CHAPTER 66         (Jan- 2011)               INDEX TO OTHER PAGES

  1. Is it really well for us to understand and realize nature for its greater being?  Sometimes I wonder if it may not be better to be ignorant of so much, so that we may enjoy all the gifts of the Lord merely as they seem to us.  

  2. One might consider me to have a deep knowledge of the things around us in the fundamentals thereof. And while that may appear so, yet I have not gained as much as a single grain of sand on a seashore, so finite is even the best of my knowledge.

  3. And yet when one compares my instructions in the fundamentals of the sciences to that of what mankind has, there is a day and night difference, an awesome difference. It is like a man living in darkness who conceives his darkness as light for him.

  4. Yet then I am send forth to erase that darkness with an illumination like that of the sun or the moon. Will then not the man who conceived his darkness as light be totally blinded by the illumination of the true light? And will he not resist it with every fiber in his body to discover how his light was but darkness?

  5. And is this not what the Lord, the Almighty Creator said; "How He would make fools out of all the wise in the earth?" How He would turn back the wisdom of the wise, as no more than foolishness? So indeed then it will come to pass.

  6. But now take a look at the nail upon your thumb, and concentrate on just one millimeter thereof, how narrow that is, as but a small part of your thumbnail. Then realize how within that single millimeter there are not hundreds but thousands of atoms in a grid, so very minute these are, each and everyone of them full of movement.  

  7. Yet you do not see any movement at all because for all the many spaced in a grid these are too small to be seen since you are beholding only those that are on the surface of your nail by the wavelengths of light that are reflected from them.  

  8. Which is to say, reflected from the movements of these atoms, since at no time can any material part be seen or touched upon.  

  9. Light cannot be reflected nor refracted unless there be movement to pass upon or arrest the various angular moments. If thus there was no movement in the atoms of our nail, our nail could not be seen, nor, for another - would there be any color.

  10. Or perhaps for man's sake I should make a correction here, to say; that for the reflected light it can be redirected from merely a surface, while refracted light is such as went through the mill.  

  11. For unless light enters into the atoms and/or molecules by means of which only selective wave-lengths are emitted, we cannot behold that last point of contact for its color.

  12. How fantastic that so many rotating wheels, as essentially the atoms are, may fit within that single millimeter, while the surface of that nail upon our thumb looks so peaceful as were there no movement at all. 

  13. This is so because these wheels are so infinitely small, and to see it, is by movement upon movement, and to feel it, to rub your nail with the tip of a finger we are likewise are touching movement upon movement, since the skin of our fingers are atoms the same, a million possible of them within a single millimeter.

  14. As then the speed of these moving parts is like unto a snail moving upon the ground, their distance in time being that slow indeed. Yet for themselves within their given range their rpm is greater than what our machinery turns.  And so there is a realm - and a realm.

  15. Then to realize how each one of these atoms is a piece of machinery more unique than what man has yet invented, movement creating movement and greater movement, while the parts remain in place and locked one unto the other to make for a thumbnail unto us.  

  16. For here again look at how strong steel is to hold together so well, all of which by "Conductive movement."  

  17. Then look at the backside of that nail where it goes into the flesh of your thumb, behind that nail.  There your flesh is still flesh, yet there are millions of atoms busy working re-arranging their structural formation.

  18. Like many workmen building a structure to make for a hardened structure, that which is the nail, or becomes the nail as it grows, and yes slowly grows, the nail becoming longer and longer.  

  19. And this again may be compared to gasoline restructuring itself at the top of a cylinder.  One in slow motion the other at the speed of light.

  20. For like the speed of light on the move - to our view - is like a snail barely moving upon the ground, even so their transformation can proceed equally slow. While again in their own perspective that transformation can proceed at the speed of an explosion.

  21. The movement is at all times sufficiently high to send a bullet out in a split second, or to decompose slowly, all of which proceeds by coordinates, by movements in velocities and molecular variances.

  22. How curious then that these many atoms in molecular form do not extend themselves inward into your thumb, nor grow to any thickness, nor curling up, but straight on to a given thickness under which the flesh remains flesh. 

  23. Nor will it grow like a machine that only knows how to do but one thing, but it follows the instructions laid upon it, and build within it. Wherefore it follows the contour of your fingers or your thumb most faithfully.

