Of the three holy children.

Ananias, Azarias, and Michael.  

      Chapter 1 

1. And they were to be cast in the midst of the fire, then Azarias prayed and praised God saying;

2.  "Blessed art Thou O Lord God of our fathers, Thy name is worthy to be praised and glorified forever, for Thou art righteous in all things that Thou has done for us.

3. Yea true are Thy works, Thy ways are right and all Thy judgments truth in all that Thou has brought on us and on Jerusalem the holy city of our fathers.  

4  Thou executed judgment according to truth and justice, Thou brought all these things on us because of our sins, for we have sinned committing iniquity, departing from Thee.

5. We have transgressed in all things in not obeying Thy commandments, therefore has Thou brought all these things on us in true judgment, delivering us into the hands of lawless enemies, hateful, forsaker's of God.

6. And now we cannot open our mouths because of the shame and reproach to Thy servants, to them that worship Thee.

7.  Yet O Lord Deliver us now for Thy name sake, do not annul Thy covenant, cause not Thy mercy to depart from us, even for Abraham' sake and for sake of Thy servant Isaac.

8.  And for Thy holy servant Israel to whom Thou promised that Thou would multiply his seed as the stars of heaven and as the sand that lies at the seashore.  


9.  For we O Lord are this day become less than any nation because of our sins, nor is there left any prince to us or prophet or leader, nor burnt offerings nor oblations or a place to sacrifice before Thee to find mercy.

10.  Accept us O Lord in a contrite heart and humble spirit, like as bulls and the thousands of fat lambs of burnt offerings, so let our sacrifice be in Thy sight this day.

11.  Grant us that we may go wholly after Thee, for they shall not be confounded that put their trust in Thee.

12.  For now we seek Thee with all our heart, and fear Thy name, put us not to shame, but deal with us according to Thy loving kindness.

13.  Deliver us according to Thy marvelous works, and give glory to Thy name, let all these be ashamed that cause hurt to Thy servants to be confounded on their power and might.

14.  Let their strength be broken O Lord, let them know that Thou art Lord, the only God who is righteous over the whole world."

       The men cast in the fire.

15.  And the servants of the king ceased not to heat the oven with rosin pitch and tar and small wood till the flame rose far over the oven, and it burned the Chaldeans, which put the men in the oven.

16.  But an angel of the Lord came down in the oven with Azarias and his companions smiting the flames of the fire making the midst thereof as a cool moist wind, so that the fire did not touch them, nor did it hurt or troubled them.

       The praise better than all lambs.

17. Then these three men as of one mouth praised and glorified God in the furnace saying;

18. "Blessed art Thou O Lord God of our fathers who is to be praised and exalted above all forever.

19. Blessed art Thou in the temple of Thy holy glory, who beholds the depths, who sits on the Cherubims who is to be praised and exalted above all forever.

20. Blessed art Thou on the glorious throne of Thy kingdom to be praised and glorified above all forever.

21. Blessed art Thou in the firmament of heaven above all to be praised and glorified forever.

22. O all you works of the Lord, bless the Lord, and you angels of the Lord and exalt him above all forever.

23. O you sun and moon bless the Lord, and you stars of heaven praise and exalt Him above all forever.

24. O you lightning’s and clouds bless the Lord, and let the earth and the mountains and the Hills praise and exalt Him.

25. And you fountains of the Lord bless the Lord, and you seas and rivers exalt and praise Him forever.

26. O you children of men and Israel bless the Lord, and you priests and servants of the Lord praise and exalt Him above all forever.

27. O Ananias, Azarias and Michael bless the Lord and exalt and praise Him forever, for He has delivered us from hell, saving us from the hand of death.

28. He delivered us out of the furnace in the midst thereof, out of a burning flame, even out of the midst of the fire, He delivered us.

29. O give thanks to the Lord for He is gracious, for His mercy endures forever.

30. O all you that worship the Lord, bless the Lord of gods, praise Him and give thanks to Him for His mercy endures forever."