1. The Lord Almighty anointed me.

From before his throne life came unto me.

The Lord shall visit the earth.

He will bring gain into confusion.

Hearts will be startled, teachers troubled.  

2. They say; "He does not accept error.

Ignorance is a curse unto him.

Perhaps he has forgotten that the heart is human."

Commotion's, troubled minds, for knowledge, yet confusion.

Many will not know what to think,

Or how to accept what is plain, and yet not.  

3. Young hearts will grow, taking of one and 

forgetting what makes for an acceptable measure.

They will question, and not take to drink of the old.

Confusion will turn into shame, the old hard pressed.

The great will be troubled, leadership vaunted.

Blame must be set, "He the cause" they taunt.

He brought new to spurn old.


4. The Lord stirred me up, caused to be written.

Bring knowledge to men.

Wisdom to the children of men.

It is sweet to the lips, new to the heart.

But turning bitter within.

And how does one turn again what is once eaten?  

5. A cry; It has turned bitter for us, even ruin.

We were good at our wells, then came fresh water.

It has poisoned our wells.

There must be blame, place it on me.

I the one stirred, I a tree, a dry tree.

But He made me to bear fruit, rich fruit.  

6. He drew the waters away from you all.

Now you shall turn and wither away.

The Lord has done it, look unto Him.

By Him you are in confusion, no longer accounted.

The great will be slaughtered, leaders taken.

And teachers, they should have known.  

7. A word or two, and the world will be mad.

Then it is said: How did we get to this point?

The great have lost to the small; men do as they please.

For a word or two written, turmoil has come,

And confusion for many to fail.  

8. As the fruit is good for the eating,

Yet brought man to his fall, so the word.

But in one's heart, there is one's fall.

Yet they will cause me to hear, I am the cause,

I who brought troubles to bear.  

9. Speak as you please, I know the score.

And from where I have descended.

For thus I speak now, before it goes forth.

Had you believed, you would not now so speak.

But why do you cry, speaking aloud in my ears?

Your troubles have only begun, more is to come. 

And not as before, but down you will go.  

10. Does not the sun bring you light?

And does it not bring warmth to the earth?

Why therefore do you complain to your sun?

Tell him to stop, then where would you be?

You should have reckoned the sun, your sun.

Before you spoke in words not becoming.  

11. I am for gain, but you take me a loss.

You treasure the night, your works in the dark.

But day follows night, light to uncover the dark.

Consider my words for what they mean.

Before you utter a judgment causing your fall.

How can it be, was it not written and said?

Were I not him, then how would you fare?

Yes consider my words, and for what they mean.

MY PEOPLE.  (1988)

12. Hear me my people though you are not my people.

I have come as an elected one, a prince of the Lord.

Bringing testimony to the children of men.

To say to the generations; "The time has arrived.

You have reached the end of your days.

Now it will come to pass, the judgment of God,

As He revealed to his servants before me.

13. So hear and know this:

I have not come to turn souls to salvation.

For those that are His will not be lost.

Not one of the souls He has chosen.

Understand well you children of men,

You shall not drag the Lord's with you in hell.


14. Whether I preach or not, not one shall be lost.

I commit the folly of preaching to your guilt.

To bring you guilty before the tribunal.

I bring myself to the foolishness of teaching.

For your weakness, and because you are men.  

15. What then is my purpose with you, you children of men?

I have seen your wickedness, observed your ways.

I am to pronounce you guilty.

Did you not know that a Judge was to come?

A prince, and from where he should come?

Your own star, him He brought before you,

That first their own star might judge them.  

16. What did you expect, forever to be in your own?

Did you not know that the Most High appoints rulers,

Princes to all whom He formed?

You cannot deny your princely desires, choosing your own.

But He ordained one from before the beginning of time.

A prince, and He reserved you for him, he your judge.

I heard: "Go forth, investigate, see what your people have done,

The tribes unto you, write, and account for their sins.  

17. Hear me my people, though you are not my people.

For how, seeing I adore integrity, and you having none,

How shall my desires be in you?

Did you not know that great peace is to come to the earth?

That peoples shall be blessed in the earth?

That truth and righteousness shall abound to earth's ends?

They shall not do the wicked things you do.

Nor take to murder or defilement as you do.

Nor will that peace come by your rule.

Not by your works, nor by the wisdom you claim.  

18. From the Lord they will have that peace.

Will you not desire that peace, a world without war?

One measure of grain shall produce a thousand-fold.

See now its wealth, for the earth will rejoice.