  24. Or consider the hairs upon your skin, how these do not grow longer, yet those upon our scalp grow longer. And so what is in the programming of these atoms at these several places, for the one to multiply the formation of a hair, yet these others stopped doing so?  

  25. Shall it be accidental, or like the scientists will come up with stories of hormones for one to have a certain chemical by which they continue to multiply, while the others lack that chemical?  

  26. Are not chemicals also the product in and by movement in coordinates? For yes it is in chemicals either lacking or of a different arrangement. And so is poison to alter an arrangement by which one may die.

  27. It is the Almighty Lord in His infinite wisdom that caused just the right "coordinate" to reside upon the atoms at the one location, with a bit different coordinate to reside upon the atoms at an other location. A knowledge, a wisdom we cannot even begin to comprehend.

  28. How easy it is for man to say, that when a sperm enters an egg, it is by the hormones, and the DNA etc, whereby the baby becomes either a male or a female.  How easy indeed, and how utterly elementary such statements are.  

  29. That automobile upon the road, well, it gets to its destination because there are wheels below it turning upon a roadbed.  That indeed is sum of man's knowledge and his cunning statements as if he knew it all. 

  30. For just as there is much more to understand whereby that vehicle moves down the road, so there is a thousand fold more in how and why a newborn be either a male or female, or why by a man hair grows upon his face, yet not so by a woman, or why the breasts by a woman do develop but not so by a man.  

  31. Listen to all that man has to say about these things, and you will be hearing the speech of babes, so very minute is the great sum of their knowledge concerning these things.  

  32. And yes we are but babes barely weaned from the breast, the whole lot of us when we view the inestimable wisdom of our Creator.

  33. Atoms in all respect are nothing more than rotating wheels or balls, and with movement being conductive to movement, these in their numbers form specific patterns of movement, patterns by which some wavelengths, that again are movements, are arrested while others passed on.  

  34. It is also by these patterns that atoms come to re-arrange themselves as were it automatic, some to form themselves more rigid, others to loosen themselves becoming the likes unto a liquid. 

  35. By some patterns the process proceeds very slowly, by others more rapidly, all of which can be increased or decreased by a greater or lesser degree of velocity upon them, or RAM.

  36. Like when the atoms of oxygen are present with certain other molecules, and a spark is introduced, which in all respects is a higher degree of movement, these instantly re-arrange themselves in the process of which they demand a lot more room.  

  37. This we utilize in our internal combustion engine, to power our automobiles. Billions of tiny rotating wheels bound together in molecular form demanding more room to expand themselves upon, since movement is as I said "conductive," one reacting upon the other. Or a piece of steel for countless many parts to hold together so well.

  38. For any reality in how and why all such coordinates proceed, consider the nature of magnets how these draw together and/or repel, movement being conductive, alike directions to unite, with opposite directions to draw away from each other.

  39. How very smart then are we to conclude that automobile to come to its destination because it had wheels, like saying, it is in the DNA, or in hormones. How very smart indeed we are to make it sound like as if these were the secrets to it. 

  40. For how did that automobile come to ride upon the roadbed, like in saying how did that DNA come to be?  Is there not an engine in that automobile, and a drive shaft, and all its electronics etc, etc? How then did that come to be?  

  41. Is it not a fact that it was constructed, and how there was much thought and engineering behind it? It took wisdom and understanding together with ingenuity in order for that vehicle to have any wheels by which to move upon a road.

  42. Even so, and much more so there is great wisdom and ingenuity in how any DNA is put together by nothing more than patterns of movement, one to the other and greater movements in order for that helix to come to form anything at all.  

  43. Then consider just that single tiny male sperm which managed to enter into the egg of a female, how instantly it closes the egg for any other male sperms to enter.

  44. Since there can only be one male entering upon any female, any other male entering upon the same female is a bastard, he in effect is defiling another male, the flesh of another man. A note for all that commit adultery.


  1. But let us once again consider that helix, that DNA, as it is called, how much information it carries that with the mere thought of the Almighty Lord can be changed to anything He wishes, since He is the Creator of it.

