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  1. How many different times have I not already taken up on the subject of gravity that here I am picking up on the same toy again? And yes to me it is but a toy, something so simple. But I must confess to something.

  2. It is common among man for any kind of thing to progress from simplicity to the sophistication of it.  Like for example the computer starting out bulky and with a simple 64K to the sophistication as we have it today. Or the model T, to the sports-cars as we see them today.

  3. With me however in this particular subject it is rather the other way around.  When the Lord the Almighty One awarded me with this secret, I played with it to its sophistication, and afterwards came to reduce it to simpler and simpler means. 

  4. One might say it is like going from civilization back down to stone-age, all in an effort to make the cause and nature of gravity understood by the children of man.  My effort here thus is to present such evidence as cannot be mis-understood by anyone.

  5. But here again I must be honest, I must beforehand reveal the truth of the matter, and not allow myself to be seen for what I am not.  This is so since in presenting the evidence we might come to say: 

  6. "O but that is so obvious, even a cave-man could have realized that for himself.   And, yes, why did we not realize this for ourselves so long ago?"

  7. Therefore I must again reiterate how; it being undeniable that -- to know gravity is equal with knowing earth's foundations, -- which if anyone of us could have realized or figured that out for himself, he would most certainly be the death of all mankind.

  8. Nor therefore have I come into this exile for the death of man, but rather for his well being.  

  9. As simple then, and as obvious thus the foundations of the earth may come to be, yet for all its simplicity there has not been any one in man's history to of himself have realized the same.  And that includes me.

  10. The pride in man however will quickly come to say how they knew this all along, but with it they shall be liars. Nor am I alone to proclaim this all alluring fact. 

  11. The Creator Himself by Isaiah in his forty first chapter (26-27) clearly outlines how no man had ever heard such words as have proceeded from my lips.   And that I as one in Zion was a first to have been taught in these things.

  12. And being taught means, that the same was revealed, that it did not come of me, nor of my own cunning, to clearly show how I am not a god in myself - as words in wisdom for the wise upon which I will come back.

  13. Moreover; I am about to show in vivid terms (so I hope) how mankind had in fact formulated a law for himself that clearly showed the nature and cause of gravity.  And yet for all its precious value no man was able to read that writing on the wall, not even Sir Isaac Newton himself who wrote it.

  14. And how do I say this, or know that to be so? Just look at all the folly that man has come up with.  His relativity, and quantum mechanics and all those particles and forces he dreamed up out of his imagination. Like unborn children never as yet having seen the light of day so is man in the fundamentals of the sciences.

  15. But he will not come to acknowledge it, that for all this time he has been living in a dream-world. And yes it was destined to be so - lest man would come to say that he is wise of himself, of his own cunning; like as if a wooden spoon is able to instruct its maker.

  16. Therefore it was that God closed the eyes of man to these things, since He is merciful and compassioned, not willing that man should perish, but rather that he should come to acknowledge Him not only for their very life and being, but for eyes and knowledge as well. 

Gravity: and: Defying gravity

  1. The full detail in what gravity is and how it comes about may be found by pages 27, 28, 29, 39, 40. 54, 55, 58, 60, and 70. The link is

  2.   Figure 70-1 illustrates the direction of gravity as we know it on earth, it can be a rocket in space, or anyone or anything on the earth.  Then by figure 70-2  as we let go of a stone out of our hand it is by gravity that it falls.

        Figure 70-3

  1. So far so good, then let us look at what will be contrary to gravity, as in to defy gravity.  

  2. First off by figure 70-3, there is that familiar spinning top that seems to defy gravity, but only as long as it spins, which is to say, as long as it is in motion.

  3. Next, by figure 70-4, as the stone is thrown for some distance, it, just like the spinning top, also seems to defy gravity staying in the air for the period of its trajectory.


  1. This came about because we added movement to the stone, just the same as we added movement to the top.  In the one it was an angular movement, while with the stone it was a linear movement.

  2. Shall we now go into the specifics of how and why the stone stayed in the air longer than if it were simply dropped?  Or a bullet why it can travel so far before gravity will arrest it?  We don't want to do this since all that has been defined.

  3. And so let us stick with gravity, and by what possible phenomena in nature that gravity may be "affected" by, and/or be in "defiance" of.  

