By  Leonard Van Zanten


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Someone made me a promise, but did not keep it, and it became a theft.  I then resisted the theft.  They then called upon the authorities that I may be robbed, and though I clearly showed the authorities that it was a theft, they nonetheless assisted the thieves, and themselves became thieves that I might be robbed.

What now shall be done for the thieves as also for him that was robbed?  One thing is surer than the very earth upon her foundations - that there will be a day of justice wherein each and every creature shall receive its reward.

The thieves then did not know, and did not wish to know that the one whom they robbed was a prince, that he was a prince of the Most High Lord and ruler of all.  And that thus in fact they opposed and scorned Him whom is the life of their soul, and the bread in their mouth.

This now will be done for one as for the other, for as much as he was left desolate that was sent in the Name of the Lord Most High, he will receive an inheritance, and that left him desolate will become his property.

A minor traffic accident turned into a major issue regarding the welfare of the judges of the courts, and for counselors the world over.  From a simple issue of guilt the judges of the court came to claim themselves above the law, and to bear no responsibility for their actions lawful or unlawful.

From a word given but not kept it came to an Constitutional debate wherein among other things I came to pronounce a curse, that is to say, a severe judgment upon all judges and counselors the world over, from the beginning of time into everlasting

Since then there is no turning for all those which have come in these last six thousand years, there is yet a thousand years to come in which men will want to set themselves up as judges for the people.  Let me than caution all these who as yet wish to set themselves up as judges for the people that this judgment as I spoke rests on them as well. 

If then you regard your life of value I admonish you to read and comprehend this composition of documents before you take the oath to become a judge for and by the people.  And apply yourselves to the law of the Most High Lord rather than to the laws of men - so that there may be a healing for you in the day to come.

 Let this be a warning and an admonition to all that are to come.  And if you will not hear me - know that I shall be free of your blood, and of all that you take to perform in injustice.  And that accordingly when in the day to come you shall appear before me I will reward you according to your own words, and your own deeds shall count against you.  Because, for the sake of all those my people unto which you did harm, and treated with injustice - I will not leave you unpunished.

In all this they will (as they have) look upon me as a poor illiterate who does not understand the ways of men, or the concept of law.   And of course they do not comprehend my word, or the issue of which I speak, as were my word garbled, for indeed these are illiterate the judges as their counselors. And for their illiteracy the Almighty Lord will punish them severely. And in His time, the Lord the Almighty Judge will reveal who was right and who was wrong, and as to whom among us He will appropriate the rod.

My cause is with Him, and on Him do I wait.

In short. Although I had no fault in the accident, I offered to split the cost of repair with her. But it was of the Lord for her to refuse so that the case went on for four years, and I came not only to reprove the judges, but to teach them the law as well, even their own statutes. 

The primary issue in this civil suit comes to the fact that judges swear their victuims by the Almighty One. So then they themselves must likewise judge according to God's statutes, and not scorn God, and laugh at Him by judging according to their corrupt whims, as they continually do. Therefore I cursed the lot of them.

In question to my expertise in the matter of law and justice, is it not written; " Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely. (Proverbs 28:5)

It does say "completely", and so it is.




   The pages here are the record of a Civil Suit that took place in the State of Arizona, USA, whereby in the Name of the Almighty God I came to pronounce a curse upon the judges, and upon the counselors of the courts.

In the human tongue men would say that it came about by an traffic accident.  But it was no "accident" but rather the Lord brought it about - so that by the hand of His servant He might record the curse that was to rest upon the judges and the counselors of the courts for their pride, and for their arrogance, and for all their inequity which they practiced under the disguise of law.

The Lord then designed it in such a way that I would have no guilt, but that in the austere of men it would seem the opposite and they would rob me of my right and of my innocence as they are wont to do to the people at large.  Not that I knew or realized all these things at the time it took place, but came to understand it afterwards.  As time goes on, and I get older, the Lord teaches me more and more - revealing into my heart many things such as men do not usually contemplate.

