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      The Lord summons Moses.

1.  In the first year of the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt, in the 3rd month on the 16th of that month, the Lord spoke to Moses saying;

2.  “Come up to Me on the mountain and I shall give you two stone tablets of the law and commandments which I have written so that you may teach them.”

3.  And Moses went up to the mountain of the Lord, and the glory of the Lord dwelt upon mount Sinai, and a cloud overshadowed it for six days.

4.  And He called to Moses on the seventh day from the midst of the cloud, and the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like fire burning on top of the mountain.

5.  And Moses was on the mountain forty days and nights, and the Lord revealed to him both what was in the beginning and what was to be in the future.

6.  And He said "Set your mind on everything which I shall tell you on this mountain, and write it in a book, so that their descendants might see that I have not abandoned them on account of all the evil which they have done in transgressing the covenant which I am establishing between you and Me on mount Sinai for their descendants.

      The Lord establishing His justification.

7.  For thus it will be that when all these things happen to them they will know that I have been more righteous than they in all their judgments and deeds, and they will know that I truly have been with them.

8.  And now write for yourself all these words which I shall cause you to know today, for I know their rebelliousness and their stubbornness before I cause them to enter into the land which I swore to their father’s Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob saying;

9.  I will give to your seed a land flowing of milk and honey, and they will eat, and being satisfied they will turn to strange gods, to such as cannot save them from any of their afflictions.

10.  And this testimony will be heard in witness against them, for they will forget all of My commandments, indeed, everything, which I shall command them.

11.  Instead they will walk after the Gentiles and their defilement and shame serving their gods, which will become a scandal for them, and an affliction, and torment, and a snare.

12.  And they will be seized and be destroyed, falling into the hands of the enemy, because they forsook My commandments and My ordinances and the feast of My covenants, and My Sabbath.

13.  And they will forsake My sacred place which I sanctified for Myself among them, and also my tabernacle, and My sanctuary which I sanctified for Myself in the midst of the land so that I might set my name upon it, and I might dwell with them.

14.  Instead they will make for themselves high places, groves, and carved idols, and each of them will worship his own idol - so as to go astray.

15.  And they will sacrifice their children to the demons, and to every work of the error of their heart.

16.  And I will send witnesses to them so I might witness to them, but they will not hear, but even kill My witnesses.

17.  And they will persecute those who search out the law, and will neglect everything, and perform evil in My sight.

18.  And I will hide my face from them, and give them over in the power of the nations to be captive, and for plunder, and to be devoured.

19.  And I shall remove them from the midst of the land, and scatter them among the nations, and they will forget all of My commandments, and all of My judgments, and they will err concerning new moons, sabbaths, festivals, jubilees, and ordinances.

         The Lord to have mercy on Israel

20.   Afterwards they will turn to Me from among the nations with all their heart, and with all their soul, and with all their might.

21.  And I shall gather them from the midst of all the nations, and they will seek Me so that I may be found by them - when they seek Me with all their heart and with all their soul.

22.  Then shall I reveal to them an abundance of peace in righteousness, and I shall transplant them as a righteous plant with all My heart and soul.

23.  And they will be a blessing - and not a curse, they will be the head and not the tail, and I shall build My sanctuary in their midst, and dwell with them, and be their God, and they will be My people truly and rightly.

24.  And I shall not forsake them, nor be alienated from them, because; I am the Lord their God." 

         Moses prays to intercede

25.  And Moses fell upon his face and prayed saying; "O Lord my God, do not abandon Thy people and Thy inheritance to walk in.   Do not deliver them into the hands of their enemies - the Gentiles, lest they rule over them causing them to sin against Thee.

27.  But let Thy mercy O Lord be lifted up over Thy people.  And create for them an upright spirit, so as not to let the spirit of Beliar to rule them and accuse them before Thee, and to ensnare them from every path of righteousness whereby they will be destroyed from before Thee.

28.  For they are Thy people and Thy inheritance whom Thou did save by great might from the hand of the Egyptians, but create for them a pure heart and a Holy Spirit, not letting them be ensnared by their sins - henceforth and forever."

29.  And the Lord said to Moses; "I know their contrariness and their thoughts, and their stubbornness, and they will not obey until they acknowledge their sins, and the sins of their fathers.

30.  But after this they will return to me in all uprightness, and with all heart and soul, and I shall cut off the foreskin of the heart of their descendants.

31.  Then shall I create for them a Holy Spirit, and purify them so that they will not turn away from following Me from that day into forever.

32.  And their souls will cleave to Me, and to all My commandments, and they will perform My commandments.

33.  And I shall be a Father to them, and they will be sons to Me, and they will be called, "Sons of the living God".

34.  And every angel and spirit will know and acknowledge that they are "My sons", and that I am their Father in uprightness and righteousness, and I shall love them.

35.  And you Moses write for yourself all that I make known to you on this mountain, from what was in the beginning to what will be at end.

36.  And all that will happen in the division of the days which are in the law and testimony throughout their weeks according to the jubilees forever, until I descend and shall dwell with them in all ages of eternity."


      Chapter 2

1.  And the Lord said to the angel of his presence; "Write for Moses from the first creation until my sanctuary is build in their midst forever and ever.

2.  Then I will appear in sight of all, and everyone will know that I am the God of Israel, the Father of all the children of Jacob, and King upon mount Zion forever, and Zion and Jerusalem will be holy.

3.  And the angel of Gods presence that went before the camp of Israel wrote the tablets of the division of the years from the time of the creation of the law and testimony after their weeks of jubilees to the day of the new creation.

4.  When heaven and earth and all their creatures shall be renewed according to the powers of heaven, and according to the whole nature of the earth until the sanctuary of the Lord is created in Jerusalem upon mount Zion.

5.  At which time all the lights will be renewed for healing, and for peace, and for a blessing for all the elect of Israel, in order that it may be so from that day into all the days of the earth.

      The creation

6.  And the angel of God’s presence spoke to Moses by the word of the Lord saying; “Write the whole account of creation that in six days the Lord God completed all his work, all that He created.

7.  And He observed a Sabbath on the seventh day, and sanctified it for all and He set it for a sign for all his works.

8.  For on the first day He created the heavens which are above, and the earth, and the waters, and all of the spirits which minister before Him, namely;

9.  The angels of His presence, the angels of sanctification, the angels of the spirit of fire, the angels of the spirit of the winds, the angels of the spirit of the clouds, and of darkness, and of snow, of hail, and of frost.

10.  And the angels of the resounding of thunder, and of lightning, the angels of the spirit of cold and of heat, and of winter and springtime, of harvest and summer.

11.  And all the spirits of His creatures which are in heaven, and on earth, as well as the abyss and darkness, both evening and night, and light, both dawn and daylight, which He prepared in the knowledge of His heart.

12.  Then He beheld his works, and we blessed Him and offered praise before Him on account of all His works, for on this first day He made seven great works.

13.  And on the second day He made the firmament in the midst of the water, and the waters on that day were divided, one half going up above, and one half going down beneath the firmament in the midst over the surface of all the earth.

14.  This one work only He made on the second day, and on the third He did as He said to the waters; Let them gather into one place from the whole surface of the earth, and let the dry land appear.

15.  And the waters did as He said, they turned aside from upon the surface of the earth into one place in the midst thereof, and dry land appeared.

16.  On that day it was that He created all the seas for it, each in their gathering places, and also all of the rivers, and the places of the gathering of the waters on the mountains in all of the earth.

17.  And all of the ponds, and the dew of the earth, and the seed which is sown, and everything which is eaten, the trees which bear fruits, and other trees, as also the garden of Eden in its place of luxury, and all plants.

18.  These four great species the Lord made on the third day.  And on the fourth day He made the Sun and the Moon and the stars, and He set them in the firmament of heaven so they might give light upon the whole earth, and rule over the day and the night, separating light from darkness.

19.  And the Lord set the Sun as a great sign for days, for sabbaths, for months, for feasts, for years, and the Sabbath's of years, the jubilees, and for all the times of the year.

20.  And it separated light from darkness so that everything, which sprouts and grows upon the earth, might surely prosper.  These three kinds He made on the fourth day.

21.  And on the fifth day He created the great sea monsters in the midst of the depths of the waters.  For these were made by His hands as the first corporal beings, and also all the fish, which move in the waters, and all the birds that fly, all their kind.

22.  And the sun rose above them to make them prosper, and above everything which was on the earth, everything that sprouts from the earth, over every tree, which bear fruit, and over all flesh.  These three kinds He made on the fifth day.

23.  And on the sixth day He made all the beasts of the earth, and all the cattle, and everything, which moves upon the earth.

24.  And after all of this He made man, as male and female He made them, and gave him dominion over everything which was upon the earth and which was in the seas.

25.  And over everything, which flies, and over beast and cattle, over everything, which moves upon the earth or above the whole earth, over all these He gave him dominion.

26.  These four kinds He made on the sixth day, the total being twenty-two kinds.  He completed all of his works on the sixth day, everything that is in the heavens and the earth, the sea and the depths, and what is in the light and in the darkness, and in every place.


       Chapter 3 

      The Sabbath

1,  And He gave us a great sign; the Sabbath-day, so that we might work six days, and observe a Sabbath from all work on the seventh day.

2.  And He told us, all of the angels of His presence, and to the angels of sanctification, these two great kinds, that we might keep the Sabbath with Him in heaven and on earth.

3.  And He said to us; “Behold, I shall separate for myself a people from among all the nations, and they also will keep the Sabbath.

4.  And I will sanctify them for Myself, and bless them just as I have sanctified and shall sanctify the Sabbath day for Myself, thus shall I bless them.

5.  And they will be My people, and I will be their God, and I have chosen the seed of Jacob from among all that I have seen, and have recorded him as my firstborn son, and sanctified him for Myself forever and ever.

