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  1. What is most amazing to me is how all things are put together. Like the treads on a bolt, how well these hold together,  that by mere magnetic force holding each atom to the next these do not move nor slide off. 

  2. Or how well steel all in itself is so strong, so very well put together. How amazing for the Lord to have created nature in that way.  Or a propeller for its angle pushing air that the air is so moved by it. 

  3. This must also be so since the air being driven by it is bordered by more air to provide the rigidity for some of it moved in respect to the rest.

  4. Or to look at a woman how the eyes are set so perfectly well and decorated with brows. and to move in all directions at will with no effort. 

  5. As in fact the whole of man's face, who could have thought of making anything as such with hearing speech eyesight and smell, with lips to move when no such thing existed to take any pattern of. 

  6. So I am at all times amazed at the wisdom and ability of the Almighty Lord for all the miracles of His hand. To have made what had no being, and so well and so perfect as He made everything. Just to have the thought for each of these is most marvelous.

  7. To Him belongs all praise and glory forever and ever, for there is none like unto Him, none to form and create such beauty. I am at all times amazed at His ability and His greatness.  

  8. We exist only because He had the thought of forming a most marvelous body into which to grant a spirit of His making into a living being. And living it does, as therefore He gave that spirit a will of its own, to model it after His own image.

  9. Who O Lord can understand Thy counsel, or the endless mercy that Thou has for Thy creature?  The fact that Thou ordained for some of the sons of men to be as Thy sons, to be called by Thy name is most marvelous, that Thou should grant such glory and honor to a son of man.

  10. My mind is not able to apprehend even in a small way that which Thou has spoken about me, what Thou has made of me. Often times I wonder why there is no desire for life nor living with me, how not to exist is more desirable to me.

  11. This exile bears heavy on me, the pain of living makes me long for no life at all, neither death nor life. I despise death because it places me with the rest of the human race. And I despise them for all their ways, and to live among them is but a hell to me.

  12. So then what is left for me is to live apart from all of them, or better yet to have no existence, as were I never born. For that in many ways seems best, in that I would not have any sins, nothing at all contrary to my Creator. 

  13. I would have no knowledge, not any awareness of anything that I hate, that is not right. I would not know of good nor evil, nor would my heart be pained for any injustice that I am forced to witness, or anything evil done in my sight. 

  14. I would not be robbed to have the pain of that injustice, and knowing how the robbers will have to come to pay dearly for all their injustice.

  15. For that also pains me to behold others destroying themselves, how they heap punishment upon themselves. For I hate all wrongs and all injustice so much so that I have despised living, forever longing to depart from this world and this life.

  16. And speaking to me of everlasting life as it is promised of the Lord, how can I long for it, when all I have known is no more than a hells abiding, a painful existence. I long for truth and perfect justice, for these I love. 

  17. That is the spirit within me, to be like unto the Lord, to be like an image of Him.  But O how difficult that is in this body that is subject to be turned to dust again. a body that weighs me down, that has its desires contrary to my desires.

  18. No, for the best in me I cannot get myself to long for life, while I know that it must be forever and ever, and while I know that in the new world I will not have all such pains as I have here, still where in me shall I find the desire for life and being? I cannot find it.

  19. Once I put off this body and I behold the reward upon the wicked for their cruelty and robbery upon one another then with God's blessing I may aspire for life and living, for having existence.

  20. This day for all the many scam artist in the world to roam free with no one to curb their wicked ways, I desire for nearly the whole race of man to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Nearly the whole race so I say since nearly all of them are most wicked with no integrity within them.

  21. It is therefore also how I have such strong longings to depart from this earth, from all of them dwelling upon it. That longing has been with me since even before I was 24 years of age,

  22. One thing that appears alien to me is when listening to forensic files, how this or that one was judged and send to prison for life or other.  Because for me I cannot conceive to be judged by any man, or any court of man, that is altogether alien to me. God my Father is my only judge there is no such thing for me that I should be judged by any man. but rather I am man's judge.

  23. That then is most natural to me, seeing I was born of the Christ, my spirit being His Spirit with me. I am not a son of man, no man was my father, nor any woman my mother. Christ Jesus being the womb from which I came, and the Almighty Father my father.

  24.  And so I quote" "And at its completion there shall be elected the elect one of righteousness from the Eternal Plant of righteousness to whom shall be given sevenfold knowledge and wisdom."

  25. Who can possibly understand the marvel of a son born forth of the Son, of the Messiah, that as another son of God he might also suffice as an offering for sin? The evidence pointing to me is the sevenfold knowledge and wisdom, as also the tremors of my heart.