  4. We now for an answer to our quest just saw two very obvious examples by which gravity may be affected, as well as effected.

  5. That phenomena is "Motion," as in movement.  And so; Have you now got it?  Did it register?  Did it really get through to you?  Or are you still wondering?  

  6. Alright; Let's put it another way; Here you have gravity!  Right? And now with nothing more than "movement" you are affecting that gravity to diminish it, and/or as we say; defied it. 

  7. So then if gravity can be affected and effected by movement, these two factors must have a very close relation to one another.  Is that not so?  

  8. Does it now register?  If not; Do you see that man and woman there how these are embracing and kissing each other?


  1. Sure you see them! Would you now conclude that these two are perfect strangers to each other, one having nothing at all to do with the other in any kind of relation?  

  2. Or would you conclude them to be husband and wife, the essence of a single entity in the format of two?

  3. Come now don't be difficult, utilize common sense, with a bit of logic if you will.  

  4. The faster the motion - the more it will effect, or as we might say, "implore" itself upon gravity. For this also we have seen as an absolute fact how with faster movement we can completely outrun gravity.

  1. For that is how we get the space shuttle and the satellites up there above our heads.  And when we taper down the speed of our movement so that we come even with the factor of gravity, (Factor - meaning the amount of pull it can exert at any different altitude,) our space things safely remain in orbit around us.

  2. We do not want to go into any mathematics here, since we are looking for a cause, and wish to observe relations, the simple relevance of one factor to another.  

  3. For it is not only that gravity is affected by movement, but as I have shown -- it lies at the very heart thereof.   And why should it not be motion, since everything else in nature is by motion.  

  4. Even for you to read these words here, if the atoms in the black of the letters were not having movement within themselves, they would not be able to remit to your eyes the specific wavelengths that correspond to the color, be it black, blue, red, or whatever shade of color.

  5. And why are we not falling into the sun? That also is because of movement, our 15 km/sec velocity through space. 

  6. And why is it that when we touch upon a magnetic field we are not getting (as it is called) a jolt?  Yet when we touch upon both ends of a rotating magnetic field we will get a jolt!

  7. And so why is that?  It is because of movement, it is a moving field, a rotating field to drill holes into your skin if you take both ends at once.  

  8. Whereas with the regular magnet, it was a stationary field, and just as a drill-bit does not make a hole unless it turns even so a regular magnetic field won't make a hole.

  9. Everything in nature is - of - and in - as well as - by motion.  

  10. A gallon of water when it is turned into steam takes up a lot more space than the square of a gallon all because of the increase in movement drives the molecules further from one another.

  11. And why does the engine in your car run? It is because burning gasoline is nothing more than movement producing a greater movement, atoms and molecules demanding more room for themselves, which pushes down the cylinders.

  12. Movement thus in its various ways effects many various things.  

  13. The light of the sun as it turns its way through space or our air finds no obstructions, but in entering upon the molecules of water there are those two hydrogen atoms blocking the path of the light as it attempts to pass these nicely smooth rounded designs of the Oxygen atoms.

  14.   My question now is; if my reader did get the picture, that by simply looking at a stone being thrown through the air -- in comparison to that same stone being dropped?  And that top to remain upright for as long as it continues to spin, -- how movement shows itself to be so relevant to that phenomenon we call gravity?

  15. I know how I have said that correlation of many factors to a single issue is not the best side of man, but it are but two or three things here to correlate.  And why then should it be so difficult?  

  16. Am I perhaps being unfair in making these statements when I know so well as to why and how it was that no-one was able to add these things to a single outcome?

  17.   And so let us proceed to that law of motion that reads;  

  18. "The gravitational force of a particle in uniform circular motion is proportional to the square of its speed and inversely proportional to the radius of its path.

  19. How about we read that sentence a thousand times over, or a million, -- will it then register upon us for what in fact it states and implies? 

  20. No!  -- For it has been read and written that and more times, and even Newton who wrote it, himself only saw it for its inertia, be it inward or away from a vector, with its obvious implication not registering upon him.

  21. Nor is this something new for the same thing happen at least twice before.  Once, when a hand in a Persian land wrote on the wall the demise of its king, for which Daniel had to be called out, so that the Lord might translate the same.