6.  And I will make known to them the Sabbath, so that they might observe a Sabbath from all work.”

7.  In that therefore He created a sign by which they might keep the Sabbath with us on the seventh day to eat and drink and bless the One who created all things.  These He blessed and sanctified for Himself, a people whom He chose from all nations, that they might keep the Sabbath together with us.

8.  And He caused their desires to go up as a pleasing fragrance, being acceptable before Him always.

9.  There were twenty-two chief men from Adam until Jacob, and twenty-two kinds of works, which were made before the seventh day.

10.  The first are blessed and sanctified, and the latter also, one was like the other in respect to sanctification and blessing.

11.  And it was granted to the former, the first mentioned, that they should always be the blessed and sanctified one's of the testimony and the law, just as He had sanctified and blessed a Sabbath on the seventh day.

12.  He created heaven and earth, everything in six days, and the Lord made the seventh day holy for all His works.

13.  He therefore commanded concerning it; Let everyone who will do any work therein die; that whosoever defile it let him surely die.

14.  And you Moses, command the children of Israel that they guard this day, that they may sanctify it not to perform work therein, that they do not defile it, since it is more holy than any day.

15.  Anyone therefore that pollutes it, let him surely die forever, so that the children of Israel might guard this day throughout their generations, and not be uprooted from the land.

16.  It is a holy and blessed day, and every man who guards it, to keep therein a Sabbath from all his work will, like us, always be holy and blessed.

17.  Recount to the children of Israel, and make known to them the judgment of that day, that they will keep the Sabbath thereon, and not forsake it in the error of their hearts.

18.  It is not permitted to perform unlawful work thereon, to perform one's own pleasure thereon, that on it they do not prepare anything to be eaten or to drink which was not prepared for themselves on the sixth day.

19.  You shall not draw water, or bring it in, or take out any work to bring within their dwellings, which is carried in by their gates.

20.  They shall not bring in nor take out from house to house on that day, for that day is more holy and more blessed than any day of the jubilee of Jubilees.

21.  We in heaven kept the Sabbath on this day before it was made known to any human to keep the Sabbath thereon upon the earth.  The Creator of all blessed it, but He did not sanctify any people or nation to keep the Sabbath, with the single exception of Israel.

22.  Them alone He granted that they might eat and drink and keep the Sabbath thereon upon the earth.

23.  And the Creator of all whom created this day for a blessing and sanctification and glory, He blessed it more than all days.

24.  This law and testimony was given to the children of Israel as an eternal law for their generations.


       Chapter 4

      After creation

1.  And in six days of the second week, by the word of the Lord, we brought to Adam all the beast and the cattle, and of all the birds, of everything which moves upon the earth and in the water.

2.  We brought each one according to its kind, and its likeness, the beasts on the first day, the cattle on the second, the birds on the third, and everything other thing that moves upon the earth on the fourth, and that which moves in the water on the fifth day.

3.  And Adam named all of them each one according as he named them; it became their name.

4.  And during these five days Adam was observing all of these, male and female according to every kind, which was on the earth.

5.  But he was alone, finding none that would be for himself, or who would be help for him.

6.  And the Lord said to us; “It is not good that man should be alone, let us make for him a helper who is like him.”

7.  And the Lord our God cast a deep sleep upon him, and while he slept the Lord took one bone from the midst of his bones for the woman.

8.  And that rib was the origin of the woman from the midst of his bones, and He built up the flesh in place of it, and constructed a woman.

9.  And He awakened Adam from his sleep, and awakening he stood up on the sixth day, and He brought her to him, and he knew her, and said to her;

10.  This now is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh, this one will be called "my wife", because she was taken from her husband.

11.  Therefore a man and a woman shall be one, therefore also it shall be that a man shall leave his father and mother and will join with his wife, and they will become one flesh.

12.  It was in the first week that Adam was created, and also the rib - his wife, and in the second week He showed her to him.

13.  Therefore was the commandment given to observe seven days for a male, but for a female twice seven days in their impurity.

14.  And after forty days were completed for Adam, in the land where he was created, we brought him into the Garden of Eden so that he might work it and guard it.

15.  And on the eight day his wife was brought in, after this she entered the Garden of Eden.

16.  Therefore was the command written in the heavenly tablets for one who bears; If she bears a male, she shall remain seven days in her impurity, like the first seven days, and thirty-three days she shall remain in the blood of her impurity.

17.  She shall not touch anything holy, and shall not enter the sanctuary until she has completed these days, which are in accord for bearing a male child.

18.  And for when she bears a female child, it is two weeks, like the first two weeks, and sixty-six days she shall remain in her impurity, the total of eighty days.

19.  When therefore she completed these eighty days, we brought her into the Garden of Eden, since it is a land more holy than any land, and every tree planted therein is holy.

20.  The ordinance therefore of these days were ordained for anyone who bears a male or female that she might not touch anything holy, and might not enter the sanctuary until these days are completed.

21.  This is the law and the testimony, which is written for Israel so they might keep it always.

22.   And during that first week of jubilee Adam and his wife had been in the Garden of Eden for seven years tilling and guarding it.

23.  And we gave him work and were teaching him how to do everything which was obvious for tilling, and he tilled, and was naked, but he neither knew it nor was he ashamed.

24.  He was guarding the garden from the birds and beasts and cattle, and gathering its fruits and eating, and he used to set aside a remainder for himself and his wife, and guarded what was set aside.

        Satan enters the garden to deceive the man

25.  And at the end of seven years, seven years exactly, in the second month, on the 17th day, the serpent came and drew near to the woman.

26.  And the serpent said to the woman; "The Lord commanded you that you shall not eat from any tree in the garden."  And she said:

27.  "No, the Lord said, eat from all the trees in the garden except you shall not eat of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, nor even shall you touch it lest you die."

28.  And the serpent said; "It is not that you shall surely die, for the Lord knows that on the day that you eat of it - your eyes will be opened, and you will be like gods, you will know good and evil."

29.  And the woman saw the tree that it was pleasing to the eye, and its fruit good to eat, and she took of it and ate.

30.   And she first covered herself with a fig-leaf, then she gave it to Adam, and he eating his eyes were opened, and he saw that he was naked, and taking a fig-leaf and sewing it, he made an apron for himself, so covering his shame.

31.  And the Lord cursed the serpent, and was angry with it forever, and He was angry with the woman also, because she had listened to the voice of the serpent and had eaten.

32.  And He said to her; "Bear children in grief, and to your husband is your return, and he will rule over you".

33.  And to Adam He said; "Because you listened to the voice of your wife, and ate from the tree, which I commanded you not to eat, the land shall be cursed because of you.

34.  Eat your bread in the sweat of your face until you return to the earth from which you were taken, because earth you are, and to the earth you will return."

35.  And He made for them garments of skin, dressing them, and sent them from the Garden of Eden.

36.  And on the day when Adam went out from the Garden of Eden, in the morning with the rising of the sun, he offered a sweet smelling sacrifice, frankincense, Galbanum, stacte, and spices.

37.  And on that day, the mouths of the beasts, cattle, and birds, and whatever walked or moved, was stopped from speaking, for all of them used to speak with one another in one language.

38.  And He sent all flesh which was in the garden out of it, and they were scattered each one according to its kind, and each one according to its family into the place which was created for them.

39.  But from all the beasts and the cattle He granted to Adam alone that he might cover his shame.

40.  Therefore it is commanded in the heavenly tablets to all who desire to know the judgments of the law, that they should cover their shame, and not be uncovered as the Gentiles are uncovered.

41.  And on the first day of the fourth month Adam and his wife went out from the Garden of Eden and dwelt in the land of Elda, in the land of their creation.

42.  And Adam named his wife Eve, and they had no son until after the first jubilee, when he knew her.  And he tilled the land as he had been taught in the Garden of Eden.

      Chapter 5

     Cain and Abel

1.  In the third week of the second jubilee then she bore Cain, and Abel was born in the fourth and Awan his daughter in the fifth week.

2.  And at the beginning of the third jubilee Cain killed Abel because the sacrifice of Abel was accepted, but the offering of Cain was not accepted.

3.  He then killed him in the field, and his blood cried out from the earth to heaven making accusations because he had killed him.

4.  And the Lord rebuked Cain on account of the murder of Abel, and made him a fugitive on earth for the blood of his brother, and cursed him upon the earth.

5. Therefore is it written in the heavenly tablets; “Cursed is one who strikes his fellow with malice, and all who have seen and heard - shall say; so be it, and the man who saw - but does not report it, shall be cursed like him.”

6.  Therefore, when we come before the Lord our God, we will make known all of the sins, which occur in heaven and on earth, and which are in the light, in darkness, or in any place.

7.  And Adam and his wife mourned four weeks of years on account of Abel, and in the 4th year of the 5th week they rejoiced.

      Descendants of Adam

8.  And Adam knew his wife, and she bore a son for him, and he named him Seth, because he said, The Lord has raised up another seed for us upon the earth in place of Abel.

9.  And in the sixth week he begot Azura his daughter, and Cain took his sister Awan to wife, and she bore him Enoch at the end of the 4th jubilee.

10.  And in the first year of the first week of the 5th jubilee buildings were constructed in the land, Cain built a city and named it with the name of his son Enoch.

11.  And in the 5th week of the 5th jubilee Seth took Azura his sister as wife, and in the 7th year of that week she bore for him Enos, he then was the first to call the name of the Lord upon the earth.

12.  And in the 7th jubilee, in the 3rd week, Enos took Noam his sister as wife, and she bore a son for him in the 3rd year of the 4th week, and he named him Kenan.

13.  And at the end of the 8th jubilee, Kenan took for himself a wife Mu'aleleth, his sister, and she bore a son for him in the 7th week in the 3rd year thereof, and he called him Mahalalel.

14.  And in the second week of the 10th jubilee, Mahalalel took for himself to wife Dinah, the daughter of Sarakiel daughter of his father's brother, and she bore a son for him in the 3rd year of the 2nd week.

15.  And he called him Jared, because in his days the angels of the Lord, who were called "Watchers,” came down to the earth in order to teach the sons of men, and to perform judgments that are not right upon the earth.