  26. Still the very thought of this is mostly beyond me, that such an honor is bestowed on a son of man and that man being me. And to comprehend this into any kind of realization is factually beyond my ability, although my heart confirms it, and my lips have spoken of it all the days of my life.

  27. Frankly I am, but I know not whom that I am.

  1. My heart is perplexed, why must we depart from the earth, why lose a loved one so that I see her no more? It is alien to me that we and she should depart, an ailing wound in my side. 

  2. And O how my heart ponders life, searching to find any desire for it.  For to me in this day to live is but a burden, a hell unto me, I find no desire for it, it is but vanity. But I must remain and that not for myself, but for these many others I must remain, and bear these burdens. 

  3. O that it would end, that I may put off this body. And so is my prayer to my Father Almighty, to take me home, to remove me from the earth, and from its inhabitants.

  4. For what cause will a man live? For a good woman so it is said a man will want to live. And yes that is with me also. But I love truth and justice more than any, and to be for help and ointment to those that are in need of me. 

  5. Let my being be for others, my existence for them, for I take no pleasure in living for myself, for number one. And so will be my teaching and my commandment to all that enter upon my borders. 

  6. That they do not live for themselves but for the good of all, and to labor for the good of all.. Or else they will not be welcome within my kingdom. I was ordained to be a king, and a king I will be to gladden the hearts of all that look upon me.

  7. As for me in this day I wait only for the Lord to bring justice to the earth and the peace that goes with it. I long for peace, the right peace when all men are God fearing, To honor Him for all His works. For this my soul waits:

  8. Quote: "But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people."

  9. And no longer shall each man teach his neighbor and each his brother, saying, `Know the Lord,' for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest, says the Lord; for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more."

  10. This is the time to live for, to behold the mercy of the Lord, and the beauty of His being.


  1. Blind and ignorant, so is this generation, in love with lies and deceit, acting after the nature of the evil spirits that lead them.  The Lord send them a pestilence, Covid-19 as they call it, as He has done so many times to the generations before them as a warning to mend their ways or death will overtake them.

  2. But they do not see the design of God in it, nor are they of any mind to listen to the truth, for that would expose their evil nature which of course they wish to hide.

  3. If they truly wish to rid themselves of that virus, I could ask it of the Lord and in a instant it would be gone worldwide. But I will not ask it of the Lord unless first and foremost these mend their ways. And that they will not do.

  4. Therefore let that virus exterminate all the wicked it was ordained to kill from the face of the earth. These foolish blind ones will not believe that at my prayer the Lord would grant me my request. Yet I know that He will, for He also knows that I placed a condition on it.

  5. And how will the roman catholics execute their popes and cardinals and every priest that allows himself to be called by a title belonging to God and Christ? And that is but one part of the condition by which to rid themselves of that virus.

  6. Nor for the protestants to stop worshiping a piece of wood, and/or to burn their churches, or the muslims to stop kneeling to the devil.

  7. This generation is much too evil to listen to any truth. Nor do they realize how this virus is most beneficial. and that it is rather a blessing upon them that die from it. seeing how those that survive or escape that virus are destined for a more shameful death.

  8. Unless they mend their ways to honor and glorify God instead of themselves, they must all die in one way or another.  But how are the blind to see, or the deaf to hear? For so is this generation that to me is most disgusting and painful to have my dwelling among them.

  9. And so I pray with the prophet, saying: "This people are without discernment, therefore forgive them not O Lord."

  10. And when on multiple occasions my doctor and the Hospital staff wanted me to come in for the vaccine against Coved-19. I flatly refused, in that my trust is in the One who created that very virus, that pestilence as it is..

  11. And who sent it among all nations as a warning for the wicked to either mend their ways, or die for their disregard of Him. So at one time in a gathering I said: 

  12. "Either you believe, or you do not, and to believe shows itself in the works thereof. For did not the Lord say: "I you love Me and keep My word, ask whatever you will and I will do it for you."

  13. Why then does anyone have a second though about any virus, or any fear, or concern? They do so because their thoughts are not on the Lord, being in love with death.

  14. If then my word fell on open ears, or if my words were snatched away by the wicked spirits, will show itself in time to come. So it is faith by which a man shall live. If then being wicked, as better than 90 percent of the world population is, and one survives the pestilence, it is only to die by a more shameful and painful death.

  15. As for me, if it be of the Lord to take me home, away from this earth, for which I have longed some 60 long years already, how blessed that would be, my so called death, the most glorious day of my life, my homecoming. But that is not to be by any virus.

  16. For did I not in so many words say: "Faith shows itself in the works thereof, or else your faith is a dead faith." The Lord is a righteous Lord, He warns the wicked by all sorts of calamities. But these appear as blockheads, nothing of a truth to enter into them.