Exult in its inhabitants, yielding great gain by many folds.

Thus labor will become light, work a matter of play.

People will long enjoy the works of their hands.

Having much reason to rejoice and relax.  

19.  But as to you my people though you are not my people,

look at yourselves, you are slaves, 

Slaves to your factories, slaves to your fields, 

You are slaves to your leaders, servants to the rich.

You bow down to all that oppress you, you have no gain,  

From morning to night, day after day you labor and toil.

All this for others, for what have you at days end?

What gain is there in the end?

20. Gods sabbaths are not to your rest, you call that a joy?

You are frightened by talks of depression, of one's work,

For quakes, and for storms.

You wonder if you will live to see the end of your days.

Why don't you take heed to my words.

To my wisdom, so you might live.

21.   I called you my people, though you are not my people.

What prince shall not gladden the hearts of his people?

His children granted from the Lord? 

Shall a father despise his son, or I in whom I delight?

You have not seen the treasures to my store.

All those, which I shall share, those, which I received of my Lord.

Nor have you seen the great joys that follows my path.  

22. So now look at your sun, it gives you warmth.

If you are cold, you rejoice in its rays.

And when you awaken, you exult in its light.

See then and observe, yes consider your sun.

How good she can be, life to your soul.  

23. But this also I must tell you, it can burn,

Bringing scorching heat for all that appear naked.

Therefore my children bring me a cover.

Appear not my loved ones naked before me.

The Lord, the Mighty One, brought me, and what will you do?

Shall I declare you innocent, while you are guilty?

Or that you were covered, while you were naked?  

IN STEALTH  (1987)

24. My Lord came in stealth, frustrating gods and kings.

He descended into our world, they knew Him not.

The lords of the heavens perceived Him not,

Nor the lords of the earth.  

25. He came in stealth, destroying the walls of the wicked.

For thus spoke the Father of all: "Go down.

Descend, destroy them, for they have denied Me.

They said; we are alone, there is no one beside us."

How great now is their sin, denying the One God.

Scorning Him who made them.  

26. Thus my Lord came in stealth.

He made fools of the gods, took them by surprise.

He hung on the tree, ravaged their strongholds.

My Lord has come again to end their affairs.

They have not known, they were unaware.

Though He did nothing in secret, yet knew they not.  

27. My Lord, the Lord is with me to judge nations.

Now their gates will be torn down to a full end.

My Lord was hidden, and yet clearly seen.

I am for eyes to behold, he who has none will perish.

I am for ears; he who has none will die.

My Lord is my refuge, in him I do live.

ISRAEL.  A HYMN.  (1988)

28. Sing to the Lord you chosen few, let Israel rejoice.

The Lord, the Mighty One of God is coming.

Coming to take to himself a people.

A people from among all nations.

Israel in whom He delights, Jacob His heritage.

He will trade many for his chosen few.

Yes nations for His beloved sons.  

29. He will proclaim; "Deliver, do not hold back,

My sons from all nations, My daughters from you".

Our Lord has come, the Deliverer of old.

His promises are true, His word unshaken.

To make Israel a delight, Jacob a rejoicing.  

30.  What nation is like Israel?

What people like the chosen of the Lord?

Glorious is He whose name is our Lord.

Beautiful the Lord our righteousness.

Righteous and true is He who calls to return.  

31.   The nations are confounded, saying:

“With Israel is God, and with him only.”

The nations will see and acknowledge.

The Lord God is one who hides Himself.

He trades many for few, He has honored Israel.  

32.   Who is like Israel, whom the Lord loves?

Rich as Jacob in whom the Lord delights?

She is like a cloud upon waters,

Wills it rains, or wills it rain not.  

33. The rulers bow down to the sons of God.

Sing O Israel; be glad, for He has chosen you.

Rejoice and be glad in the Lord your God.

 Give praises to Him in sweet melody.

For He has redeemed you from all nations.  

34.  No longer shall Israel borrow but they will set forth the boot.

And kings shall lick the dust thereof. 

From the west and the north they shall plea.

To one shall be given, from another taken.

They which disdain the dust, shall fall into it,

And worship the chosen, whose God is the Lord.


35. Once there was a world, it had many nations.

An abundance of tribes both great and small.

And the Lord looked down upon man.

He chose from them one people to Himself.

In Jacob He set His name, to Israel His promise.

And for His name sake, for His promise of old,

We have become the beloved of the Lord.  

36.   Sing to the Lord and he glad, for He delivers,

His promises are sure, faithful is He.

