A call to Israel 

                   CHAPTER 16         (1987)         LINK TO OTHER PAGES

  1.     Some time ago the Lord spoke on this wise:     "You only have I known of all the families of the earth, therefore I will punish you for all your inequities."

  2. This day therefore you are at a threshold, call then unto Him for His promise by Isaiah to; "Give to Jerusalem a messenger of good tidings".  which was to be in the time of the last 70 weeks of years, in your day of today.

  3.   The Lord then said to me:     "Comfort, comfort My people, speak tenderly to Jerusalem, tell her that her warfare is ended."  "I will return to Zion, and dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem will be called the faithful city".

  4.   "I am about - to overthrow the throne of kingdoms, to: destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the nations, to overthrow chariots and their riders." "He will roar like a Lion, yea He will roar, and His sons shall come trembling from the west."

  5. And when was this to be?         "After two days He will revive us, and on the third He will raise us up." Two days, as two thousand years O my beloved Israel, and this day is the evening of that second day, the twilight to your Sabbath.   For again He testified:  

  6.   "This first year you shall eat what grows of itself, and in the second year also what springs forth of itself. Then in the third year sow and reap, for the remnant of the house of Jacob shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upwards."

  7. The Lord my Lord says:       "No longer will it be said; The Lord who brought Israel out of Egypt, but; as the Lord lives - out of the north country, and out of all the countries where I had driven them, and bring them back to their own land which I gave to their fathers".  

  8. "Fear not O Jacob My servant - I will save you from afar, your offspring from the land of captivity - and I will make a full end of all the nations among whom I scattered you."  

  9.   " In days to come Jacob shall take root, Israel shall blossom - and fill the whole world with fruit."  "I give Egypt as ransom, Ethiopia and Seba in exchange for you, because you are precious in My eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you."

  10. Fear not my beloved Israel       "For it will happen that many nations will assemble against you saying; Let her be profaned, but they do not know the thoughts of the Lord - He gathers them to the threshing floor. And you, arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion."   

  11. "I shall stride the earth in fury, trample nations in My anger, and go forth for the salvation of My people, and crush the head of the wicked."

  12.   "I will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness, but on the house of Judah I will open My eyes." "As a Shepherd that seeks out his flock when some are scattered. So I will seek out My sheep, and rescue them from all places - on a day of clouds and thick darkness."

  13. And the Lord said        "In the latter days Israel shall be established as the highest of the mountains - and peoples shall flow to it saying; Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob." 

  14.   "The remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations - like a lion among the beast of the forest."   "I will leave in you a people humble and lowly, they shall seek refuge in the name of the Lord, they that are left in Israel shall do no wrong".  

  15.   At the time that I bring you home, at that time when I gather you together - I will make you renowned and praised among all the peoples of the earth, when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes, says the Lord.  

  16. Therefore O Israel       "Arise, shine, for your light has come - darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples, but the Lord will rise upon you.

  17. Come and pray with me this prayer written so long ago. Join with me to invoke the mercy of the Lord our God, and of His Messiah Jesus our Lord and King.

           A prayer for Israel        (Ecclesiastics)

  1.   O Lord almighty God, be merciful to us, sent Thy fear upon all nations, lift Thy hand on all strange nations that they might behold Thy power.  As Thou O Lord were sanctified in us before them, so magnify Thyself to them before our eyes that they might acknowledge, like as we acknowledged, that there is no other God like Thee.

  2.   Create new signs and wonders O Lord, show Thy hand Thy right hand most gloriously. Arise in wrath and pour forth Thy anger, obliterate the oppressors, destroy the enemy, and hasten O Lord, remember Thy oath that men may praise Thy wondrous deeds.

  3.   Let the rage of the fire consume them that live so carelessly, may they perish who cause so much grief to Thy people.  Bring the heads of the rulers who are at enmity with us to nothing, who proclaim - we are it. Gather together all the tribes of Jacob, let them be Thy heritage as it was in the beginning.

  4.   Have mercy O Lord upon Thy people, which received their name from Thee, Israel whom Thou did call Thy firstborn son. Have mercy O Lord upon Jerusalem Thy holy city, the place of Thy rest. Let Zion again be raised that from her Thy word may go forth, and Thy honor be made great among the people.