  17. Therefore so I gave them to wit: "Then let that virus remain and kill the whole number that it was ordained to kill."

  18. Stupid people as they are not to duly realize how even the air they breathe is of God's constant care, and how every bite of food that enters into them is of the hand of God? How then O my dear blockheads shall any calamity come of itself?

  19. Wisdom yes, like Solomon said; "The beginning of wisdom is this: namely: to "Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight." For did he not also say: "he who listens to Me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of evil."

  20. If therefore you do fear that virus, you are among the wicked, and you have not only made God out for a liar, but you are mocking Him to His face. And none but the wicked would do so.

  21. Pay attention to the word of your Creator O you most blind.  And if you claim to know His word why then O you stupid ones are you making such a fuss over a mere virus, and wearing those silly masks, as if that will save you?  

  22. Stupid, blindly stupid and unbelieving so indeed you are. All the facts are before you but you prefer lies and stupidity from the most brainless among you. That is why you "must die."

  23. Do not listen to your leaders, to your presidents, to skeletons twice dead and walking in their graves. "But listen to Me so said the Lord."

  24. If then my word, the words that my Father places upon my lips, will make any impression upon this generation, I have my sincere doubt.  A shame yes, a real shame. 

  25. But then again this world for all its centuries has been fatally ignorant.  And you will find all of them in the fires of Hades. A punishment well deserving upon them.

  26. If then one will say, but we are vaccinated for the flu and other illnesses. Yes my dear one the Lord has granted man that by herbs as such he may ward off the various illnesses that are brought into the world.

  27. And that includes this latest virus, or else no one would have been able to formulate a vaccine against it. Satan harms many persons in many ways, but without the approval of the Lord he cannot do anything.

  28. All such are likewise for trials. Recall how the Lord said to Peter quote: "Satan demanded to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith fail you not."

  29. Note how Satan did not make a request, but "demanded" to bring trials upon us. And this is for good cause, for since he is to lose his rule in favor of us, him losing his kingship on account of his accursed pride.

  30. Why should any of us come to sit on his seats in the heavens if we are no better than him, It would be unjust for us to take over his government if we are no better than him. Therefore there are trials to prove that we did humble ourselves, rather than rising up in pride and arrogance.

  31. The Lord then created doctors, giving them the means to heal the ills that the Satan brings on us. It thus is not the virus as such, or any illness that is brought upon us, but it is the way that man goes about it.

  32. That is as if it were a thing to fall out of the sky, like as in having come of itself. In this man leads himself into death, by not discerning that all calamities are send of God in His endless mercy to bring man to repentance, to leave off from his wicked ways, that he may live, and not die.

  33. For this is extremely wicked, not to acknowledge the design of God. for in so doing they are making God out for a liar, while they are the liars, as God cannot lie. And He has the right that all creatures shall obey Him, seeing they are made of Him, their very life and being, being of Him.

  34. All these things are abundantly clear in His words unto all the race of man, by His prophets and other servants, known by what is called the Holy Scriptures. If then one does not exercise himself in these, he is without excuse.

  35. If any man truly loves God and Christ Jesus, and keeps himself by His commandments, he has nothing to fear of any calamity. But if he fears - then the love of God is not within him. 

  36. For the Lord does not order plagues to be send for those that love Him, but for the wicked to bring them to their senses. For like He said: "He did not allow the bodies of the righteous to be in the power of the wicked spirits.

  37. But such as make no attempt to know God, these he left into the power of the wicked ones. And how is all this? Always remember how it is not in what enters into a man that defile him, but what proceeds from him.

  38. Namely the words of his lips, his attitude, and his reasoning, therein he sins, and for that cause death is upon him. The flesh is no more than dust, simply a home to dwell within. We are spirits, and as spirits we judge right from wrong.

  39. And in spirit it is that we either suffer or rejoice. Watch therefore what you speak, and how you speak, for by the words of your lips you will be judged.


  1. The more knowledge the Lord endows upon me, so much the more I behold the miracle in all of His works. We as human creatures take nearly everything for granted. For the most of mankind ignorance comes as a blessing, because the increase in knowledge also increases the pain.

  2. But only the wise can know how and why the increase in wisdom comes paired with pain for as yet we dwell under a curse, in a world not our own, among a people not our people. Yet so is was revealed unto me; "These are your people now and forever." 

  3. And though I complained that I did not want these people, these being detestable to my soul, I had no choice in the matter. For whatever the Lord ordains, so it will be.

  4. Therefore I asked for a remedy, to first have them ground into powder, into the finest of dust. And from the dust raise nations to me.