From Israel the law will go forth.

From Jerusalem the voice of the Lord.

As a light to the nations, she will be.  

37.  Strive not with Israel you men.

Touch not the anointed of the Lord,

For He is their helper, they are dear to Him.

He will surely avenge his beloved.

Strive not, lest you be cut down.

Think no thoughts against her

Lest your eyes be consumed in their sockets.  

38.  Cover Jacob, let her oppressors not see her.

Let the deeds of your hands not be like your forebears,

Nor like those of yester years.

For He is a swift avenger, He who loves Jacob.

He will punish all who uncover her.

But blessings to those who hid her.  

THE HOURS.  (1988)

39.  What is in the inmost of a man?

Did I ever call to be a prince?

Did I ever say;  I shall be anointed?"

Nor said I; "Let me be one who lives forever,

That I should call a host my own.  

40.   It was The Lord who called me,

Formed me in my mother's womb, giving me strength.

My appearance was not like the stars of heaven.

 I came as a man, and lived as a man,

And I sinned as a man, going astray as a man.

 Upon me was also the judgment of law.  

41. But He had mercy on me, stood in my path.

He put a halt to my footsteps.

My days reached their beginning, also their end.

I emerged not knowing the world, entering anew.

Yet again I went astray, He caused me to prosper.

I lacked understanding, a fool without knowledge.

But The Mighty One reached forth, drew me from my fall.  

42. In my ignorance I had nearly slipped.

Making haste to my death.

And I excused myself, for so I said: "It is of love".

O I was a fool, like an ignorant beast.

Had it not been for His compassion.

I would surely have perished, be taken by death.

43. Then He taught me His word; I grew in His mercies.

Secrets were revealed to me, also my princely stakes.

He made me aware of things I knew, yet knew not.

Such as I had cherished yet not understood.

I knew neither my hours, nor my beginning,

Or where I had left off, or in what end.

I longed for His person, to come home.

44. This was my desire, this truly my desire.

But He anointed me, nor was I all that aware.

Until in the ending of the hour, near my last.

He instructed me, and I became aware of His delight.

The Lord overshadowed me, strengthened me.

I became His being, He overcame me, bound me.

45. And I knew I was overcome, and bound within.

Now I rejoice having come to understanding.

Still, what is my significance to be thus honored?

I take, I receive, and thereby I am made whole.

He made me after his own, in His own image.

Who can turn his Maker, or I that I should decline?  

46. Wondrous are His judgments and His wisdom.

His compassion for goodness and grace without end.

O how are men without understanding.

How small is man, like children not aware of their age.

They pass on as babes not knowing where they tread.  

47. I looked upon the children of men, the race of men.

With the understanding given me I beheld.

They were like beasts with no share in understanding.

With the knowledge granted me of the Lord,

I looked, and my heart melted for the children of men.

They pass me by, not knowing their destiny.

 They leap for joy, not knowing they will weep.

They run, not realizing their fall is near.  

48. How is it that I received understanding?

What O Lord am I that Thou chose me in Thy pleasure?

O how I love Thy countenance.

How greatly my soul delights in Thee.

Of Thy hand did I receive all these.

Of my own I have no righteousness.


49. Let heaven and earth rejoice.

Let all who praise His name be glad.

He redeems those who had no calling,

Whose sins were their burdens unto death.

Who will say, he has been righteous before Him? 

I have sinned O Lord, yet now I am cleansed.

I was near to death, but Thou revived me.

Even from the world, Thou has made an anointed.  

A PRAYER.  (1989)

50.  O Lord what am I to do, what am I to do?

I dislike reprove; I have no pleasure in judgment.

Exposing vultures and vipers is distasteful to my soul.

It is disgusting to me O my Lord to expose the unclean.  

51. But to that end was I called, I know O Lord, I know.

O that Thou would hide me somewhere,

If only in the back of Thy temple O Lord,

Away from sinners where I might rest.

Not to behold the faces of men until Thou bring peace,

And Thou remember me.  

52. I despise the faces of sinners, to hear their words.

Their works are disgusting, of dignity they have none.

My whole soul complains to me, being sick of reprove.

It is bitter in me to lift the cloak of deceivers.

I am nearly to faint; their stench sickens my stomach.

Why must I O Lord?  I have no stomach for this.

It is disgusting to recite their affairs.  

53. As for these foundations, which Thou gave me,

Why must I teach these to them O my Lord?

Why reveal Thy secrets to such as only deny Thee?

They love their own wells, their own hot springs.