  2. And it is He who placed all the right atoms in the right places, forming billions upon billions of specific patterns of movement so that by them in the sheer multitude of specific coordinates these may be formed, in all that He wishes it to perform. 

  3. Then consider just what it is that is performed by these many coordinates.   It causes a human person to be formed yes, but that human person has bones, and it has a heart and lungs, arms and legs. 

  4. And how do these movements know where to make an arm, or how to make lungs so that these in time may might filter out oxygen atoms?  All these things, these many movements are machines, irrational of thought, with no spirit in themselves, nor being spirit since these are mechanical movements. 

  5. How do they know where to place the head, and cause a brain to be formed within it?   How do they know that it is to be a male, and to have two legs to form under the body, and to form a stomach, and colon? 

  6. How do these know where hair is to grow and where not, and to place the nails on the tip of the fingers, and all such things?  Or, how and where to make the tubing for the blood, and all that wirings, the nerves for feeling?

  7. It it were anything like man's scientists contend, no child would ever be born alive or even look like anything human.

  8. And yes there is a lot more to this which I dare not even hint upon, for we are but men, and like the waves that are stopped by the sand upon the shores to go no further, so we have our limits placed unto us, and I was given my limits.

  9. What un-imaginable wisdom and ability must go into that helix that by it, in its countless many patterns of movement to ultimately form a human person in such perfect ways. 

  10. Like our knowledge to construct an entire automobile, so a million times a billion billions more knowledge and ingenuity it takes just to create that helix, that DNA, and then to realize that there are hardly two DNA's alike, wherefore we utilize it as we do with fingerprints.

  11. And man has the gall to say that all this just fell together by accident?  O how very, very stupid indeed.   

  12. If indeed you most foolish among God's creatures are in any way correct, you had better shut down GMC, and Ford, and Chrysler, for why bother with the construction of any automobile, if like you say, things evolve to merely fall together by accident.   

  13. Just throw a heap of rock and dirt upon a pile and tell it to become a Mustang, or a Chevrolet, for that indeed is your contention.  

  14. And to come to me with the excuse that such things take time, I in reply swear to you that your pile of rock and dirt will not become anything but a pile of dirt even if we waited all eternities.

  15. That is how foolish you indeed are, you that have the gall to mention that word of evolution, a word that is in fact is your own death sentence proceeding from your lips. 

  16. How stupid therefore for any man to pronounce his own death sentence, to bring so much pain and regret upon himself.  Animals are indeed irrational, but not as irrational as some among the race of man are, to indeed be worse than any animal in thought and in heart.

  1. What a marvelous piece of machinery these bodies of ours are, when we can not even begin to define how even a simple nail upon our finger comes to be and grows.  

  2. Since then we have computer chips and nuclear bombs, as well as satellites put in orbit around the earth, we are as yet unable to explain how even a single blade of grass comes forth out of the ground to reach upwards to the sun.  Or the flowers to open for their many colors, or the fruit upon our trees.

  3. For that tree is nothing more than a piece of wood stuck in the ground with roots and branches. And these roots do nothing more than bring up atoms and molecules, nutrients as we call them which by the pressure of gravity run upwards into the leaves on all the branches.  

  4. How curious thus that while gravity is a downward force, yet I acclaimed that upwards movement also to come by gravity.  Or is it really gravity? No not really so.

  5. How does a tree know where and when to form these little balls on sticks to feed into them the sweet taste of oranges or tangerines, or apples and the like?

  6. If the atoms were a millimeter in diameter there would only be one instead of a million at that dimension, how then could a tiny ant be made that is no more than six millimeters long? 

  7. That tiny ant needs legs and jaws as well as a digestive system, a whole living organism. Therefore also the Almighty and most wise Lord made the fundamentals of nature in that dimension.   

  8. Nor is there anyone beside Him so competent, nor so wise or all powerful, He is One and Only able to create all such thing at the power of His word alone.

  9.  For here again if the atom were a millimeter in diameter, our vision would be greatly limited, when only a few hundred wavelengths could enter upon our eyes, instead of the billions that we receive now.  

  10. For each visible wavelength is but the diameter of a single atom so that we are able to behold a great scenery.  And for its length more than a 1000 can connect end to end within a single millimeter.