16.  And in the 13th jubilee Jared took for himself a wife whose name was Baraka, daughter of Rasuyal, the daughter of his fathers brother, and she bore a son for him in the 4th week of the first year of the jubilee, and he called him Enoch.

17.  This one was the first from among the sons of men that were born upon the earth, who learned writing and knowledge and wisdom.

18.  And he wrote down the signs of heaven according to their months, so that the sons of men might know the times of the years according to their order, each of their months.

19.  He was first to write a testimony, to testify to the children of men throughout the generations of the earth, and he recounted the weeks according to their times.

20.  He made the days of the year known and set the months in order, and the Sabbaths of the year just as we made it known to him.

21.  And in his sleep, in a vision, he saw what was, and what will be, as it will occur among the children of men in their generations until the day of judgment.

22.  He saw and knew everything, and writing his testimony he deposited it upon the earth against all the children of men and their generations.

23.  And in the 14th jubilee, he took for himself a wife whose name was Edna, daughter of his father's brother Daniel, and in the 2nd year of the 6th week, she bore a son for him, and he called him; Methuselah.

24.  He then was with the angels of God, and they showed him everything, which is on earth and in heaven, in the dominion of the sun.

25.  And he wrote down everything, and bore witness to the watchers, the ones who sinned with the daughters of men, for they began to mingle themselves with the daughters of men, in which they were polluted.

26.  Enoch bore against all of them, and was taken from the children of men, and we led him to the Garden of Eden for greatness and for honor.

27.  And behold; he is there writing the condemnations and judgments of the world, of all the evils of the children of men.

28.  And because of him - none of the waters of the flood came upon the whole land of Eden.  For he was put there for a sign, and so that he might bear witness against all the children of men, and that he might relate all of the deeds of the generations until the day of judgment.

29.  And at evening, at the holy place on mount Quator, he offered the incense which is acceptable before the Lord, for the Lord has four places on earth, the garden of Eden, the mountain of the east, and this mountain on which you are this day, mount Sinai.

30.  And mount Zion will be sanctified in the new creation for the sanctification of the earth, on this account the earth will be sanctified from all sin and pollution throughout all generations forever.

        Lamech and Noah

31.  And in the 18th jubilee Methuselah took as his wife Edna, daughter of Azri'al his father's brother, and in the 4th week, in the 3rd year thereof he begot a son and called him Lamech.

32.  And in the 22nd jubilee, in the first week, Lamech took a wife for himself whose name was Betenos, daughter of Baraki'l, the daughter of his father's brother.

33.  And in that week, she bore him a son and called him Noah, saying: This one will console me from my grief and from all my labor, and from the land, which the Lord cursed.

34.  And in the 19th jubilee in the 5th week, in the 2nd year Adam died, he lacked 70 years from 1000 years, for 1000 years are like one day in the testimony of heaven.

35.  Therefore was it written concerning the tree of knowledge; in the day that you eat of it you will die, wherefore he did not complete the years of this day.

36.  And at the end of that jubilee, Cain was killed one year after him, his house falling upon him, thus he died in the midst of his house, he was killed by stones, because he killed Abel with a stone, so he was killed by a righteous judgment.

37.  Therefore is it ordained in the heavenly tablets: With the weapons where-with a man kills his fellow he will be killed, like as he wounded him, thus shall they do to him.

38.  And Noah took a wife for himself whose name was Emzara, daughter of Rake'el, of his father's brother, and in the 2nd week of the 32nd jubilee, in the first year, she bore for him Shem, and thereafter Ham, and Japheth.


       Chapter 6 

      The earth corrupted

1.  When then the children of men began to multiply on the surface of the earth, and daughters were born to them, it came to pass that the angels of the Lord saw that they were good to look at.

2.  And they took wives for themselves from those, of whom they chose, and they bore children for them, and they were giants.

3.   Then injustice increased upon the earth, all flesh corrupted its way, man, cattle, beasts, and birds, and all that walks on the earth.

4.  They all began to corrupt their way and ordinances, and began to eat one another, so grew injustice upon the earth, and the imagination of the thoughts of all mankind was thus continually evil.

5.  And the Lord saw the earth that it was corrupted, all flesh having corrupted its order, that all who were on earth had done every sort of evil in His sight.

6.  And He said; I will wipe out man, and all flesh, which I have created, from the surface of the earth.  Noah alone however found favor in the sight of the Lord.

7.  And against His angels, which He had sent to the earth, He was very angry; He commanded that they be uprooted from all their dominion.

8.  And He told us to bind them in the depths of the earth, and they are bound in the midst thereof, and thus isolated.

9.  And against their children a word went forth from before His presence that He might smite them with the sword, to remove them from under heaven.

10.  And He said; my Spirit shall not dwell upon man forever, for they are flesh, their days will be 120 years.

11.  Thus He sent His sword among them so that each one might kill his fellow, and they began to kill one another until they all fell by the sword, and were wiped out from the face of the earth.

12.  And their parents watched, and were bound in the depths of the earth forever until the day of great judgment in order that judgment be executed upon all those who corrupted their way and deeds before the Lord.

13.  He wiped out everyone from their places, with not one remaining whom He did not judge according to all his wickedness.

        A new righteousness

14.  And He made for all his works a new and righteous nature, so that they might not sin in all their nature forever, so they might all be righteous, each in his kind always.

15.  And the judgment of all of them was ordained and written in the heavenly tablets without injustice.  If therefore anyone transgresses from their way, with respect to that which was ordained for them to walk in, or if they do not walk in it, the judgment for every nature and kind has been written.

16.  And there is nothing excluded of what is in heaven or on earth, or in the light, or darkness, or in hell, or in the depths, or in the place of darkness, all their judgments are ordained, written, and engraved.

17.  He will judge concerning everyone, the great according to his greatness, and the small according to his smallness, each according to his way, and He is not One who accepts persons, nor who accepts gifts - when He says; that He will execute judgment upon each one.

18.  Even if one gave everything, which is in the earth, He would not accept gifts or persons, or anything from his hand, because He is a righteous judge.

19.  And for the children of Israel it has been ordained and written, if they return to Him in righteousness, He will forgive all of their sins, and pardon all their transgressions.

20.  It is written and ordained; He will have mercy on all who return from all their error once each year, but to any of them that were before the flood, who corrupted their way and their counsel, He did not show partiality, except Noah alone.

21.  He showed him favor for the sake of his sons, saving them from the waters of the flood, and for his sake, his heart being righteous, in all ways just as it was commanded concerning him, for he did not transgress anything which was ordained for him.

        The flood

22.  And the Lord said; Let everything which is upon dry land be blotted out, cattle beasts, the birds of heaven, and whatever moves on the earth, and He commanded Noah to make an ark for himself that he might save himself from the water of the flood.

23.  And Noah made an ark in all respect as He commanded him, and he entered it on the 10th of the second month, and all that we brought to him entered into the ark.

24.  And the Lord shut-up the ark from the outside, and on the 17th the Lord opened the seven floodgates of heaven, and the mouths of the great deep were also seven in number.

25.  And these floodgates sent down water from heaven for forty days and forty nights, and the springs of the deep sent up water until the whole world was full of water.

26.  And the water stayed upon the surface of the earth five months, which is 150 days, and the ark came to rest on top of Lubar, one of the mountains of Ararat.

27.  For in the 4th month the springs of the deep were closed, and the floodgates of heaven were held shut, and on the head of the 7th month the mouths of the depths of the earth were opened, and the water began to flow into them.

28.  And on the first of the 10th month, the heads of the mountains appeared, and on the first of the first month the land appeared, the water drying up from the earth.

29.  And on the 17th day in the second month, the land was dry, and on the 27th day of that month he opened the ark and sent out its beasts and cattle and birds, and whatever moved.


      Chapter 7 

      God's covenant with Noah

1.  And on the first day of the third month in coming from the ark, Noah build an altar on that mountain, and made atonement for the land.  He took the kid of a goat and made atonement with its blood for all the sins of the land, because everything which was on it had been blotted out, except those that were with him in the ark.

2.  And he took a calf, a goat, and a lam, salt, a turtledove, and young dove, and offered up a burnt offering on the altar, upon them he placed an offering kneaded with oil.

3.  And he sprinkled wine, and placed frankincense upon everything offering a sweet aroma pleasing before the Lord.

4.  And the Lord smelled the sweet aroma, and He made a covenant with him, that there might not be floodwater again to destroy the earth in all the days thereof.  That seed and harvest shall not cease, nor cold, heat, summer, winter, day and night will not change their ordinance, nor cease forever.

5.  But as for you, the Lord said to him, increase and multiply on the earth, and become many upon it, and I will set your fear and terror upon everything, which is on the land or in the sea.  And behold; I give you all the beasts, and all that flies, and what moves upon the earth and in the water, the fish, and everything, for food, as also the green herbs that you might eat.

      Commandment not to consume blood

6.  But flesh with its life, with blood, you shall not eat, for the life of the flesh is in the blood, lest your blood be sought for your life.

7.  For from the hand of every man, from the hand of every creature, I will seek the blood of a man, whosoever therefore pours out the blood of man by man his blood will be poured out, because in the image of God He made Adam.

8.  As for you, increase and become many in the land, and Noah and his sons swore that they would not eat any blood, which was in any flesh, making a covenant at that time before the Lord God for all the generations of the earth forever.

9.  He therefore spoke to you Moses that you also might make a covenant with the children of Israel with an oath, in this month, upon the mountain.  And you will sprinkle blood upon them on account of all the words of the covenant, which the Lord made with them for all time.

10.  This testimony is written concerning you so that you might keep it always, lest you eat any blood of the beasts or of birds, or cattle throughout all the days of the earth.

11.  And the man who consumes any blood shall be uprooted, he and his seed, from the earth, command therefore the children of Israel not to eat any blood that their names and seed might be before the Lord God always.

12.  And there is no limit of days for this law, because it is forever, they shall keep it for their generations that they might make supplication on your behalf with blood before the altar every day.

