Leonard to the Christian world, the people of the Lord our God, and of the Almighty Father, Creator of all things, and Orator of all that is just and righteous.  Greetings. 


     Chapter 1

1.     I thought it useful to write concerning the order of the years, the months and days, which our beloved Lord instituted for all generations forever unto the new creation.

2.     The same which He delivered to Enoch the scribe of righteousness who this day, as he has throughout the centuries, is recording the deeds of the men of the whole world, which shall be manifested on the day of judgment.

3.     I can no longer speak to those who once lived and departed from the face of the earth, no indeed I can no longer warn them, but I can speak to those who live now.

4.     And leave this record for future generations, for those which are yet to be until the day that the Lord our God will create the new heaven and the new earth in which months and years shall forever come to an end to no longer be accounted.

5.     And as I speak to this generation, the generation of this twentieth century, the generation which has seen more advances in scientific knowledge than any generation before them, they are prone to answer me saying;

6.     "But we have a most perfect calendar, for look at the past and see how inadequate they were in keeping proper track of the year, for this day we have most accurate clocks, and we pinpoint the year right down to the fraction of a second."

7.     And indeed you have accurate clocks, but you also look upon a clock as were it time in itself - instead of just the timepiece that it really is, thus you are very foolish.

8.     And yes I agree that your forefathers were inadequate in keeping proper track of days and months.  But you with all your advances are no less inadequate, for while on one year you keep the sabbath on a Tuesday, the following year you switch over to a Wednesday, and then again you make the sabbath on a Friday.

9.     You therefore do not know how to keep a year proper in its time, and your continual switching back and forth between days of the week is full proof thereof.

10.     Tell me therefore, who is the more ignorant, you of this century with all your advances given you upon a silver platter, or those of the past who had to do without that silver platter?

11.     Will you tell me that these advances were by your own ingenuity?  They were given you of the Lord to the benefit of all man, but you do not utilize them as such.

12.     You may scornfully speak of the dark ages of the past, and boastfully speak of this twentieth century wherein the Lord created many new things.  But I say that your age is darker than any.  Let your age be known as the black age, the age of the fall of nations, the age where men were most weak, the age where corruption and evil boasting reached its zenith.  

13.     But let us put the world of ignorance aside, and concern ourselves with the word of God, to look into it for knowledge and guidance and understanding.

14.     It was the Lord who instituted the Sabbath as a rest, and it was the Lord who instituted the days of memorial and of the feasts.  And in so doing He quite obviously made some days more holy than other days, consequently it became to be said, blessed days, and profane days.

15.     And so if you make a sworn promise to a friend that you will meet him at a certain place on a certain day, but instead you go to meet him there on the day thereafter, will not your friend be awaiting you for nothing?

16.     And will not your promise be vain?  And will not your oath be a thing of contempt?  And will not your friend be angry, or at least very disappointed in you? Or perhaps you may no longer have a friend, since you spoke one thing but in ignorance did another.

18.       So also it is with the Lord, for when the Lord says to you; "On the head of the year, on the first day thereof, the day on which My angel Malki'el comes in to rule the first season of the earth that I created.  In that day you shall come to rejoice and have a holy convocation, because I have blessed that day above others."

19.     And you loving your Creator, and desiring to do well, but you also being ignorant and vain, since you did not inspire yourself to search out the whole word of God, instead you let that blessed day of the Lord lapse laboring upon a curse.

20.     And after a day or so, when in fact it is a profane day, not the day on which the angel Malki'el makes its entrance, then you decide you will have a holy convocation, and thus presumably keep the command of God.

21.     Do you then think that the Lord will look favorably at you, or that He shall hear your prayer?  What you did is, you just made a mockery of His command, and went out to worship an idol.

22.     For indeed you committed idolatry since you took something profane and dressed it up as were it something holy, and worshipped it.  And you made a liar of yourself, since you said of that profane thing which you dressed up with the cloak of God, that it was God, that it was the command, and according to it.


23.       And so I speak to you all my brothers and sisters of Israel, and of all nations.  Inspire yourself to know all the word of God, and become trained in the law that you may truly know how He is to be served.