  11. When looking at a square millimeter of the nail upon ones thumb you might thus receive no more than a hundred, or less wavelengths from that area by which that whole square of that millimeter is observed, while in fact it could contain millions simultaneously.

  12. Have you ever looked at a person, how the eyes and ears are in the right places?  How the nose is well formed with the smell of things by merely a pattern of movement, or the eyes to take in so many movements all at once, with the spirit alone capable to decode them? 

  13. Since again if there be any knowledge at all in any man, the brain for all its parts is nothing more than mechanical innovations, life is in the spirit alone and in nothing more.

  14. Even as a dead body clearly displays how the spirit of it is gone, the mechanics alone remaining.  He then is not dead, only the body decays, while the spirit is taken to its place of incarceration.

  15. The ignorant among men will of course not agree with me, as were there a greater wisdom in them. The fact that my knowledge of fundamentals is greater than that of most men, is not anything these will rejoice upon, since it turns their theories into falsehood. 

  16. The day however is not far off when likens or no likens they will be forced to admit that for their knowledge they were illiterate and irrational. 

  17. This will be so when the fires of regret are burning fiercely upon their skin, they being in great torment, all because they would not listen to me, and thought themselves wiser.

  18. Yes my dear fellow, I am a very compassionate person, my desire for you is for your welfare, and for your joy, that you might live and be joyful, not having any pains upon you. But in order for me to enact the same upon you, you must listen to wisdom, and enrich yourself with it. 

  19. When you curse, you curse, and where is your compassion? Yet when I cursed a multitude, I along with it - also spoke with compassion, and with the grace that is given me, knowing they are but men.

  20. You failed to listen to the knowledge that is of the Almighty Lord who created you out of the atoms of the earth, that is to say your bodies out of the dust of the earth, since the spirit which He provided you with, is His and His alone, which is never to be defiled, nor can it die, since it came forth from Him. 

  21. Therefore if you mistreat the spirit which He gave you for life, he will indeed punish you for it, as it is only right that He should be so.

  22. If thus any person has the gall to even suggest evolution, as were it accidental without any rigors of wisdom in construction, that person is not only stupid, but sevenfold stupid, more illiterate than beasts.   

  23. For even beasts are not that irrational to breathe out such stupidity. These surely have not understood a word of what I have spoken, nor were they sufficiently competent to even realize the miracle of what we spoke of, a nail to grow upon their fingers, or a child to be born.

  24. It then is not only completely irrational to mention the word evolution on a positive tone, but the very mentioning of it is punishable by death.   

  25. And I most certainly, so I pronounce you in the name of the Almighty God will reward each and everyone of these persons with the reward due to them for mentioning that word on a positive tone.  

  26. For each one of you were made as human beings, not as irrational animals. Each one of you were given a spirit by which to know right from wrong.  

  27. Each one of you took from that tree in the garden, and since indeed each one of you did, you ought most certainly to have known right from wrong.

  28. Therefore there is no excuse for any of you, since in all that is before you, inclusive yourselves, the great power and wisdom of the Almighty One is displayed, and to ignore it, or deny it is as I said punishable by death.

  29. The death of eternity, a living death, like as it is written, a pool of fire in which all that have spoken amiss with their lips will have great pains and regret.

  30. What makes you think O you foolish ones that you have come into being for just these few years of life upon this earth, when it was clearly brought to your attention that all of us were made in the image of our Creator?  

  31. Since then He is forever, so will we be, and the days upon this earth is nothing more than the day of our birth, a day in which to come forth, and to see who among us is wise enough to take unto life, rather than to inherit the death that he brought upon himself.

  32. Did I not say that I was your check in the mail, and how likens or no likens you are tied to me, even as I am tied to you?  How then do you expect I shall deal with you, when you have made me so angry to scorn and mock my Father and my Lord, the Creator of us all whom I love with all my heart and soul?  

  33. For your mockery of Him, He will annihilate you, and you do know what that word means. Your life will be annihilated before Him, and He will give the lot of you into my hands, and of those with me to do with you as we please, or as I am pleased to do with you.

  34. Why not therefore repent of your foolishness before it is too late, for as long as you have breath, - repentance is possible, but once your spirits are incarcerated to await the great day of judgment, repentance is no longer an option, and you will surely die the death of the uncircumcised.  