13.  At the hour of daybreak and at evening they shall seek atonement on your behalf continually before the Lord, so they may guard it, and not be rooted out.

14.  And He gave a sign to Noah and his children that there would not again be a flood upon the earth, He set up His bow in the clouds for a sign of the covenant that the waters should not destroy, forever, all the days of the earth.

        The feast of Shebuot, (Pentecost)

15.  Therefore it is ordained and written in the heavenly tablets that they should observe the feast of Pentecost in this month once each year, in order to renew the covenant.

16.  This feast was celebrated in heaven from the day of creation until the days of Noah, and Noah and his sons kept it until the death of Noah.

17.  The children of the sons of Noah however corrupted it, except for Abraham, he alone kept it, and also Isaac, and Jacob, and his sons until your days Moses.

18.  But even in your days, the children of Israel forgot it until you renewed it for them on this mountain, command therefore the children of Israel that they might keep this feast in all their generations as a commandment to them.

19.  One day each year, in this month (Sivan), they shall celebrate the feast, for it is the feast of weeks, and the feast of first fruits, this feast is twofold, of two natures as it is written and engraved.

20.  This I wrote for you in the first book of the law that you might observe it in each of its appointed times.  And I have told you its sacrificial offering so that the children of Israel might remember them, and observe them in their generations, in this month one-day each year.

        The four days of memorial

21.  The days of remembrance then are on the first of the first, the fourth, the seventh, and the tenth month, these are the appointed days in the four parts of the year.

22.  They are written and inscribed for an eternal witness, and Noah ordained them for himself as feasts for eternal generations, because they were a memorial for him.

23.  On the first of the first month he was told to make the ark, and on it the land dried up, and he opening up - saw the land.

24.  And on the first of the fourth month the mouths of the abyss were shut, and on the first of the seventh month the mouths of the depths of the earth were opened wherein the water began to go down into them.

25.  And on the first of the tenth month the heads of the mountains appeared and Noah rejoiced, therefore he ordained them for himself as feasts of remembrance forever, and thus they are ordained.

26.  And they set them upon the heavenly tablets, each one of them thirteen weeks from one another of the remembrances.

27.  All of the days commanded will be 52 weeks of days, which in them completes a year, thus it is ordained and engraved in the heavenly tablets, and there is no transgressing for a single year, from year to year.


       Chapter 8 

      The Christian Calendar

1.  And you command the children of Israel that they guard the year in this number, in 364 days, and it will be a complete year.  And no one shall corrupt its time from its days or feasts because all will arrive in them according to their testimony, and not pass over a day.

2.  Thus they will not corrupt a feast, but if they are transgressed by not observing them according to the commandment, they will corrupt all their times, the years will be moved from this order and will transgress their ordinances.

3.  And the sons of Israel, all of them, will forget, and not find the way of the years, and they will forget the heads, the times, and the Sabbaths, corrupting the ordinances of the years.

4.  For I know, and I am letting you know, but not from my heart - since the book is before me, that it is thus ordained in the heavenly tablets of the division of the years.

5.  There will be those that examine the moon which will corrupt the times because, it advances ten days from year to year, thereby the years will come to them as they corrupt it, making a day of testimony a reproach, profaning a day of festival.

6.  They will mix up everything, twisting the months, the Sabbaths, the feasts and jubilees, therefore I command you, and bear witness to you, that you may bear witness to them.

7.  For after you die, your sons will be corrupted, and not make a year only 364 days, wherefore they will twist the times, and they will eat the blood with the flesh.

      Noah’s sacrifice

8.  And in the 7th week, in the first year of that jubilee, Noah planted a vine on the mountain where the ark rested, mount Lubar, and in the fourth year it produced fruit.

9.  And he guarded its fruit and picked of it in the seventh month, and made wine of it, and putting it in a vessel he kept it till the fifth year until the first day of the first month.

10.  On that day he made a feast with rejoicing, and made a burnt offering to the Lord, one male calf, one ram, a lamb of seven years, and one kid of the goats in order that he might seek atonement for himself and for his sons.

11.  He then first prepared the kid, placing some of the blood on the flesh on the altar, which he had made, and all of the fat of the bull, and the ram and the lamb he offered upon the altar.

12.  He placed all their sacrifice upon it kneaded with oil, after that he sprinkled wine in the fire of the altar, and presented frankincense offering a sweet odor pleasing before the Lord his God.

13.  And he drank some of that wine, he and his sons, with rejoicing, and evening having come he went to his tent and lay down drunk, and slept, being uncovered in his tent as he was sleeping.

14.  And Ham saw his father Noah naked, and going out he told his two brothers and Shem took his garment, he and Japheth, and placing the garment on their shoulders turning backwards they covered the shame of their father their faces backwards.

15.  And Noah awakening knew everything which his sons had done to him, and he cursed his son saying; "Cursed is Canaan, let him be an enslaved servant to his brothers."

16.  And he blessed Shem saying; "May the Lord God of Shem be blessed, and may Canaan be his servant, may the Lord enlarge Japheth, and let him dwell in the tents of Shem, and let Canaan be his servant.


       Chapter 9

      Noah commands the generations

1.  And Noah began to command his grandsons with ordinances and commandments, and all of the judgments, which he knew, bearing witness to his sons that they might do justice, and cover the shame of their flesh.

2.  And that they bless the One who created them, and honor father and mother, and each one to love his neighbor, and to preserve themselves from fornication and from pollution, and from all injustice.

3.  For on account of these three the flood came upon the earth, the fornication that the watchers did with the daughters of men, apart from the mandate of their authority.

4.  As they did in taking wives whosoever they chose, and they begot giant sons, the Nephidim, and they all were dissimilar, and each one ate his own fellow, the giants killed the Naphil, the Naphil, the Elyn, and the Elyn mankind, and man his neighbor

5.  And everyone sold himself to do injustice and shed blood, so was the earth full of injustice, and afterwards they sinned against beasts and birds and everything that moves or walks upon the earth.

6.  Thus they shed much blood, and the thoughts and desires of men were continually contemplating vanity and evil.

7.  And the Lord blotted out everything from the face of the earth on account of the evil of their deeds, and for the blood that they poured out in the land.

8.  And we were left, I, and you my children, and all that entered in the ark with us, and now behold; I see your deeds before me that you have not walked in righteousness, but have begun to walk in paths of corruption.

9.  Each of you then will be separated from his neighbor, and be jealous of each other, I behold that you will not be together O my sons, each one with his brother.

10.  For I see how the demons have begun to mislead you and your children, and now I fear for your sakes that after I die, you will spill the blood of men upon the earth, and you will be blotted out from the surface of the earth.

11.  For all who eat the blood of man, or the blood of any flesh, will be blotted out from the earth, no man who eats blood, or sheds the blood of man will remain upon the earth.

12.  Neither seed nor prosperity will remain for him under heaven, for they will go down into Sheol, into the place of judgment they will descend, in the darkness of the depths will they be with a cruel death.

13.  And let no blood from anything be seen upon you on the day when you sacrifice any beast or cattle, or from what flies upon the earth, but do a good deed for yourselves, by covering that which will be poured out upon the surface of the earth.

14.  You shall not be like those who eat with blood, and beware lest they should eat blood before you, but cover the blood, for thus it was commanded to testify to you, and your children, and to all flesh.

15.  You shall not eat living flesh, lest your blood - which is your life, be sought by the hand of all flesh that eats upon the earth.

16.  For the land will not be cleansed of any blood that is shed upon it, except by the blood of him who sheds it, so it will be cleansed in all of its generations.

17.  Hear now my children, and do justice and righteousness, that you might be planted in righteousness on the face of the whole earth, that your honor may be seen before my God who saved me from the water of the flood.

18.  Behold; you will go and build cities for yourselves, and you will plant in them every plant, which is upon the earth, and every tree, which bears fruit.

19.  For three years then its fruit will not be gathered from everything, which may be eaten, but in its fourth year its fruit will be gathered.

20.  And offer the first fruits acceptable before the Lord Most High, who made heaven and earth and everything, that you may offer its juice, the first of the wine, and the oil, as first-fruits upon the altar of the Lord, who will accept it.

21.  And that which is left - the servants of the house of the Lord will eat, before the altar, which receives it, and in the seventh year, make its release, so that you might release it in righteousness and uprightness.

22.  And you will be righteous, and all your plants will be upright, for thus Enoch, the father of your father, commanded Methuselah, his son, and Methuselah again his son Lamech, and Lamech commanded me everything, which his fathers commanded him.

23.  And I am commanding you my sons just as Enoch commanded his sons in the first jubilees, for while he was on earth in his seventh generation, he commanded and bore witness to his son and his grandson until the day he departed.


      Chapter 10

      Noah's prayer against the demons

1.  And in the 3rd week of that jubilee, the polluted demons began to lead the children of Noah astray, leading them to folly, to destroy them

2.  And the sons of Noah came and told their father about the demons that were leading astray, and blinding, and killing his grandchildren.

3.  And he prayed before the Lord his God saying; "O God of the spirits which are in all flesh, Thou who has acted mercifully with me saving me and my sons from the water of the flood to not let us perish, as Thou did with the children of perdition.

4.  For great was Thy grace upon me, and great was Thy mercy upon my soul, let now Thy grace be lifted up upon my sons, let not the evil spirits rule over them, lest they destroy them from the earth.

5.  But bless me and my sons, let us grow and increase to fill the earth, Thou O Lord know what Thy watchers, the fathers of these spirits, did in my days, and these spirits also, that are alive.

6.  Shut them up, take them to the place of judgment, and do not let them rule over the spirits of the living, for Thou alone knows their judgment, let them not O Lord have power over the children of the righteous henceforth and forever.

      Binding of nine-tenth of the demons

7.  And the Lord God spoke to us that we might bind all of them, but the chief of the spirits, Mastema, came and said; "O Lord Creator, leave some of them before me, and let them obey me to do all that I tell them.