24.     If any of you think that you can perform a job halfway, and be done to look for righteousness and salvation, you have not learned how to perform anything.

25.     When the Lord created the heavens and the earth, even before Adam was formed of the dust of the earth, He created the rest, namely, the sabbath, and also salvation for the man, which was to be formed.

26.     Since thus all things were already established, and God had created airplanes to fly through the sky even before the sun and moon were set on the horizon, or even before there was the air for these machines to fly upon.

27.     Then all these appointed feasts and memorials were known and established by Him.  And in order that these things might remain holy and never be defiled, He established the years in their certain order so that year after year these things might come at their appointed time, and not one of them leave from the order in which God had created them.

28.     But the Lord saw than men would do wickedly, and that they would think themselves to be wiser than the God who created them out of nothing.

29.     Therefore did the Lord raise up the first man, namely Enoch, the seventh from Adam, as a witness to them.  So that in the end it might be shown how all these in their great wisdom thinking themselves to be so much wiser and more excellent than their Creator, that He is not to be mocked.

30.     For they are constantly trying to tell God and his servants what the truth is, while in fact they are devoid thereof, but in that very same stupidity of theirs they will learn that God's word is not to be taken lightly.

31.     But that in fact God established their way ahead of them to walk in it, since then they refused to do so, thinking their own conceit to be the wisdom, they shall have no excuse, and it shall be evident that God is more righteous than all.

32.     It was also to this end therefore that the Lord gave Enoch to understand the years in their accounting.  And caused him to write these things in a book, so they might be for a testimony to all generations till the very time of judgment, to the first and the second judgment.

33.     Consider then that in the day of judgment the words of Enoch will stand forth to judge.  And if you will answer saying; "O but I did not know that these words of him were of the scriptures," then my very words will condemn you where I said; "Ignorance is punishable by death."

34.     Or if you will say; "But I was handed the canons, and told that the others were not trustworthy," then it will be replied to you, that you were lied unto, and why then did you believe the word of liars?

35.     The Lord then will say to you; because you believed the word of liars, and would not believe the words of My servant Enoch, and of My servant Leonard in your own time, therefore your reward shall be with the liars in the furnace of destruction.

36.     For I gave your own judge to testify to you from the very beginning, and I sent your own prince in the ending of the times, and many others who testified.  Whosoever therefore will not hear these, or even one of them, I will neither hear them nor consider their plea. 

37.     The years then in their progression are found in the record known as the third book of Enoch called the heavenly luminaries.

38.     And to define what he wrote, and to enhance it with the knowledge which the God of all creation has given me in knowing and understanding the foundations of the earth, how the earth is caused to revolve in its seasons, I will speak and also use some visual representations (figures 1-3) 


      Chapter 2

      The earth precesses.

1.     God caused the earth to have its seasons by a motion called "precession".  If we visualize the center of the earth at its line of equator as a stationary point, the axis of the earth at its polar regions describes a circle in the sky, see figures 1 and 2

2.     The position thus shown is at June 19, the longest day, which comes about when the northern part of the earth is tilted with maximum degree towards the sun.  As therefore the earth continues to precess, six months later the southern part will come to face at maximum degree towards the sun, and the south has its longest day, while the north has its shortest day.

3.     The gates then through which the sun passes are outlined upon the polar circles; the completed picture of the earth in its movement accordingly becomes a "figure eight" (figure 1), which divides into four seasons, with each season divided in three months, and each month divided into 30 days.  (Also Figure 2)

4.     Thus beginning from the center, center of the earth, and of the figure eight, on the line of the equator, which is also on the line of the sun, the movement of precession and of the graduation into the year - begins, and ends there.

5.     First it proceeds upwards towards the northern hemisphere, just as one would write a figure eight, beginning from the center upwards to the right and coming back over to the left down around again from right to left, the head of the year.

6.     Scientifically speaking, the year thus begins and ends right dead center at the center of the earth and eight, in which case the longest day for the north would come at the end of the month of June, beginning July.

7.     According to my graph however I show it to fall on the nineteenth of the month of June, and why might that be so?  It is so because it was thus ordered of the Lord our Creator that the accounting of time would start beginning on the 13th day from the point of center.