  35. Do not therefore in that day say that you were not warned, that I did not give you due warning. For even in that day you will be reminded of what I have spoken, and at the mouth of hell we will break your bones, like as one crushes a rock.  In that day you will surely know that the word of the Lord is sure, and that all things are of His hand.

  36. So then I have forewarned you, for why should your bones be broken, and your spirit be crushed when there is an avenue of escape?  And so this day I lament saying, why are you forcing me to destroy you?  

  37. For again in the day that is near at hand I will no longer lament, but rather rejoice over your destruction, all because you refused to listen, and would have none of my words which the Almighty One gave me to speak before you.

  38. Is there no rationality in you, the common sense that makes a person a person, like those blind ones to worship a piece of wood, an image carved out of wood or stone.  Are they not themselves more than any piece of wood or stone? Why then do they call upon something dead for life and prosperity to them?  

  39. Is that not very stupid of all those roman catholics to pray before carved images?  Or the many others that hold animals to be holy, to hold that which is irrational for something more than their own selves?

  40. Or those many muslims three times a day bowing down to pray to a murderer, to the devil who desires but the death of them, how very foolish indeed.  

  41. How therefore are these many to be held as if there is any rational thought within them?  Allah, Allah so they cry, utilizing the name of God for the prince of this earth, for a murderer. 

  42. Wherefore to so mock the name of God is surely punishable by death, for they are placing the reference of the Almighty God upon an idol, and upon a murderer of his own people.

  43. These blind wanderers are calling the devil to be their god, for the real God said to uncover their heads when they come to pray before Him. Are they not therefore making a great mockery of the true God, when they so abuse His word?  

  44. They are indeed turning themselves into filthy rags, as beings more irrational than beasts, since the beasts of the earth do not commit such crimes against their Creator.  

  45. How very ignorant to call upon God their Creator while at the same time they scorn and mock His word to them?  How then do these blind ones yet expect to be heard or receive an answer?

  46. How do you think it is that I before the Almighty God refused to be a prince of this people, of any people, meaning you? It was because I beheld them as the likes of animals, as a delusion, and who would want to be a prince of delusions?   

  47. Is it not a marvelous thing to be so anointed, to be a prince, a ruler of so many persons, of all the nations, and that without any vote from them?  

  48. Do not the rulers of the earth vie for the rule, and even lie and steal and murder, just to have the rule?  And these are but rulers of single nation, while the Almighty Lord pointed me to all the nations of Gentiles. My rule is indeed an everlasting rule, but what is man to understand the mind of wisdom?

  49. A prince of princes yes, a very great and mighty rule, and yet I turned it down because I beheld the people in general as unfit to be ruled, and even as much as unfit to live.

  50. Wherefore I prayed before the Lord the Almighty God, that instead He grind them into powder, the whole lot of them, all the nations, into fine powder, to in fact obliterate them from the earth, pronouncing to Him that all these were not fit to live let alone be ruled. 

  51. Is it not written, the Almighty Lord saying: "And a mighty one of the nations will certainly do to them as their wickedness deserves."  Take that therefore as a promise, for in my eyes all those of the nations worshipping idols and making prayer in hypocrisy are contemptible.

  52. A people not to be desired, but to receive the reward of their vile doings, so that at length all these might learn to become human rather than beasts.  

  53. For I do not delight in ruling beasts, nor to listen to their pleas unto me, nor will I have mercy on the likes of them, but such as will show themselves to be human to their cries I will listen, and act accordingly.

  54. Of what sense is it of me to preach to this people, to the nations, to correct their ways before them, as if in any wise they would listen to me? These many have no regard for the God that created them, nor for His Son who gave His life for them, how then will they listen to me?  

  55. I of late, placed seven priceless gems before their eyes, and many read them and beheld them, yet not a single one had even a single word for reply nor to remark upon.  And yet I know that with much effort they are searching for just such gems, priceless as they are. 

  56. What therefore am I to think of this people, of their rationality and the sum of their being?

  57. These people are paying a dear price at the pumps for fuel, and breathe the foul air that comes forth by it, yet when I approached them for a permanent alternative, they would not listen, but instead scorned me to my face.  