They are pleased in the venom of their own deceit.

Why must I teach them O Lord, why O my Lord?  

54. O that I could run, hide from before all.

But Thy hand is upon me, where shall I run from Thee?

A child is within me, the light of the Lord.

But how shall it be born, where O Lord may it fall?

On Earth there is no place for Thy child within me.

No place for its swaddling cloths, nor to nurture

Yet unless it comes forth, I too shall die with it.  

55. I do not desire to live, let me and my child die in peace.

Hide me O Lord in a far corner with no voice.

It is the bitterness in me O Lord that speaks.

Let us die in peace, though I know, it's not to be.

How distasteful men are to me in their pride.

How to teach them when they have no heart, no chest.

I know it is not Thy will, yet I wish to be taken

Unto Thee O Lord, away from this all, and from men.  

56. Close my nostrils O Lord against the stench.

Make my stomach so it has no feelings to vexation.

Sweeten the bitterness in me, that I may stand it.

Harden my heart against their wickedness, lest I weaken.

Be with me my Lord, be unto me hand and foot O Lord.


lamentation.  (Sept 1988)

57. How terrible it is to live.

For I behold suffering, the suffering of my people.

They are in pain, for they are not instructed.

They suffer for lack of knowledge, my heart pains for them.  

But I am withheld by powerful forces, unable to reach them.

To bring comfort and instruction, as life to their souls.

58. O that I could reach forth and embrace my children.

To give them to drink of the fountain of life.

To bring rest, and forgiving their transgressions.

To built in them a remorseful heart, to take away their pains.

But I am withheld.  I behold but I can not go to them,

Nor is my voice reaching them.

They perish before my sight,

the waters do not reach their parched lip

59. How terrible it is to live.

That I should have life and light and to behold

The destruction of my people unable to reach them.

All you my people, you are my dear ones

Falling and stumbling having no strength.

They have not learned how to walk.

And my heart is torn within me.  

60. I am bound, held by enemies, those who cripple you.

They that take away your understanding those evil ones of old.

The ravens seized me, withheld me from my children.

And so with all my pity, and my love for you,

I have become angry, yes angry at the ravens.

When therefore Thou O my Lord set me free against them,

Let heaven and earth be witness.  

61. I will anger them; I will gore them, and pain them.

For all that they have done to my children.

It is destruction, for the pain they caused my little ones.

For the cruelty upon my dear ones before my very eyes

While they held me, and suffered me not to go to them.  

62. For all this and more, hear this, yes hear this.

You most miserable shepherds, you snakes.

Cry as you will to the ravens, but you shall fail.

For He is with me, my Redeemer, my joy.

You will be brought to destruction.

Into the pits you desired.  

63. You committed a terrible crime; you lied to my people?

You harmed my little ones, by deceptions with your poison.

Likewise therefore will I feed you with your own poison,

And cause you to be burned from inside out.

Yes slowly and painfully.

And you will cry more then my people who starved,

Dying in agony for the poison, which you fed into them.  

64.   I warn you O you shepherds, and you ill-mannered ravens.

I will be like a roaring Lion, a zealous Lion to tear you,

And leave nothing of you to remain.

I will go forth, and you shall be angry indeed,

Yes, and foam at the mouth so my people may

Behold just what you are, as straw for the fire.  

BIRDS EYE VIEW.  ( 1988 )

65. The Lord created the heavens and the earth.

By His great wisdom came forth what had no being.

In His power He gave life to man.

Thus He created the generations of men.  

66. From the first to the last He knew all that was to be,

And what would be in their ways before them. 

He gave them life, and a law to keep life.

For He is their God, there is none beside Him.

Love therefore My law, and keep your life before Me.  

67. But through envy one made man to fall.

He was the father of the lie, kept not his order. 

Thus came death into being, the fall of man.

Then came what is judgment, a court to he held,

Inquiries into the deeds of men.  

68. For thus said the merciful Lord, I will redeem you.

By my own blood, I will rescue those who have fallen.

I will have mercy, and also my law will have its due.

Only believe on My word, and you shall have life.  

69. From beginning to end in the generations of men.

He had established what was to be, that at end,

He would judge all those who choose life and that choose death.

From beginning to end, He established the nations.

And who from among them was to rule,

Who was to judge, who should be witness.  

70. From beginning to end the Lord created man each in their own.

These He did establish to create for His own a world without end.

From beginning to end, He gave warning to all

That at end there shall be a reckoning.


71. And the Lord multiplied Adam in his descendants.

He gave them a judge and a witness, a giver of law.

