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On the Heavenly Luminaries

        Chapter 19 

       The process of the gates

1.   This is the book of the itinerary of the luminaries of heaven, the position of each and everyone in respect to their ranks, authorities, their season, their names, place of origin, and their months.

2.   Which Uriel, the holy angel that was with me showed me, who was also my guide in the books in the nature of the years of the world into forever, till the new creation is created which abides into eternity.

3.   This is the first commandment of the luminaries; The sun is a luminary whose egress is an opening of heaven located in the direction of the east, and whose ingress is an opening of heaven in the west.

4.   I saw six openings through which the sun rises and six openings through which it sets, and the moon rises and sets through the same openings, and they are guided by the stars together with those by whom they are led.

5.   Six gates in the east and six in the west heaven, all of them arranged in constant order, and there are many windows to the right and left of these openings.

6.   The great light whose name is the sun, goes out first, its roundness is like the roundness of the sky, and is fully filled with light and heat.

7.   The chariot on which it ascends is the moving wind.  The sun sets in the western sky and returns by the northeast in order to go to the east.

8.   It is guided so it reaches the eastern gate shining in the face of the sky, in this manner it rises in the first month through the major gate.

9.   It proceeds through the fourth among these six openings located in the direction of the east.

       First season

10.  When the sun rises in the sky it goes through this fourth gate for 30 mornings and descends faithfully through the fourth gate in the western sky.

11.  During these days the day becomes daily longer and the night nightly shorter for 30 days.  In that time the day becomes longer than the night by 19th, so that the day comes out to 10 parts with the night at 8 parts.

12.  Then the sun comes into the fifth gate in the east for 30 days through which it rises and also sets in the fifth gate.

13.  At that time the day becomes still longer to 11 parts and the night shorter to 7 parts, on account of the movement of the sun.

14.  It then returns to the east and comes into the sixth gate rising and setting through it for 30 and 1 days according to the principle thereof.

15.  On that day the day becomes even longer than the night, to become 12 parts and the night shortens to six parts, the sun is raised in such a way to vary day and night.

       Second season

16.  Next the sun returns to the east and enters the sixth gate rising and setting through it for 30 days, when these 30 days are completed, the day decreases by one part becoming 11 parts with the night 7 parts.

17.  Then the sun leaving the west by that sixth gate going to the east rises through the fifth gate for 30 mornings and sets again in the fifth gate in the west.

18.  At that time the day decreases by one part to become 10 parts, and the night 8 parts.

19.  Then the sun departing from the fifth gate rises in the fourth gate for 30 and 1 day according to the principle of it, and sets in the west.

20.  On that day the day is aligned with the night so that they become equal, the night being nine parts and the day nine parts.

      Third season

21.  Then the sun departing from that gate and setting in the west returns and comes out through the third gate for 30 days and sets in the third gate in the west.

22.  On that day the night becomes longer than the day and longer than the previous night, and the day shorter than the previous day for 30 days, so that the night comes out to 10 parts with the day at 8 parts.

23.  Then the sun departing from the third gate in the west and returning to the east comes out through the second gate in the east for 30 days, and in the same manner sets in the second gate in the west.

24.  On that day the night becomes 11 parts and the day 7 parts.

25.  Then the sun departing on that day from the second gate in the west returns to the east and rises in the first gate for 30 and 1 days, and setting again in the western sky

26.  On that day the night lengthens and becomes 12 parts while the day shortens to 6 parts.

      Fourth season

27.  Thus the sun completes its appearances a second time coming out through all the openings for 30 days and setting in the west opposite to it.

28.  On that night the length of the night decreases by 19th to become 11 parts and the day 7 parts.

29.  Then the sun returns and enters the second gate in the east resuming its appearance for 30 mornings rising and setting.

30.  On that day the night becomes shorter to become 10 parts and the day 8 parts.

31.  Then on that day the sun departing from this second gate setting in the west, it returns to the east and rises through the third gate for 30 and 1 days, and sets in the western sky.

32.  On that day the night shortens and becomes 9 parts and the day 9 parts, the night coming equal with the day.

      The Sun governs the years

33.  Thus the days of the year add up to exactly 364 days, with the length of the day and night determined by the circuit of the sun, and varied by it, the circuit becomes longer or shorter day by day, and night by night.

34.  This is the order for the course of the movement and setting of the sun, that great luminary that is called the sun for the duration of the universe in respect to its going in and coming out.

35.  It is that very luminary, which manifests itself as God has commanded it, that it shall come out and go in, in that manner.

36.  And neither does it diminish nor take rest, but continues day and night.  And as for its intensity of light it is sevenfold brighter than the moon.


        Chapter 20 

       The course of the moon

1.   After this set of regulations for the sun, I saw another set of regulations for the minor luminary, which is called the moon.

2.   Its roundness is like the roundness of the sky, and it rides on the chariot of the wind, and gives light in varying measure, coming and going, changing every month.

3.   Its days are like the days of the sun, and when it fully reflects light it amounts to one seventh of the light of the sun.

4.   The moon rises in this manner, it faces the easterly direction coming out on the 13th day, on that day it comes in existence and appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits, and you have the head (beginning) of the month.

5.   Considering half of it divided in 7 parts, the whole disk is then without light with the exception of 17th part of its half which is 1/14 of its whole.

6.   Then when the sun rises, the moon rises together with it showing a portion of one half of its light beginning its monthly journey on its first lunar day, and sets with the sun, and becomes dark that night in respect to its 13 remaining parts.

7.   On that day it rises and shines with-exactly 1/7th part, then comes out and recedes towards the east where the sun rises increasing in brightness by 1/7th part in each of the remaining six parts of its half during the remaining days.

8.   I also saw another course of movement with its own commands whereby the system fulfills its monthly course of movement.

9.   All these things Uriel, the holy angel who is guide to all of them showed me, including their fixed positions.

10.  And I wrote these fixed positions down just as he showed me, and I wrote down their months as they were, as well as the variable aspects of their illumination until the completion of fifteen days.

11.  The moon wanes in 15 steps during a period of 15 days, and waxes in 14 steps in the east and west respectively.

12.  In designated months it alters its settings, and in designated months it fulfills its usual course.

13.  For two months it sets with the sun, and uses those two middle openings the 3rd and 4th gates.

14.  It comes out for seven days and completes a circuit as it returns again to the gate through which the sun rises.

15.  In this manner it waxes and recedes from the sun entering the sixth gate through which the sun rises in eight days.

16.  When the sun rises through the fourth gate, the moon comes out for seven days until it starts coming out through the fifth.

17.  It then turns back towards the fourth gate in seven days waxing as it recedes, and enters the first gate in eight days, then again it returns to the fourth gate through which the sun rises in seven days.

18.  This is how I saw their fixed positions in those days, how the moon rises and shines when the sun sets.

19.  In combining five years the sun gains fifty extra days, thus the moon falls behind the sun and the stars for fifty days in five years, and the days of the year are 364 days.

20.  The year is brought around punctually so that they forever neither gain upon nor fall behind their fixed positions for a single day, but they convert the year with punctilious justice into 364 days.

21.  In 3 years there are 1092 days, in 5 years 1820 days, and in 8 years there are 2912 days, for the moon in 3 years that adds up to 1062, so that it falls behind for 30 days.

22.  In 5 years it is 1770 days so that it falls behind by 50 days, and in 8 years it adds to 2832 so that the moon falls behind by 80 days.

23.  In this way the years are completed with precision according to their fixed positions in the universe, and the fixed stations of the sun through which it shines, and the gate through which it rises and sets for 30 days.

      The leaders

24.  The leaders of the chiefs of the thousands, which are appointed over the whole creation and over the stars - are counted together with the four seasons.

25.  They do not leave from their fixed stations according to the reckoning of the year, and render service on the days, which are not counted in the reckoning of the year.

26.  On this account do people err in them, for these; luminaries scrupulously render service to the fixed positions in the heavens, one in the first gate, one in the third, one in the fourth, one in the fifth, and one in the sixth.

27.  In this manner the year is completed scrupulously in 364 fixed stations of the heavens.

28.  And thus the signs, the duration's of time, the years, and the days were shown to me by the angel Uriel whom the Lord God of eternal glory has appointed over all the luminaries of heaven, both in heaven and the world.

29.  In order that they, the sun, moon, and stars, and all the created objects which circulate in all the chariots of heaven should rule in the face of the sky, and be seen on earth to be guides for day and night.

      The openings in the sky

30.  Uriel also showed me the twelve wide openings in the sky along the course of the chariots of the sun from which the rays of the sun break out, and from which heat is diffused upon the earth when they are opened during the designated seasons.

31.  Their opening effects the winds and the spirit of the dew when they are opened in the extreme end (sky) of the earth through which also the sun, moon, and stars, and all other heavenly objects come out.

32.  There are many open window's to' the left and right, but one produces the heat at its designated time in the manner of those openings through which the stars rise in harmony with their orders, and set according to their numbers.

33.  I also saw chariots in heaven running in the universe above these openings in which the stars do not set to revolve, one of which is larger than all the rest, and it circles the entire cosmos in the extreme ends.


        Chapter 21

       The twelve winds

1.   And I saw the twelve wide openings to all the winds by which they come out and blow over the earth.

2.   Three of them are in the forefront of the sky, three in the west, three in the right of the sky, and three on the left; that is, the first three are those on the morning side.

3.   Through four of these blow out winds of blessing, and through eight of them winds of pestilence when they are sent to destroy upon the earth, the water thereon and them that dwell upon her, those who exist in the water, and on dry land.

4.   The first winds go out through those openings called easterly, out of the first gate, which is in the direction of the east, inclining to the south whereof proceeds extirpation, drought, pestilence, and destruction.

5.   Out of the second gate in the middle proceeds rain and fruitfulness together with dew.

6.   Out of the third gate, in the direction of 'the northeast, proceeds cold and drought.

7.   After these winds southerly ones proceed through three gates, out of the first of these gates inclining to the east, proceed the winds of heat.

8.   Out of the central gate next to it, proceed beautiful fragrance, dew, rain, young locust, and desolation.

9.   After these there is the northerly winds whose name is, the Sea, there proceeds from the sixth gate, which is in the direction of the east, dew, rain, young locust and desolation.

10.  Out of the central gate proceed life, rain, and dew.  And out of the third gate, which is in the direction of the west inclining towards the northeast, there proceed clouds, frost, snow, rain, dew, and young locust.

11.  After these come the fourth winds, the westerly out of the first gate, which is in the northeasterly direction, there proceeds dew, frost, cold, snow, and hair frost.