  22. The other time was with the M & M experiment, how these two men were neither able to read the writing on their wall, but no one came to their aid for any translation, until the Lord caused me to have my dwelling in this world.

  23. The implication of the above law now -- are its own very words.  Taking the red colored words it reads; "Gravitational - is - motion."  Because it states that:  "Gravity is equal to a, or the, degree of movement."

  24. And so Newton might have thought.  "Okay, now I know gravity for its force how it equals inertia." 

  25. But the man should equally have realized how that same inertia can also overcome, or outrun gravity, or how else is it to go upwards?

  26. And by the same token he should have surmised that -- for one to so effect the other -- there must be a common cause 

  27. Since then the man wrote an altogether different law for gravity that is altogether wrong, the writing on the wall for his good law did not appear to him, and I had to be send of the Lord to his aid.

  28. Or might we say that Isaac Newton practiced what is called a "snow-job" on mankind?  How since his second law of motion clearly defined the cause to gravity, he wrote a third law to confuse everyone, to fool them into thinking that it was elsewhere?


  1. It is obvious however how Newton himself did not really understand his own written law rather than practicing a hoax. Nor has anyone else since truly understood his laws of motion.

  2. For when we consider the term "weight" as a measure of gravity we discover how there was yet more writing on that wall, which no man was able to decipher.

  3. Weight, as it is said;  "Is a measure of gravitational force."  And it was said that;  "The definition of weight is a direct result of Newton's second law."

  4. These simple accepted facts then makes most all mankind out for thieves, since obviously the force of gravity not being the same all around the earth, weight likewise varied.  And when one buys a pound of grain in Canada, he will get less for his money than one would in Mexico.

  5. This is not an idiom, but a plain fact, and if not so - to assert that we are honest, by weight remaining the same all around the world, we are most cock-eyed to adhere ourselves to two statement in direct contradiction of one another.

  6. "A writing on the wall," so I said.  Or is it simply that man is very poor in correlation?  It then "was" a writing on the wall, and man "indeed" was poor in correlating one factor from another.  But this, so I must admit, was not purely accidental, but quite by design.

  7. For if man had the knowledge and the knack for correlation as it has been awarded me, they would have it for their own death sentence.  And yes what a marvelous statement I have just made, a word in wisdom for the wise.

  8. And should I now expand upon it seeing how it was a writing on the wall that now at last should be brought into the open? Indeed I should, and it all boils down to this, how neither the laws of motion nor gravity were understood, and that by design as well as inherit in man.

  9. If we will make the statement that; "Weight is a direct result of Newton's law, a measure of gravity," then weight is always greater at near the equator verses anywhere else on earth.  Since obviously one is much further from the vector to which gravity applies at the equator than anywhere else on earth.

  10. Have I now at last flipped the switch for the light to dawn on us?   If I have as far as the measure of weight is concerned, then one must also realize how; it is, - and was, - and always must be, - motion to effect the degree and measure of gravity.

  11. A writing on the wall, yes, and man poor in correlation, both of which are correct even as my statement is correct where I said, that; "It was by design." And by now we ought to how and why that was -- to our own benefit. 

  12. So then I should yet give us this to think about, how man is indeed prone to walk himself over any cliff, yet his Maker softens his fall, for because he is without eyesight to behold the cliff before him.


  1. Augmenting; is the word I coined for the proper relation between these two movement, one called inertia that comes about by speed and velocity, (speed in angular, velocity in linear) with the other named gravity.  

  2. For gravity in all respects is a movement all the same, even as we describe it for movement, namely to say "the acceleration of gravity is so and so." 

  3. Acceleration then not only means movement -- but is movement, - even as the pull that gravity seems to have on things is movement.  And that my dear friend is as movement upon movement.  For like as a propeller turns to move the ship, it is movement producing movement.

  4. Gravity as such is not a force in itself, even as centrifugal is not a force in itself. For the centrifugal it is merely the inertia of the media resisting the change in direction.  And "Inertia" is itself nothing other than movement.

  5. Then for gravity, when my wife tells me to drive the car, it is not her driving but me taking the wheel and where it should go.  

  6. Meaning; gravity is an inclination of movement entwining itself into the arms of her man, him being the one and only true force in nature named magnetic, since it, that man, is movement, and the grand coordinate of all movements.

