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By: Leonard Van Zanten

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  1. The force of gravity as it extends outward from the earth comes to a distance of some 3232 miles at which the acceleration of gravity is 0-ft/sec/sec.  How therefore can the stars and the moon be held by gravity when the moon alone is some 240.000 miles from earth?


  1. The factor of inertia, which is also the factor of gravity, at sea level, in acceleration is 32.174 ft/sec/sec.  How much may this be for an astronaut some 200 miles up, or for the Hubble Space telescope?

  2. The answer comes by a simple mathematical formula credited to Sir Isaac Newton in that; “The gravitational force of a particle in uniform motion is proportional to the square of its speed and inversely proportional to the radius of its path.”

  3. The data on the Hubble space telescope at one source was 347 miles from earth’s surface, while others have it at 353 miles.  If then we presume that the latter source (Ref 1) is the correct one, the data is:

  4. Gross weight 24.500 lb.

  5. Orbital altitude 353 miles.

  6. Orbital velocity 17.500 mph.

  7. The radius thus will be 4353 miles in radius from the center of the earth.  That times 5280 comes to 22.983.840 ft.

  8. Its velocity = 17.500 : 60 : 60 x 5280 comes to 25.666 ft/sec

  9. And to do this in whole numbers:

  10. 24.500 x 25.666 = 628,817.000 x 25,666 = 16,139,217,122.000 divided by 22,983,840 = 702,198.46 lb, divided by 24.500 = 28.66.

  11. This makes the Hubble telescope to have a g/force on it 28.66 times as much as it read upon the scale upon earth, since 702.198.46 divided by its scale weight comes to 28.66. 

  12. The factor of gravity 353 miles above the earth therefore is 28.66 and its acceleration if it were to fall would be 28.66 ft/sec/sec. 

  13. When therefore we deduct the 28.66 from 32.174 (at sea level) it comes to a decrease of 3.514 in those 353 miles, and this divided by the 353 comes to 0.009.954.674 per mile.  Then by dividing the sea level factor of 32.174 by the decrease per mile, comes to 3.232 miles, at which point the factor of gravity is zero, and the acceleration would be zero ft/sec/sec. This is on the assumption of course that the factor of gravity decreases uniformly as we move away from mother earth.

  14. But what implication does this have?  We have the habit of stating that the planets and stars are held gravitationally. But with our moon alone already at a distance of some 240.000 miles, how can it possibly be held gravitational? 

  15. And what is this notion that we have as if the waters of the tides are by gravity, when the waters are an upwards movement, with gravity a downward movement?  If we say that gravity restrains the tides, our vocabulary would be correct, but in no way will gravity pull up on our waters when it is always a downward movement.

  16. If then the gravity of our earth extends but 3232 miles out, the gravity of the moon is even less, how therefore shall it have any effect upon our waters?  And yes of course I know that it is by the moon that we have our tides, and that not only under the moon but by an equal proportion on the opposite side of the earth as well.

  17. And why may that be? What other force is there between the moon and ourselves if not their magnetic fabric?  For it is by magnetic force that all planets and stars are held.

  18. Gravity – as the calculations show - is but a local force, and at that the female of force to her masculine man named magnetic, Even as it is by the power of magnetic that we are drawn to the earth, with gravity providing the intricate precession whereby all substances may be embraced by those masculine arms of her man to draw it down to its center at a fixed precessional rate.

  19. In this now I am not propounding a theory, but what I have related are simple facts. These few words however shall hardly be a lesson in gravity in what it is, nor in how it comes about. With this essay I merely gave us something to think about - how gravity as a force is but limited for distance, which we should have known.

  20. Sir Isaac Newton was right in two of his laws, but for his third law he could not possibly have known what the foundations of the earth were short of being the death of all of us. Reference Jeremiah 31:37.


  1. How is it that ever since Newton we have these laws of motion by which the force of gravity can be calculated at any radius and speed, and yet we continue to deceive ourselves as if the stars and planets were held gravitational? Should it not be time for us to awaken and smell the daisies?