  58. And when they did so again and again, these only harmed themselves, for then I swore never at all to reveal what would be so very dear to them.

  59. If then in this day I am withholding what would be most dear to them, how does one think I will act in days to come?  I at one time said that I would bend the knee of each and everyone one of them, and so indeed I will.  In the day that these are bowed down then they will surely know, and not until that day.

  60. Science and religion, it is all the same to me. It may seem that I speak like a prince, but not so, I speak but after what is natural within me.  It is law and order that concerns me, for all persons to live in peace and with rejoicing, for what else is life for, that one should exist and have his abiding with so many others? 

  61. That which is made should at all times honor Him who made them, and if they do so the reward will follow them.  Be honest, be upright, be loveable, and grant to your Creator all that is due to Him, for your life is of Him, and He at all times sustains you.  

  62. Should you not therefore show Him some gratitude, and respect to keep His statutes that He made for your well being?

  63. For His statutes are not to compel any harm or yoke upon you, but these rather serve for your welfare, and well being. Labor therefore towards your own well being, and thank Him who made you for His grant gifts to you.  

  64. Will it do any good for me to remark to these many muslims, and those many others that bow down day after day in the open squares as were they reciting some prayer, that they should rather do as the Lord Himself said; namely to enter into their private chambers and closing the door upon them, to then pray?  

  65. No, I know that my word will be in vain to them, even as the word of the Lord is in vain to them, wherefore also afterwards they in much pain and regret must learn how ignorant, how blind, and abusive they were.

  66. The knowledge of the sciences were given to me, and over the years I played with them like a child with a toy. Man's refusal however was hard on my heart, and, that he did not have the sense to embark upon it made me sad for him, especially since I beheld him so deeply in the grime of his imagination.  

  67. But it angered me to hear him mock and scorn the Almighty Creator who so graciously furnished me with those toys to play with.

  68. How then as I said that I was made a prince of an innumerable multitude, shall I be speaking of the mere six billion persons that dwell upon the earth this day, and not rather of all those many billions that were before them as well, and also of those that are as yet to come?  

  69. For it was given me of the Most High Lord and ruler of all the universe, to know what will be in the future, in days to come, and how it will be, and that which I am to perform before the face of all peoples, and what it is what will become of the many tribes and nations of the world.  

  70. The righteous ones, each of them that have no record of oppression against them, but that hated this life and all that is done upon the earth, who loved righteousness above even their own life's, these will be resplendent, and will receive great beauty upon themselves, beautiful  and lovely to behold.  

  71. But this will not be so for the many wicked that carried out oppression in the earth, whose beholding will be marred according to the wickedness of their deeds.  

  72. How foolish therefore to carry out oppression, like these rulers of the nations of late aiming to rob the Israelites, the people of the Lord of their capital so that infidels may have control of one half thereof. 

  73. These stupid rulers have yet to see the end of this, how dearly they will come to pay for their indiscretion, and their oppression of a people that should not be oppressed.  

  74. For what are the rulers of the earth to me that I should turn my head for them? Does one count the foam of the smelter?


  1. I would like you to have a look at the photo here below, a beautiful scene, then to consider how we are able to behold such a scene, what a marvelous innovation for us to behold all that scenery at once. 

  2. How many individual wavelengths will have to enter our eyes in order that we may behold every inch of that scenery?  For unless wavelengths proceed not only from every inch but from every millimeters as well how are we to behold every single point of it?

  3. Granted that when it is far from us we may receive but a few wavelengths but the closer to us, the more wavelets of any square area will enter in upon our eyes. No doubt the number of wavelets is into the billions or trillions to relay that whole scene to us.  

  4. How absolutely marvelous then that spirit of us must be to decode all these many wavelets not only in their different lengths, but to pinpoint each one to their origin, or last point of contact.

  5. Then on top of that, to show us the depth, be it far or near, and that from every part of that scene, to clearly distingue the road between that green, and the open places on the mountain, with the snow in the distance, and the clouds and the sky. 

  6. There is no way to truly apprehend the fantastic miracle that the Almighty Lord gave us for sight unto ourselves, unless one really stops to think about it, how in fact it is that we may indeed behold such a sight.