12.  Out of the central gate proceed dew, rain, peace, and blessing.  And out of the last gate, which is in the direction of the south, proceed drought, desolation burning, and destruction.

13.  Thus the twelve openings of the four heavenly directions are completed, all their order, their effects, and all their beneficial effects have I revealed to you O my son Methuselah.

      The four directions

14.  The first direction is called “the Orient” because it is the very first.  The second is called “the South” because the Most High will descend there, indeed the Eternally blessed One will descend there.

15.  The third is “the Occident", its name means diminished because all the luminaries of the sky wane and descend there.

16.  The fourth whose name is the North, is divided into three parts, one of them is the dwelling of human beings, the second, the seas of water, lakes, forest, rivers, darkness, and clouds, and the third is the garden of righteousness.

       The seven mountains and rivers

17.  I saw seven high mountains, higher than all the mountains of the earth, out of them proceeds frost, and days and years traverse them in due season.

18.  And I saw seven rivers upon the earth larger than all the rivers.  One of them emerges from the west and empties its water in the great sea.

19.  Two come from the northeast to the sea and empty their water into the Erythraean Sea in the east.

20.  The four remaining ones come out of the sides-of- the northeast to their own seas, two to the Erythraean sea, and two to the great sea pouring themselves therein, some say, to the seventh desert.

21.  I also saw large islands in the sea and the land, seventy-two in the Erythraean Sea.


        Chapter 22

       Names of the sun and moon

1.   These now are the names of the sun; The first; Oryares (light of sun), and the second; Tomas (sun, or heat).

2.   The moon has four names, its first is; Asenya (diminutive), its second; Moon, the third; Full moon, and the fourth; Era (Moon).

3.   These are the two great luminaries their roundness is like the roundness of the sky, and the magnitude of these is equivalent for both.

4.   There are seven portions of light greater in the Sun's sphere than in the moon and it increases in measure the same as the Sun passes.

5.   The moon comes in and goes out by westerly openings, circles around by the northeast, and rises through the eastern openings upon the face of the earth.

6.   When the moon begins, it appears in the sky one half of a seventh part, it will then become fully illuminated from the 14th day, and completes its illumination on the 15th, becoming fulfilled according to the sign of the year in 15 parts.

7.   Thus the moon waxes in 15 parts.  And in its waning decreases on the first day to 1/14 of its light, on its second day it decreases to 13 parts of light, on the third to 12, on the fourth to 11, on the fifth to 10, on the sixth to 9 and on the seventh to eight.

8.   And on the eight to 7, on the ninth to 6, on the tenth to 5, on the eleventh to 4, on the twelfth to 3 and on the thirteenth to one half of its preceding and on the fourteenth all its light decreases to one half of 1/7th, and on the 15th all the remaining disappears.

9.   In certain fixed months the moon completes its cycle every 29 days, in other in 30 days.  Then Uriel showed me another order regarding light being beamed unto the moon, from what direction it is beamed of the bright sun.

10.  During all the seasons when the moon is made to run its cycle, the light is being beamed into it facing the sun until the illumination is completed in the course of fourteen days, and when it is completely lit, it radiates light in the sky.

11.  On the first day it is called the new moon, because on that day the illumination begins to be set up upon it.

12.  This is completed with exactness on the day when the Sun descends into the west, and the moon rises east in the evening shining during the night until the sun rises opposite it, and it is over against the sun.

13.  From the same side where light entered the moon, from there it also wanes until all the illumination disappears and the days of the moon expire, its disk becoming empty without light.

14.  The moon coordinates in respect to its days and seasons, in the course of its recession it makes three months each 30 days and three months each 29 days.

15.  During this season, it makes its recession in the first period in the first gate, 177 days in the course of its progression.

16.  By night it appears like a man, and by day it appears like the sky, for there is no other thing in it except its light.

       Conclusion of the astronomical vision

17.  Thus my son I have revealed to you everything, the rules concerning all the stars of heaven are herein concluded.

18.  Indeed He showed me all their respective rules for every day, for every season, and for every year, the progression of each one according to the commandment.

19.  For each month and week he showed me the total decrement, which the moon makes from the first to the sixth gate.  For the light in everything is disposed-in the beginning of the decrement from the first gate till 177 days are fulfilled, following the rule of the weeks, twenty five and two days.

20.  The moon falls behind the Sun according to the order of the stars exactly five days during one period, when the place, which you behold, is traversed.

21.  Such is the appearance and the picture of all the luminaries which Uriel the archangel, their leader, showed to me.


        Chapter 23

       The heavens to come in disarray

1.   In those days the angel Uriel said to me; Behold I have shown you everything, and revealed you everything Enoch, so you might see this Sun, this moon and those that guide the stars of heaven, as well as all those who turn their activities, their seasons and precessions.

2.   In respect to their days, the sinners and rainy seasons are cut short; their seed shall lag behind in their lands and fertile fields, and in all their activities upon the earth.

3.   He will come and appear in their time and withhold the rain, and the sky shall stand still at that time.

4.   Then the fruit of the ground shall slacken, and the fruit of the tree shall be withheld.

5.   The moon shall alter its order and will not be seen according to its normal cycle.

6.   In those days it will appear and not arrive in the evening in the ends of the sky of the great lunar path in the west, and it shall shine exceedingly the normal degree of light.

7.   Many of the chiefs of the stars shall make error in respect to the orders given them; they shall change their courses and functions and not appear during the seasons, which have been prescribed for them.

8.   All the orders of the stars shall harden against the sinners and the conscience of them that dwell upon the earth.

9.   They shall change against them and modify their courses, and then shall they err, and take them to be gods.

10.  An evil thing shall be multiplied on them, and plagues shall come upon them, so as to destroy all.

       The book's of mans deeds

11.  Then he said to me; “Enoch, look at the tablets of heaven, read what is written on them, and understand one by one.”

12.  So I looked at the tablets of heaven, and read all the writing and came to understand everything.

13.  I read that book, the record of all the deeds of humanity of all the children of the flesh upon the earth, of all the generations of the world.

14.  At that moment I blessed the great Lord, the King of glory, for He has created all the phenomena in the world.

15.  I praised the Lord because of his patience, and I wept on account of the children of the people on the earth.

16.  After that I said; Blessed is the man who dies righteous and upright, against whom no record of oppression has been written, who receives no judgment on that day.

17.  And the seven holy ones brought me and placed me on the ground in front of the gate of my house, said to me; Make everything known to your son Methuselah.

18.  And show all your children that no one of the flesh can be just before the Lord, for they are merely His creation.

19.  We shall let you stay with your son for one year, so that you may teach your children another law, and write it down for them, and give all of them warning.

20.  And in the second year you shall be taken away from them, let your heart be strong, for the Upright shall announce righteousness to the upright.

21.  And the righteous ones shall rejoice with the righteous ones, and congratulate one another.

22.  But sinners shall die together with sinners, and the apostate shall sink together with the apostate.

23.  But those who do right shall not die on account of the deeds of the people, judgment will gather on account of the deeds of the evil ones.

24.  Then they concluded speaking with me, and I returned to my people, blessing the Lord of the universe.


        Chapter 24

       Enoch recounts the calendar data

1.   Now Methuselah my son I shall recount all these things to you and write them down for you, I have revealed to you, and given you the book concerning all things.

2.   Preserve my son, the book from your father's hand in order that you may pass it to the generations of the world.

3.   I have given wisdom to you, to your children and to those who shall become your children, in order that they may pass it in turn to their own children, and to the generations that are discerning.

4.   All the wise ones shall give praise, and wisdom shall dwell with your conscience, they shall not slumber but be thinking.

5.   They shall cause their ears to listen in order that they may learn this wisdom, and it shall please those who feast on it more than good food.

6.   Blessed are all the righteous ones, and those who walk in the streets of righteousness, and have no sin like the sinners in the computation of the days in which the sun goes its course in the sky.

7.   It comes in through a door, and rises for 30 days together with the chiefs of the thousands of the order of the stars.

8.   These four are added to determine the intervals within, between the four seasons of the year, those that lead them along, come in four days.

9.   On this account there are people that err, they count them in the computation of the year, and they err, they do not recognize them accurately, for they belong to the “reckoning” of the year.

10.  Truly they are recorded forever, one in the first gate, -one in the third, one in the fourth, and one in the sixth, the year is completed in 364 days.

11.  True is the matter of the exact computation of that which has been recorded.  For Uriel, whom, the Lord of all creation of the world has ordered for me to explain the host of heaven, he has revealed it to me, and breathed over me concerning the luminaries the months, the festivals, the years, and the days.

12.  He has the power in heaven both day and night so that he may cause the light to shine over the people, sun moon and stars, and all the principalities of the heaven, which revolve in their circuits.

13.  These are the orders of the stars, which are fixed in their places, seasons, festivals, and months.

14.  And these are the names of those which lead the ones that come out and go in their seasons, which lead them in their places, orders, times, months, authorities, and locations.

15.  The four leaders that distinguish the four seasons of the year enter first, after them the twelve leaders of the orders that distinguish the months, and the 360 captains that divide the days, and the four epagomenal days, that is, the leaders that divide the four seasons of the year.

16.  These captains over thousands are added between leader and leader, and each behind a place to stand, but their leaders make the division.

17.  And these are the names of the leaders which divide the four seasons of the year which are fixed; Malki'el, Hele'emmemelek, Milay'ul, and Narel.  And the names of those who lead them are; Adnar'ul, Lyasus'el, and Elum’el.

18.  These three lead the leaders of the orders, as well as the ones which follow after the leaders of the orders, which are followed by the leaders of the stations that divide the days of the year. 

       First season, Malki'el

19.  At the very beginning, Malki'el, whose name is, called Tamagen, and the Sun rises and rules, and all the days of his authority during which he reigns are ninety-one days.

20.  And these are the signs of the days, which become manifest during the period of his authority, sweat, heat, and dryness.

21.  All the trees bear fruit, leaves grow on all trees, good harvest, rose flowers, and all flowers, which grow in the field, but the winter tree shall wither.

22.  And the names of the leaders, which are subordinates, are, Berka'el, Zalebsa'el, and another additional one, a captain of a thousand named Heluyasaf.

23.  This completes the days of his authority.

        Second season, Hele'emmemelek

24.  The next leader after him is Hele'emmemelek, whose name is, The bright sun.  And all the days of his light are ninety-one days.

25.  And these are his signs upon the earth; scorching heat, and drought, trees will produce their delightful fruits, and impart of their ripe ones.

26.  The sheep will mate and become pregnant, and all the fruits of the earth are gathered in, as well as what is in the fields and the winepress.