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By: Leonard Van Zanten

  1. Untold many words and essays have been spoken and written on the nature of gravity – all of them without success.  All because it was not for man to discover the pillars upon which the earth rests, nor how its foundations are laid.  If any man came forth of himself claiming to have discovered the nature of gravity, he would be the death of all mankind. 

  2. The reference to this is by Jeremiah chapter 31, verse 37.  Yet again it is written, how shortly before the return of the Son of God the foundations of the earth would be understood. (Esdras 6:10)  And so they must be. This essay then is but an introduction to the cause in gravity.


  1. Am I now after so many essays by so many persons to speak of gravity?  Who am I as but a lowly person with no formal education in man’s schools of physics that I should know what no other man educated in the schools of higher learning has even an inkling of?   

  2. Am I therefore to reveal myself, to lay myself bare before the eyes of the world?  If I do - as I must, – or as I am bound to do - I will gather more enemies than any man, and at last for the words of my lips will be put to death.  And so why then should I speak to invite the anger of man upon me?

  3. My reply is – that I have no choice in the matter. It was once before, some 20 plus years ago that I furnished the world of science with the facts concerning gravity, only to receive an angry reply, in; “How dare you send such info to us.” 

  4. But why were they angry? If my essay was of no value - why the anger? May it be because they were unable to disprove the simplicity of my speech?  Another editor of a scientific journal replied concerning another one of my essay’s that it; “Was excellent, but if she were to publish it, she would lose all her customers.” 

  5.  Why therefore am I cast into a world in which there is no place for me? For the knowledge granted me I simply do not fit in, and yet am to speak - as I must, for unto that end did I come into this exile.

  6. But why am I speaking all such words so strange and unbecoming to the sons of man, and not rather get right to the issue at hand?  It my dear fellow man is to duly inform everyone reading this essay that its knowledge and discovery is not of me. That no, I did not discover the foundations of the earth, nor therefore will I be to the death of all men.  

  7. But then I forgot, or did I, - that most men in the sciences do not believe in a Creator. These rather fool themselves as if all this intricate beauty just fell together by accident.  But how was it that someone said; 

  8. “To construct a great cathedral requires a lot more information than to create rubble of rocks and stone. And that natural processes always proceed to reduce cathedrals to rubble?"  How therefore man defeats himself not to recognize a forest for its trees.

  9. Let us then proceed with our issue – how the revelation to this knowledge was awarded me some thirty seven years ago, the Almighty Creator granting me wisdom and understanding in this and many other things. In all these days to me physics is but like a toy to play with at my leisure. 

  10. And as the years progressed I wrote a number of pages refining the explanations in an attempt to make it simpler and simpler for men to understand. And even this day it is so.

  11. If then at end one will come to say:  "O but that is so obvious, even a cave-man could have realized that for himself.”   And, yes, why then did we not realize this for ourselves so long ago?  It is the pride in man whereby some will come to say that they knew this all along, but with it they shall be liars. Nor am I alone to proclaim this all-alluring fact.  

  12. I now hope in vivid terms to show how man had in fact formulated a law for himself that clearly showed the nature and cause of gravityAnd yet - for all its precious value - no man was able to read that writing on the wall, not even Sir Isaac Newton himself who wrote it.

Gravity: and defying Gravity

  1. Figure 1 illustrates the direction of gravity as we know it on earth, it can be a rocket in space, or anyone or anything on the earth.  Then by figure 2, as we let go of a stone out of our hand it is by gravity that it falls.    So far so good, then let us look at what will be contrary to gravity, as in to defy gravity.


  1. First by figure 3, there is that familiar spinning top that seems to defy gravity, but only as long as it spins, which is to say, as long as it is in motion.

  2. Next, by figure 4, as the stone is thrown for some distance, it, just like the spinning top, also seems to defy gravity staying in the air for the period of its trajectory.  This came about because we added movement to the stone, just the same as we added movement to the top.  In the one it was an angular movement, while with the stone it was a linear movement.

  1. Shall we now go into the specifics of how and why the stone stayed in the air longer than if it were simply dropped?  Or a bullet why it can travel so far before gravity will arrest it?  We don't want to do this since all that has been defined. And so let us stick with gravity, and by what possible phenomena in nature that gravity may be "affected," and/or be in "defiance" of. 

