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  1. Vanity O Vanity, all that is done under the sun is vanity. And am I now to speak in wisdom to show the nomenclature of the spirit in the flesh, to slice one from the other? For even that in this day and age is vanity, with none to comprehend the beauty of my speech, save but few that are wise.

  2. The world as such has not understood what is in a word, nor how to decipher that which is spoken by allegory as in by example of for its reality. Where the Lord said: "I am the beginning and the end." He did not speak of Himself but in reference to us. For of Himself He is without beginning and without end. But to us, and for us He is the beginning as well as our end.

  3. Discernment, to know what is in a word is expected of us, without which no man can live, nor can anyone serve the Lord his Creator, or even praise Him for His marvelous works, like in forming us in our bodies within which we as spirits might live and have being.

  4. Even to live by the calendar, by that roman concoction of juggled days is a sin in man, For as Enoch said: "Blessed are all the righteous ones, and those who walk in the streets of righteousness, and have no sin like the sinners in the computation of the days in which the sun goes its course in the sky.

  5.  It comes in through a door, and rises for 30 days together with the chiefs of the thousands of the order of the stars. These four are added to determine the intervals within, between the four seasons of the year, those that lead them along, come in four days.

  6.   On this account there are people that err, they count them in the computation of the year, and they err, they do not recognize them accurately, for they belong to the “reckoning” of the year."

  7. The RECKONING. If one has an ear, let him hear, for it is sound wisdom that proceeds from my lips, it is the word of God, His instructions unto us by which to live.

  8. But for the last two thousand years the world has been celebrating a lie, nor do they have any idea as to what day is what, because they have their ears trained to devils, to hear lies and believe them.

  9. Where the Lord said, not to consume the meat of such animals that do not clove the foot and chew the cud, for example has nothing to do with animals, nor with eating, or anything to enter into the mouth. It is a metaphor, an expression to define a specific issue.

  10. If then we are without discernment not to realize the metaphor we cannot serve God, and the prophet asked of the Lord not to forgive us, but to punish us for that lack of knowledge. Like Solomon also said. How without wisdom no one can serve God, or even praise Him, to thank Him for our very being.

  11. To fly by the seat of your pants is also an expression, a metaphor not having its reference to our pants, nor our buts that we sit on. Likewise the reference of splitting the hoof is to always consider this life in view of what is to come. And if we do not do so we are in effect consuming the meat of an unlawful nature;

  12. We in reality are disobeying God, for which cause death will come on us, and did come. Furthermore it has its reference to association, for us not to associate ourselves with the devil or his confederates that always seek to corrupt us, to turn us against God and His commandments of life.

  13. This is equal to our association with the wicked to perform what is evil. Like for a person to go to a church where they do not keep to God's statutes, and you sit there not reproving them. In that way you become a partaker to their wicked ways.

  14. Or to serve any person, or even to listen to them, or sit with them in anything that is not sanctioned of God. For so the Lord said; "You shall be perfect as I am perfect."

  15. And what might it be to chew the cud, if not that we meditate and consider every issue for its rightful nature, like also to know the reality of any metaphor. Man in general will believe any lie no matter how obvious or preposterous, while he shuns the truth.

  16. This is so because his heart being wicked the Lord for that reason gave them over into the power of the many spirits that roam the earth, that of course are wicked spirits over whom Satan has his dominion. And why should not the Lord do so, for He will not grant His Holy Spirit to dwell with a wicked heart.

  17. When therefore the Lord withholds His Holy Spirit from any one he or she is left free and empty a perfect conduit for the wicked spirits to take their abode with them. So it is not that God intentionally sends a wicked spirit into a man, but in leaving him without His Counselor, the wicked ones take over.

  18. The Jews, even to day that practice kosher, are most ignorant and wicked, in the power of Satan's wicked servants. These irrational brutes do not perceive the reality of the metaphor, even though the Lord clearly said to them. "Not what enters into the mouth, but what proceeds from them makes for good or bad."

  19. Why therefore should the Lord forgive them, and not rather hand them over into the hands of their enemies, like He did not so long ago, to the Germans for a slaughter of them. IF they are determined not to pay due attention to God's word, then let them die, and/or suffer at the hands of cruel warriors.

  20. The truth is clearly written and clearly spoken, and not to have a knowledge of right judgment is punishable by death, and very painful in its punishment. For since no one can die, that is the spirit can never die, everyone one of these having left their bodies must suffer the pains of regret in his spirit, for he is spirit. 

