7. How often do I have to repeat it - that men cannot rule themselves, nor any people be led by mortal men?  Are my words too difficult to comprehend?  You therefore being mortal how do you conceive competence?

  8. Your mind and your acts testify against you.  If you desire that I should have mercy on you – you had better show mercy, and if you desire that I should do right with you – you better show that you done right with others.

  9. For the sake of the oppressed I cannot let you go free, and for those that were maltreated I cannot forego the due reward upon them that mistreated them.  If I forgive them that mistreat me, will then the Lord forgive them as well?

  10. One to whom injustice is done might forgive its oppressor, but I cannot therefore do the same.  If the righteous suffer being righteous – shall then the wicked escape?

 Rec. 70    (Feb 2001)

  1. Let not my kindness, or my humility, nor my generosity deceive you, for with those that I must I will rule with an iron hand.  Put away your pride, and your disrespect for those of another race or color, and remember mercy with a willing spirit.  

  2. For I am a helper of the oppressed, and I will not leave the guilty guiltless.  With the rod of the Creator of all I will dash to pieces all that is proud and high.  As for those that did not love their neighbor I will show them my lack of love for them, and for those that abhorred their own flesh, I will abhor them.  

  3. If you look for a reward then love even your enemies, for what reward shall there be for them that love only those that love them?  For in so doing do they are merely performing what is their duty.

  4. I will be as a Lion upon princes and rulers to break their necks, and upon judges and magistrates as a bear who casts his weight on them to crush them.  And who will escape from my hand? 

  5. You will not escape, nor will you have power against me.  There will be no place for you to hide, not for anyone of all the nations that are given into my hand. 

  6. The Lord appointed me and I will not be slack in my duties.  Do not think O you multitudes that I shall seek council from you.  I will not seek your opinion towards any matter, nor seek your input.

  7. For when I called in an acceptable time you did not answer wherefore I came to behold you as a delusion, as creatures devoid of council.

Rec. 71   (April 8-2001)

  1.   One week and one day to the preparation of Passover, and so the proverb;   Everyone who is arrogant is an abomination to the Lord, be assured, he will not go unpunished.”  Gold and costly stones are in abundance, but like unto a precious jewels are the lips of knowledge."

  2. How shall I speak a word of knowledge to this people, to the nations?  They have seared their ears and branded their hearts and their mind so that nothing may enter into them, anything of the Lord that is. 

  3. But with the flag high on the mast they will run to every soothsayer that proclaims such words as they wish to hear.  And by sheer ignorance they plow forth upon rocks and nurture weeds, thorns and thistles. Still I will proclaim the word of the Lord, it may be for their children, such as may be left of them after the vengeance of the Lord.   

  4. The Lord spoke as follows: “I gave you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and lack of bread in all your places, yet you did not return to me.  And I also withheld the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest, I would send rain upon one city, and send no rain upon another city, one field would be rained upon and the field upon which it did not rain withered.

  5. So two or three cities wandered to one city to drink water and were not satisfied; yet you did not return to me.  I smote you with blight and mildew, I laid waste your gardens and your vineyards, yet you did not return to me.”

  6. Pick up the newspaper and look around you O you people of the nations, does this not sound like what is happening among you as it did among the people in the days of Amos, and as it also did among the people of the ages from then unto you?

  7. Indeed it is so, it is the Lord who creates accidents, and mishaps.  The Lord creates war and establishes peace.  It is of the hand of the Lord that wealth comes to one, and poverty to another, but does either one of them recognize the same?

  8. A murderer was executed and thirty persons came to protest.  And why then did you not execute these thirty persons as well you fools of the nations?   For in the act of the execution you obeyed the voice of the Lord, while those thirty had it in mind to violate the statute of the Lord, and to blaspheme His name.

  9. These brought a curse on themselves, and might have been warned by the word of the Lord to Jeremiah, where He said; “Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord with slackness; and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from bloodshed.”

  10. Yes, go on with your songs and your praise in your churches O you people, you blind ones, for this is the verdict that the Lord, the Christ will pronounce over you.  “Depart from Me you workers of inequity, for I know you not.”

  11. The Lord has made the pool of fire large, like the great sea so that it may contain all the workers of inequity.  And he has given you room to go about so that you may curse one another each one his fellow for the lies that each of them pronounced to the other.

  12. There your fellow man cannot depart from you, and you can vent your anger on him for the deceit by which you came into that hellhole with him. There the priests and the teachers of men will be in sad shape with their congregations to curse them for their lies, and for the false hope they lavished on them.

  13. Before you callously ignore the law to love one’s neighbor as himself, you should consider how likens or no likens you will have to go into eternity together with all men, and all creatures, and your deeds will not be hidden from anyone.

  14. But why do I bother to put words unto paper, and to punch up “save” so as to leave it for others to hear and to read? For this people so I testify, will not hear, and cannot hear. Yet perhaps it may suffice for a blessing unto some, and for such I will labor and strain myself.

  Rec. 72    (June 2-2001)

  1. "Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more. Though you look well at his place, he will not be there.

  2. But the meek shall possess the land.  And delight themselves in abundant prosperity".

  3. How well the words of the Lord, how good to the soul.  For Thy word O Lord thy servant waits.

 Rec. 73   (July 29-2001)

  1.  It was of the Lord that men did not answer me.  When I suggested a film to be made to educate men in the wisdom of things, that by a show of simplicity they might come to understand what is under their feet, it would have been in peace with them.

  2. I would have leaned, it would have eased their pain and the reproach upon them.   It would have been as if the noble cedar were transplanted from its mountain plateau to the valleys of men, that cedar which the Lord planted and nurtured. 

  3. The Lord of all did not condone that its branches bow down to the valleys, nor its roots seek moisture in the ways of men.  Therefore was there silence on all sides, and no man spoke.   He closed their eyes, and darkened their minds lest they should speak and stride forward.

  4. So I am Thy creation O Lord and Thine alone, with the word of men not within me.  Of Thy hand I am made, an instrument in Thy hand.   Let me be Thy creation always, and forever more be in Thy nurture.

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