  5. Many persons look at knowledge as an affliction, for being without discernment they have made a covenant with death, and death will indeed take them. For again like it is said; "By putting knowledge in them so you make them alive." Accordingly to reject knowledge is to reject life.

A pure word -- or  bastard word?

  1. It is not for me to judge without having seen, even though I already knew and expected a bastard translation of the New Testament when they emailed me of their new version called: "The pure word."

  2. For like the Lord said; "A bad tree cannot bear good fruit, even as a good tree does not bear bad fruit."  I know that virtually all priests and theologians are a vipers brood with but few exceptions hated by all others as I am hated.

  3. Both the King James, of old, and the Revised Standard version, of old are faithful, written in the English language. Whatever language this new version, called the "Pure word," is written in, is unknown but by the most ignorant, for it is not English, or as some may say, a bastard English, or childish English..

  4. If the authors wanted to write something in English, the first thing they should have done  is, not just to learn that language, but to have command of it as well. Its writers then are like babes with no knowledge of language.

  5. When one takes to translate from one language into another, he cannot make a literal translation like those one finds on the internet. One language from the next reverses the words spoken.  Like in English it is: "Railroad." In Spanish, my wife pronounced it: "Roadrail." 

  6. The same goes for the Dutch, my mothers tongue, whole sentences are to be reversed. Wherefore to bring forth the true and correct meaning, one is bound to use the proper wording of the language into which he is translating.

  7. The authors then of this named newest version, lack knowledge, they are without understanding, and have no regard for God nor the Christ, nor for man, or even themselves. Only they do not know it, because being bad trees, it is not possible for them to produce any good fruit.

  8. It is not as they portray it with more depth, but less, and even lies, twisting the true word. But then again what is one to expect of a vipers-brood. Do they not always lure for victims to inject their poison into them.

  9. Why change what is good and proper in the first place? These of course had no knowledge of the Scriptures nor its meaning, but they had to put their two cents in.  A most worthless brood of people.

  10. Twenty years, and how many worked on it?  When it was laid upon my shoulders to translate the Bible by Enoch I did not have any human help. And if I am not mistaken it did not take me longer than about six months in my off time from my work, my electrical Contractor business.

  11. But I feared God, knowing that such cannot be done of any man. wherefore I asked of Him to grant me His Holy Spirit in wisdom to by merely reading know what is right and what is wrong. What is original and what is added or deleted. God's Counselor teaching me.

  12. And God graciously granted me that wisdom, even as it was prophesied that in this day and age He would have the word of Enoch (as I might say) re-established by one to whom He must point out the guardianship of the world.

  13. If then one is to be a guardian, should he not be equipped to that end? It is not of the Lord to send forth a servant without the proper tools of his trade. And that tool for me was wisdom, which the Lord granted me in great measure. And also granting me a awesome store of knowledge, as may be evident of my writings that in effect shows but part of it.

  14. There is much more I can say, but this version in comparison to the two forenamed versions is worth not much more than a nickel.  I do not say worthless, or as badly corrupted as some others, but for its wording, the bad English wording, it is of little value.

  15. By reading the Revised standard version, (as I have with my website) one may have joy in reading, while this so called "Pure word version" will make an English speaking person sick to his stomach.


  1. This year I thought it time to tell the truth even to my own children. instead of wishing them a merry Christmas, I made it known to them that in so doing everyone is celebrating a lie. For it is a lie to celebrate the birth of Christ in December.

  2. For centuries the Jews celebrated the sixth of June as the day on which the Christ would come into the world, as instructed by the Lord through Moses. Then Luke specifies His birth in June.

  3. How therefore the whole world celebrated lies and deceit, and how stupid of all their teachers not to speak the truth to them.  For that alone it is just of the Lord to destroy all of man's teachers, to wipe all of them from the face of the earth.

  4. And to cast them into the fire that their hides may be burned from them. And how is it for no one in all these centuries to stand up and speak the truth?

  5. Answer: Because their hearts being wicked the Lord gave them over into the power of the wicked spirits whereby they became zombies and to believe the lie.

  6. Did not the Lord say that all these priests and teachers of the Word, would never be given to handle that which is holy, never at all to understand God's word, yet they were to serve in the temple, the churches, that at end all of God's wrath may strike them.

  7. The whole world lies in ignorance all because they are an apostate generation, fit to be eradicated from the face of the earth. And so let it be, let all the wicked be rooted out of the earth.

  8. And may indeed a severe punishment come on all these so called rulers in the earth that oppress the people with their most stupid dictates regarding a virus, and other things. Let indeed a more shameful death come upon them.

  9. I am sick and tired of this people, of  this whole generation for their gross stupidity, They are not fit to live let alone be ruled.