  2. We now for an answer to our quest just saw two very obvious examples by which gravity may be affected, as well as effected.  That phenomenon is "Motion," as in movement.  And so - have you now got it?  Did it register?  Did it really get through to you?  Or are you still wondering?

  3. All right. Let's put it another way; here you have gravity!  Right? And now with nothing more than "movement" you are affecting that gravity to diminish it, and/or as we say; defy it

  4. So then if gravity can be affected and effected by movement, these two factors must have a very close relation to one another.  Is that not so?

  5. Does it now register?  If not, do you see that man and woman there how these are embracing and kissing each other?


  1. Sure you see them! Would you now conclude that these two are perfect strangers to each other, one having nothing at all to do with the other in any kind of relation?  Or would you conclude them to be husband and wife, the essence of a single entity in the format of two?

  2. Come now don't be difficult, utilize common sense, with a bit of logic if you will. The faster the motion - the more it will effect, or as we might say, "implore" itself upon gravity.  For this also we have seen as an absolute fact how with faster movement we can completely outrun gravity.

  1. For that is how we get the space shuttle and the satellites up there above our heads.  And when we taper down the speed of our movement so that we come even with the factor of gravity, (Factor - meaning the amount of pull it can exert at any altitude,) our space vehicles safely remain in orbit around us.

  2. We do not want to go into any mathematics here, since we are looking for a cause, and wish to observe relations, the simple relevance of one factor to another. (If we wish to see mathematics there is another essay here entitled; “Limits on Gravity.”)

  3. For it is not only that gravity is affected by movement, but as I have shown -- it lies at the very heart thereof. 

  4. And why should it not be motion, since everything else in nature is by motion.  Even for you to read these words here, if the atoms in the black of the letters were not having movement within themselves, they would not be able to remit to your eyes the specific wavelengths that correspond to that color, be it black, blue, red, or whatever shade of color.

  5. And why are we not falling into the sun? That also is because of movement, our 15-km/sec velocity through space.  And why is it that when we touch upon a magnetic field we are not getting (as it is called) a jolt?  Yet when we touch upon both ends of a rotating magnetic field we will get a jolt!  

  6. And so why is that?  It is because of movement, it is a moving field, and a rotating field to drill holes into your skin if you take both ends at once.  Whereas with the regular magnet, it was a stationary field, and just as a drill-bit does not make a hole unless it turns even so a regular magnetic field won't make a hole.

  7. Everything in nature is - of - and in - as well as - by motion.  A gallon of water when it is turned into steam takes up a lot more space than the cube of a gallon all because the increase in movement drives the molecules further from one another.  

  8. And why does the engine in your car run? It is because burning gasoline is nothing more than movement producing a greater movement, atoms and molecules demanding more room for themselves that pushes down the cylinders.

  9. Movement thus in it’s various ways effects many various things.  The light of the sun as it turns its way through space, or through our air finds no obstructions, but in entering upon the molecules of water there are those two hydrogen atoms blocking the path of the light as it attempts to pass these nicely rounded designs of the Oxygen atoms.

  10. My question now is, if my reader did get the picture, that by simply looking at a stone being thrown through the air - in comparison to that same stone being dropped?  And that top to remain upright for as long as it continues to spin - how movement shows itself to be so relevant to that phenomenon we call gravity?

  11. I know how I have said that correlation of many factors to a single issue is not the best side of man, but it are but two or three things here to correlate.  And why then should it be so difficult?  Am I perhaps being unfair in making these statements when I know so well as to why and how it was that no one was able to add these things to a single outcome?

  12. And so let us proceed to that law of motion that reads.  "The gravitational force of a particle in uniform circular motion is proportional to the square of its speed and inversely proportional to the radius of its path.”

  13. How about reading that sentence a thousand times over, or a million, will it then register upon us for what in fact it states and implies? No it will not, for it has been read and written that and more times, and even Newton who wrote it, himself only saw it for its inertia, be it inward or away from a vector, with its obvious implication not registering upon him.  