  7. Do not now blame Isaac Newton for failing to surmise what could have been surmised, since equally so no one else did until the Lord the Almighty One taught me whereby all the others might come to know that -- 

  8. which was ever so simple -- was also held a secret -- and ever so secure as a secret.

  9. Nor was that the only simplicity held in secret from the sons of men.  Or do you suppose that this earth, or the new earth will have enough oil to last for all its eternities?  Do you have any idea how long eternity is?

  10. We been pumping for little more than a century, and if we last for ten more, what is the number of eleven to the endless trillions of eons of millenniums that we will have to endure?  For even then there is no end, since forever is forever, meaning without end.

  11. But do not look to me for an answer to your need for energy, seeing how in that respect I will no longer answer.


  1. Are we now wiser, now that we have stood at the rocky shore of a lake and we threw some pebbles in it, realizing how yes, indeed the increase of movement affected the gravity upon that pebble, wherefore it must certainly have some relation to it, if not a very indelible relation -- much like a man with his woman being not two, but one single entity in the format of two.

  2. This  sentence herein above could not possibly have been written nor pronounced, nor taught by any man, to any man, for all the centuries of man. And shall I now again reiterate the why not?

  3. This to me is like stone-age teaching, I do not think that I am able to make it any simpler. The evidence is much too clear and too obvious to be mistaken by any mind of man, unless that man's mind is of such a wicked nature that God has left him to the spirits of deceit so that his habitation may likewise be with them.

  4. And yes it was God who withheld the simplicity of the foundations from man.

  5. For a time anyway to let them wander in their own conceptions that by His light unto them He might granulate and impress upon them how all knowledge is indeed and in fact of Him, even as their skin, their bones, the very air they breathe, as well as their very being is of Him, and Him alone.

  6. If therefore O man you wish to exist and have being, acknowledge Him without whose constant care you would not survive a single second.  And not to believe me in these words is as good as pronouncing your own sentence of death.

  7. It is not only the foundations of the earth which the Creator of all endowed upon me, but how we are to live here and now as well as into the future.   But such grand knowledge will not enter into everyone, since many will not accept what is best for themselves.

  8. Look at it realistically, what a marvelous understanding of His creation the Lord has given not only to me, but to all of us in comparison to that folly that man's scientists have come up with, some of which I have labeled as outright vicious lies.

  9. Granted now that there are many good and excellent things known of him (man that is) as well. Then look to see how all that is good came to him by his Creator teaching him. For here again I am not the only one taught of Him.

  10. The farmer does his work with excellence because God teaches him. And likewise with doctors, and persons of all the trades how all these in many different ways received their instruction imprinted upon them by the One who formed them in the first place.

  11. But then comes the tricky thing, not every one will acknowledge Him, not everyone will admit to the truth.  For since this world is under the power of a wicked ruler, he managed to get more of us into his clutches than he should.

  12. And how does that come about?  Where is it that man goes wrong?  It is pride, and arrogance, for a man to impute something into himself that is not of him, but given him.  And that my friend is called ingratitude, as well as selfish pride.

  13. Then once that occurs, the good Spirits by which man acquires all that is good for him, leaves that person, and other but wicked spirits take over to make their home with him.  

  14. And having him for a home they rearrange everything to their likens, their likens being the lie since these are in love with the father of the lie.

  15. Everyone that mentions the word "evolution" as if it existed, is one who has been bitten by that serpent of old, with the poison having done its job.  And how is he to be healed unless he duly takes the antidote to that poison?

  16.   "It takes all sort to make for a world," so the saying goes. And while I labored to bring a good and right knowledge of the sciences to the sons of men, not all will accept it. 

  17. This is so since there are those I call the old, the ancient, who are set in their way with the imagination they were able to dream up, and with which they managed to corrupt the minds of men.  

  18. Like their Einstein in whom they relish, and all such who in their days have not been able to see the forest for the trees, nor how 2 plus 2 factually equals to 4.

  19. The physics experts as some proudly acclaim themselves to be, not knowing the first thing about physics, cannot be taught because pride and arrogance leads them

  20. It are wicked spirits having made their home with them, and they do in fact relish in them, while of course they hate me, and will revile me in every way all because I am not supposed to speak truth.