8.  For if not some of them are left for me, I will not be able to exercise the authority of my will among the children of men."

9.  And the Lord said; "Let a tenth remain before him, but let nine parts go down into the place of judgment."

10.  And He told us to teach Noah all of their healing, for He knew that they would not walk uprightly, and not strive righteously.

11.  And we acted in accord with all His words, we bound all of the evil one’s, which were cruel in the place of judgment, but left a tenth so they might be subject to Satan upon the earth.

12.  And we instructed Noah concerning the healing of all their illnesses, with their seductions, so that he might heal by means of the herbs of the earth.

13.  And Noah wrote everything in a book just as we taught him according to every kind of healing.  Thus the evil spirits were restrained from following the sons of Noah.

14.  And he gave everything which he wrote to Shem, his oldest son, for he loved him more than all his sons.

       The death of Noah

15.  And Noah slept with his fathers and was buried on mount Lubar, in the land of Ararat; he completed 19 jubilees, 950 years, on account of his righteousness in which he was perfected.

16.  His life on earth was more excellent than any except Enoch, for the work of Enoch had been created as a witness to the generations of the world that he might report every deed of each generation in the day of judgment.

       Canaan seizes Shem's land

17.  Ham then and his sons went into the land that was his possession, but Canaan saw the land of Lebanon, as far as the river of Egypt, that it was good, and he did not go into the land of his inheritance, but dwelt in Lebanon.

18.  And Ham, his father, and Cush, and Mizraim, his brothers said to him; "You have dwelt in the land which is not yours, nor did it come forth for us by lot.

19.  Do not therefore do this, for if you do, you and your children will fall in the land and be cursed with sedition, for by sedition you have dwelt, and by sedition your children will fall, and you will be uprooted forever. 

20.  Do not dwell in the dwelling of Shem, for it came to Shem and his sons by lot.  And you are cursed, and you will be cursed more than all the sons of Noah by the curse, which we swore with an oath before the Holy Judge, and before Noah our father.

21.  But he would not listen to them, and dwelt in the land of Lebanon, from Hamath to the entrance of Egypt he and his sons until this day, therefore is the land called Canaan.


      Chapter  11

      Settlement of Japheth's sons

1.  And Japheth and his sons went towards the sea, and dwelt in the land of their portion, but Madai seeing the land of the sea, it did not please him.

2.  And begging Elam, Ashur, and Arpachshad, he dwelt in the land of Media near his wife's brother until this day, and he and his sons called their dwelling place; Media, after the name of their father Madai. 

Birth of Serug, and the rise of evils

3.  And in the 37th jubilee, Reu took a wife whose name was Ora, daughter of Ur, son of Kesed, and she bore a son for him whom he called Seroh (Serug).

4.  And the sons of Noah began fighting in order to enslave, and to kill each other, to pour the blood of man upon the earth, and to eat blood, and to build fortified cities, walls, and towers, to set-up kingdoms, and go to war.

5.  And so it was people against people, nation against nation, and city against city, and they acquired weapons, and taught their sons to war, to take a city captive, and to sell male and female slaves.

6.  And Ur, the son of Kesed, build the city of Ur of the Chaldees, naming it after his name, and his father's name, and they made molten images for themselves, and everyone worshipped the icon that they made for themselves.

7.  Thus they made graven images and polluted likenesses, and cruel spirits assisted them, leading them astray so they might commit sin and pollution.

8.  And their prince Mastema, acted forcefully to do all this, sending the spirits that were under him to practice all sorts of error, sin, and to destroy, to cause to perish, and to pour blood out upon the earth.

9.  Therefore did Reu call the name of his son, Serug, because everyone had turned back to commit sin and transgression.

     The birth of Nahor

10.  And Serug grew-up and dwelt in Ur of the Chaldees near the father of his wife's mother, and he used to worship idols, and he took a wife her name Melka, daughter of Kaber, daughter of his father's brother, and she bore for him Nahor.

11.  And Nahor grew up and dwelt in Ur of the Chaldees, and his father taught him the researches of the Chaldeans in order to practice divination and astrology according to the signs of heaven.

        Birth of Terah

12.  And in the 38th jubilee Nahor took a wife, her name Tyaska, daughter of Nestag of the Chaldeans, and she bore for him Terah.

13.  And prince Mastema sent crows and other birds to eat the seeds, which was being sown in the earth in order to spoil the earth, that he might rob mankind of their labors.

14.  The crows picked the seeds off the surface of the earth as it was sown; therefore did he call him Terah, since the crows were impoverishing them.

15.  The years then began to be barren because of the birds, for they also ate the fruit of the trees from the groves, and if ever they were able to save a little from all of the fruit of the earth in these days, it was with great effort.

       The birth of Abraham

16.   And in the 39th jubilee Terah took a wife whose name was Edna, daughter of Abram, of his father's sister, and she bore a son for him, and he called him after the name of his mother's father, because he died before his daughter conceived a son.

17.  And the lad began understanding the straying of the land that everyone went astray after graven images and pollution, and his father taught him writing.

18.  And he separated himself from his father to the intend that he might not worship the idols with him, and he began to pray to the Creator of all that He might save him from the straying of the sons of men.

19.  As then the seed time arrived for sowing the land, they all were wont to go out together that they might guard the seeds from the crows.

20.  And Abram went out also, and a cloud of crows came to eat the seeds, and Abram used to run up to them before they settled upon the earth, and would call to them saying' "Do not come down, return to the place from where you came."

21.  And they turned back, thus he caused a cloud of crows to turn back many times in that day, and none of the crows settled on any of the field where Abram was.

22.  And all that were with him in the field saw as he was calling out, and his reputation became great in all the land of Chaldea, and everyone who would sow, came to him during that year.

23.  And he used to go with them till the seed-time was passed, and they harvested enough food in that year, and ate and were satisfied.

24.  And Abram taught those that were making the implements for oxen, the skilled carpenters, to make an implement facing the handle of the plow so they might place seed upon it.

25.  And the seed would go down into it unto the point of the plow, where it would be hidden in the earth, after which they were no longer afraid of the crows, for they sowed and tilled the earth as Abram showed them.


       Chapter 12 

      Abraham reasons

1.  And it came to pass that Abram spoke to Terah his father saying; O Father, what help or advantage do we have from these idols before which you bow down and worship?

2.  For there is no spirit in them, they being mute, and being the misleading of the heart, do not worship them.  But rather the God of heaven who sends rain and dew upon the earth, who makes everything upon the earth and everything by His word and all life is in His presence.

3.  Why do you worship what has no spirit in them, works made by hands, and you carry them on shoulders with no help from them for you.  But rather they are a great shame for them who made them, and for those who worship them in the misleading of the heart.

4.  And his father said to him; I know it my son, but what shall I do for the people who made me a minister before them?  If I tell them the truth, they will kill me, for they love to worship and praise them, be silent my son, lest they kill you.

5.  And he told this matter to his two brothers, and they were angry with him, and he kept quiet.

6.  And Abram took a wife whose name was Sarai, daughter of his father.  And Haran his brother took a wife, and bore a son whom he called; Lot and Nahor also took a wife.

7.  And in the 60th year of his life Abram arose in the night and burned the house of idols, while no man knew.

8.  And as they rose in the night to save the idols from the fire, Haran rushed in, and the fire flared over him and was burned in the fire, and died in Ur of the Chaldees before Terah his father, and they buried him there.

9.  And Terah left Ur of the Chaldees, he and his sons, to go into the land of Lebanon, into the land of Canaan, and dwelt in Haran, and Abram dwelt with his father in law.

        Abram prays unto God

10.  And on the first of the 7th month (day of memorial) Abram sat-up during the night that he might look at the stars from evening till daybreak, that he might see what the nature of the year would be in respect to rain.

11.  And as he was sitting alone, a word came in his heart saying.  All of the signs of the stars, the sun, and moon, are in the hand of the Lord, why then am I looking?

12.  For if He desires, He will make it rain morning and evening, and if He desires not, it will not, for everything is in His hand.

13.  And he prayed that night saying "My God, the Most High God, Thou alone art God to me, Thou created everything, and everything which is, was the work of Thy hands, and I have chosen Thy and Thy kingdom.

14.  Save me from the hands of evil spirits which rule over the thoughts of the heart of man, let them not lead me astray from following Thee O my God, but establish me and my seed forever, let us not go astray henceforth and forever."

15.  And he said; "Shall I return to Ur of the Chaldees, where they seek me?  Or shall I dwell here in this place?  Make the straight path prosper before Thee in the hand of Thy servant, that he might serve Thee, and let me not walk in the error of my heart O my God."  

  Chapter 13

      Abram called to the land of promise

1.  And as he finished praying, the word of the Lord was sent to him by me saying, "Come forth from your land and your kin, and from your father's house, into the land, which I shall show you.

2.  And I shall establish you as a great and numerous people, and bless you, and make your name great, and you will be blessed in the land, and all the nations in the earth will bless themselves by you.

3.  And whosoever blesses you, I shall bless, and whosoever curses you, I shall curse, and I shall be God for you, and for your son, and your son sons, and for all your seed, do not henceforth fear, for I will be your God always."

4.  And the Lord God said to me, "Open his mouth and his ears that he might speak in the revealed language which ceased from the sons of men".  And I opened his mouth and ears, and I began to speak with him in Hebrew, in the tongue of creation.

5.  And he took his father's books written in Hebrew, and he copied them, and began to study them, and I caused him to know everything in which he was not able, and he studied them in the six months of rain.

      The blessing of Terah

6.  And Abram told his father Terah that he was going from Haran to the land of Canaan that he might see it, and return to him.

7.  And Terah said to him: Go in peace, may God eternal make your paths straight, and the Lord be you, and protect you from all evil, may none of the sons of men rule over you to do evil to you, go in peace.

8.  And when you have seen a pleasant land in which to dwell, come and take me to you, and take Lot the son of Haran your brother with you as a son to you, the Lord be with you.