He left word unto all generations, Enoch his name.

And in the course of time, the Lord took Abraham.

And from him a nation to himself.  Israel

As first-fruits in the descendants of Adam.  

72. Thus the Lord made separation.

The great sea of men, and from it His own.

To these He gave his law, and charged them.

Keep these statutes that you might live.

For all the world had gone their own ways.

They remembered not the Lord their Creator.

But these He gave Moses, and by him the law.

And for their prince He raised David.

And His Son in their seed, the Deliverer of men.

73. Thus he had charged his beloved Israel.

This is my law, my beloved covenant, believe in Him,

Lest you die for this is my law by which to live.

Keep therefore faith with my covenant, my Son.

Lest in the end you be found guilty.  

74. For the end must come, My Judgment its course.

Thus have I given you my Son, and his law. 

Be now reminded that my judgment will come

Before which otherwise you have no defense.

I have given you my law, and you swore to keep it.

75. And now what of the nations, of Gentiles?

Not like Israel did they receive his law.

Shall they be guiltless on account of these?

No they shall not, for His law is written in all.

76.  It is written in man, written in heart.

Written in all that He formed on the earth.

Wherefore it be written before all.

They who forsake it will be guilty before the tribunal.

77.   But He is merciful, the great Lord, patient with men.

He moreover created for them Enoch his servant.

A witness to them, his law in writing.

All his precepts warning them of the tribunal.

Before which all must appear.


78.   He took Moses placing him before his own.

And David for a prince to his own.

And Enoch he set before them all, unto all generations of men.

And yet this is not all that He did even before He created all of the earth.  

79. For Israel having their own, neither shall the Gentiles

Be lacking in a prince to them, in one of their own.

One who must judge his own before they shall appear

Before the tribunal of God their Creator.  

80. The Lord in mercy formed them for their star,

The Lord merciful and great in compassion.

He warned again and again, who will not hear?

He grants them a prince, perchance they might hear.

And if not, who will justify them before my tribunal?

Their princes, their own shall testify,

Taking away their excuse, for Gods judgment is just.  

81. And now because the fathers of old have departed

Will you say, there were no princes through the years

By which men might be warned, taking hold of life?

This is not correct, for the Lord, the merciful Lord

Did surely consider these things.

And though Enoch, Moses, and David all have departed.

Their words in letters and books are before you,

And your prince to your satisfaction.  

82. The Lord now will again bring the first judge,

Enoch a witness to all generations.

Thus from beginning to end, His law and His precepts

Have been with them written and spoken in their ear.

See then how the Lord loves men to warn them again and again.

And to chastise them in just measure if perchance they will hear.  

Sept 1988.  Song of thanksgiving.

83. The Lord is most bountiful, great in tender care.

For "His" knowledge will I be honored.

For "His" knowledge will I wear a crown.

A crown of great glory, for He loved me to rule nations,

Because He the Lord is marvelous.

O how majestic, for He chose to love me.

The Lord caused me to excel,

Making me great among my fellows.

84. He the Lord, his hand wrought these things.

I was His pleasure; He sought and found one.

I shall boast, yea I shall boast greatly, "He" is my boast,

I understand Him, in "His" knowledge is my boast.

For He knew me, I acquired understanding, from "His" throne.

He my Lord the God of my salvation.

My lips glorify his Word, My heart His praises.  

85. My soul has lost its desire of life, this life.

With the knowledge of my God, I long for home.

My days in the earth, were a hell unto me.

Anger, rough speech, brute-ness, and toil,

The stains of ignorance, of pain, and of indifference.

My soul longs for Thee O my Lord, for Thy peace.  

A  PLEA     1994.

86. O you men of old, you righteous ones of the Lord.

All you who went before me.  

I am not of the seed of Israel.

Yet the Almighty Lord had mercy on me.

I was not born of the royal seed.

Yet He made me a prince.  

87. In His manifold wisdom He caused me to be born anew.

In de midst of my days I died, and yet lived.

He brought me forth of His own-self,

He became a Father for me, that my birth be in the womb of Israel.

And she bore me forth in pain and in much anguish.  

88. Hear me O you righteous ones of God,

You who kept his ordinances perfect before Him.

Look upon me with kindness, and consider my birth.

It was not of me to speak so many words,

Which for its multitude hides not error.

But I was driven to it by the sins of my people,

To reprove them, and to correct them.  

89. O that my lips might not reprove me.

Nor my tongue bring me to shame.