  14. Nor is this something new for the same thing happened at least twice before.  Once, when a hand in a Persian land wrote on the wall the demise of its king, for which Daniel had to be called out, so that the Lord might translate the same. 

  15. The other time was with the M & M experiment, how these two men were neither able to read the writing on their wall, but no one came to their aid for any translation, until the Lord caused me to have my dwelling in this world.

  16. The implication of the above law now are its own very words.  Taking the red color words it reads; "Gravitational - is - motion."  Because it states that:  "Gravity is equal to a, or the, degree of movement."  And so Newton might have thought.  "Okay, now I know gravity for its force how it equals inertia."  

  17. But the man should equally have realized how that same inertia can also overcome, or outrun gravity, or how else is it to go upwards?  And by the same token he should have surmised that -- for one to so affect the other - there must be a common cause

  18. Since then the man wrote an altogether different law for gravity that is altogether wrong, the writing on the wall for his good law did not appear to him, and I had to be send of the Lord to his aid.  

  19. Or might we say that Isaac Newton practiced what is called a "snow-job" on mankind?  How, since his second law of motion clearly defined the cause to gravity, he wrote a third law to confuse everyone, to fool them into thinking that it was elsewhere?


  1. It is obvious however how Newton himself did not really understand his own written law rather than practicing a hoax. Nor has anyone else since truly understood his laws of motion.  For when we consider the term "weight" as a measure of gravity we discovered how there was yet more writing on that wall, which no man was able to decipher.

  2. Weight, as it is said.  "Is a measure of gravitational force."  And it was said that;  "The definition of weight is a direct result of Newton's second law."  These simple accepted facts then makes most of mankind out for thieves, since obviously the force of gravity not being the same all around the earth, weight likewise varied.  

  3. And when one buys a pound of grain in Canada, he will get less for his money than one would in Mexico. This is not an idiom, but a plain fact, and if not so - to assert that we are honest, by weight remaining the same all around the world, we are most cock-eyed to adhere ourselves to two statement in direct contradiction of one another.

  4. "A writing on the wall," so I said.  Or is it simply that man is poor in correlation?  It then was a writing on the wall, and man "indeed" was poor in correlating one factor from another.  But this so I must admit was not purely accidental, but quite by design.  

  5. For if man had the knowledge and the knack for correlation as it has been awarded me, they would have it for their own death sentence.  And yes what a marvelous statement I have just made, a word in wisdom for the wise.  And should I now expand upon it seeing how it was a writing on the wall that now at last should be brought into the open? 

  6.  Indeed I should, and it all boils down to this, how neither the laws of motion nor of gravity were understood, and that by design as well as inherit in man.

  7. If we will make the statement that, "Weight is a direct result of Newton's law, a measure of gravity," then weight is always greater at and near the equator verses anywhere else on earth.  Since at the equator one is obviously much further from the vector to which gravity applies than anywhere else on earth.

  8. Have I now at last flipped the switch for the light to dawn on us?   If I have as far as the measure of weight is concerned, then one must also realize how; it is, - and was, - and always must be, - motion to effect the degree and measure of gravity.  

  9. A writing on the wall, yes, and man poor in correlation, both of which are correct even as my statement is correct where I said, that; "It was by design." And by now we ought to know how and why that was - to our own benefit mind you.  

  10. So then I should yet give us this to think about, how man is indeed prone to walk himself over any cliff, yet his Maker softens his fall, for because he is without eyesight to behold the cliff before him.

  11. Augmenting, is the word I coined for the proper relation between these two movement, one called inertia that comes about by speed and velocity, (speed in angular, velocity in linear) with the other named gravity.  For gravity in all respects is a movement all the same, even as we describe it for movement, namely to say; "the acceleration of gravity is so and so."  

  12. Acceleration then not only means movement - but is movement, - even as the pull that gravity seems to have on things is movement.  And that my dear friend is as movement upon movement.  For just as a propeller turns to move the ship, it is movement producing movement.