  21. Only spirits can suffer, the flesh itself is without feeling. They ought to know that for given anesthesia by an operation he feels nothing, only spirits have feelings, only spirits can smell and taste and see as well as hear.

  22. Has not the Lord given me a grandiose knowledge in the fundamentals of His creation, while the whole world of the sciences believe in and practice fantasy? For in all of their sciences they pronounce lies and stupidity, while the facts to the contrary are staring them in the face.

  23. Like teaching their offspring that the tides rise by gravity. How stupid, how stupid, when gravity is a downward fore, not an upwards force. As then these most stupid ones credit it to the gravity of the moon, that mind is is a stupidity of stupidities, and contradictory in itself.

  24. They themselves accredit the moon having only 1/6th the power in gravity of the earth. How then is a tug of war won by the weakest? And for more than 3 centuries they have that law of gravity by Newton by which to calculate any amount of gravity.

  25. All one has to do is use a calculator to discover that earth's gravity is but for a limited distance, a fraction of the distance to the moon. Yet they acclaim the moon to be held by gravity. How very stupid and illiterate therefore man in all his teachers and scientists can be, that in all these many years they have yet to learn this.

  26. And when I enlightened then to the truth, they repaid me with silence. And no less for the astronomers that have yet to learn what light, their yardstick is, or for that matter how to perform mathematics. 

  27. They did not like the truth spoken to them, or for me to show them how to perform mathematics, for which cause these attempted to find something wrong with me, and refused to accept what is most obvious even to them, knowing they were wrong, but refusing to accept it.

  28. When they presume to have found another planet around a distance star they glorify it as something grandiose. While I presented them with something a thousand times more grandiose, that they did not want to hear about, since it shows their gross ignorance in their so called science.

  29. Poor losers like that son of the devil named Donald trump, who is like his father Satan unable to accept loss, but in my estimation he out performs his father in lies, since not a word of truth ever leaves his lips. Stupid man not realizing that his habitation will likewise be with the devil. And he will be a nobody.


  1. What is the purpose of an offering? Why do so? When someone does something for us it is common sense to express gratitude, as also the right thing to do. When someone loans you money, or gives you money for your needs, is it right to return that favor with abuse?

  2. Of course not, and so are offerings, a simple gesture of gratitude. But there is much more to this, in that the Lord came to foreshadow as to what was to occur, how we in being disobedient the Lord in His great mercy was of a mind to nonetheless forgive us for our inequities.

  3. But on this basis that we would have a heart of remorse, and not sin again, and no longer doubt His word, nor strive against it. But for our original sin a price was to be paid whereby to deliver us from the power of death. For the Lord once having spoken, His word cannot be annulled.

  4. And to free us from the power of the law that dictates death, the Lord gave of Himself, to overturn it, for it was by the cunning of such as in their accursed pride had turned themselves against God, their very own Creator, that they caused us to disobey God.

  5. The Lord then in His great wisdom spoke of these deceivers that while they would bruise our heels, we in turn would bruise his heads. And so by an offering of Himself the Lord came to forgive us our inequities, since it was obvious that we were not able of ourselves to atone for our unbelief.

  6. This act of forgiving then was not without the reality of its nature. Namely, that we should believe upon it, and not constantly come to make God out for a liar, as man in his ignorance is still practicing, as were he the wiser.

  7. And the Lord foreknowing what man in his nature of being would do, there was but one remedy, he must have his hides burned from him, before he would duly come to realize how wrong he can be. 

  8. And so the Lord in order to grant that great host a chance for rejoicing, He caused many to be born of Himself rather than of the earth, or of blood, or of the devil as some are.

  9. For by these born of Himself these would come to keep His statutes, and that these in turn may teach these many others, and likewise give of themselves for them. So came to be those of the world and those of God's household. His special possession.

  10. "For the people would all walk in the name of their own god, but we in the name of the One and only God." As then the Lord gave His body to destruction at the cross, also called death, all those of His household, the whole great host of them died with Him.

  11. Even those yet to be born, as well as all those previous to that day, all died on that cross on which the Lord for His body was put to destruction. Seeing thus how I once died some two thousand years ago already, I cannot die again, yet this body of mine must also go to destruction as it was upon the cross in that day.