Before you O patriarch's I am but a worm,

A child born in the womb of your daughter.

Let not the multitude of my words be for dismay,

for my heart cried for the wounds of my people,

And my anger against them who handled the whip.  

90. O you righteous ones of old, chosen of the Most High.

How marvelous you are in the light of His countenance.

How delightful you appear in His mercy.

O how I marvel to call you friend or brother.

But O how in this flesh I am weakened.  

91. For you appear so marvelous before me,

So illustrious in the compassion of the Lord your God.

I greet you and I adore you as a son his father.

And as a daughter her mother in a time 

when few righteous remained.

When many a new thing were created of the Lord,

wherein men flew like birds in the air,

And multiplied their sins before Him who made them.  


92. O you marvelous men of old, you righteous of the Lord,

I was in love with my mother.

But she would not bear me.

So I sought for another, to bear my mother in love.  

93. When the womb was weakened for reason of age.

Then did I enter to find a new beginning.

To do what no man had done before.

To rediscover my mother for wife.

To take to my delight - my mother for life.  

94. O for complication, and for wisdom.

To find harmony in comprehension,

Harmony of a thing only the Lord can do,

That He alone can perform.  

95. Marvelous is His ability, astounding His greatness,

Imperceptible the perfection by which He works

The old into the new, and new into the old.

To work an illustrious and marvelous apprehension.  

My thirst.

96. O that my soul drink ever more wisdom,

Ever more understanding.

For O how I delight in understanding,

And how I crave for wisdom.

Call me insatiable and I bow myself,

But for what is most illustrious.  

97. For what is ever more desirable,

To know and understand the Lord.

To behold His wisdom and His ability.

To drink ever more of His understanding.

For O how I love His knowledge,

for He is incomparable, inconceivable,

And to His ability there is no end.  

98. Neither shall anyone behold the sum of His wisdom,

For He is God, He truly God.  I thank Him.

I adore Him for that He is, yes, that He is our God.

He who is righteous always, wherein I rejoice

He who is all power, is forever righteous and just,

Wherein we, His creation might forever rejoice.  

99. My mind cannot conceive, nor will it have the very thought

That He should not be our God, not our Lord and Father.

For wickedness cannot be comprehended, as the Lord said;

They destroyed themselves by an inscrutable law.

But we have Thee O Lord, a just ruler and wise above all,

Merciful and compassionate.

O how fortunate we are that our God is He who loves us,

That He is God, our Father forever, and our Redeemer.  

100. How good it is to praise the Lord.

For He gives life, yea life in eternal joy and gladness.

Shall we not praise Him for this marvelous thought of Him?

For in His thought is our life, and in His mercy - our eternity.

And He delights in us, for we are His creation,

The strength of His thought.  

Reaching for the unreachable

101. When I thought of the Lord how Majestic He is.

How righteous and pure, a just ruler of His people,

One who is truly a King,  whole-some above all.

Then my heart sank deep within me.

 Seeing how He made me also a king to rule,

A trusted one to lead an endless multitude.  

102. O how am I ever to compare myself to Him?

 How ever to be as He said of me -

That I would be a noble one, a noble cedar?

 O Lord my God Thou art my righteousness,

 Thou alone my grace and nobility,

 In Thy making alone am I what Thou made me.  

103. How is it said; the Lord brings poverty

on a man for his sins to turn him back?

Yea, this have I seen, for the pains thereof,

But not all took it to heart.

Then I considered my case, my poverty for sins?

But what sins, and what poverty?

For my Redeemer always provided me with my needs,

 When in need, I asked, and He held not back.  

104. Let the word be “adversity”, and the cause;

that I might come to trust on Him, to fully rely.

For while I was pressed all the day long,

And robbed from all sides, He sustained me.

In His great love, and in His abundant mercy,

He did not do to me according to my sins.  

105.  I know O Lord that a marvelous word stands before me,

That Thou wilt do marvelous things by my hand.

Yea, Thou has done O Lord - a marvelous thing,

Me to write all the words as I have spoken.

These will shame the puffed up hills,

And level the proud mountains.

106. Thou spoke concerning Thy servant, the dry tree,

To cause him to sprout forth, and bear fruit.

For him to cut down the green trees,

Them to wither in his presence.  

107.  Was then not my speech to that end?

I marvel O Lord in that Thou thus anointed me.

And though I do not as yet see these things,

Yet I trust upon them with conviction before all.

For this is the faith of which Thou spoke from old.

That what Thou does promise - is as done,

For Thy word is forever sure.

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