      Abram at Bethel

9.  And Abram went from Haran taking Sarai his wife and Lot his brother's son with him into the land of Canaan, and they came to Ashur, and walked to Shechem, and dwelt by a tall oak.

10.  And beholding the land he saw that it was very pleasant from the entrance of Hamath to the tall oak, and the Lord said to him; "To you and your seed will I give this land."

11.  And he build an altar there, and offered burnt offerings to the Lord who appeared to him, and he went from there to the mountain, with Bethel to the west, and Ai to the east, and pitched his tents there.

12.  He saw the land there that it was wide and very good, everything growing upon it, vines, figs, pomegranate trees, oaks, ileses, terebints, olive trees, cedars, cypress's, and date trees.

13.  There was every tree of the field, and there was water on the mountains, and he blessed the Lord who brought him out of Ur of Chaldees bringing him into this land.

14.  And on the first of the first month, he build an altar on that mountain, and called on the name of the Lord saying; Thou art my God, the eternal God.

15.  And he offered burnt offering to the Lord that He might be with him and not forsake him all the days of his life.

       Abram to Hebron and Egypt.

16.  And he arose from there going south to Hebron, which was then build, and dwelt there two years, and he went to the land of the south as far as Bealoth.

17.  And there was a famine in the land; wherefore Abram went to Egypt in the 3rd year of the week, and stayed in Egypt five years before his wife was taken from him.  Tanis of Egypt was build then, seven years after Hebron.

18.  And it came to pass when Pharaoh took Sarai, Abram’s wife.  That the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues on account of Sarai, the wife of Abram.

19.  And Abram was honored with many possessions, sheep, oxen, asses, horses, camels, and male and female servants, and with silver and much gold.

20.  And Lot also had possessions, and Pharaoh returned Sarai, and he went out of the land of Egypt, and went to the place where he had first pitched his tents, between Bethel and Ai.

21.  And he blessed the Lord his God who brought him back in peace, and offered burnt offerings saying; Thou O Lord God art my God forever and ever.

       Lot separates himself from Abram

22.  And Lot separated from him, and dwelt in Sodom, and the men of Sodom were great sinners, and Abram's heart was sad because of his brother's son, which had separated from him, for Abram had no sons.

23.  In that year then, when Lot was taken captive, the Lord spoke to Abram; Lift up your eyes from the place where you are dwelling, towards the north, south, east, and west, for all of the land which you see I will give to you and your seed forever.

24.  And I will make your seed like the sand of the sea, if any man is able to number the grains of sand of the earth, he would not yet be able to number your seed.  Arise, walk the land in its length and width, see all of it, for to your seed will I give it.


       Chapter 14

      Abram at Hebron.

1.  And Abram went to Hebron and dwelt there, and in that year Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, and Amraphel, king of Shinar, and Arinch, king of Sellasar, and Tergal, king of the nations, came and killed the king of Gomorrah, but the king of Sodom fled.

2.  And many fell wounded in the valley of Siddim, by the sea of salt, and they took Sodom, and Adam, and Zeboim captive, and also Lot, the son of Abram's brother, and all his possessions to Dan.

3.  And one, who escaped, came and told Abram, and Abram armed the servants his house and retook Lot.  Afterwards, the king of Sodom bowed before him and said; "Our lord Abram give us the people whom you saved, but let the booty belongs to you."

4.  But Abram said to him; "I lift my hands to God Most High, that I will not take anything of yours, not a thread or shoelace, lest you say; I made Abram rich.

5.  But only what the young men have eaten, and the portion of the men that went with me, Arner, Eschol, and Mamre, let them take their portion."

      Law of the tithe

6.  … …  Upon Abram and his seed, a tenth of the first-fruits to the Lord.

7.  And the Lord ordained it an ordinance forever that they should give it to the priests, to those who minister before Him, that they might possess it forever.

8.  And there is no limit of days for this law, because He ordained it for eternal generations, to give one/tenth of everything to the Lord, grain, wine, oil, oxen, and sheep, giving it to the priests to eat and drink with rejoicing before Him.

      Abram dreams at Mamre

9.  After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a dream saying;  "Do not fear Abram, I am your defender, and your reward will be very great."

10.  And he said; "O Lord what wilt Thou give me, for I am without children, and the son of Maseq, the son of my handmaid, is Eleazar of Damascus, he will be my heir, for Thou has not given seed to me."

11.  And He said to him; "This one will not be your heir, but one who will come from your loins will be your heir".  And He took him outside and said; "Look to heaven and count the stars if you are able to count them."

12.  And he looked at heaven and saw the stars, and God said to him; "Thus shall your seed be".  And he believed the Lord, and it was counted him for righteousness.

13.  And He said to him; "I am the Lord who brought you from Ur of the Chaldees that I might give you the land of the Canaanites in possession forever, and I shall be God for you, and for your seed after you."

14.  And he said, "O Lord, O Lord, how shall I know that I shall inherit?"  And He said;  "Bring Me young animals three years of age, a calf, a goat, a ram, and a turtledove and a young dove".

15.  And he took all of these, and build an altar there, and poured their blood upon the altar, dividing them in the middle, placing them facing each other, but the birds he did not cut-up.

16.  And the birds came down upon the pieces, but Abram kept turning them away not allowing these to touch them.

17.  And when the sun had set, a terror fell upon Abram, and it was said to him; "Know for surely that your seed will be strangers in an alien land, and they will serve them, and make them suffer four hundred years.

18.  But I will judge the people whom they will serve, and afterwards they will come out from there with many possessions.

19.  And you will go to your fathers in peace, and be buried in good old age, in the fourth generation then they will return here, for the sins of the Amorites have not yet been completed."

       The covenant with Abram

20.  And he woke up from his sleep, and the sun having set, there was a flame, and smoke as from an oven, and flames of fire passed between the pieces.

21.  And on that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram saying;

22.  " To your seed will I give this land, from the river of Egypt, to the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Perizzites, and Raphaim, the Phakorites, Hivites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, and the Jubusites.

23.  And the day being passed, Abram offered up the pieces, the birds, the fruit offering, and the libation, the fire consuming them.

24.  And on that day we made a covenant with Abram, just as we made a covenant with Noah in that month.  And Abraham renewed the feast and the ordinances for himself forever.

        Sarai offers Hagar to Abram.

25.  And Abram rejoiced, and told all these things to Sarai his wife, and he believed that he would have seed, but she did not give birth.

26.  And Sarai advised Abram her husband saying; "Go into Hagar, my Egyptian maid, it may be that I will build seed for you from her."

27.  And Abram heard his wife and said; "Do so."  And Sarai took Hagar and gave her to Abram her husband as wife for him.

28.  And he went into her and she conceived and bore a son, and he called him Ishmael, that year was the 86th year in the life of Abram.


      Chapter 15 

      Offering of first fruits.

1.  On the third month (Sivan) of the year, Abram made a feast of the first-fruits of grain, making a new sacrifice on the altar, the first-fruits of the food for the Lord, a bull, a goat, and a sheep as burnt offerings, and a fruit offering, a libation, with frankincense.

2.  And the Lord appeared to Abram saying; "I am God, be pleasing before me and I will increase you very much, behold; my ordinance is with you, and you will be father of many nations.

3.  Your name therefore will not be called Abram, but henceforth it will be Abraham, because I have established you the father of many nations.

4.  And I shall make you very great, and kings will come from you.  And I shall establish my covenant between you and Me and your seed after you in their generations for an eternal ordinance, that I might be God for you and your seed after you.

5.  And I shall give to you and your seed after you the land where you sojourn, the land of Canaan, which you will possess forever, and I shall be God for them.

6.  And you will keep my covenant and your seed after you.  And you will circumcise all your males, you shall circumcise your foreskin, and it will be a sign of the eternal ordinance between me and you.

7.  You will circumcise a son on the eight day, all the males in your generations, the servants also, and whomever you purchase with money from all of the sons of foreigners, which you acquired not being of your seed.

8.  The servant in your house will certainly be circumcised, and he which is purchased with money, thus my covenant will be in your flesh for an eternal ordinance.

9.  And whatever male is not circumcised on the eight day, that soul shall be uprooted from its family, for he has broken my covenant.

10.  And Sarai your wife will not henceforth be called Sarai, because her name is Sarah, and I will bless her and give you a son from her, and I will bless him, and he will become a people, and kings and nations will come from him."

       Abraham's concern for Ishmael

11.  And Abraham fell on his face, and rejoiced, and pondered in his heart how a son would be born to one who was a hundred years old, or Sarah, who was 90 years old, to give birth.

12.  And Abraham said to the Lord, "Would that Ishmael might live before Thee."  But the Lord said; "Yes, but Sarah will bear a son for you, and you will call him Isaac."

13.  And I will raise up my covenant as an eternal covenant with him, and with his seed after him, and concerning Ishmael, I have heard you, for behold; I shall bless him and make him grow and increase very much.

14.  And he will beget twelve princes, and I shall make him into a great people, but my covenant I shall establish with Isaac whom Sarah will bear for you in yet another year.

15.  And Abraham had every male in his house circumcised.

       The feast of boots at Beersheba

16.  At Beersheba, Abraham build an altar unto the Lord, and celebrated a feast of rejoicing, seven days near the altar which he built by the well of the oath.

17.  And he build boots for himself and for his servants on that festival, he was the first on earth to observe the feast of boots.

18.  In these seven days he offered every day, day by day on the altar a burnt offering and a thank offering to the Lord.  In the morning and in the evening, with the fragrance of incense, Galbanum, stacte, nerd, myrrh, spices, and costume, all these seven he offered, crushed, and mixed in equal parts, and pure.  

19.  For seven days he observed this feast with rejoicing with all his heart and with all his soul, he and all that were in his house, and there was no alien with him, or anyone that was not circumcised.

20.  And he blessed the Creator, who created him in his generation, for by His will He created him.  For he knew and perceived that from him there would be a righteous planting for eternal generations, and a holy seed, which would be like the One who made everything.