  13. Gravity as such is not a force in itself; even as centrifugal is not a force in itself. For the centrifugal it is merely the inertia of the media resisting the change in direction.  And, "Inertia" is itself nothing other than movement.  Then for gravity, when my wife tells me to drive the car, it is not her driving - but me taking the wheel and where it should go.

  14. Meaning, gravity is an inclination of movement entwining itself into the arms of her man, him being the one and only true force in nature, since it, that man of her, by name magnetic, is movement, and the grand coordinate of all movements.

  15. Do not now blame Isaac Newton for failing to surmise what could have been surmised, since equally so no one else did until the Lord the Almighty One taught me whereby all the others might come to know that, which was ever so simple - was also held a secret - and ever so secure a secret. 

  16. Nor was that the only simplicity held in secret from the sons of men.  Or do you suppose that this earth, or the new earth will have enough oil to last for all its eternities?  Do you have any idea how long eternity is? 

  17. We been pumping oil for little more than a century, and if we last for ten more, what is the number of eleven centuries to the endless trillions of eons of millenniums that we will have to endure?  

  18. For even then there is no end, since forever is forever, meaning without end.  But do not look to me for an answer to your need for energy, seeing how in that respect I will no longer answer.

  1. Are we now wiser, now that we have stood at the rocky shore of a lake and we threw some pebbles in it, realizing how yes, indeed the increase of movement affected the gravity upon that pebble, wherefore it must certainly have some relation to it, if not a very indelible relation -- much like a man with his woman being not two, but one single entity in the format of two?

  2. This sentence could not possibly have been written nor pronounced, nor taught by any man to any man, for all the centuries of man. And shall I now again reiterate the why not?  This to me is like stone-age teaching; I do not think that I am able to make it any simpler. The evidence is much too clear and too obvious to be mistaken by any mind of man, unless God has left him to the spirits of deceit so that his habitation may likewise be with them.

  3. And yes it was God who withheld the simplicity of the foundations from man.  For a time anyway to let them wander in their own conceptions that by His light unto them He might granulate and impress upon them how all knowledge is indeed and in fact of Him, even as their skin, their bones, the very air they breathe, as well as their very being is of Him, and Him alone. 

  4. If therefore O man you wish to exist and have being, acknowledge Him without whose constant care you would not survive a single second.  And not to believe me in these words is as good as pronouncing your own sentence of death.

  5. It is not only the foundations of the earth, which the Creator of all endowed upon me, but how we are to live here and now as well as what will be in the future.   But such grand knowledge will not enter into everyone, since many will not accept what is best for themselves.  Look at it realistically, what a marvelous understanding of His creation the Lord has given not only to me, but to all of us in comparison to the folly that many have come up with, some of which I have labeled as outright lies.

  6. Granted now that there are many good and excellent things known of him (man that is) as well. Then look to see how all that is good came to him by his Creator teaching him. For here again I am not the only one taught of Him.  The farmer does his work with excellence because God teaches him. And likewise with doctors, and persons of all the trades how all these in many different ways received their instruction imprinted upon them by the One who formed them in the first place.

  7. But then comes the tricky thing, not every one will acknowledge Him, not everyone will admit to the truth.  For since this world is under the power of a wicked ruler, he managed to get more of us into his clutches than he should.  And how did that come about?  Where did man go wrong?  It is pride, and arrogance, for a man to impute something into him that is not of him, but given him.  And that my friend is called ingratitude, as well as selfish pride.

  8. The full detail in what gravity is and how it comes about may be found by pages 27, 28, 29, 39, 40. 54, 55, 58, 60, and 70. (


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Published Dec 30 2014 By:  Leonard Van Zanten


A quick and simple way to prove that electricity is not a flow of electrons can be done by anyone with the simplest of tools. 


  1. I do not have to make a long thesis to prove how man has been in error to the nature of electricity and magnetism.   And here is the proof.

  2. Take any magnet and hold it next to a wire with electricity.  And what will we see? We will see that he wire comes to vibrate back and forth to that magnet.  And what does that mean?

  3. It means that these so called electrons cannot be only negative, since whatever there is in that wire is as much positive as it is negative. Therefore to acclaim that electrons are only negative is quite in error, with the evidence abundantly displayed.