27.  These take place during his authority, and these are the names of the orders and subordinates, captains over thousands.

28.  Geda'iyal, Helya'el, and Kiel.  And the name of the one added with them, a captain over a thousand is Asfa’ell

29.  This completes the authority of this one.



The Dream Visions

       Chapter 25

       Vision of the flood

1.   I now will show you all the visions which I saw my son Methuselah, and recount them to you.

2.   I saw two visions before I was married; of which neither one resembled the other.  The first was when I was beginning to learn books and the second also yet before I married your mother.

3.   The first one was a scary vision regarding which I prayed to the Lord at the time when I was sleeping in my grandfather Mahalalel's house. 

4.    I saw the sky being taken and thrown down falling upon the earth, and as it fell I beheld the earth being swallowed up into the great abyss.

5.   The mountains were pressed upon mountains and the hills sinking down upon hills, and tall trees were uprooted and cast down into the deep abyss.

6.   Then a word fell into my mouth and I began to cry aloud saying; the earth is being destroyed.

7.   At this my grandfather Mahalalel woke me up, for I was sleeping with him, and he said to me; What happen to you that you are crying so loud my son, why are you lamenting in this manner?

8.   And I recounted to him the whole vision that I Had seen, and he said; How terrifying things you have seen my son, you have seen a powerful vision, all the sins of the world sinking into the abyss, being destroyed with a great destruction.

9.   And now my son, rise, and pray to the Lord of glory, for you are a man of faith, that a remnant may remain upon the earth, and not the whole earth be blotted out.  For my son, all things upon the earth take place from heaven, and a great destruction is to occur.

10.  After this I arose and prayed making petition, and I wrote down all the prayers of the generations of the world.

11.  Indeed, I will show you everything my son Methuselah, for I descended underneath and saw the sky, the sun rising and setting, and the diminishing of the stars, the whole earth I saw, and I recognized everything upon her.

12.  So I blessed the Lord of judgment and extolled Him, for He made the sun to come out of the windows of the east, in that way it ascended rising upon the face of the earth starting to go the way it was shown to go. 

      Enoch's prayer

13.  Then I raised my hands in righteousness and blessed the Holy Great One.  And I spoke with the breath of my mouth and with the tongue of flesh, which God made for the people, for the children of flesh to speak therewith, He gave them the breath and mouth so they might speak with it.

14.  Blessed art Thou O great King, Thou art mighty in Thy greatness O Lord of all the creation of heaven, King of kings and God of the whole world.

15.  Thy authority and kingdom abides forever and ever, and Thy dominion throughout all the generations of generations, all the heavens are Thy throne forever, and the earth Thy footstool forever and ever, and ever.

16.  For Thou created all, and rules all, nothing is too hard for Thee, not a single thing or wisdom, Thy throne has not retreated from her place, nor from before Thy presence.

17.  All things are known to Thee, and to see and to hear, nothing exists that can be hidden from Thee, for Thou exposes everything.

18.  The angels of Thy heavens are now committing sin upon the earth, and Thy wrath shall rest upon the flesh of the people until the great day of judgment.

19.  Now O Lord and God, and great King, I pray and beg Thee that Thou may sustain my prayer and save a generation to succeed in the earth, and do not destroy all the flesh of the people, to empty the earth to eternal destruction.

20.  Destroy now the flesh that has angered Thee O Lord from the earth, but sustain the flesh of righteousness and uprightness as a plant of eternal seed.

21.  And hide not Thy face from the prayer of Thy servant O Lord.


        Chapter 26

       Of the cows

1.   After this I saw another dream, and I will show you everything my son Methuselah hear my words and incline your ears to the dream vision of your father.

2.   Before I married your mother Edna, I was on my bed and dreamed a vision, and behold, a cow emerged from the earth, and that bovid was snow white.  (Adam)

3.   And from it came forth one female calf together with two other calves, one of, which was dark, the other red.  (Cain & Abel)

4.   This dark calf then gored the red calf pursuing it over the earth, and then I was no longer able to see that red calf.

5.   But the dark calf (Cain) grew big and brought along that female calf, and I saw that many bovids proceeded from them, which resembled them and followed them.

6.   The heifer (Eve) then went from the face of that first bovid searching for that red calf, but she was not able to find it and lamented over it with great lamentation.

7.   And I beheld the first cow coming and quieted her, and she stopped her crying, and after this she bore two snow-white cows, and thereafter many more cows as well as dark heifers.

8.   In my sleep I beheld that snow-white bull that he grew big becoming a great snow-white bull, and many snow-white cows proceeded from him that resembled him.

9.   And they in turn gave birth to many snow while cows resembling them, one following the other.

       Falling stars among the cows

10.  And again I saw the lofty-heaven, and behold; a star fell down from heaven, which rose to eat and be pastured among those cows.

11.  Then I saw the large dark cows, and they all changed their cattle sheds, their pastures, and their calves, and they began to lament with each other.

12.  And again as I observed the sky, I saw many stars (angels) descending, casting themselves down along with that first star, and they became bovids among these calves, being pastured together with them.

13.  And I beheld them extending their sexual organs like horses commencing to mount upon the heifers of the bovids, and they became pregnant and bore elephants, camels, and donkeys.

14.  The cattle then became fearful of them and began to bite and chew them, and to gore them with their horns.

15.  Then they in turn began to eat those bovids, and all the children of the earth began to tremble and shake before them, and to flee from them.

16.  And I saw how they gored and devoured one another, so the earth began to cry aloud.

      Enoch taken up in the dream

17.  And I lifted up my eyes to heaven and behold, from heaven came One in the form of a snow-white person, and three others with Him.

18.  The three then that had come out last took me by the hand, and led me away from the generations of the earth.

19.  And they lifted me up to a high place, and showed me a high tower above the earth, and the hills were firm.

20.  And one said to me; stay here until you see everything that will happen to these elephant’s camels and donkeys, as well as to the stars and the bovids, all of them. 

      Wrath on the fallen stars

21.  Then I beheld one of the four, who had come out previously, taking that first star (evil angel) binding him hand and foot and threw him in the abyss.  This abyss now was narrow but deep, and dark and empty.

22.  And one drew a sword giving it to the elephants, the camels, and the donkeys (the giants), which began to attack one another, and on their account the whole earth was quaking.

23.  And as I continued to behold, one of the four who had come out, was casting stones from the sky, and gathered and took away all the mighty stars (angels) whose sexual organs were like that of horses.

24.  And he bound all of them hand and foot and cast them in the pits of the earth.


       Chapter 27

       The great flood

1.   Then one of those four went to the snow-white bovids and taught one of them a secret; this one (Noah) was born a bovid but became a person.

2.   And he build for himself a big boat and lived in it with three others together with him, and that boat was sealed over them.

3.   Then again I raised my eyes towards heaven and saw a lofty ceiling with seven cascading streams upon it, and they flowed with much water into an enclosed area.

4.   And I beheld again that fountains were opened upon the ground of that enclosed area, and the water began to swell upon the ground, until that whole area was covered with water, while darkness and mist accumulated heavily.

5.   And I beheld the ascent of that water until it rose above the enclosed area streaming out above it, and thus it was standing above the ground.

6.   And everything in that area was gathered together, I saw them sinking, being swallowed up, and perishing in that water.

7.   But the boat floated above the water, while the cattle, the elephants, camels, and donkeys, were sinking to the bottom.

8.   And so I could no longer see the animals since they were not able to come out, but perished in the deep water.

9.   Then again I saw how the cascading streams were dissipating from that high ceiling, and also the fountains of the ground became normal, and other pits were opened.

10.  So the water began to descend into them until the ground became visible and the boat settled upon the earth, and the darkness vanished, it becoming light again.

11.  Then the snow-white cow, which had become a person, a man, came out from that boat together with three cows, one of which was snow white similar to the first, and one red like blood.

      Flood to Exodus

12.  Then they began to bear the beasts of the field and the birds, from them arose all classes of population, lions, leopards, wolves, snakes, hyena's, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, swine, hawks, eagles, kites, striped cows, and ravens, and among them was also born a snow-white cow.

13.  Then they began to bite among each other, and the snow-white cow (Abraham) that was born in their midst, begot a wild ass (Ishmael) and a snow-white cow.  (Isaac).

14.  The wild ass then multiplied while the cow bore a black wild boar (Esau) and a snow-white sheep (Jacob).  The boar then bore healthy beasts, while the latter bore twelve sheep.

15.  And when these twelve sheep had grown up, they gave away one of their own members (Joseph) to the donkeys, and these in turn to the wolves, so this sheep grew up in the midst of the wolves.

16.  Then the Lord brought the eleven sheep to dwell with that one sheep, and to be pastured in the midst of the wolves, and they multiplied becoming many flocks of sheep.

17.  Then the wolves began to fear them, wherefore they tortured them until their little ones were being killed casting their little ones into a river with much water.

18.  Then the sheep began to cry aloud on behalf of their little ones, complaining to the Lord, but one sheep that had been saved from the wolves, fled and escaped to the wild asses.

19.  But I saw the sheep continuing to lament and cry aloud, and kept praying to their Lord with all their strength until at their pleas the Lord of the sheep descended from His lofty palace to visit them.

20.  And He called that sheep which had escaped from the wolves and informed him concerning the wolves that he should warn them not to touch the sheep.

21.  This sheep (Moses) then went to the wolves according to the word of the Lord together with another sheep he had met, (Aaron) and so the two went and arrived in the assembly of wolves and spoke to them warning them not to touch the sheep.

22.  But next I saw how the wolves intensified their pressure upon the sheep, and they cried aloud with all their strength.

23.  Then the Lord of the sheep came to their rescue whereupon the wolves were whipped, and they began to make lamentations, while the sheep became quiet after this and stopped crying aloud.

24.  I then beheld the sheep departing from the wolves, while the eyes of the wolves were dazzled, and yet they went out with all their might to pursue the sheep.

25.  But the Lord of the sheep went with them as their Leader, and while all these sheep were following Him, His face was glorious, adorable, and marvelous to behold

26.  As for the wolves, they continued to pursue the sheep and found them at a pool of water, and this pool of water was rent asunder.  The water stood apart on one side and the other before the eyes of the sheep, with the Lord, their Leader, standing between them and the wolves.

27.  These wolves however were not able to see the sheep as they walked through that pool of water, but the sheep having gone through, the wolves came after them into that pool of water.

28.  Then when they saw the Lord of the sheep, they turned in order to flee from before His face, but that pool of water gathered itself together immediately returning to its normal state, and the waters becoming full rose above the wolves, covering them.