  5.   Grant Thy testimonies to those who from the beginning were thy own, fulfill the prophesies which were proclaimed in thy name. Reward those O Lord who wait on Thee, that Thy prophesies may be found truthful.

  6.   Hear O Lord the prayer of those that call on Thee according to the blessings of Aaron upon Thy people that all who live on the earth may acknowledge that Thou O Lord art the eternal God.     Amen.




  1.   The 20th century as this is called. The age in which men gained knowledge, bringing to their store the proverbs and history of all the world. But nothing can be more revolting than the ignorance of man, in particular its teachers, its writers, its leaders, and the preachers of men.  

  2.  You imagine having this controversy on your hands - as to whom the land of Canaan may rightfully belong, and you debate as to whether the Bible or the koran is right or takes precedence. Then you debate as to who was on the land longer than another, and you dig through all the treaties and official declaration as if they had any meaning. 

  3.   And "why" do you do so you men of this generation?  Are you not dim-sighted? Take heed you rulers and you teachers of men, and pay attention to the Almighty Lord and the word that "He" pronounced, for you are in sad shape and altogether naked in your knowledge of what is both practical and truth.

  4.   Hear O you Gentiles, why do you question to whom the land may belong O you foolish Gentiles? -- If you truly considered your lives to be of value you would say to Israel.  

  5.      "Here, take all the land, and we will move the sons of Canaan from it, and your borders shall be expanded as you wish, and pray to the Lord your God that He may find it in His heart to spare us, all us nations of the Gentiles.  

  6.   As I behold you nations of Gentiles, you may in fact love your lives, but you know not how to value it, nor how to spare it.  For have you not heard you nations of Gentiles that there is to be a fall of nations? 

  7. And whom do you suppose these shall be? I tell you - there is no other world of which this was spoken, but you nations are these that are wedged in that dilemma.

  8.   Will you not pay attention to princely words you nations of Gentiles, and make some sense out of this? For you are about to perish in agony, and here you sit debating the right of some land and of some people only to increase the agony that is at your very doorstep knocking at your door. 

  9. And make no mistake you world of nations, for as surely as the Lord God of heaven and earth lives it will enter, and you will weep.

  10.     Be practical you Gentiles for not only did that land fall to Israel by lot, but "He" who anointed me gave it to His first-born son Israel for an eternal inheritance.   And "He is about to strike horse and rider with madness, and deliver His firstborn with a terrible vengeance," a terrible vengeance so I tell you. 

  11. And do you my people now wish to be caught in that vengeance? I say to you, that if you were indeed wise, you would consider what I suggested to you.  

  12.   For if you imagine that perhaps only that part of the east is the inheritance to Israel, you my dear friends are sadly mistaken, and grossly ignorant. For not only shall that land come to them, - but the entire world shall be theirs, and you shall own nothing.  

  13. For I tell you of a certainty - they shall own every grain of sand under heaven. But I suppose you are ignorant of these things, for the education of facts may (as you presume), not be in your best interest.

  14.   Hear then you nations of the earth, for I certify to you in the name of the God of heaven and earth - the day is coming that even I shall humble you nations of the Gentiles. As surely as the Lord of Heaven and Earth lives I will bend the knee of all you nations of Gentiles, and you shall be humbled.

  15.   Pay attention you nations, for I have spoken, the word has gone forth of my mouth, and it shall not return. Heaven and earth may perish, but the word spoken of Him who has called me shall not perish but shall be brought to bear. 

  16. And I shall count it my pleasure to do so. It shall indeed be a solemn occasion with Heaven and Earth as witness, and you shall be humbled.  

  17. And "why" have I done such a thing? How did I come to conceive an act of such immense consequence, an act so grandiose to defy all the imagination of man? 

  18. It is because while she, Israel, was a stranger among you, you abused her, and you did not consider mercy when you should have considered mercy. And secondly, because you rejected me, O you world of Gentiles.

  19. I came to you in good faith, and said to you; - "Bear my yoke, and you shall be my mother, and I shall be your son, and we shall be wed."   