  12. But now we have deviated from my intend to the nomenclature of offerings, the slaughter of animals that was commanded of the Lord through Moses, and yet never at all commanded of the Lord. 

  13. When the Lord instructed Moses to kill a bull as an offering for sins, the ones to perform the killing were never to enter into the promised land, not to enter into God's rest because they killed. And yet that issue came to the salvation of the people.

  14. There are two things to consider here, how it was commanded to offer an animal, while the Lord denied ever having given such a command. And how that killing of the flesh did come to salvation. For on the cross it was the flesh that was brought to destruction, also seeing a spirit simply cannot die as the flesh dies.

  15. This apparent contradiction rests in the fact that the act of killing a bull for sins was to foreshadow how the Lord would accept the offering of One fully innocent giving His body to destruction, so to redeem and/or atone for the sins of man by which the sentence of death had come upon him.

  16. And seeing how the Lord by David said that: "He would not accept any bull nor male goat from the folds of man." the Messiah could not possibly come from man. That then leaves no other solution but that He must be of God, and God only.

  17. This of course was so that only one who is fully clean, as in without sin, or disobedience could possibly take upon Himself the sins of the people and bear their punishment of death. And since all of man were born under the curse of death, no man would suffice.

  18. Therefore came the Son of God, who by His offering for them would come to own all of them. And that is without exception, not only for the elect as His special possession. but for all the world, all the race of man.

  19. As then the Lord said how He would not accept, not only a bull from the folds of man, but the male goat as well. it calls for two Messiah's, both of them to take the sins of the people upon themselves whereby they may come to own them and set them free of the law of death.

  20. I now am touching upon something that seems to be unknown to the world and its teachers, yet it is not only clearly revealed in the Scriptures, but in manifold ways as well, so that what I am touching upon is no secret, yet it has remained a secret to all the world, until the day that I began to speak of it.

  21. With all the revelation and evidence recorded in the Scriptures, open to all the eyes of understanding, how does something so well narrated remain a secret? The answer in plain terms is blindness, God having closed the eyes of those that acclaimed themselves to be teachers of the Scriptures.

  22. For it are the teachers of the written word that are more guilty than their pupils and these will bear the greater torment in their hides on fire, a fire that burns forever. For did not the Lord say: How these would never enter into His rest."

  23. And speaking of them He said: how these many priests for their lies to the congregation would never ever be allowed to come to anything that is Holy, or even touch upon it. Yet so the :Lord said; they shall serve in the temple to perform all the duties therein.

  24. What a terrible punishment this is upon them, to labor in the temple, with never to reap any of its produce, never to have any reward for their labors other than to be punished for it.  The Lord said: "Not to muzzle the ox that grinds out the grain."

  25. But these priests, or pastors and evangelists or rabbi's as they love to be called, while grinding out the grain, are muzzled by the Lord, never at all to have any reward for that labor. But to the contrary to be punished for it. all because they stood before the people robbing them of knowledge.

  26. Here then, for them never at all to even touch upon what is holy, finds itself in that they would have no understanding of the Scripture. The Lord withholding it from them.

  27. For to know and understand the word of God is a holy thing that is given only to such that are children of God. Not anyone that preach for their belly, to be paid for it. Therefore also the world has remained ignorant of the fact that the Lord calls for two Messiah's.

  28. Two persons to be offered for the sins of the people. As then Christ Jesus as the only begotten Son of God was One, whom is the other? Ask the prophet Ezekiel, and/or Enoch the writer of the first Bible, how these spoke of a son of the Son.

  29. For since no man can suffice as a Messiah, both of these Messiah's have to come of God. As then God, in a Son of Himself took on the form of man, so a son of the Son must take on the form of a man. For only in that way can he be spotless, as in without sin, to atone for sin.

  30. I now have spoken of this in other places, and while I may expound upon it, the reality of that subject is far too deep for man to apprehend, how in effect a man can be a son born of the Christ, and as a man be offered not really being a man as man.

  31. All the animal offerings thus were but a foreshadowing having this reality that the flesh was put to destruction. But for any man to atone for his sins, no such offering could ever be accepted. And it is in that context where the Lord said that He never at all commanded us to make such offerings for our sins.

  32. But rather so He said, "Listen to Me, love me, and keep My statutes." And for your sins to have a heart of remorse knowing that I the Lord will atone for them, in My mercy and My compassion. Only this one thing I require of you, namely to believe, and that upon Me, and from henceforth keep to My word.