  4. Why would a wire with a flow of only negative parts pull itself back and forth to a magnet at illustrated by X?  If it were only negative it would at all times pull itself upon that positive pole of the magnet would it not?  


  1. But it does not do so, instead it will vibrate back and forth telling us in no uncertain way that the current in the wire is alternate turning its polarities north and south to the magnet.

  2. If however we turn the magnet as illustrated by Y, the wire will no longer vibrate because we have turned the pole of the magnet away from the wire.  If then we wish to conclude because an alternating current will alternately push and pull upon a magnet, we are very wrong.

  3. The battery in the illustration is a direct current. And if we wish to try it out with an alternating current, the very same thing will happen.  If now one does not wish to believe me and try it out for himself, take a hint, - how the lower the voltage, so much lower the rotation of the electric field will be. If thus we use a 120 volt current the vibration will be fast, while a 12 volt current slows the vibration down to 12 times each second.

  4. And thus having learned that electricity is not a flow of negative parts, we no doubt will wish to know what it really is.

  5. I now have known what electricity really is since I was a young man because the Almighty Creator of that electricity revealed it to me, along with many other secrets in the fundamentals of nature, inclusive the foundations of the earth upon which it rests.

  6. Electricity for a fact is a derivative of magnetic movement, it is a force of magnetic.  In contrast to regular magnets that are linear and stationary fields, electricity is a rotating magnetic field of force.

  7. And would we like to see what cannot be seen, namely the field of force that makes for electricity?  When we look at a magnet we fancy ourselves to know what that field of force in its lines of movement looks like, like that illustration by figure 1.  But we do not as yet know what that field of force of a magnet is, how then to illustrate the rotational kind of magnetic?

  8. We have a magnetic field as two circles coming to a center. But that is not so, since instead of two circles it is but a single circle twisted by a half wave formation that resembles the figure of eight.  If that were not a fact we would not have any tides to occur upon the earth, because it is by that figure eight of force passing through the whole of the earth by which the tides are born, and that simultaneously at equal proportions on both sides of the earth.

  9. When we close in the handles of a pair of scissors the cutting edges will also close, wherefore when the moon on one side of the earth pulls on our magnetic fabric by which the waters under the moon are raised, the same thing must occur at the other end upon the earth away from the moon, all because magnetic motion is always by and in the design of a figure eight.

  10. But I could have sworn that our subject was on electricity, and so how did I get carried away to the tides?  It was because we must understand that magnetic motion is always by an eight, and never any other way. And since the dual tide are clear evidence thereof, so it was that we got sidetracked to the tides.  

  1. And so let us proceed to figure 2 where I drew up a small section of a wire conducting electricity, conducting a rotational magnetic force that is, since that is what electricity is, no matter what any person may have said to the contrary.  I for one am not one to pronounce lies, nor to furnish man with what is in error.

  2. As we turn an armature through a stationary magnetic field we in all essence are turning and twisting the magnetic lines of movement into circulars forming a series of magnetic figures of eights end on end, similar to taking a rubber band and twisting it we also end up with figures of eight end on end.

  3. But these are not stationary but rotate at the same speed at which the armature is turning, since it is by the movement of that armature that the rotation comes about.

  4. As therefore all these magnetic figures of eight are bound end on end, their polarities are all into one and the same direction illustrated by figure 2.

  5. How thus is it for that wire carrying an electrical current to vibrate before a magnet?

  6. I can ask the same question in another way. How is it for a rotating magnetic field to move back and forth before a stationary magnetic field?  Or to put it still another way. Why do magnets of like polarities draw away from one another while unlike polarities attract to one another?

  7. I need not answer these questions since we all know this.  And if indeed we all know this, we ought also to know how and why a wire with a rotating magnetic field comes to pull and push itself to and from a none rotating magnet.

  8. Since then in these last fifty plus years I have written so much already on these and other subjects, let this be sufficient.


  1. What might this be, namely the sum, or final of things? I more than any man have spoken of and made revelations into the fundamentals in which nature consists. And I perhaps more than any other man know and realize how with all that we have to this day our knowledge of nature is extremely minute, and that it will remain extremely minute.