  20. But you would not hear me, and rejected me. Therefore in both anger and in regret I turned myself from you - and did as I very well warned you I would - that I would turn to the desire of my youth, and so I did.

  21.     And now I know I have made a prophecy to you, and given you a solemn word. No doubt you will come to call me a maker of allegories, one who sets forth parables, and who hides the clear light from us. But I demand diligence and understanding together with integrity, show me these - and I will show you a clear light.

  22.   You of course are confused, for you do not know who it is that speaks to you, nor has any concern risen in you for your own welfare as if that which has already made its entry in your world is not to be feared. And so I will become a teacher for you in place of those blind bats who do not comprehend what is in a word.

  23.   This controversy you have concerning the middle east comes to focus on something which Daniel wrote in his ninth chapter defining the last weeks of years to three major events namely; The return of the Messiah together with - the judgment of Gentiles and the deliverance of Israel. 

  24.   Those Hollywood moguls then do not very well know how to make a truthful movie. Of that so called "Ten Commandments" they made an absolute mocking, and made Moses out as were he a fool, but your Hollywood black holes are the fools.  

  25. Yet at least it reminded you of what occurred previously. How Egypt was powerful and well seated when Moses came to Egypt, but when he left her she was not fit to be called a nation any longer. But a defeated and impoverished clan of beaten old women and children, which is to be repeated on the greater Egypt, namely, the whole world.  

  26.   An anointed one, a ‘prince’ was to come so Daniel spoke, which your blind teachers have interpreted as the Messiah, as if Christ Jesus was again to come. For these teachers of yours are more ignorant than the hind-end of an ass. For the hind-end of an ass at least knows its times, but these interpreters know nothing, and least of all their times.

  27. Sixty-nine minus seven does not add up to thirty three in my book, and what was the age of the Lord Jesus when He was crucified? And what was the number of years to follow? Did then the Lord return in the year forty AD, or is simple mathematics a problem for you wise counselors? 

  28. Or did seven weeks of years previous to the birth of Christ a command of God go forth for Israel to return to their land?

  29.     If indeed mathematics is beyond your means, and the ass looks good to you, you will quote me, "Cyrus of Persia", and that serves you right to give me such an answer. 

  30. Or tell me what it was where Daniel said concerning the timing and circumstances in which the Anointed one was to be killed; "Armies shall be utterly swept away by him, and broken, and also the prince of the covenant."

  31. Who or what then were these armies in the year thirty three AD you wise counselors? Is there one to give an answer at this? Be sensible! These prophecies have nothing in common with the events of that time so long ago, but pertain to your days, to this day.

  32.   The prophet said; two feathers were to be consumed by the three heads of the eagle before the head in the middle (USSR) was to die on its own bed. And now what? - Your dilemma! That is "what".  You have a few wars to go, better not mothball those missiles. 

  33. Babylon will be wasted, but not from the west. And as for the remaining heads, you better dust off those rifles, you are going to need them. Moreover, there will be famine's in which many will die of starvation.

  34.   And "why" will that be so? - It is because the hind-end of the ass knows its times better than you - that is "why". Your iniquities and your pride is bringing you to destruction, and you rule in ignorance. For the Lord my God hates iniquity, and pride is an abomination to Him. 

  35. And because you have your mind against Israel, wherefore even I am against you. And you have oppressed her, therefore you will surely be punished. Thus speaks the Lord God who has sent me.

  36.   Your senseless arguments now have been raging for some time. But mark this; the rod in the tabernacle of God will blossom for Jacob.  And "that" - my dear nations - will be the end of that argument.



  1. Who am I to preach, to teach Godliness to the people? What has gotten into me that I should be taking God's word upon my lips?  I never even got a high-school diploma nor was my presence found in any school of learning where they practice for divinity. 

  2. Nor did any man teach me what is in a word, nor the physics of anything.  And yet I spoke, and that so much so that even a flood of words have come forth from me.  Nor is that all that I have done, but I have cursed all man's prophets, his pastors and evangelists, all such as thought of themselves to be teaching the people the word of God.