  33. For here again how shall one expect to receive mercy, when he continues on and on to mock Him, God that is, day in day out, as if he were the wiser, making his benefactor out for a liar?  Like those stupid brutes that labor to invent antidotes against a virus called Covid-19.

  34. What in effect these brutes are doing is - to twist the hand of God, to come out from under His warning upon them. For that is the cause and object of that pestilence - to teach us to mend our ways, or death will come upon us.

  35. But who in this most apostate generation is able to behold the hand of God upon them? They are just as it was foretold many years ago, that this generation, as the last before His coming would be a most apostate generation. How all of their deeds and words of their lips would be criminal and oppression.

  36. You now, you most foolish people may have your antidotes against that virus, as you had against the flu, but it is all vanity, for the Lord will bring upon you more fearful deaths, and greater pains than before, all because you refused to acknowledge His hand, nor to mend your ways.

  37. When I spoke saying that you people would not be acceptable to me, until first your hides have been burned off of you, I as such could not be speaking of your spirit to cease to be, also because I already said, that it is not possible for a spirit to die, as you see death, but only the body dies, returning to dust again.

  38. But having used to word, acceptable, with what follows, it is obvious that I expect all of you to become subject to me. Only not in the condition that you are currently in, but how before all else, you have to be thrown into a pool of fire where your hides will burn from you.

  39. And even your bones will be ground to powder, for that was my request of the Lord, that He grind you to powder, into fine powder. This must be so because the Lord gave me to know that these were my people, now and forever.

  40. As then my reply to the Lord was that I did not want you for subjects, the whole lot of you for your wicked speeches being revolting to me, I refused the whole lot of you. But being unable to get out from under you, being as such between a rock and a hard spot, I requested a remedy.

  41. And that was the remedy for the lot of you to be ground to power, and for your hides to be burned from you. And if any dared speak an unwise word to me, their bones before all else would also be broken. 

  42. As then David speaks of it by breaking a rock into many pieces, my speech is to the breaking of bones. Either way a very painful gesture upon them, and well deserved, for which they will not come a second time to upbraid me, or those with me.

  43. It is when a man dies when he really learn how he has lived. All those kamikazes, at the instant that they died with those that they murdered, came to the harsh reality that there were no virgins, nor any heaven, but a fearful judgment awaiting them.

  44. It was then that these realized how they were lied unto, and their so called offering of themselves was not for their people, but how these very people did not care about them, and lied to them.  And that accordingly they had not only given their lives in vain, but now they were murderers, and being incarcerated in thick darkness a fearful judgment came to await them.


  1. In this generation all churches are pig-styles, places of idol worship serving the devil and his host. And I am sick of this people, they are not my kind, I am a stranger to all of them, and they are unreal to me.

  2. I am sick and tired of just hearing the words corona virus. for these people beg for the virus to exterminate them from the face of the earth, and with the other part of their split tongue they complain about it and aim to rid themselves of it. 

  3. Hypocrites so they are, serpents having a split tongue, only they do not know it, that they are hypocrites having a split tongue. how each day they beg for death, and when it comes they want to escape from it.

  4. Either take me off the earth, or let me exterminate all of them from the earth, but the two of us cannot live together. I cannot have my dwelling with this generation.

  5. With this most apostate generation, that glory in deceit, and love the lie above anything. always celebrating lies, and more lies, for they are devoid of discernment. therefore I cannot dwell with them.

  6. O that I could do as Isaiah and other prophets did, to dwell in the mountains away from the people, because the people were most wicked, and today is no different.

  7. O that I could die to be away from this people, how blessed death is to them of a righteous mind.  Only for the righteous there is no death they cannot die, all of them having died once already live again, nor is there a second death for them, as it is for this people born of the earth. 

  8. And I despise all that are born of the devil, and those are many in the earth. Nor to think of anything for with wisdom comes pain, the pain of having to reside where wisdom is hated, where it cannot be found.

  9.  Things are too marvelous for me to know the wisdom of them. Or if I do my acclaim would be vanity. To be young is vanity and what good is youth when again it turns in to old age. or health when it fades away.

  10. Each day I am bombarded by con artists, scammers as they are also called. And that not just by individuals but by the very companies that furnish man with his utilities. Like the internet and TV, as well as electricity for ones home.