  10. Checking the internet for the birth of Christ it shows how very ignorant all the teachers of man are. They remark upon Luke how the shepherds could not possible tend their sheep in December. But you blind ones in that same chapter it also specifies the sixth month for her conception.

  11. If then you come to March, you are still as blind as a bat. since the place happened to be Judea, where the sixth month is September, not June. At that time Israel was still holding to the real calendar, not the roman concoction that is now held and for 2000 years already.

  12. And so count from September nine month to June, as specified by Luke. Then recall how Moses specified the sixth of June as the day of the Oath. The Oath meaning, God's promise to send a deliverer.

  13. June 6 now is always the day after the sabbath. like the Lord said to count seven weeks 50 days from the day after the day of the sabbath to again the day after the sabbath. For in that time of the year those seven weeks of seven days each come to 50 days in God's calendar.

  14. If one does not know the calendar, the right calendar, not some heathen concoction of juggled days, how can you celebrate anything?  June 6 is a twin celebration, the passing of man from seven into the eight day.

  15. And it is the celebration that God would send the Messiah, as indeed He did. And Enoch as well as myself we were also born on that day of the year.

  16. Wise up you men in the earth, you read the Scriptures, but it is not even in one ear and out the other, but God's word does not even enter into you, you have no understanding of what you are reading, even though it is dead simple. That is how blind and ignorant nearly all the race of man is.

  17. Dec 25 according to record was a pagan celebration of one of their idols, the sun, worshipping the sun, with Dec 25 as the birth of the sun. In proper words - idol worship, punishable by death.

  18. And do not tell me that the Bible does not specify the birth of Christ, for you will be known for a liar. The Bible spells it clearly right down to the hour, but without knowledge or wisdom you will always be at a loss.

  19. According to the Scriptures by Enoch, God would give me a sevenfold knowledge and wisdom, And so indeed He did, His word always being truth. Does it therefore take one with sevenfold wisdom just to show you that two plus two adds to four?

  20. Shame yourselves all you teachers in the earth for being so incompetent. Like believing from your most stupid scientists that the atoms hold to one another electrically, pos to neg. While you know that putting pos to neg., creates a short.

  21. How thus you believe lies so easily, and accept falsehood as truths, shame on you for being so grossly ignorant. How do you expect me to have any respect for you, when you conduct yourselves so stupid?

  22. In my book it does not take a sevenfold knowledge and wisdom to add two plus two to four, nor to see the facts contrary to what you are being taught.  And so wake up you blind bats. Yes wake up.

  23. The blind astronomers claim June 17 as the birth of Christ, by the star that the wise men followed. It however took the wise men more than a day to travel,  Since of course these blind ones have no knowledge of the Scripture they are merely guessing.

  24. Others go by the shepherds in the field, which is very stupid since the same chapter clearly specifies the month of the year. The sixth month is the month of September, April being the first month of the year by God's instructions.

  25. I for me I believe the word of the Lord, and will serve Him, and speak as He places His words upon my lips. And so:  Give heed to my reproof; behold, I will pour out my thoughts to you; I will make my words known to you.

  26. But because I called and you refused to listen, stretched out my hand and no one heeded, and you have ignored all my counsel and would have none of my reproof, I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when panic strikes you.

  27. It is to you, O men, I call, and my cry is to the sons of men. O simple ones, learn prudence; O foolish men, pay attention.  Hear, for I will speak noble things, and from my lips will come what is right; for my mouth will utter truth; wickedness is an abomination to my lips.

  28. All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing twisted or crooked in them. They are all straight to him who understands and right to those who find knowledge.

  29. Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold; for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.


  1. The world talks about Christians and their churches, like a few billion, but they are liars, there is in this day not a single Christian congregation left in the world. If one can find one Christian in ten million be happy for that grand number of them.

  2. These so called Christians have no conception of Christ, nor of His statutes. All of them instantly profess their gross ignorance in what it is that God has said, and what is required of them. Their festivals are not only a joke, but a lie and a sin in them.

  3. Like for example what they call easter, a pagan celebration of the first of the year, in fertility. And so what do these pagans do in order to appear righteous, or Christian? They paste the name of Christ upon their stupid idols and so think they will inheret heaven.

  4. But even a moron able to at least read, can be wiser than them. And to quote what these pagans have made of their idolous feast placating the name of Christ upon it, I shall make a quotation.

  5. Question: "What is the meaning of easter (no capital)  "easter , also called pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead , described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD."

  6. And so these brutes know that the resurrection was on the third day, they actually are able to read. But in order to antagonize God and Christ, to purposely go contrary to His word, they set the date on April 12, (2020) thirteen days after their pagan date. And year by year they switch to other days, even to the month of May.