  21. And so allow me to instruct my reader in something:  On a planet named Usas encircling the star know as Vega there is a flower with beautiful purple leaves and white and yellow ribbons and orange tips.

  22. If then I tell you to behold that flower, you will tell me, that even if you directed your eyes to that star Vega you would hardly be able to see that planet Usas, and much less that flower upon it.

  23. So also my dear friend it is with the old and ancient set in their ways that behold their utter darkness as light unto them.  These cannot see what we can see.  They cannot apprehend what real light is, nor will they come to accept that their darkness is anything but light for them.

  24. It is a shame yes, I agree, but was it not our Lord and Savior who said; "New wine must be placed in new wineskins, for the old in receiving the new may break and all be lost, for so these will also say, that the old is better."


  1. I am coming back at what I touched upon in verse 11 of this page. And it is indeed needful to be said as wisdom for the wise.

  2. By Jeremiah in his thirty first chapter the Lord spoke saying:

  3. "If the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth below can be explored, then --- I will cast off all the descendants of Israel for all that they have done."

  4. Think about this now, and consider how if someone like me for example was so able to explore the foundations of the earth, coming to know them, how that should rather be for an honor to me, that all in myself I was able to digest and formulate such wisdom.

  5. And so since that to us seems to be something for an honor to credit one with an ability more than most anyone else, why might it be that instead of honor the Lord will lower the boom on not only the one that was so able, but on all the race of man?

  6. Does that appear to be a case of injustice on the part of God? The answer is; No, not hardly so, but quite the contrary. 

  7. As then I said; "Wisdom for the wise,"  the wise will come to understand that if per example I was indeed so able, having discovered these foundations of myself, I would essentially be a god in myself. I would be like a god in addition to Him who as we say; "Is the One and only God."

  8. And how may that be so?  Well; consider how the Lord God, who of Himself said that He is One and Only, with no other god existing, and that everything which is made is of His hand, and His hand alone, that makes me made of His hand as well.

  9. He then made everything that is, out of nothing, a being out of no being, an existing out of no existing.  I therefore without the marvelous hand in wisdom of Him, I would not have any existence. But since now that I do exist I have no pride nor any claim but to thank Him the One and only God for being.

  10. When thus I speak of myself, shall I be speaking of me, the person that I am, or am I speaking of this body in which I have my dwelling? Logically in speaking of myself I shall hardly be speaking of the mere dwelling in which I abide.

  11. Therefore thus I am speaking of a spirit, of that spirit which was formulated and granted me of Him to be as me.  Also as saying;  to be as an individual, a separate entity, and yet very much dependent upon Him, who is but Spirit, to have given me a part of Himself. 

  12. Whom therefore am I? I am but a created thing, but not just a created thing, but in all essence a part of Him who is One and only, since; as we said, we are not speaking of a mere body, a house to dwell in, but of the personality, of the spirit of me - that is me.

  13. And so if I were to pronounce the ins and outs of fundamentals how these are put together upon which the earth is founded, and I would go forth claiming that I found them out of myself; -- I would most certainly be a liar and a thief, and like an ungrateful beast with no scruples nor integrity whatsoever.

  14. All because I, in body as well as in spirit am what He, the One and only God, made me. I am but like a grain of Him in all that I am, in mind, in spirit, in speech, in knowledge, in eyes, and in hearing, as well as the ability to judge right from wrong.

  15. All of which I have -- is of Him.  Since therefore all that I have, and all that I am is of Him, how could I possibly claim that it was not of Him, but in myself?   For in so doing, I would be no more than an ungrateful and deceitful beast.

  16. And for that very cause the Lord God is perfectly just to cast me off as a vile piece of trash, not anything that was made of Him, but having corrupted itself by a law that like the Lord Himself said; "Is inscrutable," that cannot be understood.

  17. And so it was that I said, how if indeed I were able in myself to discover earth's foundation, I would be like a god, to have such qualities that are found only in God in the One and only God. 

  18. Since then I am but a created thing, I cannot possible be righteous before Him, simply because I am but a created thing, whose very being is but by His grace.  And likewise for knowledge and wisdom for any of it to be found within me, is but a gift of Him.