I have left out much of the monotonous of the record to present the highlights but with sufficient data to follow through on the entire case.   The outline then of the pages begin with my appeal to the ill judgment (Page 1) pronounced against me.   And as it is done in the courts each case is given a number, this began by number CV (for Civil) 94-05108, and there being 80 documents I numbered them accordingly. 

Then after a number of judgments fabricated against me, I came to sue the judges in the Federal courts, starting out in the state of California under CV-97-1786 (Page 5), which was then transferred to the state of Arizona under CV-97-1410 (Page 6). Then follows case file # 300115 (Page 7) in the California court, the criminals attempting to collect from me before even the case is settled in the courts.   The balance of page 7 records my discourse with OSHA of California, who were trying to ram a foul citation onto me for a mishap of one of my employees.

And so a simple traffic accident in the final end came to a debate about the terms of the US Constitution, whereby the judges claimed themselves to be above the law - and so sanctioned by the US Constitution.  No matter how vile or how corrupt - as long as the judge can say that he was acting in his official capacity - he is above the law.  

And by vile and corrupt I mean - when the judge is acting contrary to the very laws laid before him by which he is to judge.    In short - the law of justice has no meaning, and the rules of the court outweigh every law written if so it pleases the judge at his whim to uphold them.   And judgment is rendered according to his or her whim rather than law.   Not that this is anything new in this century since the same has existed since the first court of man was raised upon the ground.

You can page through the record for highlights, and backtrack for details, the links to all of the pages being to the left at every page.  Occasionally you will find inserts made into the record, noted in (parentages) with font color in green.


The judges of the courts in all ages made a very big mistake, they bit the hand that feeds them.   They of course will say, that they are not dependent upon me for anything, let alone the food of their belly.    But there is quite a surprise for them in store, a surprise they will neither hear of, nor understand if the same were pasted to their noses.    For in a timeframe that is less than a drop on the ocean they will be fully dependent upon me for the food of their mouth, and for the clothe upon their backs, for the labor of their hand, and for a layer of straw to rest themselves upon.    

For they will no longer be free, not as much as to call themselves by any term thereof.   But like a dog to his master, or cattle to its owner - so they will be in my hand to do to them as I please.   And never again will they obtain freedom, but be subjected into all eternities.  This is the design of the Lord, and His will shall indeed be my pleasure, just as the Lord spoke by His servant Ezekiel:  "I will give it into the hand of a mighty one of the nations; and he shall surely deal with it as its wickedness deserves."

And furthermore the Lord spoke concerning the preachers this word that also applies to judges namely:  "Will you hunt down souls belonging to my people, and keep other souls alive for your profit?    You have profaned Me among my people, - putting to death persons who should not die and keeping alive persons who should not live, by your lies to my people, who listen to lies".

"Wherefore thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I am against your magic bands with which you hunt the souls, and I will tear them from your arms; and I will let the souls that you hunt go free like birds.  Your veils also I will tear off, and deliver my people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand as prey; and you shall know that I am the Lord".

  O how gravely they mis-managed themselves to rob men of their rights,  and how fatally they wounded themselves to scorn a sons of the Almighty God in whose hands they will be delivered for all eternities.   They indeed have no conception, nor the faintest idea of what is awaiting them for their arrogance, and their atrocities.

I spoke saying:  "A people cannot rule itself, nor can the nations be led by mortal men".   And are you not mortal O you judges, and you counselors of men?   How then do you expect to rule or to govern the souls of men?  It will be given to the sons of God.  You had your opportunity, but you failed, you had your time but you made a shambles of it.  And the Lord placed me, and those like unto me in your midst so that we might come to disdain you, and to abhor all of your doings.  And so we are tried even as you are tried for the love of our souls.  

  Tens of millions upon tens of millions of people feign themselves for heaven, thinking to enter into it, all of whom will be cast into the pool of fire.  Their aspirations will not come true, their hopes will flee away, their faith of no substance.   But for the judges and the counselors of the courts, a greater curse will come to rest - as compared to these many millions and billions of ill instructed ones.