  7. What then was it that the Lord by His Holy Spirit gave to His disciples to write down? Quote (Math 26) "When Jesus had finished all these sayings, He said to His disciples"  "You know that after two days the Passover is coming, and the Son of man will be delivered up to be crucified." 

  8. And when is passover?  If one is competent enough to read he or she knows very well that it starts on the 14th of April, and that his passover meal was held on the eve of April 14, and crucified on April 15, for April 16 was the sabbath. And He rose on Sunday April 17.

  9. How thus these ignorant brutes have their days mixed up celebrating a lie, an intentional lie, a very wicked lie. And for more evidence quote: 

  10. " Since it was the day of Preparation, in order to prevent the bodies from remaining on the cross on the sabbath (for that sabbath was a high day), the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away."

  11. How extremely wicked of these priest to ask for their legs to be broken. For if at all they were able to get off that cross, how much chance would they have for life? But for these priests I certify to you that not only their legs will be broken., but every bone in their bodies.

  12. That "High day" now being April 16, a Saturday. Obviously all these so called Christians worship none other than the devil, doing his wishes. There being no excuse for any of them. And more so for their teachers, all the pastors, priests and ministers.

  13. The people adore to believe lies, the vomit of their teachers, hating the truth. And they hate me for speaking the truth, God's word. In my book it is not that I have a sevenfold knowledge, but this people in comparison are sevenfold ignorant.

  14. As then they say that Christ was in the grave for three days, hardly so. for no person ever spends anytime in his grave, since the instant that his spirit leaves his body, most are taken to the place of confinement there to await the day of judgment.

  15. And that place is not upon this earth. And likewise with Christ, for He having left His body went to speak to those in Hades, with Satan and the head warden of the several kingdoms having an argument about Jesus.

  16. And so the Lord broke down the iron gates, just as Isaiah prophesied, and He took all the righteous out of that place delivering them to paradise. Then returned on the day after the sabbath, and spoke with the ladies by the grave, and His apostles.


  1. What is Pentecost and how did it start?  Quote: "Pentecost was the celebration of the beginning of the early wheat harvest , which meant that Pentecost always fell sometime during the middle of the month of May or sometimes in early June."

  2. What kind of stupidity a person can breathe out.   Pentecost was at the ending, with the time of Passover the first cutting of the grain. You know, like waving the sheaf freshly cut, and then counting 50 days to Pentecost. 

  3. Quote: "And you shall count from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven full weeks shall they be, counting fifty days to the morrow after the seventh sabbath; then you shall present a cereal offering of new grain to the Lord"

  4. It was indeed near the middle of the month, the middle of April, like the 17th, the day after the sabbath. And how is any person to count 50 days in exactly seven weeks, seven times seven being 49?

  5. Before anything one needs to know the calendar, God's calendar, and not that roman concoction of juggled days that most of the world including the Jews have held to in these last 2000 years.

  6. For so the Lord spoke of the Jews, quote: "Instead they will walk after the Gentiles and their defilement and shame serving their gods, which will become a scandal for them, and an affliction, and torment, and a snare.

  7. And they will be seized and be destroyed, falling into the hands of the enemy, because they forsook My commandments and My ordinances and the feast of My covenants, and My Sabbath."

  8. The latest holocaust is a clear example how the Israelites delivered themselves into the hands of the Germans to be destroyed.  Israel had the right Calendar at the time of Christ, seeing He was indeed crucified on precisely the right day, a Friday, the 15th of Nissan (April).

  9. But the Jews being dispersed among the barbarian gentiles forgot everything, how for example there are indeed 50 days in those seven weeks in that part of the year, And for evidence refer to the copy of that Calendar I have here with my writing.

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  12. If then we ask; "What day of the week was Pentecost?"  The answer comes up as Sunday, May 31, (2020) But did not the Lord say that it was to be on the day after the sabbath, the seventh sabbath? And so why are you making God out for a liar, and going contrary to His word?

  13. Do you not know you foolish person that liars do not enter into God's kingdom, nor will anyone enter into heaven that strives against God and His Word. And why do you doubt my word, or even question me? Are you so ignorant not to know that you are already condemned because you would not believe me when I spoke to you?

  14. I am not speaking my word to you, but as the Lord in His Holy Spirit places it upon my lips, so I speak. Like as the Lord spoke saying: "My teaching is not mine, but His who sent Me; if any man's will is to do His will, he shall know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on My own authority."

  15. The same goes for me, for I have come of Him, and I will return to Him. And I along with my Lord also say to you: "Even if I do bear witness to Myself, My testimony is true, for I know whence I have come and whither I am going, but you do not know whence I come or whither I am going."