29.  Thus I saw until the wolves, which pursued the sheep, were drowned.

       Chapter 28

       At Sinai

1.   The sheep then proceeded from that water into a desert with no grass nor water, and they opened their mouth and cried, and the Lord of the sheep brought them to pasture and gave them grass and water.

2.   And that sheep, which led them, ascended the summit of a lofty rock, and the Lord of the sheep sent him again to them.

3.   Then I beheld how the Lord of the sheep stood before them, His appearance was majestic, marvelous, and powerful, and the sheep beholding Him were afraid before His face.

4.   And they trembling and with fear cried aloud to that sheep leading them and to the other in their midst, saying;

5.   We are not able to stand before the presence of the Lord, or to look at Him.  And that sheep leading them turned, and again ascended the summit of that rock.

6.   Meanwhile the sheep began to be dim sighted in their eyes and strayed from the path shown to them, but that one sheep was not aware of that.

7.   Then the Lord of the sheep became angry with them with great wrath, and then also that one sheep became aware of it, and descended from the summit of the rock.

8.   And coming to the sheep he found that most had been blinded in their eyes and gone astray, and those who saw him became afraid trembling at his presence and wished to return into the folds.

9.   That sheep then took some other sheep together, and coming to the sheep that had gone astray, he slew them, and the sheep were frightened in his presence.

10.  That sheep thus caused many who had gone astray to return, bringing them back into their folds.

11.  And I saw in my vision how that sheep was transformed into a man, and built a house for the Lord of the sheep, and placing the sheep in it.

12.  I then beheld until that sheep, which had met the one, which was their leader, fell asleep, and all the senior sheep perished junior ones talking their places.

13.  Then coming into a pasture they approached a stream of water (Jordan) and their leader, the sheep that had become a man, he departed from them, and the sheep sought for him, and a great cry went out over him.

       Israel entering the Promised Land

14.  And I kept seeing until they ceased crying for that sheep, and they crossed that stream of water, and halted.

15.  And the two that were leading them made an agreement with them, and led them, and I saw the sheep arriving at a very pleasant place, in a beautiful and glorious land.

16.  And they were satisfied, and the house was in their midst in that beautiful land to keep their eyes opened.

17.  But their eyes became dim-sighted again until other sheep arose and led them, and they would return them opening their eyes.

      From Saul to Solomon

18.  Now the dogs, the foxes and the wild boars began to devour the sheep until the Lord of the sheep raised up another from them, a ram to lead them.

19.  And this ram (Saul) began to fight those dogs, the foxes, and the wild boars on all sides destroying them.

20.  And I saw how this ram whose eyes had been opened, how he abandoned his own glory and began to desert those sheep, and to trample upon them, and left without dignity.

21.  Then the Lord of the sheep sent another (David) whom He promoted to become a ram to the sheep, to lead them in the stead of him who had abandoned his own glory

22.  And going to him privately, He raised that ram making him judge and leader, all the while the dogs continued to covet the sheep.

23.  The first ram then persecuted the second ram, but he escaped from his presence, and I saw that the dogs toppled that first ram.

24.  And the second ram arose and led the sheep, and that ram begot many sheep, and fell asleep.

25.  And a little sheep (Solomon) became a ram in his place, a judge and leader of those sheep, and the sheep grew and multiplied.

26.  And all the dogs, the foxes, and wild boars feared and fled from before him, so the wild beast were no longer able to return among the sheep, or to take anything from them.

27.  Then that house became great and spacious, with a lofty tower build upon it, it being tall and great.

28.  Unto the Lord of the sheep now the house was small, but the tower was truly elevated and lofty, and the Lord of the sheep stood upon that tower, and they offered a full table before Him.


        Chapter 29

       The two kingdoms

1.   And again I saw the sheep how they went astray in various ways, abandoning the house of their Lord.

2.   And the Lord of the sheep called some from among them (prophets) sending these to them, but the sheep began to slay them.

3.   One however was not killed (Elijah), but he fled and escaped, and he cried aloud to the sheep, but they wanted to kill him, but the Lord of the sheep caused him to ascend to me, and settled down.

4.   Then He sent many other sheep (prophets) to these sheep to testify to them, and lament over them.

5.   Thereafter I saw that they fully abandoned the house of the Lord and His tower becoming blindfolded and going astray.

6.   And I saw the Lord of the sheep how He executed much slaughter among them in their flocks, He summoned the slaughter vindicating His place.

7.   He left them in the hands of the lions, leopards, wolves, and hyena's, as well as in the hands of the foxes, and all the wild beasts, and these wild beasts of the wilderness began to tear the sheep to pieces.

8.   And I beheld how He left that house of theirs and the tower, and gave all of them over into the hands of the lions and wild beasts to tear and eat them.

      Enoch cries for the sheep

9.   Then I began to cry aloud with all my strength calling upon the Lord of the sheep to reveal to Him concerning the destruction of the sheep, for He had fed them to the wild beasts.

10.  But He remained silent and content, because they were being devoured, swallowed up, and snatched away.  So He abandoned them into the hands of the wild beasts for food.

       The Lord appoints shepherds and a recorder

11.  Then He summoned seventy shepherds and surrendered the sheep to them that they might pasture them.

12.  And He spoke to the shepherds and their colleagues saying; “From now on let each one of you graze the sheep, and perform all that I command you.

13.  I shall hand them over to you duly counted, and shall tell you which from among them are to be destroyed and you shall destroy them.”

14.  And so He handed the sheep over to them, and calling another, (Enoch) He told him saying; “Take note, behold everything which the shepherds will do to these sheep, for they will destroy a greater number from among them than what I have commanded them.

15.  You thus write down every excess of destruction that will be brought about by these shepherds, how many they destroy according to My command, and how many they will destroy of their own accord.

16.  Write down all the destruction that each and every shepherd causes against their record, and read aloud to Me in each case how many they destroy, and how many they give over to destruction, so that it may become a testimony for Me against them.

17.  So I may know all the deeds of the shepherds to evaluate them, and to see whether they acted according to My command, which I commanded them.

18.  And if they do not know it, "do not" reveal it to them, "nor admonish" them, but write down every destruction caused by the shepherds for each and every one in his appointed time, and elevate all of it to Me.”

        The shepherds unfaithful

19.  And I beheld those shepherds in their appointed times pasturing the sheep, and that they began killing and destroying many in excess of what had been commanded them, abandoning them in the hands of the lions.

20.  And the lions and leopards ate and devoured the majority of the sheep, and also the wild boars ate along with them.

21.  The tower then was burned and the house was plowed, and I became exceedingly sorrowful on account of that tower and for that house which was being plowed

22.  Thereafter I was unable to see whether those sheep could enter that house.

23.  Thus the shepherds and their colleagues handed over the sheep to the wild beasts to devour them, and each one at his appointed time received the sheep in fixed number and handed them to their colleagues in fixed number.

24.  And the other (the recorder) was to write down how many of the sheep would perish, for each and everyone killed and destroyed in excess of their order.

       The scribe of righteousness

25.  I then began to cry aloud on account of those sheep, and I saw that writer in my vision how he wrote down that which was destroyed by those shepherds.

26.  Every day he writes that book, and elevates it to the Lord, showing everything that each one has done, what they have eliminated, and all that they gave over to destruction.

27.  And when the book was elevated before the Lord of the sheep, He took it from his hand, read it, sealed it, and placed it down.

       From Zerubabel to Israel's return

28.  Thereafter I saw the shepherds pasturing for twelve hours when three sheep returned, and arriving, they began to rebuild that house which had fallen.

29.  And the wild boars came trying to hinder them, but were unsuccessful, and they raised up that tower, which is called "The high tower".

30.  But then they started to place a table before it the food upon which was polluted and impure, and with this the eyes of the sheep became so dim sighted that they could not see, and likewise with their shepherds.

31.  And they were delivered to their shepherds for an excessive destruction so that the sheep were trampled upon and eaten.

32.  But the Lord of the sheep remained silent until all the sheep were dispersed into the woods and were mixed with the wild beasts so that they could not be rescued from their hands.

33.  The one then who was writing the book, elevated and showed it to the Lord to read the grave words, and he pleaded with Him begging Him on account of the sheep while manifesting to Him all the deeds of the shepherds giving testimony against those shepherds.

34.  And He taking it placed that very book beside Him and departed.

35.  So I saw thirty-seven shepherds pasturing the sheep, all of them completing their own respective periods like the former ones.

36.  And aliens took the sheep to pasture them in their own respective periods, each shepherd in his own period.

37.  With my own eyes I saw all the birds of heaven, eagles, vultures, kites, and ravens coming, with the eagles leading all the birds.

38.  And they began to eat those sheep, digging out their eyes and eating their flesh.

39.  Then the sheep cried aloud, for their flesh was being eaten by the birds, and I too cried aloud lamenting in my sleep on account of that shepherd who was grazing the sheep.

40.  And I kept beholding until those sheep were eaten by the dogs, the eagles, and the kites, and they left absolutely nothing, neither flesh nor skin, nor sinew of them till only their bones stood bare, which then fell to the ground, and the sheep became few. (WW-II)

41.  Thus I kept seeing until twenty-three shepherds pastured them completing fifty-eight seasons in their own respective periods.


        Chapter 30

       The horns being crushed

1.   Then behold, lambs were born from those snow-white sheep, and they began to open their eyes and to cry aloud to the sheep.

2.   But as for the sheep, they did not listen to what the lambs were telling them, but they became exceedingly deafened, and their eyes exceedingly dim sighted.

3.   Then I saw in the vision ravens flying above those lambs, and seizing them they smashed them and ate them.

4.   I beheld how these lambs grew horns, but the ravens crushed their horns.

      The ram of the Lord

5.   And I beheld one great horn sprouting on one of those sheep, and he opened their eyes, and they did see, their eyes being opened.

6.   And he cried aloud to the sheep, and all the rams seeing him ran unto him.

7.   But in spite of all this those eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites until now continued to rip the sheep swooping down upon them eating them.

8.   And as for the sheep they remained silent, but the rams were lamenting and crying aloud. And the ravens gathered to battle with him, to seek to remove his horn but without any success.

9.   Thereafter I saw the shepherds coming along with the vultures and the kites crying aloud to the ravens that they should smash the horn of that ram.

10.   But he battled with them, and fought with him, and while battling he cried aloud so that help should come.

11.   And I saw till that man (Enoch) who writes down the names of the shepherds and that elevates them to the Lord of the sheep, came, it was he who helped him and revealed something to him.  Thus help came down for that ram.

12.   And I beheld the Lord of the sheep coming down in wrath, and all who saw Him fled and fell into darkness from before His face.