  11. And the authorities are in love with these gangsters, rather assisting them with their crimes against humanity. That is how bad this world and this people are. a most apostate generation, devoid of knowledge, devoid of wisdom.

  12. And what then am I doing in this hell of hells? In this painful place where most of them are like skeletons walking in their graves. I however am here to their benefit, only they cannot fathom such wisdom.



  1. What folly of any scholar of the Scripture not to know that there are and will be two Messiahs by whom man will be led into paradise, or the land flowing with milk and honey.

  2. And must I now provide the evidence for the blind to see? The blind cannot see, but for the wise I will speak to sum up the different passages in reference thereto. 

  3. And no, I am not going to specify book, chapter and verse, for if there is any truth in the reader he or she ought to know what is written and where.

  4. The Jewish scholars knew and spoke of two Messiahs, but their knowledge was limited, whereas for the last two thousand years this well written fact has remained a mystery.

  5. And that because the Lord has closed their eyes, the eyes of all the priests and evangelists. As He swore that they while serving in the temple (churches) would never come near to what is Holy, meaning, never at all would the beauty of the Scriptures be awarded them.

  6. Therefore this obvious fact of two Messiahs by which the Lord would bring salvation to the race of man has remained a secret. 

  7. And now that I am speaking of it - is because I am not a laborer but a son, and of Christ Jesus, an inheritor of the vineyard along with the Lord. For which cause also He gave me a sevenfold wisdom and knowledge in the Scriptures, in the words and secrets of the Lord.

  8. And so here we go for the wise only. Indeed for the wise only.

  9. No-1. What animals were shown by Moses to be killed for the sins of the people?  Were it not a bull, and a male goat?  One greater and one lesser. One for the household, the other for the congregation. 

  10. No-2. And on what day was that male goat to be offered for sin? What did Ezekiel say? Was it not on the second day, more than a millennium after Christ's offering.

  11. No-3. Who now, and how many, led the Israelites into the promised land? Was it not Joshua and Caleb? Namely Jesus and a bold one, a lion? Does that not add up to two personalities? And were they not the only two persons to survive from all the adults that were freed from Egypt?

  12. No-4. What was the dream given to Joseph about a spotless Lamb born of a virgin, who held a lion by the right hand? And who was it to tread the heathens under foot when these came to attack the two? Was it not the Lamb rather than the Lion?

  13. No-5. And what does it say afterwards? Was it not that this was to take place in the ending days? Who then is the Lamb if not Jesus, and who the Lion if not His son!

  14. No-6. And why or how is the Lion the son of Christ Jesus? First by Enoch he pronounces that person to be an elected one of righteousness to come from the Eternal One, to whom would be given a sevenfold knowledge and wisdom.

  15. No-7. And how does the Holy Spirit by Ezekiel show a son of the Christ?  Is it not a twig, a tender twig broken off from the great Cedar, that the Father plants to become another cedar, a  noble cedar? And who might that great Cedar be if not Jesus?

  16. No-8. And over whom would that twig of Jesus be a prince? Were it not all of the Gentile nations, like beasts and birds of every sort? And how that son would be the very stem to bear all the branches.

  17. No-9. And does not another prophet speaks of that son of Christ Jesus, as the star of gentiles. When he is killed saying: " And even their own star."

  18. No-10. And how often did Moses strike that Rock for water to flow from it? Was it not twice? The Rock then is the Son of God, to be struck twice, First in Himself, then in His Son. 

  19. For the Son of God only died once for all, but is struck twice, His son, the lion, as also the male goat is likewise to be killed. But in killing him they are striking the Lord his Father as well.

  20. No-11. And how did Daniel put it, for an anointed prince to come into the world? Was it not when Israel would become a nation again? And did he not say that the death of that prince would "not be for himself?" 

  21. No-12. And how great of a prince would he be? Does not Daniel at his death pronounces him to be a prince "of the Covenant?"  No not "THE" Prince, as Christ is, but "A" prince. 

  22. And how many princes of the covenant are there?  Is it not three? David is second, Christ Jesus is first, and the Lion third. And why not - him being the very son of Christ Jesus. the second Messiah.

  23. No-13. And what did the Lord say to Abraham for the offering of the ages? With the three four footed animals as the whole race of man, by how many birds were they to ascend? Were it not a greater and a lesser dove?