"Less than a drop on the ocean,"  so I said, for I speak in wisdom.   What is the lifetime of a man be it a 100 years - to the endless trillions of centuries of which eternity is made up?   And for those measly years you made a nuisance of yourself, acquiring an everlasting reward.   You traded one moment of pleasure for an eternity of pain.  I said once that "as the number of the souls are in hell - equally so many plateaus there are".  You the judges then, along with many others, will be on the lower ones.  This I pronounced upon you in my disgust for you by the will of the Lord.

  Do you wish me to weep for you O you judges of the earth?   You did not even remotely consider to award me with the rights due to me, nor did you in the least have any compulsion to trust me down with injustice.  How then shall I weep for you?   You will indeed come to weep before me, to beg for yourselves that I might forego the judgment which I have pronounced against you.

But I am not like you, to change my mind like a leaf blown in the wind, nor did the Almighty Lord create me after your likeness.   It is too late for you O you judges, for the word has gone forth of my mouth, and it shall not return until it has accomplished its design.  Are you able to bring back to life those which you executed in their innocence?   Even as much as you are not able to undo the falsehood of your judgments, even so I will not undo the righteousness of my judgment against you.

  I was frankly amazed at the ignorance of your mind - how even simple English is beyond your cunning, to read what a ten year old is able to read - yet you do not comprehend.    Seeing thus how illiterate you are in simple language  - how will you rely yourselves upon the words of the US Constitution? 

From page 6,  I shall quote the following, and expand upon it:    "Judicial immunity applies “however erroneous the act may have been and however injurious its consequences may have proved to the Plaintiff".     Judicial immunity applies even when a Judge is accused of acting maliciously or corruptly, for it “is not for the protection or benefit of a malicious or corrupt judge, but for the benefit of the public, whose interest it is that the judges should be at liberty to exercise their functions with independence and without fear of consequences.”

"For the benefit of the public," so the hypocrites cite as if they had any feeling for them.  If now indeed they had acted within their judicial parameters there would not be any fear of consequences, and that would indeed be to the benefit of the public.  But each day by each case they swear themselves by a law, but then depart from it as quickly as they swore themselves to it.  This of course is directly contrary to the vow which they took placing them on the seat of judgment, and vile hypocrisy to say the least.

  Behold the irony, the inconsistence, or the hypocrisy that is in their words:  Quote: "It is not for the protection or benefit of a malicious or corrupt judge, --- but for the benefit of the public." unquote.

And now read it again, and contemplate its contends!  The "BENEFITS" of their malice as they practiced it upon the people -- is that for the people, the public as they said, or not rather for the "exclusive benefit of the judges?   Where did they learn their English?  Where did they learn to read or write, to compose words into a sentence?  They are acting out of their own imagination - in the malice, as also the ignorance of their heart.

  There is no conception of justice with the judges, therefore there is no justice in the courts, and wherefore a strong judgment rests on them.  

The innocent person is thrown into jail by the malice and/or ignorance of the judge, and that mind you is for the benefit of that innocent person?   Countless many persons are robbed of their rights, and of their hard earned goods, but that is for their benefit.   The public has to suffer death, robbery, extortion, and every vile thing against them because the malice and the corruption of the judges is to be protected at all times.   And every vile thing against the public at the hand of the judges - did you not know - is to, and for the benefit of the said public.

  This is the nomenclature of their defense, when I summoned the judges to judgment.  And no counselor would assist me in dragging any judge before the face of justice, for they all had an ax to grind, their belly, and their so called honor.   I was noted to be crazy, only they did not know me, neither were they able to behold the spiritual multitude at my side.

They now will be disbarred, each and everyone of them, for so the Lord said regarding the sons of His making:   "In a controversy they shall act as judges, and they shall judge it according to my judgments."

Leonard Van Zanten