  1. Many billions of various movements enter upon the back of our eyes, that are transformed and pass on to the brain where we in our spiritual nature decode these mere movements for a picture unto ourselves, billions and billions of them all at once without ever getting tired, or weary of it. 

  2. What marvelous beings we are in our spirit to perform this act continuously together with our hearing, our feelings, and along with all the commands we place upon our body and its members as well as all that proceeds automatically to sustain ourselves within our bodies.

  3. It is one thing to conceive as were there three formats by which we may define color from color to behold the mix for every shade of it. But that is merely the color, how do all these wavelets line up so perfectly next to one another to show every detail in its proper place, and as were we to measure every single wavelet for its point of contact from us.

  4. Within a single second there is room for more than 430 trillion wavelets upon any one line of light. If then you received but one/tenth of these, you still within your spirit are decoding each one of these in less than 1/430 trillionth of a second. 

  5. If then we know the speed of light to be fast, to pass around the whole earth seven times in one second, consider how fast you yourself are within your spirit to decode these many wavelets within a 430 trillionth of a second, in that same fraction of time. The speed of the human spirit therefore is faster than the speed of light.

  6. At one time I said how if we think the speed of light to be fast, it is but a snails pace compared to what the spirits are capable of. Is not therefore speed a relative term? 

  7. And if the machinery of our bodies is most marvelous, how much more not we ourselves as spirits living within a masterly created machine? 

  8. And what affinity there is between ourselves and our bodies, as were they one. Can anyone physically count from 1 into a trillion in the space of 1 second? Not likely, yet each one of us does so and much more in our spirit just to look at things, just to have vision.

  9. Think about it some more that our eyes are but flesh and so is our brain, both of which constructed of mere atoms into molecules, of parts in motion effecting motion, and receiving movement from which we decode in what is before us.  

  10. Flesh and blood cannot know of anything, neither bone nor skin, these are no more than the house in which we have our abiding.

  11. If we cannot behold ourselves as an absolute marvelous feat of engineering, we must surely be like unto the beast, to be irrational. What stupidity therefore to acclaim evolution, as if such a marvel of engineering came together by itself or by accident, how stupid indeed, very much stupid.  

  12. And when will man become wise?  When he dies and his house returns into the dust again, he himself will continue to answer for all his deeds and for every single word that came from his lips.

  13. Right now my vision is limited to but what I may observe by a small segment of magnetic movements. But before long when man will have done away with me, or at least so they will think, then I will see perfectly and no longer with any eyes of flesh, but like unto the angels to behold in the likeness of their nature. 

  14. There is so much more in the universe that cannot be observed by the eyes of flesh, or with any device, than that which is seen, why not therefore accept some wisdom and become wise as we ought to be.


  1. Plants and trees are everywhere, and we pass them by as the every day phenomena, without stopping to think about the fact how each and every part of every plant and tree for its growth and being is a miracle of engineering, absolutely astonishing.

  2. Here, for a single leaf, we have billions upon billions of rotating wheels and rotating balls all working together to form an endless array of designs that continually restructures itself which we call growth.  

  3. I omitted to say reproduction since that term specifies to make new parts, and yet reproduction is also part of plants, but in the greater formation, to form new cells.

  4. The reproduction of new cells then is by existing parts, as the plant draws up trillions upon trillions of atoms and molecules to place them into the reproduction of cells.


  1. It is not therefore that new atoms, nor new molecules are are formed, but all such as they are brought forth restructure themselves into greater parts called cells, which then again become the building blocks for still greater formations as may be seen in the cut away view here below.

  2. The miracle of all this is in the fact that the whole construction of that leaf is by nothing more than parts in motion, many parts with angular momentum repelling from one another and drawing towards one another, with patterns of movements in greater formation than their individual pattern of movement. 


  1. And so by looking at a cut through view of a mere leaf to behold all the intricate design of it why should we not come to wonder how mere parts in movements should have the ingenuity to construct themselves in that manner.  

  2. Shall we like unto man's scientists suppose that all this comes together by accident, as if there were no brain behind it how and what to do when and where?

  3. Like someone once said; "Cathedrals do not construct themselves, there is a person behind it all with workers following the engineering laid out for them."  