13.   Then all the eagles, the vultures, ravens, and the kites gathered with all the sheep of the field lining up with them, and having thus come together in unity, they all cooperated to smash the horn of that ram.

14.   And I saw that man who was writing a book by the command of the Lord, for he opened that book of destruction, which showed what the last twelve shepherds had caused.

15.   And he revealed it before the Lord of the sheep that their destruction was greater than their predecessors.

        Day of the Lord's vengeance

16.   And I beheld until the Lord of the sheep came to them and took in His hand the rod of His wrath, and smote the earth.

17.  And all the beasts and the birds fell down from the midst of those sheep and were swallowed up in the earth, and the earth covered them.

18.  Then I saw that a sword was given to the sheep, and the sheep proceeded against all the beast of the field to kill them, and all the beast and birds of heaven fled from before their face.


        Chapter 31

        The Lord begins judgment

1.   And I saw a throne being erected in a pleasant land, and the Lord of the sheep sat upon it, and He took the sealed books and they were opened in His presence.

2.   Then the Lord called the first seven snow white ones and ordered them to bring before Him those that arose from that first star and from among those other stars whose sexual organs were like those of horses, as well as that first star which had fallen earlier.

3.   And they brought all of them before Him, and He spoke to that man who had done the writing in His presence (Enoch), him being one of those seven snow white ones, saying;

4.   Take these seventy shepherds to whom I handed the sheep, who decided to kill more than they were ordered to do, and I saw all of them bound as they stood before Him.

5.   Then His judgment took place, first among the stars, which were found guilty and received their judgment.

6.   And they went to the place of condemnation, and were thrown in the abyss full of fire and flames and pillars of fire.

7.   Then those seventy shepherds were judged and found guilty, and were cast in that fiery abyss.  Meanwhile I saw how another abyss like unto it full of fire was opened wide in the midst of the ground.

8.   And they brought those blinded sheep all of which were judged and found guilty, and cast in that fiery abyss and were burned.  The abyss then is to the right of that house.

9.   Thus I saw those sheep while they were burning, their bones also burning.

      The new temple build

10.  Then I stood still looking at that ancient house as it was being transformed.

11.  All the pillars and columns were pulled out and the ornaments were packed and taken out together with them, and abandoned in a certain place in the south of the land.

12.  And I saw how the Lord of the sheep brought about a new house, greater and loftier than the first one.

13.  And He set it up in the location of the first, which had been covered over, all the pillars were new, the columns new, the ornaments new, as well as greater than those of the first house, which was gone, and all the sheep were within it.

       Israel honored

14.  Then I saw all the sheep that had survived, as well as all the animals upon the earth and the birds of heaven, falling down and worshipping those sheep, making petition to them, and obeying them in every respect.

15.  Then I saw those three who were wearing snow-white clothing, the former ones who had caused me to go up, and they took me by the hand, and also the hand of that ram holding me.

16.  And they elevated me and set me down in the midst of those sheep prior to the occurrence of judgment.

17.  Those sheep now were all snow white, and their wool illustrious and clean, all these who had been dispersed, and the beast of the field and the birds of the sky were gathered to that house.

18.  And the Lord of the sheep rejoiced with great joy because they all had become gentle and had returned to His house.

19.  And I beheld until they laid down that sword which was given to the sheep, returning it to the house, and it was sealed in the presence of the Lord.

20.  All the sheep then were invited to that house; only it could not contain them all.

21.  And the eyes of all of them were opened, and they beheld the beautiful things, there was not a single one among them that could not see, and I noticed that the house was very large, wide, and exceedingly full.

22.  Then I saw that a snow-white cow was born with huge horns, and all the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky feared him, and made petition to him continually.

23.  And I saw how all their kindred was transformed becoming snow-white cows, and the first among them became something great, a great beast with huge horns on its head.

24.  And the Lord of the sheep rejoiced over it, and over all the cows, and I myself became filled in their midst.

25.  Then I awoke having seen all this.  This is the vision, which I saw while I was sleeping, and awakening I blessed the Lord of righteousness, and gave glory to Him.

26.  And I wept with great weeping, my tears would not stop until I had no more endurance left on account of what I had seen, all that was to be until its fulfillment.

27.  The deeds of the people were also known to me, each according to its type.  And on that night I remembered the first dream, and wept on its account, and I was restless because I had seen this vision. 



The Epistle of Enoch

       Chapter 32 

      Enoch admonishes his children

1.   Now my son Methuselah summon all your brothers on my behalf, and gather to me all the sons of your mother, for a voice calls me and the Spirit is poured over me that I may show you everything that shall happen to you to forever.

2.   Then Methuselah went and summoned his brothers, and having gathered his whole family together Enoch spoke to all of them.

3.   Children of righteousness, all you children of Enoch, hear the speech of your father and listen to my voice in uprightness.

4.   For I exhort you my beloved saying to you; love uprightness and it alone, do not draw near to uprightness with an ambivalent attitude, and neither associate with hypocrites.

5.   But walk in righteousness my children, and it shall lead you in the good paths, and righteousness shall be your friend.

6.   For I know that the state of violence will intensify upon the earth, a great plague shall be executed upon the earth.

7.   All forms of oppression shall be carried out, and everything will be uprooted, every arrow shall fly swift.

8.   Oppression shall recur once more and be done upon the earth; every form of oppression, injustice, and iniquity shall infest twofold.

9.   When sin, oppression, blasphemy, and injustice increase crime iniquity and un-cleanliness shall be committed and increase likewise.

10.   Then a great plague shall take place from heaven upon all these; the Holy Lord shall emerge with wrath and plague in order that He may execute judgment upon the earth.

11.  In those days, injustice shall be cut off from its fountains and its root, and oppression together with deceit shall be destroyed from under heaven.

12.  All that is natural with the heathens shall be surrendered; the towers shall be inflamed with fire and be removed from the whole earth.

13.  They shall be thrown into the judgment of fire, and perish in wrath, and in the force of eternal judgment.

14.  Then the righteous one shall arise from his sleep, and the wise One shall come and be given unto them, and by Him the root of oppression shall be cut off.

15.  Sinners shall be destroyed; they shall be cut off by the sword together with blasphemers in every place, and those also who design oppression shall perish by the blade.

16.  Then after this in the seventh week, the week of righteousness, a sword shall be given to it in order that judgment be executed in righteousness on the oppressors, and sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous.

17.  At its completion they shall acquire great things through their righteousness, a house shall be build for the great King in glory.

18.  And righteous judgment shall be revealed to the whole world, all the deeds of the sinners shall depart from upon the whole earth, and be written off for an eternal destruction, and all the people shall direct their sight to the path of uprightness.

19.  Then after this in the eight week, there shall be the eternal judgment, which will be executed by the angels of heaven namely, the great judgment that emanates of God.

20.  The first heaven shall pass away and a new heaven shall appear, and all the powers of heaven shall shine sevenfold forever.

21.  After this there shall be many weeks without number forever, it shall be of goodness and righteousness, sin shall no more be heard of forever.

22.  Thus I speak to you my children to show you the ways of righteousness and the ways of wickedness, moreover I shall make a revelation to you so that you may know that which is going to take place.

23.  So listen to me my children, and walk in the way of righteousness and not in the paths of wickedness, for all that walk in the ways of injustice shall perish.


       Chapter 33 


1.   This is the fifth book written by Enoch, the writer of all the signs of wisdom among all the people.  He is blessed and noble in all the earth for all the offspring that dwell upon the earth, and for the later generations that uphold uprightness and peace.

2.   Let not your spirit be troubled' by the times, for the Holy Great One has designated days for all things.

3.   The righteous One shall arise and walk in the ways of righteousness, and His conduct shall be in goodness and generosity forever.

4.   He will be generous to the righteous ones granting them eternal uprightness, He will give authority and judge in kindness and righteousness, and they shall walk in eternal light.

5.   Sin and darkness shall perish forever not to be seen from that day to forever.

      Revelation of the weeks

6.   And Enoch recounted from the books saying.  Concerning the children of righteousness and the elect ones of the world, and concerning the plant of truth I will convey to you these things my children.

7.   Verily I Enoch am letting you know that which was revealed to me from the heavenly vision, that which I learned from the words of the holy angels, and understood from the heavenly tablets.

8.   And he began to recount from the books and said: I was born the seventh during the first week in which period judgment and righteousness continued to endure.

9.   After me in the second week there shall arise great and evil things, deceit will grow, and therein the first consummation will take place, but therein also a certain man shall be saved.

10.  After this injustice shall become greater, and He shall make a law for sinners.

11.  Then in the third week a man shall be elected as the plant of righteous judgment (David), and after him shall emerge One as the Eternal plant of righteousness (Jesus)

12.  And at the completion of that week visions of old and righteous ones shall be seen, and a law shall be made with an enclosure for all generations.

13.  After this in the fourth week, at the completion of glory, a house and kingdom shall be build.  

14.   Therein however a certain Man (Jesus) shall ascend and the house of the kingdom shall be burned with fire, and therein the whole clan of the chosen root shall be dispersed (70AD)  

15.  And in the fifth week, those who happen to be in it, shall all be blindfolded, and the hearts of them shall forget wisdom.

16.  After that in the sixth week, an apostate generation shall arise, its deeds shall be many, all of which will be criminal.

17.  And at its completion there shall be elected the elect one of righteousness from the Eternal Plant of righteousness (the Lion) to whom shall be given sevenfold knowledge and wisdom.

      Right wisdom

18.  For what kind of human being is there that is able to hear the voice of the Holy One without being shaken?

19.  Who is there that is able to ponder His thoughts, or who is there that can look directly at all the great works?

20.  What kind of a person is he that can understand the activities of heaven so that he can see a soul, or perhaps even a spirit?

21.  Or if one ascended into heaven and saw all its extensions, how shall he contemplate them, or speak of them?

22.  What kind of person is anyone able to understand the nature of the width and length of the earth?

23.  To whom has the extend of all these been shown?  Is there perhaps any human being able to understand the length of heaven, or the extend of its altitude, or upon what it is founded, or the number of the stars and where they rest?

       Enoch gives advice

24.  Now then my children I say to you; Love righteousness and walk therein, for the way of righteousness is worthy of being embraced, but the ways of wickedness shall soon diminish and perish.

25.  To known persons the ways of justice and death are revealed as soon as they are born, and they keep themselves at a distance from them.

26.  And to you, you righteous ones, I say do not walk in the evil way, or in the way of death, do not draw near to them lest you be destroyed.

27.  But seek for yourself, and chose righteousness and the elect life, walk in the way of peace, so you shall have life and be worthy.

