The Canons.      REVISED  STANDARD  2010

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Genesis  Exodus  -  Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy  -  Joshua Judges Ruth 

1 Samuel  - 2 Samuel  -  1 Kings 2 Kings  -  1 Chronicles  -  2 Chronicles Ezra 

Nehemiah  -  Esther Job  Psalms  -  Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon 

Isaiah Jeremiah  -  Lamentations  -  Ezekiel  -  Daniel  -  Hosea Joel Amos  Obadiah

  Jonah  -  Micha Nahum  -  Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah  -  Malachi.

Matthew  -  Mark  -  Luke John  -  Acts Romans 1 Corinthians  -  2 Corinthians

Galatians Ephesians  -  Philippians  -  Colossians 1 Thessalonians - 2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy 2 Timothy Titus  -  Philemon  -  Hebrews  -  James 1 Peter  -  2 Peter

1 John  -  2 John  -  3 John  -  Jude Revelations


If ever the scholars of religion learn how to read and write it would be a miracle.

With all the corruptions made in the canons in these last decades, there are yet the King James version of old and the revised standard version of old. These however in their literature are full of disrespect for the person of God. The Gentiles, or pagans as I should say, have this nasty habit of writing the word God, and of the Lord, all in capitals, as were that type of butchering in some respect to God.  And no less for the Jews to omit a letter as were it in some sort of respect.   These Jews however as well as these - so called - Christians learned their - so called - respect from their imagination that is common to the liar, the serpent teaching them.

In addition the wording that is in direct reference to the person of God or to His Christ, these they write in lower case, as were the Lord no more than a base fellow to them, for these hypocrites never did learn to have any respect for their Creator.  And these also capitalize some words that are not to be capitalized, like in the middle of a sentence, etc.

The books of the canons then herewith is the Revised Standard Version of so called old, wherein I corrected the wording that was in disrespect to the Lord, so that at last you, or we, may have a copy of the canons that is wholesome to read, and wholesome in its vocabulary.  These things are the only changes I made in it, besides a few words that are no longer used in this day and age, like for example “wouldest” corrected to read “would.”

And, for example, where it reads "He has done great things," the reference of, or to “He” is God, the same as in  saying "God has done great things." Wherefore it must be capitalized, as were it His name, or in reference to Him, or to His name.  This we do out of respect for Him, and out of love and admiration.  But the sons of men, especially the scholars, are brutish with no integrity and no respect for Him who grants them daily the food in their mouth.

And if I have missed any corrections, please forgive me.  Also for a full explanation to what is proper, see page 4 of "Lion of the Lord," entitled "Truth," at the end thereof under the heading of "Integrity."

The two books of Hermas, named "Commands" and "Similitude's" are  excellent books by the Angel of repentance explaining the law of the Lord in how to keep them, the ten commandments that is. I would like to add them to the canons so everyone would have a better understanding of the law of God.  But then on the other hand it is not quite proper that they be added to the canons, for only the wise that truly wish to keep them are able to understand them and be of comfort and for teaching unto them. Therefore they are among the so called hidden books, the books for the wise only within which is the spring of wisdom

You that love the Lord, read them, and you that have the desire live to the glory of God train yourself in them.