  16. I have not placed that authority upon myself, but He from whom I was taken as a testimony to all the world placed it upon me. For like a son from his father so am I a son of God, and the son of Christ Jesus, even as it is testified unto by the Scriptures.

  17. Who among all mankind in these last two thousand years has placed the Calendar back to its original, even to the very day and hour of the year? Who among all men has ever revealed the foundations of all the sciences? To whom were the foundations of the earth revealed?

  18. Am I commending myself? It's revolting that I should have to do so for the ignorance of man. Then to make another quotation:

  19. "Pentecost is a special day of worship. This feast marks the end of the Easter season for Christians and commemorates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus. The Church of God, which began on Pentecost which we read about in Acts 2 is given the mission of preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God."

  20. How dare you make mention of the word "easter' and even to capitalize it, instead of Passover, you wicked person, making mention of an idol, rather than God's word when speaking of the institution set by God.

  21. Do you not know how God commanded to not even mention the name of idols? it is punishable by death, a death you invited to yourselves.

  22. It was indeed on Pentecost when that out pouring of the Holy Spirit took place. But the beginning of God's church began already with Abraham,  Quote:  

  23. "On the third month (Sivan) of the year, Abram made a feast of the first-fruits of grain, making a new sacrifice on the altar, the first-fruits of the food for the Lord, a bull, a goat, and a sheep as burnt offerings, and a fruit offering, a libation, with frankincense."

  24. That days marks the 6th of that third month, called June as well as Sivan. And for more quotations, for not everyone is grossly ignorant. 

  25. Quote: "Jewish holy day celebrated on the sixth of Sivan is to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments."

  26. And: "Enoch was born on Pentecost and he was also taken to heaven on Pentecost."  Richard D (17 May 2013)

  27. And: "Enoch was conceived, born, and "taken" on the 6 of Sivan Mercer (27 May 2011)

  28. Personally I am not aware if Moses indeed received those commandments on that day, since he was there for more than a month. Nor if Enoch was taken up on the sixth of Sivan. Nor does Luke in his epistle specify the sixth of Sivan as the birth of Christ, when he does point to the third month wherein His birth took place.

  29. But there is ample record that God set the sixth of June as the day of the oath, the day to be kept as a festival for God's promise that He would send a Messiah. That the Israelites celebrated for centuries, starting with Abraham.

  30. Pentecost being a dual celebration. Of seven that in seven millenniums we would pass over into eternity, and of the first fruits, that coincides with the oath. Christ Jesus being the first fruit, and we did offer Him, did we not, wicked as we are.

  31. And God also caused me to be born on that day, In the US of A that was at  8:20 in the evening, of the sixth, while it was already 5:20 in the morning in the Netherlands the seventh of June. And thus my birth is the day after Christ since His birth was in Judea, where the time is an hour earlier yet.

  32. Accordingly going by Luke when the Angel came to Mary in the month of September, nine months later comes to June, the first week in June. And knowing how the Lord by Moses instituted the sixth of that month, so it is only right and common sense to celebrate the birth of Christ on Sivan 6. It also being called Pentecost.


  1. I shall quote you what the angels wrote for Moses in a book called Jubilees, that by God's doing was withheld from the canons, withheld from the common world, since in them one finds a wisdom not suited to the wicked. Quote:

  2. "At Beersheba, Abraham build an altar unto the Lord, and celebrated a feast of rejoicing, seven days near the altar which he built by the well of the oath. And he build boots for himself and for his servants on that festival, he was the first on earth to observe the feast of boots.

  3. In these seven days he offered every day, day by day on the altar a burnt offering and a thank offering to the Lord.  In the morning and in the evening, with the fragrance of incense, Galbanum, stacte, nerd, myrrh, spices, and costume, all these seven he offered, crushed, and mixed in equal parts, and pure.  

  4. For seven days he observed this feast with rejoicing with all his heart and with all his soul, he and all that were in his house, and there was no alien with him, or anyone that was not circumcised. And he blessed and rejoiced, and called the name of this festival, "The festival of the Lord".  A joy, acceptable to God Most High.

  5. And we blessed him and his seed after him in every generation of the earth, because he observed this feast in its time according to the testimony of the heavenly tablets.

  6. Therefore it is ordained in the heavenly tablets concerning Israel that they will be observers of the feast of boots seven days with joy, in the seventh month before the Lord as an eternal law in their generations year by year.

  7. And there is no limit of days for this, it being ordained forever that they should observe it to dwell in tents, and to place crowns upon their heads taking branches of leaves, and willows from the stream.