28.  Hold fast to my words in the thoughts of your heart, and let them not be erased thereof, for I know that sinners will counsel the people to perform evil crafts, and every place will welcome it.


      Chapter 34

      Woe unto the sinners

1.   Woe to you who build oppression and injustice, who lay foundations for deceit, they shall soon be demolished, and you will have no peace.

2.   Woe to those who build their houses with sin, for they shall be demolished from their foundations, and fall by the sword, they who amass gold and silver shall quickly be destroyed

3.   Woe to you O rich people, for you have put your trust in your wealth, you shall ooze out of your riches, for you do not remember the Most High.

4.   In the days of your wealth you committed oppression, you have become ready for death, and for the day of darkness, and for the day of great judgment.

5.   Thus I speak to give it you to know, for He who created you will throw you down upon your own righteousness, and there shall be no mercy for you, and your Creator shall rejoice at your destruction.

6.   Who will induce my eyes to be a cloud of waters that I may weep over you, so my tears might pour over you like a cloud of water, that I may rest from the sorrow of my heart?

7.   Who permits you to engage in evil fights?  Judgment will catch up with you sinners.  And you righteous ones do not fear the sinners, for the Lord will deliver them into your hand so that you may carry out all that you desire against them.

8.   Woe to you who pronounce divorce so that they may be unbound, medicine is far from you, on account of your sins.

9.   Woe to you that reward evil to your neighbors, you shall be rewarded according to your deeds.

10.  Woe to you witnesses of falsehood, and you who prepare oppression, for you shall soon perish.

11.  Woe to you sinners, for you persecute the righteous, you shall be handed over to them to be persecuted by oppression, its yoke shall be heavy on you.

       Difference for righteous ones and sinners

12.  Be hopeful you righteous ones for sinners shall soon perish from before you; authority shall be given you over them just as you wish.

13.  For in the day of the sinner's tribulation - your children shall be raised up high like eagles, higher than the vultures will your dwellings be.

14.  You shall ascend but they shall enter the crevices of the earth and the clefts of the rocks, like squirrels before oppressors.

15.  The sirens shall be blown over them wailing like the buzzing of wild bees, but you who have known pain fear not, for there shall be healing medicine for you. A bright light shall enlighten you, and you shall hear a voice of rest from heaven.

16.  But woe to you sinners, for your money makes you appear righteous but your heart reprimands you like real sinners, and this very thing shall be as witness against you, as a record of your evil deeds.

17.  Woe to you who eat the best of bread and drink wine in large bowls, trampling upon the weak people with your might.

18.  Woe to you who have water available to you at all times, for soon you will be consumed and whither away, for you have forsaken the fountain of life.

19.  Woe to you who carry out oppression, deceit and blasphemy, there shall be a record of evil against you.

20.  Woe to you, you powerful people, you who coerce the righteous with your power, the day of your destruction is coming.

21.  In those days, at the time of your condemnation, many good days shall come for the righteous ones.

22.  Be confidant you righteous ones for the sinners are due for shame, they shall perish on the day of oppression.

23.  Take this for granted for the Most High shall record their destruction for you, and the angels of heaven shall rejoice over their destruction.

24.  What do you intend to do O you sinners?  Where will you flee on the day of judgment when you hear the sound of the prayers of the righteous ones?

25.  Woe to you deceitful ones, you are just like them against whom you witness, you have become bedfellows with sinners.

26.  In those days the prayers of the righteous ones shall reach unto the Lord, but as for all you sinners, your day shall surely arrive.

27.  He shall read aloud regarding every aspect of your mischief in the presence of the great Holy One.

28.  Then your faces shall be covered with shame, and He will cast out every deed, which is build upon oppression.

29.  Woe to you sinners who are in the midst of the sea and on dry land whose records testify against them.

30.  Woe to you who gain silver and gold by unjust means, you that say.  We have grown rich, accumulated goods, we acquired everything we desired, so let us do whatever we like, for we have gathered silver, we have filled our treasure like water, and many are the laborers in our houses.

31.  Your lies flow like water, and your wealth shall not endure, but it shall take off from you quickly, for you acquired it unjustly, wherefore you shall be given over for a great curse.

       Chapter 35

       Sworn reproves

1.   Now I swear to you, to the wise and to the foolish, for you shall see many things upon the earth.

2.   Men shall put on more jewelry than women, and more multi-colored ornaments than a virgin

3.   In sovereignty, in grandeur, in authority, in silver, in gold, in clothing, and in edibles they shall be wasted like water.

4.   For this reason they are devoid of knowledge and wisdom, and so they shall perish together with all their glory and honor.

5.   Then in dishonor, in slaughter, and in great misery their spirits shall be cast away.

6.   I have sworn to you sinners, in the same manner in which a mountain has never been turned into a servant, nor ever a hill became a maidservant, so neither sin has been imported into the world.

7.   But it is the people who themselves have invented it, and those who commit it, shall come under a great curse.

8.   Why is a child not given unto a woman?  It is on account of her deeds that she dies without children.

9.   I swear to you sinners by the Holy Great One that all your evil deeds are revealed in the heavens, none of your deeds are hidden.

10.  Think not to say that you neither knew nor saw all your sins being recorded every day in the presence of the Most High.

11.  From now on know that all your injustices, which you unjustly commit, are written down every day until the day of your judgment.

12.  Woe to you fools, for you shall perish through your folly, you did not listen to the wise, wherefore you shall neither receive the good things.

13.  And now know that you are ready for the day of destruction, hope not that you shall live you sinners; you shall depart, and die.

14.  You know for what reason you have been ready for the day of great judgment, for that day of anguish and great pain for your spirits.

15.  Woe to you obstinate of heart, doing evil and devouring blood, from where will you find good things that you might eat and drink to be satisfied, even if from the good things which the Lord Most High stocks in the earth in plenty?  For no peace exists for you.

16.  Woe to you who love unrighteousness, why should you hope for good things to yourselves?

17.  Know that you shall be given over into the hands of the righteous ones, and they shall cut of your necks, and slay you, and not have compassion on you.

18.  Woe to you who rejoice in the suffering of the righteous ones, for no grave shall be dug for you.

19.  Woe to you who attempt to set at nothing the words of the righteous ones, for you shall have no hope of life.

20.  Woe unto you who write down false words, and cords of wickedness, you write down your lies so the people may commit wicked acts, and they cause others to commit wicked acts, you shall have no peace, but die quickly.

21.  Woe unto you who cause wickedness, who glorify and honor false words, you are lost, and have no life of good things.

22.  Woe unto you who alter the words of truth, perverting the eternal law, they do not consider themselves guilty of sin, they shall be trampled on upon the earth

23.  In those days be ready you righteous ones to raise up your prayer as a memorial and as a testimony before angels, and they shall bring the sins of the sinners as a testimony before the Most High.

24.  In those days the nations shall be confounded, and the tribes of the nations shall rise to the destruction of sinners.

25.  In those days pregnant women shall abort their infants, casting them from them, and also abandon their other children, they shall cast suckling infants from them and not return to them, nor have compassion upon them.

26.  I swear to you sinners, it is for your sins that the day of unceasing blood has been prepared, for those that worship carved images of stones and of gold or silver or of wood or clay.  And for those who worship evil spirits, demons, and all sorts of idols not according to knowledge, for them is that day prepared.

27.  They shall not obtain any manner of help form these idols, but they shall become more wicked on account of the folly of their hearts, their eyes will be blindfolded for the vain fear in their heart, and for the visions of their dreams.

28.  For these they will become wicked and fearful, since they wrought all their deeds in falsehood, and worshipped stone, therefore shall they perish suddenly.

29.  But blessed will be those in these days that accept the words of wisdom, and that understand them to follow the path of the Most High, for they shall be walking in the path of His righteousness, and not become wicked with the wicked, and they shall be saved.

30.  Woe to you who bring evil to your neighbors, for you will be slain in hell.

31.  Woe to you who make sinful deceitful measures, who acquire worldly knowledge, for you shall be consumed by them.

32.  Woe to you who build your houses with the hard toil of others, whose building blocks are bricks and stones of sin, I tell you, you have no peace.

33.  Woe to you who reject the foundations, the eternal inheritance of the fathers, who pursue wind and idols, for there shall be no rest for you.

34.  Woe to you who engage in oppression, and aid injustice, slaying your neighbors until the day of great judgment, for He will debase your glory.

35.  He will instill evil into your hearts, and arouse His anger and destroy all of you by the sword; the holy and righteous ones shall recount your sins. 


       Chapter 36 

       Day of great judgment

1.   In those days the fathers will be slain together with his sons in a single place, and brothers shall fall in death together with their friends until a stream of blood shall flow.

2.   For a man shall not be able to withhold his hands from his sons, nor from his sons sons to kill them, nor shall it be possible for the sinner to withhold his hands from his honored brother.

3.   Because from dawn till sunset they shall kill each other, and the horse shall walk through the blood of sinners up to his chest, and the chariot shall sink down up to its top.

4.   In those days the angels shall descend into the secret places and gather together into one place all those who aided sin.

5.   And the Most High will arise on that day of judgment in order to execute a great judgment upon all the sinners.

6.   He will set a guard of holy angels over all the righteous and holy ones, and they will keep them as the apple of the eye until all evil and sinners are brought to an end.

7.   From that time on, the righteous ones shall sleep a restful sleep, and there will be no one to make them afraid.

8.   Then the wise people shall see, and the sons of the earth shall give heed to all the words of this book, they shall know that their wealth shall not be able to save them at the place where their sins shall cut them down.

      No rescue for the sinners

9.   Woe to you sinners, you who oppress the righteous ones in a day of anguish, burning them with fire, for you shall be rewarded according to your deeds.

10.  Woe to you hard of heart that watches to perform evil, for fear shall seize you, and no one shall come to your aid.

11.  Woe to you sinners because of the words of your mouth, and for your wicked deeds, for in blazing flames worse than fire, you shall burn.

12.  And now know that your deeds shall be investigated from the sun, the moon, the stars, and by the angels in heaven, for all the sins, which you committed on the earth.

13.  The decree is with the righteous ones, every cloud, mist, and dew, and the rain shall witness against you, for they all shall be withheld from you from descending to you, indeed they will not heed you because of your sins.

14.  So thus offer gifts to the rain that it may not be hindered from descending to you, or perhaps the dew will accept gold or silver from you in order to descend.

15.  But these others will fall upon you, namely the frost, and the snow with its cold, and all the winds of snow with their scourges, in those days you will not be able to stand before them.

       Learn from nature

16.  Examine the heavens you sons of the heavens and all the works of the Most and be afraid to perform evil in His presence.