21.  And he blessed and rejoiced, and called the name of this festival, "The festival of the Lord".  A joy, acceptable to God Most High.

22.  And we blessed him and his seed after him in every generation of the earth, because he observed this feast in its time according to the testimony of the heavenly tablets.

23.  Therefore it is ordained in the heavenly tablets concerning Israel that they will be observers of the feast of boots seven days with joy, in the seventh month before the Lord as an eternal law in their generations year by year.

24.  And there is no limit of days for this, it being ordained forever that they should observe it to dwell in tents, and to place crowns upon their heads taking branches of leaves, and willows from the stream.

25.  And Abraham took branches of palm trees, and fruit of good trees, and each day of the days he used to go around the altar with branches, seven times per day praising and giving thanks to his God for all things.

      Chapter 16

      Mastema plots to test Abraham

1.  And it came to pass in the first year of the seventh week of that jubilee, in the first month, on the twelfth thereof, that Abraham was spoken of in heaven, of his faithfulness in everything that was told him, and in all affliction, and that he loved the Lord.

2.  And prince Mastema having come said before God.  "Behold, Abraham loves Isaac his son, and is more pleased with him than with everything, tell him now to offer him as a burnt offering, and Thou will see if he is faithful in everything in which Thou test him."

3.  And the Lord was aware that Abraham was faithful in all his afflictions, He tested him with his land, and with famine, and with the wealth of kings.

4.  And again He tested him with his wife when she was taken from him, and with Ishmael and Hagar, when he sent her away.

5.  And in everything, in which He tested him, he was found faithful, his soul was not impatient nor was he slow to act, for he was faithful and a lover of the Lord.

      The sacrifice of Isaac

6.  And the Lord said to him, "Abraham, Abraham".  And he said; "Here am I."  And the Lord said, "Take your beloved son Isaac whom you love, and go into the high land and offer him up on one of the mountains that I will make known to you".

7.  And he arose while it was still dark at daybreak, and loading his ass he went with two of his young men servants and with Isaac his son, and he split the wood of the sacrifice and came to the place on the third day.

8.  And seeing it from afar, and having arrived at a well of water, he said to the young men.  Stay here with the ass, and I and the young child shall go and when we have worshipped we shall return to you.

9.  And he put the wood of the altar on Isaac his son, and taking the knife and the fire in his hand the two went together to the place.

10.  And Isaac said to his father, "Behold father, the fire, the knife and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?  And he said; "The Lord will see concerning the lamb for a burnt offering my son."

11.  And having come to the place on the mountain of the Lord, he build an altar there and placed the wood on it.  And he bound Isaac his son and placed him on the wood upon the altar, and he stretched forth his hand taking the knife in order to slaughter Isaac his son.

12.  And I stood before him, and before prince Mastema, and the Lord said.  "Speak to him, do not let his hand descend upon the child, do not let him do anything to him, for I know that he is one who fears the Lord."

13.  And I called out to him from heaven and said to him, "Abraham, Abraham".  And he was terrified, and said; "Here am I."  And I said to him;

14.  "Do not put forth your hand against the child, do not do anything to him, for now I know that you are one who fears the Lord, for you did not deny your first-born son to me."

15.  And prince Mastema was shamed, and Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw a ram caught in the thicket by his horns, and he went and took the ram and offered it for a burnt offering instead of his son.

16.  And Abraham called that place; "The Lord has seen".  So it is said; in the mountain, the Lord has seen, it is mount Zion.

17.  And the Lord called Abraham again by his name just as He caused us to appear, so that He might speak to him in the name of the Lord, and He said;

18.  "I swear by myself says the Lord, because you have done this thing, that you did not deny to Me your first-born son whom you love, therefore I will surely bless you.  And I shall surely multiply your seed like the stars of heaven, and like the sand of the seashore; and your seed will inherit the cities of their enemies.

19.  And all the nations of the earth will bless themselves by your seed, because you obeyed My word, and I have made it known to all that you are faithful to Me in everything which I say to you, go in peace."

20.  And Abraham went to his young men, and together they went to Beer-Sheba, and he observed this festival every year seven days with rejoicing, and named it, "The feast of the Lord".  (Passover) which is according to the seven days during which he went and returned in peace.

21.  And thus it is ordained and written in the heavenly tablets concerning Israel and his seed to observe this festival seven days with festal joy.


      Chapter 17 

      Abraham's testimony to Isaac

1.  And Abraham called Isaac his son, and commanded him saying;

2.  “I am old and full of days, and I do not know the day of my death, all my days I have walked uprightly in the ways of the Lord, I have hated idols, and have rejected them that serve them.

3.  And you my son, keep His commandments and ordinances, do not follow pollution or graven images, and do not eat blood of beast, of cattle, or any bird, which flies, in heaven.

4.  And if you slaughter a sacrifice as an acceptable burnt offering of peace, slaughter it but pour its blood out on the altar, and offer up all the fat of the offering on the altar, with fine flower kneaded with oil, together with its libation.

5.  You will offer it altogether on the altar, a sweet aroma before the Lord, and the fat of the thank-offering you will place upon the fire, which is on the altar.

6.  You shall remove the fat from the belly, and from all of the internal organs, and the two kidneys, all of the fat, which is on them, and on the thighs and the liver together with the kidneys.

7.  And you will offer all of this as a sweet aroma, which is acceptable before the Lord together with its fruit offering and its libation for a sweet odor the bread of a burnt offering to the Lord.

8.  And eat its flesh on that day, and in the second day, but do not let the sun of the second day set upon it until it is consumed.

9.  Let it not remain to the third day, for it will not be acceptable, since it was not chosen.  For this reason it shall not be eaten, and those that will eat of it will raise up sin against themselves.

10.  For thus have I found it written in the books of my forefathers, in the words of Enoch, and of Noah.

11.  And you shall put salt in all your offerings; you shall not omit the salt of the covenant from any of your offerings.  And take caution with the wood of the offering that you do not bring any except such as these, cypress, bay, almond, fir, pine, cedar, juniper, fig, olive, myrtle, laurel, or asphalathos.

12.  Place these under the burnt offering, and do not place dark wood, or that is split, but such as is pure and strong having no spots, new growth being perfect

13.  And do not place old wood, since from it the aroma has gone out, the aroma not being there as before, excepting thus for these trees place no others, for the smell of the aroma will go up to heaven.

14.  Keep this commandment my son, that you may act uprightly in all your deeds, and at all times be pure in your body, wash yourself with water before you go to make an offering upon the altar, wash your hands and feet before you approach the altar.

15.  And having completed the offering wash your hand and feet that there not be seen any blood on you or your garments, be careful my son, be extremely careful of blood, cover it in the earth.

16.  Eat therefore no blood because it is life, you shall not eat it, not accept gifts for any human blood, lest it be poured out in vain without judgment.

17.  For the same is blood for sin to fall in the earth, and the earth is not able to be purified of human blood except by the blood of one who shed it.

18.  Accept therefore no gift or tribute for human blood, blood for blood, that you may be acceptable before the Lord Most High, and He will be your protector, to guard you from all evil and save you from death.

       Chapter 18 

      Abraham's blessing for Jacob

1.  And Abraham called Jacob and said; "My son Jacob, may the God of all bless you and strengthen you to perform righteousness and to do His will.

2.  May He elect you and your seed that you may become a people for Him that will always be His inheritance according to His will, and you my son, draw near and kiss me."  And Jacob kissed him, and Abraham said;

3.  "Blessed is my son Jacob, and all his sons to the Lord Most High forever, may the Lord give you righteous seed, and may He sanctify some of your sons in the midst of all the earth.

4.  May the nations serve you, and bow down before your seed, be strong before men as you rule over the seed of Seth, and may your ways, and the ways of your sons be righteous to be a holy people.

5.  May the Most High give you all the blessings with which He blessed me, and with which He blessed Noah, and Adam, may they rest upon the head of your seed throughout each generation forever.

6.  May He cleanse you from all sin and defilement, that He might forgive all your transgressions and your erring through ignorance.

7.  May He strengthen you and bless you, and may you inherit all the earth, and may He renew His covenant with you, so that you might be a people for Him, being His inheritance forever.

8.  And He will be God for you and for your seed in truth and in righteousness throughout all the days of the earth.

9.  Remember my words my son Jacob, and keep the commandments of Abraham your father.  Separate yourself from the Gentiles, do not eat with them, nor perform deeds like theirs, do not become associated with them.

10.  For their deeds are defiled, and all there ways contaminated, despicable, and abominable.  They kill their sacrifices to the dead, and to demons do they bow down, and eat in tombs, all their deeds are worthless and vain.

11.  They have no heart to perceive, nor eyes to see what their deeds are, nor wherein they wander astray, saying to a tree you are my god, and to a stone; you are my lord and savior.

12.  They have no heart, but as for you my son Jacob, may the God Most High bless you, and turn you from all defilement and from error.

13.  Be careful my son Jacob that you do not take a wife from any of the seed of the daughters of Canaan, for all of his seed is destined to be uprooted from the earth, for through the sin of Ham - Canaan sinned.

14.  And all of his seed will be blotted out from the earth, there is none of him that will be saved.

15.  And for all of those who worship idols, and for the hated ones - there is no hope in the land of the living, for they will go down into hell, in the place of judgment will they walk, and have no memory upon the earth.

16.  Just as the sons of Sodom were taken from the earth, so these who worship idols will be taken away.

17.  Do not fear my son Jacob, and be not in terror O son of Abraham, the Most High God shall protect you from destruction, and deliver you from all the ways of error.

        Rebecca's blessing for Jacob

18.  And Rebecca lifted her face to heaven, and blessed the Most High God who created heaven and earth, giving Him glory and praise, and she said;

19.  "May the Lord God be blessed, and may His holy name be blessed forever and ever.  He who gave me Jacob, a pure son, a holy seed, for he is Thine and his seed will belong to Thee for all times, and in all generations forever.