  24. And did not Noah as the son of God also make the offering in the same manner, specifying two birds, two that fly in the heavens and settle on the earth.

  25. No-14. And how is that written in the book of Abraham when with the angel he was to make that offering? Did not Abraham and the angel both rise on the wings of those two birds? And who was on the wing of whom? 

  26. Educate yourself will you, for it is written: "You will give the turtledove and pigeon for I will ascend on the wings of the birds to show you what is in the heavens.  And what is on the earth, in the sea, the abyss, the lower depths, and the garden of Eden, its rivers, the fullness of the universe, and you will behold its circle."

  27. No-15. And what was shown to Enoch with the Antecedent of time? Was it not as he said: "And with Him was another whose face was like that of a human person." And did not the angel reply that this Antecedent was the Son of man, the Son of God?

  28. No-16. Messiah ben David, and Messiah ben Joseph. By Ephraim as double fruit by whom Gentiles came in with Israel.  And so it is - son of Joseph and son of Jesus. even as Christ is Son of David, and Son of God, as well as Son of man.

  29. No-17. Furthermore quoting a few lines from the first Holy Scriptures by Enoch:  # "And they lifted me up to the living waters to the occidental fire, which receives every setting from the Sun." 

  30. (The living waters, and occidental) Also (Every setting from the Sun) as in all his instructions will be of Christ the Lord. 

  31. No-18. Quote:  "And I came to the river of fire which flows like water and which empties itself into the great sea into the direction of the west."

  32. (The West) And (Of fire - flowing like water) How he would be a fountain with much teaching, and casting down to the earth with violence, as written elsewhere. As also (Direction of the West) From which he would emerge.

  33. No-19. Quote: "And I saw the great river that reaches to the great darkness going into the place where all flesh must walk cautiously."

  34. Enoch beheld that king coming into the earth, where trials are a plenty.

  35. No-20. Quote: "And a King, who will be called “King of peace,” will rise up in the west, he will run upon the sea like a roaring Lion.  And He will kill the king of injustice, and take vengeance on Egypt with battles and much bloodshed."

  36. No-21. By Isaiah the Lord stirs him up from the north, one with a teaching, with words never as yet heard before, at which they have no reply.  And while he is called a King of peace, he nonetheless render judgment.

  37. No-22. And again by Isaiah, how he would speak of heaven and earth confirming the Lord its Creator. And how the Lord loves that grandson, and how for his speech and teaching, the lord says quote: "I, even I have spoken, I have called him."

  38. And how his arm would be against the strong, and his purpose against the world of wickedness. But not until the Lord had send him with His Spirit.

  39. No-23. And so it is written: "And I saw seven rivers upon the earth larger than all the rivers.  One of them emerges from the west and empties its water in the great sea."

  40. Seven great teachers, greater than all, and him coming from the west, with the great sea being the sea of nations.

  41. No-24. Then from the prophet Esdras quote: "And the Lion whom you saw rising out of the forest, and roaring and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which you heard;

  42. This is the anointed, which the Highest has kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end.  He shall reprove them, and upbraid them with their cruelty.

  43. For he shall set them before him alive in judgment, and shall rebuke them, and correct them.  But the rest of My people, those who have been preserved upon My borders, these he shall deliver with mercy, and he shall make them joyful until the day of judgment."

  44. This is the Lion whom was shown to Joseph in a dream at the left of the Lamb. The Lord rendering judgment on the nations holding His son by the right hand.

  45. No-25. And so there is more but for the mind of wisdom, Nor is that ben Joseph for the ten tribes alone, but for gentiles that by allegory can be called tribes of Israel - as in - through Joseph/Ephraim. 

  46. (Greater definition by chapter 15.) Recall the words: "And his descendants shall become a multitude of nations".  

  47. The reference here is also to "Love Story." and page 55, as to whom would come under his wings. A mystery yes, that will remain until the new day, the eternal day.

  48. I now know perfectly well as to why there were to be two Messiahs, but that secret is not for the ears of this generation.

  49. And so my brother said: "If she is a wall, we will build upon her a battlement of silver. But if she is a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar."

  50. Any takers? It is so simple but only to the wise. Solomon speaking of the day to come in how it will be. I am a mystery, and a mystery I will remain for yet some time, until the day that in my single person I will bend the knee of all the gentiles, as still another mystery.

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