17.  If He closes the windows of heaven and hinders the rain from descending on earth for you, then what will you do?

18.  Or if He sends His anger against you for your deeds, will it not be you to entreat Him?  But because you spoke bold and hard words against His righteousness therefore you shall have no peace.

19.  Will you not consider the sailors how their ships are tossed up and down by the billows, and shaken by the winds, and they become anxious, and thus seized by fear, they will throw all their valuable property overboard into the sea.

20.  For they think in their hearts that the sea will swallow them up, and they will perish in it, but is not the whole sea, all her waters, and all her movements the very makings of the Most High?

21.  Was it not He who ordered her course of action, and her waters to be stayed by the sand?  At His rebuke they become frightened, and she dries up and the fish and all that is in her dies.

22.  But you O sinners, you, who are on earth, you fear Him not, but did He not make the heavens and the earth and all that is in them?

23.  Who is He that gives knowledge of wisdom to all those who move upon the earth and in the sea?  Do not the sailors fear the sea?  Yet the sinners do not fear the Most High.

      Terror of the Day of Judgment

24.  In those days when He brings terror and fire, where will you flee?  And where will you find safety when He flings his sword against you?  Will you not fear and faint?    

25.  All the luminaries shall faint with great fear, the whole earth will faint and tremble and panic, and the angels shall fulfill their orders.

26.  Then the children of the earth will seek to hide themselves from the presence of the great glory trembling and confounded, you are accursed forever you sinners, there is no peace for you.

27.  But you righteous do not fear, but be hopeful, you who die in righteousness, be not sad that your souls have gone down into Sheol in sorrow, or that your flesh did not fare well in your earthly existence.

28.  For in the time of your earthly existence among the sinners, your time was a time of curse and of plagues, and when you died, the sinners spoke over you saying; As we die so the righteous died, what then have they gained by their deeds?

29.  For behold they died just like us, in grief and in darkness, what thus have they more than we?  For now we have become equal, what will they receive, or what will they see in forever, for behold, they have surely died, and from now on they shall not see light forever.

30.  But now I tell you sinners, you have satiated yourself with food and drink through robbery and sin, impoverishing people and gaining property, and seeing good days.

31.  And you saw the righteous how they came to their end while no injustice was found on them, even to their death, and so they perished and became like those who were not, and descended into Sheol and their spirits also.


       Chapter 37

      The blessing upon the righteous

1.   But hear this; I swear to you, you righteous ones, by the glory of the Great One, and by the glory of his kingdom, - and I swear by Him for I know this mystery.

2.   I have read the tablets of heaven, I saw the holy writings, and I have understood what was written in them, the inscriptions were concerning you.

3.   For all good things and joy and honor are prepared for and written down for the souls of those who died in righteousness.

4.   Many things, good things shall be given you, the reward of your labors, your lot exceeds that of the living ones.

5.   For the spirits that died in righteousness shall live and rejoice, they shall not perish, nor shall their memorial cease from before the face of the Great One to all generations of the world, do not therefore worry about their humiliation.

6.   Woe unto you sinners, when you are dead those who are like you will say of you, happy are sinners they saw all their days they died in prosperity and wealth, they did not experience struggle nor battle in their lifetime, but died in glory, nor was their judgment in their lifetime.

7.   But you yourselves know that your souls will be brought down to hell, and that you shall experience evil and great tribulation in darkness, in nets, and in burning flames.

8.   Your souls shall enter into great judgment, the great judgment of all the generations of the world, woe to you because there is no peace for you.

9.   But now to you righteous and kind ones, in your lifetime do not say.  In our days we have suffered toil, hardship, and experienced much trouble, we have faced many evil things and become consumed.

10.  And do not say; we have died and become few in the smallness of our spirits, nor that you have been destroyed and tortured, and that you found none to help you with a word, and had no hope of life from one day to the next.

11.  And say not; We had hoped to become the head but have become the tail, we toiled but had no authority over our toil, instead we became food for sinners and oppressors, they made their yoke heavy on us, hating us, goading us, and surrounding us, having become masters over us.

12.  Nor we have bowed our necks to those who hated us, but they had no pity, we wanted to get away from them to escape and be at rest, but we found no place to which to flee and be safe from them.

13.  In our tribulation we brought charges against them before the authorities crying out against those who were devouring us, but they paid no attention to our cries nor listened to our voice.

14.  Instead they assisted those who robbed and devoured us, those who were causing us to diminish; the authorities concealed their injustices and did not remove the yokes of those who devoured us.

15.  They scattered us, murdered us, but the authorities covered up their murders, and would not remember that they had lifted up their hands against us.


      Chapter 38

      Justice will be for the righteous

1.   But now I swear to you that in heaven the angels will remember you for good before the glory of the Great One, and your names will be written before the glory of the Great One.

2.   Be hopeful therefore, for formerly you pined away in evil and toil, but now you shall shine like the lights in heaven, and you shall be seen, and the windows of heaven shall be opened for you.

3.   Your cry shall be heard, cry for judgment, and it shall appear for you for all your tribulation shall be for investigation from the authorities against them and against everyone who assisted in plundering you.

4.   Be hopeful and do not abandon your hope, for there will be joy for you, you are about to be making a great rejoicing like the angels of heaven.

5.   You will not have to hide on the great day of judgment, nor shall you be found as the sinners, but the eternal judgment for all the generations of the world shall be far from you.

6.   So fear not you righteous ones when you see sinners waxing strong and flourishing, do not partake with them, but keep far from them who lean on their injustice, for you are to be partakers with the good-hearted people of the Lord.

7.   And now you sinners, even if you say that all our sins shall not be investigated, nor are written down, nonetheless your sins are being written down every single day.

8.   For even now I say to you that light and darkness, both day and night testify to all your sins,

     Word perverters foretold

9.   And now know this mystery, for they will alter the just verdicts, and many sinners will take it to heart, they will speak evil words and lie.

10.  They will invent fictitious stories, and write out my Scriptures on the basis of their own words.

11.  And would that they had written down all the words truthfully on the basis of their own speech, and not alter nor take away from my words, all of which I testify to them from the beginning.

       Perversion avails not against the wise

12.  And again know another mystery that to the righteous and the wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy for truth and great wisdom.

13.  Thus to them shall be given the scriptures, and they shall believe them and be glad in them.

14.  And all the righteous ones who learn from them the ways of truth shall rejoice and be rewarded.

      Word to the wise

15.  In those days He says; The Lord will be patient and cause the children of the earth to hear.

16.  Therefore reveal it to them with your wisdom, for you are their guides, and you are their reward upon the whole earth until My Son and I are united with them forever in the upright paths of their lives.

17.  And there shaI1 be peace to you, rejoice therefore you children of truth.  Amen. 


        Chapter 39

       (Note: This chapter is written as of by Enoch, a possibility yes, but remote, Noah himself is another possibility, but in my mind doubtful.  This is then in question until I can ascertain the truth thereof.  (Leonard). 

      Birth of Noah

1.   Lamech now took a wife, and she bearing him a son, his body was white as snow and red as a rose, and his hair beautiful curly and white as wool, and when he opened his eyes the house glowed with light.

2.   And his father Lamech was afraid of him, and went to Methuselah his father saying; I have begotten a strange son, he is not an ordinary human being, but he looks to me like the children of the angels of heaven.

3.   He is not like us, his eyes are like the rays of the sun, and his face glorious, it does not appear to me that he is of me, but rather of angels, so I beg you go to entreat your father Enoch to learn the truth from him.

4.   Methuselah then hearing the words of his son went and came to us at the ends of the earth having heard that I (Enoch) was there, and he cried aloud.

5.   And I said to him; why have you come here my son?  And he said; On account of a great distress, for a strange thing have I come.

6.   For unto my son Lamech a son has been born, one whose image and form are not like that of human beings.  His color is white as snow and redder than a rose, and his hair white as wool, and his eyes when he opened them lighted the house, and when he was taken up by the midwife he spoke blessings to the Lord of heaven.

7.   His father Lamech then became afraid, not believing that he was of him, but of the image of the angels of heaven, and so I have come to you that you may make known to me the real truth.

8.   Then I answered him; The Lord will surely make new things upon the earth, I saw this already in a vision and made it known to you.

9.   For in the generations of my father Jared they transgressed the word of God, the law of heaven, they commit sin, transgressing the commandment.

10.  They (the watchers) have joined themselves with women committing sin with them; they took wives from them and begot children by them.

11.  And now there shall be a great destruction upon the earth there shall be a flood, destruction for one year.  And this son that has been born to you shall be left upon the earth together with three sons of him they shall be saved when all that are upon the earth shall be dead.

12.  For those who came to the earth give birth to giants, which was not of the spirit but of the flesh, so there will be a great plague upon the earth, it shall be washed clean of all corruption.

13.  Make known to your son Lamech therefore that the son that has been born to him is indeed righteous, and call his name Noah, for he shall be the remnant for you.

14.  He and his sons shall be saved from the destruction that shall come upon the earth for all the sin and oppression that exists upon it, which will be done in his days.

15.  After this there will occur yet greater oppression than what was done the first time, for I know the mysteries of the holy ones, the Lord having revealed them to me, and I have read the heavenly tablets.

16.  For I beheld the writing on them that one generation shall be more wicked than the other until a righteous generation shall arise, the wickedness shall perish, and sin disappear from the earth, with good things coming upon her.

17.  And now my son, go and make known to your son Lamech that this son who has been born to him is not in falsehood.

18.  Methuselah then having heard the words of his father Enoch returned home, and called the name of that son Noah, for he will comfort the earth after the destruction. 


        Chapter 40

       (Another book of Enoch, which he wrote for his son Methuselah, and for those to come after him who will observe the law in the last days.)

       Comfort to the righteous, and the abode of sinners

1.   You who have observed the law, wait patiently all your days until the time of those who work evil shall be completed, and the power of the wicked ones be ended.

2.   Wait therefore patiently until sin passes away, for the names of the sinners shall be blotted out of the book of life, and out of the books of the holy ones.

3.   Their seed shall be destroyed forever, their spirits shall perish and die, they shall cry and lament in a place, an invisible wilderness and burn in fire for there is no ground there.

4.   I also saw there something like an invisible cloud, for although I could see that it was completely dark, yet I saw the flames of its fire burning fiercely.

5.   And there was something like bright mountains forming a ring around it, and they were tossing it to and fro.

6.   Then I asked one of the holy angels that were with me saying; What is this bright thing, for it is not heaven, but merely a flame of fire burning and voices of weeping and of crying and lamenting as well as strong pain.