20.  Bless him O Lord and place in my mouth a righteous blessing that I might bless him.  And a Spirit of truth came upon her mouth, and placing both her hands upon the head of Jacob she said;

21.  Blessed art Thou O Lord of righteousness, God of ages, and may Thou bless Jacob more than all the generations of men, May He grant you the way of righteousness my son.

22.  And may He reveal righteousness to your seed, and multiply sons to you in your lifetime, that they may rise up according to the number of the months of the year.

23.  And may their sons be more numerous and greater than the stars of heaven, more than the sand of the sea, so may their number increase.

24.  And may He give them this pleasant land of which He said that He would give to Abraham and his seed after him always, and hold it for a possession forever.

25.  And may I see O my son that you shall be have blessed sons in my lifetime, a blessed and holy seed, so may they all be.  And just as you have given rest to your mother's soul in her lifetime, so the womb who bore you blesses you likewise

26.  My affection and my breast bless you, and my mouth and tongue praise you greatly, increase, and overflow in the land.

27.  And may your seed be perfected in every age in the joy of heaven and earth, and may your seed be glad.

28.  And on the great day of peace - may you have peace, may your name and your seed stand for all the ages, and may God Most High be their God.

29.  And may the God of righteousness dwell with them, and may His sanctuary be build with them in all ages.

30.  The one who blesses you will be blessed, and all flesh that curse you falsely will be cursed.

31.  And she kissed him and said; May the Lord of the world love you just as the heart and affection of your mother rejoices in you and bless you."

      Chapter 19 

      Jacob's respect for his parents,

      Esau's robbery of his father's wealth.

1.  And Jacob crossed over the Jordan, and dwelt on the other side thereof pasturing his sheep from the sea of the heap, as far as Bethshan and Dothan and the forest of Akrabbim.

2.  And he sent some of his possessions to his father and mother four times each year, at the appointed times of the months (days of the leaders) sending these to the tower of Abraham.

3.  For Isaac had returned from the well of the oath, and gone to the tower of his father Abraham, living there away from his son Esau.

4.  For in the days when Jacob journeyed to Mesopotamia, Esau took for himself Basemath, a daughter of Ishmael, for a wife, and he gathered all of his father's flocks together, and his wives, and went and dwelt in mount Seir leaving his father alone at the well of oath.

5.  To the tower of Abraham thus Jacob sent everything from time to time four times yearly all of their needs, and they blessed Jacob with all their heart and with all their soul.

      Blessing of Levi

6.  And Jacob visiting his father with his sons, his father drew near and he kissed the two sons of Jacob, Levi, and Judah, embracing them both together.

7.  And a Spirit of prophecy came upon his mouth, and he took Levi in his right hand, and Judah in his left, and he turned to Levi first and said;

8.  "May the Lord of all ages bless you and your sons in all ages, may the Lord give you and your seed great honor.

9.  May He draw you and your seed from all flesh near to Him to serve in His sanctuary, as are the angels of the presence, and the holy ones.

10.  May the seed of your sons be like them with respect to honor and greatness and sanctification, may He make them great in every age, and they will become judges and rulers for all the seed of the sons of Jacob.

11.  They will speak the word of the Lord righteously, and they will execute all His judgments righteously, and tell His ways to Jacob, and His path to Israel.

12.  The blessing of the Lord shall be placed in their mouth, so they might bless all the seed of the Beloved.

13.  And your mother naming you Levi, she named you rightly, for thus you will be joined to the Lord and be the companion of all the sons of Jacob.

14.  His table will belong to you, you and your sons will eat of it, and in all generations your table will be full, your food will not be lacking in any age.

15.  And all who hate you will fall before you, your enemies will be uprooted and perish, and whoever blesses you will be blessed, and any nation that curses you will be cursed."

       The blessing of Judah

16.  And to Judah he said; "May the Lord give you might and strength to tread upon all who hate you.

17.  Be a prince, you and One of your sons - for the sons of Jacob, may your name and the name of your son (Jesus) be One which travels and goes about in all the lands and cities.

18.  May the nations fear before your face, and tremble before you, with you will be the help of Jacob, with you will be found the salvation of Israel.

19.  And on the days that you sit on your righteous throne of honor, there will be great peace for all the seed of the sons of the Beloved.

20.  Whoever blesses you will be blessed, and all who hate you and afflict you, and curse you, will be uprooted and destroyed from the earth, and they shall be cursed."

       Jacob reflects on the blessings of his sons

21.  And Jacob remembered the prayer with which his father had blessed him and his two sons Levi and Judah, and he rejoiced and blessed the God of his father's Abraham and Isaac.

22.  And he said; "Now I know that I and my sons have an eternal hope before the God of all."

23.  And thus it is ordained concerning the two of them, and written on high for them as an eternal testimony in the heavenly tablets, just as Isaac blessed them.

       Chapter 20

       Jacob at Bethel

1.  Jacob now planned to build-up the place, to build a wall around the court and to sanctify it, and make it eternally holy for himself and his sons after him.

2.  And the Lord appeared to him in the night and blessing him said; "Your name will not be Jacob, but you will be named Israel".  And again the Lord said;

3.  "I am the Lord who created heaven and earth, I shall increase to multiply you very much, and there will be kings from you, and they will rule everywhere where the tracks of men have trod.

4.  And I will give to your seed all the land under heaven, and they will rule in all nations as they have desired, and after this all of the earth will be gathered together, and they will inherit it forever."

5.  And having finished speaking with him He went up from him, and Jacob watched until He went up in heaven, and seeing in a vision of the night, he beheld an angel descending from heaven, with seven tablets in his hand.

6.  And He gave them to Jacob, who read them, and he knew everything that was written in them what would happen to him and his sons in all the ages.

7.  And having showed him everything that was written on the tablets, He said to him.  "Do not build this place, and do not make an eternal sanctuary, and do not dwell here, for this is not the place.

8.  But go to the house of Abraham your father and dwell with Isaac your father until the day of your father's death, because you will die peacefully in Egypt, and be buried honorably in this land in the tomb of your fathers with Abraham and Isaac.

9.  Do not fear, for just as you have seen and read, thus will everything come to pass, and you, write down everything you have seen and read."

10.  And Jacob said, "O Lord how will I remember everything that I read and saw?"  And He said; "I will cause you to remember everything."

11.  And He went up from him, and awakening from his sleep he recalled everything that he had read and seen, and wrote down all of these matters.

       The day of "Addition"

12.  And he observed yet one more day, and sanctified it according to everything, which he had been sacrificing on the previous days, and he called it; "Addition" because that day was added, but the previous days he called; "The feast."

13.   And thus it is revealed that it should be, and it is written in the heavenly tablets, therefore also was it revealed to him that he might observe it and add it to the seven days of the feast.

14.  And it was called "Addition", because it is written on high in the attestation of feast days according to the number of days of the years.

        Day of Atonement

15.  And it happened that as they lamented for Joseph one year (Joseph sold to Egypt) that he (Jacob) was not consoled, for he said; I will go down to my grave lamenting for my son.

16.  Therefore it is decreed for the children of Israel that they mourn on the tenth day of the seventh month, on the day when that which came to Jacob causing him to weep.

17.  So they might atone for themselves with a young kid on that tenth of the seventh month once a year on account of their sin causing the affection of their father to grieve for Joseph.

18.  This day is decreed that they may mourn on it on account of their sins, and on account of all their transgressions and their errors, in order to purify themselves on this day once a year.

       The death of Leah

19.  And Leah, the wife of Jacob died, and he buried her in the cave of Machpelah near Rebecca his mother and north of the tomb of Sarah his father's mother.

20.  And all of her children went out to weep with him, to comfort him concerning her, for he loved her very much after Rachel her sister died, since she was perfect and upright in all of her ways, and she honored Jacob.

21.  In all the days that she lived with him he never heard a harsh word from her mouth, for she possessed gentleness, peace, uprightness and honor.

22.  And he remembered all of her deeds, which she had done in her life, and lamented greatly for her, because he loved her with all his heart, and with all of his soul. 

      Chapter 21

      Moses' return to Egypt

1.  You then Moses know what happened when you were called to return to Egypt, what Mastema desired to do with you, when he met you at the shelter.

2.  How he desired to kill you with all his might, to save the Egyptians from your hand, for he saw that you were sent to execute judgment and vengeance on the Egyptians.

3.  And I delivered you from his hand, and you did perform the signs, which you were to perform in Egypt against Pharaoh and all his house, his servants, and his people.

      The exodus from Egypt

4.  And prince Mastema stood up before you desiring to make you fall into the hand of Pharaoh, and he aided the magicians of the Egyptians.

5.  Thus we allowed them to do evil, but we did not allow them power with any healing to be done by them, and the Lord smote them with evil wounds, that they were unable to stand, for then we destroyed their power to perform any single sign.

6.  Despite all these signs and wonders however, prince Mastema was not shamed until he had become strong and called the Egyptians to pursue after you with all their army, with chariots and horses, and all the multitude of Egypt.

7.  And I stood between the Egyptians and Israel, delivering Israel from the hand of his people, and the Lord brought them through the midst of the sea as through dry land.

8.  And the Lord threw all the people he had brought out to pursue after Israel in the midst of the sea, in the depths of the abyss, beneath the children of Israel.

9.  Wherefore just as the men of Egypt cast their sons in the river, the Lord avenged them drowning their might in the water through the hand of one infant cast upon the water.

10.  Mastema was bound for five days from coming up after the children of Israel, wherein he could not accuse them, and on the next day we released him so he might help the Egyptians to pursue after the children of Israel.

11.  He therefore hardened their hearts, and strengthened them.  This was so conceived by the Lord our God that He might smite the Egyptians to throw them in the midst of the sea.

12.  We bound Mastema on the first day when they were requesting vessels of gold and of bronze to plunder the Egyptians in exchange for the servitude to which they subjected them by force.

13.  We did not bring the children of Israel from Egypt in their nakedness.