  8. And Abraham took branches of palm trees, and fruit of good trees, and each day of the days he used to go around the altar with branches, seven times per day praising and giving thanks to his God for all things." Unquote

  9. The feast of boots always starts on a Friday and ends in its eight day on a Friday, with the day of Atonement on the tenth to fall on a Sunday. If any other days are used, you are celebrating a lie, and as such without discernment, like unto a beast.

  10. And that is primarily for the Israelites, since these ought to know better. And what is the stupidity of saying quote: "A few days after Yom Kippur Jews celebrate Sukkot."?  It is not a few days but 5 days. The day of Atonement being on the 10th, Boots on the 15th.

  11. Quote: "And it happened that as they lamented for Joseph one year (Joseph sold to Egypt) that he (Jacob) was not consoled, for he said; I will go down to my grave lamenting for my son. Therefore it is decreed for the children of Israel that they mourn on the tenth day of the seventh month, on the day when that which came to Jacob causing him to weep."

  12. The eight day of the festival was requested by Jacob, it being the day of addition. But more so in the wisdom of it it points to the day of eternity, the day after the seven thousand.. For Jacob wanted to know everything, and the seven was not sufficient. He then in one sense of the word obtained eternity.

  13. These are God's instruction O you Israelites, and He said: "Do not listen to your parents, and do not listen to your teachers, but listen to Me." But you laughed at God and refused to listen to Him, therefore of late He gave six million into the hands of their enemies. And more are to be handed over to cruel ones.

  14. I read quote: "This year the feast of Tabernacles occurs October 12-20, 2019." What is the matter with you Israel? Is your calendar 2 days off? It is off more than that, for unless you celebrate it exactly as I have outlined it for you, you are simply making fools of yourselves.

  15. My Instructions are God's instruction, my lips do not lie. Repent of your wicked ways and adapt God's Calendar again as your forefathers did at first. The Lord raised me up to re-introduce it to you again, even as it was foretold.

  16. And you will indeed keep yourselves by that Calendar again, as soon as the Lord has rooted out all the rebels among you, and He has taken His seat in Jerusalem, when all your offspring will be righteous, when not a single lie will come from their lips.

  17. So it was prophesied and so it will be. because it is the word of God. And these will keep the feast of boots at the right days in the year. And it will be demanded of all the Gentile nations to send ambassadors to you at that time. 

  18. And if any do not do so, they will not have rain all that year. That will teach them a lesson, to have due respect for the sons of Israel. For you will be the head of all nations, then and forever.


  1. And now for wisdom quote: " Be careful my son Jacob that you do not take a wife from any of the seed of the daughters of Canaan, for all of his seed is destined to be uprooted from the earth, for through the sin of Ham - Canaan sinned.

  2. And all of his seed will be blotted out from the earth, there is none of him that will be saved.  And for all of those who worship idols, and for the hated ones - there is no hope in the land of the living, for they will go down into hell, in the place of judgment will they walk, and have no memory upon the earth."

  3. Will this be of any lesson to anyone? 


  1. How well I understand that Satan has no power over me, but I pity the many that are given into his hand. For while he is king of the earth, he can only perform what he has authority of. and God has not given the bodies of the righteous into his hand, except by occasion for a trial like Job, the book I am reading.

  2. As for the dreams these angels feeding my thoughts with these stupid silly things must be most irrational, in that nothing makes sense. Not only man is irrational but the same is true for many angels, those belonging to Satan. Shame on you Satan.

  3. As for the news and this silly people inhabiting earth. Everyone that dictates for this people to wear a mask, as well as everyone that tells people to close their business, and stay home, will have his or her habitation of the fires of hell. 

  4. All this for a mere virus are crimes against humanity, These do so because they are most stupid and illiterate, a people unfit for anything but the fire. I want all of them eradicated from the face of the earth. If not by a virus let a more deadly disease take hold of them.

  5. Stupid as they are, not to know that before long starvation will be upon them, and the fire as well as more shameful ways to die. For they must die, none of them being fit to live. Or for an alternate, start respecting God and Christ, keep His statutes, or else be eradicated from the earth.

  6. I do not want you, and neither will the Lord God my Father cause you to remain on this earth, He most certainly will wipe you from the face of the earth, so that at long last I may have peace and rejoicing, and all the righteous with me.

  7. I am sick and tired of having to hear and see these most ignorant irrational beings, though they are as I am, in body, but not in soul. Take on knowledge, like my brother said: "Accept wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight,"

  8. But these irrational ones refuse to listen to me, or to any righteous word. Therefore these must perish, because they refuse to listen, refusing to obtain knowledge. And so I speak with the prophet. "These people are without discernment, therefore O Lord forgive them not."

  9. When given into my hand you will acquire a better knowledge, I will indeed teach you, that you may be acceptable, and come to rejoice righteously. Then my soul will be at peace with you.

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