  4. The person behind that simple leaf, that for all its simplicity is an absolute miracle of engineering, is the Lord the Almighty Creator, and Him only, while the workers are the countless many atoms to follow the coordinates, which the Almighty Lord has placed upon them.  

  5. These coordinates then if viewed as a single strand contain a multitude of coordinates which they follow most perfectly, since it was a most perfect Lord and Creator placing these very orders upon them.  

  6. How would a mere rotating wheel or ball know what to do unless there were patterns of movements to drive them into certain specific places in formations, and these again to greater formations, and still greater formations.

  7. And these are no more than the basic forms, after which like the cut away view shows - who told these many rotating wheels that for some it was to be a spongy structure, with others to make up a top layer, and even more unique for still others to form the bones of it, the stems?  

  8. And all that is but in the far end, since previous to that there is the base of the bush, or tree, with roots and branches, that again extended more branches after which the leaves came to be.

  9. What absolute marvel of engineering therefore goes into every single tree and plant by which so many simple parts in motion come to follow those many patterns of movements that in the end becomes that which we behold.  

  10. It is not like there is a spirit in every tree and plant guiding these many rotating wheels into these many patterns, but only by a Single Spirit, the Almighty, all wise Lord, having placed a specific coordinate upon them these operate. 

  11. Since then for any cathedral there is always a man, a spirit to at all times direct the workers how and what to do, this is not so with the trees, nor with plants, the director of it being in the coordinate which the Almighty Lord placed upon them. 

  12. Wherefore in that respect, the design of all plants for their being and its growth is yet even more marvelous, as in fact for us clearly a miracle.

  13. Our scientists may speak to us of photosynthesis, and all such things, but that is hardly a beginning into the engineering by which such things take place. The miracle of it all is - how endlessly wise and able the Lord our Creator is to format all such things, and to do so in such endless quantities.  

  14. And when we consider our whole earth full of miracles to be but a pebble in our galaxy alone, or a speck of dust in God's great universe, how very great He must be. 

  15. And how there is no way to make any comparison of Him, seeing how He is everywhere at once, and at all times knows the thought of every person, and the quantity of His orders that He pronounces simultaneously is so vast of which we cannot even begin to have an inclination.

  16. If thus any man has any knowledge of the sciences, any true knowledge at all, how can he degrade such miracles of engineering by pronouncing evolution?  

  17. That person is without knowledge, his or her acquisition being ignorance in sevenfold, and hardly fit to be deemed human, that we should even rank them among us.

  18. Since then these were made human, likens or not, they will have to answer for their indiscretion, and their blasphemy of Gods great works. 

  19. Each time therefore when you hear them mention the word evolution on a positive tone, know for a fact that they are pronouncing their own judgment and writing their obituary.

  20. There is none like the Lord, the God of all creation in wisdom or ability to form all such miracles. 


  1. We talk like as if there is nothing to it.  We can raffle off words like a speeding train with no effort at all.  Yet in all that how rarely we ever realize what an immense miracle it is to have such a voice to speak.

  2. When we speak, we are creating vibrations upon our vocal cords, very much like a expert pianist playing the piano, or an organ, or any kind of musical instrument.  

  3. As then it takes an effort and learning how to properly play a piano, so it is with our spirit to formulate just the right vibrations by which we may pronounce words in just the right order and on the right tone.

  4. And it is at a very young age already that we begin to practice learning how to play that piano that is situated within our throats.  How thus is it that there are so few knowing how to play a piano so well, but nearly everyone is an expert in playing upon his vocal cords, a feat that is equally as great as any other instrument.

  5. Shall we deem it in man that by his cunning he is so able?  Hardly so, but since speech is a necessity for every person it is of the Lord Most High to have granted him that ability, which is to say; above and beyond the ability in learning how to play any other man-made instrument.

  6. And just as the voice is of the Lord, to most people it is a standard voice with not great beauty for sounds, like tenors, and soprano's that He gives but to some. And this is also a sample of what is to come.

  7. And equally so with beauty of face, and/or body that He attributes to some with most people as we would say; plain. And that likewise is a sample of what will be in the day to come.

  8. As then the beauty on the inside of a person out-weighs all that is on the outside, that also serves as a token of what will be. For like as it is in this day, so it will be in a day to come.

  9. If then one desires beauty, let him serve the Lord in truth.

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