  2. And yes why should it remain so? We like to think of ourselves as striding forward to gather even the whole of the ocean unto ourselves even if it must be drop by drop. But what I know that for most men has yet to affix itself for a realization of, is that the ocean is very large and very much too wondrous for all the movement within it.

  3. Only when we truly know and understand all the many patterns of movement that pass by and are generated by all the different atoms will we make any headway into the knowledge of nature. And this is the one thing I did not ask of the Lord my God, deeming it not right for man to have a knowledge to that extend.

  4. So I say; be contend with what you have. Or if by some means the Almighty One enables you to add a drop or two, come to realize that it are but a drop or two of an ocean that for its drops is out of number.  And how that numberless knowledge is but a tumble full to Him who made that whole ocean with all its life and movements.

  5. If the knowledge granted me is sevenfold to all that man has in store, let me assure you that the sum of that sevenfold knowledge is but like a single tiny spark. Seeing thus how a tiny spark is nonetheless called sevenfold, how little indeed is the knowledge of man, as something that in no way would tip the scales.

  6. The Creator of all that exists cannot be estimated, nor understood for the endless magnificence of His wisdom and of His ability.  He is not anything like man, nor is there any comparison to HimHe is One and Only, a righteous and true Monarch unto whom nothing at all is impossible.

  7. While we are but dust and ashes, a creation of His hand as are all creatures. And while the whole of the universe with all its stars, its planets and galaxies out of number is but like a tent unto Him to abide within, why should He pay such attention to us seated upon but a pea size planet in a single galaxy?

  8. There are legions and legions of angels throughout the whole of the universe, and He knows the name of each of them, even as He knows each of our names and the very thoughts of our heart. Yet for all His endless works and the endless number of living creatures He cares for each of them by day and by night.

  9. Should we not therefore abide by His statutes, and acknowledge Him for our Father and the life of our being? For this too is a statute that if we do so - He will grant us life everlasting,  And if not so, to scorn His just statutes, He will not grant us that everlasting joy with Him.

  10. His glory now and His majesty cannot be realized nor estimated, nor even understood, because we are but a creation made in the dust of the earth. Honor Him therefore as much as you can, for He is your life and being, and Him only.

  11. I know the Father, and Christ Jesus His Son my Lord, that He begot for our sake; because He revealed Himself to me, and setting me apart from all men He taught me, so that it may not be said that I was taught of anyone, but of Him alone.

  12. No doubt you would like me to be like other men, to have the same rational that every other man has, but I will not be what you wish me to be. Why do you think I have such an intense hatred of your works and your speech as well as your attitude towards things?

  13. If I were born of the blood of man I would be like unto you, but that is not my birth, and this world is but an alien place unto me, and you for all your wicked speech and inventions appear to me as alien. Those of my nature among you are few and far between.


  1. How is that men have no reply nor counsel at my words? Are not the words of my lips like rare jewels by which a man may be educated? My Lord, the God of all the universe called this generation of men a delusion and so they are.

  2. I get invitations to publish in the journals, and on several occasions I took a look at what the articles were when I simply could not believe my eyes. One of their own once said to me that the bulk of it was hogwash, but hogwash is yet edible.

  3. That which most of these persons put on is with no reality, no common sense, no logic or nothing. These appear to me like vegetables, inconceivable that any human person could come up with such trash.

  4. These do not have any idea as to what they are talking about, they are simply pouring out their imagination, the fantasies of their minds, and I wondered how they got to that state of mind.

  5. Are they in some way attempting to copy that brainless wonder called Einstein? It appears that way to me, and what their teachers in their schools of learning must be like - to empty the mind of a person to that extend and to fill with trash.

  6. In my view these have no rational thought within them. And such spatter the journals with their trash, like the graffiti with which their cousins deface the beauty in nature.

  7. If then it are such to play with those so called particle accelerators no wonder that the field of science becomes filled with trash.  These most certainly have not learned anything from the workings of the atomic bomb.