  3. And with my words I have made fools out of all the scientists and the physicists in the earth, as well as of all the teachers that teach their pupils the ins and outs of God's creation.

  4. In all the earth is there any man to fear the Lord?  The shepherds are fools, all them that pasture the flocks, for thus spoke the Lord God: "I will feed them with wormwood, all these pastors, and for a drink I will give these shepherds poisonous water to drink."

  5. The book of Jeremiah, chapter 23, clearly outlines what it is that the Lord will do with all those pastors, and all those shepherds of the flocks that abound in the earth. The word of the Lord by Jeremiah thus serves as confirmation to my word, and the curse that I have pronounced upon the leaders of the flocks.

  6. The water that you drink O you many so called shepherds is full of poison, so that instead of healing ointment you are poisoning the flocks.   All this because your love is but for your own belly, and for the greed of you heart. 

  7. Lies and adultery is what you savor the most, therefore it is that God has withheld the truth from you, for you have no right to take His words upon your lips.  And each time you do, you are cursing your own selves, speaking blasphemously of His name.

  8. You of-course do not understand any of the words which I speak since the poison has dulled your minds, but like as the Lord said, how it is but for a time, how in verse 20; "it will be in the latter days that you will come to understand them clearly."

  9. When the Lord takes up the sword to execute vengeance then you will understand it clearly.

  10. I thought in my mind, that if I speak of what the Lord has said by Jeremiah, that perhaps the shepherds may learn something of a truth, and turn from their wicked ways, to learn to speak by the word of the Lord, instead of by their own imagination.

  11. But you O Leonard, lion of the Lord, you fancy in vain, for as long as their love is for their own bellies, the Lord will not infuse them with His Spirit, nor therefore will these learn until the sword of the Lord descends upon them to eradicate them from the face of the whole earth.

  12. How and why therefore do I speak when it will be of no avail, when it is not the schools of divinity where truth may be obtained, but only by the Lord in His grace upon whosoever He will.  It therefore is not of any man to install himself in the service of God, nor of His Anointed One.

  13. How ugly it must seem to you that it is upon one who had no education at all by the sons of men, by one who in your book had no learning at all that God chooses to shame you, and to cast you down upon your so called excellence.

  14. By men I may be nobody, but by God I am His servant.


  1. Why O Leonard, yes why O you foolish man should I be educating the sons of men, to bring knowledge to their score? Why at all are you speaking to them as if in any wise these had a heart to hear?

  2. Did not the Lord my God say: "Go and speak to this people; "Hear, but do not understand. See, but let them be blind. Speak to them O Leonard, but let their eyes be closed, and their ears deaf, lest in hearing they might turn from their ways and be healed.

  3. And again; how he would sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, placing on the jaws of the peoples; -- a bridle that leads astray." 

  4. Is then this what I am doing; placing a bit and a line upon the people so that I may direct them into a wrong direction, to lead them astray?

  5. Let me be a teacher as these are of their own, that speak and never utter a word, that proclaim to them the falsehood of their imagination. 

  6. Yet I will not be like unto them, lest some falsehood should pass from my lips.  Therefore I will speak to them in riddles, in a word these cannot comprehend.

  7. If then these ask of me for how long that will be so, why should I provide them with an answer, why indeed should I be speaking to the dead, to them that are no more?  For it will be until there are many mansions without inhabitants, and their cities lie in ruins.

  8. If thus these ask me; "For how long?" My answer is; 

  9. "Till you are no more among the living, till but few are left among the branches, the grapes which escaped them that gather the grapes, when but a remnant will be left.

  10. This your heritage O you most blind in the earth, your eradication, all because when I called you would not answer, and at my plea you had no reply. Therefore I became to you as a mystery, as one that cannot be known.

  11. Nor should them, the few that remain, rejoice too quickly, for I behold a sword and it will come down even as yet upon the few remaining, so that indeed none but the meek shall inherit the earth.

  12. Yet for those few that are able to hear my word, this I say to you; "Be strong, fear not, for the Lord your God indeed comes with vengeance, with the reward of His hand He will come and save you.

  13. As for me why should I look to men, to the nations that I may be bound?  I will look to the Lord, and wait on Him.


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