  19. As then it is common knowledge among all creatures, how one should never claim what is not his own, as his own; it being a most perfect law, like also that law which state; "To love one another," being a most perfect law.

  20. So it is of the Lord, of the One and only God, His perfect nature, that is seen and must be seen in all that He has made.

  21.   Have I now clarified how very just the words and judgments of the Lord are as He spoke by Jeremiah, to cast off the whole race of mankind, if anyone of us would be a god in himself?

  22. It is just -- since no such god exists, nor therefore will the word of the Lord be found in error where He said that; "He in Himself is the One and only God."  And it has to be that way, since He alone is without beginning, never having been created.

  23. Whereas everything else did have a beginning, it having been created. And like I said elsewhere; "The created cannot be as the un-created, simply because the created is not the uncreated.  This also I said because I was taught.

  24.   If then realizing how in all that we are we are of God and within Him, and we question how it may be that some have become so contrary to the nature of God, like the Satan and his host as well as others inclusive from among mankind.

  25. It is so that being made in the image of one's Creator one has received that which is called a free will, or rather, a will of their own.  And with that one is able to choose, or else he would not as such be an individual, one in the image of Him who is all things.

  26. Some of the angels then that watch, being called "Watchers;" These with full knowledge in what they were about to do would be a sin and contrary to their nature, did nevertheless mingle with the children of man, and raising up giant sons.

  27. And Satan taking such pride in himself for the magnificence in which the Lord had made him, to have such a high standing and with so many subject unto him, did not curtail himself from thinking to set his throne next to that of His Creator.

  28. And his many subjects having drank too much of his pride and zeal for glory likewise choose the wrong thing for themselves, namely to side with their master.

  29. So it is not as if they did not know any better, but of their own free will these choose to follow their pride and selfish desire which of course landed them in hot water, for it is as I said, a lie and stealing as well as ingratitude to the One who of His grace gave them their life and being.

  30. And so it is with those many from among mankind that take a selfish pride to themselves whereby their minds become darkened, and it is very difficult if not for some impossible to return from their foolish behavior.

  31. It is so that once a person puts on pride for a necklace, the good spirits of the Lord depart from them, since these (even as I) cannot bear with that kind of lie and outrage against God.  And other spirits, such as were already darkened for their pride make their home with them, and lead them from bad to worse.

  32. Then there is also that ignorance in mankind, how for example so many people believe in or accept persons like Albert Einstein, or Stephen Hawkings, both of whom I must label as more ignorant than ignorance itself.   And the people have the stupidity to even name them and their kind for geniuses. 

  33. It then is not only stupid, but a lie, as well as being murderous to call anyone to be a genius.  Since clearly no such creature exist, nor can they be, except as a total vicious lie and stupidity.  

  34. Nor will I hash this out but to pronounce that: "No man can claim for himself that which is not of himself but given."

  35. And in the case of the afore mentioned, their stupidity was not given but self acquired, a knowledge that does not exist, a clear departure of anything that may be claimed knowledge.

  36. Therefore I say here and now, be not so stupid as to make me out for a genius. And if you will not listen to this -- there is a curse that may follow upon my word, a curse not to your welfare.

  37. So thus have I shown the indelible relation of movement into gravity, and the how and why no son of man was able to discover such secrets for himself but by a gift unto him.

  38. Let it be for knowledge and for wisdom to all mankind.


An illustration from chapter 46.

  1. Do you now really think that electrons as they flow within the windings of the coil ay Y, would transport themselves through the air to start flowing in the coil at X?

  2. And how would they become twice as many, or be flowing twice as fast?

  3. Or how do these in coil at Y know that they are supposed to transfer themselves to coil X?

  4. An outright lie, -- is what man concocted of the nature of electricity.


  1. How long ago was it that Newton wrote his law of motion whereby an object in the circular might be calculated? And how many satellites have been put into orbit?

  2. And knowing that gravity diminishes as one departs from the earth, why is he still calling stars and planets to be held gravitational? 

  3. For had man calculated gravity by the law of Newton, he would have known the extend of gravity into any distance to be limited.  

  4. Wherefore in still claiming planets to be held gravitational - man is either a liar, or extremely poor in correlating one factor from another. And incompetent in the field of mathematics.

  5. Do you want proof? See page 82 first 21 verses.

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