  8. If they had they would know that to break an atom into its parts requires first of all a great deal of power, and even then with a chain reaction not even all of the atoms will be broken up to have any parts of an atom. How therefore do these think to be working with atomic parts?

  9. Just to rearrange molecules can be tremendously explosive wherein no atom is compromised, for it is extremely difficult to break up any atom, even those whereby nuclear explosions occur. Nor have they learned that the bulk of their power in their atomic power plants is from RAM rather than fission.

  10. When they were young they were taught to speak and to read and write, but in entering into the classrooms of physics and of the sciences these were corrupted to a an unrecognizable semblance.

  11. No longer were they able to speak properly, nor to read nor write after logic and common sense, for they corrupted themselves with illogic. Like one of their own said, how they had become like cows, that know not how to communicate.

  12. And I had to place my words among their folly, with such as know not how to speak nor write and read? What a foolish man that I am to even attempt to educate these children of the earth.  These are not able to recognize my words for the jewels that they are, for the pure gold within them.

  13. Therefore also I received no reply, nor any type of counsel, wherefore like unto the Lord I likewise saw them as nothing more than a delusion. And why should these remain upon the earth to vex the righteous with their accursed pride and arrogance.

  14. Yet it is hard for me to understand or realize how men can be so ignorant, to have no common sense, no integrity, and no logic within them.  For like the Spirit of Wisdom said, how men do not know that they are doing wickedly, so these do not realize how ignorant indeed they are.

  15. It is for these reasons, that they lack integrity, and simple common sense, to correlate one fact from another. It is not as one might say that it is intentional, although with some it is that way, but they lack the integrity and understanding to know right from wrong.

  16. How thus I dwell among a delusion, among a people I do not know, a people I detest. It is only for the Lord that I abide, and for Him only.

  17. Let Thy vengeance go forth O Lord, for vengeance belongs to Thee. Thou has an indictment with the nations for all their crimes against Thee and against their fellow beings.  Eradicate them from the face of the earth O Lord.  Let not their shadow fall upon the earth, for these are not worthy to be called men until they have seen the reward of their atrocities.

  18. A delusion of delusions so Thou did prepare it for them, because they thought themselves wiser than Thee. Therefore O my Lord and my Father, let them be rewarded according to their own righteousness.  For I am sick even to hear of them, let alone that my eyes should be polluted by them.


  1. It is not I to put the world of science to shame, but man shames himself by believing upon such things that he has no understanding of - then to go forth and act as though he understands.  

  2. And man shames himself in not duly considering the results of his experiments, to acclaim something that is not at all shown by it.  And for that a man needs understanding, and understanding can only be acquired from his Creator. To therefore deny one's Creator is for a man to remain foolish and put himself to shame.

  3. With a single simple experiment - no more than placing a magnet next to a wire with an electrical current upon it, all man's theories regarding electricity, as well as his conceptions of the atom - are disproved and made null and void.

  4. And for how long did man have his electricity?  And for how long did he have magnets? He builds computers and put satellites into orbit, yet for all this how or why did he not correlate the nature of one magnet with an other?

  5. Has no one in all these years ever noticed how an electrical wire is pushed and pulled before a magnet?  If then they have, how was it for them not to realize the implication thereof? 

  6. How was it for J. J. Thompson to acclaim that his electricity clung to but one side of his magnet? For so it did in my tinkering with it, but that was to the equatorial side of the magnet, not the poles.

  7. His discovery thus was incomplete, and inaccurate. Are we as men then indeed that blind not to realize a forest for its trees?

  8. How can you say: "There is no forest," when you are standing in it? This in my view can only be said of the blind.  And equally blind we shall be if by this simple essay provided here we have as yet to realize that man's theories have taken wings never to return again.

  9. What thus am I to expect of mankind, when for all these many years no trees have been found to exist in that whole great forest full of trees? I might as well give up on man until once again he will be reinstated in his body, and this world shall be no more, a world ruled by wicked spirits and doomed to vanity.

  10. With a single stroke man is put to shame. Nor is it of me to have made that stroke, but He who said: "That He would dishonor all the honored of the earth, and to turn the wise into fools." He is He to strike and accomplish His word.

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