7.   And he said to me; This place which you see, in here will be taken the spirits of sinners, and of blasphemers, of those who do evil and who alter the things which the Lord has spoken by the mouth of the prophets.

8.   Everything that they have spoken must be brought to bear.  All this is written and sealed in heaven above so that the angels may preserve them and know what is to befall sinners, the spirits of those that err, as well as of those who defiled their bodies not honoring God, and working with evil people.

9.   But those who loved God, and not the world, but who gave their bodies over to suffering, who from their time of being did not long for earthly food, but regarded themselves rather as passing breaths, the Lord having put them through much testing, of these He will receive their pure spirits so they may bless His name.

10.  From the books I have recounted all their blessings, for He will cause them to be rewarded since they were all found to be loving God more than the fire of their breath in the world.

11.  And while they were being trodden upon by evil people experiencing abuse and insults, they continued blessing.

12.  So now I shall summon their spirits, those born of light, and change those born in darkness, whose bodies were not rewarded with honors as they deserved for their faithfulness.

13.  I shall bring them out in the bright light, those who have loved my Holy Name, and set each one upon the throne of his honor, and they shall be resplendent for ages, which cannot be numbered.

14.  For the judgment of God is righteousness, for He will give faith as well as the paths of truth to the faithful in their resting-places.

15.  Then they will see those who were born in darkness being taken into darkness while the righteous ones shall be resplendent.

16.  The sinners shall cry aloud, and they shall behold the righteous in glory, but themselves they shall go to the place which was prescribed for them.

17.  Here ends the revelations of the secrets of Enoch.   


Additional book of Enoch,

Parts of Enoch 2.

       From chapter 1

1.   When I was 65 years old and fathered my son Methuselah, I lived 300 years more; thus I completed 365 years.

2.   On the first day of the first month I was in my house alone resting on my couch sleeping.  And a great distress came upon me in my heart, and I wept in my sleep, but I could not understand what this distress was, or what was happening to me.

3.   And there appeared to me two men exceedingly large, such as I had not seen on earth, with their faces shining like the sun and their eyes like burning light, and sparks came from their lips.  And their clothing was of various kind in appearance purple, and their wings brighter than gold, their hands whiter than snow.

4.   And standing at the head of my couch they called me by name, I then arose from my sleep, and clearly saw them standing in front of me, and I saluted them while I was taken by fear, my face changing from terror.

5.   But they said to me; Have courage Enoch, do not fear, God has sent us to you and behold; today you shall ascend with us into heaven.  Tell then your sons and your household that they must do without you on earth in your house, and let no one look for you until the Lord returns you to them.

6.   And I hasten to obey them, and went from my house as I was ordered to, and summoned my sons telling them the marvels that those men had told me.

       From chapter 8

7.   And in the midst I beheld the tree of life, this tree is of inexpressible goodness and fragrance, and adorned more than any, on all sides it appears golden and crimson like fire, and it is fully covered with the produce of its fruit.

8.   Its roots are in the garden at earth's end, and two springs come out sending forth milk and honey and oil and wine, and they separate into four parts, and go about with quiet course, and so turn into that Paradise.

9.   And they go forth along the earth having their paths even as other elements, in it there is no unfruitful tree, and every place is blessed.

       From chapters 24-29

10.  And the Lord said to me; Enoch sit down to the left of Me with Gabriel.  And I bowed and did so, and the Lord spoke to me saying;

11.  “All that you see Enoch, all that which stands still or is moving I created from none-being, the visible from the invisible.

12.  Hear Enoch and understand my words, for not to My angels have I told my secrets, nor did I relay to them their origin, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood My creating which I tell you now.

13.  For before anything was visible, I alone used to go about in the invisible things like as the sun from east to west, and from west to east.

14.  But the sun had rest in itself, while I found no rest because everything was not yet created, and I conceived the thought of placing foundations, and of creating a visible creation.

15.  I commanded the very lowest parts that visible things should come down from invisible, and Adoil came down extremely large, and I beheld him, and behold, he had a belly of great light.

16.  And I said to him; become undone Adoil and let the visible come out of you.  And he became undone, and a great light came out, and I was in the midst of that great light.

17.  And so as there is born light of light, there came forth a great age showing all creation which I had thought to create, and I saw that it was good.

18.  And I placed for myself a throne, and took my seat upon it, and said to the light; Go up higher and fix yourself to a foundation to the highest things.

19.  And above the light there is nothing else, and I bent myself and looked up from my throne.

20.  And I summoned the very lowest a second time saying; Let Archas come forth solid.  And he came forth solid and heavy and red from the invisible.

21.  And I said; be opened Archas and let birth be from you.  And he became undone, and out of him came an age very large and dark carrying the creation of all lower things, and I saw that it was good.

22.  And I said to him; Go down below and make yourself firm, and be for a foundation of the lower things, And he went down and fixed himself becoming the foundation for the lower things, and below the darkness there is nothing else.

23.  And I commanded that there be taken from light and from darkness, and said; Be thickened.  And it became thus, and I spread it out and it became water, and I spread it out over the darkness below the light.

24.  Then I made the waters firm, which is to say, the bottomless, and made foundations of light around the water, and created seven circles inside it, and gave it the appearance of crystal, wet and dry like glass, and to be the circuit for the other elements.

25.  And I showed each one its course and the seven stars each in its own heaven that they might travel accordingly, and I saw that it was good.

26.  And I made separation between light and darkness, that is to say, in the midst of the waters one-way and the other.

27.  And I said to the light that it should be day, and to the darkness that it should be night, and there was evening, and there was morning, the first day.

28.  And I made the heavenly circle firm, and that the water, which is under heaven, collect itself together into one, that the chaos become dry, and it became so.

29.  And from the waves I created rock, hard and big, and from the rock I piled up the dry, and called it "Earth", and the midst of the earth I called Abyss, that is to say, the bottomless.

30.  I collected the sea in one place and bound it with a yoke, and said to the sea; Behold, I give you eternal limits, and you shall not break through from these

31.  Thus I made the firmament secure, and this day I called “the first created".

32.  And for all the heavenly troops I imagined the image and essence of fire, and my eye looked at the very hard firm rock, and from the gleam of my eye the lightning received its wonderful nature.

33.  Which is both fire in water, and water in fire, and one does not put out 'the other, nor does the one dry up the other, therefore the lighting is brighter than the sun, softer than water, and firmer than hard rock.

34.  And from the rock I cut off a great fire, and from the fire I created the incorporeal ten troops of angels.

35.  And their weapons are fiery, their raiment a burning flame, and I commanded that each one should stand in his order.

36.  And one out of the order of the angels having turned away with those that were under him, conceived an impossible thought, namely, to place his throne higher than the clouds above the earth that he might become equal in rank to My power.

37.  And I threw him out of the heights with his angels, and he was continually flying in the air above the bottomless

       From chapters 31-33

38.  And I created a garden in Eden in the east, that he (Adam) should observe the agreement and keep the commandment.

39.  And I made the heavens open to him that he might see the angels singing the song of victory and the gloom-less light.

40.  And he was continually in Paradise.  And the devil understood that I wanted to create another world because Adam was lord on earth to rule and control it.

41.  The devil is the evil spirit of the lower places, as a fugitive he made Sotona from the heavens, as his name is Satana'el, thus he became different from the angels.

42.  But his nature did not change, his intelligence as far as his understanding of righteous and sinful things.

43.  And he understood his condemnation, and the sin he had previously sinned, therefore he conceived thoughts against Adam, and in such form he entered and seduced Eve, but did not touch Adam.

44.  And I cursed ignorance, but what I had previously blessed, those I did not curse, I cursed not man, nor the earth, nor other creatures, but man's evil fruits and his works.

45.  And I said; Earth you are, and into the earth from where I took you, you shall return, I will not ruin you but sent you from where I took you, for then again I can take you at My second coming.

46.  And I appointed the eight day also, that it should be the first created after My work, that the seven revolve in the form of the seven thousand, and that at the beginning of the eight thousand, there should be a time of no counting, endless with neither years nor months, nor weeks or days

47.  And now Enoch, all that you have heard and understood, and all that you have seen of the heavenly things, and on earth, and all that I have written by My great wisdom, all these things I have devised and created from the uppermost foundation to the lower.

48.  There is no counselor nor inheritor to My creation, I am self eternal, not made with hands, and without change, My thought is my counselor, and by my Word are all things are made, and My eyes observe all things.

49.  If I turn away my face, then all things will be destroyed, know then and apply your mind Enoch, and know Him who it is that speaks to you.

50.  And take the books, which you have written, and I give you Samuil and Raguil who led you up, and go down to earth, and tell your sons all that you have seen and heard.

51.  For I created all forces, and there is none that resists Me, or that does not subject himself to Me, for all subject themselves to My monarchy, and labor for My sole rule.

52.  Give them the books of your handwriting, so they may read and know Me for the Creator of all things, and understand that there is none other, and let them forward these from children to children, and generation to generation.

       From chapter 35

53.  Behold from their seed much afterwards shall arise another generation many of which will be very insatiable.

54.  And He who judges that generation shall reveal to them the handwriting, to those to whom He must point out the guardianship of the world, to the faithful men, and workers of My pleasure who do not acknowledge My name in vain.

55.  And they shall tell another generation, and those having read, shall thereafter be glorified more than the first.

      From chapter 65

56.  Hear my children, before all creatures were created, the Lord created the visible and invisible things, and whatever time was or went past, understand that after this He created man in His own image, and gave him eyes and ears, and a heart to reflect, and intelligence to deliberate.

57.  And the Lord saw all man's works, and created all His creatures, and dividing time from time He fixed the years, and from these appointed months, and from the months days, and from the days He appointed seven.

58.  And in these He appointed hours measuring them exactly, that man might reflect on time, and count year’s months and hours, their alterations, their beginning, and their end.

59.  So that he might count his own life from beginning till death and reflect on his sin, and write good and bad.

60.  For no work is hidden before the Lord, and so that every man might know his works and never transgress all His commandments, and keep my handwriting from generation to generation.

61.  When all creation visible and invisible shall end, then every man goes to the great judgment, and all time will perish, after which there will neither be months nor days nor hours, but they will be all together and not counted.

62.  There will be one eon, and all the righteous that escapes the Lord's great judgment shall be collected in that great eon, and will live eternally.

63.  And among them there will neither be labor nor sickness, nor humiliation, nor anxiety nor need, nor violence, nor night, nor darkness, but great light.

64.  And they shall have a great indestructible wall and a Paradise bright and incorruptible, for all corruptible things must pass away, and there will be eternal life.