8.     The Lord allowed twelve days to pass before the time of accounting was to take place, and I quote you the words of Enoch as he wrote;

9.     "The moon rises in this manner; it faces the easterly direction coming out on the 13th day, on that day it comes in existence, and appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits, and you have the head of the month."

10.   The year thus begins on the day called Malki'el (MK), twelve passes from the time of beginning.  (See copy of calendar herewith).

       The seasons.

11.     This is the head of the first season, of the time of spring for the Northern Hemisphere, after which comes the first month called Nissan, or Abib, or April.

12.     After this, after the earth has passed its longest day, having begun to recede towards the left to go down over its center again, then comes the next angel named Hele'emmemelek  (HK).

13.     This angel comes in on his day for the summer season, the period of which ends twelve passes after the center again, at which time he gives his rule over to one named Milay'ul (ML).

14.     Thus we have come into the seventh month, and with joy we blow the trumpets for a holy convocation, for on this day the Lord commanded a rest, to cease from laborious work, for it is a memorial, a day blessed over other days.

15.     And so there are four days of memorial, for after Milay'ul has reigned for ninety days, comes the angel Narel to reign and lead us back to the first of the year again.

16.     These four days, the four leaders of the year, are days of memorial, days more blessed than others, the first of which is the day of New Year instituted and sanctified by the Lord.

17.     Then Noah after having been saved from the destruction of the deluge instituted the other three days of the leaders as days of memorial, to the end that his sons and the generations from him might be blessed, and not sin, in which they would be destroyed.

18.     He was indeed a very wise father; he after-all is the father of all that are this day upon the earth, just as we also have Adam to our father.  And the Lord confirmed these memorials unto Noah, since even before Noah chose to memorialize them; they were so ordained of God.

19.     And in the books of Moses we find where the Lord gave His people Israel a day of solemn convocation with trumpets on the third of these four days of memorial.

20.     And so the picture is complete, the four seasons in their figure eight of the movements of the earth, and the gates through which the sun passes in order to cause the earth to move by that order.

       The year in 360 days.

21.     This leaves the particulars of the days weeks and months, each month thus has 30 days, no more, and no less, and there being 12 months that comes to 360 days in the year that are numbered and accounted.

22.     And he who does not number and account the year in these days is one who lacks knowledge and understanding, and for that ignorance he will be held accountable. You are never to say that a year numbers into 364, but in 360. The reckoning is in 364 days, and to reckon with the three leaders.

23.     And now I realize that I speak of the bulk of the world of men as lacking understanding, and in what position that leaves me in their mind.  I however certify that it is not in me having any great understanding, as it is in the world of men lacking the essentials for their life.

24.     And allow me again then to clarify that ignorance is punishable by death, and that for the sake of your life it is your duty to gain understanding.

25.     Nor is she difficult to obtain, she is no further from you than to ask for her of the Lord.

26.     For again, the Lord having pointed out to me my royal calling, this I will begin to demand of you in the day near at hand, namely; that just as I will not condone any law of your own making, neither will I condone ignorance in any one of you.


27.     Moses then, as well as Abraham, and his sons, and Noah, and his fathers before him, kept the months in their 30 days, for they knew and understood the word of God inclusive the progression of the days known as the calendar.

28.     Therefore also is it so written in the scriptures, and for that same reason was it that Moses wrote saying; that the rain descended for 5 months, as 150 days.

29.     For in these 150 days, a day being one passing of the sun, there were a total of 152 passes of the sun, which is to reckon with the two days of reckoning which came also within that period of time.

30.     While then we are not to account these days (of the leaders), which are 4 total in the year, we nevertheless are to reckon with them, for these are added to come to a full reckoning of the year in 364 days.

31.     We cannot say, it rained for 5 months 152 days, for there is no such accounting in that number of months.  And to give an example, The first of the year is not April 1 (your fool's day, in which indeed you are fooled), nor is the head of the seventh month October 1, but the first is Malki'el, and at the seventh stands Milay'ul.

32.     The children of men number their children, giving them numbers as were they prisoners and slaves, and though in one sense of the word they being so, this is not so with the children of God, since these are known by name each and everyone of them without number.

33.     What folly is it therefore of men to reduce these great honorable angels of the Lord to mere numbers instead of their names as given us.

34.     Thus the men of old held the months at 30 days each, not because they were incompetent so as the brain-surgeons of theology try to pretend they were.

35.     But rather these scholars of the ages are the incompetents, and whosoever they may be, what are they to me that I should not upbraid them?  Before God and men I certify them incompetent.

36.     Who from among them has understood the wisdom of these fathers of men - while it was plainly written in the scriptures, in which these men searched day by day? 

       Moses confirms the reckoning.

37.     Moses was wise, and when the feast of the first fruits arrived each year in the month of Abib (April), and completed itself in the third month, the month of Nissan, he and his people celebrated the same year after year punctually.

38.     And what will the wise specimens suppose that if Moses counted 30 days of each month with no more reckoning?

39.     Moses went with his people for 40 years, and each year having in excess of 365 passes of the sun by which the harvest returns punctually, would he not at the end of these 40 years alone be some 210 days out of time, more than half of a year?

40.     Your excellencies therefore, do you conceive that Moses at the end of these 40 years on the day of the first-fruits stood before his people saying;

41.     "I am sorry you people of Israel, but I made a boo boo, for the first-fruits, which are to be here this day, are seven months late in coming, and now we must stand here seven months to wait for it to arrive?

42.     Is it not obvious that long before even ten years would have passed the time of first fruits would be far out of order?

43.     Tell me then you that are so wise in the scriptures and as to what is in a word.  How then was it that they kept the years in such perfect order, while you in this day are still juggling days from year to year to find a sabbath, or a day of celebration?

44.     Obviously you have a lot to learn, and I would humble myself if I were you to accept the wisdom which I proclaim to you, for what I preach is not my word, but what is placed in my mouth by Him who anointed me, and who sent me. 


      Chapter 3

      The year's reckoning.

1.      Now allow me to show you from the scriptures, both from Moses and from Enoch, the remainder of the year in its reckoning.  Moses writes that the Lord spoke to him thus;

2.       "Say to the people of Israel; when you come into the land which I give you, and reap its harvest, you shall bring the sheaf of the first-fruits of your harvest to the priests.  And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord that you may find acceptance on the morning after the Sabbath."

3.      Thus I repeat, how the Lord said, "on the morning after the Sabbath".  For so Moses continues;

4.       "And you shall count from the morning after the Sabbath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, seven full weeks shall be counted fifty days to the morning after the seventh Sabbath."

5.       And now the theologians are made fools of insisting that these scriptures are infallible, for here is a contradiction, since seven times seven as 49 cannot ever be 50 days.

6.      How therefore will you work your way out of this one you so called scholars?  Seven times seven is clearly 49 days, from morning after a Sabbath to again a morning after a Sabbath, and how then did the Lord come to say 50 days?

7.       The Lord as we know cannot err, nor did Moses err in writing these words, if therefore there is no error, and the scriptures are in fact infallible, how will you doctors of the written word explain this?

8.      Count all you wish to count, or multiply, but seven times seven is never 50, and though a jubilee is accounted as 50, it is seven times seven plus one, to come to 50.

9.       But where is an extra day in the account of precisely seven weeks?  Or even worse, to the shame of some scholars, how do you find 50 days in nothing more than slightly over six weeks?  For that is surely irrational.

10.     I shall not weary you any-longer however, but quote to you the words from Enoch as he said; 

11.     "The leaders of the chiefs of the thousands which are appointed over the whole creation, and over the stars, are counted together with the four seasons.

12.     They do not leave from their fixed stations according to the reckoning of the year, and render service on the days, which are not counted in the reckoning of the year.

13.     On this account people do err in them, for these luminaries scrupulously render service to the fixed positions of the heavens, one in the first gate, one in the third, one in the fourth, one in the fifth, and one in the sixth."

14.     Here is the evidence and the answer to the words of the Lord spoken to Moses, "From morning after, to morning after, seven weeks, 50 days".

15.     For who are they, these leaders of the chiefs, their names as Enoch gives them, Adnar'ul, Iyasus'el, and Elum'el?

16.     They are the chiefs over all the other chiefs and captains, over the whole great multitude of angels which serve the earth in providing and executing all the orders of the Lord concerning what is to be done therein.

17.     The sun then in the movement with the earth and the stars provide service to these leaders of many, and like Enoch said; they are counted together with the reckoning of the year.

18.     Not in number are they counted nor reckoned, but to be reckoned with nonetheless, in the manner in which service is rendered to them.

The days of eternity.

19.     The manner than is clearly shown, for while the four leaders of the seasons come in by the first, the third, the fourth, and the sixth gate, these other leaders come in by the fifth gate.

20.     The fifth gate then is ascending in the month of May, and descending in the month of August.  When therefore the month of May has ended, and before the month of June is to start, we observe one passing of the sun as a day of no accounting, as a day without time or number, or any such reckoning.

21.     Therefore also did I call it; "The eight day", not that I wished to give it a name, but for your weakness I named it, to the intend that you may be instructed and to observe it.

22.     This day is a day of reflection upon eternity, upon the eight day of God's creation in which there will no reckoning nor counting of time, no years, nor days or hours, but a single endless time.

23.     And for the quarter-parts that are gathered into a full day, this comes once every four years, the parts being a fourth each for each year, which again for your sake I called; "Day of eternity."

24.     This day then you will observe in the descending through the fifth gate, namely, at the ending of the month of Ab (August), and before the first of the month following.

25.     Thus the years will be kept in their perfect order, 360 days accounted, and 364 together with the reckoning, and not to omit the days of eternity.

26.     Then let us return to Moses, and the words, which the Lord spoke to him, that they shall count 50 days from morning after to morning after.

27.     For in these seven weeks, which pass from the first month to the third month, there is that second month of May at the end of which is one passing of the sun, one day in addition to the 49 days as the tally of the seven weeks.

28.     Wherefore it is quite correct what Moses wrote in these scriptures, for have you never heard how David said, "The word of the Lord as fine gold, and as silver purified sevenfold?"

29.     It was not arbitrarily that I placed the eight day in that month, but He who called me to His Son, in His Holy Spirit did so even before I understood the same, for He is my guide and my understanding.


      Chapter 4 

     Ending words.

1.    And now you tribes of the earth, you have three witnesses, three testimonies, from Enoch, from Moses and from the Lion.

2.     What excuse then shall you have not to correct your ways before the Lord your Creator?  Do you perhaps imagine that on the great day of the Sabbath, that the people who live therein shall suit themselves to the irrational behavior of that calendar of the Gentiles, that heathen concoction of accounting?

3.     I tell you, no, they will not, for in their days there will be peace on earth, the law which states that no fire shall be lit on the sabbath, will at that time be in effect.

4.     In these ten centuries the word of the Lord shall reach to all the corners of the earth with justice, and they shall perform righteousness, they that are called the children of the Lord.

5.     For the Lord Himself will be with His people, and rule the whole world, and they shall cast away their idol concoctions, and have the whole scriptures for joy and great reward.

6.     And these writing of Enoch shall again be read, and they shall feast upon them, and this testimony also which I was awarded in the grace of God shall be heard.

7.     And they shall indeed live long and prosper doing what is right in the sight of God and His Anointed, Jesus the Christ.

8.     For thus spoke the Lord; I will build My sanctuary in their midst, and I shall dwell with them, and be their God, and they will be My people truly and rightly, and I shall not forsake them forever.

9.     O how blessed that day shall be, that Sabbath of the Lord, and how very much those who live in it shall rejoice, and reading of the past, how they shall count themselves blessed to have come in the seventh day of the creation of God.

10.    And I shall rejoice with them, and all the children of God shall rejoice with them.

11.    There is no year listed on the copy of the calendar, which I enclosed, since this calendar is the same for each and every year.

12.    These then are memorials, the four days in the four parts of the year, and the days of eternity, together with the festivals instituted of the Lord that in seven weeks He would bring all things to their conclusion.  To wit the festival of Passover, the festival of first fruits and of the oath, and the festival of boots.